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the effect of cyclohexane derivatives on selection of bacterial groups forming activated sludge microflora.the effect of cyclohexanol, cyclohekxanon and cyclohexylamine on the selection of bacteria in a model population composed of bacteria isolated from activated sludge was examined. the initial population consisted of both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. the latter, which accounted for 90-97% of the population, belonged mainly to three pseudomonas groups and the enterobacteriaceae, vibrio-aeromonas, achromobacter-alcaligenes and flavobacterium groups. seven day growth in medium containing ...197880928
isolation of enterotoxigenic aeromonas from fish.this paper reports two different enterotoxigenic classes of the genus aeromonas isolated from fishes. strains of a. sobria were isolated from healthy fishes only wheras strains of a. hydrophila were isolated from both healthy and moribund fishes. aeromonas sobria and hydrophilia strains produced a cytotoxic factor and were highly proteolytic. seventy-five percent (75%) of the a. sobria strains produced only one type of hemolysis on 5% blood agar, but 92% of the a. hydrophilia produced two types ...197771190
[possible errors in bacteriological diagnosis of cholera]. 197769759
vibrio cholerae flagellar antigens: a serodiagnostic test, functional implications of h-reactivity and taxonomic importance of cross-reactions within the vibrio genus.serodiagnostic tests for all serotypes of vibrio cholerae using h-antisera were investigated. activity motile cell lines of 155 stock and international reference cultures of human, animal, fish, and halophilic vibrios, aeromonas, comomonas, pseudomonas, salmonella, and escherichia were investigated. without exception, all cholera vibrios (including the nag serotypes) reacted with h sera. positive reactions were obtained specifically (a) within 2 hrs at 52 degrees c in the tube test using thick f ...197555952
[medium for determining the decarboxylase activity of vibnions]. 197552753
[the methylene-blue-reduction-test (mr-test) and the micro-ttc-test for the determination of substances as sole source of carbon in the taxonomy of pseudomonas species (author's transl)].two methods are described for the determination of substances as sole source of carbon for taxonomic tools: the methylene-blue-reduction-test and the micro-ttc-test. both methods are giving results superior to the technique introduced by stanier and co-workers and used hitherto in the taxonomic classification of pseudomonas species. the evaluation of the comparative test results is based on the criterion that a substance is useful for taxonomic purpose provided that at least 90 per cent of the s ...197551553
[bacteriological studies of the intestinal content of aquatic birds, fishes, and frogs with special reference to the presence of non-cholera vibrios (ncv) (author's transl)].in a screening study of surface waters, the authors were successful in culturing ncv in 2/3 of cases. since these organisms are incapable of multiplication in open waters and yet were present in water samples in considerable amounts, it was postulated that they persisted in certain forms of aquatic life. to elucidate this question, the intestinal contents and in some cases, the bile of a total of 110 animals belonging to 17 different bird, fish, and frog species from different habitata were exam ...197944627
biosynthesis of ethylene from methionine. isolation of the putative intermediate 4-methylthio-2-oxobutanoate from culture fluids of bacteria and fungi.methods are described for identifying the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazones of 4-methylthio-2-oxobutanoate by means of t.l.c., n.m.r. and mass spectroscopy. by using these methods 4-methylthio-2-oxobutanoate, a putative intermediate in the biosynthesis of ethylene from methionine, has been identified in culture fluids of aeromonas hydrophila b12e and a coryneform bacterium d7f grown in the presence of methionine. relative to 4-methylthio-2-oxobutanoate, the yield of 3-(methylthio)propanal (methional) ...197942392
characterisation and neutralisation of aeromonas hydrophila enterotoxin in the rabbit ileal-loop model.cell-free culture filtrates and crude enterotoxin preparations from six strains of aeromonas hydrophila caused the accumulation of fluid in rabbit ileal loops. this activity was due to a non-dialysable, heat and acid-labile antigenic protein and was lost when culture filtrates and crude enterotoxin preparations were heated at 60 degrees c for 20 min. or 56 degrees c for 30 min. respectively. maximum activity was observed at ph 8.0-10.0; there was a gradual loss at lower ph and activity was aboli ...197938341
enterotoxicity of aeromonas hydrophila: skin responses and in vivo neutralisation.culture filtrates and partially purified enterotoxins of 6 strains of aeromonas hydrophila isolated from faeces of diarrhoeic and healthy persons, drinking water, sewage and faeces of domestic animals caused induration and increased capillary permeability in skin of adult albino rabbits. the activities were less in crude enterotoxins indicating partial loss during purification. heat treatment for 30 min at 60 degrees c and 56 degrees c inactivated the induration and permeability effects of cultu ...197834953
precipitate produced by serratia marcescens on macconkey agar: useful diagnostic test.the production of a precipitate by serratia marcescens on oxoid macconkey agar has proven useful as a laboratory diagnostic test. this phenomenon is specific for serratia within the enterobacteriaceae, although precipitate production is also given by acinetobacter anitratus and some pseudomonas, alcaligenes, and aeromonas species. precipitate production seems to be specific for certain batches of macconkey agar, and is probably related to a specific property of some batches of bile salts.197832188
prevalence and distribution of aeromonas hydrophila in the united states.the abundance of aeromonas hydrophila was measured in 147 natural aquatic habitats in 30 states and puerto rico. viable cell counts were used to estimate density at all sites by using rimler-shotts medium, a differential presumptive medium for a. hydrophila. temperature, ph, conductivity, salinity, and turbidity were measured simultaneously with water sample collection. the density of a. hydrophila was higher in lotic than in lentic systems. saline systems had higher densities of a. hydrophila t ...197831839
studies of relationship among terrestrial pseudomonas, alcaligenes, and enterobacteria by an immunological comparison of glutamine synthetase.antibody to purified glutamine synthetase from escherichia coli was prepared and used for an immunological comparison of glutamine synthetases from species of salmonella, citrobacter, enterobacter, serratia, proteus, erwinia, aeromonas, pseudomonas, acinetobacter, xanthomonas, alcaligenes, and paracoccus. the results of ouchterlony double diffusion experiments and quantitative microcomplement fixation studies indicated that the amino acid sequence of this enzyme was highly conserved in different ...197831146
bacterial 2,3-butanediol dehydrogenases.enterobacter aerogenes, aeromonas hydrophila, serratia marcescens and staphylococcus aureus possessing l(+)-butanediol dehydrogenase produced mainly meso-butanediol and small amounts of optically active butanediol; acetobacter suboxydans, bacillus polymyxa and erwinia carotovora containing d(-)-butanediol dehydrogenase produced more optically active butanediol than meso-butanediol. resting and growing cells of these organisms oxidezed only one enantiomer of racemic butanediol. the d(-)-butanedio ...197825056
bacterial metabolism of anthracycline antibiotics. steffimycinone and steffimycinol conversions.streptomyces nogalater, uc-2783, and streptomyces peucetius var. caesius, imru-3920/uc-5633, catalyze ketonic carbonyl reduction of steffimycinone (1, scheme 1). using cell-free preparations of s. nogalater, the process of ketonic carbonyl reduction has been shown to be tpnh linked. the product, steffimycinol (2), is reduced further by aeromonas hydrophila, 2c/uc-6303, by the process of microaerophilic conversion of anthracyclinones previously reported1,2) with the result being the formation of ...197720436
fever and antipyresis in the bluegill sunfish, lepomis macrochirus. 197720274
partial purification and characterization of a bacterial enzyme catalyzing reductive cleavage of anthracycline glycosides. 197713796
comparative study of the proteinograms of vibrios and of closely related microorganisms by means of polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis.proteinograms of 112 strains of vibrios and closely affiliated microorganisms were studied by disc electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel. up to 25 protein peaks with definite mobility coefficients were revealed. the influence of the culture medium on the protein spectrum of the microbes was found. the frequency of peak formation was of great significance for the differentiation of the microbes under study. the quantitative characteristics of the peak area could not be used for differentiation.19767908
esterase activity of zinc neutral proteases.the hydrolysis of a series of depsipeptides demonstrates that the zinc neutral endopeptidases of bacteria are active esterases. esters such as bzgly-ophe-ala, bzgly-oleu-ala, and fa-gly-oleu-nh2 are hydrolyzed at rates three- to eightfold slower than are their exact peptide analogues, when hydrolyzed by thermolysin, bacillus subtilis neutral protease and the neutral protease from aeromonas proteolytica. ester hydrolysis by zinc neutral proteases follows the characteristic preference for hydropho ...19762276
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