[partial monosomy 21 in familial cystic fibrosis and ectodermal dysmorphias]. 197988707
the influence of cyclic nucleotides on histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells [proceedings]. 197988893
a simple and sensitive method for the quantitative estimation of collagen. 197988913
systemic hyalinosis (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis). ultrastructure of the hyaline with particular reference to the cross-banded structure.systematic hyalinosis (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis) is characterized by hyalinized skin lesions. electron microscopic examination of a hyalinized skin tumor from a 19-year-old man with this syndrome revealed that the hyaline was composed of ruthenium red-positive ultrastructures (granules, filaments, and a kind of cross-banded structure), indicating the presence of glycosamino-glycan or glycoprotein, and a small number of thin collagen fibrils. using a new ruthenium red staining method combine ...197988923
a reliable golgi-kopsch modification.a reliable golgi-kopsch variant is described. tissue is fixed with 1% paraformaldehyde, 1% glutaraldehyde in 0.1 m phosphate buffer, ph 7.2. tissue slabs (2.5--4 thick) are immersed for 5--7 days in a solution containing 3.5 g potassium dichromate, 15 g sucrose, 1.65 ml formaldehyde in 100 ml distilled water, washed briefly in 0.75% silver nitrate, and immersed in 0.75% silver nitrate for 2--3 days. procedures for cutting, counterstaining, and handling sections are described.197989002
preparative isolation of the cell receptor for immunoglobulin e. 197989114
simplified rubella haemagglutination inhibition test not requiring removal of non-specific inhibitors. 197989304
prospective study of chlamydial infection in neonates.chlamydia trachomatis was recovered from the cervices of 4% (36/900) of pregnant women tested. 20 infants born through chlamydia-infected cervices were followed up for a year, as were 18 infants born to chlamydia-negative mothers. a statistically significant excess of conjunctivitis and pneumonia was found in infants exposed to chlamydia. the attack-rate for inclusion conjunctivitis was 35% (7/20) and for chlamydial pneumonia it was 20% (4/20). chlamydiae were recovered from 10 of the 20 (50%) e ...197989446
failure to isolate a transmissible agent from the bone-marrow of patients with multiple sclerosis. 197989469
carcinomas of the liver in rats ingesting kepone.young male and female albino rats ingested 0, 1, 5, 10 or 25 ppm kepone, an organochlorine pesticide, in the diet for two years. carcinomas of the liver, as well as hyperplastic nodules and moderate and severe diffuse hyperplasia were observed in kepone-treated rats. such hepatic lesions were not seen in control rats. female rats ingesting kepone were more susceptible than male rats to hepatic carcinogenesis. rats ingesting 50 or 80 ppm kepone developed severe diffuse hepatic hyperplasia and did ...197989631
axonal transport of actin: slow component b is the principal source of actin for the axon.axonally transported proteins were studied in guinea pig retinal ganglion cells using the standard radioisotopic labeling procedure. two slowly moving groups of proteins were identified in guinea pig retinal ganglion cells. the more slowly moving group of proteins, designated slow component a (sca) was transported at 0.2-0.5 mm/day. five polypeptides contained greater than 75% of the total radioactivity transported in sca. two of these polypeptides correspond to the subunits of tubulin, while th ...197989886
a method for continuously monitoring the electrical threshold of single intraspinal nerve fibers.a method is described for the determination and continuous monitoring of the electrical threshold of single primary afferent fibres within the spinal cord of the cat. the centre barrels of multibarrel micropipettes, filled with 3.6 m nacl, were used as stimulating electrodes, impulses in single afferents were recorded peripherally and a firing index of 50% was maintained by using a feedback circuit to regulate the amplitude of the stimulating pulses (0.2-0.3 msec duration, less than 2 microa).197989955
[phospholipids and blood coagulation].after a simplified survey of the chemistry of phospholipids (pl) their presence in the lipid part of thromboplastin is dealt with, the significance of this structure being stressed. in addition, the condition, mode of action and synthesis of pl in blood platelets are extensively discussed and the impact of the composition of thrombocytic pl in the membrane and granular fraction by plasma lipid substances is referred to. the relations between single forms of pl and those proteins activating coagu ...197989981
the immune response of lewis rats to peptide 68-88 of guinea pig myelin basic protein. i. t cell determinants.a series of peptides, produced from peptide 68-88 by selective enzyme cleavage, were used to define the amino acid sequences required for the induction of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae), an in vitro lymphocyte proliferative response (lpr), and serum antibody by peptide 68-88 in the lewis rat. here we present data that indicate that the t cell determinants for induction of eae, an lpr, and helper function in the production of antibody are located in the same region of the molecule ...197990087
involvement of host fc receptors in antibody-mediated cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity reactions.cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) reactions are heterogeneous delayed time course basophil-rich responses that can be mediated by either t cells, b cells, or serum antibodies. the current study examined the mechanism by which antibodies mediate cbh in guinea pigs. fc competition experiments were constructed by passively transferring mixtures of anti-klh serum and normal heterologous gamma-globulins. it was found that rabbit igg and its isolated and purified fc fragment [but not the (fab' ...197990094
degranulation of human basophils: quantitative analysis of histamine release and desensitization, due to a bivalent penicilloyl hapten. 197990102
[value of the method of quantitative bacterial counts for etiological diagnosis of pneumonia]. 197990194
effect of camp on acrosome reaction and fertilization. 197990530
the intra-nucleolar localization of amplified rdna in xenopus laevis oocytes.a fluorescent feulgen-stain was adapted in order to demonstrate dna-containing structures inside the amplified nucleoli of xenopus laevis. at all stages of oogenesis this method reveals granules or complex structures of dna in each nucleolus. the micronucleoli which do not stain with this method and which do not reveal an internal structure in low molarity saline, unlike real nucleoli are considered as nucleolus-like bodies. the dna-containing structures in the nucleoli can be composed of one or ...197990588
identification of malondialdehyde as the tba-reactant formed by bleomycin-iron free radical damage to dna. 197990623
prolonged survival of corneal allografts in rabbits treated with cyclosporin a. 197990771
preparation of antigens for microimmunofluorescence testing for antichlamydial antibodies. 197990960
procaine-induced seizures in epileptic monkeys with bilateral hippocampal foci.intravenous procaine hcl given at low doses (0.5-2.5 mg/kg) to two monkeys with bilateral alumina hippocampal foci depressed interictal spiking or had little effect. at 5.0 mg/kg unilateral limbic activation occurred. at 10.0 mg/kg unilateral or bilateral limbic activation and generalized seizures could be evoked within 3-10 min. at higher doses (15 and 20 mg/kg) bilateral limbic activation or brief (one min) generalized seizures occurred. the unilateral-onset psychomotor seizures were not ident ...197991502
immunofluorescence testing for chlamydial antibodies. 197991742
early detection of chlamydia trachomatis using fluorescent, dna binding dyes.hela 229 cells were infected with genital tract strains of chlamydia trachomatis. after incubation for varying times the infected cells were fixed and stained with the fluorescent dna binding dyes hoechst 33258 or dapi for comparison with conventional giemsa stain. fluorochrome-treated preparations were examined by incident ultraviolet fluorescence microscopy and the giemsa-stained preparations by dark-ground light microscopy. chlamydial inclusion bodies could be identified unambiguously as earl ...197992480
isolation and cell culture propagation of rotaviruses from turkeys and chickens.rotaviruses were detected by electron microscopy in the faeces of turkey poults and broiler chickens with diarrhoea. apparently symptomless infection was also observed in broilers. the avian rotaviruses could not be isolated in cell cultures by conventional techniques, but were adapted to serial growth in chick cell cultures following trypsin treatment of the virus and the cells. immunofluorescence studies showed that the avian and mammalian rotaviruses are antigenically related. antibodies to r ...197992979
delayed hypersensitivity to chlamydia trachomatis: cause of chronic prostatitis. 197993221
a presumed intron of the mitochondrial mosaic gene controlling cytochrome b in saccharomyces cerevisiae contains a diuron-resistant genetic locus [proceedings]. 197993452
[why monospecific tuberculin skin test antigens have not been isolated]. 197993497
recent advances in applied malaria immunology.our present knowledge of cellular and humoral factors which are involved in immunity to plasmodial infections are discussed. immunization against plasmodial infection has been achieved in birds, rodents, simians, and humans. avian hosts have been immunized against gametocytes which resulted in inhibition of gametocytes within the mosquito vector. immunization of humans against plasmodial gametocytes would indirectly protect them against malaria by blocking mosquito transmission to other suscepti ...197993828
a comparative study in porcellio laevis (lat.) and armadillidium vulgare (lat.): response to temperature, photoperiod and oxygen concentration.relationship of body weight, imposed fasting, temperature, light intensity, and oxygen concentration to oxygen consumption in porcellio laevis and armadillidium vulgare has been investigated in a series of laboratory experiments. it was observed that (1) the metabolic response in the two species to temperature change was a uniform increase of oxygen consumption with increasing temperature from 15 degrees c to 60 degrees c. beyond 30 degrees c, the oxygen consumption in each species fell, and the ...197993887
[deoxyribonucleic acids from pasteurella multocida and pasteurella haemolytica].pasteurella multocida and p. haemolytica strains contain between 1.5 and three per cent phosphorus, between nine and 14 per cent nitrogen, between two and four per cent dna, and between five and 18 per cent rna, the precise figures depending on culturing conditions. high-molecular dna may be isolated by means of bacteriolysis, using deoxycholate or dodecylsulphate and the usual steps of purification, with yield and purity differing by strains. dna with sufficient purity can be obtained from seph ...197993955
[identification of nerve cells in the visual cortex of the rat using nissl and golgi-kopsch methods].the neurons of the visual cortex of the albino rat were studied using both the nissl- and golgi-kopsch methods. in nissl preparations we can distinguish between a group of neurons rich in cytoplasm, a group of neurons poor in cytoplasm and an intermediate group. in the golgi preparations the neurons can be subdivided according to the shape of their cell bodies, dendrites and axons. spiny cells with long axonal main trunks are pyramidal cells, multiangular cells and stellate cells of layer iv. ce ...197994077
effects of etafenone and antiarrhythmic drugs on na and ca channels of guinea pig atrial muscle.since ca-mediated electrophysiological phenomena seem to be important in the generation of various arrhythmias, we quantitatively compared the effects of quinidine, disopyramide, procainamide, lidocaine, propranolol, and etafenone, a new coronary vasodilator with antiarrhythmic properties, on na and ca channels in normal and depolarized guinea pig atria. the maximum rate of rise of the normal action potential and the amplitude of the depolarized, ca-mediated action potential were measured to exa ...197994412
hereditary alpha 2-macroglobulin deficiency.on screening of a normal material 1 man was found (age 37) who on repeated determinations had a low alpha 2m, namely 25 % with electroimmuno assay according to laurell. investigation of the family revealed that the mother (age 69) and one daughter (age 5) had low values too. all other coagulation and fibrinolytic components were normal. they had no signs of increased fibrinolysis and normal levels of alpha 2-antiplasmin, alpha 1-antitrypsin and antithrombin iii. liver function tests were normal. ...197994459
enzymatic activity and qualitative immunochemical analysis of human dental plaque. 197994565
localization of concanavalin a binding sites with a concanavalin a-alkaline phosphatase method. 197994665
false negative hla-dr assignment necrokidney donors. a glucocorticoid effect?thirteen potential necrokidney donors were hla-dr typed using peripheral blood b lymphocytes (pbbl). antigen assignment was impossible in 10 cases because of non-reactivity of the pbbl with the hla-dr testserum set, in some of the cases in spite of positive reactions with a positive control xenogeneic anti-human b cell antiserum. in five of these 10 donors, hla-dr typing was also performed on b lymphocytes isolated from the spleens, and in all five cases strong specific reactions were obtained, ...197994708
transferable drug resistance of escherichia coli isolated from infant diarrhoea.the resistance to several drugs was determined in 29 pathogenic strains of escherichia coli (026, 055 and 0111) isolated from infant diarrhoea and 18 non-pathogenic e. coli strains isolated from the same individuals. both pathogenic and nonpathogenic strains were resistant to at least 1 to 10 drugs, but only in four cases resistance patterns of the pathogenic strains were identical with those of non pathogenic ones. the majority of the strains were resistant to sulfonamide, tetracycline, ampicil ...197994745
the effects of metiamide and h1 receptor blocking agents on anaphylactic response in guinea-pigs.the effects of metiamide and of four h1 receptor blocking agents (mepyramine, promethazine, clemastine and ketotifene) on anaphylactic reaction were studied in the guinea-pig. the h1 blockers conferred partial protection which shows that with the experimental protocol utilized (challenge injection with high doses of antigen), histamine plays a lesser role than other mediators released or synthesized. metiamide (30.0 mg/kg i.v.) noticeably enhanced the increase in pulmonary resistance observed du ...197994763
[effects of different concentrations of chloramphenicol on rna synthesis in e. coli].in the presence of 2 microgram/ml chloramphenicol the rate of total rna synthesis increases 1,6-fold, while that of rrna synthesis--2,5--3,0-fold. other ribosomal antibiotics, e.g. oxytetracycline, neomycin and puromycin, as well as chloramphenicol stimulate the synthesis of rna while not causing a complete inhibition of the protein synthesis. intensive stimulation of the rate of rrna synthesis with low concentrations of chloramphenicol may be due to a decrease of intracellular concentration of ...197994838
[immunosuppressive activity of variously prepared alpha-globulin fractions of human blood]. 197994844
[retrospective study in hepatic biopsies, of hepatitis b surface antigen by the orcein method and indirect immunofluorescence methods].a retrospective study of the hbsag was done in 56 liver biopsies of children less than 12 year-old and 78 biopsies of adults. the study was performed by orcein stain and indirect immunofluorescent method. in 23 of the adults patients, the serological detection of hbsag and antibodies (hbsab) was determined by reverse passive haemagglutination technique. the adults patients' histological dianosis were variable and included acute or chronic hepatitis (20.5%) and cirrhosis (24.4%). orcein was posit ...197995161
e-type delayed fluorescence depolarization, technique to probe rotational motion in the microsecond range.e (eosin)-type delayed fluorescence depolarization studies extend the time range for the measurement of rotational diffusion to microseconds and ms, thereby allowing investigation of slow rotational movement of macromolecules like membrane proteins. an apparatus is described for the determination of time-dependent anisotropy in this interesting time range. the method has been tested on eosin-labelled cytochrome p-450 incorporated into phospholipid membrane vesicles.197995189
[general considerations on the interferon system].in this review some interesting aspects of interferon and its present perspectives for a practical utilization in human viral infections and in oncological therapy are described. after an evaluation of general characteristics of if, some particular problems are considered about this system as that of if and poly i:c interaction with cellular membranes, genetic control of if system, if and its inducers influence on immune reactivity and human tumours cells if inducing ability and sensitivity. fin ...197995450
the use and possible misuse of tetracycline as a vital stain. 197995888
response to constant angular accelerations of neurons in the monkey superior vestibular nucleus.the response to constant angular acceleration of type i neurons in the superior vestibular nucleus was studied in pentobarbital-anesthetized, cerebellectomized squirrel monkeys. some so-called intact animals had six active semicircular canals. in other animals, the three canals on one side were rendered non-responsive by plugging, and data were obtained from the plugged and unplugged sides. there is no significant difference between the mean resting activities of units from the plugged and unplu ...197895959
cardiolipin metabolism in growing and sporulating bacillus subtilis. 197895971
hematological data of the laboratory-maintained bonnet (macaca radiata) and the langur (presbytis entellus entellus) monkeys. 197895998
selective platelet immune retention.inbred rats were immunized with freund's adjuvant containing proteins of mycogacterium tuberculosis, mycobacterium butyrium, or dinitrochlorobenzene (dncb). native arterial blood was then passed over glass beads coated with those antigens. the platelet retention on the glass beads was measured. rats immunized with complete freund's adjuvant developed accelerated platelet retention on beads coated with protein derivatives of tuberculosis (ppd) after just 18 seconds of blood flow. rats immunized t ...197896007
early-blocked asporogenous mutants of bacillus subtilis are lysogenized at reduced frequency by temperate bacteriophages.the establishment of lysogeny in early-blocked asporogenous (spo-) mutants of bacillus subtilis 168, which were also defective in the production of antibiotics (abs-), by temperate phage phi105 or spo2 was studied. it was found that the frequency of lysogenization of spo-abs-mutants was 10 to 20% that of the wild-type bacteria. there was no difference in the efficiency of plating and the burst size of phi105 between wild-type and mutant strains. phi105 lysogens of mutant strains were as stable a ...197896089
biosynthesis of riboflavin in bacillus subtilis: function and genetic control of the riboflavin synthase complex.two riboflavin synthase activities (heavy and light) have been observed in earlier studies with bacillus subtilis. the heavy enzyme is a complex of one molecule of light enzyme (consisting of three alpha subunits) and approximately 60 beta subunits (a. bacher, r. bauer, u. eggers, h. harders, and h. schnepple, p. 729--732, in t. p. singer (ed.), flavins and flavoproteins, elsevier, amsterdam, 1976). the formation of alpha and beta subunits is coordinately controlled. mutants apparently deficient ...197896090
synthesis and turnover of microsomal and mitochondrial nadh-cytochrome b5 reductases in rat liver. 197896106
naturally occurring diatomaceous pneumoconiosis in sub-human primates. 197896157
mitomycin antibiotics. synthesis of 7-methoxy-1-(n-pyrrolidino)mitosene and its methiodide.7-methoxy-1-(n-pyrrolidino)mitosene and its methiodide were synthesized. the latter compound was a potential bifunctional alkylating agent because of its two good leaving groups appropriately situated with respect to the indoloquinone chromophore. however, it was inactive in bacteriophage induction and p388 murine leukemia assays. both compounds showed antibacterial activity in culture, and the former compound was very weakly active in inducing lysogenic bacteriophage.197896254
photic and pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure susceptibility in macaca mulatta.ninety-five out of 100 male macaca mulatta of varying ages from a restricted habitat in n. india showed no abnormal seizure susceptibility or eeg response to photic stimulation and no electro-clinical features of epilepsy after pentylenetetrazol, 40 mg/kg sc.c. autopsy studies on the remaining five monkeys with increased seizure proneness revealed depressed skull fractures with cortical trauma in four and a neoplasm in one. presumably, these factors were responsible for the lowered seizure susce ...197796259
[management of patients with pseudomonas aeruginosa infections]. 197896314
clusters of intramembranous particles on cultured myotubes at sites that are highly sensitive to acetylcholine.electrophysiological and autoradiographic studies have shown that the distribution of acetylcholine (accho) receptors on uninnervated cultured chicken muscle cells is not uniform. regions of high receptor density (hot spots 10--40 times more sensitive than surrounding areas are localized as discrete patches or clusters about 10 micrometer in diameter o myotube muscle membranes. hot spots were also found on fusion-arrested mononucleated myoblasts. we have developed a method for freeze-fracturing ...197896446
narcotic cuing and analgesic activity of narcotic analgesics: associative and dissociative using a discrete-trial, two-lever, food-reinforced discrimination learning paradigm, rats were trained to discriminate the narcotic analgesic fentanyl (0.05 mg/kg) from saline. stimulus generalization experiments with lower fentanyl doses (0.0025 to 0.02 mg/kg) were carried out to generate individual threshold doses. the latter were compared with the sensitivity of the same rats to the analgesic effect of fentanyl, and it was found that there is no correlation between these two sets of data. ...197896464
[meningoencephalitis as an evolutive conplication of hodgkin's disease]. 197896497
[the pulmonary vasoconstrictor response to alveolar hypoxia in cats: the effects of prostaglandins synthetase inhibitor and prostaglandins levels (author's transl)]. 197896503
thermorestoration of mutagenic radiation damage in bacterial spores.the frequency of mutations in bacillus subtilis spores irradiated anoxically with ionizing radiation decreased as a result of subsequent anoxic heating to the same extent as the increase in spore survival. this result indicates that dna damage is the origin of the "thermorestoration" phenomenon.197896526
[quantitative cytologic and karyometric changes in the adenohypophysis and the gonadotropic activity of blood in heifers after melengestrol acetate administration]. 197896570
the metabolism of s-carboxymethylcysteine in rodents, marmosets and humans.1. the metabolism of s-carboxymethylcysteine (mucodyne) has been studied in the rat, rabbit, guinea-pig, marmoset and human. all species studied, except the rabbit, excrete large amounts of the parent compound. 2. rabbits and humans give s-carboxymethylcysteine sulphoxide, rats form n-acetyl-s-carboxymethylcysteine while marmosets excrete methylmercapturic acid as other major metabolites. traces of methylmercapturic acid sulphoxide, methylcysteine, methylcysteine sulphoxide and 3-(s-carboxymethy ...197896615
[study of the antigenic relationship between animal and human immunoglobulins using antisera to human immunoglobulins].cross-reactivity of monospecific antisera to human immunoglobulins with animal sera of 10 species was studied by immunoelectrophoresis and radial immunodiffusion. antisera to igg were shown to reveal igg of all the species studied, antisera to igm and especially to iga cross reacted less extensively. the greatest number of cross reactions were given by the antisera obtained as a result of hyperimmunization. hyperimmune monospecific antisera to human igg, iga, and igm can be used for the identifi ...197896633
modification of vascular responsiveness to angiotensin ii in pregnant women by intravenously infused gravid women who are destined to develop pregnancy-induced hypertension (pih), normal pregnancy-associated refractoriness to the pressor effects of administered angiotensin ii (a-ii) is lost several weeks before the onset of hypertension. from a study of the determinants of a-ii pressor responsiveness in normal gravid women, it appears likely that the loss of resistance to a-ii is principally unrelated to plasma renin activity or to plasma a-ii levels. however, it recently has been shown that ...197896697
alertness, level of activity, and purposive movement following somatosensory deafferentation in monkeys. 197796722
regulation of the in vitro synthesis of the alpha-peptide of beta-galactosidase directed by a restriction fragment of the lactose operon. 197896823
circadian rhythm of cholesterol-7alpha-hydroxylase and cortisol in the african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops).cholesterol-7alpha-hydroxylase in african green monkey liver had an apparent km of 1.65-10(-4) m cholesterol and a ph optimum of 7.4. the amplitudes of the circadian maxima of enzyme activity and serum cortisol levels were significantly greater in vervets than in grivets. fluctuations in enzyme activity and cortisol levels during the circadian cycle were positively correlated (r = 0.89). enzyme activities and hormone levels were 2.7-fold lower over a 24-h period in the grivet than in the vervet. ...197896863
hydrogen metabolism in blue-green algae.this manuscript reviews the literature on hydrogen metabolism in blue-green algae and reports some new data from this laboratory. h2-formation by intact cells is found to be catalyzed exclusively by nitrogenase. its rate appears to be variable from strain to strain used byt is--in our hands--very small. therefore, blue-green algae are presumably of limited value in projects of solar energy conversion to form molecular hydrogen. these organisms are also able to consume the gas in a reaction catal ...197896876
the rabbit pulmonary monooxygenase system: characteristics and activities of two forms of pulmonary cytochrome p-450.two forms of rabbit pulmonary cytochrome p-450 have been characterized spectrally and their activities in reconstituted monooxygenase systems investigated. the presence of both microsomal phospholipids and sodium cholate was required to obtain optimum activity. only one of the cytochromes (i) was active in the n-demethylation of benzphetamine and the o-deethylation of 7-ethoxycoumarin. however, cytochrome ii was 20% more active than cytochrome i in the metabolism of benzo[a]pyrene. the profile o ...197896944
[changes in plasmodium berghei berghei in mice maintained at high temperatures].the study of the evolution of plasmodium berghei berghei is made in mice kept in a high temperature (35 degrees c) throughout the experiment. some of these mouse parasites (less than 30%) show a gigantic atypical morphology. in the parasite growing in animals kept at 35 degrees c, the amount of dna is higher than dna rate of the parasites growing in control mice (20-22 degrees c). there is no evidence of any relation between the increase of dna amount and the morphological modification of these ...197896992
[permanent cell culture of a pancreatic carcinoma induced by immunological effect. comparison of the evolution of secretory specificity and oncogenic power in two homologous strains: in vitro (147-8) and in vivo (7-4)].a permanent epithelial cell strain, named 147-8, was established in vitro from a pancreatic carcinoma immunologically induced in a mouse. the cells remain isolated and grow actively in suspension: after more than 3 years of life, the doubling time is 14 hrs. some cells synthetized insulin during the first two months. later on, the cells contain low but significant levels of amylase and lipase, even during the second year, thus showing some pancreatic specificity. the oncogenic property of this s ...197897004
clinical and experimental aspects of the anti-mammary carinogenic activity of estriol.intermittent implantation of 600--1,300 microgram estriol subcutaneously beginning 48 h before oral administration of 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene or procarbazine prevents development of 80--90% of carcinomas of the breast occurring during the natural life span of the intact female sprague-dawley rat. some estriol precursors were less inhibitory of breast cancer development among 23 other estrogens and androgens, progestins and glucocorticoids tested. more frequent or lower estriol doses than ...197797100
susceptibility of human cultured cells to mason-pfizer monkey virus.mason-pfizer monkey virus (m-pmv), originally isolated from mammary carcinoma of a rhesus monkey, is infectious to various human cells in tissue culture. human epithelioid cells (hela and hep-2), fibroblastic cells (embryonic cells as well as virus-transformed embryonic rsb cells), and glial cells (kc) have all been infected with m-pmv. electron microscope studies have shown that all infected cells produce progeny virus. the titer of infectious m-pmv in cultures of hela and hep-2 cells assayed b ...197897115
[comparison of the serum levels of human placental lactogen and the total 24 hour estrogen excretion in the urine in normal and abnormal pregnancies (author's transl)]. 197897120
experimental evolution of a new enzymatic function. ii. evolution of multiple functions for ebg enzyme in e. coli.the evolution of ebgo enzyme of escherichia coli, an enzyme which is unable to hydrolyze lactose, lactulose, lactobionate, or galactose-arabinoside effectively, has been directed in successive steps so that the evolved enzyme is able to hydrolyze these galactosides effectively. i show that in order for a strain of e. coli with a lacz deletion to evolve the ability to use lactobionate as a carbon source, a series of mutations must occur in the ebg genes, and that these mutations must be selected ...197897169
role of iron in disseminated gonococcal infections.strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated from disseminated gonococcal infections have enhanced ability to acquire iron in an experimental host when compared with urogenital gonococcal isolates from patients with uncomplicated infections.197897231
nonrebreathing valve for spontaneously breathing or mechanically ventilated animals.the design of a small dead space, nonbreathing valve suitable for use in small laboratory animals is presented. the design overcomes previous problems of condensation occurring at valve leaflets, and allows ongoing collection of expired gases should the animal require mechanical ventilation. the valve apparatus performs reliably when in operation for several hours at a time with a variety of small animals.197897251
prostaglandin endoperoxide synthetase from bovine vesicular gland microsomes. inactivation and activation by heme and other metalloporphyrins.prostaglandin endoperoxide synthetase purified to apparent homogeneity from bovine vesicular gland microsomes contained iron far below the equimolar amount and essentially no heme. however, the enzyme required various metalloporphyrins including hematin or several hemoproteins such as hemoglobin. preincubation of the enzyme with hematin or hemoglobin resulted in the loss of enzyme activity. the enzyme inactivation was protected by tryptophan or various other aromatic compounds. furthermore, the ...197897287
mycolic acids. a reinvestigation.mycolic acids derived from the cell walls of mycobacterium bovis bcg, mycobacterium bovis bovinus i, mycobacterium smegmatis, and mycobacterium tuberculosis h37rv have been fractionated as their p-bromophenacyl esters by a two-step high performance liquid chromatographic procedure: 1) adsorption chromatography on 10-micrometer particle size silica gel, and 2) reverse phase partition chromatography on a 10-micrometer particle size support containing a c18 bonded phase. this procedure has resulted ...197897301
improved version of the exoantigen test for identification of coccidioides immitis and histoplasma capsulatum cultures.a rapid and simple method for extracting specific cell-free antigens of coccidioides immitis and histoplasma capsulatum from agar slant cultures was developed. the extracts were analyzed in immunodiffusion tests for the presence of c. immitis or h. capsulatum specific antigens. these extracts were compared with culture filtrates of brain heart infusion broth subcultures in tests with 32 isolates of c. immitis and h. capsulatum and 13 other fungi which might be morphologically confused with them. ...197897310
effects of pelleting and sterilization of diet on 2 strains of rabbit coccidia.both autoclaving and irradiation at levels currently used for other laboratory animal diets appear to be satisfactory for the elimination of 2 of the most robust and pathogenic species of rabbit coccidia. pelleting by the usual methods, even at 68 degrees c, was found to be unsatisfactory in eliminating all oocysts from heavily infected diet.197897471
thyroid function and vitamin a deficiency. 197897483
inhibition by ammonium ion of germination of unactivated spores of bacillus cereus t induced by l-alanine and inosine.studies were carried out on the inhibitory effect of nh4+ on germination of spores of bacillus cereus t induced by l-alanine and inosine. kinetic analysis showed that nh4+ inhibited the germination competitively. its inhibitory effect was greater when the unactivated spores had been preincubated with l-alanine. nh4+ did not inhibit the response of unactivated spores to l-alanine during preincubation. these results suggest that l-alanine sensitizes the spores to the inhibitory effect of nh4+.197897499
[gonadotropin from the bovine pineal body. evidence of its similarity with the luteinizing hormone of the pituitary gland].gonadotropin affiliated by biological and immunochemical properties to the luteinizing hormone of the hypophysis was revealed in the purified extracts from the bovine pineal glands. biological properties of gonadotropin from the pineal glands were assessed by the reactions specific of the luteinizing hormone. immunochemical properties of gonadotropin were studied by means of gel-precipitation in agar gel, immunoelectrophoresis and radioimmunochemical analysis. it was found that the specific cont ...197897653
239puo2 aerosol inhalation exposure of miniature swine. 197897730
[bovine brucellosis in a village of lower-casamance (sénégal). i. serological and bacteriological diagnosis]. 197797737
[effect of chlorfenvinfos and carbaryl on calcium and phosphorus metabolism in rat skeleton. ii. in vitro studies]. 197897769
rickettsiae: a new vaccine for rocky mountain spotted fever. 197897783
neurotoxicity of adriamycin (doxorubicin) perfused through the cerebrospinal fluid spaces of the rhesus monkey. 197897803
androgen metabolism in the rhesus monkey.a mixture of 3h-testosteron (t) and 14c-4-androstene-3, 17-dione (a) was injected intravenously into 2 (i and ii) rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta). a third monkey (iii) was injected with 3h-t only. urine and bile samples were collected at intervals for 6 hours following the injection. the excretion, conjugation and aglycone metabolites of the steroids injected were studied using these samples. of the injected dose, animal i (male) excreted 32% 3h and 23% 14c in the bile and 30% 3h and 21% 14c in ...197897807
post partum patterns of circulating fsh, lh, prolactin, estradiol, and progesterone in nonsuckling cynomolgus monkeys.circulating levels of fsh, lh, prolactin (prl), estradiol (e), and progesterone (p) were determined by ria in four intact and four monkeys luteectomized (clx) at parturition in order to a) characterize the patterns of these hormones during the puerperium, and b) examine a possible inhibitory role of the "rejuvenated" corpus luteum (cl) on the resumption of follicle growth post partum. in both groups during the first four weeks, fsh and lh were at tonic levels typical of ovulatory cycles. recurre ...197897808
[absorption of amino acids from the perfused ovine rumen].the experiments with extracoroporeal perfusion of sheep rumen were performed [leng et al., 1977]. bovine plasma, diluted in a 1:1ratio with an isotonic solution of sodium chloride, was used for four perfusions, and autologous blood was used for two perfusions in the course of 150 minutes. after 60 minutes perfusion 20 g enzymatic casein hydrolyzate were applied to the rumen. the levels of free amino acids in the perfusate were recorded after 60 minutes' perfusion [the first phase of perfusion] a ...197897838
[comparison of the sensitivity of the passive, indirect hemagglutination reaction and the latex fixation test in the demonstration of the migratory phase of experimental ascariasis (ascaris suum) in swine].the authoresses verified diagnostic sensitivity of two serological tests -passive indirect hemagglutination [iha] reaction modified by the authoresses and latex-fixation test [lft] when proving the post-invasion migratory phase of ascariasis [ascaris suum] in experimentally infected swine. the iha reaction was found to be more sensitive than the lft in most cases [62.2%] by two to three values of the geometric series. the invasion can be detected by the iha reaction from 7th to 120th day and by ...197897840
[dermatomycosis of the nilgai antelope (boselaphus tragocamelus) caused by the dermatophyte trichophyton mentagrophytes].the authors described a dermal lesion in seven antelopes of the species boselaphus tragocamelus (pallas 1776), kept in a zoo-park. mycological examination revealed the dermatophyte trichophyton mentagrophytes (robin) blanchard 1896 as the causative agent of the lesion. the clinical picture of the dermatophytosis was manifested by a non-inflammatory desquamation of the epidermis with focal hair shedding. the lesions, mostly localized on the heads of the animals affected, were successfully treated ...197897843
intestinal gradient of enterokinase activity in different species of animals.the proximodistal gradient of enterokinase activity was studied in mucosal homogenates of the duodenum, jejunum, ileum, caecum (or megacaecum) and sigmoid flexure of various mammals. the study was carried out in groups of 5 monkeys, guinea pigs, dogs and rats and also in gnotobiological rats--conventional (n = 5), germ-free (n = 10) and monocontaminated (n = 5) with escherichia coli 0 86. enterokinase activity was likewise determined in duodenal mucosal homogenates prepared from material resecte ...197797929
development of the brush border enzymes of guinea pig and rat enterocytes. 197797934
variations in the soluble alpha-crystallin proteins from human cataractous lenses.human cataractous lenses from subjects aged 20-91 years were extracted in tris/glycine buffer and fractionated on sephadex g-75 column. four fractions, f1, f2, f3 and f4 identified as alpha-, beta1-, beta2- and gamma-crystallin were obtained. gel electrophoresis of alpha-crystallin in polyacrylamide containing 6m urea revealed changes in polypeptide composition, colouration; variation in band pattern and mean mobility. the relative mobilities of the protein bands were used to calculate coefficie ...197897955
a sensory mechanism for amblyopia: electrophysiological studies.steady-state visual evoked potentials were elicited by the appearance/disappearance of sinusoidal gratings of varying spatial frequency for both eyes of amblyopic subjects at temporal frequences from 2--32 hz. the amblyopic eyes showed reduced responses relative to those of the nonamblyopic eyes across a wide range of spatial frequencies, the difference between the 2 eyes being most marked for high spatial frequencies and low temporal frequencies. both the nonamblyopic and the amblyopic eyes sho ...197898048
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