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aeromonas-acanthamoeba interaction and early shift to a viable but nonculturable state of aeromonas by investigate the hypothesis that amoeba may comprise a significant environmental reservoir for aeromonas, acanthamoeba-aeromonas interaction experiments were performed.200818194253
[severe pneumonia caused by aeromonas veronii biovar sobria: a case report and review of the literature].to describe the clinical features of severe pneumonitis with aeromonas veronii biovar sobria.200819080598
interaction of aeromonas spp. human isolates with murine macrophages.this study aimed to evaluate phagocytic and bactericidal activity of macrophages originated from murine j774 macrophage cell line against 26 strains of aeromonas caviae, aeromonas veronii biotype sobria and aeromonas hydrophila isolated from human fecal specimens. the analysis of phagocytic index (pi) indicated these strains were phagocytosed in low numbers, below 1.1 x l0(-3) for 65% strains of a. veronii biotype sobria and a. hydrophila. the highest pi value (0.019) was noted in murine macroph ...200819123303
[the use of imaging procedures following kidney transplantation--diagnostic strategy].despite the continuously increasing number of successfully transplanted kidneys, graft and patient are still "threatened" by several postoperative complications as acute and chronic rejection, acute tubular necrosis, urologic and vascular complications and disorders caused by immunosuppressive medication. an early and safe detection of these conditions is of high clinical importance and a challenge to diagnostic imaging. all radiologic methods and nuclear medicine have their value for transplant ...20082678232
[the use of imaging procedures following kidney transplantation--diagnostic strategy].despite the continuously increasing number of successfully transplanted kidneys, graft and patient are still "threatened" by several postoperative complications as acute and chronic rejection, acute tubular necrosis, urologic and vascular complications and disorders caused by immunosuppressive medication. an early and safe detection of these conditions is of high clinical importance and a challenge to diagnostic imaging. all radiologic methods and nuclear medicine have their value for transplant ...20082678232
on the kinetic depth effect.the problem of the kinetic depth effect is revisited. we study how many points in how many views are necessary and sufficient to recover structure. the constraints in the cases where the velocities of the image points are known, and the positions of the image points are known with the correspondence between them established, are different and they have to be studied separately. in the case of two projections of any number of points there are infinitely many solutions, but if we regularize the pr ...20082719982
emerging trends in child abuse and neglect. 20092671888
lead toxicity and iron deficiency in utah migrant children.we determined the frequency of presumptive iron deficiency and lead toxicity in 198 utah migrant children, ages 9-72 months, during the summer of 1985. there were no confirmed cases of lead toxicity. thirteen per cent of those tested and 30 per cent of the children ages 9-23 months were iron deficient. hematocrit determinations accurately predicted iron deficiency in only 35 per cent of the children confirmed to have this disorder via erythrocyte protoporphyrin screening.20092650572
lead toxicity and iron deficiency in utah migrant children.we determined the frequency of presumptive iron deficiency and lead toxicity in 198 utah migrant children, ages 9-72 months, during the summer of 1985. there were no confirmed cases of lead toxicity. thirteen per cent of those tested and 30 per cent of the children ages 9-23 months were iron deficient. hematocrit determinations accurately predicted iron deficiency in only 35 per cent of the children confirmed to have this disorder via erythrocyte protoporphyrin screening.20092650572
development of imipenem resistance in an aeromonas veronii biovar sobria clinical isolate recovered from a patient with cholangitis.several imipenem-susceptible and -resistant aeromonas veronii biovar sobria isolates with different morphologies and antimicrobial susceptibilities recovered from bile samples of a patient with cholangitis were analysed. these isolates belonged to the same clone and the imipenem-resistant strains showed overexpression of the imis gene, encoding a chromosomal carbapenemase. these results should make clinicians aware of the possible emergence of multidrug-resistant a. veronii biovar sobria, perhap ...200919273640
cloning and expression of an outer membrane protein ompw of aeromonas hydrophila and study of its distribution in aeromonas spp.the main aims of this study were to clone and express an outer membrane protein (omp), ompw, of aeromonas hydrophila and to study its distribution in aeromonas spp.200919426281
new structural variants of homoserine lactones in bacteria.n-acylhomoserine lactones (ahls) are used by a wide variety of bacteria for cell-cell communication in "quorum-sensing". these compounds are derived from l-homoserine lactone and a fatty acid, which varies in chain-length, degree of saturation, and the presence or absence of an oxygen atom at c-3. in this study we describe for the first time the occurrence of acyl chains carrying a methyl branch, and present a gc-ms-based method that can be used to distinguish these compounds from unbranched iso ...200919533714
prevalence of genes encoding the type three secretion system and the effectors aext and aexu in the aeromonas veronii group.the prevalence of important virulence factors, the type iii secretion system (t3ss) and two t3ss-dependent toxins, aext and aexu, was evaluated in the aeromonas veronii group (avg). members of the avg have a broad host range, including vertebrates and invertebrates, and form a variety of associations, spanning from pathogenic to mutualistic. our avg strain collection consists of human, duck, eel, and leech isolates. these isolates were examined for the presence of the t3ss, aext, and aexu throug ...200919534604
[isolation and identification of pathogenic aeromonas veronii isolated from infected siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii)].our study aimed at searching for the pathogenic factor causing siberian sturgeon (acipenser baerii) disease.200920069873
aeromonas spp. human isolates induce apoptosis of murine macrophages.interactions of aeromonas caviae, aeromonas veronii biotype sobria, and aeromonas hydrophila strains isolated from fecal specimens of humans with gastroenteritis on murine macrophages, j774 cells, were investigated. analyses of cellular morphology and dna fragmentation in phagocytes infected with these strains exhibited typical characteristic features of cells undergoing apoptosis. we observed the morphological changes, including condensation of nuclear chromatin, formation of apoptotic bodies a ...200919005723
cosleeping and sleep problems in hispanic-american urban young assess whether the traditional pediatric prohibition against cosleeping in the parental bed requires reconsideration for urban ethnic minorities, cosleeping and sleep problems were studied in a sample of hispanic-american, east harlem, new york city, children 6 to 48 months of age. the incidence of frequent all-night cosleeping was found to be 21%, significantly higher than the documented rate of 6% found in a representative sample of white middle-american urban children of the same age and s ...20092788867
[mass screening for endometrial cancer according to the law of health for the elderly].due to the gradual increase of endometrial cancer, mass screening for this type of cancer began from 1987 in japan in accordance with the law of health for the elderly. however, a screening system for endometrial cancer has many controversial problems when compared with that for cervix cancer. criteria for screening, methods of screening, management after screening, and executive systems are all controversial points in the performance of mass screening. the actual condition in the detection of e ...20092772434
patient's advocate: children with cancer still deserve a childhood. 20092772527
[value of the simultaneous determination of alpha-amylase and pancreatic lipase for the diagnosis of attacks of acute pancreatitis]. 20103494288
[value of the simultaneous determination of alpha-amylase and pancreatic lipase for the diagnosis of attacks of acute pancreatitis]. 20103494288
malignant melanoma. 20103768643
biochemical characterization of three putative atpases from a new type iv secretion system of aeromonas veronii plasmid pac3249a.type four secretion systems (tfss) are bacterial macromolecular transport systems responsible for transfer of various substrates such as proteins, dna or protein-dna complexes. tfsss encode two or three atpases generating energy for the secretion process. these enzymes exhibit highest sequence conservation among type four secretion components.201020144229
detection and characterization of virulence genes and integrons in aeromonas veronii isolated from catfish.the presence of virulence genes and integrons was determined in 81 strains of aeromonas veronii isolated from farm-raised catfish. polymerase chain reaction (pcr) protocols were used to determine the presence of genes for cytotoxic enterotoxin (act), aerolysin (aera), two cytotonic enterotoxins (ast, alt), lipase (lip), glycerophospholipid:cholesterol acyltransferase (gcat), serine protease (ser), dnases (exu), elastase (ahyb) and the structural gene flagellin (fla) in the template dna. oligonuc ...201020227596
clinical isolates of aeromonas veronii biovar veronii harbor a nonfunctional gene similar to the thermostable direct hemolysin-related hemolysin (trh) gene of vibrio parahaemolyticus.thermostable direct hemolysin-related hemolysin encoded by the trh gene is considered a major virulence factor in the pathogenesis of vibrio parahaemolyticus infections. in this study, we report the presence of a trh homolog in three clinical isolates of aeromonas veronii biovar veronii. the presence of a trh homolog in these strains of a. veronii was confirmed by pcr, followed by cloning, sequencing and colony hybridization using a digoxigenin-labelled probe. dna sequence analysis revealed that ...201020636974
molecular mechanisms of quinolone resistance in clinical isolates of aeromonas caviae and aeromonas veronii bv. sobria.mutations in quinolone targets were studied together with quinolone efflux pump activation and plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants in nalidixic-acid-resistant isolates of aeromonas caviae and aeromonas veronii. among 135 clinical aeromonas spp. isolated from stools of patients with gastrointestinal symptoms, 40 nalidixic acid-resistant strains belonging to a. caviae and a. veronii were selected and their susceptibility to different quinolones (ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, ofloxacin ...201020890847
epithelial cell proliferation in the developing zebrafish intestine is regulated by the wnt pathway and microbial signaling via myd88.rates of cell proliferation in the vertebrate intestinal epithelium are modulated by intrinsic signaling pathways and extrinsic cues. here, we report that epithelial cell proliferation in the developing zebrafish intestine is stimulated both by the presence of the resident microbiota and by activation of wnt signaling. we find that the response to microbial proliferation-promoting signals requires myd88 but not tnf receptor, implicating host innate immune pathways but not inflammation in the est ...201020921418
differential regulation of caspase-1 activation via nlrp3/nlrc4 inflammasomes mediated by aerolysin and type iii secretion system during aeromonas veronii infection.aeromonas spp. are gram-negative bacteria that cause serious infectious disease in humans. such bacteria have been shown to induce apoptosis in infected macrophages, yet the host responses triggered by macrophage death are largely unknown. in this study, we demonstrate that the infection of mouse bone marrow-derived macrophages with aeromonas veronii biotype sobria triggers activation of caspase-1 with the ensuing release of il-1β and pyroptosis. caspase-1 activation in response to a. veronii in ...201021037094
simple and direct detection of aeromonas hydrophila infection in the goldfish, carassius auratus (l.), by dot blotting using specific monoclonal antibodies.a combination of eight isolates of aeromonas hydrophila was used to produce monoclonal antibodies (mabs). ten different groups of mabs specific to aeromonas were selected. the first five groups of mabs demonstrated high specificity and bound to only one or two isolates of a. hydrophila. the sixth and the seventh groups of mabs were a. hydrophila specific. they recognized seven of eight a. hydrophila isolates (ah1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8); however, the mab in the seventh group also showed cross-reactiv ...201021091724
the type ii secretion system is essential for erythrocyte lysis and gut colonization by the leech digestive tract symbiont aeromonas veronii.hemolysin and the type ii secretion system (t2ss) have been shown to be important for virulence in many pathogens, but very few studies have shown their importance in beneficial microbes. here, we investigated the importance of the type ii secretion pathway in the beneficial digestive-tract association of aeromonas veronii and the medicinal leech hirudo verbana and revealed a critical role for the hemolysis of erythrocytes. a mutant with a minitn5 insertion in exem, which is involved in forming ...201021097598
aeromonas fluvialis sp. nov., isolated from a spanish river.a gram-stain-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacterial strain, designated 717(t), was isolated from a water sample collected from the muga river, girona, north-east spain. preliminary analysis of the 16s rrna gene sequence showed that this strain belonged to the genus aeromonas, the nearest species being aeromonas veronii (99.5 % similarity, with seven different nucleotides). a polyphasic study based on a multilocus phylogenetic analysis of five housekeeping genes (gyrb, rpod, reca, dnaj and g ...201019648345
plasmid-mediated qnrs2 determinant in an aeromonas caviae isolate recovered from a patient with diarrhoea.a qnrs2 gene was identified in an aeromonas caviae isolate (mics of ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin and ofloxacin >32 mg/l) from a stool sample collected from a patient with gastroenteritis. the analysis of the gyra and parc genes revealed amino acid substitutions ser83-ile and ser80-thr, respectively. in addition, five out of 41 nalidixic acid-resistant aeromonas isolates studied (26 identified as aeromonas veronii bv sobria and 15 identified as a. caviae) showed ciprofloxacin resistance. the identi ...201019863591
mechanisms of quinolone resistance in aeromonas species isolated from humans, water and eels.mechanisms of resistance were determined in 33 quinolone-resistant isolates of the species aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas caviae, aeromonas media, aeromonas salmonicida, aeromonas popoffii and aeromonas veronii, recovered from humans, freshwater and eels. the quinolone resistance-determining regions (qrdrs) of gyra and parc genes were sequenced in these resistant strains, as well as in 8 quinolone-sensitive aeromonas used as controls. all quinolone-resistant aeromonas carried point mutations in ...201019900538
the antihypertensive effect of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition: a multifaceted mechanism of action. 20103030977
nitrous oxide and day-case laparoscopy: effects on nausea, vomiting and return to normal activity.patients admitted for day-case laparoscopy were assigned randomly to receive nitrous oxide-oxygen or oxygen, with enflurane, during a standard anaesthetic technique. postoperative morbidity, in particular nausea and vomiting, and ability to resume normal activity were assessed over the ensuing 48 h. supplementary administration of propofol during the operative procedure was required significantly more often (p less than 0.05) in the absence of nitrous oxide. there was no significant difference i ...20102967712
cerebral perfusion pressure: a hemodynamic mechanism of mannitol and the postmannitol hemogram.sixteen patients each received infusions of 1 g of mannitol per kg over 5 to 10 minutes, and serial determinations of intracranial pressure (icp), systemic arterial blood pressure (sabp), central venous pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure (cpp), hematocrit, hemoglobin, serum na+, k+, osmolarity, and fluid balance were carried out for 4 hours. urine output was replaced volume for volume with 5% dextrose in 0.45% nacl solution. we tested the hypothesis that patients with high (greater than or eq ...20103116451
economic rights of the institutionalized mentally disabled. 20113319919
perforations of the tympanic membrane following the use of goode-type 'long term' tympanostomy tubes.a retrospective review of 64 goode 't' tube insertions is presented. these were inserted into 61 ears of 48 patients over a period of four years. at the time of review of these 61 ears, 34 tubes were found to be in situ, 27 had extruded spontaneously and three had been removed surgically. ten ears in which the tube had been extruded or removed had central perforations of the tympanic membrane of which eight had been present for more than six months. the number of previous myringotomies or gromme ...20113209952
anatomic basis for the construction of a musculotendinous flap derived from the pectoralis major muscle.the vascularization, innervation and termination of the clavicular portion of the pectoralis major muscle were studied by dissection of 7 adult subjects and 2 fetuses. the vascular and nervous autonomy of the clavicular portion was confirmed. blood-supply was effected by 2 arteries and innervation by an independent nerve. the exact distribution of the fibers composing the pectoralis major and their complex insertion are described. it is concluded that the clavicular portion can be employed as an ...20113145568
effects of insulin on glucose transporters and metabolic patterns in harding-passey melanoma cells.the effect of insulin on glucose metabolism through different pathways and the glucose transporters in harding-passey melanoma cells have been studied. glucose was utilized at a rate of 6.9 +/- 2.3 (sd) mumol x g-1 x h-1 with 86% transformed into lactate and pyruvate and only 0.43 and 3% metabolized through the tricarboxylic acid cycle and the pentose phosphate pathway, respectively. of the total glucose consumed 2% was used in protein synthesis and 2% was used for lipid synthesis. hexokinase is ...20113089579
using computers to take patient histories. 20113147730
detection of aaca-aphd, qaced1, mara, flor, and teta genes from multidrug-resistant bacteria: comparative analysis of real-time multiplex pcr assays using evagreen(®) and sybr(®) green i dyes.we have developed multiplex real-time pcr assays that utilize dna-intercalating dyes, sybr green i (sg) and evagreen (eg), with two primer sets (set 1=qaced1, teta and aaca-aphd; set 2=teta, mara, and flor) to simultaneously amplify the qaced1, teta, aaca-aphd, mara, and flor genes. validity of the multiplex pcr assays was confirmed by testing 83 bacterial isolates, including staphylococcus aureus (28 isolates), enterococcus spp. (17 isolates), salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium (8 isolates ...201121256956
complex evolutionary history of the aeromonas veronii group revealed by host interaction and dna sequence data.aeromonas veronii biovar sobria, aeromonas veronii biovar veronii, and aeromonas allosaccharophila are a closely related group of organisms, the aeromonas veronii group, that inhabit a wide range of host animals as a symbiont or pathogen. in this study, the ability of various strains to colonize the medicinal leech as a model for beneficial symbiosis and to kill wax worm larvae as a model for virulence was determined. isolates cultured from the leech out-competed other strains in the leech model ...201121359176
occurrence, abundance and elimination of class 1 integrons in one municipal sewage treatment plant.integrons are elements that encode a site-specific recombination system that recognizes and captures mobile gene cassettes and are closely related to multiple resistances of environmental microorganisms. this study was undertaken to determine the efficiency of an activated sludge process to remove integrons. the prevalence and characteristics of class 1 integrons were investigated for bacterial species isolated from the activated sludge of nanjing jiangxinzhou sewage treatment plant (stp, china) ...201121431316
aeromonas spp. induce apoptosis of epithelial cells through an oxidant-dependent activation of the mitochondrial pathway.we investigated interactions of aeromonas caviae, aeromonas veronii biotype sobria and aeromonas hydrophila strains, isolated from faecal specimens of humans with gastroenteritis, with ht29 intestinal epithelial cells. all strains were found to be cytotoxic to the cells. bacterial infection caused generation of reactive oxygen species (ros) and nitric oxide radical (no(-à)). the maximal levels of ros and no(-à) were 14 and 35 times, respectively, greater in cells infected with aeromonas spp. tha ...201121436367
directed culturing of microorganisms using metatranscriptomics.the vast majority of bacterial species remain uncultured, and this severely limits the investigation of their physiology, metabolic capabilities, and role in the environment. high-throughput sequencing of rna transcripts (rna-seq) allows the investigation of the diverse physiologies from uncultured microorganisms in their natural habitat. here, we report the use of rna-seq for characterizing the metatranscriptome of the simple gut microbiome from the medicinal leech hirudo verbana and for utiliz ...201121467263
phenotypic characteristics of human clinical and environmental aeromonas in western australia.: to determine the phenotypic characteristics of 199 aeromonas strains comprising 146 clinical and 53 environmental isolates.201121519288
medicinal leeches and the microsurgeon: a four-year study, clinical series and risk benefit review.background: there are case reports and small series in the literature relating to the use of medicinal leeches by plastic surgeons; however, larger series from individual units are rare. the aim of this article is to present a comprehensive 4-year case series of the use of medicinal leeches, discuss the current evidence regarding indications, risks, and benefits and highlight the recent updates regarding leech speciation. methods: patients prescribed leeches in a 4-year period (july 2004-2008) w ...201121520265
complete genome sequence of aeromonas veronii strain b565.aeromonas veronii strain b565 was isolated from aquaculture pond sediment in china. we present here the complete genome sequence of b565 and compare it with 2 published genome sequences of pathogenic strains in aeromonas genus. the result represents an independent step-wise acquisition of virulence factors of pathogenic strains in this genus.201121551296
isolation and characterization of virulent aeromonas veronii from ascitic fluid of oscar astronotus ocellatus showing signs of infectious dropsy.the cichlid oscar astronotus ocellatus has worldwide commercial value in the pet fish industry because of its early maturation, relatively high fecundity, ability to identify its caretaker and also to alter colouration amongst conspecifics. pathogenic strains of aeromonas veronii resistant to multiple antibiotics were isolated from a. ocellatus individuals showing signs of infectious abdominal dropsy. the moribund fish showed haemorrhage in all internal organs, and pure cultures could be obtaine ...201121553566
biochemical and hematological reference intervals for krefft's turtles emydura macquarii krefftii from the burnett river catchment, australia.biochemical and hematological reference intervals have not previously been reported for emydura macquarii krefftii. in 2009, 56 e. m. krefftii were captured by hand from the burnett catchment, clinically assessed to determine health status and blood sampled. reference intervals were calculated from the 35 clinically healthy turtles using techniques established in other chelonid species. aberrant blood results were identified from the 21 clinically unhealthy turtles. low numbers of observed cases ...201121797034
effects of dietary ß-1,3-glucan, chitosan or raffinose on the growth, innate immunity and resistance of koi (cyprinus carpio koi).this study was performed to determine the efficacy of three immunomodulators viz., ß-1,3 glucan, chitosan and raffinose on the innate immune response of koi, cyprinus carpio koi. kois were divided into 4 groups and each group was fed with diets supplemented with or without immunostimulant for 56 days. total leukocyte counts (wbc), the non-specific humoral (lysozyme, alternative complement pathway and superoxide dismutase) and cellular (phagocytic capacity and respiratory burst activity) response ...201121784160
pathogenic bacteria in sewage treatment plants as revealed by 454 pyrosequencing.this study applied 454 high-throughput pyrosequencing to analyze potentially pathogenic bacteria in activated sludge from 14 municipal wastewater treatment plants (wwtps) across four countries (china, u.s., canada, and singapore), plus the influent and effluent of one of the 14 wwtps. a total of 370?870 16s rrna gene sequences with average length of 207 bps were obtained and all of them were assigned to corresponding taxonomic ranks by using rdp classifier and megan. it was found that the most a ...201121780772
gastrointestinal colonization rates for human clinical isolates of aeromonas veronii using a mouse model.a variety of environment-associated gastrointestinal infections have been associated with the aeromonas group of bacteria which contain both non-virulent strains as well as virulent strains within a particular species. this study monitors the colonization rates of colon tissue in a mouse-streptomycin dose/response model involving isolates of aeromonas veronii biovar sobria obtained from human clinical specimens. the ability to successfully colonize mouse colon tissues by the human clinical isola ...201121779939
lactobacillus plantarum (vr1) isolated from an ayurvedic medicine (kutajarista) ameliorates in vitro cellular damage caused by aeromonas veronii.abstract:201121707995
differential immune responses of the green neon shrimp (neocaridina denticulate) to dipropyl phthalate.this study set out to understand the sublethal effect of xenobiotic phthalate esters (paes) on the relationship between the susceptibility of shrimp to bacterial infection and the immune response of the shrimp. neocaridina denticulate were exposed to different concentrations of the pae dipropyl phthalate (dprp), and mortality and six immune parameters were measured on days 1, 3, 5, and 10 after exposure. on days 1 and 3 after exposure, shrimp exposed to 0, 1, 5, 10, and 50 mg/l of dprp and chall ...201121740974
different clinical characteristics among aeromonas hydrophila, aeromonas veronii biovar sobria and aeromonas caviae monomicrobial bacteremia.this study aimed to compare the clinical presentations of aeromonas hydrophila, a. veronii biovar sobria and a. caviae monomicrobial bacteremia by a retrospective method at three hospitals in taiwan during an 8-yr period. there were 87 patients with a. hydrophila bacteremia, 45 with a. veronii biovar sobria bacteremia and 22 with a. caviae bacteremia. compared with a. hydrophila and a. veronii biovar sobria bacteremia, a. caviae bacteremia was more healthcare-associated (45 vs 30 and 16%; p = 0. ...201122065896
Diversity and antibiotic resistance of Aeromonas spp. in drinking and waste water treatment plants.The taxonomic diversity and antibiotic resistance phenotypes of aeromonads were examined in samples from drinking and waste water treatment plants (surface, ground and disinfected water in a drinking water treatment plant, and raw and treated waste water) and tap water. Bacteria identification and intra-species variation were determined based on the analysis of the 16S rRNA, gyrB and cpn60 gene sequences. Resistance phenotypes were determined using the disc diffusion method. Aeromonas veronii pr ...201121907383
recombinant aexu effector protein of aeromonas veronii bv. sobria disrupts the actin cytoskeleton by downregulation of rac1 and induces direct cytotoxicity to β4-integrin expressing cell lines.aexu is a type three secretion system (ttss) effector of aeromonas hydrophila which has an in vitro adp-ribosyltransferase (art) and gtpase-activating protein (gap) activities on rac1, rhoa and cdc42. here we show that, aexu of aeromonas veronii bv. sobria aeg1 strain disrupts actin cytoskeleton of hela cells during aeg1 infection, aexu transfection or direct application of aexu protein. such cellular disruption was rescued by either inactivation of aexu-gap activity by substitution of arginine ...201121963679
a chitinase from aeromonas veronii cd3 with the potential to control myxozoan disease.the class myxosporea encompasses about 2,400 species, most of which are parasites of fish and cause serious damage in aquaculture. due to the concerns about food safety issues and limited knowledge of myxozoa life cycle and fish immune system, no chemicals, antibiotics or immune modulators are available to control myxozoa infection. therefore, little can be done once myxozoa establishment has occurred.201122205999
[modification of hcg secretion by biological modulators of cell response and cytostatics in the normal placenta and choriocarcinoma cells]. 20113069634
[choledochoduodenal anastomosis in benign lesions of the common bile duct]. 20113358029
[choledochoduodenal anastomosis in benign lesions of the common bile duct]. 20113358029
angiosarcomas of the skin.angiosarcomas of the skin develop almost exclusively in the following clinical settings: (1) the lymphedematous extremity, secondary to prior mastectomy in most instances; (2) the face and scalp, usually in elderly individuals; and (3) skin that has been previously radiated. microscopically, there is a spectrum of architectural patterns. the best differentiated tumors exhibit obvious vascular spaces, which are lined by variably atypical endothelial cells, and that characteristically dissect betw ...20113313596
septicemia in adults at veterans general hospital. i. etiology and epidemiology. 20113242767
[superior caliceal obstruction caused by vascular compression (fraley's syndrome)]. 20113189028
bioaffinity sensors. 20113131631
emphasis on preventive perinatology: a suitable alternative for developing countries.the potential efficacy of preventive interventions in latin america to reduce perinatal morbidity and mortality is reviewed. the most important perinatal risk factors associated with pregnancy and delivery are young age of the mother, low socioeconomic status, low education, malnutrition, lack of prenatal care, pregnancy-induced-hypertension, perinatal infections, alcohol, smoking, and iatrogenic causes. adequate data are lacking to determine the magnitude of these factors in latin america. iatr ...20113065947
[drug analysis using thin layer chromatography. 2. densitometer for transmission measurements]. 20114700925
stability of tonic vergence.tonic vergence was monitored at 30 min intervals over a 10 hr period of a single day and at intervals of approximately 14 days over a period of 19 weeks. measurements were also made during a continuous 112 min period in total darkness. tonic vergence showed neither significant systematic variation nor large random fluctuations during the course of either a day or weeks, demonstrating stability under naturally occurring viewing conditions. during the period in total darkness, however, tonic verge ...20113170129
[the dipyridamole test. its place in the functional diagnosis of coronary insufficiency]. 20114036021
[the dipyridamole test. its place in the functional diagnosis of coronary insufficiency]. 20114036021
n-acyl homoserine lactone lactonase, aiia, inactivation of quorum-sensing agonists produced by chlamydomonas reinhardtii (chlorophyta) and characterization of aiia transgenic algae(1).eukaryotes such as plants and the unicellular green alga chlamydomonas reinhardtii p. a. dang. produce and secrete compounds that mimic n-acyl homoserine lactone (ahl) bacterial quorum-sensing (qs) signals and alter qs-regulated gene expression in the associated bacteria. here, we show that the set of c. reinhardtii signal-mimic compounds that activate the cepr ahl receptor of burkholderia cepacia are susceptible to inactivation by aiia, an ahl lactonase enzyme of bacillus. inactivation of these ...201127020200
infections following the application of leeches: two case reports and review of the literature. 201223098279
identity and virulence properties of aeromonas isolates from diseased fish, healthy controls and water environment in investigate the species distribution in aeromonas isolates from diseased fish, healthy controls and water environment in china; to evaluate the frequency of the aerolysin (aer), cytotonic enterotoxin (alt), cytotoxic enterotoxin (act), temperature-sensitive protease (eprcai) and serine protease (ahp) genes in aeromonas isolates; and to determine the potential pathogenicity of these isolates.201222725694
recombinant aeromonas hydrophila outer membrane protein 48 (omp48) induces a protective immune response against aeromonas hydrophila and edwardsiella tarda.the gene coding for an outer membrane protein omp48 of aeromonas hydrophila isolated from an infected fish was cloned and sequenced. analysis of nucleotide sequence showed the omp48 gene to be an adhesin encoding a protein of 426 amino acids with high identity to the omp48 gene of aeromonas veronii, another fish pathogen. the gene belonged to the maltoporin group of porins and had high similarity to lamb porins of a. hydrophila, aeromonas salmonicida and vibrio parahaemolyticus. the expressed pu ...201222564558
broad diversity of conjugative plasmids in integron-carrying bacteria from wastewater this study we assessed the occurrence, diversity and conjugative potential of plasmids in integron-carrying aeromonas and enterobacteriaceae from wastewaters. sixty-six strains were included as donors in mating assays using rifampicin-resistant escherichia coli and pseudomonas putida recipient strains. the diversity of plasmids from donors and transconjugants (resistant to tetracycline or streptomycin) was evaluated by restriction analysis and replicon typing targeting 19 incompatibility grou ...201222409355
effects of marine silages enriched with lactobacillus sakei 5-4 on haemato-immunological and growth response in pacific red snapper (lutjanus peru) exposed to aeromonas veronii.combined effects of marine silages enriched with lactobacillus sakei 5-4 were evaluated on growth performance, immune activity and disease resistance of pacific red snapper (lutjanus peru) against aeromonas veronii infection. the experimental fish were divided into three groups which were fed with each one of the following diets: silage-probiotic-free diet (control, c group), pacific creole-fish silage diet supplemented with live l. sakei (10(6) cfu g(-1)) (fslact group) and humboldt squid silag ...201222940556
structural analysis of the o-specific polysaccharide from the lipopolysaccharide of aeromonas veronii bv. sobria strain k49.the o-specific polysaccharide obtained by mild-acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide from aeromonas veronii bv. sobria strain k49 was studied by sugar and methylation analyses along with (1)h and (13)c nmr spectroscopy. the sequence of the sugar residues was determined using (1)h,(1)h noesy and (1)h,(13)c hmbc experiments. the o-specific polysaccharide was found to be a high molecular mass polysaccharide composed of repeating units of the structure: →2)-β-d-quip3nac-(1→3)-α-l-rhap-(1→3)-α-l ...201222483338
bundle-forming pilus locus of aeromonas veronii bv. sobria.little is known about the colonization mechanisms of aeromonas spp. previous work has suggested that the type iv bundle-forming pilus (bfp) is an aeromonad intestinal colonization factor. this study provides the first genetic characterization of this structure. to define the role of bfp in aeromonas veronii bv. sobria adherence, a 22-kb locus encoding the bundle-forming pilus was isolated; this contained 17 pilus-related genes similar to the mannose-sensitive hemagglutinin (msha) of vibrio chole ...201222311923
characterization of pathogenic aeromonas veronii bv. veronii associated with ulcerative syndrome from chinese longsnout catfish (leiocassis longirostris günther).273 bacterial strains were isolated from 20 chinese longsnout catfish samples. the biochemical characteristics of all strains conformed to the species description of aeromonas veronii bv. veronii on the basis of vitek gni+ card. furthermore, 16s rdna, gyrb and rpod sequences of the representative strain py50 were sequenced and showed high similarity with a. veronii bv. veronii in genbank. antibiotic-resistance of the representative strain py50 was assessed by the kirby-bauer disk diffusion metho ...201224031843
resistance characterization, virulence factors, and eric-pcr fingerprinting of aeromonas veronii strains isolated from diseased trionyx sinensis.aeromonas veronii (av) is an important pathogen causing severe diseases in aquaculture. fifteen a. veronii strains isolated from diseased trionyx sinensis from four aquafarms was characterized by enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus-polymerase chain reaction (eric-pcr), antibiotic susceptibility testing, and identification of virulence factors. a. veronii strains were grouped into nine eric types with discriminatory ability (d) of 91.43 based on 90% similarity. the virulence genes wer ...201223134287
[esophageal scintigraphy and ph measurement in asthmatic adults suspected of having gastroesophageal reflux].fifty-five adults with asthma were explored by gastroesophageal scintigraphy (ges) and ph monitoring (3 postprandial hours, 12 nocturnal hours). for their asthma, all patients received theophylline twice a day. associated digestive symptomatology led to investigations for gastroesophageal reflux (ger). twelve hours ph monitoring, the reference method, was validated in 13 normal volunteers. during 12 hr ph monitoring, 4 criteria were studied: number of ger, percentage of time at ph 4, number of g ...20123732745
agoraphobia and parental bereavement.the prevalence of parental bereavement was determined in 50 married female outpatients with a dsm-iii diagnosis of agoraphobia and in a control group of married female outpatients diagnosed as having non-psychotic psychiatric disorders other than agoraphobia. the two groups were matched for age and overall severity of psychiatric symptoms. compared with the general population, the patient control group reported a statistically significant excess of parental, but not maternal, bereavement. the ag ...20123435374
biometeorological triggers in childhood asthma.the relationship between child asthma admissions and biometeorological factors was investigated over a 16-month period. no relationship was found with many commonly suspected precipitants such as temperature, humidity and wind. there was however a strong association with rainfall (p much less than 0.001). associations occurred with low barometric pressure and counts of coloured basidiospores and green algae, but no significant relationship was found with grass pollen.20123416418
revision total hip arthroplasty with titanium ingrowth prosthesis and bone grafting for failed cemented femoral component loosening.fifty-seven hips (55 patients) had revision for failed cemented femoral component loosening using titanium ingrowth femoral components and cancellous bone grafting. the patients' average age was 59 years (range, 25-86 years), and the average follow-up period was 2.8 years (range, two to six years). the preoperative hip score averaged 45.5 (range, 10.0-80.7) and the postoperative hip score averaged 82.5 (range, 43.0-100.0). complications included dislocation (4.0%), infection (4.0%, one recurrenc ...20123416518
[comparison between serum and ascitic enzyme levels in hepatic cirrhosis]. 20124293871
[comparison between serum and ascitic enzyme levels in hepatic cirrhosis]. 20124293871
a word about words. 20123459834
[dynamic study of the excretion of urinary fluoride induced by fluoridated tooth paste]. 20123463490
pancreatic burkitt lymphoma in aids: sonographic appearance. 20123318346
clinical spectrum of primary empty sella turcica.over recent years empty sella turcica has become more frequently diagnosed with high resolution computerized tomography and the associated clinical abnormalities have been better described. in this article the spectrum of clinical presentation is based on a review of 26 cases with six illustrative case reports. recommendations for management and further assessment are presented. it is important for clinicians to be aware of the varying presentations of this syndrome, since it should not be consi ...20123270319
[properties of lak cell activity and lak-generation in pbl isolated from patients with renal cell carcinoma]. 20123266646
[individual preventive examinations of school-age children accompanied by their parents]. 20123502955
[liver function in patients with chronic ischemic heart disease combined with peptic ulcer]. 20123493589
historic insights on dental radiography. 20123516271
cervical lymph node metastases with occult primary.patients with cervical metastases from an unknown primary tumour present both diagnostic and therapeutic problems. twenty patients with a metastatic lesion in the neck, in whom the primary tumour was not found despite extensive, diagnostic procedures, were treated in the department of otolaryngology, linköping university hospital, during a 14-year period (1971-1984). since 1975 tonsillectomy has been performed regularly on the affected side as a part of the diagnostic procedure. eight patients w ...20123815873
have you looked at your will lately? seven common mistakes in estate planning and how to avoid them. 20123373137
[soft tissue tumors (review of differential diagnosis)]. 20123768999
nabumetone in the treatment of active adult rheumatoid hundred patients were entered in a six-month, double-blind comparison of 1,000 mg nabumetone once daily and 250 mg naproxen twice daily. forty-two patients in each arm of the study were evaluable for efficacy; all were evaluable for safety. there was a low incidence of adverse experiences during this study, with no patients withdrawing from the study because of side effects from either drug. efficacy was equal, with both compounds sharing the same degree and rate of improvement. all of the p ...20123318429
[determining the functional stability of the equilibrium system based on its static and dynamic characteristics]. 20123497478
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