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specificity and t-lymphocyte dependence of the humoral immune response in the rat to purified ovine and porcine mucins. 197992759
cellular changes in the toad urinary bladder in response to metabolic acidosis.the urinary bladder of bufo marinus excretes h+ and nh+4, and the h+ excretion is increased when the animal is placed in metabolic acidosis. the mitochondria-rich (mr) cells mediate the h+ excretion by the bladder. the purpose of this study was to determine if there is a change in mr cells of the bladder during metabolic acidosis. bladders from normal toads and from toads that had been placed in metabolic acidosis were used. the bladders were mounted between plastic chambers and h+ excretion mea ...199996269
[salmonellosis carrier state]. 19751214656
aeromonas allosaccharophila sp. nov., a new mesophilic member of the genus aeromonas.phenotypic and genetic studies were performed on some atypical aeromonas strains of uncertain taxonomic position. 16s rrna gene sequence analysis revealed that these strains represent a hitherto unknown genetic line within the genus aeromonas, for which the name aeromonas allosaccharophila sp. nov. is proposed. the type strain is cect 4199.19921378035
[the effect of progesterone, testosterone and estradiol on steroid hormone release by the ovarian follicles of cows in vitro]. 19892806660
inactivation of biofilm bacteria.the current project was developed to examine inactivation of biofilm bacteria and to characterize the interaction of biocides with pipe surfaces. unattached bacteria were quite susceptible to the variety of disinfectants tested. viable bacterial counts were reduced 99% by exposure to 0.08 mg of hypochlorous acid (ph 7.0) per liter (1 to 2 degrees c) for 1 min. for monochloramine, 94 mg/liter was required to kill 99% of the bacteria within 1 min. these results were consistent with those found by ...20102849380
fulminant leukemic polyradiculoneuropathy in a case of b-cell prolymphocytic leukemia. a clinicopathologic report.a 52 year old man with a 10-month history of b-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (pll) died of an apparent acute fulminant polyradiculoneuropathy, a condition generally attributed to paraneoplastic complication. the pathologic examination disclosed diffuse leukemic infiltrations of the peripheral nervous system. it is suggested that this particularly aggressive form of b-cell chronic prolymphocytic leukemia presented a constellation of features that promoted the invasion of the peripheral nervous sys ...19873040217
ventricular arrhythmias in normal individuals and athletes. 20113042408
aaee minimonograph #32: the electrophysiologic examination in patients with radiculopathies.a brief history of the evolution of radiculopathy as a clinical entity, and the use of electrodiagnostic studies to diagnose it, are provided. root anatomy and the concept of myotomes and dermatomes are reviewed, as is the pathophysiology of radiculopathy. the value and limitations of the various electrophysiologic procedures used in the diagnosis of radiculopathies are discussed, including motor and sensory nerve conduction studies, late responses, somatosensory evoked potentials, nerve root st ...20103067085
cerebral perfusion pressure: a hemodynamic mechanism of mannitol and the postmannitol hemogram.sixteen patients each received infusions of 1 g of mannitol per kg over 5 to 10 minutes, and serial determinations of intracranial pressure (icp), systemic arterial blood pressure (sabp), central venous pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure (cpp), hematocrit, hemoglobin, serum na+, k+, osmolarity, and fluid balance were carried out for 4 hours. urine output was replaced volume for volume with 5% dextrose in 0.45% nacl solution. we tested the hypothesis that patients with high (greater than or eq ...20103116451
biometeorological triggers in childhood asthma.the relationship between child asthma admissions and biometeorological factors was investigated over a 16-month period. no relationship was found with many commonly suspected precipitants such as temperature, humidity and wind. there was however a strong association with rainfall (p much less than 0.001). associations occurred with low barometric pressure and counts of coloured basidiospores and green algae, but no significant relationship was found with grass pollen.20123416418
a word about words. 20123459834
malignant melanoma. 20103768643
role of surgical treatment in pancreatic carcinoma.from 1964 through 1984, we treated 810 patients for carcinoma of the pancreas. in 129 patients pde was possible (16%). up to 1977, we had performed whipple's procedures, while from 1978 through 1982 total pancreatectomy was our principal procedure. since 1983, partial pde again has been the procedure of choice for the potentially curative treatment of pancreatic cancer. comparing the results of both methods (60 partial/64 total), we did not find any advantages of total pancreatectomy. operative ...20123815874
immunochemical studies of serum, urine and calculus proteins in serum protein levels in 70 patients with urolithiasis were not significantly different from those in 20 control subjects, although certain variations were detected in individual protein patterns. in contrast, total urinary protein was significantly higher in patients with urolithiasis. 4-6 different components, i.e., albumin, alpha 1-acidic glycoprotein, alpha 1-antitrypsin, gc-globulin, fibrinogen and immunoglobulin g, were found in the matrices of calculi and in urine, suggesting that pr ...20143995870
plasma testosterone in idiopathic hirsutism, and the changes produced by adrenal and ovarian stimulation and suppression. 20144293667
plasma testosterone in idiopathic hirsutism, and the changes produced by adrenal and ovarian stimulation and suppression. 20144293667
distribution of house dust mites in the environs of a tennessee river valley. 20164732617
dna relatedness among aeromonas allosaccharophila strains and dna hybridization groups of the genus aeromonas.the genomic relatedness among three aeromonas allosaccharophila strains, including the type strain, and other aeromonas type and reference strains that were assigned to dna hybridization groups was estimated by dna-dna hybridization (competition procedure using a membrane method). all a. allosaccharophila strains were highly related (70 to 100%) to strains 289t (= cect 4199t) and atcc 35942. type strains of other validated aeromonas species, reference strains of dna groups 8 and 11, and the aero ...19957727276
high-resolution genotypic analysis of the genus aeromonas by aflp fingerprinting.we investigated the ability of a recently developed genomic fingerprinting technique, named aflp, to differentiate the 14 currently defined dna hybridization groups (hgs) in the genus aeromonas. we also determined the taxonomic positions of the phenospecies aeromonas allosaccharophila, aeromonas encheleia, aeromonas enteropelogenes, and aeromonas ichthiosmia, which have not been assigned to hgs yet. a total of 98 aeromonas type and reference strains were included in this study. for the aflp anal ...19968934910
new dna-dna hybridization and phenotypic data on the species aeromonas ichthiosmia and aeromonas allosaccharophila: a. ichthiosmia schubert et al. 1990 is a later synonym of a. veronii hickman-brenner et al. 1987.previously, a dna fingerprinting study based on amplified fragment length polymorphism (aflp) analysis has revealed a possible genotypic resemblance of the species aeromonas ichthiosmia and aeromonas allosaccharophila to aeromonas veronii (huys et al., int. j. syst. bacteriol. 46, 572-580 [19961). currently, two genotypically indistinguishable biovars are known to exist in the latter species, namely a. veronii biovar sobria and a. veronii biovar veronii. in the current study, new dna-dna hybridi ...200111518320
phylogenetic analysis of the genus aeromonas based on two housekeeping genes.the phylogenetic relationships of all known species of the genus aeromonas, and especially aeromonas bestiarum and aeromonas salmonicida, were investigated on 70 strains using the rpod sequence, which encodes the sigma70 factor. this analysis was complemented with the sequence of gyrb, which has already proven useful for determining the phylogenetic relationships in the genus. nucleotide sequences of rpod and gyrb showed that both genes had similar substitution rates (< 2 %) and a similar number ...200415388703
phylogenetic identification of aeromonas strains isolated from carcasses of pig as new members of the species aeromonas allosaccharophila.the first description of the species aeromonas allosaccharophila was only based on two strains (the type strain cect4199, and a duplicate cect4200) isolated from diseased elvers (anguilla anguilla) of an eel-farm located in valencia, spain, and one stool isolate (atcc35942) from a female with diarrhoea and food poisoning in south carolina, u.s.a. in the present study, 17 aeromonas isolates obtained from carcasses of pigs and from the equipment for the cleaning process, and one strain recently is ...200717080292
use of the novel phylogenetic marker dnaj and dna-dna hybridization to clarify interrelationships within the genus aeromonas.the interrelationships of 27 aeromonas strains were investigated using dnaj sequences and dna-dna hybridization. dnaj sequence similarities showed a stronger relationship with dna-dna relatedness values than did 16s rrna gene sequence similarities. additionally, dnaj sequence analysis, with interspecies divergence over 5.2 % in most cases, gave better resolution than 16s rrna gene sequences for the differentiation of strains at the species level. relationships among aeromonas species were theref ...200717551035
plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance in aeromonas allosaccharophila recovered from a swiss search for plasmid-mediated qnr genes among waterborne environmental aeromonas spp. recovered from switzerland.200818772162
aeromonas fluvialis sp. nov., isolated from a spanish river.a gram-stain-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacterial strain, designated 717(t), was isolated from a water sample collected from the muga river, girona, north-east spain. preliminary analysis of the 16s rrna gene sequence showed that this strain belonged to the genus aeromonas, the nearest species being aeromonas veronii (99.5 % similarity, with seven different nucleotides). a polyphasic study based on a multilocus phylogenetic analysis of five housekeeping genes (gyrb, rpod, reca, dnaj and g ...201019648345
per-6, an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase from aeromonas aeromonas allosaccharophila environmental isolate recovered from the seine river (paris, france) produced a novel extended-spectrum beta-lactamase, per-6, that shared 92% amino acid identity with the closest ss-lactamase, per-2. the kinetic properties of per-6 showed a slightly increased affinity for carbapenems. the bla(per-6) gene was chromosomally located and bracketed by non-transposon-related structures.201020145085
complex evolutionary history of the aeromonas veronii group revealed by host interaction and dna sequence data.aeromonas veronii biovar sobria, aeromonas veronii biovar veronii, and aeromonas allosaccharophila are a closely related group of organisms, the aeromonas veronii group, that inhabit a wide range of host animals as a symbiont or pathogen. in this study, the ability of various strains to colonize the medicinal leech as a model for beneficial symbiosis and to kill wax worm larvae as a model for virulence was determined. isolates cultured from the leech out-competed other strains in the leech model ...201121359176
isolation and characterization of acyl homoserine lactone-producing bacteria during an urban river biofilm formation.the presence and diversity of acyl homoserine lactone (ahl)-producers in an urban river biofilm were investigated during 60-day biofilm formation. ahl biosensors detected the presence of ahl-producers in 1-60-day river biofilms. screening for ahl-producers resulted in 17 aeromonas spp., 3 pseudomonas spp., 3 ensifer spp., and 1 acinetobacter sp. among these isolates, six of them were closely related to acinetobacter tjernbergiae, aeromonas allosaccharophila, aeromonas aquariorum, aeromonas janda ...201223090571
aeromonas australiensis sp. nov., isolated from irrigation water.a gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacillus, designated strain 266(t), was isolated from an irrigation water system in the south-west of western australia. analysis of the 16s rrna gene sequence confirmed that strain 266(t) belonged to the genus aeromonas, with the nearest species being aeromonas fluvialis (99.6% similarity to the type strain, with 6 nucleotide differences) followed by aeromonas veronii and aeromonas allosaccharophila (both 99.5%). analysis of gyrb and rpod sequences sugge ...201323159749
psychrophile spoilers dominate the bacterial microbiome in musculature samples of slaughter pigs.the aim of this study was to disentangle the microbial diversity on porcine musculature. the hypervariable v1-v2 region of the 16s rrna gene was amplified from dna samples of clinically healthy slaughter pigs (n=8). pyrosequencing yielded 37,000 quality-controlled reads and a diverse microbiome with 54-159 otus per sample was detected. interestingly, 6 out of 8 samples were strongly dominated by 1-2 highly abundant otus (best hits of highly abundant otus: serratia proteamaculans, pseudomonas syr ...201626943946
unravelling the interactions among microbial populations found in activated sludge during biofilm formation.microorganisms colonize surfaces and develop biofilms through interactions that are not yet thoroughly understood, with important implications for water and wastewater systems. this study investigated the interactions between n-acyl homoserine lactone (ahl)-producing bacteria, yeasts and protists, and their contribution to biofilm development. sixty-one bacterial strains were isolated from activated sludge and screened for ahl production, with aeromonas sp. found to be the dominant ahl producer. ...201627306553
evaluation of different conditions and culture media for the recovery of aeromonas spp. from water and shellfish perform a comparative study for determining the optimum culture method (direct plating or enrichment) and medium (ampicillin dextrin agar (ada), starch ampicillin agar (saa), bile salts irgasan brilliant green modified (bibg-m)) for recovering aeromonas species from water and shellfish samples.201627333573
characterization of virulence, cell surface characteristics and biofilm-forming ability of aeromonas spp. isolates from fish and sea water.members of the genus aeromonas are emerging human pathogens, causing a variety of extra-intestinal, systemic and gastrointestinal infections in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised persons. aeromonas virulence is multifaceted and involves surface-associated molecules, motility, biologically active extracellular products and biofilm formation. aeromonads, isolated from diverse freshwater fish species as well as sea water, were screened for biofilm formation, with varying physicochemical par ...201727425219
characterisation of class 3 integrons with oxacillinase gene cassettes in hospital sewage and sludge samples from france and this study, antibiotic resistance class 3 integrons in gram-negative bacteria isolated from hospital sewage and sludge and their genetic contents were characterised. two samples of hospital effluent from france and luxembourg and one sample of sludge from a wastewater treatment plant in france were collected in 2010 and 2011. bacteria were cultured on selective agar plates and integrons were detected in colonies by quantitative pcr. integron gene cassette arrays and their genetic environments ...201627499434
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