hong kong dog and the tokyo trots. 197993013
[the heterogeneity of streptokinases].purified streptokinases of some strains of different types of strep. pyrogenes (group a) as well as streptokinases of a strain of group c or group g streptococci, resp., were studied in regard of their heterogeneity. differences of the streptokinases were found in their amino acid compositions and in isoelectric points. serological differences were detected by a quantitative precipitation reaction with fluorescein-coupled antistreptokinase antisera from the goat as well as by neutralization reac ...197994885
disinfection of nitrous oxide inhalation equipment.cross-infection by contaminated equipment is a potential hazard associated with conscious sedation with nitrous oxide and oxygen . nosocomial infections have occasionally been linked wih the use of unsterile inhalation devices; microbial contamination of sterile nasal hoods routinely occurs during administration of nitrous oxide; and in vitro experiments indicate that subsequent use of contaminated nasal masks may lead to aspiration of microorganisms. although the incidence of respiratory diseas ...1979106079
[influence of culture on evolution of biological structures in human groups]. 1975126716
hiv infection and visa. 19911796963
isolation of bacteriophages of the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens from coastal salt marshes.bacteriophages of the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens were isolated from coastal marshes where they were limited to brackish and marine waters. the phages were widely distributed and morphologically diverse in the marshes.19744133830
[morphogenetic and biochemical criteria for the differentiation of the genera nocardia and mycobacterium]. 19654183822
development of the venous drainage of the equine hypophysis cerebri. 1978151511
atp depletion, a possible role in the pathogenesis of hyperuricemia in glycogen storage disease type i.other investigators have shown that fructose infusion in normal man and rats acutely depletes hepatic atp and p(i) and increases the rate of uric acid formation by the degradation of preformed nucleotides. we postulated that a similar mechanism of atp depletion might be present in patients with glucose-6-phosphatase deficiency (gsd-i) as a result of atp consumption during glycogenolysis and resulting excess glycolysis. the postulate was tested by measurement of: (a) hepatic content of atp, glyco ...1978276529
[inhibition of the lipolytic activity of noradrenaline by acidosis]. 19664228153
a soluble co-binding c-type cytochrome from the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens. 19734352552
influence of ototoxic drugs on acetylcholine-induced depression of the cochlear n1 potential. 19704195594
virus infections of horses at newmarket, 1972 and 1973. 19744375339
beating duration of cultured rat heart cells as affected by drugs and other factors. 19744139725
the respiratory system of the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens. oxidation--reduction potentials of the cytochromes. 19744369352
influence of na+ on synthesis of macromolecules by a marine bacterium.resting cells of vibrio natriegens acquired the ability to take up (14)c-labeled mannitol in media containing na(+) and k(+). but, the cells took up a significant quantity of the label as well in the presence of 0.3 m k(+) and no na(+). the label was distributed throughout the cells in both systems. cells incubated in mannitol minimal culture medium proliferated and synthesized approximately nine times as much protein in the presence of na(+) and k(+) as those incubated in the presence of mannit ...19714327612
the respiratory system of the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens. ii. terminal branching of respiration to oxygen and resistance to inhibition by cyanide. 19744154106
effects of chloroquine pretreatment on lethal dose of morphine and on morphine metabolism in rats. 19694309711
identification and characterization of the nmyc gene product in human neuroblastoma cells by monoclonal antibodies with defined specificities.increased n-myc (now designated nmyc in human gene nomenclature) gene expression has been detected at the transcriptional level in certain types of neoplasms. as yet, the n-myc gene product has not been identified. to detect and characterize the n-myc gene product, we have developed monoclonal antibodies against the putative n-myc gene product made in escherichia coli as a fusion protein. the antibodies that recognize the n-myc-specific regions were selected on the basis of their reactivities to ...19862426708
ticarcillin accurate, plate diffusion bioassay for ticarcillin, utilizing the fast-replicating beneckea natriegens and 4% salt agar, is described in this report. zones of inhibition were well defined after 3 h, and the limit of sensitivity was around 5.0 mug/ml. the assay is simple to carry out, and duplicate assays can be performed on as little as 40 mul of serum.19816979305
urinary kallikrein excretion during potassium chloride infusion in potassium-adapted rats: effect of amiloride.1. urinary kallikrein excretion in the anaesthetized rat was measured during intravenous kcl infusion in control and in k+-adapted rats. 2. the infusion of 0.1 mol/l kcl at 3.0 ml/h for 60 min in control rats resulted in a significant increase in urinary kallikrein excretion, associated with diuresis, natriuresis and kaliuresis. 3. when rats were offered 0.1 mol/l kcl to drink ad libitum for 14 days (k+-adaptation), the basal excretion of kallikrein was higher than in the control rats. in k+-ada ...19892758759
a new species of the genus chauhanellus bychowsky et nagibina, 1969 (monogenea) from the gills of a sea fish tachysurus dussumieri (val.) from andhra pradesh, india.chauhanellus chauhani sp. n., collected from the gills of a sea cat-fish, tachysurus dussumieri (valenciennes) from the bay of bengal, off the coast of kakinada, andhra pradesh, india is described and illustrated. it differs from the related species of the genus--c. oculatus, c. flexiosus, c. australis, c. nagibinae, and c. pedunculatus--in the shape and articulation of accessory piece with cirrus and in having a crescentic posteromedian process on its dorsal bar. it has five transverse hard str ...19902227713
substrate binding by crude membranes and solubilized membrane extracts from pseudomonas natriegens. 19685305782
distribution of viral abundance in the reef environment of key largo, florida.the distribution of viral and microbial abundance in the key largo, fla., reef environment was measured. viral abundance was measured by transmission electron microscope direct counts and plaque titer on specific bacterial hosts in water and sediment samples from florida bay (blackwater sound) and along a transect from key largo to the outer edge of the reef tract in key largo sanctuary. water column viral direct counts were highest in blackwater sound of florida bay (1.2 x 10(7) viruses per ml) ...19938480998
factors affecting the pathways of glucose catabolism and the tricarboxylic acid cycle in pseudomonas natriegens.less than 50% of theoretical oxygen uptake was observed when glucose was dissimilated by resting cells of pseudomonas natriegens. low oxygen uptakes were also observed when a variety of other substrates were dissimilated. when uniformly labeled glucose-(14)c was used as substrate, 56% of the label was shown to accumulate in these resting cells. this material consisted, in part, of a polysaccharide which, although it did not give typical glycogen reactions, yielded glucose after its hydrolysis. r ...19674381634
common morphogenetic aspects of various organotypic microvascular patterns. 19751214601
chloramphenicol accurate plate diffusion bioassay for chloramphenicol is described, in which the fast-replicating beneckea natriegens and 1.5% salt agar are used. zones of inhibition were well defined after 3 h, and the limit of sensitivity of the method was around 2 mug/ml. the concurrent presence of gentamicin did not influence the assay. the assay is simple to carry out and duplicate assays can be performed with as little as 100 mug of capillary blood.1979314271
amp metabolism in the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens.the catabolism of amp by preparations from beneckea natriegens has been reexamined. in the absence of atp, cell-free extracts catabolized amp via adenosine to inosine. when atp was present, adenylate kinase converted amp to adp, lowering the rate of amp catabolism. particle-free supernatants (225,000 x g) metabolized amp alone slowly, but adenylate kinase was active when atp was added. washed particulate fractions contained amp nucleotidase activity which converted amp to adenosine; in the prese ...19806249477
structure determination of cryptococcus neoformans serotype a-variant glucuronoxylomannan by 13c-n.m.r. spectroscopy.a series of polysaccharides was derived by physical and chemical methods from an antigenic, o-acetyl-containing, glucuronoxylomannan (gxm), isolated from the growth medium of cryptococcus neoformans (cdc b2550) serotype a-variant having composition ratios of man:xyl:glca:oac = 10:4:3:6. 13c-n.m.r. spectra of derivatives provided new structural evidence for gxm. treatment of gxm with li in ethylenediamine gave a xylomannan (xm, with man:xyl = 5:2). smith degradation of xm gave a mannan (m). ultra ...19883280130
influence of cations on spheroplasts of marine bacteria functioning as osmometers.penetration of substrates into marine bacteria as influenced by cations has been demonstrated by the effects of increased osmotic pressure in spheroplasts of these cells. spheroplasts of pseudomonas natriegens, stabilized with lactose, underwent a metabolic swelling in the presence of a substrate to which they had been induced. maximal and persistent swelling was achieved only by addition of catabolizable substrate and both na(+) and k(+). addition, along with substrate, of na(+) alone or k(+) a ...19676035044
infusion of amino acids decreases the hyperglycaemic effect of per- and postoperative glucose infusion: an experimental study in the rabbit.the effects on blood glucose concentration of 10% glucose with amino acid solution at low (18%) and high (25%) concentration of branched chain amino acids were studied, two days after laparotomy in fasted rabbits. during the whole study period, saline infusion was associated with normoglycaemia. among the other infusion combinations peroperative infusion of amino acid solution high in branched chain amino acids with 10% glucose was the least hyperglycaemic. an amino acid solution low in branched ...19863751608
[the problem with the occurrence of so-called spontaneous ruptures of the rectum in horses. 2: forensic evaluation].in the ampulla roof of the wave-like extending horse rectum the muscular coat is only weakly developed as a deltoid-shaped tunica muscularis area, thus forming a place of minor resistance. with regard to the degree of development of the muscular coat a rectal ampulla with a stable form and strong muscles can be distinguished from an ampulla with a labile form and weak muscles. the rupture of the intestinal wall in this region in the case of rupture-experiments as well as the frequent occurrence ...19863738898
[new strain-specific determinants in the hemagglutinins of influenza b viruses isolated in 1983-1984].a comparative study of sensitivity to inhibitors and antigenic composition of hemagglutinins of influenza b virus strains isolated in the epidemic season of 1983-1984 and those circulating in 1940-1981 was carried out. the method of selective adsorption of highly active rabbit and rat sera demonstrated that hemagglutinins of contemporary influenza b viruses had both common cross-reacting determinants with previously circulating variants and qualitatively different, strain-specific ones. among th ...19862425493
biofilm development in a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor: effect of flow velocity on performance.the effect of liquid flow velocity on biofilm development in a membrane-aerated biofilm reactor was investigated both by mathematical modeling and by experiment, using vibrio natriegens as a test organism and acetate as carbon substrate. it was shown that velocity influenced mass transfer in the diffusion boundary layer, the biomass detachment rate from the biofilm, and the maximum biofilm thickness attained. values of the overall mass transfer coefficient of a tracer through the diffusion bound ...200010620763
complexity and sequence identification of 24 rat v beta genes.twenty-four tcr v beta genes were cloned by anchored pcr from the lewis rat strain and identified by nucleotide and amino acid sequence comparisons to known mouse v beta genes. rat v beta genes exist in 17 single-member and 3 multimember subfamilies and exhibit 86 to 94 and 72 to 92% nucleotide and amino acid sequence similarities, respectively, to their mouse counterparts. a single rat gene, designated v beta 20, having no previously known mouse counterpart was identified; a closely related gen ...19911828824
structure of the rabbit phospholamban gene, cloning of the human cdna, and assignment of the gene to human chromosome 6.we have isolated and characterized genomic dna clones encoding rabbit phospholamban. only a single gene for phospholamban was detected in the rabbit genome. the phospholamban gene of 13.2 kilobases contains only one 10.5-kilobase intron, which separates exonic sequences located in the 5'-untranslated region. two potential transcription initiation sites were mapped to 335 and 185 nucleotides upstream from the translation initiation site in the mrna or 239 and 89 nucleotides upstream from the exon ...19911828805
towards a phylogeny of the genus vibrio based on 16s rrna sequences.the inter- and intrageneric relationships of the genus vibrio were investigated by performing a comparative analysis of the 16s rrnas of 10 species, including four pathogenic representatives. the results of immunological and 5s rrna studies were confirmed in that the genus is a neighboring taxon of the family enterobacteriaceae. with regard to the intrageneric structure, vibrio alginolyticus, vibrio campbellii, vibrio natriegens, vibrio harveyi, vibrio proteolyticus, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and ...19921371064
physiology and ecology of bacteriophages of the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens: salinity.the effects of variation in ionic levels on the stability and replication of two bacteriophages (nt-1 and nt-6) host specific for the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens were examined. monovalent cations influenced the adsorption of the nt-1 but not the nt-6 phage; however, one-step growth studies showed that nacl was required for replication of both phage. the nacl optimum for nt-1 production was 0.25 m nacl, the same as the growth optimum for b. natriegens. however, the optimum for nt-6 produ ...1976938035
biosynthesis and processing of platelet gpiib-iiia in human megakaryocytes.platelet membrane glycoprotein iib-iiia forms a calcium-dependent heterodimer and constitutes the fibrinogen receptor on stimulated platelets. gpiib is a two-chain protein containing disulfide-linked alpha and beta subunits. gpiiia is a single chain protein. these proteins are synthesized in the bone marrow by megakaryocytes, but the study of their synthesis has been hampered by the difficulty in obtaining enriched population of megakaryocytes in large numbers. to examine the biosynthesis and pr ...19873108266
antimicrobial activity of essential oil from schinus molle linn.the essential oil from the fresh leaves of schinus molle isolated by hydrodistillation was tested for antibacterial activity using the hole plate diffusion method and for antifungal activity using the mycelium or single cell growth inhibition method. results obtained showed that the volatile oil exhibited significant activity against the following bacterial species: klebsiella pneumoniae, alcaligenes faecalis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, leuconostoc cremoris, enterobacter aerogenes, proteus vulgaris ...19938055554
in vitro studies on the control of trophoblast outgrowth in the mouse. 19734729947
dopamine receptors in rabbit and rat eye: characterization and localization of da1 and da2 binding vitro autoradiography is used to characterize and localize da1 and da2 receptors in rabbit and rat eyes. the bindings of 125i-sch 23982 (da1 antagonist) and of 125i-iodosulpride (da2 antagonist) to slide mounted tissue sections take place with characteristics expected of substances that recognize da1 and da2 receptors respectively. they are saturable, have high affinity and exhibit an appropriate pharmacology. the regional distribution of these receptors indicates that they are mainly present ...19892707038
effects of ultraviolet radiation on the gram-positive marine bacterium microbacterium maritypicum.although extensive information is available on the effect ultraviolet (uv) radiation has on gram-negative marine bacteria, there is a scarcity of data concerning uv radiation and gram-positive marine bacteria. the focus of this paper is on microbacterium maritypicum, with the gram-negative vibrio natriegens being used as a standard of comparison. m. maritypicum exhibited growth over a nacl range of 0-1000 mm: , with optimum growth occurring between 0 and 400 mm: nacl. in contrast, v. natriegens ...200717551790
transhydrogenase activity in the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens.the marine bacterium, beneckea natriegens, which has previously been reported not to form transhydrogenase, has been shown to synthesize a soluble energy-independent transhydrogenase (nadph:nadp+ oxidoreductase, ec, though no energy-linked activity could be detected. the transhydrogenase is induced maximally in stationary phase cells and its formation is 70-90% repressed by raising the medium phosphate level from 0.33 to 3.3 mm. the enzyme is inhibited by arsenate, inorganic ortho- and ...197712829
molar growth yields, respiration and cytochrome profiles of beneckea natriegens when grown under carbon limitation in a chemostat.the effect of growth rate on the physiology of beneckea natriegens was studied in chemostat culture. the molar growth yields (y) from glucose and oxygen, the specific rates of oxygen (qo2) and glucose (qg1c) consumption and the specific rate of co2 production (qco2) were linearly dependent on the growth rate over the dilution rate 0.17 h-1 to 0.60 h-1. further increase in the dilution rate resulted in a decrease in growth yield and respiration rate and these changes were coincident with increase ...1977304341
marine bacterial isolates display diverse responses to uv-b radiation.the molecular and biological consequences of uv-b radiation were investigated by studying five species of marine bacteria and one enteric bacterium. laboratory cultures were exposed to an artificial uv-b source and subjected to various post-uv irradiation treatments. significant differences in survival subsequent to uv-b radiation were observed among the isolates, as measured by culturable counts. uv-b-induced dna photodamage was investigated by using a highly specific radioimmunoassay to measur ...199910473381
the inorganic ion content of native aquatic this study we have quantified the ionic content and volume of native aquatic, and two cultured bacteria, by x-ray microanalysis (xrma) in the transmission electron microscope (tem). the cellular concentrations of magnesium (means of 630 and 710 mm) were more than an order of a magnitude higher than the outside concentrations. the internal concentrations of sodium were on average 50-180 mm, and the [k+]/[na+] ratios were in the range of 0.1-0.5; lowest for apparently nonactive bacteria. magnes ...199910420582
an ecological study of bacteriophages of vibrio natriegens.effects of temperature and anaerobic conditions on the replication of two bacteriophages, nt-1 and nt-6, of the estuarine bacterium vibrio natriegens were studied. reduction in temperature resulted in longer latent periods and reduced burst sizes for both phages. replication under anaerobic conditions resulted in longer latent periods; however, phage nt-6 had a reduced burst size, whereas phage nt-1 had an increased burst size, resulting in a rate of phage production nearly equal to that observe ...1978647480
high blood pressure during pregnancy and working conditions among hospital personnel.the relationship between working conditions and high blood pressure during pregnancy was analysed in a sample of 621 women hospital employees in the paris region over the period 1979-1981. data were collected by interviews during the routine medical visit at the end of postnatal leave. women who had to work standing up for extended periods of time, who had to carry heavy loads or who had to perform heavy cleaning tasks had high blood pressure during their pregnancy more often than women not expo ...19911855606
n2 fixation in marine heterotrophic bacteria: dynamics of environmental and molecular regulation.molecular and immunological techniques were used to examine n2 fixation in a ubiquitous heterotrophic marine bacterium, the facultative anaerobic vibrio natriegens. when batch cultures were shifted from aerobic n-replete to anaerobic n-deplete conditions, transcriptional and post-translational regulation of n2 fixation was observed. levels of nifhdk mrna encoding the nitrogenase enzyme were highest at 140 min postshift and undetectable between 6 and 9 h later. immunologically determined levels o ...199611607653
dissimilation of glucose and gluconic acid by pseudomonas natriegens.eagon, r. g. (university of georgia, athens) and c. h. wang. dissimilation of glucose and gluconic acid by pseudomonas natriegens. j. bacteriol. 83:879-886. 1962-when glucose dissimilation of a marine pseudomonad, pseudomonas natriegens, was studied, enzymes of both the glycolytic pathway and of the hexose monophosphate pathway were detected in extracts of glucose-grown cells. enzymes of the entner-doudoroff pathway and phosphoketolase were not detected. data from radiorespirometric experiments ...196213888944
pseudomonas natriegens, a marine bacterium with a generation time of less than 10 minutes.eagon, r. g. (university of georgia, athens). pseudomonas natriegens, a marine bacterium with a generation time of less than 10 minutes. j. bacteriol. 83:736-737. 1962.-pseudomonas natriegens, a marine microorganism, was demonstrated to have a generation time of 9.8 min. this is the shortest generation time reported to date. optimal growth occurred at 37 c in brain heart infusion broth supplemented with 1.5% sea salt.196213888946
vibrio pelagius: differences of the type strain deposited at various culture collections.a critical evaluation of published and own taxonomic and phylogenetic studies on vibrio pelagius showed substantial diversity of strains received as type strains from various culture collections. the comparison of data based upon 16s rrna sequence analyses, earlier genomic dna-dna similarity studies as well as physiological investigations and the original description indicate that vibrio pelagius strains cect 4202t and atcc 25916t really represent the originally described type species whereas st ...200011108016
major products of glucose dissimilation by pseudomonas natriegens.eagon, r. g. (university of georgia, athens), and h. w. cho. major products of glucose dissimilation by pseudomonas natriegens. j. bacteriol. 89:1209-1211. 1965.-pseudomonas natriegens aerobically catabolized glucose to yield predominantly acetic acid, pyruvic acid, and co(2), whereas little or no lactic acid was formed. under anaerobic conditions, glucose in an enriched medium was fermented to yield acetic acid and lactic acid but no pyruvic acid or co(2). glucose in a basal salts medium was fe ...196514292987
effects of bacteria on the growth of an amoeba infecting the gills of turbot.we analysed the influence of various bacteria on the in vitro growth of trophozoites of a platyamoeba strain isolated from diseased gill tissues of cultured turbot. little or no growth was shown by amoebae cultured in the presence of (1) the turbot-pathogenic bacteria vibrio anguillarum, aeromonas salmonicida or streptococcus sp., (2) pasteurella piscicida or vibrio vulnificus (pathogenic for some fishes but not turbot), or (3) the non-pathogenic 'environmental' bacteria vibrio campbelli, vibrio ...200111411647
some observations on the physiology of pseudomonas natriegens nov. spec. 196113733692
fourier transform-infrared spectroscopic methods for microbial ecology: analysis of bacteria, bacteria-polymer mixtures and biofilms.fourier transform-infrared (ft-ir) spectroscopy has been used to rapidly and nondestructively analyze bacteria, bacteria-polymer mixtures, digester samples and microbial biofilms. diffuse reflectance ft-ir (drift) analysis of freeze-dried, powdered samples offered a means of obtaining structural information. the bacteria examined were divided into two groups. the first group was characterized by a dominant amide i band and the second group of organisms displayed an additional strong carbonyl ...198511539050
reca expression in response to solar uvr in the marine bacterium vibrio ultraviolet radiation may produce daily stress on marine and estuarine communities as cells are damaged and repair that damage. reduction in the earth's stratospheric ozone layer has increased awareness of the potential effects that ultraviolet radiation may have in the environment, including how marine bacteria respond to changes in solar radiation. we examined the use of the bacterial reca protein as an indicator of the potential of bacteria to repair dna damage caused by solar uv irradi ...200112024236
structures of ribonuclease p rnas of vibrio core species.the structures of an rna component of ribonuclease p (rnase p rna) were examined for vibrio parahaemolyticus, vibrio alginolyticus, vibrio carchariae, vibrio natriegens, vibrio campbellii, vibrio proteolyticus, vibrio pelagius and vibrio harveyi to clearly determine their genetic differences. the rnase p rnas ranged from 382 to 454 nucleotides (nt) in size, and were remarkably different from each other in the structure of two helices, p3 and p12. the p3 helices were comprised of tandem repeats o ...200111430405
lactic dehydrogenases of pseudomonas natriegens.walker, hazel (university of georgia, athens), and r. g. eagon. lactic dehydrogenases of pseudomonas natriegens. j. bacteriol. 88:25-30. 1964.-lactic dehydrogenases specific for d- and l-lactate were demonstrated in pseudomonas natriegens. the l-lactic dehydrogenase showed considerable heat stability, and 40% of the activity remained in extracts after heating at 60 c for 10 min. an essential thiol group for enzyme activity was noted. the results of these experiments were consistent with the view ...196414197895
photoreactivation compensates for uv damage and restores infectivity to natural marine virus communities.we investigated the potential for photoreactivation to restore infectivity to sunlight-damaged natural viral communities in offshore (chlorophyll a, < 0.1 microgram liter-1), coastal (chlorophyll a, ca. 0.2 microgram liter-1), and estuarine (chlorophyll a, ca. 1 to 5 micrograms liter-1) waters of the gulf of mexico. in 67% of samples, the light-dependent repair mechanisms of the bacterium vibrio natriegens restored infectivity to natural viral communities which could not be repaired by light-ind ...19979172339
fluorescently labeled virus probes show that natural virus populations can control the structure of marine microbial communities.fluorescently stained viruses were used as probes to label, identify, and enumerate specific strains of bacteria and cyanobacteria in mixed microbial assemblages. several marine virus isolates were fluorescently stained with yoyo-1 or popo-1 (molecular probes, inc.) and added to seawater samples that contained natural microbial communities. cells to which the stained viruses adsorbed were easily distinguished from nonhost cells; typically, there was undetectable binding of stained viruses to nat ...199516535146
2-methoxy-2',4'-dichloro chalcone as an antimicrofoulant against marine bacterial biofilm.marine paint mixed with 2-methoxy-2',4'-dichloro chalcone is able to considerably reduce the formation of biofilm by vibrio natriegens, a marine bacterium, on polycarbonate (pc), polymethylmethacrylate (pmma) and glass fiber reinforced plastic (gfrp). these polymers have been selected for the study, since they have wide marine applications. surfaces coated with dichloro chalcone containing marine paint had the lowest number of colony forming units (cfu) (1-5×10(6)), proteins (20-30 μg/cm2) and c ...201020708908
grazing characteristics and growth efficiencies at two different temperatures for three nanoflagellates fed with vibrio bacteria at three different concentrations.small inocula of one of the flagellates paraphysomonas imperforata, pteridomonas danica, and cafeteria roenbergensis were added to suspensions of the bacterium vibrio natriegens at each of three concentrations between 107 and 108 cells ml-1 and incubated at each of the temperatures 10 degrees c and 25 degrees c. samples were taken at intervals for counting the flagellates and bacteria to determine the timing of the maximum of flagellate numbers and the concentrations at that time. measurements o ...200111391464
estimation of biologically damaging uv levels in marine surface waters with dna and viral dosimeters.we have surveyed the biologically harmful radiation penetrating the water column along a transect in the western gulf of mexico using dosimeters consisting of intact viruses or naked calf-thymus dna (ctdna). the indigenous marine bacteriophage pwh3a-p1, which lytically infects the heterotrophic bacterium vibrio natriegens (strain pwh3a), displayed decay rates for infectivity approaching 1.0 h(-1) in surface waters when deployed in a seawater-based dosimeter. the accumulation of pyrimidine dimers ...200212403447
[biosynthesis and accumulation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) in vibrio natriegens].accumulation of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) [poly(3hb)] by v. natriegens was studied. results indicated that v. natriegens used glucose, gluconate, fructose and molasses as carbon sources for poly(3hb) synthesis. when molasses was used, up to 28.4% of poly(3hb) to cellular dry weight was accumulated. the accumulation of poly(3hb) followed, was not simultaneously to, the cell growth. analysis of the pha polymerase, beta-ketothiolase, and acetoacetyl-coa reductase showed that the poly(3hb) accumulatio ...200212561210
relationship between ion requirements for respiration and membrane transport in a marine bacterium.intact cells of the marine bacterium alteromonas haloplanktis 214 oxidized nadh, added to the suspending medium, by a process which was stimulated by na+ or li+ but not k+. toluene-treated cells oxidized nadh at three times the rate of untreated cells by a mechanism activated by na+ but not by li+ or k+. in the latter reaction, k+ spared the requirement for na+. intact cells of a. haloplanktis oxidized ethanol by a mechanism stimulated by either na+ or li+. the uptake of alpha-aminoisobutyric ac ...19846690427
[genotypic analysis and plant growth-promoting ability of four plant growth-promoting bacteria from mangrove].we identified four strains of plant growth-promoting bacteria (pgpb) and their plant growth-promoting ability.201021141471
[current empirical data on conditions in relation to death in the hospital].this survey-study represents the psycho-social conditions of death in west-german hospitals as seen from different occupational groups. the test, developed for this task, has been applied in 70 hospitals of different federal states, medical-departments and supporters. it is shown that following factors have an essential influence on the attitudes of people to the needs of the dying patient: amount of medical engineering at ward, time of professional activity and status of the personnel. in sum, ...20102798718
production of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate (phb) by vibrio spp. isolated from marine environment.bacteria isolated from marine sediments were screened for their ability to accumulate polyhydroxyalkanoates. among the isolates, four vibrio spp. (strain m11, m14, m20 and m31) were studied in detail. all synthesized intracellular lipid inclusions during growth on diverse carbon sources including acetate, glycerol, succinate, glucose and sucrose. the inclusions were identified to be poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate (phb) using gas chromatography and nuclear magnetic resonance analysis. no other type of ...200717416432
[long-term outcome of a hospital series of patients with atrio-ventricular accessory pathway].ninety five patients with a mean age of 39 +/- 19 years, 82 of whom were symptomatic, having an accessory atrioventricular bidirectional conduction pathway (wpw syndrome: 77; "concealed": 18) were followed up for an average of 7.3 +/- 2.6 years. the objectives were to analyse: the incidence and causes of death and the possible predictive factors of death due to the wpw syndrome--the influence of medical treatment and type of medication on survival and symptoms. of the 8 cardiac deaths, 6 seemed ...20061363771
ly-4, a new locus determining a lymphocyte cell-surface alloantigen in mice.a new locus is described that determines an alloantigen on the surface of lymphocytes. it differs from loci previously described in that the corresponding antibody, at least in most antisera, reacts almost exclusively with node lymphocytes, and weakly or not at all with thymuslymphocytes. positive strains include c57bl/6, c57bl/10, c57l, c57br/cd, and rf; negative strains include balb/c, c3h, and sjl. the symbol ly-4 is assigned, with the c57bl/6 allele being ly-4(b), and the balb/c allele ly-4( ...20154515607
antibacterial activity and qsar of chalcones against biofilm-producing bacteria isolated from marine waters.biofouling in the marine environment is a major problem. in this study, three marine organisms, namely bacillus flexus (ld1), pseudomonas fluorescens (md3) and vibrio natriegens (md6), were isolated from biofilms formed on polymer and metal surfaces immersed in ocean water. phylogenetic analysis of these three organisms indicated that they were good model systems for studying marine biofouling. the in vitro antifouling activity of 47 synthesized chalcone derivatives was investigated by estimatin ...201020544550
ec directives on medical devices. 20061392944
rrna promoter activity in the fast-growing bacterium vibrio natriegens.the bacterium vibrio natriegens can double with a generation time of less than 10 min (r. g. eagon, j. bacteriol. 83:736-737, 1962), a growth rate that requires an extremely high rate of protein synthesis. we show here that v. natriegens' high potential for protein synthesis results from an increase in ribosome numbers with increasing growth rate, as has been found for other bacteria. we show that v. natriegens contains a large number of rrna operons, and its rrna promoters are extremely strong. ...200211844764
oxidation of antipsoriatic 10-acyldithranol derivatives and dithranol to 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone. 20123369924
identification of vibrio natriegens uvra and uvrb genes and analysis of gene regulation using transcriptional reporter plasmids.nucleotide excision repair (ner) rectifies a variety of chemically and structurally distinct dna lesions. the current model of ner is based upon the enteric bacterium escherichia coli and there is scarce information about how other bacterial species respond to, and correct, dna damage. here we report the isolation and functional analysis of the uvra and uvrb genes from vibrio natriegens, a naturally occurring marine bacterium. genetic studies were completed to assess the repair capabilities of v ...201021046343
prostatic carcinoma. 1998106277
Production and characterization of a novel monoclonal antibody against Vibrio parahaemolyticus F(0)F(1) ATP synthase's delta subunit and its application for rapid identification of the pathogen.We raised monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) against Vibrio parahaemolyticus cell extracts. One of the MAbs, designated MAb-VP34, reacted in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISAs) with 140 V. parahaemolyticus strains, regardless of serotype or origin. MAb-VP34 did not detectably react with 96 strains belonging to 27 other Vibrio species (except for Vibrio natriegens) or with 29 non-Vibrio species. These results show that MAb-VP34 is highly specific for V. parahaemolyticus. Western blotting and ma ...201222056232
fetal heart rate during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure.although maternal ingestion of antiepileptic drugs is strongly suspected of causing congenital defects, particularly oral clefts, the effect of epilepsy itself or a combined effect of drug intake and epilepsy have not been excluded as etiological factors. very little is known about fetal oxygenation during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure. we describe two cases in which fetal heart rate was recorded during a maternal epileptic seizure during labor. the first fetus became clearly asphyctic ...1998106102
beta thromboglobulin and glycosylated haemoglobin in diabetes correlation has been demonstrated between the elevated levels of plasma beta-thromboglobulin and glycosylated haemoglobin found in a group of 97 diabetic patients. the abnormality in diabetic platelets which is reflected by beta-thromboglobulin levels may not therefore be a direct result of poor metabolic control. the highest levels of beta-thromboglobulin were found in those patients with a raised blood urea. glycosylated haemoglobin levels correlated with prevailing blood glucose and with t ...200094458
thyroglobulin and 131i uptake of remaining tissue in patients with differentiated carcinoma after 158 thyroidectomized patients with well-differentiated non-metastatic thyroid cancer the results of serum thyroglobulin (tg) determination and 131i uptake values established immediately before radioiodine treatment (19 days after surgery) were compared. in 113 patients (72%) tg was above 6 ng ml-1 (lower limit of detection) and 131i uptake exceeded 2%. in 11 patients (7%) tg was undetectable and 131i uptake less than 2%. in these cases a radioiodine treatment was not performed; the thyroid ab ...20123399222
pyridine nucleotide-linked reactions of pseudomonas natriegens.eagon, r. g. (university of georgia, athens). pyridine nucleotide-linked reactions of pseudomonas natriegens. j. bacteriol. 84:819-821. 1962-the observation that pseudomonas natriegens utilizes the embden-meyerhof pathway and the hexose monophosphate-pentose cycle only very slightly, even though the necessary enzymes are present, was explained by the existence of a sluggish system for the oxidation of reduced triphosphopyridine nucleotide (tpnh). pyridine nucleotide transhydrogenase could not be ...196216561966
statistical analysis of epidemiological data from a chromium chemical manufacturing plant.a statistical analysis was performed on reported bronchogenic carcinoma incidence in a group of chromium chemical manufacturing workers over the period 1929 to 1977. the purpose was to determine if post-1950 process improvements corresponded to favorable trends in morbidity. because the paucity of data on the population at risk prevented meaningful calculations of smr's, a recently developed method called "probability window analysis" was used to evaluate for statistically valid changes in the " ...2003430272
detection of quorum sensing signal molecules in the family vibrionaceae.the aim of this study was to detect the production of three kinds of quorum sensing (qs) signal molecules, i.e. the n-acyl-homoserine lactone (ahl), the autoinducer-2 (ai-2) and the cholerae autoinducer-1-like (cai-1-like) molecules in 25 vibrionaceae strains.201121395950
steroids in asthma. 200091910
marine bacterioplankton can increase evaporation and gas transfer bymetabolizing insoluble surfactants from the air-seawater interface.hydrophobic surfactants at the air-sea interface can retard evaporative and gaseous exchange between the atmosphere and the ocean.while numerous studies have examined the metabolic role of bacterioneuston at the air-sea interface, the interactions between hydrophobic surfactants and bacterioplankton are not well constrained. a novel experimental design was developed, using vibrio natriegens and (3)h-labelled hexadecanoic acid tracer, to determine how the bacterial metabolism of fatty acids affec ...200919431239
a simple centrifuge column for desalting protein solutions. 2005543535
some acoustic evidence for vocal abuse in adult speakers with repaired cleft palate.acoustic evidence for vocal abuse in adult speakers with cleft palate and hypernasality has not been reported. this study was undertaken to determine if there was acoustic evidence of inappropriate vocal fold adduction during stop consonant production in this population. the results indicated that spectrograms of speakers without cleft palate and severe hypernasality exhibited acoustic characteristics different from spectrograms of speakers without cleft palate and speakers with cleft palate and ...20144010425
the respiratory system of the marine bacterium beneckea natriegens. i. cytochrome composition.(1) the cytochrome composition of beneckea natriegens grown under aerobic conditions has been examined. (2) cell-free extracts obtained by sonication were separated into particulate and supernatant fractions by centrifugation at 150,000 x g. (3) the particulate fraction contained cytochromes b562, b557, b or c554, c549.5, c547, and low concentrations of cytochromes a1 and a2. (subscripts refer to the wavelength optima of the b and c type cytochrome alpha-peaks in low temperature (77 degrees k) d ...197419400035
exclusion testing for huntington's disease in pregnancy with a closely linked dna marker.55 couples where one partner was at 50% risk of huntington's disease (hd) were investigated with a dna probe closely linked to hd, with a view to exclusion testing in a future pregnancy. in 3 of 9 pregnancies so far, hd was excluded in the absence of recombination. in 3 the risk was raised to around 50%, and in 2 exclusion tests were uninformative. the remaining couple changed their minds about termination of the pregnancy and the test was therefore judged inappropriate.20102884411
external separation, internal ligation and injection in circumferential mixed hemorrhoids. analysis of 202 cases. 200198305
[biochemical aspect in cardiac ischemia--ischemic changes and reperfusion injury]. 20102838873
valproate-associated hepatotoxicity and its biochemical mechanisms.intake of the anticonvulsant drug valproic acid, or its sodium salt, has been associated with occasional instances of severe and sometimes fatal hepatotoxicity. probably at least 80 cases have occurred worldwide. the syndrome affects perhaps 1 in 10,000 persons taking the drug, and usually develops in the early weeks or months of therapy. most instances have involved children, usually those receiving more than 1 anticonvulsant. multiple cases have occurred in 2 families. the typical presentation ...20113131628
Vibrio jasicida sp. nov., a member of the Harveyi clade, from marine animals (packhorse lobster, abalone, and Atlantic salmon).Six isolates of a facultatively anaerobic bacterium were recovered in culture from marine invertebrates and vertebrates, including packhorse lobster (Jasus verreauxi), abalone (Haliotis sp.) and Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) between 1994 and 2002. The bacteria are Gram-negative, rod shaped and motile by means of more than one polar flagellum, oxidase-positive, catalase-positive and able to grow between 0.5-8.0% NaCl (optimum 3.0-6.0%) and at temperatures of 10-37 °C (optimum 25-30 °C). On the ba ...201121984666
[transvaal pedagogic discussion group. the ward nurse as a pedagogue]. 20154483653
[conservative treatment of injuries of the liver]. 20143911104
what is behind our masks? 20154495375
plasticity of the gene functions for dna replication in the t4-like phages.we have completely sequenced and annotated the genomes of several relatives of the bacteriophage t4, including three coliphages (rb43, rb49 and rb69), three aeromonas salmonicida phages (44rr2.8t, 25 and 31) and one aeromonas hydrophila phage (aeh1). in addition, we have partially sequenced and annotated the t4-like genomes of coliphage rb16 (a close relative of rb43), a. salmonicida phage 65, acinetobacter johnsonii phage 133 and vibrio natriegens phage nt-1. each of these phage genomes exhibit ...200616828113
hepatitis b antigen in a dialysis unit: five years experience. 2005545706
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