[respiratory problems in patients with muscular dystrophy]. 20113285556
[studies on the blood constituents of the neonates delivered by the induced delivery of the defense medical college method].for the assessment of the influence of the defense medical college planned delivery method upon neonates, the measurement of the blood constituents of the umbilical cord was conducted. statistically speaking, no marked differences were seen between the neonates delivered by the defense medical college method and neonates delivered naturally. the blood constituents investigated were: blood cells, activity of various enzymes, other blood constituents and electrolytes.20123457089
agoraphobia and parental bereavement.the prevalence of parental bereavement was determined in 50 married female outpatients with a dsm-iii diagnosis of agoraphobia and in a control group of married female outpatients diagnosed as having non-psychotic psychiatric disorders other than agoraphobia. the two groups were matched for age and overall severity of psychiatric symptoms. compared with the general population, the patient control group reported a statistically significant excess of parental, but not maternal, bereavement. the ag ...20123435374
effect of antihypertensive drugs on insulin, glucose, and lipid metabolism.the close relationship between diabetes and hypertension has been recognized for decades. new information indicates that resistance to insulin action on glucose uptake in peripheral tissues is a common underlying mechanism in hypertension and diabetes. in prospective trials, the effects of antihypertensive agents on insulin sensitivity and lipoprotein metabolism have been evaluated. both beta-blockers and thiazide diuretics worsen insulin resistance and deteriorate lipoprotein metabolism. angiot ...20061828417
effect of antihypertensive drugs on insulin, glucose, and lipid metabolism.the close relationship between diabetes and hypertension has been recognized for decades. new information indicates that resistance to insulin action on glucose uptake in peripheral tissues is a common underlying mechanism in hypertension and diabetes. in prospective trials, the effects of antihypertensive agents on insulin sensitivity and lipoprotein metabolism have been evaluated. both beta-blockers and thiazide diuretics worsen insulin resistance and deteriorate lipoprotein metabolism. angiot ...20061828417
reference ranges and ideal patient values for blood cholesterol. can there be reconciliation?reference ranges for blood cholesterol levels reflect the nationwide epidemic of "silent" hypercholesterolemia. as such, reference ranges for cholesterol levels without accompanying designation of levels associated with increased coronary risk are misleading and falsely comforting to physicians and patients. in a recent continent-wide study of 108 academically based clinical laboratories, highly variable reference ranges were observed, the ranges having been derived from a vast assortment of sou ...20133754717
[use of audiovisual equipment in the department of dentistry in japanese universities (2)]. 200195111
interference of bromide in determination of serum chloride. 20103815810
diagnosis and treatment of chalazia.a patient with recurrent chalazia is described. this patient also had acne rosacea. the clinical and histologic characteristics of chalazia are described. in addition, therapy for chalazia is presented, with emphasis being given to conservative therapy.20133734179
temporal lobe epilepsy with schizophrenia.i have reported a case of coexisting schizophrenia and complex partial seizures to augment earlier reports of schizophrenia and psychomotor seizures masquerading as one another. i have attempted to clarify the differential diagnosis and reinforce the need to do thorough studies in such cases.20133616704
sodium iron nafeedta as an iron fortification compound in central america. absorption studies.studies were performed in seven children and 98 adults to compare the proportion of iron absorbed when administered as ferric sulfate (fe2(so4)3), nafeedta, hemoglobin (hb), and ferrous ascorbate. studies in children (mostly iron deficient) showed that when the compounds were given with a milk-rice-sugar formula totalling 5 mg fe, iron from hemoglobin was absorbed best, followed by nafeedta and by fe2(so4)3 (mean percent absorption +/-sd = 34.5 +/- 1.5, 8.6 +/- 1.9 and 3.3 +/- 1.5, respectively) ...199996688
[rh isoimmunization caused by plasma administration]. 200198737
early detection of cancer of oesophagus along caspian littoral. report of a pilot project.a simple mass-screening procedure for the early detection by brush cytology of oesophageal cancer in 280 adults in high-incidence villages of the caspian littoral is described. the presence of atypical cells in 7%, and the discovery of frank carcinoma in 3 symptom-free people encourages continuation of the project.200087555
[postoperative esophageal stenosis (role of the laryngologist)]. 2002153373
renal growth after neonatal urinary tract infection.this study presents the result of 12-21 years' follow-up in a group of children with neonatal urinary tract infection (onset within 1 month after birth) in whom early renal growth retardation was noted without concomitant classical renal scarring. in all cases the neonatal infection was diagnosed and treated within a few days of onset and the patients were closely supervised thereafter. renal length, parenchymal thickness and area were measured at urography. at first follow-up (22 children, mean ...20103153287
cervical lymph node metastases with occult primary.patients with cervical metastases from an unknown primary tumour present both diagnostic and therapeutic problems. twenty patients with a metastatic lesion in the neck, in whom the primary tumour was not found despite extensive, diagnostic procedures, were treated in the department of otolaryngology, linköping university hospital, during a 14-year period (1971-1984). since 1975 tonsillectomy has been performed regularly on the affected side as a part of the diagnostic procedure. eight patients w ...20123815873
cofactor recycling in liquid membrane-enzyme systems. 1995177010
[evaluation of blood-liquor barrier by protein gradients in congenital hydrocephalus in infancy]. 199988669
reversal of florid diabetic retinopathy. 200091797
chido, rodgers and c4. in vivo and in vitro coating of red blood cells, grouping and antibody detection.c4 sucrose/low ionic strength (lis)-coated red blood cells (rbc) are excellent for the detection of the previously 'nebulous' antibodies, anti-chido and anti-rodgers, as well as for serum/plasma typing of these antigens by an inhibition technique. by enzyme treatment of such cells, it is confirmed that the ch and rg antigens reside on the c4d part of the c4 molecule. freshly taken rbc from normal individuals were examined with a sensitive auto-analyzer technique with anti-chido, anti-c4 and anti ...199991269
tetralogy of fallot in adults. 199991440
analogue analyser for on-line eye movement detection.a system of single movement detection is obtained by discriminating the velocities and orientations of eye ball displacements. the orthogonal components of eye velocity (vx and vy) are generated from the horizontal (x) and the vertical (y) components of the movements by means of two derivative circuits and the velocity modulus (v) is generated through a vector operator from vx and vy. the onset and end of individual movements are detected on the basis of a preselected v, vx or vy threshold and, ...200188325
comparison of specificity of agonist and antagonist radioligand binding to beta adrenergic receptors. 199819707
natural cooling of the brain during outdoor bicycling?tympanic membrane temperature (ttymp) and deep esophageal temperature (tes) were measured in 8 subjects during normal outdoor bicycling. metabolic rate (vo2) was determined by the douglas bag method. heart rate was sampled continuously. skin surface temperatures were measured at the forehead, chest and shoulder, and core temperatures in the deep esophagus and at the tympanic membrane using a radio telemetry system. for each outdoor experiment an indoor experiment in a climatic chamber, adjusted ...20123399365
[care of the injured in the hospital. medico-legal documents furnished them. transmitting care information]. 1993262925
anomalous origin of right pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta.anomalous origin of one pulmonary artery from the ascending aorta without associated intracardiac defects is a rare congenital malformation. about 60 anatomic and surgical descriptions have been reported in the literature. up to 1974, 22 of the 50 reported cases underwent surgical correction with a 40% mortality rate. the natural history without surgery is poor with a very high mortality during the first year of life. successful anatomic correction of anomalous origin of right pulmonary artery f ...20092777879
[ambulatory observation of patients with neuritis of the optic nerve]. 20123387000
smooth muscle tumours of the digestive tract: report of 160 cases.of 160 patients seen in the period 1951-84 with smooth muscle tumours of the digestive tract, 71 proved to have leiomyomas, 87 had leiomyosarcomas and 2 had leiomyoblastomas. tumour diameter was frequently greater in patients with leiomyosarcoma. the surgical mortality was 2.8 per cent after treatment of leiomyoma and 10.3 per cent after treatment of leiomyosarcoma. after resection of leiomyosarcoma the 2-year survival rate was 86 per cent and the 5-year survival rate was 43 per cent. the only h ...20123349313
an improved immunoelectrophoretic methodology for the evaluation of protein caloric improved technique of two dimensional immunoelectrophoresis of serum proteins on gelatinized cellulose acetate for routine evaluation of protein nutritional state is described. the method, which allows the estimation of more than 30 protein fractions, proves extremely useful in monitoring the effectiveness of total parenteral nutrition and protein metabolic conditions. sera samples from healthy subjects and cachectical neoplastic patients have been examined and preliminary results are reporte ...200192995
long-term treatment with beta-blockers after myocardial infarction.162 patients discharged from hospital after mycardial infarction were randomly allocated to two groups, one received alprenolol 400 mg daily and the other served as the control. the period of follow-up was two years and all other treatment given was standardized. the two groups did not differ with respect to risk factors for myocardial infarction, the course of the acute infarct or treatment during follow-up. after two years one patient in the group treated with alprenolol had died suddenly as c ...2002134897
evaluating the optometric literature: the educated clinician.the purpose of this article is to present a framework for reader evaluation of optometric literature. the elements of a research article are outlined. suggestions are presented that clinicians can use to develop competence in evaluating research literature. also presented is an annotated bibliography of research references. better patient care and increased professional growth will result when clinicians evaluate and make use of the research literature.20082703662
increased cough reflex associated with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor cough. 20113120857
the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in depression. 20103035885
[2 cases of sudden death of twins with idiopathic cardiomegaly]. 2002129892
[intramural pseudo-diverticulosis of the oesophagus]. 199898947
electrocardiographic changes under moderate hypoxia. 2005546723
the role of the paediatric endoscopist.the role of the paediatric endoscopist has been a changing one. when i first commenced at the royal alexandra hospital for children in sydney 25 years ago, paediatric endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract and oesophagus was a limited and poorly defined field. most endoscopic examinations were requested, often reluctantly, by a paediatrician in the investigation of stridor. in fact my first consultation involved instructions to perform a laryngoscopy, but not a bronchoscopy and general anaesth ...20133805880
haemothorax in the course of chickenpox. 20133787528
[new studies on a relationship between hemoglobins and rhesus factors in africans]. 20144308643
[new studies on a relationship between hemoglobins and rhesus factors in africans]. 20144308643
velopharyngeal insufficiency in children: the variable clinical presentation. 20143957645
allies in health. 1983264623
financial impact of physician assistants on medical practice.a study of revenues generated and expenses incurred by 12 physician assistants (medex) who had held salaried positions for at least one year was conducted to determine their financial impact on primary-care practices. daily charge logs were used to make annual estimates of medex-generated revenues. one method of estimating annual revenues produced a mean of $28,190 per year, and a second method yielded a figure of $30,210 per year. financial statements were used in two different ways to estimate ...1983239338
[certain peculiarities in the phenomenology and therapy of jaw osteomyelitis]. 1983272810
the diagnostic usefulness of electron microscopy investigation of orbital embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas.the ultrastructural study of three malignant orbital tumors, only one of which was correctly diagnosed as embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma upon histologic examination, is reported. in all 3 cases electron microscopic investigation revealed the presence of rhabdomyoblasts. these are easily recognizable in one case in which the diagnosis was made on the basis of the optical microscopic study. the other two cases needed further tests to evince rhabdomyoblasts. the importance of an ultrastructural study f ...1986268718
estrogen binding and estrogen receptors in the prostate. 1997175521
comparison between end-systolic pressure-volume and end-systolic wall stress in determining left ventricular contractility with increased afterload.this study compared end-systolic pressure-volume relationship (p/v) versus wall stress index (ws) as a tool for the evaluation of ventricular contractile state during upright isometric exercise. both indices of contractility exhibit significant (p < 0.001) increase during exercise compared to resting values. the correlation coefficients for the two indices of contractility were r = -0.45 for exercise and r = -0.70 for rest. both were significant at the p < 0.01 level. the correlation of the diff ...20061477857
the value of an expert system in performing clinical drug expert system has been designed to assist the cardiologist in determining whether patients can be included in clinical trials. this system contains knowledge on inclusion and exclusion criteria for six drug trials, and has been validated in 100 randomly selected patients. in 97 cases, the expert system and the cardiologist made an identical classification; in the remaining three cases, the patient was incorrectly classified by the physician. the system will also optimize the order in which qu ...20061764928
cure of burkitt's lymphoma. ten-year follow-up of 157 ugandan patients.192 ugandan patients with burkitt's lymphoma were treated with various regimens containing high-dose cyclophosphamide. 21 patients died during induction therapy, and 14 died after partial responses. of 157 patients who responded completely to treatment, 16 were lost to follow-up (10 in 69 died and 72 (51%) are alive and disease-free. 31 of the long-term survivors have relapsed at least once and have been successfully retreated. overall, 34 surviving patients had central-nervous-system involvemen ...199991027
water-treated stimulatory cells in the unidirectional mixed lymphocyte culture. 2002129896
scintiangiographic demonstration of pulmonary arteriovenous fistula: relationship to rendu-osler-weber disease. review article. 2003154498
torsion of the spleen and associated 'prune belly syndrome'. a case report and review of the literature.splenic torsion as a complication of wandering spleen is rare. we report the clinical findings, diagnostic problems and treatment of a 1-year-old coloured child (with classic 'prune belly syndrome') in whom the spleen had undergone torsion, thus simulating an intra-abdominal abscess. the postoperative course was uneventful.2003150053
proceedings: the transient effect of atp on k movement in hela cells. 20051151801
management of bone in digital replantation: free vascularized and composite bone grafts.microvascular surgical techniques have been applied to the problem of digital amputation, persistent nonunion and complicated extremity injuries with segmental bone and soft tissue loss. in replantations, adequate bone shortening and fixation with intramedullary pins or rods is mandatory. proper patient selection, preoperative management of the amputated parts, application of microsurgical disciplines, employment of an organized surgical sequence, and rigid postoperative monitoring has resulted ...2004357062
[vesico-uterine fistulas]. 20133623249
immobilon in the otter. 20154450432
[in vitro fertilization in reduced male fertility]. 20134029742
[pathogenesis and treatment of arterial hypertension in hypothyroidism patients]. 20133784472
[clinical chemistry of the cerebrospinal fluid]. 20133720593
[factors determining the severity of traumatic lesions of the popliteal artery]. 20134073583
three generations building on history. 20133622966
repeatability of phasic muscle activity: performance of surface and intramuscular wire electrodes in gait analysis.repeatability is an important consideration for gait analysis data that are being used as an adjunct to clinical decision making. an index of repeatability may be based on a statistical criterion (variance ratio) that reflects similarity of wave forms over a number of identical cycles. the purpose of this study was to use the variance ratio to assess the repeatability of phasic muscle activity recorded with surface and bipolar intramuscular wire electrodes during gait on 10 normal subjects. vari ...20134032106
[serial hemocultures with warren's medium in patients with positive machado-guerreiro reaction]. 20154624192
more on index of refraction. 20092805311
[prostatectomy and amputatio recti]. 20144103378
distribution and elimination of [14c]-hexachlorobenzene after single oral exposure in cod (gadus morhua) and flounder (platichthys flesus).distribution and elimination of hexachlorobenzene (hcb) after administration to cod (gadus morhua) of a single oral dose of 5 microci [14c]hcb/100 g body weight were studied by whole-body autoradiography and liquid scintillation counting. to obtain some information on the physicochemical properties of the radiolabeled compounds, whole-body autoradiography was performed exposing parallel sagittal sections, treated at -20 degrees c, evaporated at 50 degrees c, and extracted separately with polar a ...20144078931
commonly adopted postures and their effect on the lumbar spine.the activity of the erector spinae muscles and the changes in lumbar curvature were measured in 11 subjects in a range of commonly adopted postures to see if there were any consistent trends. surface electrodes were used to measure back muscle activity and lumbar curvature was measured using electronic inclinometers. the results showed that many commonly adopted postures reduced the lumbar lordosis when compared with erect standing or sitting, even at the expense of increasing the back muscle ac ...20123406840
effects of adult and peer social initiations on the social behavior of withdrawn, maltreated preschool children. 20123346446
physiology of the upper airways in allergic disease. 20143902190
meta-analyses of randomized controlled trials.a new type of research, termed meta-analysis, attempts to analyze and combine the results of previous reports. we found 86 meta-analyses of reports of randomized controlled trials in the english-language literature. we evaluated the quality of these meta-analyses, using a scoring method that considered 23 items in six major areas--study design, combinability, control of bias, statistical analysis, sensitivity analysis, and application of results. only 24 meta-analyses (28 percent) addressed all ...20133807986
more on index of refraction. 20092805311
effect, on serum lipid levels of omega-3 fatty acids, of ingesting fish-oil concentrate. 200192666
intravenous nifedipine for prevention of myocardial ischaemia after coronary revascularization.we sought to determine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic behaviour of a continuous infusion of nifedipine given for prevention of myocardial ischaemia following coronary artery bypass graft (cabg) surgery. patients scheduled for elective cabg, who had good left ventricular function, were included. only normotensive patients who did not require treatment with vasoactive drugs and were bleeding less than 100 following surgery were included. the patients were randomly distributed into ...20061464126
[choledochoplasty in the treatment of cholelithiasis]. 2004516291
[enterostoma therapy--a pilot course in the essen education center of the german nursing association]. 20113127632
evaluating the optometric literature: the educated clinician.the purpose of this article is to present a framework for reader evaluation of optometric literature. the elements of a research article are outlined. suggestions are presented that clinicians can use to develop competence in evaluating research literature. also presented is an annotated bibliography of research references. better patient care and increased professional growth will result when clinicians evaluate and make use of the research literature.20082703662
letter: brain-levels of monoamine oxidase in depression. 20144136104
observations on pulmonary function testing and blood-gas analysis in children. 20154503927
kinetic and equilibrium studies of cyanide and fluoride binding to turnip peroxidases. 1983242258
[interaction of antithymocyte globulin and immunopotentiating activity of schizophyllan (author's transl)]. 2003155747
a pedigree of leber's congenital amaurosis.a pedigree of leber's congenital amaurosis compatible with autosomal recessive trait is reported. two male infants from consanguineous parents had remarkable visual loss within the first year of life, with sluggish pupillary responses, poor fixations, minimal eyeground changes and absent electroretinograms on presentations at the ages of four or 14 months. follow-up studies revealed definite progressions of eyeground abnormalities consisting of attenuated retinal arterioles, pepper- and salt-lik ...20123405591
the use of multivariate techniques in the study of skeletal populations. 20144313256
value of transesophageal color doppler echocardiography for detection of different types of atrial septal defect in 121 adults, the value of transthoracic and transesophageal color doppler echocardiography for detection of different types of atrial septal defect (asd) or of partial anomalous pulmonary venous return was analyzed. the 121 patients had a total of 129 defects with left-to-right atrial shunting (including eight patients with two types of defects). all of six cases with primum-type asd were diagnosed correctly by both echocardiographic methods. ninety-seven patients showed a secundum-type asd du ...19971389216
[distribution and characteristics of poliovirus strains circulating in poland in 1968-1972. ii. genetic characteristics of strains isolated during the 1968 poliomyelitis epidemic, from sporadic cases and from sewage]. 1997175225
haemorheology and exercise: intrinsic flow properties of blood in marathon running.haemorheological and haematological parameters were studied in venous blood samples taken from 8 endurance-trained athletes before and after a marathon run. viscometry was performed in a 20 microns glass capillary and in a couette viscometer. apparent blood viscosity was lower in the capillary than in the rotational viscometer, but significant differences between pre- and post-run samples were not observed in either system. this is presumably due to the absence of changes of haematocrit (pre-run ...20061459744
[conservative treatment of injuries of the liver]. 20143911104
behavioral studies of noise-induced hearing loss in primates: loudness recruitment. 20154351038
recommendations for research in the epidemiology of asthma. 20133581962
development and degeneration of retina in rds mutant mice: altered disc shedding pattern in the heterozygotes and its relation to ocular the heterozygous mutant (rds/+) mice, receptor outer segments (ros) are irregular in form and are shed as abnormally large phagosomes. in the albino rds/+ mice, peak frequency of pigment epithelial (rpe) phagosomes is higher than normal and is recorded near the end of the light period, instead of at the time of light onset as in the normal (+/+) albino mice. in pigmented mice of both genotypes, the maximum numbers of phagosomes in the rpe remain lower than in the albinos. in pigmented +/+ mic ...20092612198
effects of blocked versus random practice by mentally retarded subjects on learning a novel skill.the purpose of this study was to assess the effects of different practice conditions on mentally retarded subjects learning a novel task. 20 subjects with a mean iq of 51.82 were randomly assigned to one of two practice conditions. the first group practiced at three different speeds (60, 30, and 15 rpm) on the pursuit rotor using a block arrangement in which each speed was practiced for five consecutive trials of 20 sec. duration before practicing at the next speed. the second group used random ...20102812988
physical and psychological sequelae to torture. a controlled clinical study of exiled asylum applicants.the study comprised 24 male lebanese refugees living in denmark. twelve of them alleged having been tortured in lebanon during the period 1981-85. the remaining twelve had neither been imprisoned nor tortured and thus acted as control persons. all the testimonies were found to be valid according to a method previously used by the author. the most common forms of torture were blows against the head, body and foot soles, suspension and asphyxiation. threats and solitary confinement were frequent, ...20113209147
emergency room thoracotomy for stab wounds to the chest and neck.this study group comprises 73 patients who underwent emergency room resuscitative thoracotomy for cardiac arrest following penetrating chest and neck injuries. overall, 12 patients (16.4%) were successfully resuscitated but only five (6.8%) left the hospital alive without neurologic defects. none of the 18 cases with no vital signs at all (no cardiac activity, no respiratory efforts, nonreactive pupils) on admission survived. only one out of the 19 cases with no cardiac activity and with fixed p ...20133573102
the vascular pathology of thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura. an immunohistochemical and ultrastructural study. 20144161747
family history of cancer among cancer history of cancer was examined for 9,131 cancer patients who were reported to the aichi cancer registry in 1979-1981, and were over 20 years old at diagnosis. the rate of patients whose parents and/or siblings had cancer of any site was 24.5%. the rate was 9.2% for father, 8.4% for mother, 6.0% for brother(s), and 5.2% for sister(s). a significant site concordance between study patient and family member with cancer was observed for cancer of the breast, colon and rectum, and stomach. the ...20143920100
[double electron-nuclear resonance of free radicals in gamma-irradiated glycine single crystals]. 20164701432
examining the fish microbiome: vertebrate-derived bacteria as an environmental niche for the discovery of unique marine natural products.historically, marine invertebrates have been a prolific source of unique natural products, with a diverse array of biological activities. recent studies of invertebrate-associated microbial communities are revealing microorganisms as the true producers of many of these compounds. inspired by the human microbiome project, which has highlighted the human intestine as a unique microenvironment in terms of microbial diversity, we elected to examine the bacterial communities of fish intestines (which ...201222574119
rapid and sensitive quantification of vibrio cholerae and vibrio mimicus cells in water samples by use of catalyzed reporter deposition fluorescence in situ hybridization combined with solid-phase cytometry.a new protocol for rapid, specific, and sensitive cell-based quantification of vibrio cholerae/vibrio mimicus in water samples was developed. the protocol is based on catalyzed reporter deposition fluorescence in situ hybridization (card-fish) in combination with solid-phase cytometry. for pure cultures, we were able to quantify down to 6 v. cholerae cells on one membrane with a relative precision of 39% and down to 12 cells with a relative precision of 17% after hybridization with the horseradi ...201222885749
[pacemaker implantation in infants and children for atrioventricular block]. 20143819491
[note on psychopathology of delusions]. 20154671572
development of a selective and differential medium for capsulated lactococcus garvieae.a selective and differential medium termed 'lg agar' was developed for the isolation and presumptive identification of lactococcus garvieae that results in black colonies with red halos. in this study, all 14 strains of l. garvieae and only 9 of the 148 strains representing 38 other species were able to grow on the lg agar. the nine viable strains on lg agar plates (including enterococcus faecalis, enterococcus faecium, lactococcus lactis, vibrio fluvialis, vibrio furnissii, vibrio mimicus and v ...201424033791
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