[a rapid method for the determination of urinary pregnandiol using sephadex lh-20 chromatography]. 2004520858
[a congenital esophagotracheal fistula in an adult]. 20072223222
[a congenital esophagotracheal fistula in an adult]. 20072223222
lack of nephrotoxicity of styrene at current tlv level (50 ppm).biochemical markers of kidney damage were examined in 37 female workers exposed to an average concentration of 225 mg/m3 of styrene. the concentration of mandelic acid in urine was on the average 759 mg/g creatinine. the mean duration of employment of the exposed subjects was 11 years. the results were compared to those obtained in 35 control female workers matched for age and a number of demographic and lifestyle factors and with no history of exposure to organic solvents. no difference was fou ...20092744872
predictive value of a short dietary questionnaire for changes in serum lipids in high-risk utah families.dietary questionnaires and serum cholesterol, triglycerides, and high-density lipoprotein (hdl) cholesterol determinations were completed for 1239 subjects aged greater than or equal to 20 at each of two separate screenings. the mean time between screenings was 2.5 y. after correcting for potential confounding variables, reduction of a measure of dietary cholesterol and saturated fatty acids assessed by two simple questions was a significant independent predictor of reduction in total cholestero ...20092756916
paroxysmal myoclonic dystonia with vocalisations: new entity or variant of preexisting syndromes?from among 1377 patients with movement disorders, four patients had an unusual movement disorder characterised by paroxysmal bursts of involuntary, regular, repetitive, rhythmic, bilateral, coordinated, simultaneous, stereotypic myoclonus and vocalisations, often associated with tonic symptoms, interference with voluntary functioning, presence of hyperactivity, attention and learning disabilities, and resistance to treatment with haloperidol and other drugs. this symptom complex may represent a ...20123457101
better clinical diagnosis of contraction of the transverse brim. 20124825881
prograde versus retrograde endoscopic laser therapy for the treatment of malignant esophageal obstruction: a comparison of techniques.the prograde and retrograde approaches to the treatment of malignant esophageal obstruction with the nd:yag, or neodymium: yttrium, aluminum, garnet, laser are compared. with the prograde technique, tumor destruction proceeds from the proximal to the distal tumor margin. in retrograde treatment, the endoscope is passed to the distal tumor margin so that the treatment can proceed in the reverse direction, thereby completing therapy in a single treatment session. this is usually accomplished by pa ...20123393057
vasodilator drugs in patients with chronic ischaemic heart failure.the effects of intravenous nitroglycerin (ntg), trimetaphan (tmp), and phentolamine (ptl) on pulmonary artery diastolic pressure (padp), systemic arterial pressure (sap), cardiac index (ci) and systemic vascular resistance (svr) in patients (12 in each treated group) with chronic ischaemic heart failure are analyzed. each group was divided into two subgroups according to the initial padp taking into account the mean value in the whole group. a significant decrease in padp (by 40%; p less than 0. ...20133935374
[urinary acidic mucopolysaccharides in normal individuals and patients with hurler's syndrome]. 20134240974
[urinary acidic mucopolysaccharides in normal individuals and patients with hurler's syndrome]. 20134240974
the prevention of dental caries by mouthrinsing with solutions of neutral sodium fluoride. 20144149260
[echographic findings in proliferative retinopathy]. 20154647518
is jump to population-explosion bandwagon justified? 20165009981
[early postoperative rehabilitation after maxillary resection]. 20164951118
[circumstantial study of accidents in minors under 15 years of age (study of 100 cases)]. 20164791562
[dental disorders in anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia]. 1979272997
[comment on the review of the nursing encyclopedia]. 1981243904
the absence of structural relationship between mitochondrial and mitochondrial and cytoplasmic leucyl-trna synthetases from tetrahymena pyriformis. 1983242273
new frontier for radiology: computed tomography. 40th annual preston m. hickey memorial lecture.the basic principles of computed tomography (ct) and their application are discussed. the impact of this method on neuroradiologic diagnosis is reviewed, including economic considerations and the effect on nuclear medicine and other diagnostic procedures. the initial experiences of the mallinckrodt institute with whole body scanning are illustrated, and failure possibilities for ct are predicted.1997179368
retrospect and prospect of electron microscopy in japan: biology/virology. 19982809471
[the cranio-carpo-tarsal dysplasia syndrome in a 6-year-old girl (whistling-face syndrome)]. 1998106974
bone marrow involvement by non-hodgkin's lymphoma: the clinical significance of morphologic discordance between the lymph node and bone marrow. nebraska lymphoma study group.bone marrow specimens from 317 patients with non-hodgkin's lymphoma (nhl) obtained at initial staging were evaluated for the presence of lymphoma or benign lymphoid aggregates. thirty-two percent (102 patients) had lymphoma in their bone marrow, and 9% had benign lymphoid aggregates. bone marrow lymphoma was present in 39% of low-grade, 36% of intermediate-grade, and 18% of high-grade lymphomas. the bone marrow was involved in 25% of patients with diffuse large-cell or immunoblastic nhl (ie, dif ...20061694234
fatal outcome with use of rectal morphine for postoperative pain control in an infant. 20061489382
[hyperoxalemia and secondary oxalosis of chronic renal insufficiency]. 20072074920
renal adenocarcinoma presenting with bilateral metastases to bartholin's glands: primary diagnosis by aspiration cytology.the first recorded case of renal adenocarcinoma presenting with bilateral metastases to the bartholin's glands is presented. primary diagnosis of the metastatic deposits was made by fine-needle aspiration cytology with subsequent localization of the unsuspected renal primary. the value of fine-needle aspiration in the identification of inapparent primary tumors is discussed and cytological findings are described in detail.20093769735
why not launch a new cadet nurse corps? 20103279779
biosynthesis of porphyrins and left ventricle function in patients with terminal renal insufficiency. 20113133291
[new therapeutic possibilities in idiopathic nephrotic syndrome relapse]. 20123440223
transvaginal parametrial needle biopsy for detection of postirradiation recurrent cancer of the cervix.during the 27-year period from 1956 to 1982, transvaginal parametrial needle biopsies were performed on 76 patients clinically suspected of harboring postirradiation recurrent cervical cancer without mucosal lesions suitable for biopsy under direct vision. needle biopsies indicated cancer in 41 patients, resulting in 20 abdominal explorations. eleven of these patients underwent total pelvic exenteration. three patients survived longer than 5 years. among 35 patients whose biopsies did not sugges ...20123334963
medicolegal dystocia. 20133581551
[microcomputer-assisted system for photographing the movements of biological valve prostheses].the aim of the study was to develop a clinically usable system of photographic imaging of the movements of biological valve transplants and of evaluating temporal and spatial relationships. the system has been established by means of a microcomputer and associated peripheral electronic equipment so that there is no need to use a high-speed camera. functioning of the system was verified by testing 37 aortal valve allotransplants and the björk shiley mechanical valve prosthesis.20092758334
individual microglia move rapidly and directly to nerve lesions in the leech central nervous system.small cells called microglia, which collect at nerve lesions, were tracked as they moved within the leech nerve cord to crushes made minutes or hours before. the aim of this study was to determine whether microglia respond as a group and move en masse or instead move individually, at different rates, and whether they move along axons directly to the lesion or take another route, such as along the edges of the nerve cord. cell nuclei in living nerve cords were stained with hoechst 33258 dye and o ...20102915975
[phosphoglycerate kinase deficiency with recurrent myoglobinuria: morphological and biochemical analysis]. 20133718771
[ultrastructure of the mononuclear cells in infectious mononucleosis]. 20154704611
indirect myocardial revascularization. 20165098978
[organization of sanatorial care for children with rheumatic fever]. 20165081437
[incidence and nature of postextraction bacteremia]. 2002127333
[treatment of hemorrhages from esophageal varices]. 2003309021
the treatment of acne. 20144222949
perception of sign language of the deaf. 20144099482
[comparative experimental studies of orthopantomographic pictures (orthopantomograph 3, panorex) and intraoral single radiographs for the radiographic presentation of the alveolar limbus]. 1980293999
[the implication of renal cortical blood flow detected by 99mtc-dimercaptosuccinic acid (dmsa) renal scintigraphy (author's transl)]. 1985219279
acute silicosis: how does it still happen? 1987203828
[xantinol-nicotinate in primary type-v hyperlipoproteinaemia (author's transl)].the effect of xantinol-nicotinate (50 mg/kg body-weight) on serum lipids and lipoproteins was tested in 16 out-patients with primary type v hyperlipoproteinaemia. the lipids and lipoproteins were measured before treatment, during a three-week period of drug administration and ten days after it had been stopped. there were no side effects such as flushing or gastritis, and no notable reduction of weight. each serum-lipid fraction (triglycerides, nonesterified fatty acids, phospholipids, ester-cho ...1990185036
scintigraphic evaluation of sarcomata in children and adults by ga67 citrate.gallium-67 scans were performed on 32 patients with adult and childhood sarcomata as part of clinical staging studies. gallium-67 scans proved to be highly accurate in assessing sites of disease in patients with malignant schwannoma, ewing's sarcoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma. gallium-67 scans were inaccurate in determining sites of disease in patients with other types of sarcomata. it is concluded that gallium-67 scanning is a useful adjunct to clinical staging in selected patients with sarcomata.1990213185
[adenomatous transformation of acidophilic pituitary hyperplasia in acromegaly]. 1990184404
[serum lipids in down's syndrome].in 28 patients with down syndrome and in 28 controls matched for age and sex serum lipoproteins and their main lipid constituents were determined. both groups comprised subjects living in the same institutions for mentally retarded no significant differences were found between the two groups in total serum lipids, triglycerides, total cholesterol and phospholipid levels and in the proportion of esterified cholesterol and beta-lipoproteins. no characteristic pattern of alpha and beta lipoproteins ...1992183162
[changes of cholesterol and triglycerides in suckling infants: relationship with genetic markers of beta-lipoproteins]. 1992195192
the chronic patient: perspectives from the 29th institute on hospital & community psychiatry. the role of the psychiatrist [proceedings]. 1994201557
self extraction of foreign body lodged in subtarsal sulcus (a simple first-aid measure). 19951236449
mixed tumors of the salivary glands. growth pattern and 112 patients with mixed tumors of the salivary glands, 94 tumors were located in parotid glands, 11 in submandibular salivary glands, and 7 in monor palatal salivary glands. capsular ingrowth, a characteristic growth pattern, may explain the frequency of multilobulation and capsular defects in these tumors, particularly those of long standing. the capsular thickness, the extent of fibrosis with stromal hyalinization, and the degree of lymphocytic infiltration within and around the capsule, we ...1996178290
[free radicals in the flavin reduction reaction. interaction of reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide with flavin in solution].the study of the flavin mononucleotide (fmn)-reduced nicotinamide adeninedinucleotide (nadh) reaction was carried out both under aerobic and anaerobic conditions, using spectrophotometric and titrimetric methods. the consumption of nadh was shown to exceed two times the consumption of fmn in the anaerobic reaction and the rate constant in the aerobic reaction was found to be about 4 times of that of the anaerobic reaction. moreover, the replacement of anaerobic conditions by aerobic ones at ph 5 ...1997179618
letter: reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome. 200059068
quality assurance of gram-stained direct smears.clinical laboratories do not always prepare and examine direct smears. in part, this may be explained by lack of control over the precision and accuracy of the procedure, which has diminished confidence in direct smears among both laboratory scientists and clinicians. objective criteria were established for enumeration of cells and placement of bacteria in identification categories. two methods for monitoring the accuracy and reproducibility of their application were studied: (1) examination of ...200192891
ion channel expression by white matter glia: the type-1 astrocyte.we describe the electrophysiological properties of acutely isolated type-1 astrocytes using a new "tissue print" dissociation procedure. because the enzymes used did not destroy or modify the ion channels, and the cells retained many processes, the properties may reflect those in vivo. the types of ion channels in type-1 astrocytes changed rapidly during the first 10 postnatal days, when they attained their adult phenotype. this change was dependent on the presence of neurons. in culture, most o ...20061698397
cutaneous multilobated t-cell lymphoma with aggressive course.cutaneous multilobated t-cell lymphoma is an uncommon variant of skin-based peripheral t-cell lymphoma typically characterized by cutaneous nodules in elderly patients and a chronic clinical course. we report a case of the disease that led to the patient's death within 2 years after onset. this disease may be associated with a more aggressive clinical course than generally recognized.20071894770
[gypsum-bonded investments for the ringless casting (part 1). the mechanical properties of the experimental investments]. 20082699669
[gypsum-bonded investments for the ringless casting (part 1). the mechanical properties of the experimental investments]. 20082699669
[histochemical study of amyloid spondyloarthropathy in hemodialyzed patients]. 20082657995
organising clinical research: 2. writing the protocol. 20092803899
computer-assisted semen analysis: results vary across technicians who prepare videotapes.automated semen analyses revealed differences of 21% to 30% in concentration-related parameters and 5% to 11% in motion-related parameters between means of groups of replicate specimens. disparities among videotapes produced by two laboratory technicians accounted for the divergence in concentration-related parameters. this resulted partially from differences between the two technicians in propensity to dilute concentrated specimens. the causes of the greater portion of disparities between video ...20092680623
the maillard reaction in aging, diabetes, and nutrition. proceedings of an nih conference. bethesda, maryland, september 22-23, 1988. dedicated to john e. hodge on the occasion of his 75th birthday. 20092675025
chernobyl and cancer epidemiology. 20092882249
toward 9 by '90: reducing infant mortality. 20102913170
somatostatinoma of vater's papilla and of the minor papilla.two cases of somatostatinomas of the major and minor papilla are reported. the tumors were characterized by solid trabecular and tubular arrangements of tumor cells and in one case by the presence of microvilli and psammoma bodies. the tumor cells contain many amine precursor uptake and dicarboxylation (apud)-granules with a diameter of 300 to 500 nm and low electron density. immunoperoxidase stain showed intense staining only for somatostatin and low density of neuron-specific enolase. those tu ...20102885079
surgical considerations in childhood end-stage renal disease.this article provides a conceptual framework that is useful to the pediatrician who provides children with renal failure with care. operative and perioperative consideration are emphasized.20113658506
[joint diseases other than rheumatic diseases]. 20113648965
esmolol for control of increases in heart rate and blood pressure during tracheal intubation after thiopentone and succinylcholine.esmolol, an ultra-short-acting cardioselective beta-adrenergic blocker, was investigated in a double-blind prospective protocol for its ability to control haemodynamic responses associated with tracheal intubation after thiopentone and succinylcholine. thirty asa physical status i patients received a 12-minute infusion of esmolol (500 micrograms x kg-1 x min-1 for four minutes, then 300 micrograms x kg-1 x min-1 for 8 minutes) or saline. five minutes after the start of the drug/placebo infusion, ...20113768764
[the 35th anniversary of the independent existence of czechoslovak pharmacy schools]. 20113072093
dot assay for neomycin phosphotransferase activity in crude cell extracts.a dot assay for determining neomycin phosphotransferase (npt ii) activity in crude cell extracts has been developed. the assay provides for the rapid screening of large numbers of cell cultures generated in gene transformation experiments using npt ii as a dominant selectable marker. currently, the commonly used procedure for npt ii assay employs a time-consuming electrophoretic protein separation step to eliminate a positive interference resulting from putative protein kinase activities present ...20113037946
[morphology of the kidneys in shock]. 20113078180
sensitivity and uncertainty studies of the crac2 computer code.we have studied the sensitivity of health impacts from nuclear reactor accidents, as predicted by the crac2 computer code, to the following sources of uncertainty: (1) the model for plume rise, (2) the model for wet deposition, (3) the meteorological bin-sampling procedure for selecting weather sequences with rain, (4) the dose conversion factors for inhalation as affected by uncertainties in the particle size of the carrier aerosol and the clearance rates of radionuclides from the respiratory t ...20123444936
the use of fluoride preparations in dental practice. 20123862379
improved mouthguard design for the edentulous sportsman. 20123862380
a theory of the symmetries of filamentous bacteriophages.a mathematical model is presented which explains the symmetries observed for the protein coats of filamentous bacterial viruses. three viruses (ff, ike, and if1) all have five-start helices with rotation angles of 36 degrees and axial translations of 16 a (type i symmetry), and three other viruses (pf1, xf, and pf3) all have one-start helices with rotation angles of approximately equal to 67 degrees and translations of approximately 3 a (type ii symmetry). the coat protein subunits in each group ...20123349133
role of alcohol use by narcotic addicts as revealed in the darp research on evaluation of treatment for drug abuse. 20123314556
surface phenotype and cytochemistry of t cells. 20133871164
[concept of nursing associated with clinical tests]. 20133852986
[the use of soft contact lenses in children with myopia]. 20133773423
imipenem-cilastatin: the promise of single-agent antimicrobial therapy fulfilled? 20133757447
the rise and fall of intra-ocular pressure: the influence of physiological factors.a number of physiological factors can influence the intra-ocular pressure of patients with normal, healthy eyes leading to the misinterpretation of tonometric findings. the influence and duration of four commonly encountered factors--drinking water, coffee, alcohol, and exercise--were investigated employing a non-contact tonometer. drinking 1 litre of water increased the iop for up to 140 min with a mean maximum increase of 4.4 mmhg. a similar change was induced by coffee, the increase lasting u ...20133714283
does renal failure mean sexual failure? 20133640541
improved method for determination of volatile nitrosamines in baby bottle rubber nipples and pacifiers.a method is described for determining volatile nitrosamines in baby bottle rubber nipples and pacifiers. the method consists of overnight soaking of the sample with dichloromethane in the presence of propyl gallate, an inhibitor for artifactual formation of nitrosamines; extraction with dichloromethane using an ambient temperature column procedure; distillation from aqueous alkali; extraction of the aqueous distillate with dichloromethane and concentration of the extract using a kuderna-danish c ...20133610953
[chest wall infections after surgery with extracorporeal circulation. reflections on the therapeutic modalities (curative and preventive), apropos of 4,835 consecutive operations]. 20133566147
[diffuse liver diseases: possibility or limitations of echography?].reports on echography as a diagnostic tool in diffused liver diseases are quite numerous in the literature. as it is shown by the analysis of such reports there is no general agreement as far as including echography into the diagnostic protocol of liver diseases is concerned. reliability of echography for the assessment of fat liver is quite ascertained, while its role in the diagnosis of acute and chronic hepatitis is still quite controversial. on the basis of personal experience, percent incid ...20133554000
the right to know. 20133574848
disorders of lipid metabolism. 20144217183
acupuncture analgesia in dentistry. 20144111845
ole modifications of the disabled male. 20144229807
[problem of transfusion hepatitis in public health service]. 20144234419
choosing medicine. 20144121954
the diffusion coefficient of sodium in barnacle muscle fibres. 20154730285
the diffusion coefficient of sodium in barnacle muscle fibres. 20154730285
[usefulness of the thyroid suppression test in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of hyperthyroidism]. 20154678040
[hemoglobin test in determination of the color of the optic disk]. 20154690020
[rehabilitation nursing for patients with sequela of cerebral apoplexy]. 20154490852
[hemorrhagic diathesis in children]. 20154483647
evidence for the humoral control of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. 20154387256
new polypeptides in poliovirus. 20154337036
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