total body fat, calculated from body density, and its relationship to skinfold thickness in 571 people aged 12-72 years. 20164760798
transboundary metal pollution of the columbia river (franklin d. roosevelt lake). 20082265269
mouth-controlled devices to assist the handicapped. 2003161985
antidesmosomal monoclonal antibody in the diagnosis of intracranial tumours.immunocytochemistry has been applied extensively to the diagnosis of intracranial tumours, but meningiomas still present a diagnostic problem. however, desmosomes have been shown by electron microscopy to be present in meningiomas, and this distinguishes them from gliomas. this paper describes a new monoclonal antibody, 11-5f, against desmosomal proteins 1 and 2 (desmoplakins) and assesses its usefulness in the diagnosis of meningiomas and other intracranial tumours. a total of 74 surgically rem ...20123323433
selective surgical management of neural tube malformations.the physical characteristics of 49 children with spina bifida cystica, survivors of a group subjected to selection for early surgery are compared with 39 children alive from an earlier unselected series, born in the 1960s, and reviewed retrospectively. sixteen children were also studied in whom the initial decision not to operate had been followed by survival and subsequent treatment. children selected for initial surgery have a significantly lower mortality than those not selected and their mob ...20144015145
management of pathological fractures at the mayo clinic. 20051234120
sonographic evaluation of superior mesenteric vascular relationship in malrotation.we report sonographic demonstration of abnormal and characteristic superior mesenteric vascular anatomy in three cases of surgically proved intestinal malrotation. sonographic screening examinations of children with abdominal pain should include an evaluation of the superior mesenteric vessels.20092654854
fine needle aspiration cytology of primary soft tissue tumors. morphologic analysis of the most frequent types.we reviewed 98 cases of fine needle aspiration of soft tissue tumors with histologic confirmation performed during an eight-year period and propose a working morphologic classification based on the most prominent cytologic features. six main tumor groups are recognized: myxoid, round cells, spindle cells, pleomorphic cells, polygonal cells and well differentiated. we believe that this classification allows recognition of the most common soft tissue tumors while helping with the differential diag ...20061449029
philosopher: the dentist of the 21st century. 2003298688
how can the optometric profession expand the pool of qualified applicants?the health professions, including optometry, are facing a declining applicant pool. the american optometric association has taken steps to address the challenge of increasing the pool of qualified applicants to the schools and colleges of optometry. however, the most significant factor in the process will be the efforts of individual aoa members.20061447468
isotachophoresis of csf proteins in gel tubes especially gammaglobulins. an analytical and preparative technique for high-separation of csf isotachophoretic method using polyacrylamide gel (pag-itp) in a simple disc electrophoretic equipment with plastic tubes containing the gels, was elaborated and especially designed for studying the gammaglobulins in csf and serum from control subjects and patients with neurological disorders, especially known or probable ms. the device and the itp system used, including leading and terminating electrolytes and spacer substances, dividing the gammaglobulins in a reproducible way, are described ...200192548
[peculiarities in the development of 2 cases of acute otomastoiditis]. 2002135309
non-hodgkin's lymphoma in the elderly. a retrospective clinicopathologic study of 50 patients.the pathologic and clinical findings of 50 patients aged 65 or older (median, 71.5 years) with non-hodgkin's lymphomas (nhl) are reported. these patients formed 27% of all cases of nhl seen in a single institution over a 7-year period. forty patients presented with nodal and 10 with extranodal nhl. according to the ann arbor system, 20 were clinical and/or pathologic stages i and ii, and 30 were stages iii and iv; of the 10 patients presenting with extranodal nhl, 8 were stages i and ii. histolo ...20113697915
radiation in multidisciplinary treatment of children with malignant ovarian tumors.thirteen girls with malignant ovarian tumors treated at memorial hospital from august 1971 through october 1975 with extensive surgery, multi-drug chemotherapy (t-2 protocol) and postoperative radiation were reviewed. the plan of radiation was to deliver 3,000 rads to the whole abdomen and boost the para-aortic and pelvic area with 1,500 rads in five to six weeks. in only two patients was the radiation conducted as planned. in others the treatment was either interrupted or discontinued due to co ...1998106952
[pancreatic carcinoma on endoscopic retrograde pancreatico-cholangiogram (author's transl)].the pancreaticographic appearances of carcinoma of the pancreas have been divided into two types: 1. canalicular carcinoma arising from the duct system. if arising from the main pancreatic duct, it occludes this, or causes displacement or deformity of its branches in the immediate neighbourhood. if arising from branches, it causes cystic ectasia of the minor ducts; these appear fragmented and deformed while there is stenosis and displacement of the main duct. simultaneous origin from the main an ...1998124684
retinol-binding protein in malnutrition. 199990984
steroids in asthma. 200091910
severe skin pain after puva treatment.severe skin pain lasting one or two months occurred in 8 of 210 patients treated with puva. the pain started 4--8 weeks after the initial dose, mostly about one week after discontinuation of the treatment. it was a prickling, burning pain, usually coming in bouts and confined to limited areas "deep under the skin". in some respects the pain was related to itching, but the patients could easily distinguish between the two sensations. a variety of drugs was tried, but none had any noteworthy effec ...200193376
[changes in physicochemical parameters and coagulation factors in hemodilution with dextran of molecular weight 60,000].in 18 subjects undergoing aorto-bifemoral by-pass, pre-operative isovalaemic hemodilution was carried out (using a dextran of molecular weight 60,000) at the same time as venous section of a mean value of 1087 ml reducing the hematocrit to 0.30. the following were studied before, immediately after and 24 hours after hemodilution: blood viscosity (at variable shearing rates), oncotic pressure, sedimentation rate, clotting factors, plasma electrolytes. these results showed that at the end of hemod ...200195471
[psychological diagnosis problems in children between 0 and 3 years of age]. 200195256
determination of hbcag and anti-hbc by immune adherence hemagglutination and association of hbcag with e antigen. 200161024
[multiple liver abscesses with spontaneous perforation into the free abdominal cavity in biliary tract obstruction. demonstration using percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography]. 2002122965
atpase activity and light scattering of acto-heavy meromyosin: dependence on atp concentration and on ionic strength.1. the dependence on atp concentration of atpase activity and light scattering decrease of acto-hmm could be described at very low ionic strength by one hyperbolic adsorption isotherm with a dissociation constant of 3 x 10(-6)m. hence the increase of atp ase activity was paralleled by a decrease in light scattering. at higher values of ionic strength atpase activity stopped rising before hmm was completely saturated with atp. higher ionic strength prevented atpase activity from further increasin ...2002126582
serum vitamin a and carotene levels in down's syndrome and other retarded subjects showing enamel abnormalities of the permanent dentition. 2003151744
a method for monitoring the treatment of schizophrenics in the community.a trial was carried out over twelve months of a method for monitoring the care of a large number of schizophrenic patients in the community. the method has been demonstrated to be practical in use, economical of resources and potentially relevant to a number of chronic disorders.2004444792
a simple centrifuge column for desalting protein solutions. 2005543535
pathophysiological studies on schizophrenia with special reference to homovanillic acid concentration in cerebrospin fluid. 2005540184
hepatitis update. the delta virus. 20061539959
health checks on patients 75 years and over in nottinghamshire after the new gp investigate annual health checks for patients of 75 years and over required by the 1990 contract for general practitioners.20061393076
inbreeding in saguenay-lac-st-jean (quebec, canada): a study of catholic church dispensations 1842-1971.saguenay-lac-st-jean (slsj) is a rather geographically isolated region of quebec which shows a high occurrence of hereditary disorders. it has been suggested that high inbreeding might explain this situation. we studied the inbreeding in the slsj region by 10-year periods from 1842 till 1971 using the catholic church dispensations. the values of the mean inbreeding coefficient were found to be low during the whole period, reaching a peak of 22.94 x 10(-4) during the period 1902-1911. the values ...20071797631
vascular myogenic or stretch-dependent tone.myogenic tone is an important source of vascular resistance, which appears to depend upon stretch of the vessel wall. it contributes to autoregulation, is dependent upon external calcium, and may involve a calcium-entry mechanism different from that associated with the action of agonists and changes in the membrane potential.20082409386
aids: not the only infectious killer. 20092761978
recurrent anorexia nervosa in a hypercholesterolemic woman treated with exercise and diet modification. 20092725596
[conventional insulin therapy, infusion pumps, injector syringes. different methods of administration]. 20092665113
familial polyposis coli in childhood.familial polyposis coli has generally been considered a disorder of adulthood that is rarely identified in children. we report 3 affected kindreds in which the disorder was diagnosed in 6 of 11 potentially affected children between 8 and 16 years of age. experience with these kindreds demonstrates that polyps frequently develop during childhood in affected individuals. colonoscopy was found to be preferable to the air-contrast barium enema, in that it was as sensitive a technique for detection o ...20103028683
familial polyposis coli in childhood.familial polyposis coli has generally been considered a disorder of adulthood that is rarely identified in children. we report 3 affected kindreds in which the disorder was diagnosed in 6 of 11 potentially affected children between 8 and 16 years of age. experience with these kindreds demonstrates that polyps frequently develop during childhood in affected individuals. colonoscopy was found to be preferable to the air-contrast barium enema, in that it was as sensitive a technique for detection o ...20103028683
vasovagal syncope? 20102869309
helping the deaf in kenya. 20113187393
cleavage lines of the oral mucosa in japanese cadavers.cleavage lines were experimentally reproduced in the oral mucosa of japanese cadavers. they were investigated macroscopically and histologically. the reproduced cleavage lines showed little directional variation by sex or age. from the histological findings, the mucosal cleavage lines were interpreted to represent cleavage split along the direction of connective tissue fibres in the lamina propria.20113165386
extracorporeal gas exchange in acute respiratory failure. 20113122975
immunoelectrophoretic demonstration of rho(d) antigen of red blood cell membrane. 20113095572
[geriatric pharmacology]. 20123475806
obese binge eaters: affect, cognitions, and response to behavioural weight control. 20123397436
a new use of instrumentation in fluoroscopy controlled heel spur surgery. 20123397874
patterns of plasma imipramine-desipramine concentrations in patients receiving concomitant fluphenazine decanoate.plasma levels of imipramine and desipramine were monitored in a series of 13 patients with postpsychotic depressions who had a fixed dose of imipramine (150 mg/day) added to their clinically adjusted, stable dose of fluphenazine decanoate. despite the potential for metabolic inhibition of the tricyclic drug by the neuroleptic drug, no relationship was found between the fluphenazine dose and the subsequent plasma concentrations of imipramine and desipramine. however, plasma antidepressant levels ...20123338977
sensitive non-radioactive dot-blot hybridization using dna probes labelled with chelate group substituted psoralen and quantitative detection by europium ion fluorescence.a new labelling method for cloned dna probes used in hybridization assays is described. the dna insert of recombinant plasmid dna was made partially single-stranded for the labelling reaction by a restriction enzyme digest, followed by a controlled exonuclease iii incubation. a thiol-containing psoralen derivative was covalently bound through irradiation with uv-light to the remaining double-stranded region of the plasmid dna. the psoralen-sh groups were labelled with a large number of metal che ...20123344204
[protein studies in cystic and peritoneal fluids of ovarian tumors with special reference to cea].the levels of total protein, ig, afp, beta-hcg, cea, sc, sp1 and alpha 2-pag were measured in cystic and peritoneal effusions obtained from 70 females with benign and malignant ovarian tumors. this study was carried out to test out parameters those are useful for tumor monitoring of ovarian cancer. our results indicate that determining cea in peritoneal effusions could be one of useful methods in tumor monitoring of mucinous cystadenocarcinomas in cases of known histology and praetherapeutic est ...20123376613
[dosimeter for the detection of sulfur dioxide concentrations at the work site]. 20123798980
the temporomandibular joint from the viewpoint of the anatomist. 20133862765
[caries and candidiasis in the deciduous dentition]. 20133857813
reducing effort with reminders and a parking pass to improve appointment keeping for patients of pediatric residents. 20133807450
reference ranges and ideal patient values for blood cholesterol. can there be reconciliation?reference ranges for blood cholesterol levels reflect the nationwide epidemic of "silent" hypercholesterolemia. as such, reference ranges for cholesterol levels without accompanying designation of levels associated with increased coronary risk are misleading and falsely comforting to physicians and patients. in a recent continent-wide study of 108 academically based clinical laboratories, highly variable reference ranges were observed, the ranges having been derived from a vast assortment of sou ...20133754717
plant dermatitis. 20133719506
[interphase death of lymphoid cells: role in the genesis of radiation sickness and molecular mechanisms].an analysis of the data on the effect of lymphoid cells on the proliferation and differentiation of hemopoietic stem cells has led to a conclusion that radiation injury of lymphocytes plays an important role in the pathogenesis of the cerebrospinal syndrome. the molecular mechanisms of lymphocyte interphase death were considered. it was shown that due to some peculiarities in the energy supply of these cells the appearance of breaks in dna causes the development of biochemical processes resultin ...20133657448
thymic involvement in acute disseminated histiocytosis x. 20133628861
[surgery of esophageal cancer and postoperative management of aged patients]. 20133637322
the alprazolam to clonazepam switch for the treatment of panic disorder.forty-eight consecutive patients treated for panic disorder with alprazolam, but with presumed interdose anxiety symptoms, were switched to clonazepam. forty-one patients made the "switch" according to a protocol, and 82% rated clonazepam "better" because of decreased frequency of administration and lack of interdose anxiety. both medications seemed effective for panic disorder at comparable doses, and the authors describe how to switch from alprazolam to clonazepam when interdose anxiety is a c ...20133597803
occupational influences on reproduction: a review of recent literature.there has been great interest in reproductive impairment, estimated to affect 30% of us couples, but the proportion of such problems resulting from occupational exposures remains unknown. this interest has spawned numerous papers that investigate the relationship between occupation and reproduction. updating a previous review, the authors provide here a comprehensive listing of the literature published between 1981 and 1985 on this topic. our critical review reveals common weaknesses, including ...20133612335
[autotransfusion through acute, preoperative hemodilution --1st clinical experiences]. 20144464408
the language of dementia in the elderly: a pilot study. 20144052318
evaluating a restrictive formulary system by assessing nonformulary-drug requests.nonformulary-drug requests were used to evaluate a restrictive formulary system in a large university hospital, and a telephone survey of eight similar hospitals was conducted to assess the restrictiveness of their formulary systems. nonformulary-drug requests were evaluated by two drug information pharmacists over a 12-month period (january-december 1984) to assess the frequency with which nonformulary items were ordered, the costs associated with the procurement of nonformulary drug products, ...20144025350
british medical association attacks cigarette smoking. 20143978493
cortical dimensions of second metacarpal in four ethnic groups of south african children. 20154693999
cortical dimensions of second metacarpal in four ethnic groups of south african children. 20154693999
ethical standards as an independent variable in psychological research. 20154689043
practical aspects of adolescent growth and development. 20154686210
practical aspects of adolescent growth and development. 20154686210
erythropoiesis in the newt, triturus cristatus laur. ii. characteristics of the erythropoitic process. 20154704637
[2 cases of rieger's syndrome]. 20154690013
trapezoidal-28 total hip replacement. 20154585178
the phenothiazines. 20154612601
ulcerative tracheo-oesophageal fistula during treatment by tracheostomy and intermittent positive pressure ventilation. 20154557006
william frank carver. dentist, frontiersman, hunter, marksman, wild west showman. 20154505105
unilateral osteocardilaginous exostosis osteoma of the mandible and hyperostosis: report of a case. 20154500449
[diagnosis of edema]. 20154488702
induction of -globin synthesis in the -thalassaemia of ferrara. 20154505416
[examinations on the influence of arterial blood pressure on the course of glaucoma simplex]. 20165095602
[autoimmune hepatitis]. 20164865241
[clinico-histological and therapeutic considerations on histiocytosis x]. 20164848308
isotope clearance studies in peripheral vascular reconstruction. 20164862727
subacute sclerosing encephalitis. 20164862504
letter: beyond cost estimating, another ball game. 20164820302
the elbow in arthrogryposis. 20164766189
seasonal variation in amphibian phosphate metabolism and its relation to parathyroid structure and function. 20154405350
hexacarbon neuropathy. 199991030
[an invariant of plasma viscosity].determination of "m" invariant cannot lead to an absolute measurement of plasmatic viscosity, because "m" increases with temperature. it allows however to compare data determined in various conditions.2002126722
[poisoning by geromitra esculenta].gyromitra esculenta (persoon ex fries) mushrooms have been responsible for severe intoxications and even deaths. clinical data are characterized primarily by vomiting and diarrhoea, and, afterwhile, by jaundice, convulsions and coma. the species of concern are mainly g. esculenta, g. fastigiata and g. gigas; nevertheless, recent advances in chromatography, biochemistry and toxicology have established that other species within the ascomycetes may prove also toxic. the toxins, i.e. gyromitrin (n-m ...20092681713
on the reaction of iron bleomycin with thiols and oxygen. 199991373
[effectiveness of the comprehensive treatment by rhonidase electrophoresis and tbilisi sulfide baths of elderly patients suffering from osteoarthrosis deformans]. 2003154769
radiation reaction enhanced by ifosfamide. 20103768630
variations in the preservation of bank blood due to processing. 20134642160
variations in the preservation of bank blood due to processing. 20134642160
local anaesthetics. iv--synthesis and activity of 2-(n-substituted or n,n-disubstituted aminoacetamido)-4- or -4,5-substituted thiazoles.synthesis is described of eleven new 2-(n-substituted or n,n-disubstituted aminoacetamido)-4- or -4,5-substituted thiazoles (i). their hydrochlorides were screened for local anaesthetic activity on frogs by the sciatic plexus method and the activity compared with that of procaine.20133792539
[effects of cooking on the content of some vitamins in various species of frozen fish]. 20154480150
[salt fluoridation in 4 colombian communities. vii. relationship between various nutrients and dental caries]. 2002127591
neurofibromatosis: unusual lymphangiographic findings. 1998106665
dioda: delineation and feature extraction of microscopical objects.a computer program is described for delineation and measurement of microscopical objects, such as cells and chromosomes, which may have been scanned using absorbance, fluorescence or reflectance microscopy. the quality of the object delineation is optimized through the controur ratio, which is simply computed from the object contour. geometrical features, like the perimeter and area are computed. a new definition is introduced for the background region, especially suited for the analysis of clos ...199993532
[the morpho-functional test of blood lymphocytes in proliferative blood diseases. case reports]. 20154973516
[the morpho-functional test of blood lymphocytes in proliferative blood diseases. case reports]. 20154973516
[condensation of phenols with halogenoacids using boron trifluoride (author's transl)]. 20164775944
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