some biological properties of an endotoxic lipopolysaccharide from the typhus group rickettsiae.a lipophilic thermostable lipopolysaccharide (lps) complex was isolated by phenol extraction from purified suspensions of the typhus group rickettsiae. the lps complex is antigenic and possesses some endotoxic properties such as toxicity for actinomycin d-treated mice, pyrogenicity for rabbits and guinea pigs, ability to elicit hypothermia in white rats and local schwartzman reaction and active cutaneous anaphylaxis in rabbits.197722240
seroepidemiological investigations in domestic ruminants from egypt, somalia and jordan for the demonstration of complement fixing antibodies against rickettsia and chlamydia (author's transl).1450 random serum samples of domestic ruminants from egypt, somalia and jordan were investigated for complement fixing antibodies against rickettsia and chlamydia. between 1.5 and 3.4% of the samples from the animals investigated had antibodies against the rmsf-group of rickettsia, with exception of the sera from somalian cattle and sheep from jordan. antibodies against rickettsia of the typhus-group were found in 4 cattle and 1 goat from jordan and 2 sheep from egypt; by agglutination test with ...197828651
the soluble antigens of rickettsia prowazeki, r. typhi and r. canada. investigation of their interrelationship by various serological methods.the purpose of this research is the isolation of an eventual species-specific fraction from the "soluble antigen" of rickettsiae. the "soluble antigen" of r. prowazeki (breinl strain), r. typhi (wilmington strain) and r. canada were purified at 25% saturation with ammonium sulphate (psa). corresponding antisera were produced in rabbits. the serological methods used were the complement fixation, the micro-agglutination, the precipitation method in capillary tubes and the immuno-diffusion method c ...197552235
characterization of the madrid e strain of rickettsia prowazekii purified by renografin density gradient centrifugation.the avirulent madrid e strain of rickettsia prowazekii cultivated in chicken yolk sacs could be purified successfully with a renografin density gradient method developed previously for rickettsia typhi. recovery during purification, viability, and lack of contamination with host cell components were similar for the two species, although yields of r. prowazekii per yolk sac were lower. purified typhus rickettsiae provided satisfactory antigens in the complement fixation, ouchterlony double-diffus ...197764456
electrophoretic changes in serum transferrin and gammaglobulins following rickettsia mooseri infection in cyclophosphamide treated mice. 197883756
expression in escherichia coli of chemically synthesized genes for human insulin.synthetic genes for human insulin a and b chains were cloned separately in plasmid pbr322. the cloned synthetic genes were then fused to an escherichia coli beta-galactosidase gene to provide efficient transcription and translation and a stable precursor protein. the insulin peptides were cleaved from beta-galactosidase, detected by radioimmunoassay, and purified. complete purification of the a chain and partial purification of the b chain were achieved. these products were mixed, reduced, and r ...197985300
anaphylatoxin-induced shock and two patterns of anaphylactic shock: hemodynamics and the dog, different cardiorespiratory reactions were identified in two types of anaphylactic shock and in c5a-at (anaphylatoxin)-induced shock. all three types had in common a portal blood pooling with consequent decrease in the venous return, cardiac output, and arterial pressure. in anaphylaxis (a) of the first type, at a low titer of hemagglutinating antibodies, the latent period was 68 s and heart and lung function was unchanged. in the second type, at high titer, the latency was 19 s and ...197988165
the influenza virus: antigenic composition and immune response.the architecture and chemical composition of the influenza virus particle is described with particular reference to the protein constituents and their genetic control. the dominant role in infection of the surface proteins - haemagglutinins and neuraminidases - acting as antigens and undergoing variation in time known as antigenic drift and shift is explained. the immuno-diffusion technique has illuminated the interrelationships of the haemagglutinins of influenza a viruses recovered over long p ...197988726
systemic hyalinosis (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis). ultrastructure of the hyaline with particular reference to the cross-banded structure.systematic hyalinosis (juvenile hyaline fibromatosis) is characterized by hyalinized skin lesions. electron microscopic examination of a hyalinized skin tumor from a 19-year-old man with this syndrome revealed that the hyaline was composed of ruthenium red-positive ultrastructures (granules, filaments, and a kind of cross-banded structure), indicating the presence of glycosamino-glycan or glycoprotein, and a small number of thin collagen fibrils. using a new ruthenium red staining method combine ...197988923
in-phase brain activities during arousal and sleep.eeg of sensorimotor area, emg of neck muscles and unit activity in lateral geniculate (lg) nucleus, recorded in freely moving cats, were analysed for the presence of correlations between them. the 3 activities were first integrated with a 2 sec time constant, then a correlation coefficient was assessed between time-linked points of the 3 records for periods of 40 sec. the average vlaues of the correlation coefficients were found to increase from arousal through slow synchronized sleep (s sleep), ...197989948
mycoplasma pneumonia presenting as meningoencephalitis and hemolytic anemia.simultaneous occurrence of cold agglutinin hemolytic anemia and central nervous system disease due to mycoplasma pneumonia is extremely rare. a patient is described who initially presented with severe hemolysis and diffuse neurologic dysfunction which appeared during the period of roentgenographic resolution of her pneumonia. spectrum, pathogenesis, and antimicrobial treatment of the neurologic complications are reviewed.197994244
[the mechanism of transcription in procaryotes and eucaryotes (author's transl)]. 197994670
biochemical effects of the modification of nucleic acids by certain polycyclic aromatic carcinogens. 197995052
effect on rats and mice of a diet with low tryptophan content (maize flour).female wistar rats when crowded together become aggressive if fed a diet with low tryptophan (trp) content (maize, flour, mf). when isolated during 30 days and fed mf they show a decrease of weight, of total plasma trp, and of trp and 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-ht) in brain stem, but 5-hydroxyindolacetic acid (5-hiaa) of the same cerebral area does not change. these results partially agree with other authors observations. mice isolated during 47 days and fed with mf do not show any significant weigh ...197995611
energy metabolism of rickettsia typhi: pools of adenine nucleotides and energy charge in the presence and absence of glutamate.the obligate intracellular bacterium rickettsia typhi was examined for its ability to generate and maintain an adenylate energy charge in an extracellular environment. freshly purified organisms were incubated, at 34 degrees c and ph 7.4, with or without glutamate and various other metabolites, and the levels of atp, adp, and amp were determined. of the metabolites tested, glutamate and glutamine were the most effective for the generation of atp. in the presence of glutamate, there was a rapid i ...197896104
[the effects of testosterone and estradiol on the activity of lysosomal enzymes in rat liver and kidneys].in in vitro tests with lysosomes isolated from the liver and kidneys of castrated rats of both sexes the action of testosterone and beta-estradiol in concentrations of 3.76.10(-4)m on the activity of beta-glucosidase, beta-galactosidase and acid phosphatase was investigated. testosterone is shown to reduce the total and free activity of the membrane-bound enzymes and to increase the release from the matrix lysosomes. estradiol proved less active than is testosteron. the renal lysosomes in vitro ...197897095
[the effect of various antibiotics on the formation of typhus antibodies following immunization with typhus vaccine].it was shown that administration in the course of one week, before or after a single use of killed or chemical typhoid vaccine of dibiomycin, biomycin, or biomycin in combination with erythromycin in comparatively high doses produced no negative effect of the production of typhus antibodies and the intensity of antitoxic immunity in albino mice. the same antibiotics failed to influence the antibody formation in guinea pigs if they produced no toxic effect on the animals; but in case of developme ...197897881
effect of surgical stress on serum thyroid hormones in hyperthyroidism.the effect of elective non-thyroidal surgery on serum total and free triiodothyronine (t3), reverse t3 and thyroxine (t4) has been studied in one patient with mild, untreated typical hyperthyroidism, one with mild t3 toxicosis and in four euthyroid patients. the high t3 level of typical hyperthyroidism became normal post-operatively, decreasing to 47% of the mean pre-operative level 24 hours after surgery, while total reverse t3 doubled. in euthyroid subjects t3 decreased to 57 +/- 6 (sem)% of t ...197898141
a study on the relationship dose-effect in case of gamma-irradiation on leptospira. 197798416
antigenic relationships between the typhus and spotted fever groups of rickettsiae.paired sera from cases of epidemic typhus in ethiopia and from probable cases of rocky mountain spotted fever (rmsf) in the united states were examined by microagglutination (ma) and microimmunofluorescence (micro-if) tests for antibodies against rickettsia prowazekii, rickettsia typhi, rickettsia canada, rickettsia rickettsii, rickettsia conorii and ricksettsia akari. igg and igm antibodies against the various rickettsiae were titrated with specific fluorescein-conjugated anti-igg and anti-igm ...197899029
mechanisms of immunity in typhus infection: some characteristics of rickettsia mooseri infection of guinea pigs.rickettsia mooseri infection has been studied in syngeneic guinea pigs inoculated intradermally with the objective of developing a model for the study of immune mechanisms. characterization of infection included the following: a study of replication, dissemination, and clearance of rickettsiae; measurement of the antibody response with different rickettsial antigens and tests; and attempts to measure the cell-mediated immune response using the correlate of delayed-type hypersensitivity skin reac ...197899367
an apparent outbreak of rickettsial illness in costa rica, 1974.a focal outbreak of highly fatal disease occurred in eastern costa rica in 1974. no rickettsial spotted fevers have previously been reported in costa rica. nevertheless, the available evidence points to an unidentified rickettsial pathogen, probably of the spotted fever group, as the agent responsible for this outbreak.1978100162
guinea pig immunoglobulin light chain isotypes. i. separation of kappa and lambda chains and the identification of three isotypes of the lambda chain constant homology region.the separation of intact kappa chain and two fragments comprising lambda (lambda) chain from immunoglobulin light chain pools isolated from strain 13 guinea pigs is achieved by cyanogen bromide digestion and gel filtration before and after reductive clevage of disulfide bonds. the smaller lambda chain fragment derives from the original carboxyl-terminus of lambda chain. the partial sequence of component tryptic and thermolytic peptides of this thirty-nine residue fragment allowed its complete se ...1978103729
synthesis of factors d, b and p of the alternative pathway of complement activation, as well as of c3, by guinea-pig peritoneal macrophages in vitro. 1978104925
growth of rickettsia typhi in irradiated l cells enhanced by lysosomal stabilization.the growth of some obligate intracellular parasites is contingent upon avoidance of lysosomal activation during growth in their host cells. this is accomplished by the various parasites by different mechanisms and with different degrees of efficiency. the possibility was tested that the lysosomal stabilizer cortisone acetate might protect and thus enhance the growth of rickettsia typhi in mouse l cells irradiated 6 days earlier. beginning 2 days before infection of the l cells with a multiplicit ...1979106007
isolation of listeria monocytogenes from animals in the sudan. 1979107996
mechanisms of immunity in typhus infection: adoptive transfer of immunity to rickettsia mooseri.when nonimmune guinea pigs are inoculated intradermally (i.d.) with rickettsia mooseri (r. typhi), the rickettsiae replicate at the site of inoculation, leading to the development of a grossly observable lesion. in contrast, guinea pigs which have recovered from r. mooseri infection are resistant to challenge and prevent both rickettsial growth and the formation of lesions. to study the mechanisms of this immunity, sera or splenic cells collected from nonimmune or immune guinea pigs were inocula ...1979110699
isolation and characterization of recombinant dna plasmids carrying drosophila trna genes.recombinant plasmids carrying drosophila melanogaster trna genes were constructed by ligation of hindiii-cleaved drosophila dna to hindiii cut pbr322 dna. 90 clones were isolated that contained genes for one or more of eleven trnas. 43 of the plasmids were characterized by a number of methods: restriction nuclease digestion; agarose gel electrophoresis; hybridization with individual, purified, 125i-labelled drosophila trna molecules and in situ hybridization to drosophila chromosomes. the result ...1979118082
on the life cycle of theileria velifera (uilenberg, 1964) in the gut and the haemolymph of the tick vector amblyomma variegatum (fabriciu, 1794).the development of theileria velifera in the gut and the haemolymph of the tick vector amblyomma variegatum is described. between days three and eight after repletion various sexual stages are present in the gut of the nymphs. zygotes were detected in the gut on day 14, while undifferentiated kinetes first appeared on day 15. in the haemolymph, differentiated kinetes were observed from day 16 after repletion onwards. zygotes and kinetes were also found after the moult, in the adult tick, for a p ...1979120627
[lipopolysaccharides of rickettsiaceae and the limulus endotoxin assay].the a.a. have examined by limulus endotoxin assay some lps preparations from r. typhi, r. slovaka, c. burnetti phase i and ii, as a demonstration of endotoxicity. all the preparations tested were able to gel the limulus amoebocyte lysates, even if to a different degree of reactivity. the results add credibility to the hypothesis that lps from rickettsiaceae can represent at least in part the pathogenetic mediators of some manifestations described in rickettsiosis; however, without endotoxin assa ...1979121982
the manufacture of moulded supportive seating for the handicapped.the wheelchair-bound population often have difficulty in obtaining a correct or comfortable posture in their chairs and sometimes develop pressure sores from long-duration sitting. this problem is being solved by manufacturing personalised, contoured seats which support the patient over the maximum area possible thereby reducing the pressure on the body and the incidence of pressure sores. a cast is obtained of the patient in a comfortable, medically correct posture and from this cast the seat i ...1975126704
[morphological and biochemical studies on the retinal blood vessels of streptozotocin diabetic rats (author's transl)]. 1975130794
a fair deal for the handicapped. 1978148882
[intravenous cholangiography in hyperbilirubinaemia (author's transl)].the effect of bilirubin on biliary and renal excretion of methylglucamine-iodipamide at an infusion rate of 1.3, 2.6 and 5.2 mu mol/min/kg was studied by intravenous injection into five dogs with normal liver functions and chronic duodenal fistulas. unconjugated bilirubin administered in a dose of 0.1 mu mol/min/kg reduced biliary iodipamide excretion and concentration significantly, but did not affect renal contrast material excretion. this indicates that the unsatisficatory radiological result ...1979153309
sphingomyelinase of chicken erythrocyte membranes. 1975165774
[seeking for the mechanism of thermophily and thermostability (author's transl)]. 1975167400
[the present status of the theory of induction of carcinoma of the cervix in man by herpes virus (author's transl)].a large body of evidence has accumulated during the past decade suggesting that hsv-2 infection of the cervix may be a major precursor of cervical carcinoma. a brief review of the more significant findings to date is presented.1975170159
lymphocyte response to virus antigens in systemic lupus erythematosus.the cell-mediated immune response of lymphocytes to rubella, measles, parainfluenza types 1, 2, and 3, varicella-zoster and herpes virus type 1 virus antigens was evaluated in 15 sle patients and 15 matched controls by incorporating 3h-thymidine in whole blood cultures as a measure of blastic transformation. sle patients were less responsive than normal individuals to six of eight virus antigens tested. culture of washed sle cells in ab plasma did not reverse the hyporesponsiveness. the results ...1976187203
regulation of the in vitro anamnestic antibody response by cyclic amp. iii. cholera enterotoxin induces lymph node cells to release soluble factor(s) which enhance(s) antibody synthesis by antigen-treated lymph node cells. 1979228867
diffusion-controlled reactions on spherical surfaces. application to bacteriophage tail fiber attachment.we have explored the kinetic implications of a model that may account for the acceleration of tail fiber (f) attachment to baseplates (b) by whiskers (w) on bacteriophage t4. the model assumes that a w-f complex is formed initially, and that the tethered fiber then undergoes rotational diffusion until a b-f encounter takes place. in the absence of whiskers, b-f complexes must form unassisted. formation of a w-f intermediate will accelerate f attachment to b if (a) the bimolecular rate constant f ...1979262439
a soluble atp-dependent proteolytic system responsible for the degradation of abnormal proteins in reticulocytes.reticulocytes, like other cells, selectively degrade certain abnormal proteins by an energy-dependent process. when isolated rabbit reticulocytes incorporate the valine analog 2-amino-3chlorobutyric acid (clabu) in place of valine, they produce an abnormal globin that is degraded with a half-life of 15 min. normal hemoglobin, in contrast, undergoes little or no breakdown within these cells. cell-free extracts from reticulocytes have been shown to rapidly hydrolyze these abnormal proteins. the de ...1977264694
assessment of drug sensitivity of human leukaemic myeloblasts. ii. the toxic effects of cytosine arabinoside on 125iudr-labelled human leukaemic myeloblasts in mice.leukaemia cells from the peripheral blood and bone marrow of patients with acute myeloblastic leukaemia were labelled in vitro with [125i]5-iodo-2'-deoxy-uridine (iudr). the myeloblasts were then injected into groups of mice and the survival of these cells estimated by measuring isotope loss, using whole-body counting. the isotope excretion from mice treated with various doses of cytosine arabinoside (ara-c) and those not treated with drugs were compared. this comparison showed that the sensitiv ...1977270373
biological properties of rickettsia prowazekii strains isolated from flying squirrels.four strains of rickettsia prowazekii, isolated from flying squirrels (glaucomys volans volans) from florida and virginia, were compared with other strains of the typhus biotype, two previously established strains each of r. prowazekii and r. typhi and one strain of r. canada, for similarities in a number of unrelated phenotypic characteristics. r. akari served as a spotted fever biotype control. all strains produced small plaques on chicken embryo cell monolayers that were clearly recognized on ...1977408272
sensitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of antibodies against typhus rickettsiae, rickettsia prowazekii and rickettsia enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) has been developed for the titration of rickettsial antibodies in human and animal sera. two preparations of soluble typhus-group antigens were obtained from rickettsia typhi and rickettsia prowazekii by ether extraction: a standard antigen from infected yolk sacs (ys antigen) and one free of yolk sac contaminants from renografin-purified rickettsiae (pr antigen). rabbit, mouse, and guinea pig sera were obtained by immunization with viable purified r. ...1977408372
presence of antibodies to scrub typhus and murine typhus in dogs from selangor, peninsular, sera, collected from different communities throughout selangor, peninsular malaysia, were investigated for the presence of antibodies to r. tsutsugamushi and r. typhi. scrub typhus antibodies were present in animals from the rural areas only, whereas murine typhus antibodies were observed in equal numbers of dogs from both rural and metropolitan areas. greater percentage of dogs from suburban areas had demonstrable antibody titers to murine typhus than from the urban area.1977411180
extrahypothalamic and phylogenetic distribution of hypothalamic peptides. 1978414313
[effects of low molecular weight nuclear rnas on the activity of rna polymerase ii in isolated rat liver nuclei].an attempt was made to elucidate the possible participation of low molecular weight nuclear rnas in the transcription process. the parameters of the rna synthesis cell-free system in isolated rat liver nuclei were studied for this purpose. tissue homogenization in isotonic sucrose during isolation of the nuclei resulted in a loss of 4s nuclear rna. the dependence of rna synthesis on the salt concentration in the incubation medium is indicative of possible initiation of the rna synthesis in this ...1979420876
antibody to rickettsia mooseri erythrocyte-sensitizing substance.erythrocyte-sensitizing antigens from rickettsia mooseri (r. typhi) were found to bind to rabbit erythrocytes. upon reintroduction into the donor, such antigen-sensitized cells caused the production of antibodies of restricted serological reactivity.1979468383
polyploidy and domestication: the origin and survival of polyploids in cytotype mixtures.the origin and survival of a polyploid in a mixture of this polyploid and its parent(s) is reviewed. with several examples a picture is drawn of the interference of cytotypes in a mixture of cytotypes. some natural polyploids, both wild and domesticated, are very successful. they, like bread wheat and banana, largely replaced their parents. the same is true for some artificial polyploids like autotriploid hybride sugar beet in europe and autotetraploid perennial ryegrass. but when grown together ...1979550834
mechanisms of immunity in typhus infection: some characteristics of intradermal rickettsia mooseri infection in normal and immune guinea pigs.rickettsia mooseri infection in skin at sites of intradermal inoculation was studied in nonimmune and immune guinea pigs with respect to dynamics of infection, localization of rickettsiae within tissues, and gross and microscopic pathology. intradermal inoculation of r. mooseri into nonimmune guinea pigs resulted in gross lesions which, in magnitude, were directly related to the number of rickettsiae inoculated. the lesions progressively enlarged through 3 or 4 days and remained enlarged through ...1978581585
separation of viable rickettsia typhi from yolk sac and l cell host components by renografin density gradient centrifugation.rickettsia typhi cultivated in the yolk sac of chicken embryos or in l cells irradiated 7 days previously was separated from host cell components by two cycles of renografin density gradient centrifugation. preliminary steps involved differential centrifugation and centrifugation over a layer of 10% bovine plasma albumin of infected yolk sac suspensions, or trypsinization and passage through filters of wide porosity of infected l cell suspensions. rickettsial preparations obtained by these metho ...1975810089
[serological studies on the occurrence of rickettsial infections in togo (author's transl)].the incidence of rickettsioses in togo was examined by means of the microagglutination-technique according to giroud. out of 559 sera obtained from different parts of the country the following percentages of positive reactions were found: r. prowazeki 0.2%, r. mooseri: 4.7%, r. conori: 0.4%, r. burneti: 2.0%. it was proved that 1) r. mooseri-infections were more prevalent in adults than in children and adolescents and 2) r. mooseri-infections were found more frequently in the southern regions of ...1975810931
indirect hemagglutination test for human antibody to typhus and spotted fever group indirect hemagglutination (iha) test is described that uses glutaraldehyde-stabilized erythrocytes treated with a rickettsial erythrocyte-sensitizing substance obtained from rickettsia typhi or rickettsia rickettsii. the serological reagent was stable for at least 3 months at room temperature and 6 months at 4 c. it exhibited group specificity and no group cross-reactivity. at a minimum dilution of 1:40, acute and early convalescent epidemic and murine typhus antisera showed 86% positive reac ...1975811685
proteins of typhus and spotted fever group rickettsiae.purified radioactive rickettsiae were obtained from irradiated and cycloheximide-inhibited l cells, and their proteins were analyzed by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. rickettsial species could be distinguished by comparing the relative mobilities of constituent proteins after migration of two differentially labeled preparations in a single gel. distinct differences were observed in gel patterns of rickettsiae from the typhus and spotted fever groups, as well as with different species within ...1976820639
enzymatic activities of cell-free extracts of rickettsia typhi.cell-free extracts of rickettsia typhi were tested for activities of enzymes of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, of glutamate catabolism, and of glycolysis. the organisms were grown in the yolk sacs of chicken embryos, harvested shortly before the time of embryo death, purified by renografin density gradient centrifugation, and ruptured in a french pressure cell. the following enzymatic activities were demonstrated: high levels of malate dehydrogenase (mdh), moderate levels of glutamate-oxaloacetat ...1976820644
enzymatic activities leading to pyrimidine nucleotide biosynthesis from cell-free extracts of rickettsia typhi.cell-free extracts from rickettsia typhi were examined for the presence or absence of pyrimidine phosphotransferase enzymes and compared with the enzymes of mouse l cells and salmonella typhimurium. the organisms were grown in mouse l cells and in the yolk sacs of chicken embryos, purified by renografin density gradient centrifugation, and ruptured in a french pressure cell. the enzymes for the reutilization of uridine and thymidine, uridine kinase (ec and thymidine kinase (ec ...1976823112
mechanisms of immunity in typhus infections. v. demonstration of rickettsia mooseri-specific antibodies in convalescent mouse and human serum cytophilic for mouse peritoneal macrophages.antibodies in both mouse and human rickettsia mooseri (rickettsia typhi) convalescent serum that were cytophilic for mouse macrophages were demonstrated by the rosette technique. mouse peritoneal macrophages, passively sensitized with early and late serum from mice with a sublethal infection of r. mooseri, were washed and exposed to rickettsiae. rosettes of rickettsiae were found around macrophages, maintained at 4 degrees c, which had been sensitized with immune serum (direct sensitization of m ...1976825464
mechanisms of immunity in typhus infections. vi. differential opsonizing and neutralizing action of human typhus rickettsia-specific cytophilic antibodies in cultures of human macrophages.human peripheral blood monocytes were incubated in vitro for 6 days to allow time for transformation into macrophage-like cells. cytophilic antibodies in typhus convalescent human serum were demonstrated by addition of rickettsia mooseri or rickettsia prowazeki to passively sensitized human peripheral blood monocyte-derived macrophages that were held at 4 degrees c. rosettes of rickettsiae were found around macrophages sensitized with immune serum but not around macrophages that had been incubat ...1976825465
electron microscopic study on the interaction between normal guinea pig peritoneal macrophages and coxiella electron microscopic study was conducted to explore the interaction between normal guinea pig peritoneal macrophages and phase i and ii coxeilla burnetii previously treated with either normal or immune serum. a comparison was made on the efficiency of phagocytosis and subsequent killing of rickettsiae by macrophages. both phases of rickettsiae previously treated with normal serum multiplied within phagosomes after phagocytosis with resultant destruction of macrophages. in contrast, suspending ...1976825466
plaque assay for rickettsia mooseri in tissue samples. 1976825866
[bovine serum factor neutralizing the toxic effects of r. mooseri]. 1976828231
murine typhus and spotted fever in israel in the hundred and eleven cases of rickettsial disease-100 cases of murine typhus and 11 cases spotted fever--seen over a four year period at the chaim sheba medical center are reviewed. the clinical picture of murine typhus (caused by rickettsia mooseri and transmitted by xenopsylla cheopis) could not be distinguished from that of spotted fever (caused by a rickettsia similar to rickettsia conori and transmitted by rhipicephalus). some quite severe cases of murine typhus and some relatively mild c ...1977881266
papilledema in endemic typhus.a 21-year-old women developed severe bilateral papilledema during an acute febrile disease. her optic disk margins were blurred and the disks were elevated up to 5 diopters. splinter hemorrhages, cotton-wool exudates, cytoid bodies, and sheathing of veins were also present. the pyrexia was caused by murine typhus diagnosed by serologic tests. these tests revealed that proteus ox-19 agglutination titer rose to 1:12800, and a positive complement fixation test titer was 1:640 with rickettsia mooser ...1977910862
evidence for glucocorticoid receptor in human leukocytes.the glucocorticoid uptake in vitro by human periferal leukocytes was studied. the uptake showed 2 main components, one saturable and one non-saturable. the saturable component was compared with the uptake by the specific glucocorticoid receptor in rabbit granulocytes. the similarities with the rabbit receptor in structural specificity, time course of uptake at 37 degrees c, sensitivity to metabolic inhibition by pcms and the physiological concentration for half saturation indicate that the satur ...19761068630
dynamic cisternography in normal dogs and in human beings.cisternography and ventriculography were performed in five normal anesthetized dogs to study the dynamics of tracer dispersal. indium 111-diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid was injected into lateral ventricles, cisterna magna, thoracic subarachnoid space, and lumbar sac. the patterns of dispersal from each injection site support a nonflow dispersal mechanism with a tendency toward ultimate equilibrium distribution throughout the cerebrospinal fluid. quantitative data in humans complement observa ...19761082560
changes in monoamine oxidase and monoamines with human development and aging.a series of studies of monoamines and their metabolism in a variety of human tissues indicate that there are aging effects that may alter neurotransmitter substances. monoamine oxidase (mao) activity has a significant positive correlation with age in plasma and blood platelets of normal subjects and patients suffering from depressive disorders. monoamine oxidase and age correlate positively in hindbrain and in eight separate ares of human brains from patients who died from a variety of causes. h ...19751088942
comparative morphology of genital cones of genus ancylostoma dubini, 1843.male worms of ancylostoma braziliense, a. ceylanicum, a. kusimaense, a. malayanum, a. duodenale, a. caninum, a. tubaeforme, agriostomum vryburgi and cyclodontostomum purvisi have the external appendages beside the anogenital aperture. these anogenital structures are morphologically similar and are assumed to be homologous among the species with three pairs of teeth or more. in hookworms with two pairs of teeth, the anogenital structures are complex. anogenital features can be used as a taxonomic ...19751166351
[changes in the composition of intracellular lipids and hydrocarbons in candida tropicalis in the absence of growth].the fatty acid composition of lipids and the composition of hydrocarbons were studied in candida tropicalis cultivated on a medium with propionic acid and incubated in the conditions of starvation and on a medium containing glucose-1-6-14c but no nitrogen. intracellular fatty acids with an odd number of carbon atoms were found to be easily metabolized by yeast cells. the content and composition of intracellular hydrocarbons were very labile and underwent intensive transformation caused by change ...19751214607
intracellular movements of rickettsia conorii and r. typhi based on actin polymerization.human vascular endothelial, vero and human embryonic lung cells infected with rickettsiae for 24 h or 48 h were labelled for polymerized actin with nbd-phallacidin. between 20 and 68% of the intracellular rickettsia conorii had an actin tail of between 0.33 and 15 microns, with the longest tails being observed in vero cells. in the case of r. typhi less than 1% of the organisms had actin tails and these were considerably shorter than those of r. conorii. these findings provide new information co ...19921299836
expression and release of neuroregulators during development: monoamines and neuropeptides.the turnover of catecholamines (ca) was determined in the adrenal medulla and brain of rat fetuses and pups. in general we found a considerable increase soon after birth. the expression of mrna for ca-synthesizing enzymes was also considerably enhanced in the adrenals shortly after birth. furthermore, we demonstrated increased expression of neuropeptides after birth, increased synthesis of mrna encoding for neuropeptide y in the adrenals 24 h after birth; and considerable activation of the subst ...19921306802
characteristics of neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated in australia showing decreased sensitivity to quinolone antibiotics.forty three strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae with decreased sensitivity to quinolone antibiotics were detected amongst 2141 australian isolates of gonococci examined in the years 1984 to 1990. the strains examined belonged to 23 different auxotype/serovar classes, were generally more resistant to other antibiotics and, in the majority of cases, were isolated from travellers entering or returning to australia from se asia. quinolone-sensitive wild-type gonococci became less sensitive to these age ...19921315946
new monoclonal antibodies for the detection of immediate early antigens of cytomegalovirus.two new monoclonal antibodies, cie-1 and cie-2, were developed for the rapid detection of human cytomegalovirus (hcmv) infection. they were found to be reactive with immediate early protein of hcmv in the nuclei of infected fibroblasts, as early as 3 hours post-infection. by radioimmunoprecipitation, cie-1 was found to react with a protein with an apparent molecular weight of 70,000, whereas cie-2 precipitated 2 proteins of 70,000 and 72,000 daltons, respectively. both monoclonal antibodies reco ...19921319172
the prevalence of arboviral, rickettsial, and hantaan-like viral antibody among schoolchildren in the nile river delta of egypt.a serosurvey was conducted during october and november 1989 to estimate the prevalence of selected arboviral, rickettsial, and hantaan viral antibody among a sample of schoolchildren from 4 villages in the bilbeis area of the nile river delta, egypt. blood specimens were obtained from subjects aged 8 to 14 years. enzyme immunoassay testing of the sera indicated that the prevalence of antibody was 9% (21/223) for sicilian sandfly fever, 4% (8/223) for rift valley fever, 3% (15/437) for west nile ...19921363163
mapping of monoclonal antibody binding sites on cnbr fragments of the s-layer protein antigens of rickettsia typhi and rickettsia prowazekii.the 120 kda surface protein antigens (spas) of typhus rickettsiae lie external to the outer membrane in regular arrays and chemically resemble the s-layer proteins of other bacteria. these proteins elicit protective immune responses against the rickettsiae. in order to study the immunochemistry of these proteins, purified spas from rickettsia typhi and rickettsia prowazekii were fragmented with cnbr. the fragments were separated by sds-page and were recovered on pvdf membrane following electrobl ...19921370573
the laboratory diagnosis of rickettsial diseases in hong kong.indirect immunoperoxidase (ip) tests against antigens of rickettsia typhi, r. sibirica and r. tsutsugamushi were carried out on serum samples from 10 patients known to have high titres against one or more proteus ox antigens in the weil-felix (wf) test. the ip test confirmed rickettsial infection in nine of the 10 patients, giving unequivocal indications of the grouping of the infecting rickettsia species and, in one instance, showing a diagnostic igm titre in a specimen taken on day 3 of the pa ...19921404554
[a rejoinder to the case of arthritis attributed to rickettsia typhi]. 19921552770
a case of murine typhus in present a case of murine (endemic) typhus, the first to be reported within the last 30 years in australia.19921625620
typhus and typhuslike rickettsiae associated with opossums and their fleas in los angeles county, california.the recent discovery of cat fleas (ctenocephalides felis) infected with a typhuslike rickettsia (designated the elb agent) raises the question of whether similar rickettsial infections exist in wild cat flea populations. we verified the presence of the elb agent and rickettsia typhi in urban and suburban areas of los angeles, calif. opossums trapped in close proximity to the residences of human murine typhus cases in los angeles county and other areas within the city of los angeles were tested f ...19921629332
murine typhus endocarditis.we have described a 28-year-old male sheepfarmer who had fever, headache, chills, malaise, and aortic insufficiency. echocardiography revealed a tricuspid aortic valve with a large vegetation on the right cusp, an enlarged left ventricle, and diastolic flutter of the mitral valve. repeated blood cultures were negative. seroconversion of igg and igm to rickettsia typhi was found on the 13th day of hospitalization. the patient was treated with tetracycline for 1 year and remained afebrile and free ...19921631693
restriction fragment length polymorphism of the dna of typhus group rickettsiae.the dna of 10 strains of rickettsia prowazekii, 5 strains of rickettsia typhi and 1 strain of rickettsia canada was investigated by restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis. interspecies differences were characterized by a great number of noncomigrating bands. using the endonuclease hindiii and psti fragments comigration as a quantitative criterion, genetic similarity coefficient was calculated for the pair rickettsia prowazekii/rickettsia typhi-32.0%, for rickettsia prowazekii/ricketts ...19911687635
immunological characterization of lipopolysaccharides from proteus strains used in weil-felix test and reactivity with patient sera of tsutsugamushi diseases.immunological analyses of lipopolysaccharides (lps) isolated from proteus strains ox2, ox19, and oxk used as antigens of weil-felix (wf) test, were performed by quantitative agglutination, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa), and immunoblotting. antisera against lps and whole cells (wc) of the three proteus strains reacted with homologous lps but not with heterologous lps, and the reaction was inhibited by the o-polysaccharide fraction isolated from the homologous lps except ox19-lps, whic ...19901693170
[the surface antigens of rickettsia prowazekii studied with monoclonal antibodies].r. prowazekii antigens have been tested with the use of monoclonal antibodies (mcab) to different epitopes of the microorganism. as revealed in these tests, mcab b4/4 and a-3/d, active against species-specific thermolabile antigen, interact with protein having a molecular weight of 90-120 kd. mcab c5/2, active against thermostable group antigen common with that of rickettsia typhi, interact with lps-like antigen having a molecular weight of 30 kd. ultrastructural immunochemical studies have reve ...19901696768
immunoblot studies to analyze antibody to the rickettsia typhi group antigen in sera from patients with acute febrile 1986, an unusual syndrome of acute febrile cerebrovasculitis in the piedmont region of virginia was reported. all patients had encephalopathy and prior exposure to both a sylvan environment and flea-infested animals. the initial serological studies suggested a rickettsial origin, corroborating clinical, epidemiological, and histopathological findings. sera from four of five patients were subsequently studied by immunoblotting. unabsorbed and absorbed sera were tested with electrophoresed and ...19911723073
genetic characterization and transovarial transmission of a typhus-like rickettsia found in cat fleas.the identification of apparently fastidious microorganisms is often problematic. dna from a rickettsia-like agent (called the elb agent) present in cat fleas could be amplified by pcr with conserved primers derived from rickettsial 17-kda common protein antigen and citrate synthase genes but not spotted fever group 190-kda antigen gene. alu i sites in both the 17-kda and citrate synthase pcr products obtained with the rickettsia-like agent and rickettsia typhi were different even though both age ...19921729713
epidemiologic classics of carter, maxcy, trudeau, and smith.four great epidemiologists whose work so concisely linked clinical observations, epidemiologic clues, and logical preventive measures are discussed. henry rose carter set the stage for the walter reed successes in cuba by showing that 9-16 days must elapse after contact before yellow fever develops. this provided the link for the reed group to allow the "virus" to incubate in the mosquito before becoming infectious. kenneth maxcy clarified the controversy between endemic typhus fever and brill's ...19921730891
western blot analysis of immune response to legionella bozemanii antigens.the immune response to individual major antigens of legionella bozemanii was studied in 67 sera from 26 inpatients with febrile disease using immunoblotting techniques. all the patients had fever of unknown origin and showed strong serological reactions to l bozemanii that cross-reacted with rickettsia typhi, as determined by a standard indirect microimmunofluorescence assay. sera analysed by western blotting reacted with 12-14 molecular components of l bozemanii with apparent molecular weights ...19911752985
development of an in vitro microtest to assess drug susceptibility of babesia bovis and babesia bigemina.continuous cultivation of the bovine hemoparasites babesia bovis and babesia bigemina was developed as an in vitro microtest to assess parasite susceptibility to babesicidal compounds. reproducibility of parasite multiplication rates was independent of culture size, making it possible to use a microscale of 100 microliters for each test sample. inhibitory concentrations (ic50s) of a commonly used babesicide, quinuronium sulfate, evaluated by this in vitro method were found to be 5 x 10(-8) g/ml ...19911779305
experimental paracoccidioidomycosis in ethyl alcohol-fed rats.1. the course of experimental paracoccidioidomycosis was studied in alcohol-fed rats and compared with pair-fed and ad libitum controls. the alcohol-fed rats were fed a regular commercial solid diet plus a 32% (v/v) ethyl alcohol-25% sucrose (w/v) solution 4 weeks prior to the infection and throughout the study. the inoculum was standardized in terms of virulence, age of culture, percentage of multicellular fungal units containing 1-3 cells and viability. 2. the extent of infection was measured ...19911797283
experimental paracoccidioidomycosis in ethyl alcohol-fed rats.1. the course of experimental paracoccidioidomycosis was studied in alcohol-fed rats and compared with pair-fed and ad libitum controls. the alcohol-fed rats were fed a regular commercial solid diet plus a 32% (v/v) ethyl alcohol-25% sucrose (w/v) solution 4 weeks prior to the infection and throughout the study. the inoculum was standardized in terms of virulence, age of culture, percentage of multicellular fungal units containing 1-3 cells and viability. 2. the extent of infection was measured ...19911797283
structure of the glycocalyx polysaccharide of pseudomonas fragi atcc 4973.the structure of the exocellular glycocalyx polysaccharide of pseudomonas fragi atcc 4973, a bacterium implicated in the spoilage of meat, has been determined using hydrolysis, methylation analysis and 1d- and 2d-n.m.r. spectroscopy. the polysaccharide, which aids in the adhesion of the cells to each other and to the meat tissue, has the regular repeating unit ----4)-3-o-[(r)-1-carboxyethyl]-alpha-d-glcp-(1----3)-beta-d-manpnac+ ++- (1----4)-beta-d-glcp-(1----. random partial o-acetylation occur ...19911797390
structure of the glycocalyx polysaccharide of pseudomonas fragi atcc 4973.the structure of the exocellular glycocalyx polysaccharide of pseudomonas fragi atcc 4973, a bacterium implicated in the spoilage of meat, has been determined using hydrolysis, methylation analysis and 1d- and 2d-n.m.r. spectroscopy. the polysaccharide, which aids in the adhesion of the cells to each other and to the meat tissue, has the regular repeating unit ----4)-3-o-[(r)-1-carboxyethyl]-alpha-d-glcp-(1----3)-beta-d-manpnac+ ++- (1----4)-beta-d-glcp-(1----. random partial o-acetylation occur ...19911797390
serologic survey of spotted fever group rickettsiosis on hainan island of china.a serosurvey for antibodies to rickettsia japonica was conducted on hainan island of china. serum specimens were collected from 1,030 outpatients at hospitals in different parts of the island regardless of their diagnosis. only two among 538 serum specimens collected in baoting and tongshi counties, located in the southern part of the island, were demonstrated to contain antibodies reactive with r. japonica at a high dilution. the specimens also reacted with r. rickettsii at the same titer as wi ...19911808466
use of a most probable number method modified with a deoxyribonucleic probe to monitor control by food preservatives of natural salmonella contamination in animal meat meals.a most probable number (mpn) technique using a dna probe was developed for determination of salmonella in naturally contaminated meat meals. the method eliminated the need for 180 selective plates and 75 selective tubes and saved 27 h when compared with a traditional technique; yet it still yielded identical mpn of salmonella per 100 g in five naturally contaminated samples. the method was used to monitor the effect of a commercial food preservative (sal curb) at 0, .25, .50, 1.0, and 2.0% in me ...19911876558
clinical and laboratory features of murine typhus in south texas, 1980 through 1987.--the clinical and laboratory features of patients with murine typhus have not been extensively reviewed since 1946. we have updated these findings in patients from south texas who were examined by modern clinical and laboratory methods from 1980 through 1987.19911880866
epidemiology of rickettsial diseases.rickettsial diseases have a diversity of epidemiologic characteristics reflective of the variety of ecologic situations in which the obligate intracellular bacteria are transmitted to humans. for the spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae, rickettsia typhi, r. tsutsugamushi, coxiella burnetii, and the human ehrlichial agent, humans are a dead-end host who plays no role in the maintenance of the organism in nature. all rickettsioses exist as zoonoses. moreover, all rickettsiae are found in infecte ...19911884775
flinders island spotted fever: a newly recognised endemic focus of tick typhus in bass strait. part 2. serological investigations.twenty-six cases of a spotted-fever-like illness have been identified on flinders island, tasmania, over a 17 year period. these patients and 335 healthy persons from the island were investigated serologically using the weil-felix agglutination test (proteus sp. antigens ox2, ox19, oxk) and rickettsia-specific microimmunofluorescence. the antigens used in these latter tests comprised one member of the typhus group (rickettsia typhi) and three members of the spotted fever group (rickettsia ricket ...19911898756
synaptogenesis in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus: a light microscopic immunocytochemical survey.mabq155, a monoclonal antibody against synaptophysin, has been used to conduct a light microscopic survey of synaptogenesis in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the perinatal rat. synaptophysin is an integral component of synaptic vesicle membranes which is expressed in growth cones and growth cone filopodia as well as in mature synapses. with the light microscope, mabq155 immunoreactivity in growth cones can be distinguished from that in presynaptic terminals on the basis of the size of immunoreac ...19911906770
the role of rodents as reservoirs for some diseases in new reclaimed areas in north a trial to determine the role of sinai rodents as reservoirs to rickettsial diseases, the ifa technique was used to detect the presence of r. typhi and spotted fever group in blood of some commensal and wild rodent species collected in sinai during the last five years (1985-1989). out of 277 rattus spp. collected in el arish (47.3%) were positive to r. typhi and only (5.9%) of 35 mus musculus were positive to r. typhi. as for gerbillus spp. only (1.5%) of 206 animals were positive for r. typh ...19911908502
[acute suppurative arthritis: an unusual manifestation of murine typhus (endemic)].a 37-year-old patient had fever, diffuse maculopapular rash and acute suppurative arthritis of both knees, which was totally cured with doxycycline without sequelae. skin biopsy showed characteristic findings of rickettsiosis. in the serological investigation the weil-felix reaction was positive and antibodies against rickettsia typhi but not against rickettsia conorii were detected by indirect immunofluorescence. no similar case has found in the reviewed literature.19911910133
antigenic relationships among the rickettsiae of the spotted fever and typhus groups.using immunoblots to analyze antigenic relationships among the pathogenic spotted fever and typhus group rickettsiae, i found that the rickettsial lipopolysaccharide (lps) was a group-specific antigen. all the rickettsiae examined had 135-kda and 58-kda protein antigens. the spotted fever rickettsiae and rickettsia canada had, in addition, 190-kda protein antigens which were antigenic analogs of previously described protective antigens of r. conorii and r. rickettsii.19911916232
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