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processing-independent in vitro translocation of cytochrome p-450(scc) precursor across mitochondrial the presence of a membrane-permeable metal chelator, bovine adrenal cortex mitochondria imported p-450(scc) precursor without processing of the amino-terminal extension peptide. the imported precursor was bound to the matrix side surface of the inner membrane. when the inhibition due to the metal chelator was removed, the imported precursor was processed to the mature form. unprocessed precursor was also detected in mitochondria when the import reaction was carried out at relatively low tempe ...19863818579
cervical lymph node metastases with occult primary.patients with cervical metastases from an unknown primary tumour present both diagnostic and therapeutic problems. twenty patients with a metastatic lesion in the neck, in whom the primary tumour was not found despite extensive, diagnostic procedures, were treated in the department of otolaryngology, linköping university hospital, during a 14-year period (1971-1984). since 1975 tonsillectomy has been performed regularly on the affected side as a part of the diagnostic procedure. eight patients w ...20123815873
[the role of na+ ions in the respiration, formation of the membrane potential and movement of the alkali-resistant marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus].subbacterial vesicles capable of generating delta psi during nadh oxidation were obtained. the oxidation of nadh was stimulated by na+ and inhibited by 2-heptyl-4-oxyquinoline-n-oxide (hqno) in submicromolar concentrations. the generation of delta psi was inhibited by hqno in low concentrations, cyanide, gramicidine d and carbonyl cyanide-m-chlorophenylhydrazone (cccp) in combination with monensine. at the same time, in the absence of monensine cccp influenced the delta psi generation in a much ...19873814650
theophylline toxicity and nifedipine. 20133813254
a follow-up study of psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents.the present study analyzes the effects of milieu treatment on 169 teenagers admitted to a midwestern state psychiatric facility. pre- and post-hospitalization data for both males and females indicate improved functioning in all the areas studied.20133812076
[analysis of hba1 is necessary in the routine check-up of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus]. 20133807486
[diagnosis of borrelia infections is an all-year-round problem as the serological examination of the cases from 1985 shows]. 19863807483
reducing effort with reminders and a parking pass to improve appointment keeping for patients of pediatric residents. 20133807450
the effect of toluene inhalation exposure on catecholamine contents in rat sympathetic male rats were exposed to toluene in short-term exposure by inhalation for 48 h (2000 ppm, continuously), and in long-term inhalation for 3 months (1000 ppm, 8 h daily). the formaldehyde-induced fluorescence (fif) technique for histochemical demonstration of catecholamines (ca) was used to detect changes in the catecholamine stores. the concentration of ca in the sympathetic neurons of superior cervical ganglia and adrenal medulla was measured by the fif technique combined with microfluori ...19863807443
effect of age, sex, and body surface area on echocardiographic left ventricular wall mass in normal subjects.m-mode echocardiography was used to estimate left ventricular wall mass in 136 older normal subjects (group i: 78 men and 58 women, ages 20 to 97 years) and 105 younger normal subjects (group ii: 52 male and 53 female subjects, ages 1 day to 23 years). echocardiographic left ventricular mass (in grams) was estimated from the following formula: left ventricular mass = 1.05 ([ left ventricular internal diastolic dimension + ventricular septal thickness (diastole) + posterior wall thickness (diasto ...20133804398
[dosimeter for the detection of sulfur dioxide concentrations at the work site]. 20123798980
leishmania in the old world: 3. the distribution of l. aethiopica zymodemes.isoenzyme profiles of 28 stocks of leishmania aethiopica were compared with those of reference strains of l. aethiopica, l. tropica and l. major using starch-gel electrophoresis of 13 enzymes (gpi, gd, es, pgm, pepd, nh, asat, alat, pk, mpi, 6pgd, sod, mdh). 13 zymodemes were seen. l. aethiopica showed some infraspecific variation. stocks from phlebotomus longipes and procavia habessinica were indistinguishable from those from man. stocks from cases of diffuse cutaneous and cutaneous leishmanias ...19863798530
analysis of 5-ht1 binding site subtypes and potential functional correlates. 19863797586
isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from two patients of acute gastroenteritis. 19863794263
local anaesthetics. iv--synthesis and activity of 2-(n-substituted or n,n-disubstituted aminoacetamido)-4- or -4,5-substituted thiazoles.synthesis is described of eleven new 2-(n-substituted or n,n-disubstituted aminoacetamido)-4- or -4,5-substituted thiazoles (i). their hydrochlorides were screened for local anaesthetic activity on frogs by the sciatic plexus method and the activity compared with that of procaine.20133792539
studies on transferrin receptor expression in mouse plasmacytoma cells. 19863792031
[primary pulmonary hypertension. a critical review of the literature and presentation of a case]. 20133791899
occurrence and distribution of halophilic vibrios in subtropical coastal waters of hong kong.the summer occurrence and distribution of halophilic vibrios in the subtropical coastal waters of hong kong were investigated. the density of vibrios in six sample sites ranged from 90 to 6,700 per ml, which made up 0.41 to 40% of the total bacterial populations of these sample sites. the sucrose-positive vibrios were found to be much more common (88% of total vibrios) than the sucrose-negative ones. a total of 48 strains belonging to six vibrio species were fully characterized. among these, vib ...19863789725
haemothorax in the course of chickenpox. 20133787528
national surveillance of aids in health care workers.information obtained for all persons with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (aids) reported to the centers for disease control, atlanta, includes a question about employment in a health care or clinical laboratory setting. as of may 1, 1986, a total of 922 (5.5%) of 16,748 adults with aids reported employment in such settings. ninety-five percent of these health care workers belonged to recognized high-risk groups for aids; the proportion with "no identified risk" has not increased with tim ...19863783866
duchenne muscular dystrophy in a girl with an (x;15) translocation.this is a report of a girl with duchenne muscular dystrophy (dmd) associated with an 46,x,t (x;15) (p21; q 26) chromosome constitution. although in the eight published cases of girls with dmd and a t(x;aut) different autosomes were involved in the translocation, the breakpoint was always at xp21. the present case supports the hypothesis that the dmd gene must be located at xp21. in this study, involvement of the father's chromosomes in the translocation was detected.19863777020
[the use of soft contact lenses in children with myopia]. 20133773423
renal adenocarcinoma presenting with bilateral metastases to bartholin's glands: primary diagnosis by aspiration cytology.the first recorded case of renal adenocarcinoma presenting with bilateral metastases to the bartholin's glands is presented. primary diagnosis of the metastatic deposits was made by fine-needle aspiration cytology with subsequent localization of the unsuspected renal primary. the value of fine-needle aspiration in the identification of inapparent primary tumors is discussed and cytological findings are described in detail.20093769735
esmolol for control of increases in heart rate and blood pressure during tracheal intubation after thiopentone and succinylcholine.esmolol, an ultra-short-acting cardioselective beta-adrenergic blocker, was investigated in a double-blind prospective protocol for its ability to control haemodynamic responses associated with tracheal intubation after thiopentone and succinylcholine. thirty asa physical status i patients received a 12-minute infusion of esmolol (500 micrograms x kg-1 x min-1 for four minutes, then 300 micrograms x kg-1 x min-1 for 8 minutes) or saline. five minutes after the start of the drug/placebo infusion, ...20113768764
radiation reaction enhanced by ifosfamide. 20103768630
polycyclic aromatic compounds (pac) in leaf lettuce.twenty-three samples of leaf lettuce (lactuca sativa var. crispa) cultivated in private gardens in southern finland were analyzed for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (pah) and derivatives. the total pah concentrations varied from 4.8 to 94 micrograms/kg fresh weight. nitro derivatives of pah were detected in only five samples. one lettuce sample was also analyzed for pah oxy-derivatives. 9h-fluoren-9-one (1.3 microgram/kg) and 6 h-benzo[cd]pyren-6-one (0.3 microgram/kg) were found. the profiles ...20133765856
migration of fish leucocytes in vitro: the effect of factors which may be involved in mediating inflammation.plaice (pleuronectes platessa l.) neutrophils were isolated from the kidney on a discontinuous percoll gradient and from the peritoneal cavity at the peak of a glycogen-elicited inflammatory response. the migratory ability of neutrophils was assessed using a 48-well microchemotaxis chamber, with an incubation of 1.5 h at 12 degrees c. the two neutrophil populations showed different responses to n-formylmethionyl-leucyl-phenylalanine (fmlp). whereas kidney neutrophils only showed a significant en ...19863765366
dosimetric mapping inside biorack on d1. 20133762715
the respiratory burst oxidase of human neutrophils. further studies of the purified enzyme.a superoxide-forming oxidase from activated human neutrophil membranes was solubilized by two slightly different methods, then purified by "dye-affinity" chromatography. kinetic studies of the purified preparations gave vmax values of 5-10 mumol of o-2/min/mg of protein, and km values for nadh and nadph that were in reasonable agreement with values determined previously using particulate and crude solubilized preparations of the respiratory burst oxidase. sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide ge ...19863759962
imipenem-cilastatin: the promise of single-agent antimicrobial therapy fulfilled? 20133757447
reference ranges and ideal patient values for blood cholesterol. can there be reconciliation?reference ranges for blood cholesterol levels reflect the nationwide epidemic of "silent" hypercholesterolemia. as such, reference ranges for cholesterol levels without accompanying designation of levels associated with increased coronary risk are misleading and falsely comforting to physicians and patients. in a recent continent-wide study of 108 academically based clinical laboratories, highly variable reference ranges were observed, the ranges having been derived from a vast assortment of sou ...20133754717
the chemical and enzymatic oxidation of hematohemin ix. identification of hematobiliverdin ix alpha as the sole product of the enzymatic oxidation.oxidative cleavage of hematohemin ix in pyridine solution in the presence of ascorbic acid (coupled oxidation), followed by esterification of the products with boron trifluoride/methanol produced the four possible hematobiliverdin dimethyl esters in 11.1% overall yield. transetherifications took place simultaneously with the esterification reaction and resulted in the formation of the dimethyl ester of hematobiliverdin ix gamma 8a,13a-dimethyl ether (1.8%), the dimethyl ester of hematobiliverdin ...19863754208
morphological changes in rat striatal boutons after chronic methamphetamine and haloperidol treatment.dopaminergic (da) synaptic boutons were identified in rat striatum with an electron microscopic histochemical method. in rats which developed behavioral hypersensitivity after treatment with methamphetamine (map) for about 2 weeks, significantly fewer da boutons were found. this effect was specific to da boutons without mitochondria and was not seen in boutons with mitochondria. the density of granular synaptic vesicles in da boutons, however, did not change significantly. these morphological ch ...19863748472
a method for repeated csf sampling in the freely moving rat.with the use of a holder mounted on the skull of rats, a cannula can be implanted so that one end rests on the atlanto-occipital membrane overlying the cisterna magna. needles introduced through the cannula allow repeated access to the cisterna magna in the freely moving animal. this system is stable for periods of up to 4 weeks and is suited for repeated sampling of the cerebrospinal fluid.19863747592
the sodium cycle. iii. vibrio alginolyticus resembles vibrio cholerae and some other vibriones by flagellar motor and ribosomal 5s-rna electron microscopic study of the basal bodies of the vibrio albinolyticus flagellum revealed a four-disc structure. the diameters of the two discs localized closer to the cytoplasmic membrane proved to be about 2-fold shorter than those of the two others. in this respect the basal body of v. alginolyticus resembles very much that of v. cholerae described by ferris and co-workers. the sequence of the v. alginolyticus ribosomal 5s-rna showed that it is similar to those of v. cholerae, v. harve ...19863730372
purification and initial characterization of the 71-kilodalton rat heat-shock protein and its cognate as fatty acid binding proteins.the major rat heat-shock (stress) protein and its cognate were purified to electrophoretic homogeneity from livers of heat-shocked rats. both proteins exhibited similar behavior on a variety of column chromatography matrices but were separable by preparative isoelectric focusing under nondenaturing conditions by virtue of a 0.2 ph unit difference in isoelectric point. both purified proteins had similar physical properties, suggesting the possibility that they may have similar biological function ...19863730359
anticandidal activities of terconazole, a broad-spectrum antimycotic.terconazole is a new triazole ketal derivative with broad-spectrum in vitro and in vivo antifungal activities. this study further characterizes the effects of terconazole in vitro on yeast cell growth, viability, and morphology. terconazole inhibited the growth of candida albicans atcc 44859 in a concentration-related manner, but with modest effects noted at levels from 10(-8) to 10(-5) m when the yeast was grown on media favoring the cell form. the inhibitory potency of terconazole on yeast cel ...19863729366
plant dermatitis. 20133719506
[phosphoglycerate kinase deficiency with recurrent myoglobinuria: morphological and biochemical analysis]. 20133718771
n-ethylmaleimide desensitizes ph-dependence of k+/h+ antiporter in a marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus.the k+/h+ antiporter of a marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus, is strongly dependent upon the cytoplasmic ph and functions only at an internal ph above 7.7. in alkaline buffer with an outwardly directed chemical gradient of k+ (delta pk), the internal ph was maintained at about 7.7. addition of n-ethylmaleimide (nem) released cellular k+ and acidified the cytosol below ph 7.7. the nem effect was reversed by the addition of 2-mercaptoethanol: k+ efflux ceased, and the internal ph returned to a ...19863718495
the rise and fall of intra-ocular pressure: the influence of physiological factors.a number of physiological factors can influence the intra-ocular pressure of patients with normal, healthy eyes leading to the misinterpretation of tonometric findings. the influence and duration of four commonly encountered factors--drinking water, coffee, alcohol, and exercise--were investigated employing a non-contact tonometer. drinking 1 litre of water increased the iop for up to 140 min with a mean maximum increase of 4.4 mmhg. a similar change was induced by coffee, the increase lasting u ...20133714283
sodium translocation by nadh oxidase of vibrio alginolyticus: isolation and characterization of the sodium pump-defective mutants. 19863713539
further studies on pu metabolism by swine. 19863710797
colonic carcinoma metastasizing to the choroid. 20133709825
comparison of gastrointestinal ph in dogs and humans: implications on the use of the beagle dog as a model for oral absorption in humans.gastrointestinal ph as a function of time was recorded for 4 beagle dogs and 10 human subjects using radiotelemetric ph measuring equipment. results indicated that in the quiescent phase, gastric ph in the dogs (mean = 1.8 +/- 0.07 sem) was significantly (p less than 0.05) higher than in humans (1.1 +/- 0.15). no significant difference in the time for the ph monitoring device to empty from the stomach was noted for the two species (99.8 +/- 27.2 min for dogs, 59.7 +/- 14.8 min for humans, p grea ...19863701609
intracranial infection by vibrio alginolyticus following injury in salt water.a 20-year-old man presented with an epidural abscess 3 months after a seawater diving accident. cultures of the abscess cavity obtained by surgical drainage revealed a pure culture of vibrio alginolyticus. marine vibrios may produce serious intracranial infection after head injury in salt water.19863700619
non-hodgkin's lymphoma in the elderly. a retrospective clinicopathologic study of 50 patients.the pathologic and clinical findings of 50 patients aged 65 or older (median, 71.5 years) with non-hodgkin's lymphomas (nhl) are reported. these patients formed 27% of all cases of nhl seen in a single institution over a 7-year period. forty patients presented with nodal and 10 with extranodal nhl. according to the ann arbor system, 20 were clinical and/or pathologic stages i and ii, and 30 were stages iii and iv; of the 10 patients presenting with extranodal nhl, 8 were stages i and ii. histolo ...20113697915
evidence for the presence of a novel biosynthetic pathway for norspermidine in vibrio.enzymatic studies of the cell extracts of vibrio alginolyticus and v. parahaemolyticus provided evidence that there exists a novel biosynthetic pathway for norspermidine (nh2(ch2)3nh(ch2)3nh2), a major polyamine species. in this pathway, the schiff base formed between aspartic beta-semialdehyde and 1,3-diaminopropane is first reduced by a nadph-dependent enzyme to yield "carboxynorspermidine" (nh2(ch2)3nh(ch2)2ch(nh2)cooh), which is in turn decarboxylated by a pyridoxal phosphate dependent enzym ...19863697846
why do they leave?. interview by harriet gaze. 20133697263
impact of symptoms and aging attribution on emotions and coping.two experimental studies and a large field study were designed to examine how symptom severity, symptom duration, symptom ambiguity, and the association of symptoms with aging affected emotional responses and coping with illness threats. in study 1, 280 respondents from the surrounding community reported the emotional and coping responses they would manifest to scenarios that varied the severity, duration, and ambiguity (i.e., labeled vs. unlabeled) of a common set of symptoms. severity had more ...20133691451
age-dependent activation of glucocorticoid receptors in the cerebral hemispheres of male rats.the binding of [3h]dexamethasone-receptor complexes to purified nuclei was studied in the cerebral hemispheres of immature (3-week-old) and mature (26-week-old) long-evans male rats to determine the age-related changes, if any, in the physicochemical properties of glucocorticoid receptors. our data show that heat activation (for 45 min at 25 degrees c) significantly enhances the nuclear binding of [3h]dexamethasone-receptor complexes in rats of both ages, with a greater magnitude in immature rat ...19873690338
substance use and mental health problems among sons of alcoholics and from a questionnaire sent to 864 university male students and nonacademic staff were used to compare self-reports of substance intake patterns and problems as well as family histories of depression and substance abuse across four groups: group 1, 682 men (79%) who had no alcoholic first or second-degree relative; group 2, 101 men (12%) who reported an alcoholic second-degree relative only; group 3, 59 men (7%) who reported an alcoholic first-degree relative only and group 4, 22 men (3%) wit ...20103682826
critical concentration of cadmium for renal toxicity in evaluate a critical concentration concept of cadmium (cd) toxicity on the kidney, relationships of renal cd level with urinary excretion of various substances--i.e., metallothionein, alkaline phosphatase, lactate dehydrogenase, n-acetyl-beta-d-glucosaminidase, total protein, cd, copper, and zinc--were studied in cd-injected rats. at the renal cd concentration of 100-200 micrograms/g tissue, a dramatic increase of all these substances in urine was observed, supporting the idea of the critical ...19873682016
urinary diversion: a new angle? 20123671701
isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from a patient with chronic otitis media: report of case and review of biochemical activity. 19873667356
liposome as an adjuvant for the production of estradiol antibodies.mice immunized with liposome associated estradiol-bovine serum albumin conjugate (e2-bsa) showed a significantly higher estradiol-specific immune response than did mice injected with the free conjugate. the conjugation of estradiol with bsa is imperative, since injection of liposomes with estradiol in the lipid bilayer was found to be ineffective in inducing an immune response. entrapment of e2-bsa in neutral and positively charged liposomes was found to be a potent mode of immunostimulation, ev ...19873666803
na+ modulates the k+ permeability and the membrane potential of alkalophilic the absence of na+ in the medium, the membrane potential of obligately alkalophilic bacillus cells was found to be decreased by the addition of k+ to the medium, whereas k+ addition in the presence of na+ had no effect. rb+ showed essentially the same effect as k+. the decreased membrane potential was quickly restored by lowering the k+ concentration in the medium or by adding na+ or li+ to the medium. thus, in the absence of na+, the membrane potential of alkalophilic bacillus seems to be af ...19873663674
surgical considerations in childhood end-stage renal disease.this article provides a conceptual framework that is useful to the pediatrician who provides children with renal failure with care. operative and perioperative consideration are emphasized.20113658506
[interphase death of lymphoid cells: role in the genesis of radiation sickness and molecular mechanisms].an analysis of the data on the effect of lymphoid cells on the proliferation and differentiation of hemopoietic stem cells has led to a conclusion that radiation injury of lymphocytes plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the cerebrospinal syndrome. the molecular mechanisms of lymphocyte interphase death were considered. it was shown that due to some peculiarities in the energy supply of these cells the appearance of breaks in dna causes the development of biochemical processes resultin ...20133657448
photoperiodic modification of negative and positive feedback effects of oestradiol on lh secretion in ovariectomized goats.ovariectomized shiba goats carrying an oestradiol implant (4-10 pg/ml) were kept under a short-day light regimen (10l:14d; group 1, n = 4) or a long-day regimen (16l:8d; group 2, n = 4). plasma lh concentrations were lower (p less than 0.05) in group 2 than in group 1 between days 40 and 200, suggesting an enhanced negative feedback effect of oestradiol on lh secretion under a long-day regimen. on days 30, 60, 100, 149 and 279, an lh surge was induced by i.v. infusion of oestradiol for 48 h; the ...19873656284
erythema nodosum leprosum. 20133654036
[joint diseases other than rheumatic diseases]. 20113648965
does renal failure mean sexual failure? 20133640541
[surgery of esophageal cancer and postoperative management of aged patients]. 20133637322
thymic involvement in acute disseminated histiocytosis x. 20133628861
validation of radioisotopic labelling techniques in gastric emptying studies. 20133625306
pharmacokinetics of sulphanilamide and its three acetyl metabolites in dairy cows and intravenous low dosage of sulphanilamide (saa) (14.0 mg/kg) to 6 pre-ruminant calves revealed a biphasic saa plasma disposition with a mean elimination half-life of 4.1 h. the main metabolite in plasma was n4-acetylsulphanilamide (n4), which 4 hours after injection exceeded the parent saa plasma concentration. urinary recovery of saa was 10 to 16% of the dose; of n4, it was at least 69%. traces of the n1-acetyl (n1) metabolite and the doubly acetylated derivative (n1n4) were present in urine. ...19873617418
occupational influences on reproduction: a review of recent literature.there has been great interest in reproductive impairment, estimated to affect 30% of us couples, but the proportion of such problems resulting from occupational exposures remains unknown. this interest has spawned numerous papers that investigate the relationship between occupation and reproduction. updating a previous review, the authors provide here a comprehensive listing of the literature published between 1981 and 1985 on this topic. our critical review reveals common weaknesses, including ...20133612335
improved method for determination of volatile nitrosamines in baby bottle rubber nipples and pacifiers.a method is described for determining volatile nitrosamines in baby bottle rubber nipples and pacifiers. the method consists of overnight soaking of the sample with dichloromethane in the presence of propyl gallate, an inhibitor for artifactual formation of nitrosamines; extraction with dichloromethane using an ambient temperature column procedure; distillation from aqueous alkali; extraction of the aqueous distillate with dichloromethane and concentration of the extract using a kuderna-danish c ...20133610953
the alprazolam to clonazepam switch for the treatment of panic disorder.forty-eight consecutive patients treated for panic disorder with alprazolam, but with presumed interdose anxiety symptoms, were switched to clonazepam. forty-one patients made the "switch" according to a protocol, and 82% rated clonazepam "better" because of decreased frequency of administration and lack of interdose anxiety. both medications seemed effective for panic disorder at comparable doses, and the authors describe how to switch from alprazolam to clonazepam when interdose anxiety is a c ...20133597803
conjugation-dependent recovery of the na+ pump in a mutant of vibrio alginolyticus lacking three subunits of the na+ pump.the na+ pump-deficient mutant, nap1, of vibrio alginolyticus was found to lack three subunits of na+-dependent nadh:quinone oxidoreductase complex. although a spontaneous na+ pump positive revertant did not appear from nap1, transconjugants that recovered both the na+ pump activity and the subunits were isolated from nap1 conjugated with the wild type. moreover, the wild type was found to contain two different sizes of plasmids. these results suggest the possibility that the na+ pump is encoded ...19873582659
medicolegal dystocia. 20133581551
the right to know. 20133574848
case records of the massachusetts general hospital. weekly clinicopathological exercises. case 20-1987. a 45-year-old dairy farmer with plasma-cell leukemia and a recent pulmonary infiltrate. 20133574386
neuronal inhibition of astroglial cell proliferation is membrane mediated.previously we have used a microwell tissue culture assay to show that early postnatal mouse cerebellar astroglia have a flattened morphology and proliferate rapidly when they are cultured in the absence of neurons, but develop specific cell-cell contacts and undergo morphological differentiation when they are co-cultured with purified granule neurons (hatten, m. e., 1985, j. cell biol., 100:384-396). in these studies of cell binding between neurons and astroglia, measurement with light and fluor ...19873571332
a signal sequence domain essential for processing, but not import, of mitochondrial pre-ornithine carbamyl transferase.studies using deletion mutagenesis indicate that a processing recognition site lies proximal to the normal cleavage position between gln32 and ser33 of pre-ornithine carbamyl transferase (poct). poct cdna was manipulated to delete codons specifying amino acids 22-30 of the signal sequence. the mutant precursor, designated poct delta 22-30, was imported to the matrix compartment by purified mitochondria, but remained largely unprocessed; the low level of processing that was observed did not invol ...19873571328
isolation and characterization of proteoglycans synthesized by adult human gingival fibroblasts in vitro.the proteoglycans synthesized by fibroblasts derived from healthy human gingivae were isolated and characterized. the largest medium proteoglycan was excluded from sepharose cl-4b but not from sepharose cl-2b; it was recovered in the most-dense density gradient fraction and identified as a chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan. the medium contained two smaller proteoglycans; one contained predominantly chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan, while the other was comprised predominantly of dermatan sulfate p ...19873566283
[chest wall infections after surgery with extracorporeal circulation. reflections on the therapeutic modalities (curative and preventive), apropos of 4,835 consecutive operations]. 20133566147
sunburn, sun reactions, and sun protection. 20133562094
electrophysiological effects of mexiletine in patients of sinus node dysfunction and intraventricular conduction defects. 20123557516
electrophysiological effects of mexiletine in patients of sinus node dysfunction and intraventricular conduction defects. 20123557516
identification of gastrin molecular variants in gastrinoma syndrome.the molecular species of gastrin in the circulation and in tumor extracts were studied in two groups of patients: (1) with benign gastrinoma and (2) with gastrinoma with liver metastases. radioimmunoassays (rias) and immunoaffinity chromatography for the amino (nh2)- and amidated cooh-terminus of gastrin-17 (antiserum g17) and the nh2-terminus of gastrin-34 (antiserum g34) were employed. in both benign and metastatic tumors the molecular forms of gastrin in boiling water extracts measured by the ...20123554401
identification of gastrin molecular variants in gastrinoma syndrome.the molecular species of gastrin in the circulation and in tumor extracts were studied in two groups of patients: (1) with benign gastrinoma and (2) with gastrinoma with liver metastases. radioimmunoassays (rias) and immunoaffinity chromatography for the amino (nh2)- and amidated cooh-terminus of gastrin-17 (antiserum g17) and the nh2-terminus of gastrin-34 (antiserum g34) were employed. in both benign and metastatic tumors the molecular forms of gastrin in boiling water extracts measured by the ...20123554401
[diffuse liver diseases: possibility or limitations of echography?].reports on echography as a diagnostic tool in diffused liver diseases are quite numerous in the literature. as it is shown by the analysis of such reports there is no general agreement as far as including echography into the diagnostic protocol of liver diseases is concerned. reliability of echography for the assessment of fat liver is quite ascertained, while its role in the diagnosis of acute and chronic hepatitis is still quite controversial. on the basis of personal experience, percent incid ...20133554000
production of extracellular enzymes and cytotoxicity by vibrio vulnificus.thirty-three strains of vibrio vulnificus of clinical and environmental origin were examined for production of 12 extracellular enzymes of potential importance to the virulence of this bacterium. strains of vibrio vulnificus were consistent in their production of protease, mucinase, lipase, chondroitinase, hyaluronidase, dnase, sulfatase, and hemolysin. no differences between clinical and environmental isolates were noted. although none of the enzymes appeared to correlate with the ability of th ...19863522090
feasibility of same-day identification of members of the family vibrionaceae by the api 20e system.sixty isolates, comprising nine species of the family vibrionaceae, were tested with the api 20e 5-h same-day procedure (analytab products, plainview, n.y.). included were 27 aeromonas hydrophila isolates, 10 aeromonas sobria isolates, 7 aeromonas caviae isolates, 3 plesiomonas shigelloides isolates, 3 vibrio alginolyticus isolates, 3 vibrio cholerae isolates, 1 vibrio fluvialis isolate, 5 vibrio parahaemolyticus isolates, and 1 vibrio vulnificus isolate. the 5-h profile numbers were specific fo ...19863517061
effect of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin d3 on insulin secretion: direct or mediated?in order to clarify the role of vitamin d (d) in regulating insulin secretion, we studied the effect of long term (10 days) and short term (3 days) supplementation with d and/or calcium (ca) on insulin secretion from the isolated, perfused pancreas of d- and ca-deficient rats. the influence of the nutritional state induced by d deficiency was also evaluated. the long term supplementation of either d, ca, or both restored the body weight and improved insulin secretion induced by high glucose conc ...19863516655
escherichia coli as cause of ecthyma gangrenosum. 19863511469
software design for computerized analysis of obstetric and gynecologic ultrasound examinations. 20123510634
demonstration of the "no-reflow" phenomenon by digital coronary arteriography. 20123510523
further microbiological investigations of flurithromycin against gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasmas. 19873509378
false aneurysm of the axillary artery as a complication of the modified bristow procedure. 20123508906
[sister chromatid exchange and accidental exposure to phenyl-mercury acetate]. 20123504672
the t cell receptor: its repertoire and role in thymocyte development. 20123498291
experience with isoxicam and catabolin.1 synovial cells produce a protein factor, catabolin, that induces chondrocytes to resorb their own matrix with the release of glycosaminoglycan (gag). 2 studies were performed to determine the effect of isoxicam, a new nsaid, on gag production in a catabolin system utilizing tissue culture of bovine nasal septum in a medium containing pooled synovial tissue from young pigs. 3 using fresh medium containing no synovial tissue, the release of gag by inherent cartilage breakdown was 49.7% after 8 d ...19863497659
trimethoprim used for selective decontamination of the digestive tract in rats: possible route of excretion.selective elimination of enterobacteriaceae species from the digestive tract of rats has been accomplished by oral treatment with trimethoprim (235 mg/kg body weight/day) within 6 days. in the present study it was investigated whether this elimination was mainly due to antimicrobial activity of trimethoprim excreted with the gastrointestinal mucus or mainly by non-absorbed trimethoprim in the lumen contents. by means of whole gut irrigation (wgi) the lumen contents were washed out, followed by m ...19873497436
nifedipine and thallium-201 myocardial perfusion in progressive systemic sclerosis.heart disease in patients with progressive systemic sclerosis may be due in part to myocardial ischemia caused by a disturbance of the coronary microcirculation. to determine whether abnormalities of myocardial perfusion in this disorder are potentially reversible, we evaluated the effect of the coronary vasodilator nifedipine on myocardial perfusion assessed by thallium-201 scanning in 20 patients. thallium-201 single-photon-emission computerized tomography was performed under control condition ...20123486363
immunological studies on crohn's disease. iv. decreased adcc activity.antibody dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (adcc) activity was studied in 16 japanese patients with crohn's disease (cd) and 16 healthy controls. adcc activity was assessed by measuring 51cr release from antibody coated human b-cell line. significantly (p less than 0.002) depressed adcc activity was found in patients with cd, although adcc activity was not directly related to the disease activity. to determine causative factors related to reductions in adcc activity, circulating immune comple ...19863485720
[geriatric pharmacology]. 20123475806
[clinical study of the efficacy of devices for electronic measurement of the working length]. 20123474721
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