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national surveillance of aids in health care workers.information obtained for all persons with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) reported to the centers for disease control, atlanta, includes a question about employment in a health care or clinical laboratory setting. as of may 1, 1986, a total of 922 (5.5%) of 16,748 adults with aids reported employment in such settings. ninety-five percent of these health care workers belonged to recognized high-risk groups for aids; the proportion with "no identified risk" has not increased with tim ...19863783866
occurrence and distribution of halophilic vibrios in subtropical coastal waters of hong kong.the summer occurrence and distribution of halophilic vibrios in the subtropical coastal waters of hong kong were investigated. the density of vibrios in six sample sites ranged from 90 to 6,700 per ml, which made up 0.41 to 40% of the total bacterial populations of these sample sites. the sucrose-positive vibrios were found to be much more common (88% of total vibrios) than the sucrose-negative ones. a total of 48 strains belonging to six vibrio species were fully characterized. among these, vib ...19863789725
studies on transferrin receptor expression in mouse plasmacytoma cells. 19863792031
isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from two patients of acute gastroenteritis. 19863794263
analysis of 5-ht1 binding site subtypes and potential functional correlates. 19863797586
leishmania in the old world: 3. the distribution of l. aethiopica zymodemes.isoenzyme profiles of 28 stocks of leishmania aethiopica were compared with those of reference strains of l. aethiopica, l. tropica and l. major using starch-gel electrophoresis of 13 enzymes (gpi, gd, es, pgm, pepd, nh, asat, alat, pk, mpi, 6pgd, sod, mdh). 13 zymodemes were seen. l. aethiopica showed some infraspecific variation. stocks from phlebotomus longipes and procavia habessinica were indistinguishable from those from man. stocks from cases of diffuse cutaneous and cutaneous leishmanias ...19863798530
the effect of toluene inhalation exposure on catecholamine contents in rat sympathetic male rats were exposed to toluene in short-term exposure by inhalation for 48 h (2000 ppm, continuously), and in long-term inhalation for 3 months (1000 ppm, 8 h daily). the formaldehyde-induced fluorescence (fif) technique for histochemical demonstration of catecholamines (ca) was used to detect changes in the catecholamine stores. the concentration of ca in the sympathetic neurons of superior cervical ganglia and adrenal medulla was measured by the fif technique combined with microfluori ...19863807443
[diagnosis of borrelia infections is an all-year-round problem as the serological examination of the cases from 1985 shows]. 19863807483
generation of na+ electrochemical potential by the na+-motive nadh oxidase and na+/h+ antiport system of a moderately halophilic vibrio costicola.cells of vibrio costicola at ph 8.5 generate both membrane potential (inside negative) and delta ph (inside acidic) in the presence of a proton conductor, carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone (cccp). the generation of cccp-resistant membrane potential was inhibited by 2-heptyl-4-hydroxyquinoline-n-oxide that is known to inhibit the na+-motive nadh oxidase of vibrio alginolyticus. nadh oxidase, but not lactate oxidase, of inverted membrane vesicles prepared from v. costicola required na+ for ...19863005258
deletion mutants that affect expression of epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen in cos-1 cells after gene transfer with simian virus 40 vectors containing portions of the bamhi k fragment.we have identified sequences that affect the efficient expression of epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen (ebna 1) when the structural portion of its gene, found within the 2.9-kilobase-pair bamhi/hindiii fragment called ilf, is expressed from a simian virus 40 vector. a set of nested deletions at the bamhi end of the fragment was constructed by using bal 31 digestion, the addition of linkers, and ligation into psvod. the mutants were tested for their ability to express antigen in cos-1 monkey cel ...19863009849
development and characterization of a rat histiocyte-macrophage tumor line.a transplantable macrophage-like cell line has been obtained and established in w rats. this cell line is in its 85th passage and is perhaps the only established macrophage-like cell line that grows rapidly intraperitoneally in rats. the cells possess some of the typical characteristics of macrophages, such as adherence to glass, phagocytosis, presence of fc receptors and c3d receptors, la determinants, leukocyte common antigen, lysozyme, non-specific esterase, and glycogen. the tumor also grows ...19863457975
[human gingival pigmentation due to electrochemical degradation. immunological study of biopsies using monoclonal antibodies]. 19863464603
vibrio alginolyticus bacteremia in an immunocompromised patient.vibrio alginolyticus, an extremely halophilic member of this genus, was isolated from multiple sets of blood cultures drawn during a septic crisis of a patient with osteogenic sarcoma. no identifiable source of this infection could be determined.19863465495
immunological studies on crohn's disease. iv. decreased adcc activity.antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (adcc) activity was studied in 16 japanese patients with crohn's disease (cd) and 16 healthy controls. adcc activity was assessed by measuring 51cr release from antibody coated human b-cell line. significantly (p less than 0.002) depressed adcc activity was found in patients with cd, although adcc activity was not directly related to the disease activity. to determine causative factors related to reductions in adcc activity, circulating immune comple ...19863485720
escherichia coli as cause of ecthyma gangrenosum. 19863511469
effect of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 on insulin secretion: direct or mediated?in order to clarify the role of vitamin d (d) in regulating insulin secretion, we studied the effect of long term (10 days) and short term (3 days) supplementation with d and/or calcium (ca) on insulin secretion from the isolated, perfused pancreas of d- and ca-deficient rats. the influence of the nutritional state induced by d deficiency was also evaluated. the long term supplementation of either d, ca, or both restored the body weight and improved insulin secretion induced by high glucose conc ...19863516655
feasibility of same-day identification of members of the family vibrionaceae by the api 20e system.sixty isolates, comprising nine species of the family vibrionaceae, were tested with the api 20e 5-h same-day procedure (analytab products, plainview, n.y.). included were 27 aeromonas hydrophila isolates, 10 aeromonas sobria isolates, 7 aeromonas caviae isolates, 3 plesiomonas shigelloides isolates, 3 vibrio alginolyticus isolates, 3 vibrio cholerae isolates, 1 vibrio fluvialis isolate, 5 vibrio parahaemolyticus isolates, and 1 vibrio vulnificus isolate. the 5-h profile numbers were specific fo ...19863517061
production of extracellular enzymes and cytotoxicity by vibrio vulnificus.thirty-three strains of vibrio vulnificus of clinical and environmental origin were examined for production of 12 extracellular enzymes of potential importance to the virulence of this bacterium. strains of vibrio vulnificus were consistent in their production of protease, mucinase, lipase, chondroitinase, hyaluronidase, dnase, sulfatase, and hemolysin. no differences between clinical and environmental isolates were noted. although none of the enzymes appeared to correlate with the ability of th ...19863522090
radioactivity in breast milk after chernobyl. 19862872450
temperature and oxygen regulated expression of a glutamine synthetase gene from vibrio alginolyticus cloned in escherichia coli.glutamine synthetase (gs) synthesis in vibrio alginolyticus was regulated by temperature, oxygen and nitrogen levels. a gs gene, glna from v. alginolyticus was cloned on a 5.67 kb insert in the recombinant plasmid prm210, which enabled escherichia coli glna, ntrb, ntrc deletion mutants to utilize (nh4)2so4 as a sole source of nitrogen. the v. alginolyticus glna gene was expressed from a regulatory region contained within the cloned fragment. v. alginolyticus glna expression from prm210 was subje ...19862880573
eeg interaction between delta 8-tetrahydrocannabinol and some sedative-anxiolytic drugs. is the anxiogenic effect of cannabis related to an action on the gabaergic system? 19863017070
evidence that a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin is encoded by a family of genes.two cdna clones were isolated by immunoscreening a human hepatoma cdna library with an antiserum that bound specifically to a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin with mr of approximately 14,000. the deduced amino acid sequences of the inserts of these two clones show considerable homology with each other, the sequence of chicken skin beta-galactoside-binding lectin, and eight peptides derived from purified human lung lectin of mr approximately 14,000. however, the sequence differences ...19863020551
evidence that a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin is encoded by a family of genes.two cdna clones were isolated by immunoscreening a human hepatoma cdna library with an antiserum that bound specifically to a human soluble beta-galactoside-binding lectin with mr of approximately 14,000. the deduced amino acid sequences of the inserts of these two clones show considerable homology with each other, the sequence of chicken skin beta-galactoside-binding lectin, and eight peptides derived from purified human lung lectin of mr approximately 14,000. however, the sequence differences ...19863020551
[differential diagnosis of viral diarrheas in calves].there is a description of the enzymoimmunologic method (elisa), which was used for demonstration of rotaviruses and coronaviruses in the samples of excrements of the calves suffering from diarrheas. it is shown by a comparison with the results obtained by electron microscopy that the elisa method provides by up to 50% higher capture rate and the reaction is highly specific. the method can also be applied to a detection of human rotavirus in the children's stool.19863020762
[differential diagnosis of viral diarrheas in calves].there is a description of the enzymoimmunologic method (elisa), which was used for demonstration of rotaviruses and coronaviruses in the samples of excrements of the calves suffering from diarrheas. it is shown by a comparison with the results obtained by electron microscopy that the elisa method provides by up to 50% higher capture rate and the reaction is highly specific. the method can also be applied to a detection of human rotavirus in the children's stool.19863020762
enhanced expression of the c-myc gene in bovine leukemia virus-induced bovine tumors.we have detected elevated levels of c-myc gene expression in neoplastic cells from all seven bovine leukemia virus (blv)-induced bovine tumors examined, but not in blv-infected, nonneoplastic lymphoid cells. no rearrangement or amplification of the c-myc gene could be demonstrated in any of the blv-induced tumors. furthermore, blv proviral dna was found to have no preferred site of integration in these tumors. the possible mechanisms of enhanced expression of the c-myc gene in blv-induced tumors ...19863022917
purification and characterization of a streptomycete collagenase.a soil streptomycete designated as streptomyces sp. a8 produced an extracellular collagen hydrolysing enzyme that appeared to be 'true collagenase' as it degraded native collagen under physiological conditions and cleaved the synthetic hexapeptide 4-phenylazobenzyloxycarbonyl-l-prolyl-l-leucyl-glycyl-l-prolyl-d-a rginine into two tripeptides. the enzyme was purified by diethyl aminoethyl cellulose chromatography and sephadex g-150 gel filtration. the purified enzyme had an apparent molecular wei ...19863023269
differential depression of hypoglossal nerve activity by alcohol. protection by pretreatment with medroxyprogesterone acetate.upper airway obstruction during sleep occurs more commonly in men than in women and has been treated with progestational agents with some success. alcohol ingestion exacerbates sleep apnea, and recent studies have established that alcohol depresses the respiratory motor activity to upper airway muscles more than that to the diaphragm, a response pattern that favors upper airway obstruction during inspiration. to investigate the possibility that progesterone provides some protection from this act ...19862935056
the sodium cycle. ii. na+-coupled oxidative phosphorylation in vibrio alginolyticus cells.the role of na+ in vibrio alginolyticus oxidative phosphorylation has been studied. it has been found that the addition of a respiratory substrate, lactate, to bacterial cells exhausted in endogenous pools of substrates and atp has a strong stimulating effect on oxygen consumption and atp synthesis. phosphorylation is found to be sensitive to anaerobiosis as well as to hqno, an agent inhibiting the na+-motive respiratory chain of v. alginolyticus. na+ loaded cells incubated in a k+ or li+ medium ...19862942186
second-generation cephalosporins. 19863081544
[development of a latex agglutination method for the diagnosis of pseudomonas aeruginosa infection].the present investigation has revealed the possibility of using different kinds of monodispersed polystyrene latex, produced in the ussr, as carriers in the process of the preparation of antibody diagnosticums intended for the detection of water-soluble slime antigens of pseudomonas aeruginosa strains belonging to the most widespread serological types. the optimum conditions for the preparation of latex reagents and for making the latex-agglutination test have been experimentally established. th ...19863087117
the sodium cycle. i. na+-dependent motility and modes of membrane energization in the marine alkalotolerant vibrio alginolyticus.respiration, membrane potential generation and motility of the marine alkalotolerant vibrio alginolyticus were studied. subbacterial vesicles competent in nadh oxidation and delta psi generation were obtained. the rate of nadh oxidation by the vesicles was stimulated by na+ in a fashion specifically sensitive to submicromolar hqno (2-heptyl-4-hydroxyquinoline n-oxide) concentrations. the same amounts of hqno completely suppressed the delta psi generation. delta psi was also inhibited by cyanide, ...19862425848
experience with isoxicam and catabolin.1 synovial cells produce a protein factor, catabolin, that induces chondrocytes to resorb their own matrix with the release of glycosaminoglycan (gag). 2 studies were performed to determine the effect of isoxicam, a new nsaid, on gag production in a catabolin system utilizing tissue culture of bovine nasal septum in a medium containing pooled synovial tissue from young pigs. 3 using fresh medium containing no synovial tissue, the release of gag by inherent cartilage breakdown was 49.7% after 8 d ...19863497659
processing-independent in vitro translocation of cytochrome p-450(scc) precursor across mitochondrial the presence of a membrane-permeable metal chelator, bovine adrenal cortex mitochondria imported p-450(scc) precursor without processing of the amino-terminal extension peptide. the imported precursor was bound to the matrix side surface of the inner membrane. when the inhibition due to the metal chelator was removed, the imported precursor was processed to the mature form. unprocessed precursor was also detected in mitochondria when the import reaction was carried out at relatively low tempe ...19863818579
acquired sideroblastic anaemia after aplastic anaemia caused by d-penicillamine therapy for rheumatoid arthritis.a 68 year old man with rheumatoid arthritis developed marrow aplasia during d-penicillamine treatment. recovery of granulopoiesis and erythropoiesis was ineffective with features of a secondary sideroblastic anaemia. absence of megakaryopoiesis persisted. therapeutic measures failed, and the patient finally died. these events illustrate a haematopoietic stem cell injury induced by d-penicillamine.19873827338
effect of opsonization on oxidative metabolism of plaice (pleuronectes platessa l.) neutrophils.the effect of serum opsonization on vibrio alginolyticus (heat-killed)-stimulated chemiluminescence (cl) by plaice kidney- and peritoneal exudate-derived neutrophils was investigated. peritoneal neutrophils only recognized heat-labile and kidney neutrophils only heat-stable opsonic activity in normal serum. specific antibody did not show opsonic activity nor any synergism with the normal serum opsonins for either neutrophil population. evidence was found for the production, by plaice neutrophils ...19873829631
further microbiological investigations of flurithromycin against gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasmas. 19873509378
[similarity of vibrio alginolyticus, v. cholerae and other vibrio species with respect to the structure of their flagellar apparatus and ribosomal 5s-rna].electron microscopic analysis of basal bodies of the flagella vibrio alginolyticus revealed a structure composed of four discs. the diameters of two discs localized in the cytoplasmic membrane appeared to be twice as little as those of the other two discs. in this respect the basal body of v. alginolyticus resembles that of v. cholerae. the 5s sequence of ribosomal rna from v. alginolyticus appeared to be similar to those of v. cholerae, v. harveyi and some other vibrios. comparison of 5s-rna se ...19872434145
evolution and development of the outer acrosomal membrane (oam) and evidence that acrosin-inhibitors are proteins of the antiserum to the purified porcine outer acrosomal membrane (oam) was raised in rabbits and the igg fraction isolated by ammonium sulphate precipitation and ion exchange chromatography. the antibodies reacted exclusively with the acrosomal cap of the sperm head as revealed by indirect immunofluorescence. in addition they cross-reacted not only with the acrosomal part of the spermatozoa of all mammalian species tested (bull, horse, rabbit, rat, mouse, hamster, mole, antelope, monkey, man) but a ...19872446533
comparison of substance k-like and substance p-like fibers and cells in the rat hippocampus.substance p (sp) and substance k (sk) are structurally related peptides which are both encoded in the preprotachykinin a gene. the distribution of sp- and sk-like fibers and cell bodies in the rat hippocampus were studied by immunohistochemistry. the distribution of sk-like fibers was similar to that of sp-like fibers but there were few sk-like fibers. fibers for both peptides were prominent in the dorsal and ventral subiculum and at the junction of ca2 and ca3. sp- and sk-like cell bodies were ...19872446709
[antimicrobial susceptibility of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus isolated from human feces and foods]. 19873106535
biosynthesis and processing of platelet gpiib-iiia in human megakaryocytes.platelet membrane glycoprotein iib-iiia forms a calcium-dependent heterodimer and constitutes the fibrinogen receptor on stimulated platelets. gpiib is a two-chain protein containing disulfide-linked alpha and beta subunits. gpiiia is a single chain protein. these proteins are synthesized in the bone marrow by megakaryocytes, but the study of their synthesis has been hampered by the difficulty in obtaining enriched population of megakaryocytes in large numbers. to examine the biosynthesis and pr ...19873108266
cytopathic effects of the pathogenic neisseria. studies using human fallopian tube organ cultures and human nasopharyngeal organ cultures.infection of mucosal surfaces by n. gonorrhoeae and n. meningitidis may result in inflammation indicating potential injury to host cells. we used human fallopian tube organ cultures (ftoc) and human nasopharyngeal organ cultures (npoc) to study the mechanisms by which gonococci and meningococci damage human mucosal surfaces. early in the course of ftoc infected with gonococci and npoc infected with meningococci, damage was most apparent to ciliary activity. loss of ciliary activity was accompani ...19873130794
isotopic hybrids of nitrogenase. mössbauer study of mofe protein with selective 57fe enrichment of the p-cluster.previous mössbauer and epr studies of the mofe protein (approximately 30 fe and 2 mo) of nitrogenase have revealed the presence of two unique clusters, namely, the p-clusters (presumably of the fe4s4 type) and the molybdenum- and iron-containing cofactors (or m-clusters). mössbauer components d (approximately 10-12 fe) and fe2+ (approximately 4 fe) represent subsites of the p-clusters while component s (approximately 2 fe) appeared to belong to a separate, unidentified cluster. in order to refin ...19872820958
isotopic hybrids of nitrogenase. mössbauer study of mofe protein with selective 57fe enrichment of the p-cluster.previous mössbauer and epr studies of the mofe protein (approximately 30 fe and 2 mo) of nitrogenase have revealed the presence of two unique clusters, namely, the p-clusters (presumably of the fe4s4 type) and the molybdenum- and iron-containing cofactors (or m-clusters). mössbauer components d (approximately 10-12 fe) and fe2+ (approximately 4 fe) represent subsites of the p-clusters while component s (approximately 2 fe) appeared to belong to a separate, unidentified cluster. in order to refin ...19872820958
effect of cyclosporin a immunosuppression on primary lymphotropic herpesvirus infection in the guinea pig.female guinea pigs pretreated for 2 days with cyclosporin a (csa), were then inoculated intranasally (in) or intraperitoneally (ip) with a lymphotropic herpesvirus (gphlv) and followed by 4 additional daily doses of csa. immunosuppressed animals did not show lymphocytosis and virus infectivity titers in their spleen, cervical lymph node and blood mononuclear cells were lower than those of oil-treated controls. while in-inoculated csa-treated animals expressed higher virus infectivity titer in th ...19872832345
seasonal changes in the cecal microflora of the high-arctic svalbard reindeer (rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus).the dominant cecal bacteria in the high-arctic svalbard reindeer were characterized, their population densities were estimated, and cecal ph was determined in summer, when food quality and availability is good, and in winter, when it is very poor. in summer the total culturable viable bacterial population was (8.9 +/- 5.3) x 10(8) cells ml-1, whereas in winter it was (1.5 +/- 0.7) x 10(8) cells ml-1, representing a decrease to 17% of the summer population density. of the dominant species of cult ...19873030193
seasonal changes in the cecal microflora of the high-arctic svalbard reindeer (rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus).the dominant cecal bacteria in the high-arctic svalbard reindeer were characterized, their population densities were estimated, and cecal ph was determined in summer, when food quality and availability is good, and in winter, when it is very poor. in summer the total culturable viable bacterial population was (8.9 +/- 5.3) x 10(8) cells ml-1, whereas in winter it was (1.5 +/- 0.7) x 10(8) cells ml-1, representing a decrease to 17% of the summer population density. of the dominant species of cult ...19873030193
evolution of localization of reactions of adenosine triphosphatase (mg++-atp-ase), 5'nucleotidase (5'nt), alkaline phosphatase (ap), and acid phosphatase (acp) in developing rat testis. ii. after cdcl2 treatment.the described experiments show the influence of a single dose of cadmium chloride (1.5 mg cdcl2/kg body weight applied intraperitoneally) on development of the male gonads from the 1st d of post-fetal life to 1.5 a of life. in the case of the enzymes triggering transportation processes, adenosine triphosphatase stimulated by mg++ (mg++-atp-ase), alkaline phosphatase (ap), and 5'nucleotidase (5'nt), a considerable damages begin to appear in the 15th d of life whereas in the case of acid phosphata ...19873031915
role of postnatal gonadal function in the determination of thyrotropin (tsh) releasing hormone-induced tsh response in adult male and female rats.permanent effects of postnatal gonadal function on the hypothalamo-pituitary-thyroid axis were examined in male and female rats of the wistar-imamichi strain. animals were used at the age of about 10 weeks. neonatally castrated (nc) males showed a significantly higher plasma tsh response to trh (10 micrograms/kg bw, ip) than males castrated at 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 weeks of age. the tsh response in intact males was similar to that seen in nc males. neonatal androgenization of nc males with 100 microg ...19873032567
expression and regulation of a vibrio alginolyticus sucrose utilization system cloned in escherichia coli.a halotolerant collagenolytic vibrio alginolyticus strain isolated from salted hides had intracellular sucrase activity and did not secret sucrase into the medium. the strain actively transported sucrose by a sucrose-inducible, na+-independent process. a 10.4-kilobase dna fragment of v. alginolyticus dna was cloned into escherichia coli. the recombinant e. coli(pvs100) could utilize sucrose as a sole carbon source. in contrast to v. alginolyticus, the recombinant e. coli produced both intra- and ...19873034863
expression and secretion in yeast of a 400-kda envelope glycoprotein derived from epstein-barr virus.the major envelope glycoprotein (gp350) of epstein-barr virus has been expressed and secreted in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae as a 400-kda glycoprotein. this is the first example of the secretion of such a large, heavily glycosylated heterologous protein in yeast. since gp350 proved highly toxic to s. cerevisiae, initial cellular growth required repression of the expression of gp350. using temperature- or galactose-inducible promoters, cells could be grown and the expression of gp350 then ...19873038696
the effects of in vivo antibiotics on neutrophil (pmn) activity in rabbits with peritonitis.antibiotics play an important role in helping the host fight infection; however, the direct cellular effect of antibiotics on polymorphonuclear cells remains undefined. adherence, chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and superoxide anion production are important steps in the cascade of events initiated by the polymorphonucleocyte in bacterial killing. previous studies have shown inhibition as well as stimulation of neutrophil antibacterial therapy by antibiotics. peritoneal and blood polymorphonuclear neut ...19873041106
isolation and characterization of proteoglycans synthesized by adult human gingival fibroblasts in vitro.the proteoglycans synthesized by fibroblasts derived from healthy human gingivae were isolated and characterized. the largest medium proteoglycan was excluded from sepharose cl-4b but not from sepharose cl-2b; it was recovered in the most-dense density gradient fraction and identified as a chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan. the medium contained two smaller proteoglycans; one contained predominantly chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan, while the other was comprised predominantly of dermatan sulfate p ...19873566283
a signal sequence domain essential for processing, but not import, of mitochondrial pre-ornithine carbamyl transferase.studies using deletion mutagenesis indicate that a processing recognition site lies proximal to the normal cleavage position between gln32 and ser33 of pre-ornithine carbamyl transferase (poct). poct cdna was manipulated to delete codons specifying amino acids 22-30 of the signal sequence. the mutant precursor, designated poct delta 22-30, was imported to the matrix compartment by purified mitochondria, but remained largely unprocessed; the low level of processing that was observed did not invol ...19873571328
neuronal inhibition of astroglial cell proliferation is membrane mediated.previously we have used a microwell tissue culture assay to show that early postnatal mouse cerebellar astroglia have a flattened morphology and proliferate rapidly when they are cultured in the absence of neurons, but develop specific cell-cell contacts and undergo morphological differentiation when they are co-cultured with purified granule neurons (hatten, m. e., 1985, j. cell biol., 100:384-396). in these studies of cell binding between neurons and astroglia, measurement with light and fluor ...19873571332
conjugation-dependent recovery of the na+ pump in a mutant of vibrio alginolyticus lacking three subunits of the na+ pump.the na+ pump-deficient mutant, nap1, of vibrio alginolyticus was found to lack three subunits of na+-dependent nadh:quinone oxidoreductase complex. although a spontaneous na+ pump positive revertant did not appear from nap1, transconjugants that recovered both the na+ pump activity and the subunits were isolated from nap1 conjugated with the wild type. moreover, the wild type was found to contain two different sizes of plasmids. these results suggest the possibility that the na+ pump is encoded ...19873582659
pharmacokinetics of sulphanilamide and its three acetyl metabolites in dairy cows and intravenous low dosage of sulphanilamide (saa) (14.0 mg/kg) to 6 pre-ruminant calves revealed a biphasic saa plasma disposition with a mean elimination half-life of 4.1 h. the main metabolite in plasma was n4-acetylsulphanilamide (n4), which 4 hours after injection exceeded the parent saa plasma concentration. urinary recovery of saa was 10 to 16% of the dose; of n4, it was at least 69%. traces of the n1-acetyl (n1) metabolite and the doubly acetylated derivative (n1n4) were present in urine. ...19873617418
photoperiodic modification of negative and positive feedback effects of oestradiol on lh secretion in ovariectomized goats.ovariectomized shiba goats carrying an oestradiol implant (4-10 pg/ml) were kept under a short-day light regimen (10l:14d; group 1, n = 4) or a long-day regimen (16l:8d; group 2, n = 4). plasma lh concentrations were lower (p less than 0.05) in group 2 than in group 1 between days 40 and 200, suggesting an enhanced negative feedback effect of oestradiol on lh secretion under a long-day regimen. on days 30, 60, 100, 149 and 279, an lh surge was induced by i.v. infusion of oestradiol for 48 h; the ...19873656284
na+ modulates the k+ permeability and the membrane potential of alkalophilic the absence of na+ in the medium, the membrane potential of obligately alkalophilic bacillus cells was found to be decreased by the addition of k+ to the medium, whereas k+ addition in the presence of na+ had no effect. rb+ showed essentially the same effect as k+. the decreased membrane potential was quickly restored by lowering the k+ concentration in the medium or by adding na+ or li+ to the medium. thus, in the absence of na+, the membrane potential of alkalophilic bacillus seems to be af ...19873663674
liposome as an adjuvant for the production of estradiol antibodies.mice immunized with liposome associated estradiol-bovine serum albumin conjugate (e2-bsa) showed a significantly higher estradiol-specific immune response than did mice injected with the free conjugate. the conjugation of estradiol with bsa is imperative, since injection of liposomes with estradiol in the lipid bilayer was found to be ineffective in inducing an immune response. entrapment of e2-bsa in neutral and positively charged liposomes was found to be a potent mode of immunostimulation, ev ...19873666803
isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from a patient with chronic otitis media: report of case and review of biochemical activity. 19873667356
critical concentration of cadmium for renal toxicity in evaluate a critical concentration concept of cadmium (cd) toxicity on the kidney, relationships of renal cd level with urinary excretion of various substances--i.e., metallothionein, alkaline phosphatase, lactate dehydrogenase, n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase, total protein, cd, copper, and zinc--were studied in cd-injected rats. at the renal cd concentration of 100-200 micrograms/g tissue, a dramatic increase of all these substances in urine was observed, supporting the idea of the critical ...19873682016
age-dependent activation of glucocorticoid receptors in the cerebral hemispheres of male rats.the binding of [3h]dexamethasone-receptor complexes to purified nuclei was studied in the cerebral hemispheres of immature (3-week-old) and mature (26-week-old) long-evans male rats to determine the age-related changes, if any, in the physicochemical properties of glucocorticoid receptors. our data show that heat activation (for 45 min at 25 degrees c) significantly enhances the nuclear binding of [3h]dexamethasone-receptor complexes in rats of both ages, with a greater magnitude in immature rat ...19873690338
trimethoprim used for selective decontamination of the digestive tract in rats: possible route of excretion.selective elimination of enterobacteriaceae species from the digestive tract of rats has been accomplished by oral treatment with trimethoprim (235 mg/kg body weight/day) within 6 days. in the present study it was investigated whether this elimination was mainly due to antimicrobial activity of trimethoprim excreted with the gastrointestinal mucus or mainly by non-absorbed trimethoprim in the lumen contents. by means of whole gut irrigation (wgi) the lumen contents were washed out, followed by m ...19873497436
use of mild detergent gel electrophoresis for isolation and characterization of the kidney brush border d-glucose transporter.gradient gel electrophoresis was performed under mild detergent conditions to separate pig kidney brush border membrane proteins and to identify the smallest functional molecular protein entity of the d-glucose transporter. the various protein bands obtained from the nondenaturing gel system in a semipreparative scale were eluted by electrodialysis. these proteins were then reintegrated into proteoliposomes and tested for d-glucose-inhibitable [3h]phlorizin binding. the d-glucose transporter had ...19873425911
effect of pre- and postnatal exposure to alcohol on perivenous and periportal neonatal rat hepatocytes.hepatocytes from 12-day-old rats, pre and postnatally exposed to alcohol and pair-fed controls, were isolated and subfractionated in six cell subpopulations on percoll density gradients. these cells were characterized using biochemical, stereological and cytofluorometric methods. our results show that the low density cells (f2) are mainly perivenous cells, whereas the heavier cells (f6) were primarily periportal cells. these results were confirmed by alanine aminotransferase (alat), and glutamat ...19873426691
collagen binding in clinical isolates of staphylococcus aureus.collagen binding was examined in 90 strains of staphylococcus aureus derived from patient samples. slightly under one-half (39 of 90) of the s. aureus strains bound collagen. collagen binding in s. aureus did not correlate with either immunoglobulin g or fibronectin binding by these organisms. chi-square analysis of isolates obtained from patients with complicated bacteremia (bacteremia associated with deep tissue infection) compared with isolates from patients with uncomplicated bacteremia (bac ...19873429618
vibrio alginolyticus and diarrhoeal disease. 19873429796
reversibility of decreased insulin-stimulated glucose transport capacity in diabetic muscle with in vitro incubation. insulin is not required.the mechanisms by which insulin deficiency affects muscle glucose transport were investigated. epitrochlearis muscles from rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes and from controls were incubated in vitro for 0.5-14 h. the incubation was shown not to impair muscle energy stores or tissue oxygenation. diabetes decreased basal 3-o-methylglucose transport by 40% (p less than 0.01), and insulin-stimulated (20 milli-units/ml) glucose transport capacity by 70% (p less than 0.001). in vitro incubatio ...19873294836
[man in prolonged space flight]. 19873307203
[colibacillosis in calves, especially enterotoxic e. coli infections].developments in the knowledge of colibacillosis are reviewed in the series of 'papers in the past and present.' the starting-point of this paper is provided by the paper by h. veenstra:' a note on diseases of young breeding calves in the province of friesland' (1894) but particularly, by the study by j. poels: 'report on calf disease in the netherlands' which appeared in 1899. a historical review of bacteriological features in the pathogenesis of neonatal diarrhoea in calves and their significan ...19873310331
[the role of na+ ions in the respiration, formation of the membrane potential and movement of the alkali-resistant marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus].subbacterial vesicles capable of generating delta psi during nadh oxidation were obtained. the oxidation of nadh was stimulated by na+ and inhibited by 2-heptyl-4-oxyquinoline-n-oxide (hqno) in submicromolar concentrations. the generation of delta psi was inhibited by hqno in low concentrations, cyanide, gramicidine d and carbonyl cyanide-m-chlorophenylhydrazone (cccp) in combination with monensine. at the same time, in the absence of monensine cccp influenced the delta psi generation in a much ...19873814650
influence of alginate on attachment of vibrio spp. to stainless steel surfaces in seawater.the influence of alginate on the attachment of vibrio alginolyticus and vibrio pelagius biovar ii to stainless steel was investigated. when the bacteria were in stationary phase, alginate decreased the number of attached bacteria in the case of each vibrio sp. in contrast, when v. pelagius biovar ii was grown on alginate and harvested in log phase, attachment was increased. this effect may be due to nutrient availability at the surface or to receptors on the bacterial surface which interact with ...198716347345
acute silicosis: how does it still happen? 1987203828
energy cost and metabolic regulation during intermittent and continuous tetanic contractions in human skeletal muscle.muscle atp turnover, glycogenolytic, and glycolytic rates were estimated to compare the energy cost and glycolytic regulation of 102.4 s of continuous and intermittent stimulation. quadriceps femoris muscles of male subjects were stimulated at 20 hz for one continuous contraction (n = 6) or a series of 64 contractions (1.6 s on, 1.6 s off; n = 6). leg blood flow was occluded and muscle biopsies were obtained at rest and following 51.2 and 102.4 s of contraction time in both conditions. isometric ...19883370544
risk assessment for acquiring meningitis tuberculosis among children not vaccinated with bcg: a case-control study.this case-control study was conducted to assess the risk, among children aged 0-12 years, of developing meningitis tuberculosis (mt) associated with a lack of intradermal bcg vaccination. cases (45) of mt admitted for treatment at the fundacao benjamin guimaraes hospital (belo horizonte, mg, brazil), from 1975 to 1981, were matched for age at hospitalization, date of hospitalization and nutritional status, with two types of controls--patients with acute diarrhoea (ad) and patients with acute non ...19883384537
progesterone regulation of secretory component (sc): uterine sc response in organ culture following in vivo hormone steroid hormones are known to have profound effects on mucosal immunity. in the present study we evaluated the effects of progesterone on the uterine immune system by determining the changes in the levels of secretory component (sc) released from uterine tissues in culture following in vivo administration of progesterone to estradiol-stimulated ovariectomized rats. sc is a transport protein which moves iga into external secretions such as intestinal and uterine secretions. sc release was det ...19883386246
structural and functional studies of the effects of sympathetic nerve stimulation on rabbit submandibular salivary glands.continuous sympathetic stimulation at 8-10 hz caused intense vasoconstriction in the gland, so stimulation was generally given in an interrupted pattern to minimize this detrimental effect on secretion. only a small increase in fluid secretion occurred; it became thick and tended to block the cannula; therefore in later experiments the main duct was not cannulated. after sympathetic stimulation there was substantial degranulation of acinar cells. however, as this was accompanied by little moveme ...19883165262
nucleotide sequence of the regulatory gene xylr of the tol plasmid from pseudomonas putida.we have determined the nucleotide sequence of the xylr gene for a transcriptional activator for the degradative pathway of aromatic hydrocarbons on the tol plasmid from pseudomonas putida. the 1698-bp sequence for a 566-amino acid (aa) protein (mr 63741) was identified as the xylr-encoding sequence. three regions in xylr show homology to klebsiella pneumoniae ntrc and nifa, both of which are transcriptional activators for the ntr and nif genes involved in the nitrogen metabolism. the central reg ...19883169574
roles of the respiratory na+ pump in bioenergetics of vibrio alginolyticus.bioenergetic characteristics of na+ pump-defective mutants of a marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus were compared with those of the wild type and revertant. generation of membrane potential and motility at ph 8.5 in the mutants were completely inhibited by a proton conductor, carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone, whereas those in the wild type or revertant were resistant to the inhibitor. motility and amino acid transport were driven by the electrochemical potential of na+ not only in the w ...19883170506
extensive deletions and insertions in different mhc supratypes detected by pusled field gel electrophoresis.the genomic organization of the human mhc was examined in multiple examples of six different supratypes using pulsed field electrophoresis (pfge) after digestion of genomic dna with infrequency cutting restriction endonucleases. differences in restriction fragment length and band intensity were shown to be specific for each supratype. mapping of the mhc revealed that each supratype contains previously undescribed deletions and insertions between hla b and dq regions.19883171479
the disposition of [2,3-14c]-methyl and [2,3-14c]-2-ethylhexyl acrylate in male wistar albino rats.the disposition of methyl [2,3-14c]-acrylate (ma) and 2-ethylhexyl [2,3-14c]-acrylate (eha) following intraperitoneal and oral administration to rats has been studied. the 14c found in the tissues was mainly associated with liver, kidneys and lungs. loss of 14c from these tissues occurred fairly rapidly, excluding the rats given eha intraperitoneally. most of the administered acrylates underwent rapid metabolism and excretion with expired air (more than 50% of the dose and urine (10-50% of the d ...19883196152
[local ultrastructural characteristics of the intracerebral arteries of human fetuses].in 36 human fetuses (16 to 36 weeks of gestation) the ultrastructure of arterial vessels was investigated in the occipital and parietal hemispheres and midbrain tegmentum. during the antenatal ontogenesis the local features of the vessel wall structure were found, especially in the muscular layer. as it remained more differentiated in midbrain than in forebrain up to the end of gestation, more frequent forebrain stroke localization in infancy seems structurally dependent.19883213332
excision of cutaneous tumors in the horse using histologic guidance.a highly successful surgical technique for removing cutaneous tumors in humans was used in seven horses with cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (n = 3) or sarcoid (n = 4). in humans, the complete underside of the tumor is evaluated histologically by processing horizontal sections from the tumor base, and orientation between the wound surface and the undersurface of the excised tumor is maintained by mapping both surfaces. the technique ensures that small foci of residual tumor can be located accu ...19883227634
individual free fatty acids and lactate uptake in the human heart during severe sepsis.coronary haemodynamics and myocardial metabolism of nonesterified fatty acids (nefa) and lactate were studied in 11 patients with severe sepsis, and compared to 10 control subjects. coronary sinus blood flow was evaluated by thermodilution. arterial and coronary sinus blood samples were collected for the measurement of lactate and total and individual nefa concentrations both in septic and control patients. there was an increase in lactate and total nefa arterial concentrations with a marked inc ...19883232957
[kidney morphology in hemolytic-uremic syndrome].morphology of the kidneys in hemolytic-uremic syndrome is considered basing on autopsy findings obtained for 3 infants with 5-17-day history of acute renal failure. a newborn infant of 17 days developed the disease after feto-fetal hemotransfusion when macerated fetus-donor hemolysis products entered the circulation of the fetus-recipient through monochorionic placenta. the second case in an infant of 6 months was due to adtp vaccine. the last infant aged 16 months manifested the syndrome in the ...19883233069
vibrio alginolyticus cellulitis following coral injury.infections associated with marine activities, particularly work or recreation in salt water, present unique diagnostic challenges for the infectious disease practitioner. those caused by halophilic, non-cholera vibrio species are increasingly being recognized in clinical practice. they typically follow saltwater injuries, especially those associated with coral. because these infections can be both severe and life-threatening, a consideration of halophilic vibrio species in the differential diagn ...19883242316
biotechnological applications of lipid microstructures. based on the proceedings of the workshop on technological applications of phospholipid bilayers, vesicles, and thin films, january 5-9, 1986, tenerife, canary islands; and the workshop on biotechnological applications of membrane studies, october 18-22, 1987, san sebastian, spain. 19883250236
supplemented schneider's drosophila medium for isolation of leishmania donovani promastigotes. 19883252764
dose-dependent effects of oral and intravenous glucose on insulin secretion and clearance in normal humans.insulin secretion and clearance were studied in 2 groups of 7 normal subjects who each received 25, 50, and 100 g of glucose either orally or intravenously (iv) on separate occasions. insulin secretion rates were calculated during a 1-h base line and for 5 h after glucose administration from a two-compartmental analysis of peripheral c-peptide concentrations using individual kinetic parameters derived after iv bolus injections of biosynthetic human c-peptide. incremental glucose areas after oral ...19883279811
sensitivity of some marine bacteria, a moderate halophile, and escherichia coli to uncouplers at alkaline ph.the inhibitory effects of uncouplers on amino acid transport into three marine bacteria, vibrio alginolyticus 118, vibrio parahaemolyticus 113, and alteromonas haloplanktis 214, into a moderate halophile, vibrio costicola nrc 37001, and into escherichia coli k-12 were found to vary depending upon the uncoupler tested, its concentration, and the ph. higher concentrations of all of the uncouplers were required to inhibit transport at ph 8.5 than at ph 7.0. the protonophore carbonyl cyanide m-chlor ...19883045092
similarity between active and trypsin-activated inactive renin in dog plasma by means of renin inhibition: the dog as an animal model for studies of inactive renin.a method for trypsin-activation of dog plasma inactive renin is described. liquid phase trypsin (final concentration 6.7 mg/ml) was used and the reaction was stopped after 2 min at 4 degrees c by soybean trypsin inhibitor (13 mg/ml). renin was measured as angiotensin i (ang i) generation in trypsin-treated and untreated plasma using the antibody-trapping method, in the presence of excess ox renin substrate. the renin-like activity after trypsin was indeed due to renin, since ang i generation in ...19883065412
[use of methylumbelliferylglucuronide (mug) for the rapid identification of e. coli in food microbiology]. 19883072974
endothelium-dependent responses in human blood vessels. 19883073550
endothelium-dependent responses in human blood vessels. 19883073550
the atp-driven primary na+ pump in subcellular vesicles of vibrio alginolyticus.subcellular vesicles of vibrio alginolyticus hydrolyze atp and accumulate na+ in an atp-dependent fashion. the na+ uptake is (i) strongly stimulated by delta psi-discharging agents, i.e., the protonophorous uncoupler cccp or valinomycin + k+ and (ii) arrested by dccd at a concentration strongly inhibiting atp hydrolysis. lower concentrations of dccd stimulate the na+ accumulation supported by atp hydrolysis as well as by nadh oxidation. it is concluded that there is an electrogenic dccd-sensitiv ...19882968282
bone mineral metabolism in experimental diabetes mellitus: osteocalcin as a measure of bone remodeling.the etiology of diabetic osteopenia has not been established. the value of serum osteocalcin (bgp) as a marker of the bone abnormalities and the possible role of the polyol pathway in diabetic osteopenia were investigated. three groups of rats were studied over 7 weeks: group d (n = 12), rats with streptozotocin (55 mg/kg)-induced diabetes given saline by gavage; group ds (n = 12), rats with streptozotocin-induced diabetes given the aldose reductase inhibitor sorbinil (25 mg/kg) daily by gavage; ...19883133194
a competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for alpha 1-acid glycoprotein in serum and urine this solid-phase competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for alpha 1-acid glycoprotein in serum or urine, antiserum to human alpha 1-acid glycoprotein is incubated with solid-phase-bound alpha 1-acid glycoprotein in the presence of standard or sample. incubation with second antibody labeled with alkaline phosphatase then follows, before development with substrate. results obtained correlate well with a fluorescent assay involving the dye auramine o (r = 0.953) and with radial immunodiff ...19883135959
prevention of respiratory distress syndrome.rds continues to be a major problem for premature infants despite a better understanding of its pathophysiology and of ways to try to prevent it. to date, prenatal administration of glucocorticoids has been the most widely used method of accelerating fetal lung development. however, several limitations of this therapy have prompted the search for alternative approaches. most efforts have focused on the potential use of combined hormonal therapy with glucocorticoids and either thyroid hormones or ...19883146813
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