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dietary supplementation of avicennia marina extract on immune protection and disease resistance in amphiprion sebae against vibrio alginolyticus.the effect of avicennia marina aqueous leaf extract on innate immune mechanisms such as total white blood cell counts (wbc), serum lysozyme activity, respiratory burst assay, alternative complement (ach50) assay, phagocytic activity assay, disease resistance, gut bacteria, and survival rate of clownfish (amphiprion sebae) against vibrio alginolyticus is reported. healthy fish challenged with v. alginolyticus (1 × 10(7) cells ml(-1)) were fed with diets supplemented (0, 1, 2, and 4%) with a. mari ...201525703711
crowding of white shrimp litopenaeus vananmei depresses their immunity to and resistance against vibrio alginolyticus and white spot syndrome virus.immunity parameters and the expression levels of several immune-related proteins, including lipopolysaccharide and β-glucan binding protein (lgbp), peroxinectin (px), intergin β (ib), prophenoloxidase (propo) i, propo ii, α2-macroglobulin (α2-m), cytosolic mangangese superoxide dismutase (cytmnsod), mitochondria manganese superoxide dismutase (mtmnsod), catalase, glutathione peroxidase (gpx), lysozyme, and penaeidin 3a were examined in white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei reared at stocking densiti ...201525700787
identification and analysis of iccu/zn-sod, mn-sod and eccu/zn-sod in superoxide dismutase multigene family of pseudosciaena crocea.superoxide dismutases (sods) belong to a significant and ubiquitous family of metalloenzymes for eliminating excess reactive oxygen species (ros). in this paper, the complete open reading frames (orfs) of intracellular cu/zn-sod (iccu/zn-sod), mn-sod and extracellular cu/zn-sod (eccu/zn-sod) were identified from the large yellow croaker (pseudosciaena crocea, designated as lycsod1, lycsod2 and lycsod3). the sequences were 465 bp, 678 bp and 645 bp (genbank accession no. kj908287, kj908285 and kj ...201525652289
marine bacterial chemoresponse to a stepwise chemoattractant stimulus.we found recently that polar flagellated marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus is capable of exhibiting taxis toward a chemical source in both forward and backward swimming directions. how the microorganism coordinates these two swimming intervals, however, is not known. the work presented herein is aimed at determining the response functions of the bacterium by applying a stepwise chemoattractant stimulus while it is swimming forward or backward. the important finding of our experiment is that ...201525650943
complete genome sequence of vibrio alginolyticus atcc 17749t.vibrio alginolyticus is a gram-negative halophilic bacterium and has been recognized as an opportunistic pathogen in both humans and marine animals. it is the causative agent of food-borne diseases, such as gastroenteritis, and it invades through wounds in predisposed individuals. in this study, we present the completed genome of v. alginolyticus atcc 17749(t) through high-throughput sequencing.201525635021
molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of ppar gamma in the orange-spotted grouper (epinephelus coioides) after the vibrio alginolyticus challenge.ppar gamma was a key nuclear receptor, playing an important role in the immune defense and the anti-inflammatory mechanism. in this study, the full-length ppar gamma (ecppar gamma) was obtained, containing a 5'utr of 133 bp, an orf of 1602 bp and a 3'utr of 26 bp besides the poly (a) tail. the ecppar gamma gene encoded a protein of 533 amino acids with an estimated molecular mass of 60.02 kda and a predicted isoelectric point (pi) of 6.26. the deduced amino acid sequence showed that ecppar gamma ...201525592876
molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of complement component c8 beta in the orange-spotted grouper (epinephelus coioides) after the vibrio alginolyticus challenge.complement component c8 beta was a key molecule in the complement system, mediating the mac formation and the bacterial lysis. in this study, the full-length c8 beta (ecc8 beta) was obtained, containing a 5'utr of 25 bp, an orf of 1764 bp and a 3'utr of 198 bp. the ecc8 beta gene encoded a protein of 587 amino acids with an estimated molecular mass of 65.87 kda and a predicted isoelectric point (pi) of 6.35. the deduced amino acid sequence showed that ecc8 beta consisted of the conserved residue ...201525592820
dietary administration of gynura bicolor (roxb. willd.) dc water extract enhances immune response and survival rate against vibrio alginolyticus and white spot syndrome virus in white shrimp litopeneaus vannamei.gynura bicolor (roxb. & willd.) dc., a perennial plant belonging to the asteraceae family, is originated from the tropical area of asia. the total hemocyte count (thc), phenoloxidase (po) activity, respiratory bursts (rbs), superoxide dismutase (sod) activity, and lysozyme activity were examined after white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei had been fed diets containing the water extract of g. bicolor at 0 (control), 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 g (kg diet)(-1) for 7-28 days. the results indicated that these par ...201525462462
sea bass dicentrarchus labrax (l.) bacterial infection and confinement stress acts on f-type lectin (dlfbl) serum modulation.the f-lectin, a fucose-binding protein found from invertebrates to ectothermic vertebrates, is the last lectin family to be discovered. here, we describe effects of two different types of stressors, bacterial infection and confinement stress, on the modulation of european sea bass dicentrarchus labrax (l.) f-lectin (dlfbl), a well-characterized serum opsonin, using a specific antibody. the infection of the vibrio alginolyticus bacterial strain increased the total haemagglutinating activity durin ...201525307147
vaccination of silver sea bream (sparus sarba) against vibrio alginolyticus: protective evaluation of different vaccinating order to develop more effective immunological strategies to prevent vibriosis of farmed marine fish in hong kong and southern china, various vaccine preparations including formalin-, phenol-, chloroform- and heat-killed whole cell bacterins and subcellular lipopolysaccharides (lps), as well as different administration routes, were investigated. fish immunized with the subcellular lps exhibited the best protection [relative percent of survival (rps) = 100], while fish immunized with whole cell ...201526729096
vibrio alginolyticus associated chronic myringitis acquired in mediterranean waters of turkey.vibrio alginolyticus was originally classified as biotype 2 of vibrio parahaemolyticus. most clinical isolates are recovered from superficial wounds or the external ear infections. v. alginolyticus is acknowledged to be nearly nonpathogenic in humans. the reason for presence of v. alginolyticus's virulence is uncertain. we describe a chronic myringitis case in a 47-year-old female due to v. alginolyticus. according to her anamnesis, it was detected that she had sea bathing history in mugla coast ...201526605095
the srec-i and srec-ii associated with epidermal growth factor in scavenger receptor family are the potential regulative transmembrane receptors in larimichthys innate immunity, the regulation of the immunologic gene expression plays a vital role in defense against pathogenic threat. the class f scavenger receptors (scarfs), a kind of crucial immunologic type i transmembrane receptors, mainly involve in the signal transmission and eliminating pathogens in host immune system. in this study, the srec-i and srec-ii of scarfs in larimichthys crocea (designated as lycsrec1 and lycsrec2 respectively) were first identified, the potential genetic locus relat ...201526343178
involvement of the flagellar assembly pathway in vibrio alginolyticus adhesion under environmental stresses.adhesion is an important virulence factor of vibrio alginolyticus. this factor may be affected by environmental conditions; however, its molecular mechanism remains unclear. in our previous research, adhesion deficient strains were obtained by culturing v. alginolyticus under stresses including cu, pb, hg, and low ph. with rna-seq and bioinformatics analysis, we found that all of these stress treatments significantly affected the flagellar assembly pathway, which may play an important role in v. ...201526322276
type vi secretion system toxins horizontally shared between marine bacteria.the type vi secretion system (t6ss) is a widespread protein secretion apparatus used by gram-negative bacteria to deliver toxic effector proteins into adjacent bacterial or host cells. here, we uncovered a role in interbacterial competition for the two t6sss encoded by the marine pathogen vibrio alginolyticus. using comparative proteomics and genetics, we identified their effector repertoires. in addition to the previously described effector v12g01_02265, we identified three new effectors secret ...201526305100
roles of receptor for activated protein kinase c1 for modulating immune responses in white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei.complementary (c)dna encoding a receptor for activated protein kinase c1 (rack1) messenger (m)rna of the white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei, designated lvrack1, consisted a 1136-bp cdna containing an open reading frame (orf) of 954 bp, a 111-bp 5'-untranslated region (utr), and a 71-bp 3'-utr, which is a 36 kda cytosolic protein, belonging to the trp-asp40 (wd40) family of proteins, characterized by containing seven highly conserved trp-asp40 (wd40) internal repeats, and a poly a tail. the wd rep ...201526297966
three novel toll genes (pttoll1-3) identified from a marine crab, portunus trituberculatus: different tissue expression and response to pathogens.the toll signaling pathway is one of the most important regulators of the immune response in both vertebrates and invertebrates. herein, three novel toll (pttoll1-3) cdna sequences were cloned from the swimming crab, portunus trituberculatus. pttoll1 has 1003 amino acid residues and consists of an extracellular domain containing 15 leucine-rich repeats (lrrs) and a cytoplasmic toll/interleukin-1 receptor (tir) domain of 139 residues. pttoll2 encodes 1196 peptides, with an extracellular domain co ...201526238349
rapid and sensitive detection of vibrio alginolyticus by loop-mediated isothermal amplification combined with a lateral flow dipstick targeted to the rpox gene.vibrio alginolyticus is a major bacterial pathogen causing disease in marine animals. the present study aimed to develop a loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) coupled with a lateral flow dipstick (lfd) for rapid and simple visual detection of v. alginolyticus-specific amplicons. the biotin-labeled lamp amplicons from the targeted portion of a gene encoding rpos-like sigma factor (rpox) were generated at 60°c for 1 h and then hybridized with a fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled probe fo ...201526220075
identification and characterization of three vibrio alginolyticus non-coding rnas involved in adhesion, chemotaxis, and motility processes.the capability of vibrio alginolyticus to adhere to fish mucus is a key virulence factor of the bacteria. our previous research showed that stress conditions, such as cu(2+), pb(2+), hg(2+), and low ph, can reduce this adhesion ability. non-coding (nc) rnas play a crucial role in regulating bacterial gene expression, affecting the bacteria's pathogenicity. to investigate the mechanism(s) underlying the decline in adhesion ability caused by stressors, we combined high-throughput sequencing with c ...201526217589
effect of flig three amino acids deletion in vibrio polar-flagellar rotation and formation.most of bacteria can swim by rotating flagella bidirectionally. the c ring, located at the bottom of the flagellum and in the cytoplasmic space, consists of flig, flim and flin, and has an important function in flagellar protein secretion, torque generation and rotational switch of the motor. flig is the most important part of the c ring that interacts directly with a stator subunit. here, we introduced a three-amino acids in-frame deletion mutation (δpsa) into flig from vibrio alginolyticus, wh ...201526142283
cutaneous ulcer at the site of radiation-induced dermatitis caused by infection with vibrio alginolyticus. 201526141002
draft genome sequences of vibrio alginolyticus strains v1 and v2, opportunistic marine pathogens.we announce the draft genome sequences of vibrio alginolyticus strains v1 and v2, isolated from juvenile sparus aurata and dentex dentex, respectively, during outbreaks of vibriosis. the genome sequences are 5,257,950 bp with a g+c content of 44.5% for v. alginolyticus v1 and 5,068,299 bp with a g+c content of 44.8% for strain v2. these genomes provide further insights into the putative virulence factors, prophage carriage, and evolution of this opportunistic marine pathogen.201526139724
the mind homolog flhg regulates the synthesis of the single polar flagellum of vibrio alginolyticus.flhg, a mind homolog and an atpase, is known to mediate the formation of the single polar flagellum of vibrio alginolyticus together with flhf. flhg and flhf work antagonistically, with flhf promoting flagellar assembly and flhg inhibiting it. here, we demonstrate that purified flhg exhibits a low basal atpase activity. as with mind, the basal atpase activity of flhg can be activated and the d171a residue substitution enhances its atpase activity sevenfold. flhg-d171a localizes strongly at the c ...201526112286
flil associates with the stator to support torque generation of the sodium-driven polar flagellar motor of vibrio.flagellar motors generate torque to rotate flagellar filaments and drive bacterial cells. each motor is composed of a rotor and many stators. the stator is a force-generating complex that converts ion flux into torque. previous reports have suggested that the membrane protein flil is located near the stator and is involved in torque generation. we investigated the role of flil in the sodium-driven polar flagellar motor of vibrio alginolyticus. our results revealed that flil is a cytoplasmic memb ...201526103585
activation of immunity, immune response, antioxidant ability, and resistance against vibrio alginolyticus in white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei decrease under long-term culture at low ph.the growth, activation of immunity, immune parameters, and transcript levels of cytmnsod, mtmnsod, eccuznsod, glutathione peroxidase (gpx), catalase, lysozyme, and penaeidin 3a were examined in white shrimp litopenaeus vannamei reared at ph 6.8 and 8.1 after 24 weeks. no significant difference in growth was observed between the two groups. an in vitro study indicated that phenoloxidase activity and respiratory bursts (rb, release of the superoxide anion) were significantly higher in the haemocyt ...201526093205
prevalence of vibrio spp. in raw shrimps (parapenaeus longirostris) and performance of a chromogenic medium for the isolation of vibrio strains.vibrios are natural inhabitants of estuarine ecosystems and some species may pose public health problem as agents of sporadic or collective food-borne infections associated with the consumption of fish or shellfish. samples of raw shrimp (n = 299), fished in coastal areas of the city of agadir, morocco, and collected from its fish marketplace, were examined for the presence of pathogenic vibrios. microbiological analysis was carried out according to a protocol using thiosulphate citrate bile suc ...201526081523
molecular characterization of an il-1β gene from the large yellow croaker (larimichthys crocea) and its effect on fish defense against vibrio alginolyticus infection.interleukin 1β (il-1β), the first interleukin to be characterized, plays a key role in regulating the immune response. in this study, we determined the cdna and genomic dna sequences of the il-1β gene from the large yellow croaker, larimichthys crocea. phylogenetic analysis indicated that the il-1β (lcil-1β) gene was most closely related to that of european seabass (dicentrarchus labrax), sharing 67.8% amino acid identity. in healthy large yellow croaker, lcil-1β transcription was detected in al ...201526018856
deep-sea hydrothermal vent bacteria related to human pathogenic vibrio species.vibrio species are both ubiquitous and abundant in marine coastal waters, estuaries, ocean sediment, and aquaculture settings worldwide. we report here the isolation, characterization, and genome sequence of a novel vibrio species, vibrio antiquarius, isolated from a mesophilic bacterial community associated with hydrothermal vents located along the east pacific rise, near the southwest coast of mexico. genomic and phenotypic analysis revealed v. antiquarius is closely related to pathogenic vibr ...201525964331
characterization and expression analysis of calmodulin (cam) in orange-spotted grouper (epinephelus coioides) in response to vibrio alginolyticus challenge.vibrio alginolyticus containing the highly toxic extracellular product is one of the most serious threats to grouper survival and its minimum lethal dose is approximately 500 cfu/g fish body weight in grouper. to study the toxic effects of v. alginolyticus on the immune system in teleost, calmodulin (cam), an important molecular indicator gene, was cloned from the orange-spotted grouper (epinephelus coioides). the full-length ec-cam consisted of a 5'-utr of 103 bp, an orf of 450 bp and a 3'-utr ...201525956977
calmodulin of the tropical sea cucumber: gene structure, inducible expression and contribution to nitric oxide production and pathogen clearance during immune response.calmodulin (cam) is an essential second messenger protein that transduces calcium signals by binding calcium ions (ca(2+)) and modulating its interactions with various target proteins. in contrast to vertebrates, where cam is well established as a cofactor for ca(2+)-dependent physiological and cellular functions including host defense, there is a paucity of understanding on cam in invertebrates (such as echinoderms) in response to immune challenge or microbial infections. in this study, we obta ...201525913576
the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus immunological response to chemical pollution exposure: the case of the marine environment organochlorine insecticides can be broadly detected in water, sediments, and biota. these pollutants may have major ecological consequences since they may affect marine organisms and endanger organismal growth, reproduction or survival. in this study we investigated the modification of some sea urchin immunological parameters in response to subchronic lindane (γ-hch) exposure. adult specimens of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus were exposed to two different concentr ...201525911048
a novel biomarker for marine environmental pollution of pi-class glutathione s-transferase from mytilus coruscus.glutathione s-transferases (gsts) are the superfamily of phase ii detoxification enzymes that play crucial roles in innate immunity. in this study, a pi-class gst homolog was identified from mytilus coruscus (named as mcgst1, kc525103). the full-length cdna sequence of mcgst1 was 621bp with a 5' untranslated region (utr) of 70bp and a 3'-utr of 201bp. the deduced amino acid sequence was 206 residues in length with theoretical pi/mw of 5.60/23.72kda, containing the conserved g-site and diversifor ...201525910687
a rac1 gtpase is a critical factor in the immune response of shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei) to vibrio alginolyticus infection.the small gtpase rac1 acts as a molecular switch for signal transduction that regulates various cellular functions. however, its functions in crustaceans remain unclear. in this study, a cdna encoding a ras gtpase (lvrac1) in the pacific white shrimp (l. vannamei) was identified and characterized. a recombinant variant of this gtpase, rlvrac1, was expressed in the model organism p. pastoris and its expression was confirmed by mass spectrometry. biochemical assays indicated that the recombinant p ...201525892021
first description and expression analysis of tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (traf6) from the swimming crab, portunus trituberculatus.tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 6 (traf6) is a cytoplasmic adapter protein that mediates signals induced by the tumor necrosis factor receptor (tnfr) superfamily and the interleukin-1 receptor (il-1r). in the present study, the full-length cdna of traf6 (pt-traf6) was identified in a marine crab, portunus trituberculatus. pt-traf6 orf is predicted to encode a 599-amino acid protein, including a ring type zinc finger, two traf-type zinc fingers, and a meprin and traf homology (ma ...201525882635
prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of vibrio spp. in retail and farm shrimps in ecuador.the aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of vibrio spp. in shrimp at retail and in shrimp farms in ecuador and to determine the antimicrobial agent resistance patterns of farm isolates. the presence of genes linked to early mortality syndrome (ems) or acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (ahpnd) also was evaluated. vibrio spp. were isolated from retail shrimps in cuenca, ecuador, and farm shrimps originating from provinces el oro and guayas, ecuador. a total of 229 shrimp sampl ...201526555534
efficacy of chitosan oligosaccharide as aquatic adjuvant administrated with a formalin-inactivated vibrio anguillarum vaccine.vaccine is one of the efficient candidates to prevent fish disease through activating host immune response in aquaculture. actually, several vaccines are often administered with adjuvants to increase immunostimulation, especially for some water-based formalin-killed vaccines. however, side effects are inevitable after vaccination of some adjuvants. therefore, exploration for effective and harmless aquatic adjuvants is urgently needed. in this study, immunoprotection of a formalin-inactivated vib ...201526476108
a novel innexin2 forming membrane hemichannel exhibits immune responses and cell apoptosis in scylla paramamosain.innexins are a class of transmembrane proteins that are important for embryonic development, morphogenesis and electrical synapse formation. in the present study, a novel innexin2 gene from scylla paramamosain was named sp-inx2 and characterized. the complete cdna and genomic dna sequences of sp-inx2 were revealed. sp-inx2 mrna transcripts were distributed in various tissues of s. paramamosain and were most abundant in the hemocytes. the sp-inx2 was significantly upregulated in hemocyte, gill an ...201526384843
the diffusion coefficient of sodium in barnacle muscle fibres. 20154730285
the diffusion coefficient of sodium in barnacle muscle fibres. 20154730285
[usefulness of the thyroid suppression test in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of hyperthyroidism]. 20154678040
[hemoglobin test in determination of the color of the optic disk]. 20154690020
[rehabilitation nursing for patients with sequela of cerebral apoplexy]. 20154490852
[hemorrhagic diathesis in children]. 20154483647
evidence for the humoral control of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. 20154387256
new polypeptides in poliovirus. 20154337036
studies on adrenal cortical function in patients with lung cancer. 20154306935
a non-poissonian flagellar motor switch increases bacterial chemotactic potential.we investigate bacterial chemotactic strategies using run-tumble and run-reverse-flick motility patterns. the former is typically observed in enteric bacteria such as escherichia coli and salmonella and the latter was recently observed in the marine bacteria vibrio alginolyticus and is possibly exhibited by other polar flagellated species. it is shown that although the three-step motility pattern helps the bacterium to localize near hot spots, an exploitative behavior, its exploratory potential ...201526331263
nascent chain-monitored remodeling of the sec machinery for salinity adaptation of marine bacteria.secdf interacts with the secyeg translocon in bacteria and enhances protein export in a proton-motive-force-dependent manner. vibrio alginolyticus, a marine-estuarine bacterium, contains two secdf paralogs, v.secdf1 and v.secdf2. here, we show that the export-enhancing function of v.secdf1 requires na+ instead of h+, whereas v.secdf2 is na+-independent, presumably requiring h+. in accord with the cation-preference difference, v.secdf2 was only expressed under limited na+ concentrations whereas v ...201526392525
structure of an amino acid-decorated exopolysaccharide secreted by a vibrio alginolyticus strain.vibrio alginolyticus (cncm i-4994) secretes an exopolysaccharide that can be used as an ingredient in cosmetic applications. the structure was resolved using chromatography and one- and two-dimensional nmr spectroscopy experiments. the results show that the carbohydrate backbone is made of two residues: d-galacturonic acid and n-acetyl-d-glucosamine (glcnac), which together constitute a tetrasaccharide repetition unit: [→3)-α-d-gala-(1→4)-α-d-gala-(1→3)-α-d-gala-(1→3)-β-glcnac(1→]. two amino aci ...201526528992
isolation, characterization, and antibiotic resistance of vibrio spp. in sea turtles from northwestern mexico.the aerobic oral and cloacal bacterial microbiota and their antimicrobial resistance were characterized for 64 apparently healthy sea turtles captured at their foraging grounds in ojo de liebre lagoon (oll), baja california sur (bcs), mexico (pacific ocean) and the lagoon system of navachiste (lsn) and marine area of influence (mai), guasave, sinaloa (gulf of california). a total of 34 black turtles (chelonia mydas agassizii) were sampled in oll and eight black turtles and 22 olive ridley turtle ...201526161078
[ultrastructure of the mononuclear cells in infectious mononucleosis]. 20154704611
[total ligation of the esophagus by murphy's button. hemmorrhages caused by esophageal varices in portal hypertension. apropos of 34 cases]. 20154549250
complete recovery after resuscitation and emergency craniotomy in three children with acute epidural haematoma. 20154653747
[echographic findings in proliferative retinopathy]. 20154647518
cortical dimensions of second metacarpal in four ethnic groups of south african children. 20154693999
cortical dimensions of second metacarpal in four ethnic groups of south african children. 20154693999
ethical standards as an independent variable in psychological research. 20154689043
practical aspects of adolescent growth and development. 20154686210
practical aspects of adolescent growth and development. 20154686210
erythropoiesis in the newt, triturus cristatus laur. ii. characteristics of the erythropoitic process. 20154704637
[2 cases of rieger's syndrome]. 20154690013
trapezoidal-28 total hip replacement. 20154585178
the phenothiazines. 20154612601
ulcerative tracheo-oesophageal fistula during treatment by tracheostomy and intermittent positive pressure ventilation. 20154557006
william frank carver. dentist, frontiersman, hunter, marksman, wild west showman. 20154505105
unilateral osteocardilaginous exostosis osteoma of the mandible and hyperostosis: report of a case. 20154500449
[diagnosis of edema]. 20154488702
induction of -globin synthesis in the -thalassaemia of ferrara. 20154505416
[relative cardiac output, cardiac output quotient, and cardiac volume under graded ergometer exertion during various training conditions. possibilities for simplified function tests on heart and blood circulation]. 20154663550
[chronic pancreatitis--with special reference to the relationship between clinical pathology and clinical practice]. 20154677405
[the morpho-functional test of blood lymphocytes in proliferative blood diseases. case reports]. 20154973516
[the morpho-functional test of blood lymphocytes in proliferative blood diseases. case reports]. 20154973516
[effects of cooking on the content of some vitamins in various species of frozen fish]. 20154480150
seasonal variation in amphibian phosphate metabolism and its relation to parathyroid structure and function. 20154405350
behavioral studies of noise-induced hearing loss in primates: loudness recruitment. 20154351038
the pensacola story. 20154551267
control of post-operative infection. a comparative evaluation of clindamycin and phenoxymethylpenicillin. 20154631901
[serial hemocultures with warren's medium in patients with positive machado-guerreiro reaction]. 20154624192
[dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans of the head and neck (author's transl)]. 20154603453
a method of internal suspension fixation in jaw fractures--general considerations. 20154533019
[stimulation with radiofrequency in the therapy of paroxysmal tachycardia crises in the wolff-parkinson-white syndrome]. 20154549731
[bilateral concomitant rupture of the distal tendon of the biceps]. 20154637386
[the clinical evaluation of whole body scanning with 87m sr and 18 f for detecting bone tumors]. 20154506021
diagnostic guidelines in hydrocephalic dementia. 20154500399
[new steps toward equality between women and men]. 20154498440
[difficulty in understanding patients]. 20154485142
[smallpox]. 20154483649
[enzymatic thin layer chromatography for the identification of some organophosphorous pesticides]. 20154446338
death of methadone users in the district of columbia. 20154790688
immobilon in the otter. 20154450432
[the effect of quateleron on the filtration-reabsorption function of the kidneys and electrolyte (sodium and potassium) metabolism in hypertension]. 20154390376
cytologic and histologic aspects of toxically induced liver reactions. 20154774698
[extramammary paget's disease]. 20154317561
[hyperphenylalaninemia and banal infections]. 20154821507
[hyperphenylalaninemia and banal infections]. 20154821507
career-ladder breakthrough. now, an associate degree without attending college. 20154485178
[current treatment of trichuriasis]. 20154661971
[sudden death in alveolar proteinosis]. 20154493287
the senile tremor patient. 20154524036
[dental caries and their complications]. 20154481668
the effect of lysine fortification of iranian bread on the nutritional status of school children. 20154703022
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