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[on aplasia of the abdominal muscles. case reports]. 20144255248
[efforts of the united states of america for the health of sailors. i. naval fleet (1799-1860)]. 20144248795
[urinary acidic mucopolysaccharides in normal individuals and patients with hurler's syndrome]. 20134240974
[urinary acidic mucopolysaccharides in normal individuals and patients with hurler's syndrome]. 20134240974
an enzymic-chemical degradation of glucose. 19684236515
[problem of transfusion hepatitis in public health service]. 20144234419
ole modifications of the disabled male. 20144229807
the treatment of acne. 20144222949
disorders of lipid metabolism. 20144217183
influence of ototoxic drugs on acetylcholine-induced depression of the cochlear n1 potential. 19704195594
[quantitative dna determinations in ant brain cells. i. dependence of the dna values upon duration of the feulgen staining]. 20144190610
proposal of vibrio alginolyticus for the biotype 2 of vibrio parahaemolyticus. 19684180095
anti-rh globulin in massachusetts. 20144178642
structures of the lymph node and their possible function during the immune response. 19684178481
do viruses cause cancer in man? 19684171855
hypofibrinogenaemia in acute leukaemia with extensive fibrinous pericarditis. 20144169928
half-life of diphenylpyraline in man. 19744156058
the prevention of dental caries by mouthrinsing with solutions of neutral sodium fluoride. 20144149260
electrophoretic separation of x- and y-chromosome-bearing sperm in human semen. 19744141808
histological evidence supporting the inferior olive as the major source of cerebellar climbing fibers in the rat. 19744136782
letter: brain-levels of monoamine oxidase in depression. 20144136104
editorial: universities and medical schools. 20144134682
giant flagellar bundles of vibrio alginolyticus (ncmb 1803). 19734131532
letter: "febrile convulsions". 20144128751
technical contribution. tungsten ball microelectrode for extracellular single-unit recording. 20144128160
choosing medicine. 20144121954
abdominal aspiration hysterotomy. 20144116801
the effects of lindane on laying hens. 19724112976
acupuncture analgesia in dentistry. 20144111845
perception of sign language of the deaf. 20144099482
the action of cyanogen bromide on rabbit igg molecules of allotypes a11 and a12. 19704097709
[mechanisms of adaptation to physical exertion in patients with an expiratory obstructive syndrome]. 20144096445
crisis-oriented therapy. 20144094611
characterization and distribution of vibrio alginolyticus and vibrio parahaemolyticus isolated in indonesia.previous studies have shown that vibrio alginolyticus and vibrio parahaemolyticus can be isolated from similar types of marine samples. in this report, the results of an examination of 567 v. alginolyticus and v. parahaemolyticus strains, isolated from seawater in jakarta bay and from more than 30 types of seafood from markets in jakarta, indonesia, are presented. most isolates were from mackerel, shrimp, or squid. numerical taxonomic analyses clustered 337 isolates and three v. alginolyticus re ...19854091566
growth of vibrio costicola and other moderate halophiles in a chemically defined minimal medium.a simple chemically defined minimal medium consisting of sodium glutamate, glucose, vitamins, and salts was devised to support growth of the moderate halophile, vibrio costicola, over as wide a range of nacl concentrations as the complex medium, proteose peptone + tryptone. the lag period at higher nacl concentrations was longer in the chemically defined minimal medium than in proteose peptone + tryptone. chemically defined minimal medium also supported the growth of an unidentified moderate hal ...19854084863
[electromyography of the perineal plane with cutaneous electrodes in routine urodynamic examinations]. 20144081958
an infection by vibrio alginolyticus in an atlantic bottlenose dolphin housed in an open ocean pen. 19854078981
atypical presentation of multiple pulmonary emboli in a young air traveller. 20144078801
[factors determining the severity of traumatic lesions of the popliteal artery]. 20134073583
carcinoembryonic antigen (cea) plasma level determination in the management of gastric cancer patients.carcinoembryonic antigen (cea) levels of 161 patients with gastric cancer and of 12 patients with noncarcinomatous diseases of the stomach were retrospectively analyzed. in this study, we examined the correlation between cea level and histologic type, t and n stage, and the value of the preoperative cea determination for diagnosis, operability and prognosis for patients with gastric cancer. summarizing our results: there exist significant higher cea levels in patients with gastric cancer in comp ...20144064038
metoclopramide in the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma.cardiovascular and plasma catecholamine responses to metoclopramide (mcp), a dopamine antagonist, were examined in 5 patients with pheochromocytoma, 12 patients with essential hypertension (eht) and 9 normotensive (nt) subjects who displayed symptoms suggestive of pheochromocytoma on a constant daily intake of 100 meq sodium and 80 meq potassium. significant pressor responses to intravenous doses of 5 mg of mcp, which produced no serious pressor episodes and no other undesirable side effects, we ...20144057555
comparison of api 20e, api rapid e, and api rapid nft for identification of members of the family vibrionaceae.sixty isolates, from nine species of the family vibrionaceae, were tested by the api 20e, api rapid e, and api rapid nft systems. results were compared with those obtained with standard biochemicals. included were 7 aeromonas caviae isolates, 27 aeromonas hydrophilia isolates, 10 aeromonas sobria isolates, 3 plesiomonas shigelloides isolates, 3 vibrio alginolyticus isolates, 3 vibrio cholerae isolates, 1 vibrio fluvialis isolate, 5 vibrio parahaemolyticus isolates, and 1 vibrio vulnificus isolat ...19854056003
favourable remission rate by repeating low dose ara-c treatment in anll and raeb. 20144052328
the language of dementia in the elderly: a pilot study. 20144052318
[early penicillin treatment can prevent cns symptoms in tick-transmitted borrelia meningitis]. 19854046663
local cerebral glucose utilization in normal female rats: variations during the estrous cycle and comparison with males.the quantitative 2-[14c]deoxyglucose autoradiographic method was used to study the fluctuations of energy metabolism in discrete brain regions of female rats during the estrous cycle. a consistent though statistically nonsignificant cyclic variation in average glucose utilization of the brain as a whole was observed. highest levels of glucose utilization occurred during proestrus and metestrus, whereas lower rates were found during estrus and diestrus. statistically significant fluctuations were ...19854040921
effect of ca2+ on the binding characteristics of muscarinic receptors in rat adenohypophysis--variation during the estrous cycle.the effect of ca2+ on the biochemical characteristics of muscarinic receptors in the adenohypophysis of male and female rats at the various stages of the estrous cycle was investigated in binding experiments using the specific muscarinic antagonist n-methyl-4-piperidyl benzylate ( [3h]-4nmpb) and the muscarinic agonist oxotremorine. by using ca2+ chelators such as egta, and ca2+ channel blockers such as d-600, we showed that ca2+ profoundly alters the binding characteristics of both antagonists ...19854040223
vibrio alginolyticus conjunctivitis. 19854038119
psychophysiological evidence for a state theory of hypnosis and susceptibility.psychophysiological evidence is presented of altered cerebral organisation under hypnosis. bilateral electrodermal activity was examined to tones presented simultaneously with the induction of hypnosis. susceptibility was monitored throughout. two control conditions were devised, one for division of attention and another for relaxation. in addition there was a familiarisation session which permitted groups to be equated for rates of habituation. both faster and slower habituation were found unde ...20144032328
determination of gabapentin in plasma and urine by high-performance liquid chromatography and pre-column labelling for ultraviolet detection. 20144030992
sucrose uptake is driven by the na+ electrochemical potential in the marine bacterium vibrio was found to be essential for the accumulation of sucrose by vibrio alginolyticus. sucrose uptake was completely inhibited by the addition of proton conductor at neutral ph, but not at alkaline ph, where the primary electrogenic na+ pump generates the na+ electrochemical gradient. we therefore conclude that sucrose transport is driven by the electrochemical potential of na+ in this organism.19854030698
evaluating a restrictive formulary system by assessing nonformulary-drug requests.nonformulary-drug requests were used to evaluate a restrictive formulary system in a large university hospital, and a telephone survey of eight similar hospitals was conducted to assess the restrictiveness of their formulary systems. nonformulary-drug requests were evaluated by two drug information pharmacists over a 12-month period (january-december 1984) to assess the frequency with which nonformulary items were ordered, the costs associated with the procurement of nonformulary drug products, ...20144025350
effect of stilboestrol on adrenal steroidogenesis in albino rats. 19854018847
selective surgical management of neural tube malformations.the physical characteristics of 49 children with spina bifida cystica, survivors of a group subjected to selection for early surgery are compared with 39 children alive from an earlier unselected series, born in the 1960s, and reviewed retrospectively. sixteen children were also studied in whom the initial decision not to operate had been followed by survival and subsequent treatment. children selected for initial surgery have a significantly lower mortality than those not selected and their mob ...20144015145
lateral flagellar antigen of vibrio alginolyticus and vibrio harveyi: existence of serovars common to the two species.the antigenicity of lateral (l-) flagella of two marine vibrios, vibrio alginolyticus and v. harveyi, was studied, and the two species were found to have common antigenicity of their flagella. antisera against l-flagella were prepared by immunizing rabbits with highly purified l-flagellar filaments. h-agglutination tests with the anti-l-flagella antisera showed that four h-serovars existed in these species and that two of them were shared by the two species. cross reactivity between h-serovars o ...19854010543
[echocardiographic findings in patients with ankylosing spondyloarthritis]. 20144005912
activities of the modified polyene n-d-ornithyl amphotericin methyl ester and the azoles ici 153066, bay n 7133, and bay l 9139 compared with those of amphotericin b and ketoconazole in the therapy of experimental blastomycosis.we studied the efficacy of new experimental antifungal drugs, which represent molecular modifications of present active agents, in a murine model of blastomycosis. ketoconazole, previously the best azole drug studied and which is protective when administered orally, was superior to a new oral imidazole, bay l 9139, and a new oral triazole, bay n 7133. a new oral triazole, ici 153066, was markedly more effective than ketoconazole and is the only oral drug studied which came close to producing com ...20143994350
luyso-pallido-nigral atrophy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.the clinical and pathologic findings in a 34-year-old woman with basal ganglia degeneration and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis are reported. the duration of symptoms was 2 years. a maternal uncle had a parkinsonian syndrome with onset at 45 years of age. neuropathologic examination revealed extensive neuronal loss and gliosis in the corpus luysii. nerve cell loss and gliosis also involved both parts of the globus pallidus, and the substantia nigra. the corticospinal tracts were demyelinated in th ...20143993336
british medical association attacks cigarette smoking. 20143978493
vibrio alginolyticus conjunctivitis. first reported case.a gravely ill patient had vibrio alginolyticus conjunctivitis develop, possibly from contact with seashell fragments. it is believed to be the first reported instance of ocular infection by this organism. marine vibrio organisms must be considered as potential sources of ocular infection in patients with direct or indirect exposure to salt water habitats, or in patients who are immunocompromised.19853977694
receptive-field symmetry probed using converging gratings.contrast-sensitivity functions (csf's) for converging and diverging gratings were obtained under voluntary fixation at several field widths and under retinal stabilization at one field width. in general, these types of gratings had similar csf's at all temporal frequencies tested, a result that can be explained by plausible spatiotemporal receptive-field models possessing spatial antisymmetry but not by models possessing pure (even) spatial symmetry. phase condition at the central line in conver ...20143973760
lesioning of the rat basal forebrain leads to memory impairments in passive and active avoidance tasks.effects of the bilateral electrolytic lesioning of the basal forebrain (bf), including the ventral globus pallidus, on passive or active avoidance tasks, were studied in male wistar rats. a severe deficit in acquisition of passive avoidance response was produced by the lesioning in the posterior level of bf. the retention of the passive avoidance response was markedly disrupted with post-training lesioning. time-dependent but only slight recovery from the memory impairments was observed in the p ...19853971182
identical chromosome translocations involving the region of the c-myb oncogene in four metastases of a mediastinal teratocarcinoma.a 39-year-old white male presented with a disseminated mediastinal teratocarcinoma. karyotyping was performed on two mature residual metastatic lesions in the lungs immediately following chemotherapy, on a recurring lung lesion after 5 months, and on a metastasis in the right thigh 5 months after salvage chemotherapy. all four lesions were pseudoeuploid and showed identical chromosomal abnormalities: a translocation with the two chromosomes #6 and one chromosome #11 involved, resulting in 46, xy ...19853967222
serum carotene levels in female long-distance runners.hypercarotenemia has been associated with anorexia nervosa and hypothalamic amenorrhea. with the emergence of a spectrum of menstrual dysfunction, including anovulation in women runners, the hypothesis of hypothalamic amenorrhea in these patients has been formulated. other authors have proposed exercise-associated amenorrhea to be distinct from hypothalamic amenorrhea based on endocrine profiles. using carotene as an index test of hypothalamic amenorrhea, we have studied female long-distance run ...20133965316
[etiological role of genital mycoplasma in non-gonococcal urethritis and complications]. 19863963999
[determination of anionic surface-active substances in the blood serum by a colorimetric method]. 20143957060
specialized contacts between sarcolemma and sarcoplasmic reticulum at the ends of muscle fibers in the diaphragm of the electron-microscopic study of the myotendinous portion of the diaphragm in the wistar rat has shown that at the ends of muscle fibers, longitudinally oriented invaginations and peripheral furrows of the sarcolemma establish specialized contacts with individual sacs of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. the construction of these terminal contacts is similar to that of contacts between sarcolemmic t-tubules and terminal cisternae of the sarcoplasmic reticulum, characterized by formation of triads. the ...19863948240
an nadh:quinone oxidoreductase of the halotolerant bacterium ba1 is specifically dependent on sodium ions.the rate of nadh oxidation by inverted membrane vesicles prepared from the halotolerant bacterium ba1 of the dead sea is increased specifically by sodium ions, as observed earlier in whole cells. the site of this sodium effect is identified as the nadh: quinone oxidoreductase, similarly to the other such system known, vibrio alginolyticus (h. tokuda and t. unemoto (1984) j. biol. chem. 259, 7785-7790). sodium accelerates quinone reduction severalfold, but oxidation of the quinol, with oxygen as ...19863947089
phospholipase a2-treated human high-density lipoprotein and cholesterol movements: exchange processes and lecithin: cholesterol acyltransferase reactivity.human hdl3 (d 1.125-1.21 g/ml) were treated by an exogenous phospholipase a2 from crotalus adamenteus in the presence of albumin. phosphatidylcholine hydrolysis ranged between 30 and 90% and the reisolated particle was essentially devoid of lipolysis products. (1) an exchange of free cholesterol was recorded between radiolabelled erythrocytes at 5-10% haematocrit and hdl3 (0.6 mm total cholesterol) from 0 to 12-15 h. isotopic equilibration was reached. kinetic analysis of the data indicated a co ...19863942760
effect of melanin concentrating hormone on pigment and adrenal cells in vitro.highly purified synthetic salmonid melanin concentrating hormone (mch) and some analogs were investigated for their ability to concentrate the pigment in scale melanophores of the chinese grass carp, ctenopharyngodon idellus, to produce melanin dispersion in frog or lizard melanophores and to inhibit alpha-msh in its action on mouse melanoma and rat adrenal glomerulosa cells in vitro. in the grass carp, mch produced half-maximal pigment aggregation at 6 x 10(-11) m and its oxidized form at 7 x 1 ...19853938841
a computer-analyzed data collection system for nurse-midwifery services. two years' experience. 20143938482
vasodilator drugs in patients with chronic ischaemic heart failure.the effects of intravenous nitroglycerin (ntg), trimetaphan (tmp), and phentolamine (ptl) on pulmonary artery diastolic pressure (padp), systemic arterial pressure (sap), cardiac index (ci) and systemic vascular resistance (svr) in patients (12 in each treated group) with chronic ischaemic heart failure are analyzed. each group was divided into two subgroups according to the initial padp taking into account the mean value in the whole group. a significant decrease in padp (by 40%; p less than 0. ...20133935374
t-lymphocyte subset phenotypes: a multisite evaluation of normal subjects and patients with aids.the present study was undertaken to determine normal ranges for blood lymphocytes labeled with the monoclonal antibodies okt3, okt11, okt4, and okt8 and for the okt4/okt8 ratio. in addition, 26 patients with aids, 51 aids suspects, and 44 patients with infections were studied. the results of these determinations from six different study sites indicate that there is excellent intersite agreement in normal values obtained. these normal ranges may be used in clinical laboratory reporting. data from ...20143930126
growth of bacteria on chitin, fungal cell walls and fungal biomass, and the effect of extracellular enzymes produced by these cultures on the antifungal activity of amphotericin b.vibrio alginolyticus, streptomyces griseus, arthrobacter g12, bacillus sp. and cytophaga sp. were grown on solid and liquid media containing soluble and insoluble carbon sources. arthrobacter g12, bacillus sp. and cytophaga sp. grew well on media which contained fungal cell walls or fungal biomass as the main carbon source. all bacteria produced extracellular proteases and all bacteria except arthrobacter g12 produced extracellular chitinases. growth of cytophaga sp. on colloidal chitin was para ...19853929028
[the usefulness of kinetic studies and modeling in the study of apolipoprotein metabolism]. 20133910175
[root submergence: prevention of jaw resorption. review of the literature]. 19853909247
segmentation of wet elongated mitochondria into spheres.wet replication studies of potato mitochondria suggest that these mitochondria are basically elongated organelles of length 3-6 micron and width 0.5-0.9 micron. however due to unnatural extracellular and environmental conditions these mitochondria are subject to spontaneous segmentation or fission to yield organelles of smaller forms, and finally to round mitochondria, the diameter of which equals the width of the segmenting mitochondria. only these reduced, round mitochondria are found as spher ...20133909163
segmentation of wet elongated mitochondria into spheres.wet replication studies of potato mitochondria suggest that these mitochondria are basically elongated organelles of length 3-6 micron and width 0.5-0.9 micron. however due to unnatural extracellular and environmental conditions these mitochondria are subject to spontaneous segmentation or fission to yield organelles of smaller forms, and finally to round mitochondria, the diameter of which equals the width of the segmenting mitochondria. only these reduced, round mitochondria are found as spher ...20133909163
cardioprotective effects of defibrotide in acute myocardial ischemia in the cat.we investigated the effects of defibrotide (d), a natural polydeoxyribonucleotide, on acute myocardial ischemia (ami) in anesthetized cats. a permanent ligature was placed around the left anterior descending coronary artery (lad) 12-14 mm from its origin. ventricular fibrillation and death were exceptional and when they occurred the cats were not included in the evaluation. pretreatment of cats with d, 32 mg kg-1 h-1, i.v. infusion, maintained throughout the 5 h occlusion period, reduced ami-st ...19853890260
cardioprotective effects of defibrotide in acute myocardial ischemia in the cat.we investigated the effects of defibrotide (d), a natural polydeoxyribonucleotide, on acute myocardial ischemia (ami) in anesthetized cats. a permanent ligature was placed around the left anterior descending coronary artery (lad) 12-14 mm from its origin. ventricular fibrillation and death were exceptional and when they occurred the cats were not included in the evaluation. pretreatment of cats with d, 32 mg kg-1 h-1, i.v. infusion, maintained throughout the 5 h occlusion period, reduced ami-st ...19853890260
sequence analysis of peptide fragments from the intrinsic membrane protein of calf lens fibers mp26 and its natural maturation product mp22.calf lens fiber plasma membranes, containing only the intrinsic membrane protein mp26 and its maturation product mp22 were treated with proteolytic enzymes such as trypsin, protease v8 from s. aureus or with chemical agents as cnbr in formic acid. the cleavage products, purified by electrophoresis, were analysed for their amino acid composition and n-terminal sequences. proteolysis gave rise to peptides which were mainly shortened at the c-terminal end of the molecules. while the v8 protease pro ...19853882455
surface phenotype and cytochemistry of t cells. 20133871164
think about your pension! 20133866716
the temporomandibular joint from the viewpoint of the anatomist. 20133862765
base-varnish interactions around amalgam restorations: spectrophotometric and microscopic assessment of leakage. 20123862381
improved mouthguard design for the edentulous sportsman. 20123862380
the use of fluoride preparations in dental practice. 20123862379
[hla antigens in the etiopathogenesis of pemphigus]. 20133858260
[caries and candidiasis in the deciduous dentition]. 20133857813
[concept of nursing associated with clinical tests]. 20133852986
[a comparative study. the older person too is an individual]. 20133850215
is raised plasma peptide yy after intestinal resection in the rat responsible for the trophic response?the relationship between the adaptive response and plasma pyy concentrations after small bowel resection has been investigated. seventy five per cent proximal small bowel resection resulted in a rise in plasma pyy at six days from 28 +/- 3.1 to 85 +/- 12.3 pmol/l (p less than 0.001) and this difference was maintained to 48 days. plasma pyy correlates both with crypt cell production rate (ccpr) in the ileum and with plasma enteroglucagon levels. in a second study, pyy or saline was infused over a ...19853841330
isolation and characterization of neuropeptide y from porcine intestine.the isolation and primary structure of intestinal neuropeptide y (npy) is described. the peptide was purified from porcine intestinal extracts using a chemical assay and radioimmunoassay for npy. the amino acid sequence of this peptide is: tyr-pro-ser-lys-pro-asp-asn-pro-gly-glu-asp-ala-pro-ala-glu-asp-leu-ala- arg-tyr-tyr- ser-ala-leu-arg-his-tyr-ile-asn-leu-ile-thr-arg-gln-arg-tyr-nh2. this the structure of intestinal npy is identical to the npy of brain origin.19853838090
baseball elbow of young players. 20133837945
risk of arterial hypertension and characteristics of functional brain asymmetry in workers airlifted for short tours of duty. 20133837741
[effect of titanium phosphate, zirconium oxide and a mixture of ammonium phosphotungstenate with zirconium phosphate on the elimination of radioactive cesium from the bodies of rats]. 19853835674
effect of opsonization on oxidative metabolism of plaice (pleuronectes platessa l.) neutrophils.the effect of serum opsonization on vibrio alginolyticus (heat-killed)-stimulated chemiluminescence (cl) by plaice kidney- and peritoneal exudate-derived neutrophils was investigated. peritoneal neutrophils only recognized heat-labile and kidney neutrophils only heat-stable opsonic activity in normal serum. specific antibody did not show opsonic activity nor any synergism with the normal serum opsonins for either neutrophil population. evidence was found for the production, by plaice neutrophils ...19873829631
acquired sideroblastic anaemia after aplastic anaemia caused by d-penicillamine therapy for rheumatoid arthritis.a 68 year old man with rheumatoid arthritis developed marrow aplasia during d-penicillamine treatment. recovery of granulopoiesis and erythropoiesis was ineffective with features of a secondary sideroblastic anaemia. absence of megakaryopoiesis persisted. therapeutic measures failed, and the patient finally died. these events illustrate a haematopoietic stem cell injury induced by d-penicillamine.19873827338
[successful delivery in a female with thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura]. 20133820614
[pacemaker implantation in infants and children for atrioventricular block]. 20143819491
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