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in vitro activity of new cephalosporins against multi-resistant gram-negative bacteria.the in vitro sensitivities of 47 multi-resistant gram-negative bacilli against six third generation cephalosporins were investigated. overall, moxalactam was the most active compound and cefoperazone the least active. ceftizoxime and ceftazidime were very active against enterobacteriaceae. ceftriaxone and ceftizoxime were active against escherichia coli and klebsiella spp., but were inactive against pseudomonas spp.; achromobacter sp. was resistant to all drugs, while citrobacter freundii was se ...19836832840
intracellular accumulation of extracellular proteins by pleiotropic export mutants of aeromonas hydrophila.pleiotropic export mutants of aeromonas hydrophila were obtained which are unable to release protease, hemolysin, and glycerophospholipid:cholesterol acyltransferase. the synthesis of the proteins was not impaired; they were accumulated in active forms inside the mutant cells. the hemolysin could be isolated from cell contents by immunoprecipitation in a form with the same apparent molecular weight as the wild-type extracellular product, as determined by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel ...19836833182
alligator bites and related infections. 19836833985
[allomonads--a new group of microorganisms of the family vibrionaceae. v. taxonomic position of the allomonads based on a study of their dna].the dna of allomonas, a new group of microorganisms, has been studied to determine the taxonomic status of this group. in the nucleotide composition of the dna of a typical representative of this group 57.4 mol % g + c have been revealed, which permits to sharply differentiate allomonas from vibrios and plesiomonas. a relatively low level of similarity between the dna of allomonas and that of other representatives of the family vibrionaceae has been determined by the method of molecular dna hybr ...19836837193
es complexes of aeromonas aminopeptidase: direct observation by stopped-flow fluorescence.intermediates of aeromonas aminopeptidase are monitored through fluorescence generated by radiationless energy transfer (ret) between enzyme tryptophans and the dansyl group of the bound substrate. upon binding of the substrate enzyme tryptophan fluorescence is quenched and substrate dansyl fluorescence enhanced. these processes are reversed upon hydrolysis of the leu-ala bond and release of ala-ded from the enzyme. stopped-flow ret kinetic analysis yields values of kcat = 36 sec-1 and km = 3.7 ...19836838596
aeromonas hydrophila typing scheme based on patterns of agglutination with erythrocytes and yeast agglutination typing scheme has been developed for strains of aeromonas hydrophila. primary agglutination typing is based on testing agar-grown a. hydrophila cells with human, horse, rat, and guinea pig erythrocytes and saccharomyces cerevisiae cells. further subdivision of primary groups is based firstly on whether yeast cell agglutination is inhibited by a d-mannose polymer, yeast mannan, and secondly on patterns of inhibition of hemagglutination by yeast mannan and the monomeric sugars l-f ...19836841579
diarrhoea associated with clostridium difficile in a hospital population.the incidence of disease associated with clostridium difficile was investigated in a general hospital population over a period of six months. in 26 (14.5%) of 179 patients studied, c. difficile was either isolated or faecal cytotoxin was detected. the incidence of other enteropathogenic bacteria, except aeromonas hydrophila, was low. faecal cytotoxin was not detected in nine patients (35%), and non-cytotoxigenic strains of c. difficile were isolated from these patients. in seven patients, a sele ...19836843465
enterotoxigenicity, hemagglutination and cell-surface hydrophobicity in aeromonas hydrophila, a. sobria and a. salmonicida.thirty-one aeromonas hydrophila, 13 a. sobria and two a. salmonicida strains of diverse sources were tested for enterotoxigenicity, hemagglutination and cell surface hydrophobicity. although 93% of the culture supernatant fluids of the aeromonas strains exhibited cytotoxic effects on y1 adrenal and chinese hamster ovary (cho) cells, typical rounding of y1 adrenal cells was reproducibly observed before cytotoxicity for 80% of the isolates within 1 h of exposure. twenty-eight strains were positive ...19836845633
microbiology problem. 19836846380
structural investigations on the core oligosaccharide of aeromonas hydrophila (chemotype ii) lipopolysaccharide. 19836850675
phenotypic markers associated with gastrointestinal aeromonas hydrophila isolates from symptomatic children.aeromonas hydrophila gastroenteritis was detected in 12 pediatric patients during a 5-month period. chief complaints included bloody diarrhea, fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain. severe symptoms in two patients necessitated hospitalization and supportive care. phenotypic characteristics associated with enterotoxigenicity of a. hydrophila strains demonstrated that all 12 isolates were cytotoxic to hela cells and most were lysine decarboxylase positive (75%). a correlation existed between the pre ...19836853687
effects of storage on microbial loads of two commercially important shellfish species, crassostrea virginica and mercenaria campechiensis.the effects of storage on the microbial load in two commercially important species of shellfish were examined. oysters (crassostrea virginica) were stored as shellstock, shucked meats, and fully processed meats at four temperatures for up to 21 days, and clams (mercenaria campechiensis) were stored only as shellstock. the concentrations of most microbiological groups of organisms increased with the duration and temperature of storage in both shellfish species, although the increases were signifi ...19836859844
hydroxamates and aliphatic boronic acids: marker inhibitors for aminopeptidase. 19836860652
[aeromonas hydrophila septicemia in a multiple myeloma patient]. 19836867400
purification and characterization of the cell surface virulent a protein from aeromonas salmonicida.the predominant cell surface protein (a protein) of aeromonas salmonicida has been purified in high yield from outer membranes by using a combination of detergent and chaotropic extraction methods as well as exclusion and ion-exchange chromatography. the a protein was primarily monomeric, mr 50 000, but readily formed oligomers at high protein or low salt concentrations. several isoelectric forms were distinguishable with purified protein as well as in situ on the cell surface. neither phosphate ...19836871174
numerical taxonomy of vibrio cholerae and related species isolated from areas that are endemic and nonendemic for cholera.a total of 165 strains of vibrios isolated from clinical and environmental sources in the united states, india, and bangladesh, 11 reference cultures, and 4 duplicated cultures were compared in a numerical taxonomic study using 83 unit characters. similarity between strains was computed by using the simple matching coefficient and the jaccard coefficient. strains were clustered by unweighted average linkage and single linkage algorithms. all methods gave similar cluster compositions. the estimat ...19836874901
minimal inhibitory concentrations of antimicrobial agents against aeromonas hydrophila determined with the autobac mts.minimal inhibitory concentrations of seven antimicrobial agents for 22 strains of aeromonas hydrophila were determined with the autobac mts procedure. the ranges of the minimal inhibitory concentrations were found to be similar to those obtained by a microdilution procedure. depending upon the interpretive criteria used, there were discrepancies with carbenicillin, cephalothin, kanamycin, and tetracycline. it is recommended that the beta-lactam antibiotics ampicillin, carbenicillin, and cephalot ...19836874911
faecal carriage rate of aeromonas hydrophila.over a four and a half month period, 1004 unselected routine faecal specimens from 815 patients were cultured for aeromonas hydrophila. forty-two specimens (4.2%) representing 38 patients were culture-positive. the study specimens also yielded salmonella on 116 occasions, shigella on seven, campylobacter species on six and other bacterial pathogens on 17 occasions, respectively. seven specimens had a hydrophila together with another bacterial pathogen. in only 19 of 38 patients (50%) was a hydro ...19836875018
aeromonas hydrophila wound infection of the hand initially presenting as clostridial myonecrosis.a traumatic hand laceration in a previously health 17-year-old boy resulted in a rapidly progressive palmar space infection, with gas formation, in the soft tissues caused by aeromonas hydrophila. typically associated with aquatic injuries, a. hydrophila was not initially suspected since the injury did not occur near water. physicians treated trauma-related soft tissue infections, particularly when the initial gram stain shows many polymorphonuclear leukocytes and gram-negative bacilli, must con ...19836875242
one hundred fold increased activity of aeromonas aminopeptidase by sequential substitutions with ni(ii) or cu(ii) followed by zinc.full substitution of cu(ii) or ni(ii) for the two g-atom zinc in aeromonas aminopeptidase hyperactivates the enzyme 6.5 and 25 fold respectively. even greater enhancements of activity can be achieved with mixed metal substitutions. thus, apoenzyme reactivated by first adding one g-atom zinc followed by one g-atom of either cu(ii) or ni(ii) is 15 and 22 times more active than the native enzyme. reversing the order, i.e. by first adding either one g-atom cu(ii) or ni(ii) followed by one g-atom zin ...19836882446
serological diagnosis of diarrhoea caused by some representatives of the genera vibrio and aeromonas.various serological methods were used to study 630 blood sera of patients with diarrhoea on whom microorganisms of the genera vibrio (vibrios of non-01 group, phosphorescent, parahaemolytic and alginolytic vibrios) and aeromonas were isolated, and also of patients with unconfirmed bacteriological diagnosis, carriers and healthy persons. it has been established that specific antibodies are isolated in 30-50% of cases, most frequently in the agglutination reaction, in phar with flagellar erythrocy ...19836886416
the microbiology of childhood gastroenteritis: aeromonas species and other infective agents.a prospective, 12-month study of 975 non-aboriginal children with diarrhea and age- and sex-matched children without diarrhea, in perth, western australia, was designed to investigate the significance of enterotoxigenic aeromonas species as a cause of diarrhea. enterotoxigenic aeromonas species were found in the fecal specimens of 10.8% of the patients with diarrhea but in only 0.7% of those without diarrhea. most aeromonas species were isolated during the summer. other important bacterial patho ...19836886488
microbial growth associated with granular activated carbon in a pilot water treatment facility.the microbial dynamics associated with granular activated carbon (gac) in a pilot water treatment plant were investigated over a period of 16 months. microbial populations were monitored in the influent and effluent waters and on the gac particles by means of total plate counts and atp assays. microbial populations between the influent and effluent waters of the gac columns generally increased, indicating microbial growth. the dominant genera of microorganisms isolated from interstitial waters a ...19836625567
aeromonas hydrophila myonecrosis and gas gangrene in a nonimmunocompromised host.aeromonas hydrophila myonecrosis with gas gangrene and bacteremia developed in an elderly patient after minor trauma from a fishbone. despite aggressive medical and surgical therapy, she experienced a rapidly fatal outcome. literature on aeromonas muscle infection is reviewed and implications for therapy are discussed.19836625789
the role of aeromonas in acute diarrhoeal diseases in nigeria. 19836627379
differential susceptibility of aeromonas hydrophila and enterobacteriaceae to nalidixic acid.the susceptibility of 49 strains of aeromonas hydrophila and 77 strains of enterobacteriaceae towards nalidixic acid was compared by tube dilution and agar diffusion methods. a higher susceptibility was exhibited by aerom. hydrophila and no overlap in mics was found for strains of the two groups of microorganisms. discs containing 0.25 microgram of nalidixic acid produced measurable zones of growth inhibition with aerom. hydrophila and no zones with the enterobacteriaceae. the use of a disc with ...19836630110
acquisition of iron by aeromonas salmonicida.the ability of six typical and three atypical strains of aeromonas salmonicida to sequester fe3+ from the high-affinity iron chelators ethylenediaminedihydroxy-phenylacetic acid, lactoferrin, and transferrin was determined. typical strains were readily able to sequester fe3+ and used two different mechanisms. one mechanism was inducible and appeared to involve production of a low-molecular-weight soluble siderophore(s). iron uptake by this mechanism was strongly inhibited by ferricyanide. one vi ...19836630151
[antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria of the family vibrionaceae isolated from the intestines of swine].bacteria of aeromonas hydrophila subsp., biotype 1 and aeromonas anaerogenes, biotype 2, as well as proteolitica of the vibrio pasahumoliticus biotype were isolated from the intestine of pigs with diarrhea. close antibiotic sensitivity of the isolates was shown. the differences in their sensitivity were not sufficient for defining the taxonomic features.19836638971
characterization of immunoglobulins from the brown bullhead (ictalurus nebulosus) produced against a naturally occurring bacterial pathogen, aeromonas hydrophila.the primary immune response in the brown bullhead (ictalurus nebulosus) to intramuscularly injected, chloroform-killed aeromonas hydrophila reached an agglutination titer of 128 in 3 wk, and the response to the bacteria plus adjuvant reached a titer of 512 in 5 wk. anti-aeromonas hydrophila antibodies from brown bullheads were excluded from sephadex g-200 and had an immunoelectrophoretic migration pattern toward the cathode. cleavage of the macromolecule by 2-me reduction and iodoacetamide alkyl ...19836642044
microbiological & clinical studies in diarrhoea due to plesiomonas shigelloides. 19836642576
panophthalmitis and otitis interna in fire-bellied toads.microbiologic and histologic studies were made of fire-bellied toads with signs of ocular and central nervous system disease. providencia alcalifaciens, citrobacter freundii, aeromonas hydrophila, and other gram-negative bacilli were isolated from the eyes and multiple tissues of ill toads. the histologic evaluations revealed severe panophthalmitis and otitis interna.19836643232
stereospecificity of amino acid hydroxamate inhibition of aminopeptidases.hydroxamates of amino acids and aliphatic acids are effective inhibitors of aeromonas proteolytica amino-peptidase (ec and of both the cytosolic (ec and microsomal (ec aminopeptidases of swine kidney. cytosolic leucine aminopeptidase and the aeromonas enzyme were inhibited to a greater extent by d isomers than by the l enantiomorphs, manganese-activated kidney cytosolic leucine aminopeptidase being inhibited 10 times more effectively by d-leucine and d-valine hydro ...19836643439
correlation of enterotoxicity with biotype in aeromonas spp.enterotoxin production correlated with biotype in a study of 686 strains of aeromonas spp. from indonesia, thailand, the united states, and western australia. most strains were isolated from feces but nonfecal human isolates and environmental strains were also included. more than 80% of voges-proskauer (vp)-positive strains, classified as a. hydrophila, were enterotoxigenic in the suckling mouse assay as were 90% of vp-positive, arabinose-negative strains. an association between positive vp, ara ...19836643669
[taxonomic study of free nitrogen-fixing bacteria isolated from the endorhizosphere of rice].twenty strains of free-living n2-fixing bacteria, isolated from the endorhizosphere of rice in rice soils of senegal, were studied on the basis of 259 morphological, physiological, biochemical and nutritional characters. half of them were gram-negative small rods with polar flagella and showing a strictly respiratory metabolism; they were characteristic of the genus pseudomonas. a first group of 6 strains was related to the p. cepacia-p. marginata group characterized by lophotrichous flagella; t ...19836651126
comparative in vitro activities of ten antimicrobial agents against bacterial enteropathogens.the in vitro susceptibilities of 50 strains of salmonella spp., 80 strains of shigella spp., and 50 enterotoxigenic escherichia coli, 14 yersinia enterocolitica, 6 aeromonas hydrophila, 4 plesiomonas shigelloides, 9 vibrio parahaemolyticus, and 30 campylobacter jejuni strains that were recently isolated from worldwide sources were determined for 10 antimicrobial agents. the antimicrobial agents tested included ampicillin, bicozamycin, doxycycline, enoxacin (ci-919), erythromycin, furazolidone, a ...19836651278
presence of a new cytochrome b - like pigment with a peak at 567 nm in various aerobic bacteria.several physiological groups of bacteria were examined for the presence of a cytochrome b - like pigment which is demonstrable in dithionite-reduced minus substrate-reduced difference spectra. this pigment is characterized by an unusually high alpha band at 567 nm, a low concentration relative to conventional cytochromes, and an inability to be fully reduced by endogenous substrates or nadh. previous studies with one denitrifying and nondenitrifying species of the genus pseudomonas, in paracoccu ...19836652580
a numerical taxonomic study of species of vibrio isolated from the aquatic environment and birds in kent, england.a numerical taxonomic study has been carried out to confirm the identity of strains of the family vibrionaceae isolated during an ecological study. a total of 237 strains were studied including 148 from the aquatic environment, 6 from estuarine birds, 1 from sheep faeces, and 61 control cultures. duplicates of 21 of the strains were randomly selected and included to estimate test and operator error. taxonomic resemblance was estimated on the basis of 148 characters using euclidean distance. the ...19836654766
[isolation of plesiomonas shigelloides in a case of gastroenteritis]. 19836658089
distribution of imvc biogroups of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria isolated from human, fish and water.aeromonas sobria and a.hydrophila were isolated from infected fish in ratio of 3.5:1 during the outbreak of fish infections from december 1982 to february 1983, while isolates from human diarrheic stool was 1 :2. on the basis of imvc reactions 138 isolates of motile aeromonads could be divided into 11 biogroups, with biogroup 4 showing statistically significant association with infections. nine biogroups of aeromonads which were isolated from infected fish reflected that the outbreak was not cau ...19836658502
bacterial chemotaxis to effluent from a rum distillery in tropical near-shore coastal waters.pseudomonas aeruginosa and vibrio cholerae showed a strong positive chemotactic response towards rum distillery wastewaters (mostos) and a high oxygen uptake rate in the presence of this complex substrate. rum slops stimulated only motility in aeromonas hydrophila and escherichia coli. the a. hydrophila and e. coli isolates were unable to oxidize mostos significantly.19836660880
a lipopolysaccharide-specific bacteriophage for aeromonas salmonicida.cell wall lipopolysaccharide (lps) was identified as the receptor for the aeromonas salmonicida bacteriophage strain 55r-1. mutants of a. salmonicida resistant to phage 55r-1 were unable to adsorb phage 55r-1 and were shown to be defective in lps structure. purified a. salmonicida lps inactivated phage 55r-1, but the o-polysaccharide and the core oligosaccharide portions of the lps were ineffective. these results suggest that lipid a was required for receptor activity. antibodies directed agains ...19836661705
[aeromonas hydrophila var. anaerogenes as a probable etiologic factor in food poisoning]. 19836665204
[ecological studies on the microbial flora of raw oysters (crassostrea gigas) harvested in hiroshima and the tohoku district]. 19836668346
enhancement of bacterial adhesion by shear forces: characterization of the haemagglutination induced by aeromonas salmonicida strain 438.application of a viscometric assay to the haemagglutination induced by aeromonas salmonicida strain 438 showed that shear forces can enhance the strength of bacterial adhesion. the d-mannose/l-fucose-sensitive reaction proceeded in two phases, an initial phase in which the degree of aggregation remained constant during shearing and a second stage, induced by shear, in which agglutination was enhanced as shear was maintained. the results strongly paralleled those found in studies of concanavalin ...19836668467
aeromonas species in clinical microbiology: significance, epidemiology, and speciation.over a one-year period, 32 strains (31 clinical, 1 environmental) of aeromonas sp. were recovered. chief sources of isolation were the gastrointestinal tract (48%), wounds (19%), and blood (13%). gastrointestinal isolates were most often recovered from young (less than 5 yrs) children with diarrhea; wound or blood isolates were recovered more often from an older (avg. 56 yrs) population with one of several underlying disorders. regardless of body site of isolation, most strains of aeromonas appe ...19836673896
[evaluation of a new system for the simultaneous identification and antibiotic sensitivity testing of gram-negative bacilli by automation].abac- identibiogramma ii is a new system allowing the carry out of antimicrobial susceptibility testing on various bacterial groups and also the fully automatic simultaneous susceptibility testing and identification of gram-negative bacilli (urinary and not). particularly most species of enterobacteriaceae and aeromonas hydrophila, acinetobacter sp., pseudomonas sp. can be identified. this system has two important characteristics, due to a computerized program: that is the possibility of using s ...19836675045
enterotoxigenic aeromonas hydrophila and diarrhoea in adults.aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from the faeces of 32 patients during a nine month period in three hospitals in western australia. all 32 isolates produced enterotoxin which was detected by the suckling-mouse test, and all patients except one had diarrhoea. treatment should be considered in patients with chronic diarrhoea and in those with malignant disease or with hepatobiliary disease who are at risk of developing aeromonas septicaemia.19836571519
aeromonas hydrophila gastroenteritis. 19836580875
aeromonas hydrophila and plesiomonas shigelloides endophthalmitis. 19836604458
enterobacteriaceae and aeromonas hydrophila in minnesota frogs and tadpoles (rana pipiens).in 222 rana pipiens frogs and 34 tadpoles captured in and near minnesota, aeromonas hydrophila and 29 species of enterobacteriaceae, including yersinia enterocolitica and salmonella arizonae, were isolated from intestines. the prevalence of members of the family enterobacteriaceae was lowest in frogs captured in early spring and highest in frogs captured in late summer.19836607034
effects of cultural conditions on protease production by aeromonas hydrophila.production of extracellular proteolytic activity by aeromonas hydrophila was influenced by temperature, ph, and aeration. conditions which produced maximal growth also resulted in maximal protease production. enzyme production appeared to be modulated by an inducer catabolite repression system whereby nh4+ and glucose repressed enzyme production and complex nitrogen and nonglucose, carbon energy sources promoted it. under nutritional stress, protease production was high, despite poor growth.19836342534
purification and characterization of a new proteolytic enzyme produced by aeromonas salmonicida.a proteolytic enzyme produced by the fish pathogen aeromonas salmonicida was isolated and purified. it showed the following characteristics: temperature optimum at 48 degrees c, ph optimum at ph 9 and a molecular weight of 87500. the enzyme was inhibited by phenylmethanesulphonylfluoride (pmsf) indicating it to be a serine protease.19836343335
in-vitro antagonism by n-formimidoyl thienamycin and cefoxitin of second and third generation cephalosporins in aeromonas hydrophila and serratia marcescens.antagonism of beta-lactam antibiotics by second and third generation cephalosporins was studied in 28 clinical strains of serratia marcescens and aeromonas hydrophila. of the antibiotics tested, both cefoxitin and n-formimidoyl thienamycin (n-f-thienamycin) were capable of antagonism in ser. marcescens (17 of 20) but in aerom. hydrophila (7 of 8), only cefoxitin induced antagonism. antagonism was observed to the greatest degree with cefotaxime and cefoperazone; intermediate with cefamandole and ...19836343337
flies as a source of enteric pathogens in a rural village in thailand.the village of ban pong in northeastern thailand was studied from january through december 1981 to determine the importance of flies as a source of enteric pathogens. the number of flies (predominantly musca domestica) increased in kitchens and animal pens in the hot dry spring, when the incidence of diarrhea was highest in the village. enterotoxigenic escherichia coli, shigella spp., non-o1 vibrio cholerae, and vibrio fluvalis were isolated from fly pools in yards (69%), animal pens (38%), bath ...19836351748
[study of various application methods for active immunization of fishes with aeromonas salmonicida, aeromonas punctata and vibrio anguillarum. 1. immunization with aeromonas salmonicida strain 314]. 19836352234
incidence of bacterial enteropathogens in foods from mexico.we examined food consumption patterns of u.s. students temporarily living in guadalajara, mexico. consumption of foods prepared in mexican homes was associated with an increased risk of acquisition of diarrhea. foods from commercial sources and private mexican homes in guadalajara were subsequently examined for contamination with coliforms, fecal coliforms, and bacterial enteropathogens. for comparison, selected restaurant foods were obtained in houston, tex. food obtained from mexican homes sho ...19836354085
[affinity chromatography of aminopeptidases].the recent data are generalized concerning a series of synthetic oligopeptides which are competitive inhibitors of aminopeptidases of animal, plant and microbic origin. a method for biospecific chromatography of these enzymes is developed, using as ligands such inhibitors as diazo derivatives of p-aminophenyl-, chloromethyl- and methylketones of l-amino acids and peptides, amino acids, aliphatic acid amides. it is established that the most effective inhibitors of aminopeptidases contain l-amino ...19836356542
a modified infant mouse assay for bacterial enterotoxins.the reproducibility of the infant mouse assay for escherichia coli st and heat-labile enterotoxins of aeromonas spp. is improved if both intestinal weight to remaining body weight ratio (iw/rbw) and the amount of diarrhoea produced are considered as criteria for classifying enterotoxigenic strains. animals with profuse diarrhoea may have iw/rbw ratios below the widely accepted critical value for a positive test. using pools of supernatants from broth cultures of three different strains of e. col ...19836362123
[study of aeromonas (motile) in the sewage from the city of buenos aires and water from the río de la plata].the incidence of motile aeromonas in the sewage of buenos aires city and in the water of the río de la plata was investigated. eight morphological and biochemical properties were established for the classification of bacteria in the genus aeromonas. these properties adapted from popoff and veron (19) permitted us to classify the isolated strains into two species: a. hydrophila and a. sobria. in the water of the río de la plata, of 27 isolated strains 24 were classified as a. hydrophila and 1 as ...19836400759
microbiological analysis of rock cod (sebastes spp.) stored under elevated carbon dioxide atmospheres.the numbers and types of microorganisms on fresh rock cod fillets and fillets stored in air or in a modified atmosphere (ma; 80% co(2), 20% air) at 4 degrees c were compared. samples were analyzed after 0, 7, 14, and 21 days of storage. the isolation plates were incubated aerobically, anaerobically, or under ma at 4, 20, or 35 degrees c. after 7 days of storage in air, the fillets were obviously spoiled and had a 3- to 4-log cycle increase in microbial counts. plate counts increased more slowly ...19836405691
investigation of aeromonas isolated from water; a serological study using ouchterlony and immunoelectrophoresis techniques.we have shown that immunoelectrophoresis and the ouchterlony double diffusion technique are valuable assays for the identification of aeromonas species. serological correlations have been found between the antigenic extracts originated from a collection reference strains of aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila and those originated from wild type water isolated.19836409663
a fishy tale: trout borne aeromonas hydrophila septicaemia. 19836414621
the serological properties of the cell surface proteins of vibrio cholerae.the serological properties of cell surface proteins of vibrio cholerae belonging to both the biotypes (classical and el tor) and the serotypes (ogawa and inaba) were investigated. proteins were isolated by extracting v. cholerae with edta in the presence of sodium chloride. the surface localization of these proteins was confirmed with (a) radioiodinated protein a as an immunoprobe and (b) antiserum absorption studies with whole bacteria. there were similarities among the polypeptides of cell sur ...19836415227
posttraumatic aeromonas hydrophila osteomyelitis.aeromonas hydrophila is a gram-negative organism that is the causative agent in several clinical infections. although it has been reported to cause osteomyelitis in immunocompromised patients, it has not been reported to cause this in the normal host. we describe two patients in whom acute osteomyelitis developed following trauma in freshwater lakes. cultures yielded a hydrophila, and both patients responded to a two-week course of parenteral antibiotics followed by oral tetracycline hydrochlori ...19836416197
enterotoxic activity of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria. 19836421948
detection of campylobacter jejuni and other potential pathogens in travellers' diarrhoea in determine the distribution of pathogens associated with travellers' diarrhoea in bangladesh, we have studied 269 expatriates who presented with diarrhoea to our clinic, over a one-year period. patients were interviewed about their history of diarrhoea and a stool specimen examined for parasites and cultured for campylobacter jejuni, shigella sp., salmonella sp., vibrio and aeromonas hydrophila and plesiomonas shigelloides. c. jejuni and shigella sp. were each isolated from 45 patients (17%) a ...19836314488
purification and reconstitution in lipid bilayer membranes of an outer membrane, pore-forming protein of aeromonas salmonicida.we have purified a major outer membrane protein from aeromonas salmonicida. this 42-kilodalton protein shared several physical characteristics with enterobacterial porins in that it was noncovalently associated with the peptidoglycan, it was released from the peptidoglycan in the presence of 0.1 m nacl and sodium dodecyl sulfate, and its mobility on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels was dependent on the solubilization temperature before electrophoresis. when added to the aqueous solutio ...19836315674
survival of cultured cells after functional and structural disorganization of plasma membrane by bacterial haemolysins and phospholipases.lesions were induced in the plasma membranes of cultured human fibroblasts by membrane damaging toxins of bacterial origin (haemolysins). structural disorganization of the membrane was measured as leakage of a radiolabelled small cytoplasmic marker and functional membrane damage was measured as decreased uptake of aminoisobutyrate. cell survival was scored 24 and 48 hr later by measuring uptake of trypan blue and by light microscopical evaluation of cell morphology and proliferation. the membran ...19836318394
effect of effluent from a nitrogen fertilizer factory and a pulp mill on the distribution and abundance of aeromonas hydrophila in albemarle sound, north carolina.the density of aeromonas hydrophila, standard count bacteria, fecal coliform bacteria, and 18 physical and chemical parameters were measured simultaneously at six sites for 12 months in albemarle sound, n.c. one site was above and two sites were below the discharge plume of a kraft pulping process paper mill. the fourth site was above and the remaining two sites were below the discharge point of a nitrogen fertilizer factory. the impact of the pulp mill on water quality was acute, whereas that o ...19836297393
the in vitro activity of ceftazidime against resistant clinical isolates.the in vitro activity of ceftazidime was determined using an agar dilution technique and compared with that of cefotaxime and moxalactam against 559 clinically important isolates. ceftazidime showed poor activity against bacteroides and campylobacter, moderate activity against staphylococcus aureus and excellent activity against haemophilus, aeromonas and the enterobacteriaceae. 91% of 324 cephalothin-resistant enterobacteriaceae were inhibited at a concentration of 1 mg/l. ceftazidime was the m ...19836299967
a longitudinal study of the prevalence of bacterial enteric pathogens among adults with diarrhea in bangkok, thailand.six hundred sixty adults with diarrhea treated at bamrasnaradura hospital, bangkok, thailand were investigated to determine the prevalence, seasonality, and severity of diarrhea associated with bacterial enteric pathogens in 1980 and 1981. shigella were isolated from 27% and vibrio parahaemolyticus from 19% of the patients studied. enterotoxigenic escherichia coli (5%), salmonella (3%), non-01 vibrio cholerae (3%), campylobacter jejuni (1%), and group f vibrio (less than 1%) were isolated from a ...19836370564
use of the api 20e, oxi/ferm, and minitek systems to identify nonfermentative and oxidase-positive fermentative bacteria: seven years of experience.the api 20e (api) system, the oxi/ferm (oxf) system, and the minitek (min) system were used over a seven-year period to identify clinical isolates of nonfermentative bacteria (nfb) and oxidase-positive fermentative bacteria (opfb). a total of 742 nfb and opfb were tested with the api system, 988 with the oxf system, and 918 with the min system. the organisms represented 34 recognized species, nine alpha-numeric designates, and three species of unnamed nfb. results were compared to those obtained ...19836370567
[water origin of aeromonas hydrophila hospital infections]. 19836220302
[septic shock and infarction of the mesemtery in an aeromonas hydrophila septicemia]. 19836220303
in vitro activity of ciprofloxacin (bay o 9867).the in vitro activities of ciprofloxacin (bay o 9867) and seven comparative antimicrobial agents against 664 aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacterial isolates were studied. minimal inhibitory concentrations (mics) of ciprofloxacin were less than or equal to 2 micrograms/ml for enterobacteriaceae, less than or equal to 8 micrograms/ml for nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli, less than or equal to 4 micrograms/ml for gram-positive cocci, less than or equal to 0.03 micrograms/ml for aeromona ...19836228192
in vitro activity of enoxacin, a quinolone carboxylic acid, compared with those of norfloxacin, new beta-lactams, aminoglycosides, and trimethoprim.enoxacin is a new quinolone carboxylic acid compound. its activity against 740 bacterial isolates was determined. it inhibited 90% escherichia coli, klebsiella sp., aeromonas sp., enterobacter spp., serratia spp., proteus mirabilis, and morganella morganii at less than or equal to 0.8 micrograms/ml. the majority of pseudomonas aeruginosa was inhibited by less than or equal to 3.1 micrograms/ml. haemophilus spp. and neisseria spp. were inhibited by less than 0.1 micrograms/ml. although most staph ...19836229216
structural studies on the o-antigen of aeromonas salmonicida.lipopolysaccharide from a strain of aeromonas salmonicida salmonicida was isolated from cells by the aqueous phenol method in 2.3% yield (based on dry weight of bacteria). hydrolysis of the lipopolysaccharide in 1% acetic acid afforded o-polysaccharide (19% by weight), core-oligosaccharide (12.2%) and lipid a (44.6%). analysis indicated that 3-deoxy-d-manno-2-octulosonic acid was absent from the lipopolysaccharide and that no low-molecular-weight compounds were released by the mild hydrolysis. t ...19836188611
patterns of intestinal infection in australian aboriginal children.a year-long, prospective study of aboriginal children with diarrhoea showed a high rate of isolation of bacterial pathogens, viruses and parasites in faecal specimens. seventeen per cent of patients had enterotoxigenic bacteria in their stools; none of the 132 aboriginal children without diarrhoea studied at the same time had enterotoxigenic bacteria isolated. salmonellae and shigellae were also much more common in the diarrhoea group. bacterial pathogens including enterotoxigenic e. coli and ae ...19836191647
in vitro susceptibility of hospital isolates of various bacterial genera to chlorhexidine. 19836195226
heterotrophic bacteria accompanying stichococcus bacillaris in laboratory cultures.the number and composition of bacterial microflora accompanying stichococcus bacillaris in various media with urea was determined. the number of heterotrophic bacteria during 5 days of incubation increased 10-fold. only some of the isolated bacterial strains were able to grow in medium for algae supplemented with dead s. bacillaris cells. it is suggested that bacteria utilize organic matter released to the medium by s. bacillaris. the most numerous among the isolated bacteria were enterobacteria ...19836198881
isolation of aeromonas from faeces. 19836130348
haemagglutination properties & fimbriation in enterotoxigenic aeromonas hydrophila strains. 19836143724
interactions of erythrocytes with bacteria under shear. 19836145382
isolation and partial characterization of two aeromonas hydrophila bacteriophages.two aeromonas hydrophila bacteriophages, aeh1 and aeh2, were isolated from sewage. both phages showed binal symmetry. the dimensions of a. hydrophila phages aeh1 and aeh2 differed from those of the other aeromonas phages. also, phage aeh2 was the largest aeromonas phage studied to date. phage aeh1 formed small, clear plaques, and phage aeh2 formed turbid plaques with clear centers. both phages were sensitive to chloroform treatment, being totally inactivated after treatment for 1 h at 60 degrees ...198316346300
predominant bacteria in an activated sludge reactor for the degradation of cutting fluids.for the first time, an activated sludge reactor, established for the degradation of cutting fluids, was examined for predominant bacteria. in addition, both total and viable numbers of bacteria in the reactor were determined so that the percentage of each predominant type in the total reactor population could be determined. three samples were studied, and a total of 15 genera were detected. in each sample, the genus pseudomonas and the genus microcyclus were present in high numbers. three other ...198316346426
immunodominant protein epitopes. i. induction of suppression to hen egg white lysozyme is obliterated by removal of the first three n-terminal amino acids.the lack of response to hen egg white lysozyme (hel) by c57bl (h-2b) mice has been demonstrated previously to be related to the induction of suppressor t (ts) cells which recognize the amino terminal region of hel. in this report, the nature of the protein determinant required for ts cell induction is more precisely detailed using des-1,2,3-hel (ap-hel) prepared with an aminopeptidase purified from aeromonas proteolytica . remarkably, the removal of just these three amino acids obliterates the a ...19846202528
the use of a biotyping system to investigate an unusual clustering bacteraemias caused by aeromonas species.aeromonas spp. were isolated from blood cultures taken from four clinically bacteraemic patients over an 18 day period on four separate wards. a common source was suspected and extensive environmental sampling revealed two more ward isolates of aeromonas spp. a biotyping system was employed which distinguished the strains from each other and indicated that a common source was unlikely. this coincidental clustering occurred in the autumn, a period when isolates from water and faeces are normally ...19846205061
esterase electrophoresis: a new epidemiological screening test for aeromonas hydrophila hospital infection. 19846208255
[aeromonas hydrophila septicemia. epidemiologic aspects. 15 cases].fifteen cases of aeromonas hydrophila septicaemia, characterized by their frequent pulmonary lesions and the severity of their course, are reported. the delay observed between admission to hospital and first symptoms, together with the presence of anatomical lesions or physiological disturbances suggesting bacterial invasion by the intestinal route, have led the authors to postulate a nosocomial digestive contamination, probably from water, as suggested by the particular ecology of this micro-or ...19846232567
studies with enterotoxigenic microorganisms: effects of candidate antidiarrhoeals in experimental animals in vivo.chlorpromazine or aspirin alone, when given to rats parenterally, reduced intestinal fluid secretion induced by cell-free preparations of enterotoxigenic organisms including escherichia coli, aeromonas hydrophila, staphylococcus pyogenes, and salmonella typhimurium. a combination of chlorpromazine-aspirin given parenterally caused much more marked reduction of fluid secretion. indomethacin also had significant antisecretory effects against a range of bacterial enterotoxins, while loperamide was ...19846237185
induction of nonspecific immunosuppression in a primitive teleost, rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri).induction of immunological non-reactivity to goldfish red blood cells (gfrbc), sheep red blood cells (srbc) and to formalin-killed aeromonas salmonicida cells was obtained in yearling rainbow trout raised under laboratory aquarium conditions (at 10 degrees c). haemolysin and agglutinin titres were measured 1 to 4 weeks after immunization. while trout immunized with low and high doses of antigen by intramuscular (im) and intraperitoneal (ip) injections produced high antibody titres, administratio ...19846238855
in vitro activity of pefloxacin compared to that of quinolones and other antimicrobial agents.pefloxacin is a new methyl-4-piperazinyl quinolone. it had mic90 values of less than 0.01 to 0.8 micrograms/ml for the majority of escherichia coli, klebsiella, oxytoca, citrobacter, providencia, enterobacter cloacae, enterobacter aerogenes, morganella and proteus mirabilis. it inhibited ampicillin, cephalexin and nalidixic acid resistant isolates of these species. against pseudomonas the pefloxacin mic90 was 3.1 micrograms/ml. staphylococcus aureus had a mic50 of 0.4 micrograms/ml and a mic90 o ...19846241847
the rate of evolutionary divergence of initiation factors if2 and if3 in various bacterial species determined quantitatively by immunoblotting.antibodies to escherichia coli translational initiation factors if2 and if3 were used for an immunological comparison of unpurified proteins from the following genera: salmonella, serratia, proteus, aeromonas, pseudomonas, streptococcus, sarcina and bacillus. immunological relatedness was compared by ouchterlony double diffusion experiments and immunoblotting analysis. immunoblotting is a quantitative technique for measuring levels of specific proteins in crude cell lysates. we have used this te ...19846084987
aeromonas hydrophila: an outbreak of hospital infection.aeromonas hydrophila is a gram-negative water-borne organism widely distributed in the environment. this organism is a recognized cause of diarrhoea and an opportunist pathogen in immunosuppressed patients. an outbreak of hospital-acquired infection which included three cases of pneumonia is reported. the organism was isolated from 19 patients.19846085098
pyogenic meningitis manifesting during therapy for aeromonas hydrophila sepsis.pyogenic meningitis became apparent on the third day of ampicillin and gentamicin therapy for aeromonas hydrophila sepsis in a patient with severe alcoholic hepatitis. the patient responded clinically to therapy with intravenous cefotaxime sodium and gentamicin sulfate. antibiotic therapy that provides adequate csf concentrations should be considered in the treatment of patients with aeromonas sepsis.19846091581
new medium for detection of esterase and gelatinase activity.a new medium was developed for detecting esterase and gelatinase activities in aerobic and facultatively anaerobic bacteria. the new medium was tested with various strains of bacteria and the results showed agreement between the reactions in the new medium and those obtained by conventional techniques. the new medium is more economical and may be used for a rapid differentiation of serratia, aeromonas and vibrio species from biochemically similar bacteria.19846098101
structural and immunochemical homogeneity of aeromonas salmonicida lipopolysaccharide.sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was used to analyze the lipopolysaccharides of typical and atypical strains of the fish pathogen aeromonas salmonicida. 32p intrinsically radiolabeled lipopolysaccharide in sarcosinate-extracted outer membrane preparations, lipopolysaccharide stained by silver in proteinase k-digested outer membrane preparations and whole cell lysates, as well as purified lipopolysaccharide, displayed o-polysaccharide chains which were unusually homogeneo ...19846370955
[partial purification of the extracellular proteolytic system of aeromonas hydrophila lp50: comparative chromatographic and electrophoretic study].a complex extracellular proteolytic system was produced by aeromonas hydrophila lp50 on glucose- polypeptone medium. partial purification of this system was accomplished by ammonium sulphate precipitation, acetone precipitation, gel filtration on sephacryl- s200 and chromatography on deae-sephacel. every stage was controlled by electrophoresis. this proteolytic system was constituted of three aminopeptidase and two endopeptidase components.19846372579
neuraminidase production by vibrio cholerae o1 and other diarrheagenic bacteria.vibrio cholerae o1 strains belonging to both biotypes (classical and el tor) and both serotypes (ogawa and inaba) produced neuraminidase which was released rather than cell bound. classical strains made more neuraminidase than did el tor strains. about one-third of v. cholerae non-o1 strains and one-fourth of aeromonas hydrophila strains were neuraminidase positive. strains of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and shigella spp. did not produce detectable neuraminidase.19846373618
aeromonas: biology of the organism and diseases in children. 19846374630
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