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[the causes of an outbreak of putrefaction of the caudal fin in fish and its treatment with kanamycin]. 196113880925
[the production of putrefaction of the caudal fin in fish by the action of aeromonas punctata]. 196113880926
[on the biochemical properties of aeromonas salmonicida]. 196114039063
the identification and separation of aeromonas liquefaciens from pseudomonas fluorescens and related organisms occurring in diseased fish.taxonomy of the motile species of the genus aeromonas is briefly discussed. it is suggested that aeromonas organisms, isolated from outbreaks of red mouth of trout, red sore of pike, infectious abdominal dropsy and hemorrhagic septicemia of warm water fish, and which show acid and gas in glucose broth, production of 2,3-butanediol hydrogen sulfide from motility sulfide medium, presence of cytochrome oxidase, and hydrolysis of starch, be designated as aeromonas liquefaciens. these tests also serv ...196113874617
[studies on differentiation of microorganisms of the genera aeromonas and vibrio mueller (antibiotics, sulfonamides, vibriostatic 0/129)]. 196113877075
[serological studies with aeromonas strains]. 196113691258
taxonomic relationships among the pseudomonads.colwell, r. r. (university of washington, seattle), and j. liston. taxonomic relationships among the pseudomonads. j. bacteriol. 82:1-14. 1961.-an electronic computer technique, utilizing the adansonian principle that every feature should have equal weight, was applied in an effort to derive a taxonomy of the pseudomonas-achromobacter group of gram-negative, asporogenous, rodlike bacteria. the validity of the general method was tested by an analysis of 40 well defined strains, principally derive ...196113694873
observations on the specificities of extracellular antigens of the genera aeromonas and serratia. 196113762795
pseudomonas--an attempt at a general classification. 196113764624
[immunological response of rabbits to experimental infection with bacteria of the aeromonas type]. 196013767506
[further studies on the genus aeromonas]. 196013849330
[antihemolysin studies and their differential diagnostic significance for the aeromonas group]. 196013691259
aeromonas hydrophila (pseudomonas hydrophila) nrc 491 and nrc 492 established as aerobacter cloacae. 196013694038
[hemolysin studies with aeromonas strains]. 196014448624
a note on the genus aeromonas. 195913856383
[biological studies on microorganism of the genus aeromonas]. 195813625982
studies of aeromonas formicans crawford comb. nov. from soluble oil emulsions. 195713416178
the identity of proteus hydrophilus bergey et al. and proteus melanovogenes miles & halnan, and their relation to the genus aeromonas kluyver & van niel. 195114832418
the nature of the aeromonas fermentation. 194416747769
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