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perinatal risk factors in children with serious motor and mental handicaps.fifty children with marked neurological abnormality manifested by moderate or severe motor disability and severe mental retardation were compared with a large control population with respect to prospectively ascertained perinatal characteristics. none of 60 prenatal factors distinguished the affected group from controls. in labor and delivery, lowest fetal heart rate in the second stage of labor, arrested progress of labor, and use of midforceps discriminated between the two groups. neonatal cha ...2003153120
[sonography and phlebography in the investigation of the suprarenals (author's transl)].twelve patients were examined by sonography and phlebography; of these, ten had suprarenal tumours and two suprarenal hyperplasia. the value of sonography and its place compared with radiological examinations is discussed. sonography is an informative method of screening and should be employed whenever there is clinical suspicion of enlargement of the suprarenals before other radiological methods are used.2003153267
[plain film findings in the skull in neurofibromatosis (author's transl)].the radiologically demonstrable changes in the skull, which occur in neurofibromatosis, are described. the mesodermal dysplastic changes in the sphenoid and the facial skeleton are diagnostic. changes secondary to blastomatous processes are not always a consequence of the presence of a tumour; they may result from developmental abnormalities or dural protrusion. in addition one may encounter a series of changes which are not in themselves diagnostic. problems in the diagnoses and the differentia ...2003153279
guinea-worm infection in banaskantha district of gujarat--some important epidemiological aspects. 1978153328
[syndicalism and ophthalmology]. 2002153352
potential hearing compensation cost by race and sex.a large general industrial population (n = 10,000) is analyzed using different low fences (15 bb htl to 35 db htl) with the high fence held constant at 93 db htl. three different audiometric test frequency combinations are considered: htl.5,1,2 khz, htl.5,1,2,3 khz and htl1,2,3 khz. the data base is analyzed first as a total population and then divided into different subpopulations including male, female, black and whites; and further subdivided into black males, black females, white males and w ...2002153387
studies of immune functions of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus. i. dysfunction of suppressor t-cell activity related to impaired generation of, rather than response to, suppressor cells.t cell suppressor function in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) was evaluated by studying the ability of concanavalin a- (con a) activated t cells to suppress proliferative responses by responder cells autologous with the con a-activated t cells. impaired suppressor t-cell activity in patients with sle was observed with regard to three effector functions: 1) the allogeneic response of t cells, 2) the con a response of t cells, and 3) the b cell response to pokeweed mitogen (pwm). ...2003153749
comparison of thymidine, fluorodeoxyuridine, hydroxyurea, and methotrexate blocking at the g1/s phase transition of the cell cycle, studied by replication patterns.cultures of human amniotic fluid cells and fibroblasts were temporarily blocked by the replication inhibitors thymidine (dt) surplus, fluorodeoxyuridine (fdu), hydroxyurea (hu), or methotrexate uridine (mu). the respective arresting point at g1-s transition and the homogeneity of the blocked cell population were determined by means of brdu replication patterns. most variation of patterns were found after hu. after mu, cells were arrested before the onset of replication, while with dt surplus of ...1978153886
[thoughts on continued education for physicians in the public health service]. 2003154084
phase i trial of chlorozotocin.chlorozotocin was given to 37 patients with advanced malignant tumors in a daily x 5 schedule at 6-week intervals. total iv doses for each course ranged from 75 to 200 mg/m2. myelosuppression was dose-limiting, with a platelet count depression regularly observed at doses of greater or equal to 150 mg/m2; leukopenia occurred only at the highest dose level. nausea and vomiting were mild and uncommon. no hyperglycemia or adverse drug-related effects on renal or hepatic function were observed. no ma ...2003154363
isolation of neurospora crassa-bovine l-glutamate dehydrogenase hybrids [proceedings]. 1978154423
isolation of neurospora crassa-bovine l-glutamate dehydrogenase hybrids [proceedings]. 1978154423
[tuberculous exudative pleurisy in the practice of the tuberculosis control dispensary]. 2003154667
assembly of the mitochondrial membrane system: partial sequence of a mitochondrial atpase gene in saccharomyces cerevisiae.the nucleotide sequence of mitochondrial dna of a cytoplasmic "petite" mutant of saccharomyces cerevisiae is reported. the dna has a repeat length of 1060 base pairs and contains a genetic marker (oli-1) for the atpase proteolipid. the nucleotide sequence reveals the presence of part of the structural gene of the subunit-9 proteolipid of the atpase complex and an extended a+t-rich region adjacent to the carboxyl-terminal end of the gene. the structural gene sequence agrees with the primary struc ...1979154670
[post-traumatic fat embolism (21 treated cases during 4 years)]. 2003154717
[distribution of surface pressure on models of mackee-farrar type total hip prosthesis]. 2003154720
dependence of spectrin organization in red blood cell membranes on cell metabolism: implications for control of red cell shape, deformability, and surface area. 2003154737
calcium transport and release by sarcoplasmic reticulum: a mini-review. 2003154739
[effect of propyl-2-pentene-2-oic acid on gaba levels in different regions of mouse brain].an elevation in cerebral gaba level (65%) is observed after administration of an anticonvulsant, sodium propyl 2-pentene-2 oate, a branched chain fatty acid, comformationally restricted gaba analogue, competitive inhibitor of gaba-t in regard to gaba. the concentration of gaba increases in some regions i.e. substantia nigra, frontal and temporal cortex, cerebellum and olfactory bulbs. the gaba level remains unchanged in caudate nucleus, hippocampus and occipital cortex. results are discussed com ...1978154951
[dwarf colony mutants of escherichia coli: plasmids resistant to antibiotics].deficient dwarf colony (ddc) mutants of e. coli k 12, harboring or no resistance plasmids, were obtained in vitro. the r plasmids of parental strains and to ddc mutants were transfered by conjugation to normal colony, and to ddc mutants of e. coli k 12; the frequencies of transfer were similar for all strains studied.1978154954
chemistry and pharmacokinetics of ipratropium bromide. 1979155287
[characteristics of clinical pharmacy activities]. 2003155536
[changes in allogeneic immune response of swine in the course of a liver allograft].pig liver allografts showed a typical rejection crisis. the degree of rejection depended on the sla-typing. despite sla-incompatibility pig liver allografts can be tolerated. short-term survivors showed an immunological hyporeactivity. long-term survivors reconstituted their cellular immune-reactions and developed an antibody which appeared to function as an antigen-antibody-complex or an anti-ia-antibody.1977156111
common skin diseases seen by the internist. 2003156113
inhibition of in vitro cytotoxic responses by bcg-induced macrophage-like suppressor cells. ii. suppression occurs at the level of a "helper" t cell. 1979156233
agranulocytosis associated with fenoprofen. 2003156260
seeding endothelium onto canine arterial prostheses. the effects of graft identify prosthetic characteristics that support the proliferation of an endothelial lining, 14 different graft designs were studied in dogs. the grafts were prepared by the use of a technique of endothelial seeding that we described previously. they were studied two and four weeks after their implantation. weft-knit dacron grafts (water porosity from 1,400 to 1,650 ml/min/sq cm) were the most successful. a velour index (velour stitch frequency times velour loop height) was computed. when the ...1979156532
changes in the immunoglobulin levels of the mouse gut and serum during conventionalisation and following administration of salmonella typhimurium.increasess in all immunoglobulin classes, except igm, were observed in the sera of specific pathogen-free (spf) mice beginning 10 days after their removal from barrier conditions. concentrations of serum immunoglobulins, comparable with those of conventional mice, were obtained in these animals between 21 and 35 days. following the removal of germ-free mice from their sterile isolaters, their intestinal iga levels increased over 35 days to attain levels found in conventional animals. a marked in ...1978156538
purification of the arom multienzyme aggregate from euglena gracilis.the arom multienzyme complex that catalyzes steps two through six in the prechorismate polyaromatic amino acid biosynthetic pathway has been purified up to 2000-fold from euglena gracilis. the native arom aggregate has a molecular weight of approx. 249 000 based on a sedimentation coefficient of 9.5 and stokes radius of 60 angstrom. a comparison between the arom aggregates of neurospora crassa and euglena gracilis and the possible phylogenetic relationships between the organisms are discussed.2003156559
noninvasive screening criteria for enhanced 4-year survival after aortocoronary bypass surgery.two thousand one men with coronary heart disease (chd) who were enrolled in the exercise testing registry of the seattle heart watch had symptom-limited maximal exercise tests at the initial clinical examination and follow-up surveillance of subsequent mortality for 4.1 +/- 1.6 years. when subdivided into three mutually exclusive subgroups, 636 patients did not have exertional myocardial ischemia, left ventricular dysfunction or cardiomegaly; 885 without cardiomegaly had only exertional ischemia ...2003156607
gonococcal urethritis--diagnosis and treatment.for men with urethral discharge, a simple gram stained smear is 98% sensitive and over 99% specific in detecting gonococcal infection when compared to a single thayer-martin culture. the smear is less than 50% sensitive in asymptomatic urethritis. neither fluorescent antibody nor various serologic tests offer any diagnostic advantages over smears and/or cultures and they are not cost-effective. treatment of gonococcal urethritis may be successfully accomplished with a variety of antibiotic regim ...1979161160
[comparative studies of the influence of osteoplasty upon maxillary growth (author's transl)].model series of patients with cheiloschisis, gnathoschisis, and palatoschisis, who at the age of 4 to 6 had been undergoing surgical operations with simultaneous osteoplasty, were examined, at the age of 9 to 16, for the maxillary growth in length and width. serving as a reference group were models of patients of a morphologically similar group where the operation for cleft palate had been performed by the same technique, but without additional osteoplasty. it was not possible to obtain statisti ...2003161454
acute perihepatitis.fourteen young females with acute pains in the right hypochondrium were admitted to the surgical department. the history and clinical findings were typical of acute perihepatitis (fitz-hugh-curtis syndrome), and the diagnosis was confirmed by laparoscopy. the gynecological symptoms and signs were negligible, and neisseria gonorrhoeae were cultured from the endocervix in two of the patients. pathogenes in the suprahepatic space were not demonstrated. eight patients used intrauterine contraceptive ...1979161459
the cornea in normal condition and in groenouw's macular dystrophy. 1979161528
suppressor cell defect in psoriasis. 2003161851
effect of oral contraceptive containing a new progestin (org 2969) on plasma renin activity, growth hormone and immunoreactive insulin.plasma renin activity (pra), growth hormone (gh) and immunoreactive insulin (iri) were studied in seven healthy subjects during the ovulatory menstrual cycle and during the first and third cycles of oral contraception with 0.05 mg of ethinylestradiol and 0.100 mg or 0.125 mg of a new progestogen, 17 alpha-ethinyl-18-methylene-4-estren-17 beta-ol. the pra level in the second half of the control cycle was significantly higher than in the beginning of the cycle. at the end of the treated cycles it ...1979161858
[on the 70th birthday of m.p. cumakov]. 2003161870
in vitro assays of the efficacy of antimicrobial agents in controlling chlamydia trachomatis propagation.the antimicrobial susceptibility of a low-laboratory-passage, slow-growing, genital chlamydia trachomatis strain was studied by five different procedures with the use of mccoy cells pretreated with 5-iodo-2-deoxyuridine. the effects of antimicrobial agents when added to cultures on day 0 or day 2 after inoculation with c. trachomatis and the effects of washing and reincubating treated cultures in antimicrobial-free media were investigated. tetracycline and erythromycin inhibited c. trachomatis g ...1978162541
[the immunglobulin-content of human parotid saliva (author's transl)].by means of radial immundiffusion, the content of iga, igg, igm and ige in 22 healthy persons was measured. the parotid saliva has been collected under standardized stimulation-conditions in 10 minutes-fractions during a time of 30 minutes. while igm and ige could not be found with this method, iga and igg were present in a concentration easy to be measured. for the two immunglobulins, a different and characteristical change in their concentration was found during stimulation. this difference ca ...1975162620
cellulase location in cellvibrio fulvus.the location of cellulase in c. fulvus depends on the carbon source for growth and the age of the culture. when cells were grown on glucose or cellobiose all cmc-hydrolyzing enzyme was cell-bound but only part of the activity was located on the cell surface. treatment of cells with edta, lysozyme, and detergents and subsequent fractionation experiments showed that cellulase was also located in the periplasm and bound to a membrane fraction. growth on cellulose gave cell-free cellulase active aga ...1975163668
translation of individual species of vesicular stomatitis viral mrna.vesicular stomatitis virus mrnas from three of the four bands fractionated by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in 99% formamide have been eluted from gels and translated in the krebs ii ascites cell-free system. band 2 mrna (0.7 times 10-6 daltons) directed the synthesis of the protein moiety of the glycoprotein (g), and band 3 (0.55 times 10-6 daltons) coded for the nucleocapsid (n) protein. band 4 mrna (o.28 times 10-6 daltons) directed the synthesis of the ns and matrix (m) proteins. the au ...1975163911
an investigation of the role of the copper in galactose oxidase.galactose oxidase is a metalloenzyme containing a single copper atom per molecule. the mechanism of action of galactose oxidase is studied in this paper by investigating substrate specificity and activation by peroxidase, and probing the copper site by electron spin resonance (esr) spectroscopy. line-shape simulation of esr spectra are also reported and a comparison is made between observed and simulated spectra for galactose oxidase. a comparison is also reported for the enzyme from various com ...1997164209
electroconvulsive shock and postsynaptic catecholamine effects: increased psychomotor stimulant action of apomorphine and clonidine in reserpine pretreated mice by repeated ecs.male mice were administered electric convulsive shocks (ecs) once daily for one (ecs x i), three (ecs x iii) or seven days (ecs x vii). one (day 1), three (day 3) or six days (day 6) later they received reserpine 10 mg/kg, followed 2 hours later by clonidine, 1.5 mg/kg, and/or apomorphine, 1.5 mg/kg. control animals received the same drug treatments but no ecs. the motor activity was recorded for 1 hour, starting immediately after the last drug injection. the behavioral depression induced by res ...2003164522
simian virus 40-related antigens in three human meningiomas with defined chromosome loss.two out of seven meningiomas tested in early cell cultures by indirect immunofluorescence staining showed simian virus 40 (sv40)-related tumor (t) antigen. in one tumor 90% of the cells were positive. an additional sv40-related antigen (u) was found in 10% of cells of a third tumor. these findings indicate that the meningioma cells showing a positive reaction are transformed by a papova virus that has at least partly the same antigenic properties as sv40 virus. sv40-related viral capsid (v) anti ...1975164660
nadh fluorescence and [k+]o changes during hippocampal electrical stimulation.1. short (2 s) trains of stimuli were applied to the dorsal hippocampal surface of cats, producing an increase in [k+]o and a decrease in nadh fluorescence (the latter being indicative of an increase in tissue oxygen utilization). 2. the [k+]o rose rapidly during stimulation (delta[k+]o values from 1 to 6 mm) with larger stimulus currents producing larger changes. the time course of the poststimulus decline of [k+]o was an exponential decay function, with t 1/2 values varying from 1.3 to 6.9s, a ...1975165273
detection of oncornavirus antigenic activity in human urothelial tissues.our studies indicate that certain urologic tissues demonstrate evidence of proteins which compete with the interspecies antigens of c-type ribonucleic acid viruses for binding sites of the feline and murine oncornavirus antiglobulins. this fact indicates either the association of viral antigens within these tissues or the presence of a protein so similar to the interspecies antigen that it cross reacts. studies are now underway to localize reacting antigens within these urologic cells, to correl ...1975165323
determination of sedoheptulose 7-phosphate. 1975165386
etiology of nongonococcal urethritis.chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from the urethra from 48 (42 per cent) of 113 men with non-gonococcal urethritis (ngu), four (7 per cent) of 58 without overt urethritis, and 13 (19 per cent) of 69 with gonorrhea. postgonococcal urethritis (pgu) developed in 11 of 11 men who had c. trum antibody to c. trachomatisis developed. the immunotype specificity of chlamydial antibody corresponded to the immunotype isolated. among culture-negative patients. chlamydial antibody prevalence correlated with ...1975165407
letter: petechiae: due to adenovirus type 7 infection or to acetylsalicylic acid therapy? 1975165451
modification of surface membrane antigens by trypsin.cultured 3t3 and py-3t3 mouse fibroblasts were subjected to mild treatment with twice crystallized trypsin and their immunogenicity tested in icr/cd-1 mice. surface antigenic modifications were observed using the foot pad swelling assay for detection of delayed hypersensitive responses. mice immunized with trypsin-treated 3t3 cells showed cell-mediated immune reactions following challenge with either homologous antigen or untreated py-3t3 fibroblasts. in contrast, treatment of the virus-transfor ...1975165549
electron-affinic sensitization. vi. a pulse radiolysis and esr comparison of some 2- and 5-nitroimidazoles. 2003165564
lipolysis and cyclic amp accumulation in isolated fat cells from chicks. 1975166018
[cholesterol concentration in beta and pre-beta-liporotein fractions in serum samples from women in normal pregnancy, labor and puerperium]. 2003166024
immunodeficiency in the chicken. ii. production of monomeric igm following testosterone treatment or infection with gumboro disease.chickens were treated at an early embryonal age with testosterone propionate or infected neonatally with the virus producing gumboro disease. their sera were subsequently fractionated by sephadex g-200 chromatography, and showed a complete deficiency of igg and the presence of igm which was eluted with the 7s protein fraction. purified and 125-i-labelled monomeric igm was examined by sds-acrylamide gel electrophoresis and found to contain both mu and light chains, together with a chain of interm ...1975166037
effects of ionizing radiation on dried spores of osmunda regalis iii. 35 ghz e.s.r. study.the use of 35 ghz microwave frequency has greatly simplified the separation of overlapping signals in dried irradiated fern spores. while in general confirming the conclusions previously drawn from x-band spectra, the use of q-band has clarified several assignments of radical groups and allowed the recognition of additional radical groups or sub-groups.2003166042
cellular receptors and mechanisms of action of steroid hormones. 2003166046
accountability: a right of the rape victim.accountability by the professional is especially important in a crisis situation. rape is experienced by victims as a life threatening situation and it thus triggers an acute stress reaction which requires them to go through a long-term reorganization process. as a crisis situation, it makes them hypersensitive to the attitudes of those people to whom they turn for help and assistance. clients--in this case rape victims--benefit when professionals are careful to be accountable to them. the victi ...2003166176
viable vein graft preservation. 1975166254
isolation of a glycogen synthase i kinase that is independent of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate.three protein kinases (atp:protein phosphotransferase, ec were detected when the soluble fraction of rabbit kidney medulla was chromatographed on deae-cellulose with a linear nac1 gradient. the first two kinases eluted (peak 1 and peak ii) were cyclic-amp-dependent, wheras peak iii was cyclic-amp-independent. a procedure was developed to separate the catalytic subunit of peak ii cyclic-amp-dependent protein kinase (representing the bulk of the histone kinase activity) from peak iii pro ...1975166380
influence of peptides on reduced response of rats to electric footshock after acute administration of morphine.acute treatment of rats with morphine (10 mg/kg) resulted in a marked reduction of motor response to inescapable electric footshock (efs). nalorphine (2mg/kg) antagonized this action of morphine. pretreatment with synthetic acth 1-24 (10 iu) 60 min prior to testing also inhibited this morphine-induced reduction, whereas other acth-like peptides, lacking corticotrophic activity, were ineffective. acth 1-24 had no effect on the response of adrenalectomized rats to efs after morphine. in intact rat ...1975170120
histological and combined chemoimmunostimulation therapy studies against a murine leukemia.a graffi murine leukemia was utilized as a model system to investigate the effect of chemoimmunostimulation therapy. subcutaneous inoculation of approximately 1.0 times 10(6) tumor cells resulted in a rapidly growing tumor at the site of inoculation and subsequent development of splenomegaly and lymphoadenopathy. all animals succumbed to the leukemia within 24 to 30 days. treatment of diseased animals with two courses of cytoxan over a 2-week period resulted in a remission period of approximatel ...1975170212
[properties of recently isolated bordetella pertussis]. 1975170434
[ultrastructure of human hepatocytes in early prenatal ontogenesis].the structure of hepatic cells was studied in 40 human embryos and fetuses from 4 to 16 weeks of intrauterine development. depending on the differentiation degree of organells and their amount in the hepatic cell of the embryo and fetus three types of hepatic cells are distinguished: slightly differentiated, transitional and differentiated cells. in the course of early prenatal ontogenesis the amount of slightly differentiated hepatic cells diminishes and the amount of transitional and different ...1975170891
studies on protein kinase activity and the binding of adenosine 3'5-monophosphate by membranes of hereditary spherocytosis erythrocytes. 2003170938
inhibition of in vitro growth of lymphoma cells by macrophages from tumor-bearing mice.spleen cells from c57bl/6 mice bearing primary tumors induced by the moloney strain of murine sarcoma virus (musv) strongly inhibited the uptake of tritiated thymidine (3h-tdr) by rbl-5 lymphoma cells in a 48-hour growth-inhibition assay (gia). this activity was first detected 7 days after musv was injected; it peaked at 14 days, and was usually no longer detectable after 18-21 days. it could be detected at effector cell/target cell ratios between 20:1 and 5:1, at which normal spleen cells had a ...1975171434
biochemical and biophysical characteristics of diarrhea viruses of human and calf origin.polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis of purified preparations of human and calf diarrhea viruses indicated eight polypeptide components, or possibly nine in the case of the calf diarrhea virus. thermal denaturation and analytical studies of the calf diarrhea virus genome showed it to consist of 11 double-stranded segments of rna. the placing of the human and calf diarrhea viruses together with other similar viruses into a genus separate from reovirus and orbivirus, but within the family r ...1975171450
genetics of natural resistance to herpesvirus infections in mice. 1975171586
molecular weights of adrenocorticotropic hormone in extracts of anterior and intermediate-posterior lobes of mouse pituitary.the molecular weight of the adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth) activity in extracts of the separated anterior and intermediate-posterior lobes of the mouse pituitary was determined by gel filtration in guanidine-hcl. following dilution or removal of the guanidine-hcl, acth activity was quantitated by both radioimmunoassay and bioassay. extracts of the intermediate-posterior lobe contain approximately a tenth as much acth activity as extracts of the anterior lobe. in extracts of both the anterior ...1975171667
eye movements and visually active dreams. 1990171698
[current results and objectives of radiophotography in the socialist republic of rumania (joint report)]. 1990171740
dependence of gonadotropin-induced steroidogenesis upon rna and protein synthesis in the interstitial cells of the rat testis.the effects of inhibitors of rna and protein synthesis upon gonadotropic stimulation of testosterone and cyclic amp production by the leydig cellwere investigated in vitro with enzyme-dispersed interstitial cells of the rat testis. the testosterone response to human chorionic gonadotropin was abolished by cycloheximide and puromycin, and was markedly reduced by actinomycin d and cordycepin. during 3-h time studies, cycloheximide caused complete inhibition of subsequent steroid production when a ...1975172138
studies on epsilon-prototoxin of clostridium perfringens type d. physicochemical and chemical properties of epsilon-prototoxin.epsilon-prototoxin of clostridium perfringens type d consists of one polypeptide chain of 311 amino acids with the following composition: asp52 thr31 ser25 glu28 pro12 gly17 ala14 val28 met5 ile15 leu18 tyr17 phe8 lys31 his2 arg5 tyr2. it has no free cysteine but contains one blocked cysteine. the n-terminal as well as the c-terminal residue is lysine. the ultracentrifuge pattern gave one single boundary having s020,w = 2.15 s and do20,w = 5.56-10(-7) cm2/s. calculation of the molecular weight f ...1975172146
direction-selective units in the rabbit's nucleus of the optic tract.a class of direction-selective (ds) units, histologically localized within the nucleus of the optic tract (not) was isolated in the rabbit's pretectum. these units typically had a maintained discharge of 25-50 action potentials/sec and large receptive fields (up to 40 x 150 degrees) in the visual streak area of the contralateral eye. they were excited by a visual pattern moving in one direction and inhibited by motion in the opposite direction. the reactions were sustained. excitatory and inhibi ...1975172194
[autopsy of lung cancer associated with eaton-lambert syndrome and subcute cerebellar degeneration - with special reference to the effect of streptomycin]. 1988172272
localization of adenylate cyclase in dictyostelium discoideum. i. preparation and biochemical characterizations of cell fractions and isolated plasma membrane vesicles. 1975172348
elevation of intracellular calcium ion concentration provokes production of 1,2-diacylglycerol and phosphatidate in human erythrocytes. 1975172387
letter: liver cell adenoma. 1989172664
pain. a central inhibitory balance theory.knowledge of the segmental neuronal circuitry for noxious and non-noxious input is a necessary prelude to understanding pain mechanisms. significant gaps in our understanding of the synaptology of these pathways in the dorsal horn have hindered progress in this area. this report describes the excitatory and inhibitory circuits that supply the marginal neurons of the spinal cord, whose role in nociceptive mechanisms is well established. on the basis of these data, it is proposed that large prima ...1975172744
hydrolysis of cyclic quanosine 3',5'-monophosphate in tissues of schistocerca gregaria/forsk./orthoptera. 1989172753
effect of insulin induced hypoglycemia on acth, cortisol, and growth hormone release in man. 1975172820
herpes genitalis in guinea-pigs. ii. morphological studies in female guinea-pigs infected with herpesvirus hominis type 2.gross and microscopial morphological changes developing in female guinea-pigs after vaginal infection with hvh 2/angelotti were studied. in the mucosa of the external genital tract there were inflammatory changes with formation of intra-epithelial vesicles, erosions and ulcerations. in the late stages of the infection signs of inflammatory dysplasia were also observed. the infection spread into the nervous system and produced characteristic inflammatory changes. the inflammation began as a bilat ...1975172947
[bacterial motility as a screening probe for the search of biochemically active substances (author's transl)]. 1995172978
the relationship of sleep and sleep stages to neuroendocrine secretion and biological rhythms in man. 1975172995
a study of serum lipoproteins and angiographic evidence of coronary artery disease.extensive serum lipid analyses, with specific emphasis on the concentration of serum beta and pre-beta-lipoproteins, were made on 93 patients who had a clinical diagnosis of angina pectoris and were undergoing coronary angiographic studies. those individuals with abnormal angiographic evidence of obstructive coronary artery disease, including a group with a prior myocardial infarction, have almost uniformly elevated serum beta-lipoprotein levels when related to an arbitrary division based on the ...1995173025
[experimental and clinical evaluation of stomatological cleaning agents with special reference to the eladent prosthesis cleaner].the experimental and clinical testing of certain denture cleaners, viz., eladent, kukident and steradent, yielded identical good results. as far as possible, eladent should be dissolved in warm water (35-40 degrees c). in this case, the tablets will dissolve within 15-20 minutes. for immediate cleaning, the tablets may be dissolved within 1 or 2 minutes by raising the water temperature at 50 degrees c. no striking immediate effect can be expected from this cleaner in case of stained dentures whi ...1995173048
[study of the interrelationship between the content of immunizing units and the immunogenicity of c1. perfringens anatoxins].comparative experiments were conducted on rabbits and guinea pigs; a study was made of the immunological efficacy of the toxoids with a different content of the immunizing units (iu/ml). there was revealed a regular quantitative interrelationship between the content of the iu/ml in the toxoids, the level of the antitoxin formation and the extent of protection against the experimental gas gangrene in the immunized animals.1975173119
function of ascorbic acid in collagen metabolism. 1975173224
[formation of polysomes in virus-specific rna in the transcriptive complex of sendai virus infected cells].transcriptive complex in the cytoplasm of sendai virus infected cells included parental rna in the form of ribonucleoprotein, nascent rna and polysomes. its buoyant density in csc1 was 1.45 g/ml. the complex dissociated three hours after the infection, and nascent rna was fully separated from the parental rnp. the template for polysomes within the complex was identified under conditions when the complex was dissociated in cycloheximide-treated cells. polysomes were revealed in the association wi ...1975173426
the pathology of invasive breast cancer. a syllabus derived from findings of the national surgical adjuvant breast project (protocol no. 4).the inter-relationships of 32 pathologic and 7 clinical parameters encountered in the study of 1000 examples of invasive breast carcinoma have been presented. in some instances the biological significance of these associations is at present unclear. in others it is to be noted that there is no information provided as to the rank of their significance. nevertheless, the associations that were encountered not only help further characterize the various forms of breast cancer but also provide inform ...1995173455
adverse reactions to zn1-24 acth therapy associated with specific cellular immunity.lymphocyte transformation to 1-24acth, as assessed by the incorporation of tritiated thymidine, has been demonstrated to be associated with severe adverse reactions occurring in patients receiving a zn-linked 1-24acth preparation (tetra cosactrin depot, 'synacthen'). antibodies measured with an isotope-binding assay occurred commonly in all patients receiving therapy and did not correlate with adverse reactions. lymphocyte transformation with the 1-24acth polypeptide, a part of the naturally occ ...1995173487
the complement system in cryoglobulinaemia. interaction with immunoglobulins and lipoproteins.serum from a patient with an igm-lipoprotein cryoglobulin, both before and after removal of the cryoprecipitate at 0 degrees c, had extremely low levels of whole complement (c), c1, c4 and c2, while amounts of the remaining components were normal or only slightly reduced. the cryopredipitate, when added to fresh normal human serum, reproduced this pattern of c fixation. separation of the patients's serum at 37 degrees c into its lipoprotein, igg and igm fractions revealed that the igm alone woul ...1975173488
cytopathic effects in primary epithelial cultures derived from the human prostate.normal, benign, and malignant human prostatic tissue was cultivated in vitro. cytopathic effects in derived epithelial cells were examined. light microscopy revealed polykaryocyte formation, vacuolation, cytoplasmic bridges and processes, nuclear inclusions, increased acid phosphatase activity at the cell membrane of polykaryocytes as compared to mononuclear cells, and cell rounding and clumping. electron microscopy of the polykaryocytes showed nuclear membrane proliferation and protrusion, scar ...1976173669
proceedings: labeling of soybean agglutinin by oxidation with sodium periodate, followed by reduction with sodium 3h-borohydride. 1995173675
anti-viral activity of single-stranded homopolynucleotides against encephalomyocarditis virus and semliki forest virus in adult mice without interferon induction.single administrations of poly c or poly i are anti-viral against infections of encephalomyocarditis (emc) and semliki forest virus (sfv) in mice but poly u and poly a are not. the degree of protection is dose-dependent and mice which die do so at a later time when untreated controls even in a strain of mouse in which the time of death is not dependent on the dose of virus given. no circulating interferon is found after treating mice with poly c or poly i even at polynucleotide doses which give ...1976173799
childhood cancer in sibs.thirty-eight families with cancer in two or more children were identified from records of the sidney farber cancer center and the children's hospital, boston. neoplasms developed in one pair of identical twins and in 37 sets of sibs (2 with 4 affected sibs, 4 with 3, and 31 sib-pairs). predisposition to cancer extended to their parents and other relatives, and subsequently to other sibs who were unaffected at the time of ascertainment of the cancer-prone families. genetic susceptibility was sugg ...1996173826
nurses can be effective behavior modifiers. 1996173840
trust restored through group action. 1996173841
[acth test with urinary free cortisol as an index]. 1996173905
effect of "drugs for liver disease" on hepatotoxic action of carbon tetrachloride. i. changes of lysosomal enzyme levels and effect of protoporphyrin on the order to clarify the action of drugs for liver disease, the effect of protoporphyrin (pp) on ccl4-induced liver injury was studied. attention was given to the levels of lysosomal enzymes, some components of the liver, and inhibition of enzymes and lysis of lysosomal membranes by lipid peroxides. administration of pp to ccl4-poisoned rats was found to prevent the decrease in lysosomal lipolytic enzyme level in the liver, but not in other enzyme levels tested. the inhibition of lipolytic enzyme ...1975173910
incorporation of [3h] leucine into brain stem protein fractions: the effect of a behaviorally active, n-terminal fragment of acth in hypophysectomized hypophysectomized rats, the incorporation of [3h] leucine into rat brain stem protein, measured 5 min after injection of the precursor into the diencephalon, was decreased. chronic treatment of these rats with the n-terminal fragment of acth, acth1-10 increased the incorporation rate. brain stem proteins were sequentially extracted with a hypotonic buffer, triton x-100 and sds. analysis of these protein fractions on polyacrylamide gels revealed that hypophysectomy caused a general decrease in ...1975174020
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