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vibrio alginolyticus cellulitis following coral injury.infections associated with marine activities, particularly work or recreation in salt water, present unique diagnostic challenges for the infectious disease practitioner. those caused by halophilic, non-cholera vibrio species are increasingly being recognized in clinical practice. they typically follow saltwater injuries, especially those associated with coral. because these infections can be both severe and life-threatening, a consideration of halophilic vibrio species in the differential diagn ...19883242316
effect of reperfusion on o2 supply/consumption balance in ischemic canine left ventricle.this study was designed to assess the effects of reperfusion on regional o2 supply and o2 consumption of ischemic areas of the myocardium in 15 anesthetized open-chested dogs. the left anterior descending coronary artery (lad) was occluded for 6 h (n = 8), 2 h (n = 5), 2-h occlusion followed by 4-h period of reperfusion (n = 7), and 10-min occlusion followed by 90-min period of reperfusion (n = 3). small artery and vein o2 saturations obtained microspectrophotometrically were combined with regio ...19883147502
prevention of respiratory distress syndrome.rds continues to be a major problem for premature infants despite a better understanding of its pathophysiology and of ways to try to prevent it. to date, prenatal administration of glucocorticoids has been the most widely used method of accelerating fetal lung development. however, several limitations of this therapy have prompted the search for alternative approaches. most efforts have focused on the potential use of combined hormonal therapy with glucocorticoids and either thyroid hormones or ...19883146813
studies in fetal wound healing: ii. a fetal environment accelerates fibroblast migration in vitro.we have used an in vitro model of wound healing using scratches made in a confluent monolayer of fibroblasts. the effects of fetal calf and postnatal calf serum on the migration of fibroblasts were compared. differences between fetal and calf serum-incubated fibroblasts grown on coverslips were observed within 15 minutes of exposure. cells in fetal serum began to change both shape and orientation and to move into the trough created by the scratch. the fibroblasts incubated in fetal calf serum co ...19892769548
studies in fetal wound healing: ii. a fetal environment accelerates fibroblast migration in vitro.we have used an in vitro model of wound healing using scratches made in a confluent monolayer of fibroblasts. the effects of fetal calf and postnatal calf serum on the migration of fibroblasts were compared. differences between fetal and calf serum-incubated fibroblasts grown on coverslips were observed within 15 minutes of exposure. cells in fetal serum began to change both shape and orientation and to move into the trough created by the scratch. the fibroblasts incubated in fetal calf serum co ...19892769548
[adhesion of fungi of the genus candida to vaginal epithelium in various physiological changes in the levels of sex hormones]. 19892655489
nucleotide sequence of the vibrio alginolyticus glna region.the nucleotide sequence of a 4 kb fragment containing the vibrio alginolyticus glna, ntrb and ntrc genes was determined. the upstream region of the glna gene contained tandem promoters. the upstream promoter resembled the consensus sequence for escherichia coli sigma 70 promoters whereas the presumptive downstream promoter showed homology with nitrogen regulated promoters. four putative nri binding sites were located between the tandem promoters. the ntrb gene was preceded by a single presumptiv ...19892574025
inadequate blockade by hexamethonium of the baroreceptor heart rate response in anesthetized and conscious rats.the ability of hexamethonium (hex) alone or in combination with atropine methylbromide (amb) to block the heart rate (hr) response to baroreceptor activation by phenylephrine (pe) or angiotensin ii (aii)-evoked increments in blood pressure was evaluated in rats. a highly significant negative correlation existed under control conditions between the changes in map and hr. hex (10-20 mg/kg) did not influence the baroreceptor hr response of anesthetized and conscious rats, suggesting anesthesia was ...19892567154
terminal field of cholecystokinin-8-like immunoreactive projection neurons of the rat main olfactory bulb.the terminal field of cholecystokinin-8 (cck)-like immunoreactive (cck-ir) tufted cells in the rat main olfactory bulb was examined by means of immunohistochemistry combined with either an anterograde tracer or a degeneration method. cck immunostaining was carried out in animals in which phaseolus vulgaris agglutinin (pha) had been injected into the main olfactory bulb. pairs of adjacent sections were processed for cck and pha immunostaining, respectively. dense cck-ir terminallike staining was ...19892754048
molecular diagnosis of human cancer. 19892677520
trends in public knowledge and attitudes about aids, south carolina, 1987-1988.the south carolina department of health and environmental control aids program assessed the state population's knowledge and attitudes about aids and hiv transmission in 1987 and 1988. each year approximately 1,800 adults were selected by a random 3-stage cluster design and asked seventeen questions by telephone about aids and hiv. questions addressed attitudes, general knowledge, hiv transmission by casual contact, hiv transmission by sex and iv drug contact, and hiv transmission by blood donat ...19892615326
effect of a phospho-oligosaccharidic putative insulin messenger on insulin release in rats.the phospho-oligosaccharide extracted from rat liver and supposed to act as the insulin second messenger inhibits glucose-stimulated insulin release. in the present study, this phospho-oligosaccharide was found not to affect d-[u-14c]glucose oxidation and 45ca net uptake, but to inhibit insulin release evoked by either d-glucose or 2-ketoisocaproate in isolated rat islets. the relative extent of the latter inhibition was unaffected by either the concentration of d-glucose or the presence of dibu ...19892666215
renal metabolism of the oxidized form of ascorbic acid (dehydro-l-ascorbic acid).we evaluated whether specific transport and metabolic properties exist in rat and guinea pig kidney for handling the immediate oxidative product of ascorbic acid, dehydro-l-ascorbic acid. isolated tubules were used to measure uptake of 10 microm [14c]-dehydro-l-ascorbic acid over an 8-min incubation period. uptake did not show dependence on the bathing media electrolyte composition but was inhibited to some extent by glucose. in tubules of both animal species the majority of 14c label present in ...19892912166
preventing second-generation complications due to staphylococcus aureus. 19892919929
[existence of an additional structural component in the basal bodies of escherichia coli and vibrio alginolyticus flagellae].the structure of escherichia coli and vibrio alginolyticus flagella was studied using electron microscopy. an additional protein structure was shown to exist in the basal bodies of intact flagella in these organisms. it is possible that this structure involves three proteins important for the assembly of flagella, energy transduction, and a change-over in the direction of flagellar rotation.19892695799
vibrio parahaemolyticus and other halophilic vibrios associated with seafood in hong kong.the summer prevalence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and other halophilic vibrios in seafood from hong kong markets was investigated. halophilic vibrios were isolated from all seven types of seafood examined, and comprised 9.1%, 8% and 6.1% of contaminating aerobic heterotrophic bacteria from mussels, clams and oysters respectively. sucrose-positive vibrios were more common than sucrose-negative varieties. vibrio alginolyticus was the most frequently isolated species, followed by v. parahaemolyticus ...19892722715
[the first isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from samples which caused food poisoning].we report an event of food poisoning traced to eating salted shrimps. vibrio alginolyticus was shown to be the causative agent through epidemiological investigations and etiological tests. vibro alginolyticus can bring about human septicaemia and wound infection and it was found in the feces of patients with diarrhea, but no determination on its pathogenicity was done. from the samples of food which led to food poisoning. vibrio alginolyticus was isolated, and for the first time it was determine ...19892737046
quantitative analysis of labelled inner retinal proteins in experimental optic order to determine if axonal transport changes in chronic experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) were due to blockade or increased discharge of fast transported proteins from the inner retina, we examined the presence of pulse labeled proteins in autoradiograms of the optic nerve head, retinal ganglion cell and nerve fiber layers of juvenile strain-13 guinea pigs with chronic eae and normal controls. quantitative analysis of silver grains, performed six and twenty-four hours following ...19892707041
purification and some properties of a novel l-2,4-diaminobutyric acid decarboxylase from vibrio alginolyticus.previous investigations have shown that members of the genus vibrio possess a novel enzyme activity decarboxylating l-2,4-diaminobutyric acid (daba) to 1,3-diaminopropane (dap). in this paper we describe the purification, by about 3600-fold, of the enzyme from v. alginolyticus. the purified enzyme was apparently homogeneous, and had a specific activity of 4200 nmol dap min-1 (mg protein)-1. the enzyme protein has an mr of 450,000 +/- 20,000 and is apparently comprised of four identical subunits ...19892614383
concept of the existence of human papillomavirus (hpv) dna in histologically normal squamous epithelium of the genital tract should be re-evaluated.because of the crucial importance of guiding current thinking in the field of hpv epidemiology, the concept of the existence of hpv dna in histologically normal squamous epithelium was re-evaluated. a series of 102 randomly collected cervical punch biopsies, previously proved to contain the dna of hpv types 6, 11, 16, 18, 31 or 33 by in situ hybridization were subjected to analysis for the localization of hpv dna, i.e., whether found in the normal epithelium or at the lesion site only. this mate ...19892561041
cardiopulmonary baroreflex control of brachial artery diameter in sustained essential exaggerated reflex response of forearm resistance vessels following stimulation of cardiac mechanoreceptors has been observed in human hypertension. in the present study we analyze the possibility that such an increased response also involves the large brachial artery. for that purpose, the influence of leg elevation in subjects in a supine position on brachial artery diameter and blood flow velocity was studied in 12 healthy, normal males and 17 males of the same age with sustained essential ...19892607141
a study on na+ -coupled oxidative phosphorylation: atp formation supported by artificially imposed delta pna and delta pk in vibrio alginolyticus cells.addition of na+ to the k+-loaded vibrio alginolyticus cells, creating a 250-fold na+ gradient, is shown to induce a transient increase in the intracellular atp concentration, which is abolished by the na+/h+ antiporter, monensin. the delta pna-supported atp synthesis requires an additional driving force supplied by endogenous respiration or, alternatively, by a k+ gradient (high [k+] inside). in the former case, atp formation is resistant to the protonophorous uncoupler. dicyclohexylcarbodiimide ...19892473063
ventricular arrhythmias and local electrograms after chronic regional denervation of the ischemic area in the pig heart.cardiac denervation has been proved to reduce the incidence of coronary occlusion arrhythmias in digs, but the effect of limiting the extent of sympathectomy to the ischemic area, particularly in hearts with sparse coronary collateral circulation, as in the human heart, needs further investigation. ventricular arrhythmias and changes in epicardial direct current electrograms induced during acute left anterior descending coronary artery occlusion were recorded in 14 pigs subjected to regional den ...19892738265
the estimation of dietary protein intake in chronic renal failure.forty-five adult clinic patients with chronic renal failure each supplied a 4-day weighed dietary record, a 24-h urine collection, and a nocturnal spot urine sample. total nitrogen (n) losses derived from the urines were corrected for proteinuria and non-urea nitrogen excretion. individual estimates of n intake were compared by correlation and assessing the level of agreement. daily urea n excretion derived from the spot sample correlated well with the 24-h collection p less than 0.001, but the ...19892515492
biochemical and antigenic characterization of cd45 polypeptides expressed on plasma membrane and internal granules of human neutrophils.the expression of cd45 polypeptides, a phosphotyrosine phosphatase complex specific of leukocytes, has been investigated in both resting and activated neutrophils by using anti-cd45 monoclonal antibodies (mab) which specifically recognize different polypeptide components of the cd45 molecular complex. polypeptides of 180 and 130-150 kda were equally precipitated by either a conventional cd45 mab recognizing an antigenic determinant shared by the four cd45 glycoproteins (220, 205, 190 and 180 kda ...19892525488
evaluation of media for monitoring fecal streptococci in seawater.the selectivity of kf streptococcus agar (kf) for monitoring fecal streptococci (fs) in seawater was examined in 234 samples of mediterranean water and compared with the selectivity of m-enterococcus agar (m-ent) for 124 samples and with bile-esculin-azide agar (bea) for 17 samples. kf was found to be unsuitable for marine water because vibrio alginolyticus and other gram-negative bacilli indigenous to this environment grew well on it and produced red colonies identical to those of fs. in 26% of ...19892782876
[the ratios and kinds of clinical bacteria isolated in taiwan's large-size hospitals].the prevalence of clinical bacteria, as isolated from linko chang-gung memorial hospital (2,300 beds) in the period january 1985 to december 1986 and from taipei veterans general hospital (2,300 beds) during the period january 1986 to december 1986, was analyzed with the following findings: (i) the isolation ratio of anaerobic and aerobic or facultative bactria during the period of investigation were 7.8% (5,513/70,799) and 92.2% (65,286/70,799), respectively. (ii) of the total aerobic or facult ...19892791722
[the effect of progesterone, testosterone and estradiol on steroid hormone release by the ovarian follicles of cows in vitro]. 19892806660
[otitis caused by vibrio alginolyticus]. 19892525729
the f1-atpase of vibrio alginolyticus. purification and n-terminal sequence of major subunits.the f1-type atpase has been isolated from membrane preparations of marine alkalotolerant bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus. the enzyme was found to consist of two major subunits of 55 and 58 kda and at least two minor components (38 and 23 kda). amino acid sequences of n-terminal regions of the major subunits revealed close homology with those of e. coli h+-atpase and of propionigenium modestum na+-atpase.19892532151
differential effects of the destruction of leydig cells by administration of ethane dimethane sulphonate to postnatal rats.ethane dimethane sulphonate (eds) is a cytotoxic drug that selectively destroys leydig cells in adult testes. this study has examined the effect of a single injection of eds on the leydig cell populations present in the testes of rats aged 5, 10, or 20 days. microscopic examination of the tissue demonstrated that the fetal leydig cell population was destroyed at all ages, but that subsequent development of the adult population of leydig cells was not affected. whilst the destruction of the fetal ...19892546615
[the detection of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus using modified culture media].studies have been completed for the detection of vibrio(v.) parahaemolyticus and v. alginolyticus in baltic sea fish. the author had prepared for that purpose a liquid culturing medium and a solid substrate. the percentage of positive findings is remarkable. the results so far recorded should be a good reason for further studies.19892619483
effects of hypercortisolemia and diabetes on skeletal muscle insulin receptor function in vitro and in vivo.activation of skeletal muscle insulin receptor tyrosine kinase in vitro and in vivo was studied in two rat models of insulin resistance: insulinopenic diabetes and hypercortisolemia. in control rats, intravenous insulin administration resulted in dose-dependent in vivo activation of the muscle insulin receptor kinase towards histone h2b. half-maximal and maximal activation were observed 5 min after injecting 0.1 and 0.5 u insulin/100 g, respectively. diabetes (7 days) induced with streptozotocin ...19892643342
the sodium cycle: a novel type of bacterial energetics.the progress of bioenergetic studies on the role of na+ in bacteria is reviewed. experiments performed over the past decade on several bacterial species of quite different taxonomic positions show that na+ can, under certain conditions, substitute for h+ as the coupling ion. various primary na+ pumps (delta mu na+ generators) are described, i.e., na+ -motive decarboxylases, nadh-quinone reductase, terminal oxidase, and atpase. the delta mu na+ formed is shown to be consumed by na+ driven atp-syn ...19892687258
sodium-transport nadh-quinone reductase of a marine vibrio alginolyticus.the respiratory chain of a marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus, required na+ for maximum activity, and the site of na+ -dependent activation was localized on the nadh-quinone reductase segment. the na+ -dependent nadh-quinone reductase extruded na+ as a direct result of redox reaction. it was composed of three subunits, alpha, beta, and gamma, with apparent mr of 52, 46, and 32 kda, respectively. the reduction of ubiquinone-1 to ubiquinol proceeded via ubisemiquinone radicals. the former reac ...19892687259
respiratory na+ pump and na+-dependent energetics in vibrio alginolyticus.the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus was found to possess the respiratory na+ pump that generates an electrochemical potential of na+, which plays a central role in bioenergetics of v. alginolyticus, as a direct result of respiration. mutants defective in the na+ pump revealed that one of the two kinds of nadh: quinone oxidoreductase requires na+ for activity and functions as the na+ pump. the na+ pump composed of three subunits was purified and reconstituted into liposomes. generation of m ...19892687261
mechanism of lhrh-stimulated steroidogenesis in rat leydig cells: lipoxygenase products of arachidonic acid may not be involved.luteinizing hormone releasing hormone agonist, [(imbzl)-dhis6,pro9,net]-lhrh (lhrh-a), caused a two to threefold increase in in vitro testosterone (t) secretion by rat leydig cells. this lhrh-a-induced t secretion was completely blocked by quinacrine and chloroquine, inhibitors of phospholipase a2. addition of phospholipase a2, however, was ineffective in stimulating basal or lhrh-a-induced t secretion. phospholipase c, on the other hand, significantly stimulated both basal and lhrh-a-induced t ...19892695506
hydrogen peroxide mutagenicity towards salmonella bioassays conducted under controlled, comparable conditions, weak direct mutagenicity responses were observed for hydrogen peroxide in the standard (ames test) agar plate incorporation bioassay with salmonella typhimurium strains ta97, ta98, ta102, and ta1537, in a 20 min preincubation test with strains ta97, ta98, ta100, ta102, ta1537, and ta1538, and in a liquid incubation modification using strain ta1537. these results conclusively demonstrate that hydrogen peroxide is a weak mutagen, espe ...19892572065
a primary respiratory na+ pump of an anaerobic bacterium: the na+-dependent nadh:quinone oxidoreductase of klebsiella pneumoniae.membranes of klebsiella pneumoniae, grown anaerobically on citrate, contain a nadh oxidase activity that is activated specifically by na+ or li+ ions and effectively inhibited by 2-heptyl-4-hydroxyquinoline-n-oxide (hqno). cytochromes b and d were present in the membranes, and the steady state reduction level of cytochrome b increased on nacl addition. inverted bacterial membrane vesicles accumulated na+ ions upon nadh oxidation. na+ uptake was completely inhibited by monensin and by hqno and sl ...19892545175
nucleotide sequence of the unc operon of vibrio alginolyticus. 19892529481
nucleotide sequence of the vibrio alginolyticus calcium-dependent, detergent-resistant alkaline serine exoprotease a.the nucleotide sequence of the vibrio alginolyticus alkaline serine exoprotease a (proa) gene cloned in escherichia coli was determined. the exoprotease a gene (proa) consisted of 1602 bp which encoded a protein of 534 amino acids (aa) with an mr of 55,900. the region upstream from the gene was characterized by a putative promoter consensus region (-10 -35), a ribosome-binding site and atg start codon. the proa gene encodes a typical 21-aa n-terminal signal sequence which, when fused to alkaline ...19892546861
nucleotide sequence and analysis of the vibrio alginolyticus sucrase gene (scrb).the nucleotide sequence of a 2.119-kb dna fragment containing the vibrio alginolyticus sucrase gene (scrb) was determined. the complete sequence (484 aa residues) of the sucrase was deduced and homology was detected between the sucrase enzymes from v. alginolyticus and the gram-positive bacteria bacillus subtilis and streptococcus mutans. in escherichia coli cells the cloned v. alginolyticus sucrase is translocated to the periplasm. transposon phoa mutagenesis experiments strongly suggested that ...19892551785
enzyme polymorphism and clinical variability of diseases: a study of diabetes mellitus.we investigated possible relations among four common neonatal manifestations of diabetic pregnancy (macrosomia, hypoglycemia, hypocalcemia, jaundice) and four enzyme polymorphisms (pgm1, ada, ak1, acp1 in a sample of infants born of diabetic mothers. the pattern of associations observed between the two sets of variables is consistent with known differences in enzymatic activity within phenotypes of each system, suggesting that low enzymatic activity may have unfavorable effects on fetal developm ...19892556341
[isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from a patient with chronic otitis]. 19892490665
evolution of antioxidant mechanisms: thiol-dependent peroxidases and thioltransferase among procaryotes.glutathione peroxidase and glutathione s-transferase both utilize glutathione (gsh) to destroy organic hydroperoxides, and these enzymes are thought to serve an antioxidant function in mammalian cells by catalyzing the destruction of lipid hydroperoxides. only two groups of procaryotes, the purple bacteria and the cyanobacteria, produce gsh, and we show in the present work that representatives from these two groups (escherichia coli, beneckea alginolytica, rhodospirillum rubrum, chromatium vinos ...19892515292
use of synthetic ribosome binding site for overproduction of the 5b protein of insertion sequence is5.insertion sequence is5 is a bacterial transposable element which contains three open reading frames designated 5a, 5b and 5c. although there was no detectable expression from the 5b open reading frame when it was preceded by the native promoter and ribosome binding site or by a tac promoter and the native ribosome binding site, we have overproduced a 5b protein both in vitro and in escherichia coli cells by using a tac promoter and a specially-designed synthetic ribosome binding site. beta-galac ...19892538799
sequence of subunit c of the sodium ion translocating adenosine triphosphate synthase of propionigenium modestum.the 30 n-terminal amino acid residues of the purified atpase c subunit of propionigenium modestum have been determined. an oligonucleotide mixture was derived from this sequence and used as probe for cloning the corresponding gene in escherichia coli. the nucleotide sequence of the gene has been determined and compared with those of atpase c subunits from other bacteria and chloroplasts. peculiar sequence similarities are found only at the c-terminus between the c subunits of the atpases from p. ...19902146118
characterization of the h(+)-pumping f1f0 atpase of vibrio alginolyticus.the f1f0 atpase of vibrio alginolyticus was cloned from a chromosomal lambda library. the unc operon, which contains the structural genes for the atpase, was sequenced and shown to have a gene organization of uncibefhagdc. the sequence of each subunit was compared with those of other eubacterial atpases. the v. alginolyticus unc genes exhibited greater similarity to the escherichia coli unc genes than to any of the other bacterial unc genes for which the sequence is available. the atpase was exp ...19902147679
radioimmunotargeting of human tumour cells in immunocompetent animals.a tumour model system is reported that for many purposes may be an alternative to xenografted nude mice. the model allows immunotargeting of human tumour cells in immunocompetent animals. the target cells are contained in i.p. diffusion chambers (dc) with micropore membrane walls that are permeable to molecules, including the cell specific monoclonal antibodies (moab), but impermeable to cells. thus, the tumour cells are protected from the host immunocompetent cells. in the work here presented t ...19902223574
neonatal monosodium glutamate abolishes corticotropin-releasing factor-induced epileptogenic activity in rats.intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of rat corticotropin-releasing factor (rcrf) at doses of 5-20 micrograms in rats induces epileptogenic activity characterized by pacemaker-like spikes localized in the hippocampal leads. such an effect was still present in rats neonatally treated with saline but was absent in those neonatally treated with monosodium glutamate (msg), a treatment that caused marked changes in the concentration of several brain neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in hypoth ...19902245800
polyamine metabolism and uptake during phaseolus vulgaris lectin, pha-induced growth of rat small intestine.kidney bean lectin, pha, stimulated the hyperplastic and hypertrophic growth of rat small intestine. this growth was preceded by a rapid accumulation of polyamines in the small intestine. however, since the lectin had little effect on in situ polyamine biosynthesis, most of the polyamines must have been of extracellular origin. to investigate the source of polyamines, both the luminal uptake and basolateral transport of polyamines by the rat small intestine were measured in vivo. luminal polyami ...19902262068
interactions between different strains of vibrio alginolyticus and hemolymph fractions from adult mytilus edulis.the juvenile-bivalve pathogen vibrio alginolyticus ncmb 1339 was toxic, in vitro, to hemocytes from adult mytilus edulis. toxicity was mediated by both washed bacterial cells and culture supernates. washed cells of an environmental isolate of v. alginolyticus, strain ps-1, were 2.5 times less toxic to mytilus hemocytes, but this strain did produce a lethal extracellular factor(s) in broth culture, albeit at lower levels than v. alginolyticus ncmb 1339. hemolymph fractions from mytilus exerted a ...19902376663
radioimmunotargeting of human tumour cells in immunocompetent animals.a tumour model system is reported that for many purposes may be an alternative to xenografted nude mice. the model allows immunotargeting of human tumour cells in immunocompetent animals. the target cells are contained in i.p. diffusion chambers (dc) with micropore membrane walls that are permeable to molecules, including the cell specific monoclonal antibodies (moab), but impermeable to cells. thus, the tumour cells are protected from the host immunocompetent cells. in the work here presented t ...19902223574
neonatal monosodium glutamate abolishes corticotropin-releasing factor-induced epileptogenic activity in rats.intracerebroventricular (i.c.v.) injection of rat corticotropin-releasing factor (rcrf) at doses of 5-20 micrograms in rats induces epileptogenic activity characterized by pacemaker-like spikes localized in the hippocampal leads. such an effect was still present in rats neonatally treated with saline but was absent in those neonatally treated with monosodium glutamate (msg), a treatment that caused marked changes in the concentration of several brain neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in hypoth ...19902245800
downregulation of parathyroid hormone receptors in renal membranes from aged rats.the mechanism of the inhibition or blunting of parathyroid hormone (pth)-stimulated na(+)-ca2+ exchange activity in renal cortical cells from aged rats was examined. the number of pth binding sites in basolateral membranes prepared from adult (6 mo) and old (24 mo) rats was quantitated by the binding of the synthetic analogue 125i-labeled [nle8,18, tyr34]bpth-(1-34) amide to the membrane. the maximum number of specific pth binding sites, bmax, was 92.7 +/- 9.3 and 36.7 +/- 6.1 fmol/mg protein, r ...19902168678
longitudinal study of epstein-barr virus genotypes associated with infectious mononucleosis patients and healthy carriers. 19902169503
nucleotide sequence and analysis of the vibrio alginolyticus sucrose uptake-encoding region.the nucleotide sequence of the vibrio alginolyticus sucrose uptake-encoding region was determined, and contained two genes, scra and scrk. the scra gene encodes an enzyme iisucrose (eiiscr) protein of the phosphoenolpyruvate dependent phosphotransferase system and the scrk gene encodes a fructokinase. the deduced amino acid (aa) sequence for the v. alginolyticus eiiscr protein was homologous with the eiiscr proteins from streptococcus mutans, salmonella typhimurium (pur400 system) and bacillus s ...19902174811
ion selectivity of the vibrio alginolyticus flagellar motor.the marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus, normally requires sodium for motility. we found that lithium will substitute for sodium. in neutral ph buffers, the membrane potential and swimming speed of glycolyzing bacteria reached maximal values as sodium or lithium concentration was increased. while the maximal potentials obtained in the two cations were comparable, the maximal swimming speed was substantially lower in lithium. over a wide range of sodium concentration, the bacteria maintained a ...19902394685
antimelanoma monoclonal antibody-ricin a chain immunoconjugate (xmmme-001-rta) plus cyclophosphamide in the treatment of metastatic malignant melanoma: results of a phase ii trial.prior studies with the xmmme-001-rta immunoconjugate composed of an antimelanoma monoclonal antibody and ricin a chain demonstrated some antitumor activity. however, almost all patients studied developed human antimurine antibodies and antiricin antibodies. in an effort to abrogate these host anti-immunotoxin immune responses and thus enhance antitumor activity, we treated 20 patients with the immunoconjugate plus a single dose of intravenous cyclophosphamide. an overall response rate of 20% was ...19902395000
molecular cloning and partial dna sequencing of the collagenase gene of vibrio alginolyticus.dna fragments vibrio alginolyticus chemovar iophagus, at least 7 kb in length, were ligated to escherichia coli expression vectors. three clones of escherichia coli hb101 (plco-1, plco-2, plco-3) were obtained by the colony immunoblotting method using anti-collagenase antibody. in escherichia coli, all these genes produced collagenase antigens which were detected with western blotting. the amino acid sequence of chemically purified collagenase fragments was also analyzed. an approximately 2.5 kb ...19901965912
cloning and sequencing of the saca gene: characterization of a sucrase from zymomonas mobilis.the zymomonas mobilis gene (saca) encoding a protein with sucrase activity has been cloned in escherichia coli and its nucleotide sequence has been determined. potential ribosome-binding site and promoter sequences were identified in the region upstream of the gene which were homologous to e. coli and z. mobilis consensus sequences. extracts from e. coli cells, containing the saca gene, displayed a sucrose-hydrolyzing activity. however, no transfructosylation activity (exchange reaction or levan ...19902254250
mechanisms of sodium transport in some bacteria, an na+ circuit is an important link between exergonic and endergonic membrane reactions. the physiological importance of na+ ion cycling is described in detail for three different bacteria. klebsiella pneumoniae fermenting citrate pumps na+ outwards by oxaloacetate decarboxylase and uses the na+ ion gradient thus established for citrate uptake. another possible function of the na+ gradient may be to drive the endergonic reduction of nad+ with ubiquinol as electron donor. in vib ...19901970650
vibrios associated with red tides caused by mesodinium rubrum.vibrios were isolated from red tides caused by mesodinium rubrum and also throughout the year in the ria de pontevedra, spain. the isolates were grouped into 14 phena by numerical toxonomy. strains associated with red tides were restricted to four phena: phena i and ii were vibrio alginolyticus, and phena iii and iv were vibrio tubiashii and vibrio anguillarum, respectively. v. anguillarum-like strains (phena v through xi) predominated throughout the year outside the red tide areas. cytotoxicity ...19902268167
yolk degradation in tick eggs: ii. evidence that cathepsin l-like proteinase is stored as a latent, acid-activable proenzyme.cathepsin l-like proteinase found in the eggs of the tick ornithodoros moubata is latent during embryogenesis, but can be activated by acid treatment. in crude extracts as well as in partially purified fractions, activation requires reducing conditions and is inhibited by leupeptin, which indicates that it is mediated by a thiol proteinase, probably by the cathepsin l itself. latency disappears in vivo at the time of the acute phase of yolk digestion, which takes place during late embryonic deve ...19902134179
generation of affinity for antithrombin iii by supplemental sulfation of heparin species with low affinity for the protein.the tributylammonium salt of a porcine heparin subfraction with low affinity for antithrombin iii (mr 7,500-18,000; anti-clotting activity, 7 usp units/mg), having degrees of sulfate substitution at d-glucosamine and l-iduronic acid residues of glcns 0.786, glcn6s 0.628, and idoa2s 0.682 mol, was reacted with 10 or 20 mol of pyridine-sulfur trioxide per mol equiv. of available hydroxyl groups in n,n-dimethylformamide at -10 degrees c for 1 h. both chemical and nmr spectroscopic analyses revealed ...19902292586
copper-induced production of copper-binding supernatant proteins by the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus.growth of the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus is temporarily inhibited by micromolar levels of copper. during the copper-induced lag phase, supernatant compounds which complex and detoxify copper are produced. in this study two copper-inducible supernatant proteins having molecular masses of ca. 21 and 19 kilodaltons (cubp1 and cubp2) were identified; these proteins were, respectively, 25 and 46 times amplified in supernatants of copper-challenged cultures compared with controls. experimen ...19902339887
improved fluorogenic assay for rapid detection of vibrio parahaemolyticus in improved fluorogenic assay for the rapid detection of vibrio parahaemolyticus was developed. in the improved assay, the enrichment of v. parahaemolyticus was carried out in arabinose-glucuronate medium (0.5% arabinose, 0.25% glucuronate, 0.1% polypeptone, 0.1% yeast extract, 0.1% ammonium sulfate, 2% nacl, 2 micrograms of polymyxin b sulfate per ml, ph 8.5) at 37 degrees c. after the cultivation, the trypsinlike activity of the bacteria was measured by fluorescence with the fluorogenic substr ...19902339897
number and types of hemocytes in sunetta scripta and villorita cyprinoides var. cochinensis (bivalvia), and leukocytosis subsequent to bacterial challenge.the number and types of hemocytes in four size groups of the clam species sunetta scripta and villorita cyprinoides var. cochinensis, and leukocytosis in the 38- to 40-mm-size-group clams of both species subsequent to challenge with vibrio alginolyticus at a concentration of 1 x 10(8) cells/0.02 ml of sterile 2% saline was investigated. in s. scripta, the mean total hemocyte count in the 42- to 44-mm size group was significantly lower than that of the three other size groups but there was no sig ...19902351842
a new species of the genus chauhanellus bychowsky et nagibina, 1969 (monogenea) from the gills of a sea fish tachysurus dussumieri (val.) from andhra pradesh, india.chauhanellus chauhani sp. n., collected from the gills of a sea cat-fish, tachysurus dussumieri (valenciennes) from the bay of bengal, off the coast of kakinada, andhra pradesh, india is described and illustrated. it differs from the related species of the genus--c. oculatus, c. flexiosus, c. australis, c. nagibinae, and c. pedunculatus--in the shape and articulation of accessory piece with cirrus and in having a crescentic posteromedian process on its dorsal bar. it has five transverse hard str ...19902227713
a new species of the genus chauhanellus bychowsky et nagibina, 1969 (monogenea) from the gills of a sea fish tachysurus dussumieri (val.) from andhra pradesh, india.chauhanellus chauhani sp. n., collected from the gills of a sea cat-fish, tachysurus dussumieri (valenciennes) from the bay of bengal, off the coast of kakinada, andhra pradesh, india is described and illustrated. it differs from the related species of the genus--c. oculatus, c. flexiosus, c. australis, c. nagibinae, and c. pedunculatus--in the shape and articulation of accessory piece with cirrus and in having a crescentic posteromedian process on its dorsal bar. it has five transverse hard str ...19902227713
effects of respiratory activity on starvation survival of marine vibrios.the marine bacterium vibrio fluvialis nctc11328 responded to nutrient depletion by a reduction in cell volume, and this was prevented by conditions that eliminated respiration as a source of energy. addition of the protonophore, cccp, removal of oxygen and introduction of mutations leading to defects of the respiratory chain prevented size reduction during periods of nutrient limitation. further, survival of the wild-type strain during starvation was reduced under anaerobic conditions and surviv ...19902154166
in vitro protein translocation into inverted membrane vesicles prepared from vibrio alginolyticus is stimulated by the electrochemical potential of na+ in the presence of escherichia coli seca.a protein translocation system was reconstituted from inverted membrane vesicles prepared from na+ pump-possessing vibrio alginolyticus and purified escherichia coli seca. the translocation required atp and was stimulated by the functioning of the na+ pump, suggesting that the electrochemical potential of na+, but not that of h+, is important for protein translocation in vibrio.19902159889
[isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from a leg ulcer].an organism presenting the characteristics of vibrio alginolyticus was isolated from a cutaneous leg ulcer in a 67-year-old woman. the origin of this halophilic bacterium remains unknown. the clinical observation and the bacteriological findings are presented and commented.19902161606
genetic transformation of vibrio parahaemolyticus, vibrio alginolyticus, and vibrio cholerae non o-1 with plasmid dna by electroporation procedure for the plasmid-mediated transformation of the genus vibrio was performed, as part of an effort to develop recombinant dna techniques for genetic manipulation of the genus vibrio. vibrio parahaemolyticus, v. alginolyticus, and v. cholerae non o-1 (9 different strains) were transformed with 3 vector plasmids (pacyc184, phsg398, and pbr325). the efficiency of transformation was highly dependent on three parameters: the concentration of plasmid dna; the strength of the ...19902280728
intracellular na+ kinetically interferes with the rotation of the na(+)-driven flagellar motors of vibrio understand the mechanism of na+ movement through the force-generating units of the na(+)-driven flagellar motors of vibrio alginolyticus, the effect of intracellular na+ concentration on motor rotation was investigated. control cells containing about 50 mm na+ showed good motility even at 10 mm na+ in the medium, i.e. in the absence of an inwardly directed na+ gradient. in contrast, na(+)-loaded cells containing about 400 mm na+ showed very poor motility at 500 mm na+ in the medium, i.e. even ...19902243095
method designed to detect alginate-degrading bacteria.a simple turbidimetric method was developed to detect alginate degradation. bacteria were grown in alginate-containing media, and culture fluids were mixed with an acidic albumin solution. failure to develop a white turbidity indicated an alginate degrader. the method showed alginate degradation by vibrio alginolyticus atcc 17749, in contrast to prior descriptions.199016348303
scintigraphic evaluation of sarcomata in children and adults by ga67 citrate.gallium-67 scans were performed on 32 patients with adult and childhood sarcomata as part of clinical staging studies. gallium-67 scans proved to be highly accurate in assessing sites of disease in patients with malignant schwannoma, ewing's sarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma. gallium-67 scans were inaccurate in determining sites of disease in patients with other types of sarcomata. it is concluded that gallium-67 scanning is a useful adjunct to clinical staging in selected patients with sarcomata.1990213185
[adenomatous transformation of acidophilic pituitary hyperplasia in acromegaly]. 1990184404
[xantinol-nicotinate in primary type-v hyperlipoproteinaemia (author's transl)].the effect of xantinol-nicotinate (50 mg/kg body-weight) on serum lipids and lipoproteins was tested in 16 out-patients with primary type v hyperlipoproteinaemia. the lipids and lipoproteins were measured before treatment, during a three-week period of drug administration and ten days after it had been stopped. there were no side effects such as flushing or gastritis, and no notable reduction of weight. each serum-lipid fraction (triglycerides, nonesterified fatty acids, phospholipids, ester-cho ...1990185036
hydroxylation of proline in polytripeptide models of collagen: stereochemistry of polytripeptide-prolyl hydroxylase interaction. 1990210786
isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from blood cultures in a leukaemic patient after consumption of oysters. 19911794376
fluorescence quenching studies on the characterization of energy generated at the nadh:quinone oxidoreductase and quinol oxidase segments of marine bacteria.generation of membrane potential (inside-positive) and delta ph (inside-acidic) at two kinds of nadh:quinone oxidoreductase segments, the na(+)-motive segment and another segment, of vibrio alginolyticus was examined by monitoring the quenching of fluorescence of oxonol v and that of quinacrine, respectively, with inside-out membrane vesicles. transient generation of membrane potential at the segment occurred when ubiquinone-1 was added in the presence of kcn and nadh. the membrane potential was ...19911907969
[creatinine clearance as the foundation for clinical determination of kidney function in swine].comparative examinations of renal function using inulin- and endogenous creatinine-clearance tests in 5 pigs showed nearly identical values of glomerular filtration rate (gfr). based on this relation 79 healthy pigs, weighting 2 kg to 230 kg were investigated using the creatinine-clearance test for determination of normal values of gfr and urine flow rate (vu) as well as renal excretion (e), renal clearance (clr) and fractional excretion (fe) of urea, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, gluc ...19911948984
detection of antigens in urine of patients with acute falciparum and vivax malaria infections.using an antigen-capture, dot-blot assay, antigens were detected in the urine of 50 patients infected with plasmodium falciparum. antigens were also detected in 12/15 patients who had no detectable parasitemias 1-2 weeks after chemotherapy. by western blotting and immunoprecipitation, four predominant antigens were identified with the following molecular masses (mr) and isoelectric points (pi): antigen 1, 200 kda, pi 6.4-6.27; antigen 2, 180 kda, pi 5.2-4.8; antigen 3, 150 kda, pi 5.5; antigen 4 ...19911951853
purification and some properties of carboxynorspermidine synthase participating in a novel biosynthetic pathway for norspermidine in vibrio alginolyticus.carboxynorspermidine synthase, mediates the nicotinamide-nucleotide-linked reduction of the schiff base h2n(ch2)3n = chch2ch(nh2)cooh. this is formed from l-aspartic beta-semialdehyde (asa) and 1,3-diaminopropane (dap) and is reduced to carboxynorspermidine [h2n(ch2)3nh(ch2)2ch(nh2)cooh], an intermediate in the novel pathway for norspermidine (nspd) biosynthesis. the enzyme was purified to apparent homogeneity from vibrio alginolyticus and characterized. the overall purification was about 1800-f ...19911955861
sgap-10c agar for the isolation and quantification of aeromonas from water.glutamate starch penicillin (gsp) medium was used for the simultaneous isolation of pseudomonas and aeromonas. modifications to reduce the number of pseudomonas and background flora and to improve the recovery of aeromonas from water samples are described. the original medium was modified by adding glucose and ampicillin. the addition of 10 micrograms/l of c-glucose to the medium (sgap-10c) permitted better recuperation of stressed cells of aeromonads and the ampicillin reduced the numbers of ps ...19912016212
nucleotide sequence and analysis of the vibrio alginolyticus scr repressor-encoding gene (scrr).the nucleotide sequence of the vibrio alginolyticus scr repressor-encoding gene (scrr) was determined. the deduced amino acid sequence of the scr repressor was homologous with the gal, lac and cyt repressors of escherichia coli and contained a helix-turn-helix dna binding domain. although the scrr gene encoded a protein which was required for the regulation of the v. alginolyticus sucrose utilization system, a particular deletion in the scrr gene could not be complemented in trans. the lack of c ...19912060795
[identification of species of microorganisms of the genus vibrio].during 1988, a study was made on 61 microorganisms, genus vibrio, which were received at the national reference laboratory for acute diarrheic diseases. pedro kouri institute of tropical medicine. of them, 46 were from children with acute diarrheic disease and 15 were isolated from the environment. by means of biochemical tests. 61 vibrio cholerae no. 01. 9 vibrio parahaemolyticus and 1 vibrio alginolyticus were identified. emphasis is placed upon the importance of keeping a systematic surveilla ...19911812527
the effect of f0 inhibitors on the vibrio alginolyticus membrane atpase.the inhibition of membrane atpase from the marine alkalotolerant bacterium vibrio alginolyticus by dccd, triphenyltin and venturicidin was studied. dccd proved to be an irreversible inhibitor, while venturicidin and triphenyltin produced a reversible inhibitory effect. the dccd-binding proteolipid was identified in the membrane preparations. the effect of the inhibitors on atpase activity and atp-dependent na(+)-transport in v. alginolyticus subcellular vesicles is discussed.19911826482
f0f1-atpase from vibrio alginolyticus. subunit composition and proton pumping f0f1-atpase was isolated from the membranes of the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus. homology between the subunits of the f0-complexes from e. coli and v. alginolyticus was found using antibodies against subunits a, b and c of the e. coli f0f1-atpase. the f0f1-complex from v. alginolyticus was reconstituted into proteoliposomes, which were competent in atp-dependent proton uptake. this process was inhibited by triphenyltin, dccd, and venturicidin. na+ did not affect proton translocation.19911647986
[vibrio alginolyticus and swimmer's otitis externa. 2 cases and review of the literature].we describe two patients with acute diffuse external otitis (swimmer's otitis) acquired in the mediterranean shore, with vibrio alginolyticus recovered from ear fluid. we describe the biochemical profile and sensitivity pattern (mic) of both strains, comparing it to previously published data. a literature review was also performed, in which we found evidence for increasing concern of v. alginolyticus as an human pathogen. also there is a need for considering halophilic vibrio as potential pathog ...19911822155
structure of the rabbit phospholamban gene, cloning of the human cdna, and assignment of the gene to human chromosome 6.we have isolated and characterized genomic dna clones encoding rabbit phospholamban. only a single gene for phospholamban was detected in the rabbit genome. the phospholamban gene of 13.2 kilobases contains only one 10.5-kilobase intron, which separates exonic sequences located in the 5'-untranslated region. two potential transcription initiation sites were mapped to 335 and 185 nucleotides upstream from the translation initiation site in the mrna or 239 and 89 nucleotides upstream from the exon ...19911828805
complexity and sequence identification of 24 rat v beta genes.twenty-four tcr v beta genes were cloned by anchored pcr from the lewis rat strain and identified by nucleotide and amino acid sequence comparisons to known mouse v beta genes. rat v beta genes exist in 17 single-member and 3 multimember subfamilies and exhibit 86 to 94 and 72 to 92% nucleotide and amino acid sequence similarities, respectively, to their mouse counterparts. a single rat gene, designated v beta 20, having no previously known mouse counterpart was identified; a closely related gen ...19911828824
regulation of the mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) binding site in cultured mammary tissue.the mouse mammary tumor virus (mmtv) initiates infection when the envelope protein, gp52, binds to a cell surface protein and triggers internalization. the hormonal regulation of this protein was studied both in vitro and in vivo. in mammary gland explant culture, levels of the mmtv binding protein were maintained only when prolactin was present in the medium. the further addition of progesterone induced levels to 164% of controls, while estradiol was without effect. these results were reproduce ...19911665450
na(+)-coupled alternative to h(+)-coupled primary transport systems in bacteria.protons are the most common coupling ions in bacterial energy conversions. however, while many organisms, such as the alkaliphilic bacilli, employ h(+)-bioenergetics for electron transport phosphorylation, they use na+ as the coupling ion for transport and flagellar movement. the na+ gradient required for these bioenergetic functions is established by the secondary na+/h+ antiporter. in contrast, vibrio alginolyticus and methanogenic bacteria have primary pumps for both h+ and na+. they use the ...19911665692
vibrio alginolyticus in the u.k. 19911753130
the sodiummotive nadh-ubiquinone oxidoreductase of vibrio alginolyticus. 19911783108
two generalized transducing phages in vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus.two bacteriophages named phi vp253 and phi vp143 isolated after ultraviolet induction from lysogenic strains of vibrio parahaemolyticus have been shown to be generalized transducing phages. so far, seven different auxotrophic markers of a v. parahaemolyticus strain could be transduced at the frequencies ranging from 2.2 x 10(-7) to 7.5 x 10(-5) per infected cell at the m.o.i. of approximately 1.0. the phage phi vp143, but not phi vp253, lysed 20 of the 28 strains of v. alginolyticus and the occu ...19911808461
effect of systemic inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis on muscle protein balance after trauma in the rat.anaesthetized rats were subjected to a single impact trauma to the medial aspect of the right hindlimb (gastrocnemius muscle), and were compared with sham-treated controls. for 3 days after injury, muscles of the traumatized limb showed a marked catabolic response. muscle protein repletion commenced after day 3, however, this process was not complete until 21 days after injury. muscles of the uninjured limb of the traumatized rats also showed a distinct catabolic response, compared with rats tha ...19911913329
molecular analysis of two fructokinases involved in sucrose metabolism of enteric bacteria.sucrose-positive derivatives of escherichia coli k-12, containing the plasmid pur400, and of klebsiella pneumoniae hydrolyse intracellular sucrose 6-phosphate by means of an invertase into d-glucose 6-phosphate and free d-fructose. the latter is phosphorylated by an atp-dependent fructokinase (gene scrk of an scr regulon) to d-fructose 6-phosphate. the lack of scrk does not cause any visible phenotype in wild-type strains of both organisms. using genes and enzymes normally involved in d-arabinit ...19911809835
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