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ectopic pregnancy in southern iran: a statistical review of 96 cases.a review is presented of 96 cases of ectopic pregnacy over a 7-year period. it is noted that in recent years the incidence of this problem has increased. inadequately diagnosed and treated pelvic inflammatory disease has been found to be the main predisposing factor (40%). the rate of extra-uterine gestation was 1:336 deliveries. in this study, previous fertility was high, and primigravidae constituted only 10.4% of the total. the effect of previous pelvic operations and pelvic infection is disc ...199915916
substances modulating the secretion of acth by cultured anterior pituitary cells. 199917552
value of sputum culture in diagnosis of pneumococcal our laboratory, culture of sputum was extremely useful in diagnosing the etiology of pneumococcal pneumonia. of 31 consecutive patients with bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia, 29 (94%) had streptococcus pneumoniae cultured from sputum. recovery of pneumococci in culture was enhanced by anaerobic incubation as well as by a plate bile test and an optochin disk on a primary blood agar plate.197718489
kinetics of the salt modifications of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase purified from a marine vibrio alginolyticus. 197719434
biochemical changes in the skin of mink with ehlers-danlos syndrome: increased collagen biosynthesis in the dermis of affected mink. 199921930
environment and selfsufficiency of elder man (author's transl).the problems of environment of elderly people are concentrated in social area and in the intimate living space, which can not be maintained sufficiently because of increasing age and decreasing performance. the consequences of mobility in industrial revolution scattered families and also deprived old men of their helpers. inadequate living rooms and absence of technical comfort especially in the houses of the very aged men produce intense dependence of the own individual performance. medical dat ...197827118
specificity of cytoplasmic and cell-wall antigens from four species of phytophthora.cytoplasmic and cell-wall antigens and antisera were prepared from four phytophthora species, and cell-wall antigens were prepared from two pythium species. immunodiffusion of the pythium and phytophthora cell-wall antigens showed that the two pythium species did not cross-react with the phytophthora cell-wall antisera. immunodiffusion analysis of both cell-wall and cytoplasmic antigens of phytophthora revealed some degree of specificity between species but not between a1 and a2 mating types in ...197658961
letter: reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome. 200059068
determination of hbcag and anti-hbc by immune adherence hemagglutination and association of hbcag with e antigen. 200161024
leprosy's footprints in bone-marrow histiocytes. 197985259
the puzzle of "urethral syndrome": a possible answer?82 strains of slow-growing, co2-dependent, gram-positive organisms have been isolated from the urine of 9 male and 73 female patients. 100% of the men and 93% of the women had urinary symptoms at the time of isolation, and 66% of the specimens showed pyuria. these organisms might account for the urinary symptoms of some patients previously diagnosed as having "urethral syndrome". preliminary data show that, if appropriate antibacterial treatment is given, most of these patients become symptom-fr ...197986778
the rubella immunity gap. 200187852
[evaluation of blood-liquor barrier by protein gradients in congenital hydrocephalus in infancy]. 199988669
retinol-binding protein in malnutrition. 199990984
hexacarbon neuropathy. 199991030
remission in acute myeloblastic leukaemia. 199991055
epileptogenic effect of mianserin. 199991069
[the "cavernous sinus" (author's transl)]. 199991130
[statistical analysis of the ecg r-r intervals in certain types of heart rhythm disorders]. 199991156
histochemical study of orcein-positive hepatocellular material in paraffin sections of liver biopsy samples in the course of various liver diseases.a histochemical study was carried out on orcein-positive hepatocellular material in 111 cases, 27 of which were stained positively by orcein. orcein-positive material was very frequently found in protracted viral hepatitis and in chronic active hepatitis, as well as in other liver diseases with or without cholestasis; it was absent in liver cirrhosis. in all the cases considered the orcein-positive material was mainly formed of proteins, rich in amino acids with sulfhydryl and disulphide radical ...199991188
chido, rodgers and c4. in vivo and in vitro coating of red blood cells, grouping and antibody detection.c4 sucrose/low ionic strength (lis)-coated red blood cells (rbc) are excellent for the detection of the previously 'nebulous' antibodies, anti-chido and anti-rodgers, as well as for serum/plasma typing of these antigens by an inhibition technique. by enzyme treatment of such cells, it is confirmed that the ch and rg antigens reside on the c4d part of the c4 molecule. freshly taken rbc from normal individuals were examined with a sensitive auto-analyzer technique with anti-chido, anti-c4 and anti ...199991269
on the reaction of iron bleomycin with thiols and oxygen. 199991373
studies on the mechanism and specificity of inhibition of ribonucleic acid polymerase by linear gramicidin. 197991383
two effects of phosphodiesterase inhibitors on limulus ventral photoreceptors. 199991407
tetralogy of fallot in adults. 199991440
antigenic correlation between rat brain synaptic vesicles and rat bone marrow b lymphocytes.rabbit anti-rat brain synaptic vesicle serum reacted with thymocytes and b lymphocytes in cytotoxicity and immunofluorescence assays. quantitative absorption analysis revealed that this antiserum contained antibodies specific for antigenic determinants on the surface membrane of a subpopulation of rat bone marrow b lymphocytes.197991533
herniation of an intervertebral disc with cauda compression syndrome in childhood.a case of a lumbosacral disc herniation of traumatic origin with compression of the cauda equina in a child is reported. the problems of early diagnosis, timely operative procedure, and prognosis of neurological deficit of operated disc herniation in childhood are discussed.199991675
steroids in asthma. 200091910
response to immunological or cholinergic stimulation of isolated mast cells from man, guinea pig and rat. 197991954
[measurement for serum thyroxine-binding globulin (tbg) and its clinical assessment in diagnosis of thyroid states (author's transl)].serum levels of thyroxine (t4)-binding globulin (tbg) were determined by a radioimmunoassay using cellulose-linked antibody to tbg. values obtained in healthy young adults averaged 1.62 +/- 0.25 (sd) mg/100 ml, and no significant difference wwas detected between males and females. the tbg levels remained within the normal limit in hyperthyroidism while they were significantly increased in hypothyroidism. interestingly enough, tbg levels were significantly elevated in chronic thyroidities with no ...197992043
[clinical application of beta 2-microglobulin measurement in malignant disease (author's transl)]. 200092044
[cutaneous leishmaniasis. alcoy: an endemic zone]. 197992178
the antagonistic effect of dexamethasone and insulin on alpha-fetoprotein secretion by cultured h4-ii-e-c3 cells derived from the reuber h-35 hepatoma. 197992316
isotachophoresis of csf proteins in gel tubes especially gammaglobulins. an analytical and preparative technique for high-separation of csf isotachophoretic method using polyacrylamide gel (pag-itp) in a simple disc electrophoretic equipment with plastic tubes containing the gels, was elaborated and especially designed for studying the gammaglobulins in csf and serum from control subjects and patients with neurological disorders, especially known or probable ms. the device and the itp system used, including leading and terminating electrolytes and spacer substances, dividing the gammaglobulins in a reproducible way, are described ...200192548
quality assurance of gram-stained direct smears.clinical laboratories do not always prepare and examine direct smears. in part, this may be explained by lack of control over the precision and accuracy of the procedure, which has diminished confidence in direct smears among both laboratory scientists and clinicians. objective criteria were established for enumeration of cells and placement of bacteria in identification categories. two methods for monitoring the accuracy and reproducibility of their application were studied: (1) examination of ...200192891
[vasodilator activity of co2 in newly formed subcutaneous gas pockets in rats (proceedings)]. 197992930
[two-layer rocket-electrophoresis on cellulose-acetate membranes].two-floor rocket-electrophoresis on gelatinated acetate cellulose membrane "cellogel" has been developed. the method is based on electroimmunodiffusion detection of the antigen on the acetate-cellulose membranes, containing monospecific antiserum of the test-system. the procedure is followed by the detection of precipitation bands ("rockets") by staining, if the reaction is conducted in the visible zone or by the further treatment of the acetate-cellulose strips, containing invisible precipitate ...197993004
transmission of hepatitis b by immune serum globulin. 200193197
perinatal mortality. 200193220
severe skin pain after puva treatment.severe skin pain lasting one or two months occurred in 8 of 210 patients treated with puva. the pain started 4--8 weeks after the initial dose, mostly about one week after discontinuation of the treatment. it was a prickling, burning pain, usually coming in bouts and confined to limited areas "deep under the skin". in some respects the pain was related to itching, but the patients could easily distinguish between the two sensations. a variety of drugs was tried, but none had any noteworthy effec ...200193376
[presence of an amphipatic segment in the b fragment of diphtheria toxin (proceedings)]. 199993460
regulation of internal solute concentrations of marine vibrio alginolyticus in response to external nacl concentration.slightly halophilic marine vibrio alginolyticus grown in the range of nacl from 0.2 to 1.5 m maintained the total internal solute concentration always higher than the external medium by about 0.25 osm. the concentrations of macromolecules such as dna, rna, and protein were little affected by the increase in medium nacl. the internal k+ concentration was kept to about 400 mm in the range of medium nacl from 0.4 to 0.8 m; it rose to 510 mm when the bacterium was grown in 1.5 m nacl, indicating tha ...197993505
dioda: delineation and feature extraction of microscopical objects.a computer program is described for delineation and measurement of microscopical objects, such as cells and chromosomes, which may have been scanned using absorbance, fluorescence or reflectance microscopy. the quality of the object delineation is optimized through the controur ratio, which is simply computed from the object contour. geometrical features, like the perimeter and area are computed. a new definition is introduced for the background region, especially suited for the analysis of clos ...199993532
the binding of streptomycin to ribonucleotides.incubation of streptomycin (sm) with [32p]5'-ribonucleotides at ph 7.0 produces fractions that migrate towards the cathode in high voltage electrophoresis (hve) separations at ph 3.5. sm appears to interact with pg, pa and pc but not with pu. the appearance of these [32p]-labeled fractions is dependent on incubation time and sm concentration. incubation of nucleotides with dihydrostreptomycin (dsm) or sm reduced with sodium cyanoborohydride (nabh3cn) at ph 5.0, does not produce detectable change ...197993596
[evaluation of the restoration of micturition after transvesical adenomectomy of the prostate using a urodynamic flow measurement method]. 199993823
[allergenic properties of the blood serum of drug allergy patients]. 197993831
altered methylation of adenine in 23 s ribosomal rna associated with erythromycin resistance in streptomyces erythreus and streptococcus fecalis. 197994004
reversal of serotonin vasodilatation in the dog external carotid bed by sympathetic view of the conflicting reports of both constrictor and dilator effects of serotonin on the external carotid vascular bed of dogs, the influence of intraarterial infusions of the amine on blood flow through this territory was assessed by electromagnetic flowmeter techniques. in anesthetized intact dogs, serotonin produced dose-related increases in flow. these vasodilator responses were markedly diminished after ipsilateral vagotomy and were followed by delayed vasoconstriction, which then bec ...197994376
hemodynamic consequences of administration of phentolamine or nitroprusside with dopamine in the dog.dopamine was administered intravenously to two groups of anesthetized dogs at rates of 2.5, 5, 10 and 20 micrograms/kg/min. after the 20 micrograms/kg/min infusion, mean arterial pressure, heart rate, renal blood flow, mean pulmonary arterial pressure, and left ventricular filling pressure were increased. the dopamine infusion was continued in both groups of animals. in group i phentolamine was administered at rates of 2.5, 5, and 7.5 micrograms/kg/min; in group ii sodium nitroprusside at rates ...197994404
[adjuvant and palliative treatments for colo-rectal cancer]. 200094441
effect of silica on a culture of rat peritoneal macrophages. 197994527
a biochemical comparison of development of various facial bones in neonatal rats. 197994540
frontiers of quantitative cytochemistry: a review of recent developments and potentials.this article attempts to describe the current state of quantitative cytochemical methods and to point out areas where, in the author's opinion, the greatest progress is either being made or can be expected. nearly 300 references to the current literature are cited.200094776
affinity sensors for individual metabolites.specific metabolite sensors may be constructed for species when a specific binding agent and optically detectable competing assay ligands are available.200194999
preparation of liposomes of defined size distribution by extrusion through polycarbonate membranes.liposomes of defined size and homogeneity have been prepared by sequential extrusion of the usual multilamellar vesicles through polycarbonate membranes. the process is easy, reproducible, produces no detectable degradation of the phospholipids, and can double the encapsulation efficiency of the liposome preparation. multilamellar vesicles extruded by this technique are shown by both negative stain and freeze-fracture electron microscopy to have mean diameters approaching the pore diameter of th ...200195096
assessment of immunocytochemical techniques with particular reference to the mixed-aggregation immunocytochemical technique.antibody-mediated assays are believed to be the most sensitive and specific techniques for antigen localization available to date, but they need extensive controls if specific and quantitative results are to be obtained. problems arise from both the antibody source and the antigen in the tissue preparation. specificity of the antibody is often difficult to prove in any direct or indirect antibody technique. when markers are coupled to antibody, binding and diffusion properties of the antibody ar ...197995185
determination of small differences in buoyant density of macromolecules by analytical density gradient equilibrium centrifugation.a sensitive method is proposed for the determination of small differences between the buoyant densities of different species of monodisperse macromolecules by analytical density gradient equilibrium centrifugation. the procedure involves the measurement at sedimentation equilibrium of the bandwidths of the concentration distribution of the separate macromolecules and of a mixture of the different species. the difference in buoyant densities can then be estimated from the difference between the b ...200195253
[psychological diagnosis problems in children between 0 and 3 years of age]. 200195256
[changes in physicochemical parameters and coagulation factors in hemodilution with dextran of molecular weight 60,000].in 18 subjects undergoing aorto-bifemoral by-pass, pre-operative isovalaemic hemodilution was carried out (using a dextran of molecular weight 60,000) at the same time as venous section of a mean value of 1087 ml reducing the hematocrit to 0.30. the following were studied before, immediately after and 24 hours after hemodilution: blood viscosity (at variable shearing rates), oncotic pressure, sedimentation rate, clotting factors, plasma electrolytes. these results showed that at the end of hemod ...200195471
[combination radio and chemotherapy in plasmocytoma. roentgen diagnostic and protein chemistry development prognosis]. 200195496
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
behaviour of solute and particle markers in the stomach of sheep given a concentrate diet.1. fistulated sheep given a concentrate diet were used to study the behaviour of solute ([51cr]edta) and particle ([103ru]phenanthroline) markers in the stomach under conditions of continuous feeding. 2. an injection of a mixed dose of [51cr]edta and [103ru]phenanthroline was given into the rumen and the time course of marker concentrations in the rumen and the abomasum was recorded. the curves were analysed on the assumption that the stomach of the sheep could be represented as two mixing compa ...197896850
the bilateral response of the temporal muscle in the rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta) to short-term detachment of the muscle and increased loading of the mandible.the electromyographic background activity of the temporal muscle was observed after short-term detachment of the muscle and with increased loads on the mandible. detachment of the muscle increased its mean spike discharge within the first 24 days but without significant changes in the spectral components. loading the mandible decreased both the spike discharge and spectral components.197798541
changes in composition of tears of malnourished children. 197898738
the role of magnesium in protein-energy malnutrition.the present study was aiming to explore further the variations in the levels of mg in both serum and csf of pem children, hoping a better understanding revealed decreased values of both blood serum and csf levels of mg in pem children which denote some abnormalities in brain metabolism. such abnormalities add further support for assumption of the link between dietary insufficiency and subnormal mental performance in pem.199898923
enzymic profile of the semen of bovines (bubalus bubalis and bos taurus). ii. parallelism between acid and alkaline phosphatases and various measures of semen quality. 197898938
roles of blood flow in platelet adhesion and aggregation. 197898969
improved safety of splenoportography by plugging of the needle tract.splenoportography, a useful preoperative diagnostic procedure in patients with portal hypertension, has been largely discontinued because of the risk of hemorrhage. we have used both ivalon and gelfoam in particle and plug form to plug the needle tract after splenoportography. initial studies were conducted on six dogs. plugging of the needle tract by injection of suspensions of small gelfoam or ivalon particles resulted in intravasation of these particles into the splenic vein. this was demonst ...197898987
mesonephric duct remnants (gartner's duct).in a review of 820 hysterosalpingograms, unilateral opacification of the mesonephric duct (gartner's duct) was observed in five individuals. no associated anomalies of the genitourinary tract or definite evidence of pelvic inflammatory disease was found in any of these patients. the embryology of the genitourinary tract is discussed in some detail, and histologic studies of the uterine cervix are reviewed to explain the radiographic observations.200098997
long-term outpatient vasodilator therapy of congestive heart failure. consideration of agents at rest and during exercise.increased left ventricular filling pressure and reduced cardiac output are two major hemodynamic deficits in pump failure. in patients with chronic heart failure, consequences of these hemodynamic deficits and diminished cardiac reserve are manifested initially during stress and eventually at rest. the purpose of therapeutic interventions include reduction of ventricular filling pressure increase in cardiac output and improvement in cardiac reserve. to achieve these goals, the hemodynamic effect ...200199031
fibrinogen turnover in pregnant rabbits during the first and last thirds of gestation.although thrombin-mediated fibrinogen derivatives have been observed in normal pregnancy, an increased turnover of fibrinogen has been suspected but has not yet been demonstrated. fibrinogen turnover was studied in 14 pregnant and 10 nonpregnant female rabbits by use of purified rabbit 125i-labeled fibrinogen. in the last third of gestation the half life of fibrinogen was shortened by 45% and the fractional catabolic rate increased by 44% in comparison to the values for the first third of gestat ...197899036
interferon inducing activity of polyinosinic acid.although poly(i) is generally considered to be inactive as an interferon inducer, we have found several authentic poly(i) preparations to be effective inducers. their interferon inducing ability varied considerably from one cell system to another. in human diploid fibroblasts, primed with interferon and superinduced by cycloheximide and actinomycin d, all active poly(i) samples proved nearly as effective in inducing interferon as poly(i).poly(c). in primary rabbit kidney cell cultures, the activ ...197899486
electrophoretic strand separation of long dnas with poly (u,g) in agarose gels.we have found that binding of poly(u,g) to single-stranded dna decreases its mobility in 0.3% agarose gels. differential binding to the complementary strands of denatured duplex dna provides a simple method for strand separation. the method is shown to work with bacteriophage lambda dna, adenovirus dna and mtdna for tetrahymena pyriformis. in all cases the strand that binds more poly(u,g) in cscl gradients also binds more in gels. the separated strands can be directly blotted from the gel onto n ...197899728
[surgical and dietetic problems of subtotal resection of the small intestine in adults (author's transl)].the human body badly tolerates the extensive loss of the small intestine by resection. malabsorption of various substances is followed by severe deficiency symptoms. in recent years a longer survival with a satisfactory general condition was achieved by intensive postoperative care and adequate diet--in our own cases even in adults and in old age.1978101816
clinical trial of topical disodium chromoglycate in vernal keratoconjunctivitis.the clinical picture of spring catarrh was studied in 96 cases. the duration of the disease was found to be 3.5 +/- 2.6 years. it exists all the year round with a higher frequency between april and august. male children were affected about three times more frequently than females. the effect of dscg was studied in 20 cases. it had a significant therapeutic effect. we advise a combined dscg and corticosteroid treatment in the period of exacerbation.2000101923
[electro- and phonocardiogram indices in newborn infants with hemolytic disease]. 2000101960
drug-induced lung disease.since there are no diagnostic studies to confirm the presence of a drug-induced lung reaction the physician will make a correct diagnosis only if he is aware of the drugs which have been identified to cause pulmonary reactions and their specific manifestations. failure to recognize a drug-induced lung disease can lead to significant morbidity and in some cases mortality. the major drug-induced lung diseases are reviewed, the drugs being presented in the context of their clinical use and the reac ...2000102005
molecular heterogeneity of dna polymerase alpha from p815 mouse mastocytoma cells. 1978103750
plasma arginine vasopressin in diabetic ketoacidosis.plasma arginine vasopressin (avp) was measured serially in 10 patients during the first 24 hours of treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis. avp was elevated in all cases initially, ranging from 4.0--122.0 pmol/l, the basal level in healthy hydrated subjects being 1.57 +/- 0.59 pmol/l (+/- 1 sd). the levels fell progressively during the course of treatment. while there was no evidence that the massive increases in avp noted in this study were associated with water overload it remains to be determined ...1999103767
blood characteristics of the adult donkey. 1978104499
transcription and translation in a pleiotropic streptomycin-resistant mutant of escherichia coli.the role of the ribosomal protein s12 (streptomycin protein) in ribosome function and in other metabolic processes in the cell has been investigated. a spontaneous streptomycin-resistant strain of escherichia coli (sm3) carrying a mutation in the rpsl gene is deficient in its ability to induce the synthesis of the enzyme bets-galactosidase. it was demonstrated that the reduced rate of enzyme synthesis results from deficiencies in both the transcription of the lactose operon and translation of th ...1979104958
implications for adult roles from differential styles of mother-infant bonding: an ethological study.ethological observations of maternal and infant behaviors of nine vervet monkey pairs (cercopithecus aethiops sabaeus) showed the effects of differential styles of early maternal responsiveness on later infant competence. those infants receiving the least amount of maternal responsiveness and the most time-off the mother in the first 3 months of development were more socially competent at 6 months of age. the results are discussed within current ethological "attachment" theories. the detachment ...1979105083
immunocytochemical characterization of the lymphocytes in nodular lymphoid hyperplasia of the bowel.the immunoglobulin constituents of hypertrophied lymphoid nodules in the intestinal tracts of six patients with the variable immunodeficiency syndrome and one patient with selective iga deficiency were evaluated by the peroxidase-labeled antibody technique. the nodules were found to contain a dense population of igm-bearing lymphocytes and much intercellular igm. evidence that the cells were engaged in igm synthesis was the presence of the immunoglobulin in the perinuclear spaces and endoplasmic ...1998105208
fetal heart rate during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure.although maternal ingestion of antiepileptic drugs is strongly suspected of causing congenital defects, particularly oral clefts, the effect of epilepsy itself or a combined effect of drug intake and epilepsy have not been excluded as etiological factors. very little is known about fetal oxygenation during a maternal grand mal epileptic seizure. we describe two cases in which fetal heart rate was recorded during a maternal epileptic seizure during labor. the first fetus became clearly asphyctic ...1998106102
the oral hypoglycemic controversy. stay as sweet as you are. 1998106193
catheter cervical vertebral venography.cervical vertebral venography using catheterzation via the femoral vein was carried out in 78 cases. in disc disease the internal vertebral venous plexus (ivvp) are interrupted at single or multiple levels, and sometimes completely blocked. in ossification of posterior longitudinal ligament, the ivvp are separated bilaterally and interrupted at multiple levels due to centrally situated ossification and associated osteophytes. venography helps to determine the upper and lower limits of laminectom ...1998106325
effects of morphine withdrawal on food competition hierarchies and fighting behavior in rats. 1979106426
staging of myeloma. a preliminary study of staging factors and treatment in different stages.attempts were made to find prognostic factors in myeloma. in 16 deceased patients, urinary light chains, skeletal lesions, and the quantity of the monoclonal protein fraction in the serum were correlated to prognosis, in contrast to the electrophoretic mobility of the monoclonal fraction, the hemoglobin, the serum creatinine value, the serum calcium, or the intestinal calcium absorption. skeletal calcium uptake was only numerically higher in mild myeloma than in advanced myeloma. since these fin ...1998106448
ct metrizamide myelography for intraspinal and paraspinal neoplasms in infants and children.computed tomography (ct) metrizamide myelography is an accurate and satisfactory method for examining the spinal cord in infants and children with suspected intraspinal neoplasms. it was performed in 13 infants and children and in one adult with intra- and paraspinal neoplasms. ct metrizamide myelography in paraspinal masses provides the total geography of the mass; that is, possible intraspinal extension, as well as the paraspinal portion itself. as such, it is superior to conventional myelogra ...1998106638
radiographic changes of the skull in sickle cell anemia.skull radiographs of 194 patients from 4 months to 55 years old with sickle cell anemia revealed porous decreased bone density in 25%, widening of diploë associated with a relative decrease in the width of the outer table in 22%, and vertical "hair-on-end" striations in 5%. the youngest patient with vertical striations was 5 years old and the oldest was 39. serial examinations in 60 patients revealed no decrease of the skull width nor disappearance of the striations with age.1998106639
neurofibromatosis: unusual lymphangiographic findings. 1998106665
rapid and accurate diagnosis of acute cholecystitis with 99mtc-hida cholescintigraphy.technetium-99m dimethyl acetanilide iminodiacetic acid (hida) cholescintigraphy was performed on 90 patients with suspected acute cholecystitis. visualization of the gallbladder established patency of the cystic duct and excluded the diagnosis of acute cholecystitis in 50 of 52 patients. nonvisualization of the gallbladder with visualization of the common bile duct was diagnostic of acute cholecystitis in 38 patients, all subsequently proven at surgery. the observed accuracy of this procedure is ...1998106679
purification and properties of acid beta-galactosidase from feline liver. 1979106876
radiation in multidisciplinary treatment of children with malignant ovarian tumors.thirteen girls with malignant ovarian tumors treated at memorial hospital from august 1971 through october 1975 with extensive surgery, multi-drug chemotherapy (t-2 protocol) and postoperative radiation were reviewed. the plan of radiation was to deliver 3,000 rads to the whole abdomen and boost the para-aortic and pelvic area with 1,500 rads in five to six weeks. in only two patients was the radiation conducted as planned. in others the treatment was either interrupted or discontinued due to co ...1998106952
[the cranio-carpo-tarsal dysplasia syndrome in a 6-year-old girl (whistling-face syndrome)]. 1998106974
halophilic, lactose-positive vibrio in a case of fatal septicemia.a halophilic vibrio species was isolated from blood cultures from a 59-year-old male with enteritis. the strain differed from vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus by its ability to ferment lactose, its production of beta-galactosidase, and its lower nacl tolerance. a report of this infection and a description of the isolate is presented.1979107189
high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis of penicillin v benzathine oral suspensions.a rapid high-performance liquid chromatographic assay for penicillin v content of penicillin v benzathine bulk drug and oral suspensions is described. dilution of the oral suspension with methanol containing 1,3,5-trimethoxybenzene as the internal standard allowed for direct analysis on a reversed-phase column with a mobile phase of 53% methanol in 0.05 m aqueous ph 3.5 phosphate buffer. a relative standard deviation of less than 1% was obtained on commercial formulations, and the system was lin ...1998107312
opposite effects of one and three injections of cortisone or thyroxine on intestinal lactase activity in suckling mice.a single injection of cortisone or thyroxine to 8-day-old suckling mice initiates a temporary decrease of lactase activity. on the contrary, 3 injections of cortisone or thyroxine provoke a significant increase of lactase activity. it appears that the mechanism which controls the postnatal development of lactase in suckling animals is more complex than expected.1998108133
congenital hypothyroidism control programs. a cost-benefit analysis.comprehensive screening programs to control congenital hypothyroidism (ch), a preventable form of mental retardation, are being considered by some public health agencies. the proposed programs would test neonates' blood for thyroxine and, if warranted, provide follow-up testing and therapy. the estimated cost of detecting a single case of ch is $9,300, which includes specimen collection, laboratory analysis, and retesting of border-line cases. the present value of the treatment costs of ch adds ...1998108409
[acromegaly. recent physiopathological and therapeutic acquisitions]. 1998108635
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