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mechanism of action of beta-blockers in hypertension. 200114643
comparison of specificity of agonist and antagonist radioligand binding to beta adrenergic receptors. 199819707
[disturbances in phosphate metabolism during parenteral alimentation. hypophosphatemic syndrome]. 199824396
mycosis fungoides with verrucous lesions. 199984478
the puzzle of "urethral syndrome": a possible answer?82 strains of slow-growing, co2-dependent, gram-positive organisms have been isolated from the urine of 9 male and 73 female patients. 100% of the men and 93% of the women had urinary symptoms at the time of isolation, and 66% of the specimens showed pyuria. these organisms might account for the urinary symptoms of some patients previously diagnosed as having "urethral syndrome". preliminary data show that, if appropriate antibacterial treatment is given, most of these patients become symptom-fr ...197986778
early detection of cancer of oesophagus along caspian littoral. report of a pilot project.a simple mass-screening procedure for the early detection by brush cytology of oesophageal cancer in 280 adults in high-incidence villages of the caspian littoral is described. the presence of atypical cells in 7%, and the discovery of frank carcinoma in 3 symptom-free people encourages continuation of the project.200087555
analogue analyser for on-line eye movement detection.a system of single movement detection is obtained by discriminating the velocities and orientations of eye ball displacements. the orthogonal components of eye velocity (vx and vy) are generated from the horizontal (x) and the vertical (y) components of the movements by means of two derivative circuits and the velocity modulus (v) is generated through a vector operator from vx and vy. the onset and end of individual movements are detected on the basis of a preselected v, vx or vy threshold and, ...200188325
lipopolysaccharide-derived serotype polysaccharides from neisseria meningitidis group b.three immunologically distinct types of polysaccharides have been isolated by diethylaminoethyl (deae) chromatography from the lipopolysaccharide extracts of group b neisseria meningitidis. all types contain a set of common determinants, as well as distinct ones; all of these determinants are detectable by either immunodiffusion or enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). the polysaccharides elute from a sepharose 4b column in the range of 2-3 x 10(5) daltons and have isoelectric points from 4 ...197988491
[evaluation of blood-liquor barrier by protein gradients in congenital hydrocephalus in infancy]. 199988669
gastric cancer in patients who have taken cimetidine. 197989345
cure of burkitt's lymphoma. ten-year follow-up of 157 ugandan patients.192 ugandan patients with burkitt's lymphoma were treated with various regimens containing high-dose cyclophosphamide. 21 patients died during induction therapy, and 14 died after partial responses. of 157 patients who responded completely to treatment, 16 were lost to follow-up (10 in 69 died and 72 (51%) are alive and disease-free. 31 of the long-term survivors have relapsed at least once and have been successfully retreated. overall, 34 surviving patients had central-nervous-system involvemen ...199991027
chido, rodgers and c4. in vivo and in vitro coating of red blood cells, grouping and antibody detection.c4 sucrose/low ionic strength (lis)-coated red blood cells (rbc) are excellent for the detection of the previously 'nebulous' antibodies, anti-chido and anti-rodgers, as well as for serum/plasma typing of these antigens by an inhibition technique. by enzyme treatment of such cells, it is confirmed that the ch and rg antigens reside on the c4d part of the c4 molecule. freshly taken rbc from normal individuals were examined with a sensitive auto-analyzer technique with anti-chido, anti-c4 and anti ...199991269
[retinal neovascularization: topological, morphological and hemodynamic features (author's transl)]. 199991317
the mesencephalic exterolateral posterior nucleus of the mormyrid fish bryenomyrus niger: efferent connections studied by the hrp method. 199991414
tetralogy of fallot in adults. 199991440
reversal of florid diabetic retinopathy. 200091797
steroids in asthma. 200091910
[cutaneous leishmaniasis. alcoy: an endemic zone]. 197992178
effect, on serum lipid levels of omega-3 fatty acids, of ingesting fish-oil concentrate. 200192666
alpha-feto-protein (afp) and human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) as biochemical markers of intracranial germ-cell tumours. 197992878
prostate-specific acid phosphatase: purification and specific antibody production in rabbits.demonstration of prostate-specific acid phosphatase by immunologic methods in tissue sections or in plasma necessitates a monospecific antiserum. this is produced by immunizing rabbits with pure prostate-specific acid phosphatase antigen, prepared from seminal fluid. the ejaculate is centrifuged, dialyzed against a citrate buffer, ph 4.8, and centrifuged again. the supernatant is brought onto a sephacryl s-200 superfine column and eluted with the same buffer. prostate-specific acid phosphatase-p ...197992890
an improved immunoelectrophoretic methodology for the evaluation of protein caloric improved technique of two dimensional immunoelectrophoresis of serum proteins on gelatinized cellulose acetate for routine evaluation of protein nutritional state is described. the method, which allows the estimation of more than 30 protein fractions, proves extremely useful in monitoring the effectiveness of total parenteral nutrition and protein metabolic conditions. sera samples from healthy subjects and cachectical neoplastic patients have been examined and preliminary results are reporte ...200192995
perinatal mortality. 200193220
[use of audiovisual equipment in the department of dentistry in japanese universities (2)]. 200195111
viability and endogenous substrates used during starvation survival of rhodospirillum rubrum.cells of rhodospirillum rubrum were grown photoorganotrophically and chemoorganotrophically and then starved for organic carbon and combined nitrogen under four conditions: anaerobically in the light and dark and aerobically in the light and dark. illumination prolonged viability and suppressed the net degradation of cell material of phototrophically grown cells, but had no effect on chemotrophically grown cells that did not contain bacteriochlorophyll. the half-life survival times of carbohydra ...197896087
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
pre-proparathyroid hormone; amino acid sequence, chemical synthesis, and some biological studies of the precursor region.the precursor of bovine proparathyroid hormone was synthesized by translation of parathyroid mrna in a wheat-germ cell-free system. the amino acid sequence of the nh2-terminal extension (the pre sequence) was determined by repetitive edman degradation of the polypeptide labeled with radioactive amino acids (radiosequencing). the pre sequence of pre-proparathyroid hormone is (formula: see text) which is followed by the sequence of proparathyroid hormone. it is significant that 20 of the 25 amino ...197896437
sodium iron nafeedta as an iron fortification compound in central america. absorption studies.studies were performed in seven children and 98 adults to compare the proportion of iron absorbed when administered as ferric sulfate (fe2(so4)3), nafeedta, hemoglobin (hb), and ferrous ascorbate. studies in children (mostly iron deficient) showed that when the compounds were given with a milk-rice-sugar formula totalling 5 mg fe, iron from hemoglobin was absorbed best, followed by nafeedta and by fe2(so4)3 (mean percent absorption +/-sd = 34.5 +/- 1.5, 8.6 +/- 1.9 and 3.3 +/- 1.5, respectively) ...199996688
[serological survey of animal rickettsioses in cameroon. i. evaluation of the threshold of positivity and specificity of the micro-agglutination reaction as related to the size of the animal]. 197796947
comparison of continuous and discontinuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis with immunodiffusion in identification of candida antibody using hs antigen.we have compared continuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis (ccie) and discontinuous counterimmunoelectrophoresis (dcie) with immunodiffusion (id) in the identification of candida albicans antibody using hs antigen. eighteen sera with a titer of 1/1 to 1/32 1/32 by ccie were titered by ccie and id. fewer were positive by ccie and id (13 of 18 and 9 of 18, respectively). furthermore, the titers were lower when measured by these two methods in comparison to dcie (4 of 18 and 3 of 18 sera had titers g ...197897308
thermophilic methanogenesis in a hot-spring algal-bacterial mat (71 to 30 degrees c).algal-bacterial mats which grow in the effluent channels of alkaline hot springs provided an environment suitable for studying natural thermophilic methane producing bacteria. methane was rapidly produced in cores taken from the meat and appeared to be an end product of decomposition of the algal-bacterial organic matter. formaldehyde prevented production of methane. initial methanogenic rate was lower and methanogenesis became exponential when samples were permitted to cool before laboratory in ...197898110
[rh isoimmunization caused by plasma administration]. 200198737
changes in composition of tears of malnourished children. 197898738
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
[intramural pseudo-diverticulosis of the oesophagus]. 199898947
the relationship between intracellular and extracellular potassium in normal and malnourished subjects as studied in leukocytes.leukocyte potassium has been measured in normal subjects and in malnourished children with and without edema both on admission and during recovery. in nonedematous malnourished children the potassium content was low (328 mmol/kg dry solids) and took 2-3 weeks of rehabilitation to return to normal (374 mmol/kg dry solids). leukocytes from edematous children had normal intracellular potassium values. however, 5 days on a maintenance diet reduced the intracellular potassium in the children with kwa ...199999717
implications for adult roles from differential styles of mother-infant bonding: an ethological study.ethological observations of maternal and infant behaviors of nine vervet monkey pairs (cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus) showed the effects of differential styles of early maternal responsiveness on later infant competence. those infants receiving the least amount of maternal responsiveness and the most time-off the mother in the first 3 months of development were more socially competent at 6 months of age. the results are discussed within current ethological "attachment" theories. the detachment ...1979105083
fetal heart rate during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure.although maternal ingestion of antiepileptic drugs is strongly suspected of causing congenital defects, particularly oral clefts, the effect of epilepsy itself or a combined effect of drug intake and epilepsy have not been excluded as etiological factors. very little is known about fetal oxygenation during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure. we describe two cases in which fetal heart rate was recorded during a maternal epileptic seizure during labor. the first fetus became clearly asphyctic ...1998106102
scanning electron microscopy of uncoated human metaphase chromosomes.human metaphase chromosomes were processed with a 3% glutaraldehydetannic acid technique and examined in a scanning electron microscope at 20 kv either without added metal coating or with 2 nm of sputtered gold coating. several substrates--aluminum mnium foil, silver mirror deposit and sputtered gold-provided good conductive backgrounds for chromosomal spreads. silver mirror deposit was the best conductive substrate tested. this method should prove to be a useful tool for monitoring the three-di ...1979107316
membrane potential and reconstitution. 1979110998
[oculomotor reflex evoked by vibrassae stimulation in the cat].the oculomotor effects of vibrissae stimulation have been studied in the "encéphale isolé" non-anaesthetized cat. intracellular recording of lateral rectus motoneurones showed an excitatory projection via the ipsilateral infraorbital nerve to these motoneurones. the afferent fibers are type a alpha, recuited with a low threshold (0.2-0.5 ma) and convey information about vibrissae displacement.1979120789
[histochemical and quantitative studies of rna in the thyroid epithelium under the influence of thyrotropic hormone (tsh)]. 1975127942
[2 cases of sudden death of twins with idiopathic cardiomegaly]. 2002129892
water-treated stimulatory cells in the unidirectional mixed lymphocyte culture. 2002129896
[influence of microflora on the metabolism of l-threonine at the level of the rat digestive tract].intestinal tissues are found to incorporate l threonine 14cu at faster rate in the absence of microflora. most of the radioactivity of the digestive contents occurs in the tca soluble compounds, except in the coecum and large intestine of the conventional rats where the microflora synthetized its own proteins from the labelled digestive material. free threonine is the main labelled soluble compound in the conventional rats digestive contents. in the other hand, in the germfree rats digestive con ...1976134804
long-term treatment with beta-blockers after myocardial infarction.162 patients discharged from hospital after mycardial infarction were randomly allocated to two groups, one received alprenolol 400 mg daily and the other served as the control. the period of follow-up was two years and all other treatment given was standardized. the two groups did not differ with respect to risk factors for myocardial infarction, the course of the acute infarct or treatment during follow-up. after two years one patient in the group treated with alprenolol had died suddenly as c ...2002134897
[association of an ossicle malformation and a congenital preauricular fistula]. 2003142810
torsion of the spleen and associated 'prune belly syndrome'. a case report and review of the literature.splenic torsion as a complication of wandering spleen is rare. we report the clinical findings, diagnostic problems and treatment of a 1-year-old coloured child (with classic 'prune belly syndrome') in whom the spleen had undergone torsion, thus simulating an intra-abdominal abscess. the postoperative course was uneventful.2003150053
immunoglobulin and complement deposits in the lungs of new zealand black/white mice.forty-four new zealand black/white (nzb/w) f1 hybrid mice were studied for evidence of immune complex deposition in the lungs and kidneys. positive immunofluorescence was seen in the lungs of 27 mice. the pattern of lung fluorescence was granular in association with capillary walls in 16 mice and intracellular in 12. the incidence of granular fluorescence was increased with age and was seen in 80% of the lungs of mice over 13 months old. there was a correlation between capillary wall fluorescenc ...1978150120
pelvic displacement of a cardiac pacemaker following trauma. a case report.the rate migration of an implanted cardiac pacemaker from the subrectus area anterior to the peritoneum to the pelvis following a motor vehicle accident is reported. discovery of dislodgement was made by observing a marked increase of pacemaker impulse amplitude in the three standard limb leads as measured on an oscilloscope.2003152472
[postoperative esophageal stenosis (role of the laryngologist)]. 2002153373
scintiangiographic demonstration of pulmonary arteriovenous fistula: relationship to rendu-osler-weber disease. review article. 2003154498
[effectiveness of the comprehensive treatment by rhonidase electrophoresis and tbilisi sulfide baths of elderly patients suffering from osteoarthrosis deformans]. 2003154769
[interaction of antithymocyte globulin and immunopotentiating activity of schizophyllan (author's transl)]. 2003155747
stimulation of late interphase dictyostelium discoideum amoebae with an external cyclic amp signal.the microelectrode system described in the accompanying paper was used to investigate properties of fields of dictyostelium discoideum amoebae in late interphase. cells in the fields were competent to respond chemotactically to, and to relay, a c-amp signal, but not to produce an aggregative signal autonomously. the experimental results are generally consistent with c-amp being the sole compound required for chemotaxis and signal relaying. a periodic signal from the microelectrode can initiate a ...1975167879
purification and properties of a phosphohydrolase from enterobacter aerogenes.a phosphohydrolase from enterobacter aerogenes which hydrolyzes phosphate mono- and diesters has been purified approximately 50-fold to apparent homoeneity and crystallized. the enzyme is produced when the bacteria utilize phosphate diesters as sole phosphorus source. from sedimentation equilibrium experiments the molecular weight of the native enzyme is 173,000; from sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis the subunit molecular weight is 29,000, indicating that the enzyme is h ...1975168197
[distribution and characteristics of poliovirus strains circulating in poland in 1968-1972. ii. genetic characteristics of strains isolated during the 1968 poliomyelitis epidemic, from sporadic cases and from sewage]. 1997175225
estrogen binding and estrogen receptors in the prostate. 1997175521
cofactor recycling in liquid membrane-enzyme systems. 1995177010
holoendemic cytomegalovirus infection in renal transplant recipients. 1976183385
actin-related gelation of ehrlich tumour cell extracts is reversibly inhibited by low concentrations of ca2+. 1978203867
financial impact of physician assistants on medical practice.a study of revenues generated and expenses incurred by 12 physician assistants (medex) who had held salaried positions for at least one year was conducted to determine their financial impact on primary-care practices. daily charge logs were used to make annual estimates of medex-generated revenues. one method of estimating annual revenues produced a mean of $28,190 per year, and a second method yielded a figure of $30,210 per year. financial statements were used in two different ways to estimate ...1983239338
kinetic and equilibrium studies of cyanide and fluoride binding to turnip peroxidases. 1983242258
[care of the injured in the hospital. medico-legal documents furnished them. transmitting care information]. 1993262925
allies in health. 1983264623
the diagnostic usefulness of electron microscopy investigation of orbital embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas.the ultrastructural study of three malignant orbital tumors, only one of which was correctly diagnosed as embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma upon histologic examination, is reported. in all 3 cases electron microscopic investigation revealed the presence of rhabdomyoblasts. these are easily recognizable in one case in which the diagnosis was made on the basis of the optical microscopic study. the other two cases needed further tests to evince rhabdomyoblasts. the importance of an ultrastructural study f ...1986268718
[certain peculiarities in the phenomenology and therapy of jaw osteomyelitis]. 1983272810
t cell regulation of specific b cell responses. 1978309894
quantification of bcg-induced reactions of t and b areas in peripheral lymphoid organs of young adult balb/c mice. a histomorphometrical and autoradiographical study.significant structural alterations of the axillary lymph nodes and spleens were revealed by histomorphometry following intraperitoneal injection of bcg into young adult balb/c mice. the relative proportions of the germinal center areas were increased in lymph nodes as well as in spleens. the overall proportion of the b cell areas, however, showed a significant increase only in the spleens, compared to a significant reduction in the lymph nodes. by contrast, t cell areas appeared significantly re ...1979313564
management of bone in digital replantation: free vascularized and composite bone grafts.microvascular surgical techniques have been applied to the problem of digital amputation, persistent nonunion and complicated extremity injuries with segmental bone and soft tissue loss. in replantations, adequate bone shortening and fixation with intramedullary pins or rods is mandatory. proper patient selection, preoperative management of the amputated parts, application of microsurgical disciplines, employment of an organized surgical sequence, and rigid postoperative monitoring has resulted ...2004357062
age-dependent increase in the formation of prostaglandin i2 by intact and homogenised aortae from the developing spontaneously hypertensive rat.the prostaglandin i2 biosynthetic capacity of aortae from spontaneously hypertensive rats of various ages (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 months) was investigated. an age-dependent increase in enzyme activity was observed reaching maximum by three months of age which correlated well with the age- related increase in the systolic blood pressure. these results support our notion that the enhanced aortic synthesis of the potent vasodepressor prostaglandin i2 by the spontaneously hypertensive rat likely represen ...1979383156
statistical analysis of epidemiological data from a chromium chemical manufacturing plant.a statistical analysis was performed on reported bronchogenic carcinoma incidence in a group of chromium chemical manufacturing workers over the period 1929 to 1977. the purpose was to determine if post-1950 process improvements corresponded to favorable trends in morbidity. because the paucity of data on the population at risk prevented meaningful calculations of smr's, a recently developed method called "probability window analysis" was used to evaluate for statistically valid changes in the " ...2003430272
[present-day state and perspectives of development of psychotherapy in poland]. 2004515249
[choledochoplasty in the treatment of cholelithiasis]. 2004516291
a simple centrifuge column for desalting protein solutions. 2005543535
electrocardiographic changes under moderate hypoxia. 2005546723
[massive lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage of diverticular origin. diagnostic and therapeutic problems]. 20051082809
proceedings: the transient effect of atp on k movement in hela cells. 20051151801
male transsexualism in england: sixteen cases with surgical intervention.the syndrome of transsexualism is now regarded as a dinstinct entity separate from transvestism and homosexuality (benjamin, 1966; green and money, 1969). it refers to those patients who since childhood have been convinced of their wrong sex assignment and who wish to attain the sexual characteristics of the opposite sex and to live as a member of that sex. the present report is an initial one referring to the first group of transsexual patients studied at a postgraduate teaching hospital by a m ...20051169047
effect of increased static lung recoil on bronchial dimesions of excised lungs.we measured bronchial diameters and lengths during static deflation and inflation in eight excised dog lobes before and after static lung recoil (pst(l)) had been significantly increased by cooling the lobe for 48 h at 4 degrees c and ventilating it for 3 h. in control lobes, bronchial diameters were the same at any volume even though pst(l) was different during inflation and deflation. these results agree with those of hughes et al. (j. appl. physiol. 32: 25-35, 1972). however, when pst(l) was ...19751176409
production of hemagglutinins and pili by vibrio mimicus and its adherence to human and rabbit small intestines in vitro.clinical isolate of vibrio mimicus were examined for production of cell-associated hemagglutinin (ha) and pili and for adherence to formalin-fixed human intestinal mucosa. v. mimicus grown on cfa agar for 3 h at 37 degrees c possessed ha and adhered better to the mucus layer than to the epithelial cell surface. a significant correlation was found between the ha titers and adherence ability to the epithelial cell surface of villi (p less than 0.05); adherence to the ileal lymphoid follicle-associ ...19921349543
lipopolysaccharide composition and virulence properties of clinical and environmental strains of vibrio fluvialis and vibrio mimicus.vibrio mimicus strains w-26768 (stool isolate) and n-1301 (environmental isolate) and vibrio fluvialis strains aa-18239 (stool isolate) and m-940 (environmental isolate) were studied for virulence properties and lipopolysaccharide composition. all four strains were hydrophobic, produced cytotoxin, adhered to hela cells and showed mannose-sensitive agglutination of guinea pig erythrocyte. the strains were negative for enterotoxin production and were mostly susceptible to the common antibiotics. t ...19921383675
value of transesophageal color doppler echocardiography for detection of different types of atrial septal defect in 121 adults, the value of transthoracic and transesophageal color doppler echocardiography for detection of different types of atrial septal defect (asd) or of partial anomalous pulmonary venous return was analyzed. the 121 patients had a total of 129 defects with left-to-right atrial shunting (including eight patients with two types of defects). all of six cases with primum-type asd were diagnosed correctly by both echocardiographic methods. ninety-seven patients showed a secundum-type asd du ...19971389216
health checks on patients 75 years and over in nottinghamshire after the new gp investigate annual health checks for patients of 75 years and over required by the 1990 contract for general practitioners.20061393076
[enteropathogenicity and enteropathogenic toxin production of vibrio mimicus].enteropathogenicity and enteroreactive-toxins were examined in 66 strains of vibrio mimicus and the following results were obtained. frequencies of enteropathogenic strains judged by the result of suckling mouse tests were 11/13 (85%) for clinical isolates and 37/53 (70%) for fish or environmental isolates. frequencies of preservation of cholera toxin gene and nag-st gene were 2 and 15%, respectively, for 48 enteropathogenic strains, and 0 and 6%, respectively, for 18 non-enteropathogenic strain ...19921402070
haemorheology and exercise: intrinsic flow properties of blood in marathon running.haemorheological and haematological parameters were studied in venous blood samples taken from 8 endurance-trained athletes before and after a marathon run. viscometry was performed in a 20 microns glass capillary and in a couette viscometer. apparent blood viscosity was lower in the capillary than in the rotational viscometer, but significant differences between pre- and post-run samples were not observed in either system. this is presumably due to the absence of changes of haematocrit (pre-run ...20061459744
intravenous nifedipine for prevention of myocardial ischaemia after coronary revascularization.we sought to determine the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic behaviour of a continuous infusion of nifedipine given for prevention of myocardial ischaemia following coronary artery bypass graft (cabg) surgery. patients scheduled for elective cabg, who had good left ventricular function, were included. only normotensive patients who did not require treatment with vasoactive drugs and were bleeding less than 100 following surgery were included. the patients were randomly distributed into ...20061464126
comparison between end-systolic pressure-volume and end-systolic wall stress in determining left ventricular contractility with increased afterload.this study compared end-systolic pressure-volume relationship (p/v) versus wall stress index (ws) as a tool for the evaluation of ventricular contractile state during upright isometric exercise. both indices of contractility exhibit significant (p < 0.001) increase during exercise compared to resting values. the correlation coefficients for the two indices of contractility were r = -0.45 for exercise and r = -0.70 for rest. both were significant at the p < 0.01 level. the correlation of the diff ...20061477857
ultrastructural alterations of brain cortex in rat following intraperitoneal administration of mercuric chloride.intraperitoneal administration of a single dose (6 mg/kg body weight) of mercuric chloride (hgcl2) results in ultrastructural changes in brain cortex of the rats. 18 hours after administration of hgcl2 the accumulation of dense deposits of mercury in nerve and glial cell cytoplasm was observed. the quantity of microglia in neuropil was also increased in this experimental group. we postulate that these cerebral macrophages can play an important role in the process of intoxication, too. 5 days aft ...19921479187
the flexor reflex mediated by group ii afferent fibers: effects of morphine-hcl and mephenesin.the effects of morphine-hcl and mephenesin on the flexor reflex mediated by group ii afferent fibers were investigated. the flexor reflex was recorded by means of the electromyogram (emg) evoked in the muscle tibialis anterior by stimulation of the ipsilateral tibial nerve in urethane-alpha-chloralose anesthetized rats. afferent volleys corresponding to the phasic emg component of the flexor reflex with 7.6-msec latency (flexor emg: femg) were also recorded using the double volley technique. the ...19921479741
the serological response of the common seal (phoca vitulina) and the grey seal (halichoerus grypus) to phocine distemper virus as measured by a canine distemper virus neutralisation test.the application of a canine distemper virus (cdv) neutralisation test revealed that antibody titres of up to 11,620 were present in the sera of common seals during the epizootic of phocine distemper in british waters. however, during the later stages of the epizootic and afterwards, a surprisingly high proportion of animals were still seronegative. titres of from 90 to 183 were common in diseased animals and were probably indicative of partial immunosuppression. a few animals with proven phocine ...19921594940
vibrio mimicus bacteraemia in a child. 19921619242
total hepatic mesh wrap for improve hemostasis and avoid the complications of perihepatic packing, a technique of hepatic tamponade using total mesh wrap is reported. the method is geometrically, technically and mechanically feasible and appears to be effective in controlling severe parenchymatous bleeding.19921636144
evidence for insertion sequence-mediated spread of the thermostable direct hemolysin gene among vibrio species.the tdh gene of vibrio parahaemolyticus which encodes the thermostable direct hemolysin has been found in some strains of other vibrio species. analysis of seven tdh genes cloned from v. parahaemolyticus, vibrio mimicus, and non-o1 vibrio cholerae revealed that all tdh genes were flanked by insertion sequence-like elements (collectively named isvs) or related sequences derived from genetic rearrangement of isvs. the isvs possessed 18-bp terminal inverted repeats highly homologous to those of is9 ...19911650342
production of a monoclonal antibody to vibrio cholerae non-o1 heat-stable enterotoxin (st) which is cross-reactive with yersinia enterocolitica st.a monoclonal antibody (mab) against synthetic heat-stable enterotoxin of vibrio cholerae non-o1 (nag-st) was produced. the mab, namely, 2f, belonged to the immunoglobulin g1 class. ascitic fluid drawn from pristane-primed balb/c mice injected with a 2f-producing clone demonstrated anti-nag-st activity which could be detected in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay even at a dilution of 1:128,000. fifty-fold-diluted ascitic fluid could completely neutralize the activity of nag-st (synthetic and nati ...19901696928
variation in epitopes of the b subunit of vibrio cholerae non-o1 and vibrio mimicus cholera toxins.monoclonal antibodies reacting with the b subunit of vibrio cholerae o1 strain 569b cholera toxin (ct-b) were used to identify unique and common epitopes of v. cholerae non-o1 and vibrio mimicus ct-b. vibrio cholerae non-o1 strains produced ct-b showing three monoclonal antibody reaction patterns (epitypes), which corresponded with epitypes described previously for v. cholerae o1 classical biotype ct-b (ct1), el tor biotype ct-b (ct2), and a unique v. cholerae non-o1 ct-b (ct3), which lacked an ...19901697780
the value of an expert system in performing clinical drug expert system has been designed to assist the cardiologist in determining whether patients can be included in clinical trials. this system contains knowledge on inclusion and exclusion criteria for six drug trials, and has been validated in 100 randomly selected patients. in 97 cases, the expert system and the cardiologist made an identical classification; in the remaining three cases, the patient was incorrectly classified by the physician. the system will also optimize the order in which qu ...20061764928
role of vibrio mimicus protease in enterotoxigenicity.recently, we have purified and characterised a metalloprotease produced by vibrio mimicus. the role of v. mimicus protease (vmp) in fluid accumulation (fa) in rabbit ileal loops (ril) was investigated. although live cells or crude vmp prepared from cell-free culture supernatant showed activity in ril, the purified vmp failed to induce fa in the ril. when vmp in crude preparation was inactivated by preparing the fraction in the presence of egta (ethyleneglycol-bis [beta-aminoethylether]-n, n, n1, ...19911800566
purification and characterization of a hemolysin of vibrio mimicus that relates to the thermostable direct hemolysin of vibrio parahaemolyticus.a hemolysin (designated vm-rtdh) from vibrio mimicus (aq0915-e13) was purified by ammonium sulfate fractionation and successive column chromatography with deae-sephadex a-25, hydroxyapatite, mono q, superose 12 and phenyl-superose. the mr of the subunit was estimated to be about 22,000 by sodium dodecyl sulfate-slab gel electrophoresis. the isoelectric point of vm-rtdh was approximately ph 4.9. the hemolytic activity of vm-rtdh was stable upon heating at 100 degrees c for 10 min, similar to that ...19911804756
vascular permeability enhancement by vibrio mimicus protease and the mechanisms of action.vibrio mimicus, a causative agent of gastroenteritis, has also been reported to attribute to extraintestinal infections. recently we have purified a metalloprotease produced by the pathogen: however, the role of the protease in v. mimicus infection has not been documented. the v. mimicus protease (vmp) was found to enhance vascular permeability and form edema when injected into the dorsal skin of guinea pig and rat. the permeability enhancement by vmp was observed in a dose-dependent manner in b ...19911808459
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