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edwardsiella tarda t6ss component evpp is regulated by esrb and iron, and plays essential roles in the invasion of fish.edwardsiella tarda is a gram-negative pathogen for hemorrhagic septicemia in a broad range of hosts. the type vi secretion system (t6ss) has recently been dissected in e. tarda to secrete evpc, evpi and a novel effector protein evpp. in this study, sequencing and genetic alignments showed that evpp genes from different e. tarda isolates were highly similar and an evpp homolog was also found in aeromonas hydrophila 0865 isolated from a diseased eel, suggesting the possible lateral gene transfer o ...200919563898
identification of (l)-fucose-binding proteins from the nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus l.) serum.lectins are carbohydrate-binding proteins with many biological functions including cellular recognition and innate immunity. in this study, a major l-fucose-binding lectin from the serum of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus l.), designated as tfbp, was isolated by l-fucose-bsa sepharose cl6b affinity chromatography. the sds-page (10%) analysis of tfbp revealed a major band of approximately 23 kda with an n-terminal amino acid sequence of dqtetagqqsxpqdihavlrel which did not give significant si ...200919563899
systemic adenovirus infection in sulawesi tortoises (indotestudo forsteni) caused by a novel siadenovirus.a novel siadenovirus was identified in the sulawesi tortoise (indotestudo forsteni). a group of 105 sulawesi tortoises was obtained by the turtle survival alliance. many of the tortoises were in poor health. clinical signs included anorexia, lethargy, mucosal ulcerations and palatine erosions of the oral cavity, nasal and ocular discharge, and diarrhea. initial diagnostic tests included fecal testing for parasites, complete blood count and plasma biochemical analysis, mycoplasma serology, and po ...200919564489
environmental and climatic factors associated with epizootic ulcerative syndrome (eus) in fish from the zambezi floodplains, zambia.this study was conducted to determine environmental and climatic factors associated with epizootic ulcerative syndrome (eus) in fish in the zambezi floodplains. eus is a fish disease that causes economic loses to the fishing industry. streambed colour in affected water was rusty-, reddish- or yellowish- brown and ph 4.5-6.0 while ph of non affected water was 7.2. the rusty-brown precipitate on fish gills was positive for prussian blue iron stain. therefore, predisposing factors for eus in the za ...200919565173
phylogenetic analysis and identification of aeromonas species based on sequencing of the cpn60 universal analysis of the universal target (ut) sequence from the cpn60 gene was performed in order to evaluate its usefulness in phylogenetic and taxonomic studies and as an identification marker for the genus aeromonas. sequences of 555 bp, corresponding to the ut region, were obtained from a collection of 35 strains representing all of the species and subspecies of aeromonas. from the analysis of these sequences, a range of divergence of 0-23.3% was obtained, with a mean of 11.2+/-0.9%. comparative ...200919567585
aeromonas piscicola sp. nov., isolated from diseased fish.four aeromonas strains (s1.2(t), eo-0505, tc1 and ti 1.1) isolated from moribund fish in spain showed a restriction fragment length polymorphism (rflp) pattern related to strains of aeromonas salmonicida and aeromonas bestiarum but their specific taxonomic position was unclear. multilocus sequence analysis (mlsa) of housekeeping genes rpod, gyrb, reca and dnaj confirmed the allocation of these isolates to an unknown genetic lineage within the genus aeromonas with a. salmonicida, a. bestiarum and ...200919570633
arsenic binding to iron(ii) minerals produced by an iron(iii)-reducing aeromonas strain isolated from paddy iron reducing bacterial strain was isolated from a paddy soil and identified as a member of the aeromonas group by 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. when the cells were growing with dissolved fe(iii) as electron acceptor in the presence of as(v), fe(ii) minerals (siderite and vivianite) were formed and dissolved as was removed efficiently from solution. when the cells were growing with the fe(iii) hydroxide mineral (ferrihydrite) as electron acceptor in the presence of as(v), ferrihydrite was ...200919572768
crystallization and preliminary x-ray diffraction studies of asap1_e294a and asap1_e294q, two inactive mutants of the toxic zinc metallopeptidase asap1 from aeromonas salmonicida subsp. achromogenes.two mutants of the toxic extracellular zinc endopeptidase asap1 (asap1_e294q and asap1_e294a) of aeromonas salmonicida subsp. achromogenes were expressed in escherichia coli and crystallized by the vapour-diffusion method. crystals were obtained using several precipitants and different protein concentrations. protein crystals were found in a monoclinic (c2) as well as an orthorhombic (p2(1)2(1)2(1)) space group. the crystals belonging to the monoclinic space group c2 had unit-cell parameters a = ...200919574642
characterization of electrochemical activity of a strain iso2-3 phylogenetically related to aeromonas sp. isolated from a glucose-fed microbial fuel cell.the microbial communities associated with electrodes in closed and open circuit microbial fuel cells (mfcs) fed with glucose were analyzed by 16s rrna approach and compared. the comparison revealed that bacteria affiliated with the aeromonas sp. within the gammaproteobacteria constituted the major population in the closed circuit mfc (harvesting electricity) and considered to play important roles in current generation. we, therefore, attempted to isolate the dominant bacteria from the anode biof ...200919575435
transcription factor gata-3 in atlantic salmon (salmo salar): molecular characterization, promoter activity and expression analysis.gata-3 is a t cell-specific transcription factor and is essential for the development of the t cell lineage and differentiation of t helper type 2 cells. we have identified and characterized the full-length atlantic salmon gata-3 cdna (3074bp), having two zinc finger domains which are fully conserved within teleosts and higher vertebrates. rt-pcr analysis revealed that the atlantic salmon gata-3 (asgata-3) is strongly expressed in gills, thymus, and brain. moreover, the involvement of gata-3 in ...200919576635
molecular detection of enterotoxins in environmental strains of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas jandaei.aeromonas species are widely distributed in aquatic environments and recent studies include the genus in the emergent pathogens group because of its frequent association with local and systemic infections in immunocompetent humans. aiming to search for virulence genes in environmental strains of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas jandaei, we designed specific primers to detect act/hlya/aer complex and alt genes. primers described elsewhere were used to detect ast. eighty-seven strains previously ...200919590136
in vivo modulation of immune response and antioxidant defense in atlantic cod, gadus morhua following oral administration of oxolinic acid and florfenicol.oxolinic acid and florfenicol are the commonly used antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial diseases in atlantic cod, gadus morhua. the changes in selected innate humoral immune response of the fish, bacterial proliferation in serum and transcriptional activity of selected immune and antioxidant defense-related genes following oral administration of these antimicrobial compounds were evaluated. juvenile cod (75-100 g) were fed commercial feed coated with either florfenicol (10 mg kg(-1) fish, ...200919596082
identification and pathogenicity to rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum), of some aeromonads.twelve strains of fish pathogenic aeromonads were identified by 16s rrna sequencing as aeromonas bestiarum, a. hydrophila, a. hydrophila subsp. dhakensis, a. salmonicida subsp. salmonicida, a. sobria biovar sobria and a. veronii biovar sobria. following intramuscular injection, a. hydrophila subsp. dhakensis caused dark liquefying, raised furuncle-like lesions in rainbow trout within 48 h. extracellular products of all cultures contained gelatinase and lecithinase, and most revealed lipase. cong ...200919602093
innate immune response and disease resistance in carassius auratus by triherbal solvent extracts.this study reports the effect of aqueous, ethanol and methanol triherbal solvent extract from azadirachta indica, ocimum sanctum and curcuma longa on innate immune mechanisms such as phagocytosis activity, respiratory burst activity, alternative complement activity and lysozyme activity and disease resistance in goldfish (carassius auratus) against aeromonas hydrophila. fish were intraperitoneally injected with different doses of 0, 5, 50 and 100 mg kg(-1) body weight of each triherbal solvent e ...200919616631
investigation of shell disease in map turtles (graptemys spp.).nineteen map turtles (graptemys spp.) maintained under natural conditions were investigated because of chronic shell abnormalities. animals were evaluated using a novel shell scoring system that divided the 54 scutes into six regions, with each region scored for lesion extent and severity, and summated to produce a total shell disease score (tsds). complete blood counts and various biochemistry analytes (total protein, albumin, globulin, urea, uric acid, 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, phosphorus, an ...200919617474
dietary mannan oligosaccharide supplementation modulates intestinal microbial ecology and improves gut morphology of rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum).a study was conducted to investigate the effect of mannan oligosaccharide (mos) on the gut microbiota and intestinal morphology of rainbow trout under commercial farming conditions. juvenile (mean initial bw 38.2 +/- 1.7 g) and subadult (111.7 +/- 11.6 g) trout were fed 2 dietary treatments for 111 and 58 d, respectively. the control treatment consisted of a standard commercial diet, and the mos treatment consisted of the control diet supplemented with 0.2% mos. morphology of the anterior and th ...200919617514
antimicrobial therapy for water-associated wound infections in a disaster setting: gram-negative bacilli in an aquatic environment and lessons from banda members of the japan disaster relief (jdr) team in banda aceh, three of the authors treated 1,891 patients following the tsunami of 2004. of the 367 cases with traumatic injuries, 216 cases required antimicrobial therapy. the medical services were continued by the japan self-defense (jsd) medical team until mid-march 2005. of the 216 cases initially treated by jdr, 54 required prolonged antimicrobial therapy for persistent symptoms despite repeated debridement. the aim of this study is to rec ...200919618353
divergent evolution and purifying selection of the flaa gene sequences in aeromonas.the bacterial flagellum is the most important organelle of motility in bacteria and plays a key role in many bacterial lifestyles, including virulence. the flagellum also provides a paradigm of how hierarchical gene regulation, intricate protein-protein interactions and controlled protein secretion can result in the assembly of a complex multi-protein structure tightly orchestrated in time and space. as if to stress its importance, plants and animals produce receptors specifically dedicated to t ...200919622168
variations in the expressed antimicrobial peptide repertoire of northern leopard frog (rana pipiens) populations suggest intraspecies differences in resistance to pathogens.the northern leopard frog (rana pipiens or lithobates pipiens) is historically found in most of the provinces of canada and the northern and southwest states of the united states. in the last 50 years, populations have suffered significant losses, especially in the western regions of the species range. using a peptidomics approach, we show that the pattern of expressed antimicrobial skin peptides of frogs from three geographically separated populations are distinct, and we report the presence of ...200919622371
typing of clinical and environmental strains of aeromonas spp. using two pcr based methods and whole cell protein analysis.two pcr based typing methods i.e. random amplified polymorphic dna analysis (rapd) and enterobacterial repetitive intergenic consensus sequence (eric)-pcr were evaluated for typing of 42 aeromonas isolates from clinical and environmental sources and whole cell protein (wcp) profiles were analyzed. both rapd and eric-pcr showed a high level of genetic diversity. numerical index of the discriminatory (d) values were 0.94 and 0.96 (>0.90) for rapd and eric-pcr, respectively. no correlation in bandi ...200919622374
exploring threshold operation criteria of biostimulation for azo dye decolorization using immobilized cell systems.this follow-up study provided an evaluation on threshold operation criteria of biostimulation in immobilized cell systems (icss) with aeromonas hydrophila onto packing materials porites corals. essential nutrients in appropriate flow rate for biostimulation were inevitably required to maintain maximum attached cell population for cost-effective biodecolorization. with the method of "graphical reconstruction", the most economically feasible strategy of medium stimulation for color removal was qua ...200919628386
aeromonas species associated with necrotizing enteritis and septicemia in an adult male ostrich (struthio camelus).a deceased 10-yr-old male ostrich was diagnosed with severe necrotizing enteritis and septicemia. the bird was inappetent for 3 wk and had neurologic signs 2 days prior to death. macroscopically, no significant lesions were noted aside from congestion of the liver, kidneys, and spleen. histopathology revealed severe fibrinonecrotic enteritis,associated with large numbers of gram-negative bacteria, multifocal fibrinoid necrosis in portal arteries, accumulation of fibrin in hepatic sinusoids, myoc ...200919630242
inhibition of gamma-thrombin-induced human platelet aggregation by histone h1subtypes and h1.3 fragments.human platelets are differentially activated by varying concentrations of alpha-thrombin or by beta- and gamma-thrombin via three thrombin receptors, par-1, par-4 and is likely that the development of a normal or abnormal hemostatic event in humans is dictated, in part, by the selective activation of these receptors. the ability to differentially inhibit these thrombin receptors could, therefore, have clinical significance. we have previously demonstrated that histone h1 selectively ...200919637099
identification of broad cross-protective immunogens using heterogeneous antiserum-based immunoproteomic approach.bacterium is still one of the major causes of life-threatening microbial infections. the most effective way to control bacterial infections is probably vaccine prevention. however, development of bacterial vaccine, especially polyvalent vaccines that could be used to fight against a variety of bacterial serotypes and species, is challenging due to the difficulty in identifying broad cross-protective antigens for different serotypes and species of pathogenic bacteria. in the present study, we dev ...200919640004
soybean meal alters autochthonous microbial populations, microvilli morphology and compromises intestinal enterocyte integrity of rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum).abstract rainbow trout were fed either a diet containing fishmeal (fm) as the crude protein source or a diet containing 50% replacement with soybean meal (sbm) for 16 weeks. an enteritis-like effect was observed in the sbm group; villi, enterocytes and microvilli were noticeably damaged compared with the fm group. the posterior intestine microvilli of sbm-fed fish were significantly shorter and the anterior intestine microvilli significantly less dense than the fm-fed fish. electron microscopy c ...200919490393
oral bacterial flora of the chinese cobra (naja atra) and bamboo pit viper (trimeresurus albolabris) in hong kong sar, determine the oral bacterial flora associated with two common local venomous snakes in hong kong, namely the chinese cobra (naja atra) and the bamboo pit viper (trimeresurus albolabris).200919494373
the effect of hyperoxygenation and reduced flow in fresh water and subsequent infectious pancreatic necrosis virus challenge in sea water, on the intestinal barrier integrity in atlantic salmon, salmo salar high intensive fish production systems, hyperoxygenation and reduced flow are often used to save water and increase the holding capacity. this commonly used husbandry practice has been shown to be stressful to fish and increase mortality after infectious pancreatic necrosis virus (ipnv) challenge, but the cause and effect relationship is not known. salmonids are particularly sensitive to stress during smoltification and the first weeks after seawater (sw) transfer. this work aimed at investig ...200919500205
construction of an attenuated pseudomonas fluorescens strain and evaluation of its potential as a cross-protective vaccine.ferric uptake regulator (fur) is a global transcription regulator that is ubiquitous to gram-negative bacteria and regulates diverse biological processes, including iron uptake, cellular metabolism, stress response, and production of virulence determinants. as a result, for many pathogenic bacteria, fur plays a crucial role in the course of infection and disease development. in this study, the fur gene was cloned from a pathogenic pseudomonas fluorescens strain, tss, isolated from diseased japan ...200919501788
characterization and comparative analyses of zebrafish intelectins: highly conserved sequences, diversified structures and functions.intelectin family, also called the x-lectin family, is a newly discovered gene family involved in development and innate immunity. however, no research was carried out for this gene family in the model organism zebrafish. here we present the first characterization of seven zebrafish intelectins (zintls) and the first systematic comparative analysis of intelectins from various species in order to provide some clues to the function and evolution of this gene family. we examined the expression patt ...200919100836
temporal and spatial fate of gfp-expressing motile and nonmotile aeromonas hydrophila in the house fly digestive gain insight into the transmissibility of bacteria by house flies, the temporal and spatial fate of green fluorescent protein (gfp)-expressing motile and nonmotile strains of aeromonas hydrophila was examined within the alimentary canal. liquid food consumed by house flies is first stored in the crop and then is regurgitated and/or passed into the midgut. once within the midgut, food is contained inside a double-layered peritrophic matrix (pm), with the inner layer enveloping digested materia ...200919198526
quantitative detection of helicobacter pylori in water samples by real-time pcr amplification of the cag pathogenicity island gene, cage.a new real-time pcr assay that simultaneously amplifies a 102-bp fragment of the cage gene from helicobacter pylori and a new internal positive control containing a specific sequence of the gyrb gene from aeromonas hydrophila, was developed and validated for the detection of h. pylori in environmental samples.200919302298
in vitro potency of doripenem tested against an international collection of rarely isolated bacterial pathogens.doripenem, a new 1beta-methyl parenteral carbapenem, has very broad-spectrum activity against gram-positive and gram-negative aerobic bacteria. as noted here, the spectrum and potency extended to many rarely isolated species sampled by the doripenem global surveillance program. among the species or species groups with <or=0.14% prevalence (1959 strains tested), doripenem was active against 98.9% of enterobacteriaceae at <or=0.5 microg/ml. similarly, more than 90% of other rarely isolated gram-ne ...200919302927
predicting virulence of aeromonas isolates based on changes in transcription of c-jun and c-fos in human tissue culture screen for the virulence potential of aeromonas isolates based on the change in regulation of c-jun and c-fos in the human intestinal tissue culture cell line caco-2.200919320953
myxinidin, a novel antimicrobial peptide from the epidermal mucus of hagfish, myxine glutinosa epidermal mucus contains innate immune components that provide a first line of defense against various infectious pathogens. this study reports the bioassay-guided fractionation and characterization of a novel antimicrobial peptide, myxinidin, from the acidic epidermal mucus extract of hagfish (myxine glutinosa l.). edman sequencing and mass spectrometry revealed that myxinidin consists of 12 amino acids and has a molecular mass of 1,327.68 da. myxinidin showed activity against a broad rang ...200919330556
biosorption of cr(vi) from aqueous solution using a. hydrophila in up-flow column: optimization of process the present study, continuous up-flow fixed-bed column study was carried out using immobilized dead biomass of aeromonas hydrophila for the removal of cr(vi) from aqueous solution. different polymeric matrices were used to immobilized biomass and polysulfone-immobilized biomass has shown to give maximum removal. the sorption capacity of immobilized biomass for the removal of cr(vi) evaluating the breakthrough curves obtained at different flow rate and bed height. a maximum of 78.58% cr(vi) re ...200919333592
characterization and application of a native lactic acid bacterium isolated from tannery fleshings for fermentative bioconversion of tannery fleshings.lactic acid bacteria (lab) species isolated from limed and delimed tannery fleshings (tf) were evaluated for their fermentation efficiency and antibacterial property. the native lab isolates efficiently fermented tf and resulted in a fermented mass with antioxidant properties, indicating their potential for effective eco-friendly bioconversion of tf. from among the lab isolated, a proteolytic isolate showing better antimicrobial spectrum and reasonably good fermentation efficiency was identified ...200919333593
appendicitis associated with travelers' diarrhea caused by aeromonas sobria.aeromonas species is an infrequent pathogen causing travelers' diarrhea and gastroenteritis. no human case of appendicitis has been reported as a complication of aeromonas infection until now. we describe a case of acute appendicitis associated with aeromonas sobria infection acquired in cebu, philippines.200919335814
increased liver protein and mrna expression of natural killer cell-enhancing factor b (nkef-b) in ayu (plecoglossus altivelis) after aeromonas hydrophila infection.natural killer cell-enhancing factor (nkef) may mediate cellular responses to proinflammatory molecules. the liver proteins of aeromonas hydrophila-infected ayu (plecoglossus altivelis) and healthy control fish were analyzed by 2de. a protein, which increased significantly in diseased fish, was identified as nkef-b by maldi-tof-ms. a full-length cdna clone of this proteinwas subsequently isolated. it contains 1092 bp with an open reading frame of 591 bp, coding for 197 amino acids with mw 21.9 k ...200919340957
fermentation and growth kinetic study of aeromonas caviae under anaerobic conditions.although aeromonas caviae is pathogenic to a broad range of invertebrates including human, frequent in aquatic environments, and potentially vital for acidogenesis in anaerobic digestion, virtually no biokinetic information on its anaerobic growth is at hand. therefore, this study focused on evaluating its anaerobic growth kinetics on glucose. to provide a set of relevant biokinetic coefficients for modeling, a combination of curve fitting and numerical modeling was used. microcultivations were ...200919343339
biosorption of pb(ii) from water using biomass of aeromonas hydrophila: central composite design for optimization of process variables.biomass of aeromonas hydrophila was successfully utilized for the removal of lead from aqueous solution. the effect of process variables such as ph, initial pb(ii) concentration, biomass dose and temperature on the uptake of lead were investigated using two level four factor (2(4)) full factorial central composite design with the help of minitab version 15 software. the predicted results thus obtained were found to be in good agreement (r(2)=98.6%) with the results obtained by performing experim ...200919345004
the effect of euglena viridis on immune response of rohu, labeo rohita (ham.).the study evaluated the effect of dietary doses of euglena viridis on the immune response and disease resistance of labeo rohita fingerlings against infection with the bacterial pathogen aeromonas hydrophila. l. rohita fingerlings were fed with diet containing 0 (control), 0.1 g, 0.5 g, 1.0 g euglena powder kg(-1) dry diet for 90 days. biochemical (serum total protein, albumin, globulin, albumin:globulin ratio), haematological (wbc, rbc, haemoglobin content) and immunological (superoxide anion p ...200919345266
global etiology of travelers' diarrhea: systematic review from 1973 to the present.fifty-one published studies of travelers' diarrhea (td) were examined to look for regional differences in pathogens identified. enterotoxigenic e. coli was detected in 1,678/5,518 (30.4%) of td cases overall, with rates in latin america/caribbean (l. america), africa, south asia, and southeast asia of 1,109/3,302 (33.6%), 389/1,217 (31.2%), 153/499 (30.6%), and 36/500 (7.2%), respectively (p < 0.001). enteroaggregative e. coli was the second most common agent in l. america, found in 166/689 (24. ...200919346386
high frequency of hemolytic and cytotoxic activity in aeromonas spp. isolated from clinical, food and environmental in rio de janeiro, brazil.molecular study of aerolysin and cytotonic enterotoxin genes by pcr and colony blot hybridization was performed in 117 strains of aeromonas spp. isolated from different sources. homogeneous distribution of these genes in a. hydrophila complex strains was observed. for a. caviae and a. sobria complex strains, aerolysin genes were more frequent than cytotonic enterotoxins genes. of 64 a. caviae complex strains, only one (1.5%) amplified the 451 bp product for the aer gene, however, the same primer ...200919347601
quantitative analysis of bacterial adhesion to fish tissue.adhesion to host tissue represents a first crucial step in most bacterial infections. both specific adhesion-ligand as well as hydrophobic interactions may be involved. the adhesion of aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida, lactococcus garvieae, and yersinia ruckeri strains to fish tissue cells was assessed. to determine whether the observed bacterial adhesion to fish tissue cells was caused by non-specific interactions, adhesion to bovine serum albumin (bsa) and polystyrene was also tested. ...200919349152
revealing interactive toxicity of aromatic amines to azo dye decolorizer aeromonas hydrophila.this study attempted to combine chemostat pulse technique (cpt) and dose-mortality assessment in pursuit of quantitative rankings of toxicity of model aromatic amines (maas) in the presence of diazo dye reactive red 141 (or evercion red h-e7b; rr141) upon aeromonas hydrophila. as known, bacterial decolorization performance of azo dyes is directly dependent upon both the characteristics of biochemical reactivity and biotoxicity of dyes and related aromatic amines towards color removal. thus, the ...200919111981
antimicrobial activity of prulifloxacin tested against a worldwide collection of gastroenteritis-producing pathogens, including those causing traveler's diarrhea.prulifloxacin, the prodrug of ulifloxacin (active component), is a newer fluoroquinolone with broad activity against enteric and nonenteric gram-negative bacilli. ulifloxacin and other oral comparator agents were tested for activity against 582 gastroenteritis strains from global surveillance studies. ulifloxacin was highly active against escherichia coli, salmonella spp., shigella spp., yersinia spp., vibrio spp., aeromonas spp., and plesiomonas spp. (mic(50)s and mic(90)s, <or=0.03 microg/ml a ...200919114678
surgical site infection due to aeromonas species: report of nine cases and literature review.gastrointestinal and wound infections are the most common clinical presentation of aeromonas. surgical site infections (ssis) due to this microorganism are rare. we studied the clinical and microbiological characteristics of 9 cases that appeared at 2 spanish hospitals and reviewed 15 cases available in the literature. all patients (including our cases) had gastrointestinal or biliary diseases. 21 patients (91.3%) developed ssis after abdominal or pelvic surgery. the mean duration from surgery t ...200919117246
evaluation of a digoxigenin-labelled probe for detection of aeromonas outer membrane protein-based digoxigenin (dig)-labelled dna probe was developed for the specific detection of aeromonas sp. from food/environmental/clinical samples. dot blot reaction answered for all the aeromonas isolates and was negative for escherichia coli, pseudomonas sp., klebsiella sp., vibrio parahaemolyticus, v. harveyi, v. alginolyticus, v. vulnificus. edwardsiella tarda and staphylococcus sp. as this protein is highly conserved in various aeromonas species, the probe has the poten ...200919187505
genetic characterization of pasa6, a new plasmid from aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida that encodes a type iii effector protein aoph homolog.a new plasmid designated pasa6 from an aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida strain isolated from diseased turbot has been characterized. pasa6 consists of 18536bp, has a g+c content of 53.8% and encodes 20 predicted open-reading frames (orfs). eight orfs showed homology to transposases, of which six are complete and two are partial is sequences. two orfs showed homology to replication proteins, and six orfs showed homology to hypothetical proteins. two orfs are truncated homologs of putative ...200919195484
development of a bacterial challenge test for gnotobiotic sea bass (dicentrarchus labrax) larvae.the use of probiotic microorganisms in aquaculture is gaining a lot of interest. gnotobiotic model systems are required in order to fully understand the effects and modes-of-action of these microorganisms, as the native microbial communities present in non-sterile animals can lead to false conclusions. in this study, a gnotobiotic sea bass larvae (dicentrarchus labrax) test system was developed. in order to obtain bacteria-free animals, the eggs were disinfected with glutaraldehyde and subsequen ...200919196282
a review of necrotising fasciitis in the review currently available evidence on the epidemiology and methods of management for necrotising fasciitis, with particular reference to hong kong.200919197096
isolation and identification of two novel sds-resistant secreted chitinases from aeromonas schubertii.two sds-resistant endochitinases, designated as aschi53 and aschi61, were isolated from aeromonas schubertii in a soil sample from southern taiwan. maldi-tof mass measurement indicates the molecular weights of 53,527 for aschi53 and 61,202 for aschi61. n-terminal and internal amino acid sequences were obtained, and blast analysis of the sequences and ms/ms peptide sequencing showed that they were novel proteins. degradation of chitin by these two endochitinases gave rise to hexameric chitin olig ...200919197977
antimicrobial activities of doripenem and other carbapenems against pseudomonas aeruginosa, other nonfermentative bacilli, and aeromonas spp.the in vitro activity of doripenem against prevalent nonfermentative gram-negative bacilli and aeromonas spp. was evaluated. the collection comprised 14979 nonduplicate clinical isolates submitted during a global doripenem surveillance program conducted from 2003 through 2007. susceptibility tests were performed using the clinical and laboratory standards institute reference broth microdilution method and the susceptibility criteria of the us food and drug administration. doripenem (mic(90), 8 a ...200919249180
emerging infections of the gastrointestinal tract.infections account for significant gi morbidity and mortality worldwide. new organisms are being identified, associated with diarrhoeal illness and some with other gastrointestinal illness as well. among gi viruses, sapovirus is now recognised to cause diarrhoea, especially in children. a hypervirulent strain of clostridium difficile has caused epidemics in many countries. newly identified bacterial species that may cause diarrhoea include campylobacter concisus, arcobacteria, edwardsiella tarda ...200919258189
detection of bacterioplankton in immersed cadavers using selective agar plates.we measured bacterioplankton in blood from cadavers retrieved from the sea (n=12), near estuaries (n=4), rivers (fresh water, n=8) and from bathtubs (n=4) as well as from non-drowned victims (n=10) discovered near aquatic environments. blood from 11 victims drowned in seawater developed bioluminescent and/or blue colonies (oxidase test positive) on selective media containing 2-4% nacl. homology analyses of the 16s rrna gene showed that all of them were marine bacteria (genera: photobacterium, vi ...200919261520
toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathway can be triggered by grass carp reovirus and aeromonas hydrophila infection in rare minnow gobiocypris rarus.toll-like receptor 4 (tlr4) is critical for lps recognition and cellular responses. it also recognizes some viral envelope proteins. detection mostly results in the inflammation rather than specific antiviral responses. however, it's unclear in fish. in this report, a tlr4 gene (named as grtlr4b) was cloned and characterized from rare minnow gobiocypris rarus. the full length of grtlr4b cdna consists of 2766 nucleotides and encodes a polypeptide of 818 amino acids with an estimated molecular mas ...200919264133
morphological changes of aeromonas hydrophila in response to osmotic stress.the adaptive response of bacteria to stressful environmental situations may lead to a modification of physiological and phenotypical characteristics, including morphology. the aim of this study was the analysis of the ultrastructural changes in aeromonas hydrophila exposed to different nacl concentrations (1.7%, 3.4%, 6%) at 4 and 24 degrees c for 188 days. bacterial cultures were processed for scanning and transmission electron microscopy, and specimens were analysed at different times during o ...200919264494
pcr detection of bacterial genes provides evidence of death by drowning.we have developed a sensitive and specific pcr method for detecting plankton dna in cases of death by drowning. however, this pcr method could not be used for cases of drowning in water containing no plankton. bacteria species are normally localized in the throat and trachea and they may invade into blood through the respiratory tract in people who have drowned as well as species localized in water. the aim of this study was to establish a novel and expedient pcr method for detecting bacterial g ...200919264526
cost-effective biostimulation strategy for wastewater decolorization using immobilized-cell systems.this study tended to evaluate threshold operation criteria of biostimulation for optimal biodecolorization in immobilized-cell systems (icss) using porites corals as packing matrices. indigenous aeromonas hydrophila with high efficiency for decolorization isolated from northeast taiwan was used for study. as maximal treatment performance of ics could only be achieved with maximal absorbed biomass with highest color removal capability. maintaining optimal attached cells for cost-effective color r ...200919269169
surface-expressed enolase contributes to the pathogenesis of clinical isolate ssu of aeromonas this study, we demonstrated that the surface-expressed enolase from diarrheal isolate ssu of aeromonas hydrophila bound to human plasminogen and facilitated the latter's tissue-type plasminogen activator-mediated activation to plasmin. the bacterial surface-bound plasmin was more resistant to the action of its specific physiological inhibitor, the antiprotease alpha(2)-antiplasmin. we found that immunization of mice with purified recombinant enolase significantly protected the animals against ...200919270100
development of imipenem resistance in an aeromonas veronii biovar sobria clinical isolate recovered from a patient with cholangitis.several imipenem-susceptible and -resistant aeromonas veronii biovar sobria isolates with different morphologies and antimicrobial susceptibilities recovered from bile samples of a patient with cholangitis were analysed. these isolates belonged to the same clone and the imipenem-resistant strains showed overexpression of the imis gene, encoding a chromosomal carbapenemase. these results should make clinicians aware of the possible emergence of multidrug-resistant a. veronii biovar sobria, perhap ...200919273640
micrococcus luteus and pseudomonas species as probiotics for promoting the growth performance and health of nile tilapia, oreochromis niloticus.micrococcus luteus and pseudomonas species were isolated from the gonads and intestine of nile tilapia, oreochromis niloticus. m. luteus and ps. species antagonized aeromonas hydrophila with inhibition zone of 4 and 9 cm diameter, respectively. both microorganisms were added to artificial basal diet with 30% crude protein to evaluate their efficacy on the growth-performance and survival rate, besides some blood-parameters and chemistry. two hundred and forty o. niloticus with average body-weight ...200919361560
aeromonas spontaneous bacterial peritonitis: a highly fatal infectious disease in patients with advanced liver cirrhosis.aeromonas infections, rarely reported in western countries, are not uncommon infectious diseases in taiwan. the clinical manifestations and prognostic factors of aeromonas spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (sbp) in patients with liver cirrhosis were investigated.200919369176
ingestion of bacteria overproducing dnak attenuates vibrio infection of artemia franciscana larvae.feeding of bacterially encapsulated heat shock proteins (hsps) to invertebrates is a novel way to limit vibrio infection. as an example, ingestion of escherichia coli overproducing prokaryotic hsps significantly improves survival of gnotobiotically cultured artemia larvae upon challenge with pathogenic vibrio campbellii. the relationship between hsp accumulation and enhanced resistance to infection may involve dnak, the prokaryotic equivalent to hsp70, a major molecular chaperone in eukaryotic c ...200919373565
pathogenesis of aeromonas hydrophila strain kj99 infection and its extracellular products in two species of fish.the distribution of antigen and pathological changes induced by an experimental infection with aeromonas hydrophila strain kj99, and its extracellular products, were studied in two species of fish. the microorganism was disseminated systemically and the haemodynamic and tissue changes were similar to those observed in septicaemia of mammals. intussusception, degeneration and necrosis of the nervous plexus and muscular layers of the gastrointestinal tract were common findings.200919377089
antibiotic susceptibility profile of aeromonas spp. isolates from food in abu dhabi, united arab emirates.a total of 57 aeromonas isolates from food samples such as fresh and frozen chicken, game birds, pasteurized milk, baby food, bakery products, fruit and vegetables, fish, and water from abu dahbi, uae were investigated for antibiotic susceptibility profile. most strains were resistant to penicillins (ticarcillin, mezlocillin, oxacillin, piperacillin), sulfamethoxazole, trimethoprim and macrolides (erythromycin, vancomycin, clindamycin) but sensitive to tetracycline, chloramphenicol, nitrofuranto ...200919382665
water quality and ecological status of the alcantara river estuary (italy).the alcantara river estuary was studied to obtain the first data on both water quality and ecological status of the only river park in sicily (italy). water samples were seasonally collected from three selected stations in the estuarine area and from one station at the mouth of the estuary in the marine coastal zone. picoplankton and picophytoplankton counts were among the highest observed in estuarine environments and in other coastal waters of the mediterranean sea. the contribution of picophy ...200919382672
comparative metagenomics of daphnia symbionts.shotgun sequences of dna extracts from whole organisms allow a comprehensive assessment of possible symbionts. the current project makes use of four shotgun datasets from three species of the planktonic freshwater crustaceans daphnia: one dataset from clones of d. pulex and d. pulicaria and two datasets from one clone of d. magna. we analyzed these datasets with three aims: first, we search for bacterial symbionts, which are present in all three species. second, we search for evidence for cyanob ...200919383155
post-traumatic osteomyelitis due to aeromonas species.we report a case of aeromonas osteomyelitis due to injury in a sewage worker. he presented with cellulitis of the left foot. radiographs showed evidence of osteomyelitis involving the head and neck of the fifth metatarsal. aeromonas species was isolated from the tissue and swab from the foot. the head and neck of the fifth metatarsal were excised and the patient improved on 4 weeks of intravenous meropenem followed by 4 weeks of oral clindamycin and ciprofloxacin.200919384045
production and characterization of homopolymer poly(3-hydroxyvalerate) (phv) accumulated by wild type and recombinant aeromonas hydrophila strain 4ak4.aeromonas hydrophila 4ak4 normally produces copolyesters (phbhhx) consisting of 3-hydroxybutyrate (c4) and 3-hydroxyhexanoate (c6). wild type and recombinant a. hydrophila 4ak4 (psxw02) expressing vgb and fadd genes encoding vitreoscilla haemoglobin and escherichia coli acyl-coa synthase respectively, were found able to produce homopolyester poly(3-hydroxyvalerate) (phv) (c5) on undecanoic acid as a single carbon source. the recombinant grew to 5.59 g/l cell dry weight (cdw) containing 47.74 wt% ...200919395256
pathologic findings in larval and juvenile anurans inhabiting farm ponds in tennessee, usa.amphibian populations are declining globally, yet general pathologic surveys for free-ranging amphibians are uncommon. pathologic surveys are necessary to provide insight into the impacts of humans on emergence of pathogens in amphibian populations. during 2005, 104 american bullfrog (rana catesbeiana) and 80 green frog (rana clamitans) larvae and 40 green frog juveniles were collected from farm ponds in tennessee, and complete necropsies were performed. diagnostic testing included bacterial cul ...200919395741
preventing infective complications following leech therapy: is practice keeping pace with current research?despite several publications strongly advocating prophylactic antibiotics during leech therapy, and recent primary articles shedding new light on the microbiota of leeches, many units either do not use antibiotic prophylaxis, or are continuing to use ineffective agents.200919399888
acute effects of the antibiotic oxytetracycline on the bacterial community of the grass shrimp, palaemonetes pugio.the toxicity of oxytetracycline (otc) was evaluated in adult grass shrimp, palaemonetes pugio. initially, static acute (96 h) toxicity tests were conducted with shrimp exposed from 0 to 1,000 mg/l otc. a calculated lethal concentration 50% value of 683.30 mg/l otc (95% confidence interval 610.85-764.40 mg/l) was determined from these tests, along with a lowest-observable-effect concentration of 750 mg/l and no-observable-effect concentration of 500 mg/l. moreover, chronic sublethal effects of ot ...200919400597
continuous power generation and microbial community structure of the anode biofilms in a three-stage microbial fuel cell system.a mediator-less three-stage two-chamber microbial fuel cell (mfc) system was developed and operated continuously for more than 1.5 years to evaluate continuous power generation while treating artificial wastewater containing glucose (10 mm) concurrently. a stable power density of 28 w/m(3) was attained with an anode hydraulic retention time of 4.5 h and phosphate buffer as the cathode electrolyte. an overall dissolved organic carbon removal ratio was about 85%, and coulombic efficiency was about ...200919404637
immunoglobulin joining (j) chain and its expression in the chinese soft-shelled turtle (pelodiscus sinensis).the immunoglobulin (ig) joining (j) chain plays an important role in the formation of polymeric igs and their transport into secretions. in the present study, the cdna sequence of j chain has been cloned from the chinese soft-shelled turtle (pelodiscus sinensis) by reverse transcription (rt)-pcr and rapid amplification of cdna ends (race). the cdna sequence is 2347 bp in length and contains an open reading frame of 480 bp encoding 160 aa including the signal sequence. the deduced amino acid sequ ...200919409620
rapid aeromonas hydrophila identification by taqman pcr assay: comparison with a phenotypic method.aeromonas hydrophila is recognized as a human pathogen following wound exposure or ingestion of contaminated water and food. for rapid identification of this bacterium, a taqman-based real-time pcr assay has been developed.200919413760
detection of metallo-beta-lactamases-encoding genes in environmental isolates of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas determine the prevalence and expression of metallo-beta-lactamases (mbl)-encoding genes in aeromonas species recovered from natural water reservoirs in southeastern brazil.200919413767
a qrt-pcr-based method for the measurement of rrn operon copy develop a convenient and accurate method for estimating the rrn operon copy number (y(rrn)) in cells of pure prokaryotic cultures based on quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qrt-pcr).200919413774
igm, igd and igy and their expression pattern in the chinese soft-shelled turtle pelodiscus sinensis.three ig isotypes, igm, igd, and iga, were previously known in reptiles. here, in this report we describe igm, igd and a novel immunoglobulin heavy-chain isotype upsilon (igy) in chinese soft-shelled turtle (pelodiscus sinensis). the igm and igy constant domains are characteristically similar to their counterparts described in other vertebrates. the expression of igm and igd were detected at mrna level early during embryonic development, and their expression increased during further development. ...200919414198
antibiotic-resistant organisms cultured from atlantic bottlenose dolphins (tursiops truncatus) inhabiting estuarine waters of charleston, sc and indian river lagoon, fl.bottlenose dolphins (tursiops truncatus) from estuarine waters of indian river lagoon, fl (irl) and charleston, sc (chs) were cultured to screen for microorganism colonization and to assess antibiotic sensitivity. swabs (n = 909) were collected from the blowhole, gastric fluid, and feces of 171 individual dolphins the most frequently cultured organisms were plesiomonas shigelloides (n = 161), aeromonas hydrophila (n = 144), escherichia coli (n = 85), and pseudomonas fluorescens (n = 82). in desc ...200919415386
classification of brown pigmented aeromonads isolated from river water.nine aeromonas strains having a brown exopigment were isolated during the microbiological examination of river water. these brown-pigmented aeromonads were characterized by the phenotyping, fatty-acid methyl-ester analysis and ribotyping. all methods identically confirmed that the group of brown-pigmented aeromonads is quite heterogeneous. apart from the aeromonas media taxon, the brown-pigmented aeromonads in river water were represented also by strains of a. allosaccharophila and a. salmonicid ...200919418249
cloning and expression of an outer membrane protein ompw of aeromonas hydrophila and study of its distribution in aeromonas spp.the main aims of this study were to clone and express an outer membrane protein (omp), ompw, of aeromonas hydrophila and to study its distribution in aeromonas spp.200919426281
molecular cloning and characterization of the lipopolysaccharide and beta-1, 3-glucan binding protein in chinese mitten crab (eriocheir sinensis).the lipopolysaccharide and beta-1, 3-glucan binding protein (lgbp) is a pattern recognition protein which is fundamental for the innate immune response of crustaceans. a partial cdna produced by the random sequencing of cdna clones from a haemocyte cdna library of eriocheir sinensis showed similarity to the lgbp gene of the chinese shrimp (fenneropenaeus chinensis). the full-length cdna was subsequently cloned and sequenced by the technique of rapid amplification of cdna ends (race). the e. sine ...200919426826
molecular characterization and expression profiles in response to bacterial infection of chinese soft-shelled turtle interleukin-8 (il-8), the first reptilian chemokine this study, an il-8 homologue has been cloned and identified from a reptile, chinese soft-shelled turtle for the first time. the full-length cdna of turtle il-8 was 1188bp and contained a 312bp open reading frame (orf) coding for a protein of 104 amino acids. the chemokine cxc domain, which contained glu-leu-arg (elr) motif and four cysteine residues, was well conserved in turtle il-8. the 4924bp genomic dna of turtle il-8 contained four exons and three introns. phylogenetic analysis showed t ...200919428485
photodynamic inactivation of aeromonas hydrophila by cationic phthalocyanines with different hydrophobicity.antibacterial photodynamic therapy is a pioneering method for the inactivation of pathogenic bacteria. four tetra alkyl-substituted cationic phthalocyanines with different hydrocarbon chains attached to the pyridyloxy group were synthesized. these photodynamic sensitizers were studied for antibacterial inactivation of a multidrug-resistant strain of gram-negative bacterium aeromonas hydrophila. aeromonas species are recognized as etiological agents of a wide spectrum of diseases in humans and an ...200919431233
microbial production of 4-hydroxybutyrate, poly-4-hydroxybutyrate, and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) by recombinant microorganisms.4-hydroxybutyrate (4hb) was produced by aeromonas hydrophila 4ak4, escherichia coli s17-1, or pseudomonas putida kt2442 harboring 1,3-propanediol dehydrogenase gene dhat and aldehyde dehydrogenase gene aldd from p. putida kt2442 which are capable of transforming 1,4-butanediol (1,4-bd) to 4hb. 4hb containing fermentation broth was used for production of homopolymer poly-4-hydroxybutyrate [p(4hb)] and copolymers poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) [p(3hb-4hb)]. recombinant a. hydrophila ...200919434404
isolation and cdna cloning of an antibacterial l-amino acid oxidase from the skin mucus of the great sculpin myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus.the skin mucus of the great sculpin myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus showed both antibacterial and l-amino acid oxidase (lao) activities. antibacterial laos were purified from the skin mucus of the m. polyacanthocephalus by column chromatography and named mplao1, mplao2, and mplao3, based on the order of elution by ion-exchange high performance liquid chromatography. cdna cloning of mplao3 revealed that the full-length cdnawas 2659 bp and encoded the signal peptide (met1-ala26) and the mature p ...200919447190
differences in the antibody response and survival of genetically different varieties of common carp (cyprinus carpio l.) vaccinated with a commercial aeromonas salmonicida/a. hydrophila vaccine and challenged with a. hydrophila.males of two strains of carp, wild duna (d), and inbred szarvas 22 (22), were selected for high and low stress response. two purebreds of d and 22, from randomly chosen parents and four crosses, 22 x 22-l (low stress response), 22 x 22-h (high stress response), 22 x d-l (low stress response) and 22 x d-h (high stress response) from selected stress response parents were produced and vaccinated with a commercial aeromonas salmonicida/aeromonas hydrophila vaccine and their circulating antibody resp ...200919449165
pioneer colonizer microorganisms in biofilm formation on galvanized steel in a simulated recirculating cooling-water system.some bacteria have a higher tendency to produce biofilm than others. especially, pseudomonas and aeromonas strains are acknowledged to be pioneer colonizers and are predominant in biofilm formation. we examined biofilm formation and first attachment maintance of biofilms of pseudomonas spp., pseudomonas aeruginosa, aeromonas spp, sulphate reducing bacteria and filamentous fungi. a simulated recirculating cooling-water system was used. heterotrophic bacteria counts on galvanized steel and glass s ...200919455520
application of an immunoaffinity-based preconcentration method for mass spectrometric analysis of the o-chain polysaccharide of aeromonas salmonicida from in vitro- and in vivo-grown this study, application of magnetic beads (dynabeads) coated with aeromonas salmonicida lipopolysaccharide-specific polyclonal antisera to ms-based characterization of bacterial lipopolysaccharides has been evaluated. the results showed that the affinity-based preconcentration strategy resulted in at least a 100-fold increase in the detection of sensitivity, affording direct capillary electrophoresis (ce)-ms analysis of a. salmonicida lipopolysaccharide o-chain polysaccharide from in vitro-cu ...200919456871
prevalence and transmission of antimicrobial resistance among aeromonas populations from a duckweed aquaculture based hospital sewage water recycling system in order to investigate the influence of a duckweed aquaculture based hospital sewage water recycling plant on the prevalence and dissemination of antibiotic resistance, we made use of an existing collection of 1,315 aeromonas isolates that were previously typed by the biochemical fingerprinting php-ae system. in these treatment plant, hospital raw sewage water is first collected in a settlement pond (referred to as sewage water in this study) and is then transferred to a lagoon, where the duckw ...200919459063
[cloning and expression of a hemolysin gene of aeromonas hydrophila and the immunogenicity of the toxoid].according to the genbank sequences (genbank accession no. af539467), one pair of primers was designed to amplify hly gene of aeromonas hydrophila by pcr. after sequencing, homology analysis indicated that a dna fragment of 1485 bp was amplified from isolated dna from aeromonas hydrophila, and it shared more than 99% homology in nucleotide sequence compared with other reference strains in genbank. the gene was cloned in pet-28a vector to construct a recombinant plasmid pet-28a-hly, which was tran ...200919459331
the dape-encoded n-succinyl-l,l-diaminopimelic acid desuccinylase from haemophilus influenzae contains two active-site histidine residues.the catalytic and structural properties of the h67a and h349a dape-encoded n-succinyl-l,l-diaminopimelic acid desuccinylase (dape) from haemophilus influenzae were investigated. on the basis of sequence alignment with the carboxypeptidase from pseudomonas sp. strain rs-16, both h67 and h349 were predicted to be zn(ii) ligands. the h67a dape enzyme exhibited a decreased catalytic efficiency (180-fold) compared with wild-type (wt) dape towards n-succinyldiaminopimelic acid. no catalytic activity w ...200918712420
case reports: fatal necrotizing fasciitis caused by aeromonas sobria in two diabetic patients.we report two rare cases of aeromonas sobria necrotizing fasciitis with sepsis in patients with diabetes. in both cases, immediate fasciotomy was performed and appropriate empiric antimicrobial therapy and intensive care were administered. however, the two patients died on day 2 and day 11, respectively, after admission as a result of multiple organ failure. when patients present with a rapid onset of skin necrosis and progressive sepsis, an aeromonas sobria infection or vibrio infection should ...200918800212
phylogenetic evidence suggests that strains of aeromonas hydrophila subsp. dhakensis belong to the species aeromonas aquariorum sp. nov.three strains of aeromonas hydrophila subspecies dhakensis, including the type strain, were subjected to phylogenetic analysis by sequencing gyrb, rpod, and 16s rrna genes and compared with all known aeromonas species. the obtained gyrb and rpod phylogenetic trees clearly suggested that these a. hydrophila subsp. dhakensis strains indeed belong to the species a. aquariorum. this finding may indicate that, at the time of "dhakensis" subspecies description, the strains were incorrectly identified ...200918839248
bacterial enteropathogens of neonates admitted to an urban diarrhoeal hospital in on the aetiology of diarrhoea in neonates are scarce, especially from developing countries including bangladesh. a retrospective review of the electronic database of the microbiology laboratory of the international centre for diarrhoeal disease research, bangladesh (icddr,b), was carried out to examine enteropathogens associated with diarrhoea in neonates. stool specimens of the neonates on admission to the dhaka hospital of icddr,b were collected and sent to the laboratory for direct plati ...200918840632
chinese herbs (astragalus radix and ganoderma lucidum) enhance immune response of carp, cyprinus carpio, and protection against aeromonas hydrophila.the effect of chinese herbs (astragalus radix and ganoderma lucidum) on immune response of carp was investigated. fish were fed diets containing astragalus (0.5%), ganoderma (0.5%) and combination of two herbs (astragalus 0.5% and ganoderma 0.5%) for 5 weeks. other groups of fish were vaccinated (i.p.) against aeromonas hydrophila/aeromonas salmonicida (shering plough, essex, u.k.) at the beginning of the experiment and fed the same diets as described above. control fish (negative control) and f ...200918817878
molecular and biochemical characterization of a distinct tyrosinase involved in melanin production from aeromonas media.a new tyrosinase was isolated from aeromonas media strain ws and purified to homogeneity. the purified tyrosinase, termed tyra, had a molecular mass of 58 kda and an isoelectric point of 4.90. it exhibited optimal monophenol and diphenol oxidase activities under basic conditions (ph>8.0). tyra had a relatively higher affinity to diphenol substrate l-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l-dopa) than many other tyrosinases. edta or glutathione notably inhibited the enzymatic activities of tyra, whereas triton ...200918931836
effect of a probiotic bacterium bacillus circulans pb7 in the formulated diets: on growth, nutritional quality and immunity of catla catla (ham.).bacillus circulans pb7, isolated from the intestine of catla catla, was evaluated for use as a probiotic supplement in the feeds for the fingerlings of catla catla. the effect of supplement on the growth performance, feed utilization efficiency, and immune response was evaluated. catla fingerlings (ave. wt. 6.48 +/- 0.43 g) were fed diets supplemented with 2 x 10(4) (feed c1), 2 x 10(5) (feed c2), and 2 x 10(6) (feed c3) b. circulans pb 7 cells per 100 g feed for 60 days at 5% of the body weight ...200918931930
expression profiles of cytokines released in intestinal epithelial cells of the rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss, in response to bacterial determine whether fish intestinal epithelial cells (iecs) contribute to mucosal immunity, we established a method for isolating iecs from the rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss and examined cytokine production in these cells. components of the intestinal epithelium were released by incubation of intestinal pieces with 1mm dithiothreitol (dtt)/ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (edta). the iec-rich fraction (purity >90%; survival rate approximately 95%) was obtained by centrifugation on a 35%/40% ...200918952122
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