biochemical and behavioral changes in rats exposed to ethanol in utero. 197618974
cardiomegaly produced by chronic beta-adrenergic stimulation in the rat: comparison with alpha-adrenergic effects. 197720543
antigenic analysis of chlamydiae by two-dimensional immunoelectrophoresis. ii. a trachoma-lgv-specific antigen.two-dimensional immunoelectrophoresis was utilized to study precipitins in hyperimmune rabbit serum made against chlamydiae and from patients with chlamydial infections. an antigen of triton x-100-solubilized l2/434/bu organisms with an electrophoretic mobility of 0.65 relative to bovine serum albumin at ph 8.6 was excised from the agarose gel of electrophorograms as antigen-antibody complexes and used to immunize rabbits. a monospecific antiserum to antigen 0.65 was obtained that reacted with t ...197551883
letter: growth of chlamydia trachomatis in cell culture. 197656688
effects of poly(1-vinyluracil) and poly(9-vinyladenine) on viral rna-directed dna polymerase.the effects of poly(1-vinyluracil) [poly(vu)] and poly(9-vinyladenine) [poly(va)] on the rna-dependent dna polymerase activity of murine leukemia virus (moloney strain) were studied. vinyl polymers themselves cannot act as templates for the polymerase. however, if a vinyl polymer is added to a polymerase reaction mixture in which a complementary polynucleotide serves as the template, the reaction is inhibited: thus with polyribocytidylic acid as template and oligodeoxyguanylic acid as primer, ne ...197656995
a serial study of pregnancy proteins in primigravidae.the plasma concentrations from four 'pregnancy proteins' and three steroid hormones have been measured throughout pregnancy in 15 primigravidae. two of the proteins, human placental lactogen (hpl) and pregnancy-specific beta1-glycoprotein (psbetag), are specific for pregnancy and correlate well with the stage of gestation. it is suggested that measurement of psbetag may be useful in assessing feto-placental wellbeing. neither of the pregnancy-associated proteins, steriod-binding beta-globulin (s ...197657799
comparison of chlamydia subgroup a detection from clinical specimens after 40 and 64 hours of incubation in 5-iodo-2-deoxyuridine-treated mccoy's cells.the time course of formation of inclusion bodies produced by chlamydia in 5-iodo-2-deoxyuridine (iudr)-treated mccoy's cells was studied with the use of a known isolate of chlamydia trachomatis d/uw-184/ur and 47 frozen clinical urethral specimens previously shown to be either positive or negative for chlamydial inclusions after 3 days of incubation. subsequent examination of 369 clinical specimens from the genitourinary tract over a 6-month period revealed 47 (13%) chlamydia-positive cultures, ...197657968
letter: growth of chlamydia trachomatis in cell culture. 197657430
isolation of chlamydia trachomatis in tissue-culture of human thyroid. 197661387
fetal syphilis in the first trimester.evidenc of first-trimester fetal syphilis was sought in the products of conception in a therapeutic abortion clinic. during two collection periods of one week, five patients with serologic and clinical data consistent with recent syphilitic infection were identified. their conceptuses were carefully examined by silver and immunofluorescent stains for the presence of treponema pallidum. two of these five conceptuses (9 and 10 weeks' gestation) were found to contain t. pallidum by these methods. t ...197656895
[identification of the causative agents of trachoma and paratrachoma by the method of direct immunofluorescence and staining by the romanovskiÄ­-giemsa method]. 197656498
evidence for more than one ia antigenic specificity on molecules determined by the i-a subregion of the mouse major histocompatibility complex.ia antigenic specificities determined by the i-a subregion of the mouse major histocompatibility complex have been examined in strain b10.d2 (h-2d), c57bl/10 (h-2b), and in a (c57bl/6xdba/2) hybrid (bdf1; h-2b/d). detergent solubilized, 3h-leucine-labeled antigen preparations were mixed with appropriate alloantisera and precipitation was induced either by addition of goat anti-mouse gamma-globulin or by addition of protein a-bearing staphylococci. sequential precipitation analysis showed that in ...197655444
anatomical organization of the phasic activity produced by reserpine at the level of the oculomotor system.the organization of the pathways responsible for the transmission of phasic electrical activity at the level of the oculomotor system was studied in the encéphale isolé cat which was injected with reserpine or exhibited spontaneous phases of paradoxical sleep. at the level of the vith nuclei there are both ipsilateral and contralateral connections deriving from each generator. the ipsilateral pathway transmits an "inhibiting" potential eliciting electromyographic inhibition of the ipsilateral re ...197655344
some properties of the polysaccharide from cell cultures infected with tric agent (chlamydia trachomatis).the polysaccharide, elaborated in trachoma-inclusion conjunctivitis (tric) agent inclusions, was isolated from baby hamster kidney (bhk) cells grown and infected in suspension cultures. it was characterized by physical, chemical and enzymic methods as a glycogen with an average chain length of 14 to 16 glucose units.197551905
induced metabolic sequelae of tularemia in the rat: correlation with tissue damage.serum and liver zinc concentration, amino acid uptake by liver, seromucoid content, and alpha2-macrofetoprotein production were measured in vaccinated as well as nonimmune rats exposed to either virulent (schu s4) or attenuated (lvs) strains of francisella tularensi. it appears that liver damage (pyogranulomatous lesions) must occur before there is any alteration in the above variables. the presence of bacteria in the liver is not of itself sufficient to lead to the onset of systemic, induced me ...197551592
isoelectric focusing of chlamydia trachomatis.hela-229 cells and the elementary bodies of chlamydia trachomatis had a net negative electrical surface charge at neutral ph when measured by isoelectric focusing. inclusion-forming and non-inclusion-forming elementary bodies focused in one band at pi 4.64.197944706
abstracts of an international symposium on viral hepatitis, 5-7 april 1979, munich. 197941810
[schiff's test in diagnosis of ophthalmogalprovioses (chlamydioses)]. 197774054
the stimulatory effect of 5ht and the role of the paraventricular nucleus on pms induced ovulation in the immature rat.immature rats can be induced to ovulate with pregnant mare serum (pms) as long as they weigh over 60 g. in the rats weighing less than 60 g 5-hydroxytryptamine (5ht)-60 micrograms/rat intraventricularly or 2 micrograms/rat in the paraventricular nucleus (pvn)-stimulated ovulation. injections into several other hypothalamic nuclei were ineffective. in rats weighing greater than 60 g, lesions of the pvn or injection of 10 micrograms/rat p-chlorophenylalanine into the pvn inhibited ovulation. the h ...197937456
factors affecting the incidence and anti-salmonella activity of the anaerobic caecal flora of the young chick.thirty-two different types of anaerobic bacteria isolated from chickens have been tested for anti-salmonella activity in vitro. under the conditions of the test only bacteroides hypermegas and a bifidobacterium sp. were shown to inhibit the salmonellas and this was attributed to the production of volatile fatty acids (vfa's) coupled with a low ph. when these organisms were tested in newly hatched chicks no inhibition of s. typhimurium occurred. possible explanations for this observation are cons ...197934658
kinetic studies in isolated organs: tools to design analgesic peptides and to analyze their receptor effects.the opioid activities of peptide and non-peptide narcotics were studied in longitudinal muscle strip of guinea pig ileum (gpi) and in mouse vas deferens (mvd). the comparison of agonist activities of peptides found in gpi and mvd offered the opportunity to predict the presence but not the magnitude of potential analgesic activity. the kinetics of the antagonism between naltrexone and different types of agonists were also determined in these systems. using c-6 epimers of naltrexone, it was found ...197933396
chronic effects of oxypertine on the isolated vas deferens of the rat. 197829822
immunologic methods for the identification of cell types. ii. expression of normal mouse mammary epithelial cell antigens in mammary neoplasia.mouse mammary epithelial (mme) cell antigens were cell type-specific and were retained, to a large extent, by mme cells after neoplastic transformation. these mme cell antigens were expressed in mammary tumors of balb/c, c3h, grs/a, riii, and is/bi mice tested and were not expressed in tumors whose normal counterpart was other than mammary tissue. they were not dependent on cell culture conditions or on the presence of murine mammary tumor virus; therefore, they can be used in an ubiquitous cell ...197880454
axoplasmic flow during chronic experimental glaucoma. 1. light and electron microscopic studies of the monkey optic nervehead during development of glaucomatous cupping.the anterior optic nerve and the macular region of the retina of glaucomatous eyes of five rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta) have been examined by light and electron microscopy. the experimental glaucoma had been induced by argon laser treatment of the anterior chamber angle. the eyes were examined 3 to 11 weeks after the onset of sustained elevation of intraocular pressure above 20 mm hg. severe degenerative changes were seen in eyes with higher intraocular pressure and longer duration of glaucom ...197881192
the effect of eating some british snacks upon the ph of human dental plaque. 197828741
beta-adrenergic receptor binding in guinea pig cerebral cortex. 197828171
early diagnosis of crepitant gangrene caused by bacteroides melaninogenicus.a rapid non-invasive test for the presence of b. melaninogenicus in the wounds of crepitant non-clostridial gangrene is described. the wounds are viewed under an ultraviolet light, and the presence of bright red fluorescene indicates the probable presence of b. melaninogenicus.197827832
pharmacological study of chicken airway smooth muscle.isolated chicken bronchus contracts to carbachol, pgf2alpha, histamine, 5-ht, bradykinin and phenylephrine. the bronchial strips from the horse plasma sensitized domestic fowl contracted to specific sensitizing antigen in vitro (schultz-dale anaphylactic reaction) and were 5 to 10 fold more reactive to pgf2alpha, histamine and 5-ht compared with the bronchi from normal chickens. second antigen challenge was inactive or produced a weak response (desensitization). allowing the bronchi to rest for ...197827609
diisopropylfluorophosphate-evoked inhibition of anaphylactic histamine release from human skin: decrease of the inhibition by storing the skin specimens.antigen-induced histamine release from human skin slices passively sensitized with reaginic serum in vitro was inhibited by dfp, suggesting involvement of serine esterase activation in the reaction. the magnitude of dfp-evoked inhibition of the histamine release was not the same in each skin sample and no correlationship was observed between the magnitude of the dfp-evoked inhibition of the histamine release and that of the histamine release in the absence of dfp. the magnitude of the histamine ...197984487
the effects of acridine orange on deoxyribonucleic acid in escherichia coli.1. acridine orange inhibits growth of escherichia coli k12 when incubated at ph 7.9, but not at ph 7.4.2. at a non-permissive temperature for dna polymerase i, acridine orange inhibits growth of a temperature-sensitive strain and also increases the rate of elimination of the f'-lac plasmid. 3. dna isolated from cells treated with acridine orange under conditions that inhibit growth contains material of low molecular weight, which is absent from dna isolated from cells treated under conditions in ...197827167
the effect of mixed phosphatidylcholine liposomes on beef heart cytochrome c oxidase [proceedings]. 197884573
tryptic digestion of immobilized d-amino acid oxidase. 197825787
staining of legionella pneumophila. 197985128
cellular and humoral immunity in viral hepatitis.cellular and humoral immunity combine to determine the outcome following exposure to hepatitis virus and are implicated in the proposed pathogenetic mechanism for acute and chronic hepatitis. although antibody to hbsag is found in virtually all following recovery from hepatitis b, a cell-mediated response to hbsag can be detected in most patients during the acute phase, and it has been suggested that this may cause the acute hepatic damage by an attack on virus-infected cells. patients who have ...197685410
subarachnoid space of the cns, nasal mucosa, and lymphatic system.we have briefly reviewed the literature pertaining to the movement of tracer molecules and infectious organisms within the olfactory nerve. there is a body of evidence indicating that tracers placed in the csf will quickly move via the olfactory nerve to the nasal mucosa and then to the cervical lymph nodes. organic and inorganic tracer materials and organisms as diverse as viruses, a bacillus, and an amoeba, when placed in the nasal cavity, have been shown to move from the nasal mucosa via the ...197985446
evidence for two forms of rna-dependent dna polymerase in visna virus.the visna viral rna-dependent dna polymerase has been resolved into two forms by affinity chromatography. glycerine gradient centrifugation of the two forms showed that one form sedimented at 6.9 s corresponding to an apparent molecular weight of 135 000 and the other at 6.3 s corresponding to 118 000. sodium dodecyl sulfate (sds)-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the two forms indicated that the 6.9 s enzyme is composed of 2 molecules of 68 000 mol. wt. chain and the 6.3 s is a single chain ...197985464
isolation of a nucleocapsid polypeptide of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 possessing immunologically type-specific and cross-reactive determinants.a polypeptide (p40) of approximately 40,000 molecular weight was isolated from herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 nucleocapsids by gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography. this protein appears to be the same as protein 22a described previously (gibson and roizman, j. virol. 10:1044--1052, 1972). competition immunoassays were developed by using purified p40 and antisera prepared in guinea pigs. the assays indicated that the p40's from herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 possess both type-spe ...197985720
in vitro testosterone synthesis by testicular tissue of old mouse: the metabolism of 3beta-hydroxy-5-ene steroids. 197718359
acute bacteremia in asplenic renal transplant patients.four cases of overwhelming bacteremia were observed in asplenic renal transplant patients 12 to 20 months after transplantation. the bacteriologic findings and presentation of these infections are characteristic of post-splenectomy sepsis reported in nontransplant patients. it is suggested that the absence of the spleen, more than immunosuppression with azathioprine and prednisone, predisposes to these late, uncommon infections after transplantation.197716144
hormonal control of zinc uptake and binding in the rat dorsolateral prostate.the zinc uptake in the dorsolateral prostate of rats was studied after different hormonal manipulations. orchiectomy reduced the uptake of 65zn. administration of estradiol benzoate to orchiectomized rats doubled the 65zn uptake, a phenomenon which was not observed in orchiectomized-adrenalectomized rats. adrenalectomy in orchiectomized rats had no effect on the concentration of radioactivity beyond the castration-induced decrease. a prolactin release inhibitor, 6-methyl-8-erogelenylacetamide, r ...197715955
the isolated human cortex. a golgi analysis of krabbe's disease.the clinical course of a child with krabbe's leukodystrophy was characterized by clinical seizures, startle myoclonus, and paroxysmal activity recorded by eeg. at autopsy in the fourth year, myelinated subcortical axons were destroyed, virtually completely. despite isolation from major subcortical and interhemispheric connections, the cell and fiber pattern of the cortex appeared remarkably normal in routine histologic preparations. the normal range of pyramidal and stellate interneurons were al ...197986346
low dose lithium-carbimazole in the treatment of thyrotoxicosis.fifteen patients with thyrotoxicosis were treated with low dose sustained release lithium carbonate 400 mg, combined with carbimazole 40 mg daily, and the therapeutic response was followed over a two week period. this response was compared with that obtained in a similar group of patient treated with carbimazole alone. li-carbimazole treatment brought about a fall in the mean total serum t4 of 57.4% compared with a drop of 32.8% in patients treated with carbimazole alone. the mean serum t3 fell ...197886350
normal immunosuppressive protein inhibition of human and murine lymphoblastoid cell line proliferation.normal immunosuppressive protein, prepared from human plasma by deae-cellulose chromatography, inhibits dna synthesis in human cell lines of lymphocytes of both t and b origin. it also inhibits [3h]thymidine incorporation in mouse cell lines. normal immunosuppressive protein was able to inhibit the proliferation of these cells, although they were already transformed and had a high rate of dna synthesis. on the other hand, it does not inhibit myeloid cells or fibroblasts.197986450
purification and characterization of a plasminogen activator secreted by cultured human pancreatic carcinoma cells.a plasminogen activator secreted by cultured human pancreatic carcinoma (mia paca-2) cells has been purified to apparent homogeneity by procedures including sepharose-l-arginine methyl ester affinity chromatography, sephadex g-200 gel filtration, isoelectric focusing, and sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis. the plasminogen activator shares many properties with urokinase including: molecular weight (55 000), isoelectric point (8.7), heat stability (60 degrees c, 30 min), ph stability (1.5 ...197715590
moloney lymphoma cells express a polyprotein containing the gag gene-coded p15 and the moloney leukemia virus-induced cell surface antigen (mcsa).the relationship between mcsa and the viral structural proteins in yac moloney lymphoma cells was further investigated by using membrane immunofluorescence and immunoadsorbent columns. as previously observed, mcsa showed only minimal capping and thereby differed in behaviour from gp70, p30 and p12 virion antigens. whereas antibody-induced capping of gp70 did not change the membrane distribution of mcsa, co-capping was observed between mcsa and p30 and p12 gag protein antigens. this indicated tha ...197986525
prostacyclin: a solution to some problems of extracorporeal circulation. experiments in cardiopulmonary-bypass experiments in greyhounds the effects of adding prostacyclin, prostacyclin plus heparin, and heparin alone to the extracorporeal circulation were compared. with heparin alone platelet count and function were reduced, the pressure differential across the arterial filters rose, platelet deposits were found on the arterial filters, and plasma-fibrinogen levels fell. plasma from these dogs was toxic to fetal-mouse hearts in culture. with prostacyclin alone, fibrinogen level ...197986720
inclusion bodies in paneth cells. 197986743
[significance of serum digoxin concentration and its influencing factors].in recent years it has become possible by means of a radioimmunoassay to measure digoxin concentration in the serum of digitalized patients. with this method it could be shown that the resorption of digoxin is decreased by partial resection of the samll intestines, by malabsorption syndromes, after ingestion of neomycin, colestyramine and antacids. in renal insufficiency, however, the elimination half-life period of digoxin is increased conspiciously (from about 35 hours up to about 120 hours). ...197661153
antigenic variation in three distinct determinants of an influenza type a haemagglutinin molecule. 197986955
differential response of chlamydial and ureaplasma-associated urethritis to sulphafurazole (sulfisoxazole) and aminocyclitols.91 men with non-gonococcal urethritis (n.g.u.) were randomly treated with either sulphafurazole (sulfisoxazole), 500 mg orally q.i.d. for 10 days, or an aminocyclitol (streptomycin or spectinomycin), 2 g intramuscularity for 1 to 3 doses at 12 h intervals. initial urethral cultures were positive for chlamydia trachomatis (c) in 36 (40%). ureaplasma urealyticum (u) was isolated from the urethra or urine from20 (95%) of 21 white men in a first episode of n.g.u. who had negative chlamydia cultures. ...197663748
[the effect of increased intracranial pressure and subarachnoid hemorrhage on the sympathetic vasoconstrictor nerve activity (author's transl)]. 197664942
purification of a chlamydia trachomatis-specific antigen by immunoadsorption with monospecific antibody.this study describes the isolation and partial characterization of a chlamydia trachomatis specific antigen. a species-specific antigen of c. trachomatis (antigen-0.65) was identified by two-dimensional immunoelectrophoresis. antiserum specific for antigen-0.65 was prepared in rabbits by immunizing with agarose-gel precipitates excised from two-dimensional immunoelectrophorograms. purified gamma-globulins from antigen-0.65 specific serum were coupled to the n-hydroxysuccinimide ester derivative ...197765424
lipid-modified antigens. i. specificity of guinea pig t lymphocyte responses and i-region restriction. 197987434
colonic involvement in salmonellosis. 197765685
chlamydia trachomatis and the respiratory tract. 197766577
thymic control of secretory antibody responses in the rat.the effect of neonatal thymectomy on salivary and serum antibody responses was studied in rats. local immunization of thymectomized rats with a t-dependent antigen (dnpbgg) elicited negligible amounts of iga anti-dnp antibody in saliva. in contrast, both normal and sham-thymectomized animals demonstrated substantial levels of salivary iga antibody. all thymectomized rats locally injected with a t-independent antigen (dnp-lys-ficoll) exhibited salivary iga antibody production. salivary igg antibo ...197987472
aetiology of acute epididymitis.24 patients with acute epididymitis were examined and underwent urethral and urine cultures for neisseria gonorrhoeae, ureaplasma urealyticum, herpes-simplex virus, chlamydia trachomatis, cytomegalovirus, and gram-negative aerobic bacteria. the results suggest that in young men the sexually transmitted organisms which cause urethritis (n. gonorrhoeae, c. trachomatis, and possibly u. urealyticum) may also lead to acute epididymitis, whereas in older men coliforms and pseudomonas are the predomina ...197767333
limited immunodeficiency. 197887559
mitochondrial atpase of zajdela hepatoma. v. mitochondria of zajdela hepatoma contain membrane sectors of atpase complex unassociated with f1.relative content of membrane sectors of atpase complex in rat liver and zajdela hepatoma mitochondria and the ability of mitochondrial membrane of the two sources to bind isolated soluble (f1) atpase were examined. approximately equal concentrations of oligomycin were required for 50% inhibition of atpase activity in submitochondrial particles of rat liver and zajdela hepatoma indicating practically identical content of membrane sectors of atpase complex in both types of mitochondria. as detecte ...197888020
early detection of chlamydial inclusions combining the use of cycloheximide-treated mccoy cells and immunofluorescence staining.detection of chlamydia trachomatis inclusions only 21 h after a specimen reaches the laboratory has been achieved by the combined use of cycloheximide-treated mccoy cells and immunofluorescence staining. moreover, cells exposed to cycloheximide were more sensitive for detecting chlamydial inclusions than those pretreated by irradiation, since larger numbers of inclusions were found in the former cells. the application of this rapid and sensitive method allows a diagnosis of chlamydial infection ...197771306
chlamydia trachomatis infection and veneral disease.chlamydia trachomatis was isolated by the irradiated mccoy cell technique from 44 out of 103 men with non-gonorrhoeic urethritis and from 11 out of 15 patients with post-gonococcal urethritis. in women attending the venereal diseases clinics, chlamydial infection was observed in 49 out of 130 patients (38%), an infection incidence of the same order of magnitude as the one noted for gonococcal infection (40%). in 19% both infections occurred simultaneously. treatment with tetracycline eliminated ...197773314
evidence for antigenic variation in influenza a nucleoprotein. 197988124
treatment of chlamydia trachomatis infections. 197874613
ethical considerations in cancer chemotherapy.cancer treatment has improved dramatically in the recent past. as a consequence, the range of choices has been greatly broadened. with a much larger range of choices and a larger range of treatment disciplines available, decisions regarding treatment create major ethical burdens for the physician and for the patient. the participation of the patient in such choices improves the ethical posture of the therapist, whenever that is possible, and also improves the probability that the best treatment ...197988204
4th international workshop on human gene mapping. report of the committee on the genetic constitution of the x and y chromosomes. 197888299
automatic recognition of inter-ictal epileptic activity in prolonged eeg recordings.a method of automatic recognition and quantification of inter-ictal epileptic activity in the human eeg had previously been developed and tested using short recordings from awake subjects. this paper describes the adaptation of the method for use during overnight recordings in free-moving unattended patients, in combination with the already existing seizure monitoring system. eeg s were recorded from scalp and sphenoidal electrodes, using cable telemetry and a pdp-12 computer. the spike and shar ...197988339
antichlamydial antibody in genital exudates of men and women with non-gonococcal genital infections. 197876057
chlamydia trachomatis urethritis in men attending a venereal disease clinic: a culture and therapeutic study.urethral specimens from 459 male patients attending a venereal disease clinic were studied for presence of chlamydia trachomatis and neisseria gonorrhoeae. of the 459 patients, 362 had symptoms suggestive of urethritis. in these 362, gonorrhoea was diagnosed in 78 (22%), while 88 (24%) harboured c. trachomatis; 15 harboured both organisms. of those patients from whom c. trachomatis was isolated, 17% had no subjective symptoms of urethritis; the same percentage of symptomless carriers of gonococc ...197876400
separation and partial characterization of a type-specific antigen from chlamydia trachomatis.type-specific antigens of chlamydia trachomatis have been demonstrated by the mouse toxicity prevention test and a variety of immunofluorescent techniques. in addition, biologic activity has been associated with these antigens in terms of type-specific immunity to trachoma infections. this report is the first to describe the detection of a soluble type-specific antigen of c. trachomatis and its separation from those antigens that cross-react among different immunotypes. test antigens were prepar ...197878941
(exo, exo)-2-aryltropane-3-carboxylic esters, hypoglycemic agents with accompanying analgesic activity.(exo, exo)-2-aryltropane-3-carboxylic esters of types 6, 7, and 10 lower circulating blood glucose levels by 60--80%. this activity is accompanied by an analgesic activity roughly equal to that of codeine. both of these activities reside in the 1r enantiomer and extensive structure-activity studies failed to separate them. the specific opioid antagonist nalorphine blocks the analgesic activity but does not diminish the hypoglycemic action. conformational integrity afforded by the ethylene bridge ...197831482
antibodies against chlamydia of lymphogranuloma-venereum type in crohn's disease.antibodies against chlamydia of lymphogranuloma-venereum type were detected by the micro-immunofluorescence technique in 38 (69%) of 55 patients with crohn's disease. weak positive reactions were seen in only 2 or 21 patients with other gastrointestinal disorders and 1 of 50 healthy blood-donors.197983465
isolation of a type-specific antigen from chlamydia trachomatis by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.this report describes the isolation of a type-specific antigen of a serotype a strain of chlamydia trachomatis. the antigen could be identified in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide electrophoretic (sds-page) analysis of immunoprecipitates of homologously reacted lysates from bolton-hunter 125i-labeled elementary bodies, solubilized by sonication and treatment with nonidet p40. the electrophoretic pattern of this precipitate revealed a peak of unique mobility that was not reproduced by hetero ...197984016
growth-stimulating factor in regenerating canine liver.extracts from dog livers which had been regenerating for 24, 48, and 72 h after hepatectomy were infused for 6 h into the left portal vein of animals which had fresh portacaval shunts (eck fistula) and which were killed 2 and 3 days later. the brief exposure to the 48-h and especially the 72-h regenerating liver extracts induced a delayed proliferative response predominantly in the left liver lobes, with a slight spillover effect to the right liver lobes but none to the kidney. the response reac ...197984151
update: drugs in breast milk.drugs found in a woman's blood can be detected in her milk. the concentration in milk depends on the amount of drug in maternal blood, its lipid solubility and degree of ionization, whether it is actively secreted into the milk, and status of maternal renal function. alcohol concentration in the mother's milk is generally about equal to that in her blood; it is not known however, how large a daily dose can be tolerated by an infant. anticoagulants may or may not appear in breast milk. no sig ...197984332
remote-site stimulation of secretory iga antibodies following bronchial and gastric stimulation. 197884519
chronic cryptic q-fever infection of the heart.evidence of chronic coxiella burneti infection of the heart, a disease previously considered peculiar to patients with valvular heart-disease, was found in a patient during routine serological tests before resection of a ventricular aneurysm and also by isolation of the rickettsia from the resected tissue. the patient had no symptoms or signs of q-fever endocarditis and none of the laboratory evidence usually associated with it.197988607
[partial monosomy 21 in familial cystic fibrosis and ectodermal dysmorphias]. 197988707
the influence of cyclic nucleotides on histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells [proceedings]. 197988893
a simple and sensitive method for the quantitative estimation of collagen. 197988913
systemic hyalinosis (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis). ultrastructure of the hyaline with particular reference to the cross-banded structure.systematic hyalinosis (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis) is characterized by hyalinized skin lesions. electron microscopic examination of a hyalinized skin tumor from a 19-year-old man with this syndrome revealed that the hyaline was composed of ruthenium red-positive ultrastructures (granules, filaments, and a kind of cross-banded structure), indicating the presence of glycosamino-glycan or glycoprotein, and a small number of thin collagen fibrils. using a new ruthenium red staining method combine ...197988923
membraneous and cytosolic cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterases in beef aorta: substrate specificity, endogenous inhibition and activation [proceedings]. 197884582
preparative isolation of the cell receptor for immunoglobulin e. 197989114
epstein-barr virus infections in the x-linked recessive lymphoproliferative syndrome.prospective studies demonstrated variable phenotypic expression of the x-linked recessive lymphoproliferative syndrome (x.l.r.l.s.) in three brothers: (1) hypogammaglobulinaemia and subclinical epstein-barr-virus (e.b.v.) infection with antibody response to e.b.v.; (2) e.b.v. infection with defective immune response to e.b.v., fatal infectious mononucleosis (i.m.), and immunoblastic lymphoma; and (3) histiocytic lymphoma. hypogammaglobulinaemia and measles pneumonitis had preceded infection with ...197885816
prospective study of chlamydial infection in neonates.chlamydia trachomatis was recovered from the cervices of 4% (36/900) of pregnant women tested. 20 infants born through chlamydia-infected cervices were followed up for a year, as were 18 infants born to chlamydia-negative mothers. a statistically significant excess of conjunctivitis and pneumonia was found in infants exposed to chlamydia. the attack-rate for inclusion conjunctivitis was 35% (7/20) and for chlamydial pneumonia it was 20% (4/20). chlamydiae were recovered from 10 of the 20 (50%) e ...197989446
failure to isolate a transmissible agent from the bone-marrow of patients with multiple sclerosis. 197989469
is trachoma an ocular component of a more generalised chlamydial infection?in industrialised countries, inclusion conjunctivitis of the newborn is now known to be just one manifestation of a more generalised infection with chlamydia trachomatis. pneumonia and enteric infection can develop in perinatally infected infants. it is possible that trachoma in developing countries may reflect extraocular infection that may contribute to the high frequency of pneumonia and diarrhoea in infants in these countries. if true, this would explain the short-term effects of topical tre ...197985939
identification of gallbladder typhoid carriers by a string device.the efficiency of a gelatin capsule containing a nylon string for collection of duodenal specimens was investigated in carriers of salmonella typhosa (typhi). cultures of duodenal specimens obtained by means of the string capsule were compared with cultures of duodenal specimens obtained by a conventional duodenal tube and with stool cultures duodenal contents obtained with either the string or tube were more often positive for s. typhosa than were stool cultures. the string, which is as efficie ...197986040
immunogenetics of the mcb1 macroglobulin allotype in cattle.the paper describes a cattle serum antigen (mcb1) which is controlled by a dominant gene (mcb1), independent from those controlling the two macroglobulin markers mca1 and mca2 as well as from that controlling the low-density lipoprotein marker ld1a1. mcb1 is located on a high-molecular-weight serum protein which, very likely, is an alpha2-macroglobulin.197986518
[phospholipids and blood coagulation].after a simplified survey of the chemistry of phospholipids (pl) their presence in the lipid part of thromboplastin is dealt with, the significance of this structure being stressed. in addition, the condition, mode of action and synthesis of pl in blood platelets are extensively discussed and the impact of the composition of thrombocytic pl in the membrane and granular fraction by plasma lipid substances is referred to. the relations between single forms of pl and those proteins activating coagu ...197989981
erythromycin and lymecycline treatment in chlamydia-positive and chlamydia-negative non-gonococcal urethritis--a partner-controlled study.a group of 213 men with non-gonococcal urethritis and their sexual partners were treated either with erythromycin stearate 500 mgx2 for 15 days or with lymecycline 300 mgx2 for 10 or 20 days. chlamydia trachomatis was isolated from 40% of the men, from 26% of their female partners and from 56% of the partners of men with chlamydia-positive urethritis. one hundred and eighty-one men were available for evaluation of therapy. there were no significant differences between the treatment schedules. th ...197987096
involvement of host fc receptors in antibody-mediated cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity reactions.cutaneous basophil hypersensitivity (cbh) reactions are heterogeneous delayed time course basophil-rich responses that can be mediated by either t cells, b cells, or serum antibodies. the current study examined the mechanism by which antibodies mediate cbh in guinea pigs. fc competition experiments were constructed by passively transferring mixtures of anti-klh serum and normal heterologous gamma-globulins. it was found that rabbit igg and its isolated and purified fc fragment [but not the (fab' ...197990094
histological and histochemical changes of the skeletal muscle in human chronic chagas' disease.gastrocnemius muscle biopsies were performed in 7 subjects with chronic chagas' disease. on clinical and laboratory grounds the selected patients were judged to be healthy, being the only abnormality found the presence of positive serum tests for chagas' disease. fibre type grouping of either type i or type ii was observed in 5 of the 7 patients. furthermore, in 2 of the 5 patients showing muscle fibre groupings, angular fibres reacting with nadh and non-specific sterase were also found. these o ...197887186
[value of the method of quantitative bacterial counts for etiological diagnosis of pneumonia]. 197990194
the fine specificity of regulatory t cells. i. hen egg-white lysozyme-induced suppressor t cells in a genetically nonresponder mouse strain do not recognize a closely related immunogenic lysozyme. 197987419
the intra-nucleolar localization of amplified rdna in xenopus laevis oocytes.a fluorescent feulgen-stain was adapted in order to demonstrate dna-containing structures inside the amplified nucleoli of xenopus laevis. at all stages of oogenesis this method reveals granules or complex structures of dna in each nucleolus. the micronucleoli which do not stain with this method and which do not reveal an internal structure in low molarity saline, unlike real nucleoli are considered as nucleolus-like bodies. the dna-containing structures in the nucleoli can be composed of one or ...197990588
identification of malondialdehyde as the tba-reactant formed by bleomycin-iron free radical damage to dna. 197990623
mechanisms of mouse mast cell activation and inactivation for ige-mediated histamine release.the ige-mediated histamine release from mouse mast cells requires ca++, is optimal at 37 degrees c, and is enhanced by phosphatidylserine. the rate of release is relatively slow. the mast cells can be activated to release histamine by either anti-ige or anti-fab antibodies and, in the case of cells from sensitized mice, by the immunizing antigen. the incubation of mast cells with antigen in the absence of ca++ or phosphatidylserine fails to release histamine. such cells are desensitized to the f ...197987441
receptor cross-linking and histamine release. ii. interpretation and analysis of anomalous dose response patterns. 197987458
procaine-induced seizures in epileptic monkeys with bilateral hippocampal foci.intravenous procaine hcl given at low doses (0.5-2.5 mg/kg) to two monkeys with bilateral alumina hippocampal foci depressed interictal spiking or had little effect. at 5.0 mg/kg unilateral limbic activation occurred. at 10.0 mg/kg unilateral or bilateral limbic activation and generalized seizures could be evoked within 3-10 min. at higher doses (15 and 20 mg/kg) bilateral limbic activation or brief (one min) generalized seizures occurred. the unilateral-onset psychomotor seizures were not ident ...197991502
spontaneous histamine secretion from leukocytes in the presence of strontium.basophil leukocytes from human blood secrete histamine in the absence of a membrane stimulus when incubated in a medium containing sr++, 1 to 10 mm. spontaneous histamine secretion in the presence of sr++ is inhibited by la+++, 1 to 1000 nm and 2 deoxy-d-glucose, 30 to 300 microm. spontaneous secretion in the presence of sr++ increases with increasing ph in the range 6.5 to 8.5. agents which cause a rise of intracellular cyclic amp level increase the spontaneous secretion in 194th presence of sr ...197987513
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