use of lincomycin, methicillin and ristomycin in the nutrient media for isolating pathogenic intestinal microorganisms.elective-differentiating solid nutrient media for simultaneous isolation of vibrioes, salmonella and shigella were developed. antibiotics active against grampostive microflora and dry bile salts inhibiting the growth of proteus were used as the inhibitors of the growth of the accompanying microflora. the medium was lincomycin and the bile salts may be prepared in a dry form.19752096
interaction of thermostable direct hemolysin of vibrio parahaemolyticus with human erythrocytes.the interaction between thermostable direct hemolysin produced by vibrio parahaemolyticus wp-1 and human erythrocytes was studied. the lysis of human erythrocytes by the hemolysin was dependent of temperature and no hemolysis occurred at low temperature (0-4 c), but the hemolysin was adsorbed on human erythrocytes even at low temperature. no hemolysis was observed when antihemolysin antiserum was mixed with the hemolysin and human erythrocytes at zero time. on the other hand, lysis of the cells ...19753160
enzyme-catalyzed redox reactions with the flavin analogues 5-deazariboflavin, 5-deazariboflavin 5'-phosphte, and 5-deazariboflavin 5'-diphosphate, 5' leads to 5'-adenosine ester.the ability of 5-deazaisoalloxazines to substitute for the isoalloxazine (flavin) coenzyme has been examined with several flavoenzymes. without exception, the deazaflavin is recognized at the active site and undergoes a redox change in the presence of the specific enzyme substrate. thus, deazariboflavin is reduced catalytically by nadh in the presence of the beneckea harveyi nad(p)h:(flavin) oxidoreductase, the reaction proceeding to an equilibrium with an equilibrium constant near unity. this i ...19763207
analysis of the data in the literature on the sensitivity of cholera vibrios to tetracycline.variation diagrams were proposed to be used for the analysis of the published data on the study of vibrio cholerae sensitivity to tetracycline. the diagrams provided systematization of dissimilar data of the experimental studies and a unique system of estimation was created. the analysis of the systematized data provided dividing of the vibrio cholerae strains tested into 4 groups differing in the levels of their sensitivity to tetracycline. the groups were independent of the vibrio cholerae bio ...19755050
interaction of cholera toxin and toxin derivatives with lymphocytes. ii. modulating effects of cholera toxin on in vivo humoral and cellular immune responses.the in vivo effects of cholera toxin on lymphoid organ structure and function in mice were investigated. it was found that within a day following intravenous injection of 1 mug of toxin, thymus as well as spleen weight decreased but the animals remained healthy. histological studies suggested that the involution of lymphoid organs was due to cell death. injection of cholera toxin into adrenalectomized mice was lethal within 36 h. in these animals no decrease in lymphoid organ weight was noted. t ...19765378
bacterial diseases of farmed fishes. 19765781
an ammonia-oxidizing bacterium, nitrosovibrio tenuis nov. gen. nov. ammonia-oxidizing, autotroph growing, slender, curved rod was isolated from the soil of hawaii. it is well distinguishable from any other nitrifying bacteria thus far described by their morphology. the cells are 1.1-3.0 mum long and 0.3-0.4 mum wide. they are motile by means of 1-4 subpolar to lateral flagella. in contrast to most of the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria the isolated vibrio is void of an extensive cytomembrane system. to categorize this not yet described species we propose to create ...19765980
use of thyrotropin and cholera toxin to probe the mechanism by which interferon initiates its antiviral activity.thyrotropin (10 mum) inhibited the antiviral activity of interferon. when added after interferon, thyrotropin (tsh) had no effect on antiviral activity. there was also no inhibition of interferon action in cells washed with medium between incubations with tsh and interferon. 125i-labeled tsh and 125i-labeled cholera toxin could bind to preparations of mouse l-cell plasma membranes. the binding was specific in that it was prevented by unlabeled thyrotropin or cholera toxin, but not by insulin, gl ...197610573
effect of caffeine on the motility, viability, oxygen consumption and glycolytic rate of ejaculated human normokinetic and hypokinetic this report the effect of caffeine, ibmx and cholera toxin on ejaculated human spermatozoa was tested. it was found that caffeine was the most effective drug, and that cholera toxin was ineffective. caffeine stimulated motility, preserved viability and increased the glucose, fructose utilization and lactate production of sperm in whole semen and washed sperm. oxygen consumption however was decreased. these results of the normokinetic ejaculates were defined as a basis for comparison with the ...197612119
effect of gangliosides and substrate analogues on the hydrolysis of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide by choleragen.choleragen and its a protomer catalyzed the hydrolysis of nad to adp-ribose and nicotinamide. nadase activity was inhibited by gangliosides gm1 (galactosyl-n-acetylgalactosaminyl-n-acetylneuraminyl-galactosylglucosylceramide), gm2 (n-acetylgalactosaminyl-n-acetylneuraminyl-galactosylglucosylceramide), gm3 (n-acetylneuraminyl-galactosylglucosylceramide), and gd1a (n-acetylneuraminylgalactosyl-n-acetylgalactosaminyl-e1n-acetylneuraminyl-galactosylglucosylceramide). these gangliosides also increase ...197713371
effect of cholera enterotoxin preparations on cutaneous response in rabbit under varied conditions.enterotoxic activity of two preparations obtained from vibrio cholerae, b-53-6 inaba and b-53-10 ogawa was tested in ligated ileal loops of rabbit. the biologically active enterotoxic preparations were further used to study the permeability reaction in rabbit skin. cutaneous response tended to be linear only with higher concentrations of the toxin and showed maximum blueing intensity between 16 and 24 hrs of intracutaneous inoculation. exposure of enterotoxin preparations to elevated temperature ...197613591
the covalently bound flavin of vibrio succinogenes succinate dehydrogenase. 197714028
bacteriological diagnosis of vibrios. 197715373
vibrio background in the city of frunze. 197717976
kinetics of the salt modifications of glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase purified from a marine vibrio alginolyticus. 197719434
antigenicity of a spontaneous murine mammary adenocarcinoma during in vitro cultivation. 197723597
improved means of isolating pure cultures of cholera and nag-vibrios. 197723629
studies of the control of luminescence in beneckea harveyi: properties of the nadh and nadph:fmn oxidoreductases.highly purified nadh and nadph:fmn oxidoreductases from beneckea harveyi have been characterized with regard to kinetic parameters, association with luciferase, activity with artificial electron acceptors, and the effects of inhibitors. the nadh:fmn oxidoreductase exhibits single displacement kinetics while the nadph:fmn oxidoreductase exhibits double displacement or ping-pong kinetics. this is consistent with the formation of a reduced enzyme as an intermediate in the reaction of catalyzed by t ...197823827
myristic acid stimulation of bacterial bioluminescence in "aldehyde" mutants.the involvement of long chain aldehyde in bacterial luminescence was known both from its being required for light emission in the in vitro reaction with pure luciferase and from its ability to stimulate luminescence in vivo in a certain class of dark "aldehyde" mutants. we have found that the luminescence of some (but not all) of such aldehyde mutants is also stimulated by long chain aliphatic fatty acids, with a marked specificity for myristic (tetradecanoic) acid. this stimulation has been dem ...197824214
partial characterization of a beta-lactamase from vibrio parahaemolyticus by a new automated microiodometric technique.a number of characteristics were determined with a new automated method for a partially purified beta-lactamase from vibrio parahaemolyticus. the enzyme had a molecular weight of 28,000 by gel filtration, a ph optimum between 6.5 and 7.0, and a temperature optimum at 36 degrees c. with penicillin g as the substrate, the k(m) value for the beta-lactamase was 54.4 mum. the beta-lactamase was inhibited by cloxacillin but not by p-chloromercuribenzoate. the enzyme was similar but not identical to be ...197825616
purification of lysophospholipase of vibrio parahaemolyticus and its properties.lysophospholipase ec was solubilized from the cells of vibrio parahaemolyticus with triton x-100 and purified by the following procedure; precipitation with ammonium sulfate, acid treatment and ion exchange column chromatography using deae-cellulose, deae-sephadex a-50, and cm-cellulose, successively. the purified preparation was shown to be homogeneous by polyacrylamide gel disk electrophoresis. the isoelectric point of the enzyme was found to be around ph 3.64 by isoelectric focusing e ...197826676
survival and growth of non-cholera vibrios in various foods.a study was made of the growth of three strains of non-cholera vibrio in a range of foodstuffs and of the effect of temperatures and ph on their ability to grow. growth was tested at 4 degrees, 10 degrees, 22 degrees, 30 degrees, 37 degrees and 43 degrees c in a range of foods likely to be incorporated into cold hors d'oeuvres, e.g. egg, cream, rice, cold meat, seafood, aspic and mayonnaise. non-cholera vibrios grew well in all these foods except mayonnaise, the rate of growth increasing with in ...197933216
immobilization of neuraminidase and its potential application in the modification of cell surfaces.vibrio cholerae neuraminidase was immobilized on the inside of 1.0 mm inner diameter nylon tubing with retention of enzyme activity, when assayed at 37 degrees c and ph 5.5 with mucin as substrate. the stabilities of the immobilized and soluble enzymes were similar for up to 3 hr at 37 degrees c. preliminary data indicated that immobilized neuraminidase will release sialic acid from the surface of leukemic akr mouse thymus and spleen lymphocytes; however, the level of immobilized enzyme activity ...197935566
a new method for testing the kanagawa phenomenon of vibrio parahaemolyticus with a liquid medium. 197935733
[fractionation of vibrio cholerae enterotoxin by isoelectric focusing in an ampholin gradient]. 197936726
properties and uses of immobilized light-emitting enzyme systems from beneckea harveyi.bacterial luciferase and nadh:fmn oxidoreductase have been immobilized onto arylamine glass beads. these immobilized enzymes can detect as little as 0.2 pmol of nadh per assay sample. glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase has been co-immobilized with these enzymes, and with this system it is possible to quantitate 1 pmol of glucose 6-phosphate. by co-immobilizing a fourth enzyme, hexokinase, onto the glass beads, the system can reproducibly detect 20 pmol of glucose per liter. these immobilized enzy ...197938021
antivibrionic activity of some glycolytic cycle enzymes of animal cells.the antivibrionic activity of crystalline preparations of five enzymes of the glycolytic cycle of animals cells was investigated. phosphorylase "a" (0.5 mg/ml), aldolase (15 mg/ml) and pyruvate kinase (0.1 mg/ml) were found to inhibit the proliferation of vibrio cholerae cells; phosphoglucomutase and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase at a concentration of 0.25 mg/ml were found to be vibriocidal. a mixture of these enzymes containing 0.062 mg/ml of phosphorylase "a" and 0.125 mg/ml of each ...197834659
[makeup of a population el tor vibrios according to their agglutinability by type-specific sera].the authors studied population composition of 14 strains of el tor vibrios. of 7 strains of ogava serological type the population composition was homogeneous in 2, and heterogeneous in 5. all the 7 strains of el tor vibrios of inaba serological type had homogeneous population composition. changes of the existence conditions of el tor vibrios of ogava serological type, containing in their population 5% cells of hikoshima serological tupe, led to separation of the cells of inaba serological type; ...197834303
[calcifying bacteria and carbonic anhydrase].carbonic anhydrase activity was measured on bacteria known for their calcifying power. the results obtained allow us to conclude that carbonic anhydrase is not present in their enzymatic equipment. nevertheless, the addition of carbonic anhydrase in culture media increases the growth of the cultures and their calcifying power. this result is due to the direct action of the enzyme on the ph of the culture medium. the results obtained could be applied to the mechanism of dental plaque calcificatio ...197939682
the effect of oral pancreatic extract on jejunal bactericidal activity in protein-deficient vervet monkeys challenged with vibrio cholerae.eleven vervet monkeys (cercopithecus aethiops) were fed with an "o" protein diet. after the serum albumin level fell below 2.5 g/100 ml the animals and 4 controls, which received regular monkey chow, were orally infected with a monkey-adapted strain of vibrio cholerae. the total bactericidal activity of the jejunal fluid decreased during feeding with "o" protein diet, but increased after challenge with v. cholerae in all groups. the non-immunoglobulin-bound bactericidal activity, which also decr ...197941422
effect of intra-arterial injection of crude cholera enterotoxin on canine small bowel.injection of a crude preparation of cholera enterotoxin into the superior mesenteric artery caused isotonic fluid secretion by the canine small bowel. in dogs previously exposed to cellular antigens of vibrio cholerae, the time course of the intestinal response to intra-arterial injection of crude enterotoxin was similar to that observed after intraluminal exterotoxin challenge.197941424
characteristics of a cholera phage.the basic physical, chemical and physiological properties of a group ii cholera phage belonging to mukerjee's classification has been described.197832857
mechanisms of action of cholera and escherichia coli enterotoxins.current information is reviewed on the mechanism of secretion in small intestine, including how it is altered by cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate and on the structures and properties of cholera and both heat-labile and heat-stable escherichia coli enterotoxins. two separate active ion transport processes are altered by cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate: 1) coupled absorption of nacl is inhibited in villus cells and 2) active anion secretion is stimulated, probably in crypt cells. cholera ...197932766
survival of el tor cholera vibrio in local water sources and beverages in tanzania. 197942524
red cell aging. ii. anomalous electrophoretic properties of neuraminidase treated human erythrocytes.desialylation of human red blood cells (rbc) by vibrio cholerae neuraminidase (vcn) was found to produce cells with electrophoretic properties which were inconsistent with the view of simple loss of n-acetylneuraminic acid (nana) as the sole effect of vcn treatment. modification of human rbc with 50--350 u vcn/10(10) rbc for one hour at 37 degrees c releases 90-100% of the nana and produces a progressive decrease towards zero in their electrophoretic mobilities when measured in 0.15 m nacl (ph 7 ...197829906
[bacteriological studies of the intestinal content of aquatic birds, fishes, and frogs with special reference to the presence of non-cholera vibrios (ncv) (author's transl)].in a screening study of surface waters, the authors were successful in culturing ncv in 2/3 of cases. since these organisms are incapable of multiplication in open waters and yet were present in water samples in considerable amounts, it was postulated that they persisted in certain forms of aquatic life. to elucidate this question, the intestinal contents and in some cases, the bile of a total of 110 animals belonging to 17 different bird, fish, and frog species from different habitata were exam ...197944627
stability in newcastle disease virus-infected cells of hn protein which lost its functional activity under conditions of protein synthesis inhibition by cycloheximide.chick embryo cell cultures were infected with newcastle disease virus (strains italia, beaudette and b1), labelled with 14c-amino acids from 5 to 6 hr post infection (p.i.), incubated in chase conditions from 6 to 10 hr p.i. in the presence or absence of cycloheximide (100 microgram/ml) and analyzed by slab polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. in chase experiments the hn protein was stable in all three strains. the haemagglutinating activity of cell homogenates was greatly red ...197944662
letter: halophilic non-cholera vibrio infections. 197546095
bovine veneral vibriosis: antigenic variation of the bacterium during parasite relationships in the female genital tract were studied in bovine venereal vibriosis by investigating agglutinin production and alterations in superficial antigens of the bacterium during the course of infection in two heifers. cervicovaginal mucus (cvm) steamed cell agglutinins were shown to appear earlier and remain at consistently higher levels than whole-cell agglutinins. whole-cell agglutinin titers fluctuated much more than steamed cell titers, suggesting possible changes in w ...197546214
[determination of the oxidase activity of bacteria of the genus vibrio by use of methol reagent]. 197546314
superficial antigens of campylobacter (vibrio) fetus: characterization of antiphagocytic component.a glycoprotein responsible for the antiphagocytic properties of campylobacter fetus has been identified by comparing cells of a wild-type strain with those of a mutant lacking this substance. the antiphagocytic component is demonstrable through electron microscopy as a discrete, negatively charged structure on the periphery of the cell. clt is readily removed from the cell by mild extraction procedures and contributes to the inagglutinability in o antiserum normally displayed by c. fetus. cells ...197546843
immunofluorescent studies on antibodies directed to a buried membrane structure present in lymphocytes and erythrocytes.brief digestion of human peripheral blood lymphocytes by vibrio cholera neuraminidase (vcn) revealed hidden components of the membrane. autologous human serums contained antibodies directed to these components that were readily demonstrated by immunofluorescence. antibodies of similar specificity were found in all normal serums. the antibodies were principally of the igm variety with lesser amounts of the igg class present. they were equally active at 4 degrees c and 37 degrees c. the vcn reveal ...197546880
continuous monitoring of reactions that produce nadh and nadph using immobilized luciferase and oxidoreductases from beneckea harveyi. 197829512
augmented uptake of neuraminidase-treated sheep red blood cells: participation of opsonic factors.neuraminidase from vibrio cholerae (vcn) was used to treat sheep red blood cells (srbc) which were then incubated in vitro with murine peritoneal macrophages. the uptake of vcn-treated srbc by macrophages was greater than the uptake of srbc not treated with vcn. srbc opsonized with normal mouse serum (nms) were taken up to a greater extent than untreated srbc. srbc treated with vcn and opsonized with nms were phagocytosed to a greater extent than untreated srbc, vcn-treated srbc, or opsonized sr ...197548553
[method of preparation of erythrocytic diagnostic agents for detection of antitoxic and antibacterial antibodies in el tor cholera]. 197548596
the binding of cationized ferritin at the surfaces of ehrlich ascites tumor cells: the effect of ph and glutaraldehyde fixation.the densities of cationized ferritin (cf) particles binding to the surfaces of cultured ehrlich ascites tumor cells were determined at ph 7.4, where the ferritin stain was applied either prior to or following glutaraldehyde fixation. the densities were also determined with cf adjusted to ph 1.9 and applied after fixation. for all fixed samples there was a higher density of particles bound to microvilli than to the spaces between them. treatment with neuraminidase removed more particles from mic ...197549356
sucrose in oral therapy for cholera and related diarrhoeas.sucrose was tested as a possible alternative to glucose in oral diarrhoea therapy. eighteen patients were given oral sucrose plus electrolytes as a maintenance solution. fifteen of these patients could be maintained using this solution, but three developed massive increases in net fluid losses with increases in plasma specific gravity, necessitating termination of oral therapy. twelve patients tested all had significant concentrations of stool reducing sugar. the data contrast with the rarity of ...197549561
letter: fish and shellfish hygiene. 197549580
a comparison of "influenza c" with prototype myxoviruses: receptor-destroycing activity (neuraminidase) and structural polypeptides. 197549979
capacity for postradiation recovery in bacteria of the genus vibrio when gamma-irradiated cells are incubated in phosphate buffer (ph 8.6) and inoculated on different nutrient media. 197824863
[medium for determining the decarboxylase activity of vibnions]. 197552753
enterotoxigenic escherichia coli and idiopathic diarrhoea in bangladesh.faecal escherichia coli from bangalee patients with idiopathic diarrhoea were tested in the chinese hamster ovary cell (c.h.o.) assay to detect production of thermolabile enterotoxin (l.t.). c.h.o-positive e. coli produce both l.t. and a thermostable toxin (s.t.). c.h.o.-positive strains were found in 19.2% of all cases and in 70% of the most severely ill patients with non-vibrio cholera. e. coli which produce s.t. alone were identified in a third of the c.h.o.-negative cases. enterotoxigenic e. ...197553601
lack of effect of cholera enterotoxin on electrical resistance of lipid bilayer membranes. 197554067
studies on aronson's media with special reference to its utility in laboratory diagnosis of vibrio cholera. 197724589
[comparative data for the determination of the quality of the nutrient media for the diagnosis of cholera by means of cultures of vibrio cholerae of various ages]. 197554498
letter: cholera syndrome in west bengal. 197655642
vibrio cholerae flagellar antigens: a serodiagnostic test, functional implications of h-reactivity and taxonomic importance of cross-reactions within the vibrio genus.serodiagnostic tests for all serotypes of vibrio cholerae using h-antisera were investigated. activity motile cell lines of 155 stock and international reference cultures of human, animal, fish, and halophilic vibrios, aeromonas, comomonas, pseudomonas, salmonella, and escherichia were investigated. without exception, all cholera vibrios (including the nag serotypes) reacted with h sera. positive reactions were obtained specifically (a) within 2 hrs at 52 degrees c in the tube test using thick f ...197555952
[method of serological typing of vibrios]. 197557270
[detection of specific o-antigen in atypical cultures of vibrio cholerae with the aid of immunochemical methods of study]. 197557271
[improvement of the method of the h-agglutination reaction with vibrios on glass]. 197557276
induction of tryptophanase in nitrofurantoin resistant vibrio el tor. 197659523
amino acid metabolism and protein synthesis in streptomycin resistant vibrio el tor.metabolic activities in relation to protein synthesis and amino acid utilization are altered in vibrio el tor after development of resistance towards streptomycin. efficiency of in vivo and in vitro protein synthesis is markedly reduced in streptomycin resistant vibrio el tor. the rate of incorporation of 14c-amino acids into protein, uptake of 14c-valine and oxidation of certain amino acids are also altered.197659524
small fragments from the a subunit of cholera toxin capable of activating adenylate cyclase.exposure of cholera toxin to membrane particles prepared from sarcoma 180 cells gives rise to a variety of fragments which are capable of activating adenylate cyclase [atp:pyrophosphate-lyase (cyclizing), ec]. a major component of these fragments has an apparent molecular weight in the 8,000-10,000 range. the smallest stimulatory fragment has a molecular weight of approximately 1400. the small size of the fragments is confirmed by sephadex gel filtration, in the presence of either sodium ...197660760
[production and use of a cholera antigenic erythrocyte diagnostic agent]. 197660852
modification of the immunologic properties of the cell cf1 mouse-transplantable spontaneous mammary adenocarcinoma cells were modified with glutaraldehyde, formalin, 2,4,6-trinitrophenylate, vibrio cholerae neurominidase, iodoacetate, heparin, histamine and adenosine 3'5'-monophosphate (camp), then used to immunize syngeneic cf1 mice. animals immunized with the fixed (formalinized or glutaraldehyde fixed) neuraminidase-treated cells or the membrane of these cells, rejected two challenging doses of 10(8) viable unmodified adenocarcinoma cells. ...197824583
reverse plaque formation by hog cholera virus of the gpe-strain inducing heterologous interference.a simple and rapid plaque procedure was developed for the assay of hog cholera virus (hcv) of a particular strain, gpe-, based on its intrinsic interference with vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv) on the primary swine testicle cells and on an established swine kidney cell line; the procedure is called the reverse plaque formation (rpf) method. the plaques were produced as colonies of hcv-infected cells which were vsv-sensitive, disintegrated cell sheet. these plaques became visible after 15 to 20 ...197661176
[rapid method of determination of sensitivity of vibrio cholerae to antibiotics]. 197661330
[use of mixture of andrede and bromthymol blue indicators in microbial cultivation]. 197661331
is cholera primarily water-borne. 197662178
cholera, copepods, and chitinase. 197662179
[antigenic and serologic properties of yersinia enterocolitica]. 197662475
evaluation of the effectiveness of receptor destroying enzyme preparations.a procedure has been developed for testing receptor destroying enzyme (rde) preparations used to remove nonspecific inhibitors before carrying out haemagglutination inhibition tests with influenza virus. four criteria should be taken into account: (1) titre of rde, usually used to indicate the activity of the preparation; (2) neuraminidase activity of the preparation, determined biochemically, which partially corresponds to the rde titre; (3) direct demonstration of the complete removal of nonsp ...197723666
cholera is primarily waterborne in bangladesh. 197663781
complement-induced histamine release from human basophils. iii. effect of pharmacologic agents.human serum activated with zymosan generates a factor (c5a) that releases histamine from autologous basophils. previously we have presented evidence that this mechanism for c5a-induced release differs from ige-mediated reactions. the effect of several pharmacologic agents known to alter ige-mediated release was studied to determine whether they have a similar action on serum-induced release. deuterium oxide (d2o), which enhances allergic release, inhibited in a concentration-dependent fashion th ...197765434
[methodical recommmendations for conduction of the hemagglutination test with erythrocytic cholera enterotoxic diagnostic agent (eceda)]. 197666381
neutralization of salmonella toxin-induced elongation of chinese hamster ovary cells by cholera antitoxin.a partially purified preparation of the delayed skin permeability factor from salmonella typhimurium caused chinese hamster ovary cells to elongate. the elongation effect and the skin test activity were blocked by monospecific rabbit antisera against cholera toxin and against the b fragment of cholera toxin,197767084
pyruvate kinase from the moderate halophile, vibrio costicola. 197719142
specific inhibition of viral neuraminidases by an inhibitor, neuraminin, produced by streptomyces sp. 197767704
suitability of some enrichment broths and diluents for enumerating cold- and heat-stressed vibrio parahaemolyticus.vibrio parahaemolyticus cells were injured by chilling and heating, and their recovery was tested in glucose-salt-teepol broth (gstb), tryptic soy broth containing 7% nacl (tsbs), horie - arabinose - ethyl violet broth (haeb), and water blue - alizarin yellow broth (wbay). exponential phase cells were more sensitive to cold shock than were stationary phase cells. exposure of chill-injured v. parahaemolyticus to gstb and tsbs resulted in 70 to 80% death; about 70% lethality was noted for heat-in ...197717461
experimental cancer immunotherapy: modification of tumor cells to increase immunogenicity.firmly established transplantable c3h/hej mammary carcinomas can be inhibited by host challenge with vibrio cholerae neuraminidase (vcn)-treated tumor cells. the effect is totally immunospecific, even vcn-treated tumors bearing shared mammary tumor virus (mtv) antigen cannot induce the regression. thus, vcn is capable of increasing the immunogenicity of the private, unique-unshared tumor antigens on mammary carcinomas; vcn is incapable of increasing the immunogenicity of the shared mtv-associate ...197668699
adenylate cyclase permanently uncoupled from hormone receptors in a novel variant of s49 mouse lymphoma cells.a novel variant of the s49 mouse lymphoma has been selected from wild-type cells by growth in medium containing the beta-adrenergic agonist terbutaline and inhibitors of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase. in contrast to the situation in the wild-type clone, synthesis of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) is not stimulated by beta-adrenergic agonists or by prostaglandin e1 either in intact variant cells or in membrane preparations of such clones. however, basal and naf-stimulated activi ...197717119
antigenicity of lateral flagella of vibrio parahaemolyticus: existence of two distinct antigenic determinants in a flagellum.cells of vibrio parahaemolyticus treated with formalin agglutinated with anti-lateral flagella antiserum. on the basis of agglutination tests, antigens of lateral flagella were divided into three groups. hl1, hl2, and hl3. however, in gel diffusion tests, flagellins prepared from strains belonging to different groups showed a common antigenicity. it is assumed that these results are due to the existence of two distinct antigenic determinants in the lateral flagella. one of them exists on the sur ...197769612
antigenic similarity of heat-labile enterotoxins from diverse strains of escherichia coli.with use of the rabbit intestinal loop model, heat-labile enterotoxins from 21 escherichia coli strains isolated from a wide spectrum of patients with diarrheal diseases were all neutralized to high titer by two antisera prepared against enterotoxins of either e. coli or vibrio cholerae. these findings suggest marked immunological similarity among heat-labile enterotoxins from a heterogenous group of e. coli.197769630
[possible errors in bacteriological diagnosis of cholera]. 197769759
[studies on the morphology of blood of the european eel (anguilla agnuilla). iii. studies on monocytic and lymphoid cells].investigations concerning the monocytic and lymphocytic cell series were carried out on the peripheral blood and dabbings of the kidney, the spleen and intestines of healthy eels (anguilla anguilla), and eels taken ill with vibrio anguillarum. by means of histological, cytochemical, phaseoptical, and electronmicroscopical examinations independent development lines of the monocytes and lymphocytes were established. the place of origination for the monocytes was found to be the kidney, for the lym ...197772711
[rapid determination of the oxidase activity in the microbes of the genus vibrio]. 197772867
[dry media on yeast hydrolysates for growing vibrio cholerae]. 197772881
antibiotic-induced colitis implication of a toxin neutralised by clostridium sordellii antitoxin.a toxin(s) has been demonstrated in the stools of two patients with antibiotic-associated colitis. this toxin(s) was heat-labile, was rapidly lethal for hamsters, increased vascular permeability in rabbit skin, and was cytotoxic for cells in tissue-culture. it was neutralised by clostridium sordellii antitoxin but not by antitoxins prepared against other clostridia; escherichia coli, and vibrio cholerae toxins. these characteristics were identical to those of a toxin implicated in the aetiology ...197773011
possible presence of a genus-specific antigen in vibrios. 197773372
determination of beta-galactosidase activity of enterobacteriaceae with the aid of paper discs]. 197773622
secretory iga against enterotoxins in breast-milk.a pool of colostrum from guatemalan mothers (guatemalan colostrum)) obtained 2-4 days post partum inhibited the induced fluid accumulation in rabbit ileal loops when incubated with vibrio cholerae or escherichia coli enterotoxin. there was a linear relationship between the quantity of colostrum used and the protection achieved. pools of guatemalan breast-milk obtained 15-30 days post partum and north american breast-milk had the same effect when tested with e. coli and v. cholerae enterotoxins, ...197673692
[significance of the morphology of colonies of cholera and nag-vibrios for the laboratory diagnosis of cholera]. 197774446
the thomsen agglutination phenomenon: a discovery revisited 50 years later. 197874917
purification and characterization of l-asparaginase with anti-lymphoma activity from vibrio succinogenes.homogeneols l-asparaginase with anti-lymphoma activity was prepared from vibrio succinogenes, an anaerobic bacterium from the bovine rumen. an overall yield of pure l-asparaginase of 40 to 45% and a specific activity of 200 +/- 2 iu per mg of protein was obtained. the pure enzyme can be stored at -20 degrees for at least 3 months with no loss of activity. the isoelectric point of the l-asparaginase is 8.74. no carbohydrate, phosphorus, tryptophan, disulfide, or sulfhydryl groups were detected. t ...197611211
[device for re-seeding in the tests for vibrioflora]. 197775321
[use of the method of macrophage migration inhibition for titration of toxic activity in microbial fractions]. 197775324
antigenic relationship between the common antigen (oep) of pseudomonas aeruginosa and vibrio cholerae.antibodies were found by the oep-passive hemagglutination test to cross-react with the common antigen (oep) of pseudomonas aeruginosa in sera of rabbits immunized with two serotype (inaba and ogawa) strains of vibrio cholerae. the titer in the oep-passive hemagglutination reaction rose later than did the agglutinin titer and reached a peak of 640 to 1,280. the titers of oep antibody formation in rabbits immunized with v. cholerae were almost the same as that of p. aeruginosa. the common antigen ...197875846
[use of dry nutrient media for identification of the vibrio]. 197875999
a rapid assay for neuraminidase. the detection of two differences in activity associated with virus transformation.neuraminidase (acylneuraminyl hydrolase, ec activity in fibroblast homogenates was measured by a rapid and simple assay with a synthetic substrate. the activity of neuraminidase in virus transformed hamster fibroblasts was increased over the normal counterpart. in addition, the differential activity seen using the synthetic substrate and fetuin made it possible to detect an enzyme activity hitherto not described. the advantages of this assay for metabolic screening are discussed.197877684
synthetic disaccharide-protein antigen for production of specific o2 antiserum for immunofluorescence diagnosis of salmonella.antisera from rabbits immunized with the synthetic disaccharide paratose 1 leads to alpha 3 mannose, representive of salmonella o-antigen 2, covalently linked to bovine serum albumin (bsa), were used in indirect immunofluorescence studies for the identification of salmonella serogroup a (o-antigen 1,2,12) bacteria. among 1311 enteric bacteria tested, 497 were salmonella. the anti-paratose 1 leads to alpha 3 mannose-bsa serum identified correctly all the 63 serogroup a strains tested. no positive ...197878659
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