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the occurrence and antibiotic resistance of motile aeromonas in livestock.the present study was carried out to assess the prevalence of motile aeromonas spp. in the faeces of clinically healthy sheep, cattle and horses and evaluate their susceptibility to some anti-microbial agents. rectal swabs from 120 sheep, 85 cattle and 20 horses were examined for aeromonas species using alkaline peptone water (ph 8.4) as the enrichment medium and aeromonas selective agar containing 5 mg/l ampicillin as the isolation medium. identification and antibiotic resistance of motile aero ...200918481193
septicemia due to aeromonas hydrophila in a pregnant woman: a case report and review of the the late 1960s, the first isolates of aeromonas were recovered from human specimens. presently, there is sufficient evidence to suggest that the different isolates of the genus aeromonas are human pathogens. the most frequent site of infection is the digestive tract, although extraintestinal infection also occurs. in those cases involving septicemia, most infections occur in individuals with underlying diseases. this report presents the case of a pregnant woman with no underlying disease or s ...199518476052
aeromonas salmonicida peritonitis after eating fish in a patient undergoing capd. 200818474929
in vitro activities of tigecycline against clinical isolates of aeromonas, vibrio, and salmonella species in taiwan.all 198 salmonella isolates (58.6% of isolates were resistant to tetracycline), 92 vibrio isolates (4.4% of isolates were resistant to tetracycline), and 200 of 201 aeromonas isolates (39.3% of isolates were resistant to tetracycline; 1 a. caviae isolate had a tigecycline mic of 4 mug/ml) in our study were susceptible to tigecycline, by u. s. food and drug administration criteria for enterobacteriaceae.200818474585
distribution of small plasmids in aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida strains isolated from nw spain and portugal: evidence of clonality in strains isolated from turbot, psetta maxima (l.). 200818471103
impaired plasma clottability induction through fibrinogen degradation by asp, a serine protease released from aeromonas sobria.aeromonas sobria infection often advances to sepsis, in which interaction of bacterial components with plasma proteins possibly causes various disorders. this bacterium releases a serine protease (asp), a putative virulence factor, and binds to fibrinogen. to study the asp effect on fibrinogen, we incubated fibrinogen or plasma with asp and investigated their clotting elicited by thrombin, which converts fibrinogen to a fibrin clot. enzymatically active asp retarded plasma clotting in a dose-dep ...200818462393
[cloacal and nasal bacterial flora of lepidochelys olivacea (testudines: cheloniidae) from the north pacific coast of costa rica].cloacal and nasal bacterial flora of lepidochelys olivacea (testudines: cheloniidae) from the north pacific coast of costa rica. the aerobic cloacal and nasal bacterial flora of 45 apparently healthy female olive ridley sea turtles (lepidochelys olivacea) was studied at nancite nesting beach, in santa rosa national park (costa rican north pacific) during july and august 2002. bacterial samples were obtained by inserting sterile swabs directly into the cloaca and the nasal cavities of the turtles ...200618457173
identification of mhc class iibeta resistance/susceptibility alleles to aeromonas salmonicida in brook charr (salvelinus fontinalis).pathogen-driven selection is believed to be important in the evolution and maintenance of the polymorphism of the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) genes but have been tested for very few vertebrates. in this study, we first investigate by sscp (single strand conformational polymorphism) the diversity found at the mhc class iibeta gene in a population of brook charr (salvelinus fontinalis) from the rupert river (québec, canada). secondly, to explore the survival performances conferred by sp ...200818455800
aeromonas aquariorum sp. nov., isolated from aquaria of ornamental fish.during a survey to determine the prevalence of aeromonas strains in water and skin of imported ornamental fish, 48 strains presumptively identified as aeromonas were isolated but they could not be identified as members of any previously described aeromonas species. these strains were subjected to a polyphasic approach including phylogenetic analysis derived from gyrb, rpod and 16s rrna gene sequencing, dna-dna hybridization, maldi-tof ms analysis, genotyping by rapd and extensive biochemical and ...200818450708
studies on bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus acidophilus, as potential probiotics, on the immune response and resistance of tilapia nilotica (oreochromis niloticus) to challenge infections.the probiotic activity of two bacteria (bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus acidophilus) was evaluated by its effect on the immune response of nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus), beside its protective effect against challenge infections. furthermore, their in-vitro inhibitory activity was evaluated. the in-vitro antimicrobial assay showed that bacillus subtilis and lactobacillus acidophilus inhibited the growth of a. hydrophila. the b. subtilis inhibited the development of p. fluorescens while ...200818450477
comparison of atypical furunculosis vaccines in spotted wolffish (anarhicas minor o.) and atlantic halibut (hippoglossus hippoglossus l.).atypical furunculosis caused by atypical aeromonas salmonicida is a problem in farming of atlantic halibut (hippoglossus hippoglossus) and spotted wolffish (anarhicas minor) in norway, and vaccines for marine fish species are not available. susceptibility to atypical a. salmonicida infection and efficacy of furunculosis vaccines in various fish species indicate that the host responses differ. here, spotted wolffish was shown to be highly susceptible to intraperitoneal challenge with atypical a. ...200818450337
molecular cloning, characterization and expression analysis of the pkz gene in rare minnow gobiocypris rarus.double-stranded rna-activated protein kinase (pkr) plays an important role in interferon-induced antiviral responses, and is also involved in intracellular signaling pathways, including the apoptosis, proliferation, and transcription pathways. in the present study, a pkr-like gene was cloned and characterized from rare minnow gobiocypris rarus. the full length of the rare minnow pkr-like (grpkz) cdna is 1946 bp in length and encodes a polypeptide of 503 amino acids with an estimated molecular ma ...200818448359
[generation of aeromonas hydrophila ghosts and their evaluation as oral vaccine candidates in carassius auratus gibelio].the bacterial ghost (bg) system is a novel vaccine delivery system endowed with intrinsic adjuvant properties. bacterial ghosts are nonliving gram-negative bacterial cell envelopes devoid of cytoplasmic contents while maintaining their cellular morphology and native surface antigenic structures. they are produced by phix174 protein e-mediated lysis of gram-negative bacteria, and can induce humoral and cellular immune response, including mucosal immune responses. plasmid pelysis consisting e gene ...200818438002
high-throughput screening of peptide deformylase inhibitors.the emergence of bacterial pathogens resistant to current antibiotics has caused an urgent demand for new treatments. peptide deformylase (pdf) has become an exciting target for designing novel antibiotics. to facilitate the screening of pdf inhibitors, three robust, coupled assays have been developed. the first method couples the pdf reaction with that of formate dehydrogenase. formate dehydrogenase oxidizes formate into co2 with a concomitant reduction of nad+ to nadh, which can be monitored s ...200818437310
application of pcr-rf-sscp to study major histocompatibility class ii b polymorphism in common carp (cyprinus carpio l.).a variety of methods have been applied for the characterization of major histocompatibility (mh) polymorphism in fish. we optimized a technique designated polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragments-single strand conformation polymorphism (pcr-rf-sscp) for screening a large number of individuals for the cyca-dab1 and cyca-dab2 genes polymorphism in common carp. the advantages of this technique are simplicity, high sensitivity and low costs. pcr-rf-sscp analysis revealed different genotypes c ...200818430588
production of nitric oxide by carp (cyprinus carpio l.) kidney leukocytes is regulated by cyclic 3',5'-adenosine monophosphate.the inducible nitric oxide synthase (inos) plays a central role in the inflammatory reactions that follow infection or tissue damage. induction of nitric oxide (no) synthesis by bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps) depends on activation of g protein-coupled receptors in mammals. thus, it was our intention to evaluate whether similar mechanisms are involved in inos activation in fish leukocytes. therefore, the participation of membrane-bound receptors which activate effectors via g proteins has bee ...200818424130
development and application of an oligonucleotide microarray and real-time quantitative pcr for detection of wastewater bacterial pathogens.conventional microbial water quality test methods are well known for their technical limitations, such as lack of direct pathogen detection capacity and low throughput capability. the microarray assay has recently emerged as a promising alternative for environmental pathogen monitoring. in this study, bacterial pathogens were detected in municipal wastewater using a microarray equipped with short oligonucleotide probes targeting 16s rrna sequences. to date, 62 probes have been designed against 3 ...200818423816
comparing the antimicrobial effectiveness of nacl and kcl with a view to salt/sodium replacement.a study using a small range of pathogenic bacterial species (aeromonas hydrophila, enterobacter sakazakii, shigella flexneri, yersinia enterocolitica and 3 strains of staphylococcus aureus) has shown that potassium chloride has an equivalent antimicrobial effect on these organisms when calculated on a molar basis. combined nacl and kcl experiments were carried out and data was analysed using a modification to the lambert and lambert [lambert, r.j.w., and lambert, r., 2003. a model for the effica ...200818423764
efficacy of in-feed probiotics against aeromonas bestiarum and ichthyophthirius multifiliis skin infections in rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss, walbaum).the aim of this study was to assess the efficacy of in-feed probiotics as a preventive measure against skin infections caused by aeromonas bestiarum and ichthyophthirius multifiliis (ich) in rainbow trout.200818422955
aeromonas hydrophila bacteraemia and portal pyaemia.the aeromonas species uncommonly cause disease in humans. we report portal pyaemia secondary to aeromonas hydrophila bacteraemia occurring in a 71-year-old chinese man with no history of hepatobiliary disease or malignancy. he presented with fever, rigors and abdominal bloating for four days and was subsequently found to have aeromonas hydrophila bacteraemia, portal vein thrombosis and a psoas abscess. he was treated with ciprofloxacin and had a good recovery. aeromonas hydrophila infection is a ...200818418529
complete sequence of the flor-carrying multiresistance plasmid pab5s9 from freshwater aeromonas bestiarum.a multiresistant aeromonas bestiarum strain, shown to be persistent and spreading in a freshwater stream, was investigated for the presence, location and organization of antimicrobial resistance genes.200818413319
the aeromonas hydrophila wb*o34 gene cluster: genetics and temperature regulation.the aeromonas hydrophila wb*(o34) gene cluster of strain ah-3 (serotype o34) was cloned and sequenced. this cluster contains genes necessary for the production of o34-antigen lipopolysaccharide (lps) in a. hydrophila. we determined, using either mutation or sequence homology, roles for the majority of genes in the cluster by using the chemical o34-antigen lps structure obtained for strain ah-3. the o34-antigen lps export system has been shown to be a wzy-dependent pathway typical of heteropolysa ...200818408022
cloning, binding properties, and tissue localization of rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) ladderlectin.the present paper describes the primary structure, expression and immunohistochemical localization of rainbow trout ladderlectin (rtll), a multimeric serum lectin that binds sepharose and lps of aeromonas salmonicida. two rainbow trout cdnas (504 and 546bp) and a genomic sequence (2kb) were amplified using ladderlectin-specific primers. the sequences were identified as group vii mannose-binding c-type lectins from predicted amino acid sequences and showed highest identity with the atlantic salmo ...200818407519
antimicrobial activity of tissue and associated bacteria from benthic sea anemone stichodactyla haddoni against microbial pathogens.associated bacteria from stichodactyla haddoni are found maximum in tentacle tissues than the body tissue. there are eight associated bacterial species viz., alcaligenes sp, corynebacterium sp, aeromonas sp, sporosarcina sp, renibacterium sp, camobacterium sp1, camobacterium sp2 and salinococcus sp were recorded. the culture extracts from the associated bacterial species showed sensitivity against human bacterial and fungalpathogens. however, the hexane tissue extract of sea anemone showed maxim ...200718405113
prevalence, pathogenesis, antibiotic susceptibility profiles, and in-vitro activity of selected medicinal plants against aeromonas isolates from stool samples of patients in the venda region of south africa.the prevalence, pathogenic indices, such as haemolytic and haemagglutinating activities, antibiograms, and in-vitro activities of local medicinal plants against aeromonas isolates in vhembe district of limpopo province, south africa, were studied using standard microbiological methods. in total, 309 diarrhoeic stool samples were collected from patients attending five health centres in the region during december 2004-may 2005. aeromonas species were identified using the api 20e system. the haemag ...200718402186
viscoelastic properties of an exopolysaccharide: aeromonas gum, produced by aeromonas nichidenii 5797.the viscoelastic properties of aeromonas (a) gum in water were investigated by using the rheometric scientific ares controlled strain rheometer. an intrinsic viscosity of 8336 ml/g was obtained according to the fuoss-straus equation. the effect of salt concentration on intrinsic viscosity revealed that the a gum exists as semiflexible chain. typical shear-thinning (pseudoplastic) behavior was observed at concentrations higher than 0.52%. the zero shear viscosity (eta(0)) increased with increasin ...200718401077
cloning, expression, and transglycosylation reaction of paenibacillus sp. strain w-61 xylanase 1.a xylanase gene, xyn1, which encodes paenibacillus sp. strain w-61 xylanase 1 (xyn1), was cloned in escherichia coli. xyn1 encodes 211 amino acid residues, including 28 amino acid residues of a signal peptide. the deduced amino acid sequence of the mature xyn1 showed 95.7%, 84.0%, and 83.7% identity to family 11 xylanases of aeromonas caviae me-1, paenibacillus sp., and bacillus stearothermophilus respectively. the physico-chemical properties of recombinant xyn1 were very similar to those of int ...200818391461
pathogenic potential of a collagenase gene from aeromonas veronii.the role of collagenase as a mechanism of bacterial pathogenicity in some pathogenic bacteria has been reported. the information on the role of collagenase in aeromonas spp. pathogenesis is scant. in the present study, a mutant aeromonas veronii ry001 that is deficient in the putative collagenase gene acg was constructed and compared with the wild-type strain for virulence factors. bacterial cells and cell-free extracellular products of the mutant had significantly less collagenolytic activity, ...200818388966
prevalence of bacterial pathogens and their anti-microbial resistance in tilapia and their pond water in trinidad, tilapia (oreonchromis spp.) is one of the most important fresh water food fish and the number of farms has been increasing annually. a study was conducted in the local tilapia industry to determine the microbial quality of pond water, prevalence of bacterial pathogens and their anti-microbial resistance using the disk diffusion method. seventy-five apparently healthy fish and 15 pond water samples from three of the four commercial tilapia fish farms in the country were processed. th ...200818387142
necrotizing skin and soft-tissue infections associated with septicemia: 7 cases report and review.the authors report seven cases of necrotizing skin and soft-tissue infections, with clinical presenting as hemorrhagic bullae, gangrenous cellulitis or necrotizing fasciitis, in association with septicemia, between january 2003 and january 2007 in hat yai hospital. six were male and the majority of the lesions, six cases, occurred in the lower extremities. the average age of the patients was 50.0 +/- 11.019 years old. all patients presented with watery diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, high fever ...200818386555
[microbiological aspects of pool water].it is well known that there is an elevated risk of diffusion of pathogenic micro-organisms in swimming pools. preventive measures aimed at protecting the health of swimmers are complex because of the variety of micro-organisms involved, the different ways in which these can be transmitted and the involvement of both aquatic and environmental factors. in industrialised countries, the circulation of many pathogens which were common in the past has progressively decreased in recent years; in contra ...200818379609
transferable, multiple antibiotic and mercury resistance in atlantic canadian isolates of aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida is associated with carriage of an inca/c plasmid similar to the salmonella enterica plasmid psn254.the aim of this study was to examine the molecular basis for multiple antibiotic and mercury resistance in canadian isolates of aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida.200818375380
identification of the first vim metallo-beta-lactamase-producing multiresistant aeromonas hydrophila strain.a vim metallo-beta-lactamase-producing aeromonas hydrophila strain carrying an integron-borne bla(vim-4) gene was isolated from a cirrhotic patient's fecal sample in a budapest hospital. the variable region of this integron is identical with that of a previously characterized integron from pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolates in pécs in southern hungary.200818367570
effect of packaging atmosphere on the microbial attributes of pearlspot (etroplus suratensis bloch) stored at 0-2 degrees c.effect of packaging atmosphere (air and under different modified atmospheres (mas), 40% co2/60% o2, 50%/50% o2, 60% co2/40% o2, 70% co2/30% o2 and 40% co2/30% o2/30% n2) on the microbial and biochemical attributes of fresh pearlspot (etroplus suratensis bloch) stored at 0-2 degrees c was investigated. trimethylamine nitrogen (tma-n) and thiobarbituric acid (tba) values remained lower than the proposed acceptability limits throughout the storage period. results demonstrated that storage of pearls ...200818355677
degradation of linear alkylbenzene sulfonate by a bacterial consortium isolated from the aquatic environment of isolate and identify linear alkylbenzene sulfonate (las)-degrading bacteria from río de la plata and adjacent waters, and to assay their degradation capability as a consortium and as single organisms.200818355233
chemotaxis towards, adhesion to, and growth in carp gut mucus of two aeromonas hydrophila strains with different pathogenicity for common carp, cyprinus carpio l.characteristics that promote bacterial colonization of the intestinal mucosal surface were examined in two strains of the common fish pathogen aeromonas hydrophila, with different pathogenicity. the characteristics examined were chemotactic activity towards mucus, bacterial adherence to mucus and growth in mucus. intestinal gut mucus of healthy common carp was used. the results indicate that chemotaxis is not necessary for a bacterium to become pathogenic, but it may be a necessary parameter for ...200818355183
identification of bacteria from the normal flora of perch, perca fluviatilis l., and evaluation of their inhibitory potential towards aeromonas species.pathogenic aeromonas sobria has been identified as a causative agent of ulcerative disease in farmed european perch, perca fluviatilis l. to study the effect of the normal intestinal bacterial flora of perch against a. sobria, we sampled 193 bacterial isolates from the perch digestive tract. the isolates were identified by sequence analysis of the 16s rrna gene and their inhibitory potential against a. sobria was evaluated in vitro. nineteen of the strains isolated showed inhibition and were als ...200818355180
development and application of real-time pcr assays for quantifying total and aerolysin gene-containing aeromonas in source, intermediate, and finished drinking water.aeromonas spp., opportunistic pathogens, are listed as a microbiological contaminant on the environmental protection agency's (epa) drinking water contaminant candidate list. culture-based methods for identification and quantification of aeromonas in drinking water are time-consuming and often fail to differentiate pathogenic species from nonpathogenic ones. this study reports successful development and applications of two real-time pcr assays, based on 16s rrna gene sequences and a virulence ge ...200818351092
evaluation of reca sequencing for the classification of aeromonas strains at the genotype evaluate the usefulness of partial reca sequences for the identification of aeromonas strains at the genotype level.200818346137
cold shock exoribonuclease r (vacb) is involved in aeromonas hydrophila this study, we cloned and sequenced a virulence-associated gene (vacb) from a clinical isolate ssu of aeromonas hydrophila. we identified this gene based on our recently annotated genome sequence of the environmental isolate atcc 7966(t) of a. hydrophila and the vacb gene of shigella flexneri. the a. hydrophila vacb protein contained 798 amino acid residues, had a molecular mass of 90.5 kda, and exhibited an exoribonuclease (rnase r) activity. the rnase r of a. hydrophila was a cold-shock pro ...200818344363
role of virulence plasmid of aeromonas hydrophila in the pathogenesis of ulcerative disease syndrome in clarias batrachus.pathogenic aeromonas hydrophila (strain vb21), a multiple-drug resistance strain contains a plasmid of about 21 kb. after curing of plasmid, the isolates became sensitive to antimicrobials, to which they were earlier resistant. the cured bacteria exhibited significant alterations in their surface structure, growth profile and virulence properties, and failed to cause ulcerative disease syndrome (uds) when injected into the indian catfish clarias batrachus. routine biochemical studies revealed th ...200718341217
molecular cloning of liver angiotensinogen gene in ayu (plecoglossus altivelis) and mrna expression changes upon aeromonas hydrophila infection.angiotensinogen (agt) is thought to be an acute phase protein, because in mammals its plasma concentrations increase during inflammation induced by lipopolysaccharides (lps). a full-length cdna clone of the agt gene, 1828bp in size, was isolated from the fish ayu (plecoglossus altivelis). its deduced amino acid sequence of 462 residues had 57.7-68.6%, 30.2% and 23.3-27.4% identity to those sequenced from other fish, chicken and mammals, respectively. ayu-agt is most closely related to that of si ...200818337123
[aeromonas spp. infections: retrospective study in nîmes university hospital, 1997-2004].retrospective study of patients presenting aeromonas spp. infections admitted to nîmes hospital from january 1997 to december 2004.200818329823
survival of freeze-dried bacteria.the aim of this study was to investigate the survival of freeze-dried bacterial species stored at the international patent organism depository (ipod) and to elucidate the characteristics affecting survival. bacterial strains were freeze-dried, sealed in ampoules under a vacuum (<1 pa), and stored in the dark at 5 degrees c. the survival of a variety of species following storage for up to 20 years was analyzed. the survival of freeze-dried species was analyzed in terms of two stages, freeze-dryin ...200818323678
functionality of a bacillus cereus biological agent in response to physiological variables encountered in aquaculture.the potential of a bacillus cereus isolate (nrrl 100132) as a biological agent for aquaculture has been demonstrated in vitro and in vivo. the functionality of this isolate across a range of physiological conditions, including salinity, ph and temperature, based on rearing of high-value ornamental cyprinus carpio, was investigated. temperature had a significant influence on germination, specific growth rate and increase in cell number of b. cereus in shake-flask cultures, whilst salinity and ph ...200818317748
vibrio cholerae and aeromonas: do they share a mutual host?species of the genus aeromonas are native inhabitants of aquatic environments and have recently been considered as an emergent human pathogen. it is estimated that aeromonads cause up to 13% of reported gastroenteritis cases in the united states. although the autochthonous existence of aeromonas in the aquatic environment has been established, its natural reservoir is as yet unknown. chironomids are closely related to mosquitoes except they do not bite and they are the most widely distributed in ...200818317460
molecular analysis of three aeromonas hydrophila ah-3 (serotype o34) lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis gene the isolation of three different aeromonas hydrophila strain ah-3 (serotype o34) mutants with an altered lipopolysaccharide (lps) migration in gels, three genomic regions encompassing lps core biosynthesis genes were identified and characterized. when possible, mutants were constructed using each gene from the three regions, containing seven, four, and two genes (regions 1 to 3, respectively). the mutant lps core structures were elucidated by using mass spectrometry, methylation analysis, and ...200818310345
culturable heterotrophic bacteria in seawater and mytilus galloprovincialis from a mediterranean area (northern ionian sea-italy).although mar piccolo of taranto (ionian sea, italy) is one of the most important mytilus galloprovincialis farming areas, data concerning the natural bacterial microbiota of these mussels and their surrounding environment are still scant. this study was carried out seasonally, throughout a year, to determine culturable heterotrophic bacteria both in the water and mussels samples collected at three sampling sites in the northern ionian sea: s. vito, lido gandoli and lido silvana. culturable heter ...200918301997
multiresistant waterborne pathogens isolated from water reservoirs and cooling determine the incidence of multiple antibiotic-resistant strains of the emergent human pathogens legionella pneumophila, pseudomonas aeruginosa and mesophilic aeromonas species among those isolated from water reservoirs and industrial cooling systems.200818298535
identification of siderophore biosynthesis genes essential for growth of aeromonas salmonicida under iron limitation conditions.aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida, the etiological agent of furunculosis in fish, produces a catechol-type siderophore under iron-limiting conditions. in this study, the fur titration assay (furta) was used to identify a cluster of six genes, asbg, asbf, asbd, asbc, asbb, and asbi, encoding proteins similar to components of the siderophore biosynthetic machinery in other bacteria. reverse transcriptase pcr analyses showed that this cluster consists of four iron-regulated transcriptional u ...200818296539
isolation, identification and application of novel bacterial consortium tj-1 for the decolourization of structurally different azo dyes.a novel bacterial consortium (tj-1), which could decolorize acid orange 7 (ao7) and manyother azo dyes, was developed. in tj-1 three bacterial strains were identified as aeromonas caviae, proteus mirabilis and rhodococcus globerulus by 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. ao7 decolorization was significantly higher with the use of consortium as compared to the use of individual strains, indicating complementary interactions among these strains. ao7 decolorization was observed under microaerophilic c ...200818289845
quorum sensing signals are produced by aeromonas salmonicida and quorum sensing inhibitors can reduce production of a potential virulence factor.many pathogens control production of virulence factors by self-produced signals in a process called quorum sensing (qs). we demonstrate that acyl homoserine lactone (ahl) signals, which enable bacteria to express certain phenotypes in relation to cell density, are produced by a wide spectrum of aeromonas salmonicida strains. all 31 typical strains were ahl producers as were 21 of 26 atypical strains, but on a strain population basis, production of virulence factors such as protease, lipase, a-la ...200718286807
16s rrna gene sequences from bacteria associated with adult anopheles darlingi (diptera: culicidae) mosquitoes.the microbial flora associated with anopheles darlingi root (diptera: culicidae), a major neotropical malaria vector, was investigated for the development of a paratransgenesis-based approach to control malaria transmission in brazil. female mosquitoes were collected using human land catches and captured insects provided a bloodmeal. the controlled blood feeding resulted in increased detection of mosquito bacterial population because it was possible to retrieve bacterial dna from all blood-fed m ...200818283961
recombinant production and characterization of the carbohydrate recognition domain from atlantic salmon c-type lectin receptor c (sclrc).the atlantic salmon c-type lectin receptor c (sclrc) locus encodes a potential oligomeric type ii receptor. c-type lectins recognize carbohydrates in a ca(2+)-dependent manner through structurally conserved, yet functionally diverse, c-type lectin-like domains (ctlds). many conserved amino acids in animal ctlds are present in sclrc, with the notable exception of an asparagine crucially involved in ca(2+)- and carbohydrate-binding, which is tyrosine in sclrc. sclrc also contains six cysteines tha ...200818272393
predictors of mortality in patients with necrotizing fasciitis.necrotizing fasciitis is an uncommon and life-threatening soft tissue infection with high mortality. though early aggressive surgical intervention is important for improving survival, the impact of mortality from different microorganisms remains uncertain. our study aims to identify the association of mortality and different microorganisms, and the positive and negative predictors of mortality in patients with necrotizing fasciitis.200818272096
role of the aheabc efflux pump in aeromonas hydrophila intrinsic multidrug resistance.gene inactivation and complementation experiments showed that the tripartite aheabc efflux pump of aeromonas hydrophila extruded at least 13 substrates, including nine antibiotics. the use of phenylalanine-arginine-beta-naphthylamide (pabetan) revealed an additional system(s) contributing to intrinsic resistance. this is the first analysis of the role of multidrug efflux systems in aeromonas spp.200818268083
biokinetic parameters and behavior of aeromonas hydrophila during anaerobic growth.the biokinetics of glucose metabolism were evaluated in aeromonas hydrophila during growth in an anaerobic biosystem. after approx 34 h growth, a. hydrophila metabolized 5,000 mg glucose l(-1) into the end-products ethanol, acetate, succinate and formate. the maximum growth rate, mu(m), half saturation coefficients, k(s), microbial yield coefficient, y, cell mass decay rate coefficient, k(d), and substrate inhibition coefficient, k(si) were 0.25 +/- 0.03 h(-1), 118 +/- 31 mg glucose l(-1), 0.12 ...200818265942
characterization of vibrio cholerae isolated from the aquatic basins of the state of pernambuco, brazil.through a continuous bacteriological monitoring programme carried out by the health secretariat of the state of pernambuco, brazil, two isolates of vibrio cholerae o1 el tor ogawa were discovered in an endemic area in 2001, during a cholera inactive period, along with six v. cholerae non-o1/non-o139 strains and two aeromonas veronii biovar sobria strains showing an unusual characteristic of agglutination with o1 antiserum. between that time and 2005, eight other o1 isolates were found. the virul ...200818258274
unexpected occurrence of plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants in environmental aeromonas spp.we searched for plasmid-mediated quinolone resistance determinants of the qnr type in several water samples collected at diverse locations from the seine river (paris, france). the qnrs2 genes were identified from aeromonas punctata subsp. punctata and a. media. the qnrs2 gene was located on incu-type plasmids in both isolates, which resulted in increased mic values of quinolones and fluoroquinolones, once they were transferred into escherichia coli. the qnrs2 gene identified in a. punctata was ...200818258115
extracellular polysaccharides produced by cooling water tower biofilm bacteria and their possible degradation.the extracellular polymers (eps) of biofilm bacteria that can cause heat and mass transfer problems in cooling water towers in the petrochemical industry were investigated. in addition, these microorganisms were screened for their ability to grow and degrade their own eps and the eps of other species. twelve bacteria producing the most eps were isolated from cooling water towers and characterized biochemically by classic and commercial systems. these were species of pseudomonas, burkholderia, ae ...200818256966
gene cloning, expression, and characterization of a second beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase from the chitinolytic bacterium aeromonas hydrophila strain suwa-9.a gene coding for a second beta-n-acetylglucosaminidase (nagb) was isolated from the chitinolytic bacterium aeromonas hydrophila strain suwa-9. the nagb open reading frame encoded a polypeptide of 618 amino acid residues with a molecular mass of 68.8 kda. it did not contain a sequence characteristic of a signal peptide at the n-terminus. the deduced amino acid sequence showed high similarity to those of bacterial beta-n-acetylhexosaminidases classified into family 20 of glycosyl hydrolases. the ...200818256480
severe diarrhoea caused by aeromonas veronii biovar sobria in a patient with metastasised gist.this report describes the isolation of aeromonas veronii biovar sobria as the causative enteropathogen of diarrhoea in an oncological patient after failure of detection of other infectious agents. the case points out the severe and long course of the infection, the diagnostic dilemma, and the prompt recovery after antibiotic treatment.200718254499
the influence of selected antibiotics on aquatic microorganisms.this paper presents the influence of penicillin, erythromycin, oxytetracycline and streptomycin on aquatic microorganisms isolated from three reservoirs with varied extent of environmental pollution (sulej6w reservoir, zegrze reservoir and vistula river). the experiments were conducted in especially prepared microcosms (aerated 151 aquariums). from among the examined antibiotics streptomycin showed the longest activity in the water environment (27 days), followed by oxytetracycline (22 days). er ...200718254497
comparison of the hemagglutination of formalinized american channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus) erythrocytes between formalinized and live aeromonas hydrophila isolated from the catfish rearing in kasumigaura lake in japan.formalinized aeromonas (a.) hydrophila agglutinated loosely with the formalinized american channel catfish erythrocytes (facce), while live a. hydrophila agglutinated tightly with the facce. there was a significant difference on the number of attaching bacterial cells to the facce (p<0.01) (n=40 erythrocytes) between formalinized and live a. hydrophila. the other bacteria such as salmonella (s.) typhimurium st-5, escherichia (e.) coli v-517 and staphylococcus (s.) hyicus atcc1249 used in this ex ...200818250583
peptide hydrolysis by the binuclear zinc enzyme aminopeptidase from aeromonas proteolytica: a density functional theory study.aminopeptidase from aeromonas proteolytica (aap) is a binuclear zinc enzyme that catalyzes the cleavage of the n-terminal amino acid residue of peptides and proteins. in this study, we used density functional methods to investigate the reaction mechanism of this enzyme. a model of the active site was constructed on the basis of the x-ray crystal structure of the native enzyme, and a model dipeptide was used as a substrate. it was concluded that the hydroxide is capable of performing a nucleophil ...200818247603
aeromonas-related diarrhoea in nasarawa, nigeria.two hundred and fifty volunteer patients attending 5 major hospitals in nasarawa town, nasarawa state, nigeria were involved in this study to determine the prevalence of aeromonas spp in persons with diarrhoea. the study population consisted of 133 males and 117 females between the ages of 0-70 years.200718240708
application of antimicrobial ice for extending shelf life of this study, we investigated whether wild-thyme (thymus serpyllum) hydrosol had a preserving effect against spoilage of freshwater fish. sensorial characteristics, chemical freshness indicator contents, and microbial counts (total aerobes, psychrotrophics, enterobacteriaceae, fecal coliform bacteria, aeromonas spp., and pseudomonas spp.) of whole ungutted and gutted transcaucasian barb (capoeta capoeta capoeta guldenstaedt, 1772) stored on ice produced from wild-thyme hydrosol and tap water at ...200818236688
inactivation of host akt/protein kinase b signaling by bacterial pore-forming toxins.uropathogenic escherichia coli (upec) are the major cause of urinary tract infections (utis), and they have the capacity to induce the death and exfoliation of target uroepithelial cells. this process can be facilitated by the pore-forming toxin alpha-hemolysin (hlya), which is expressed and secreted by many upec isolates. here, we demonstrate that hlya can potently inhibit activation of akt (protein kinase b), a key regulator of host cell survival, inflammatory responses, proliferation, and met ...200818234841
the involvement of aeromonas salmonicida virulence factors in bacterial translocation across the rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss (walbaum), intestine.the pathogenic bacterium aeromonas salmonicida is the causative agent of furunculosis, a lethal disease in salmonids. the mode of lateral transmission has not been conclusively defined, but a. salmonicida is able to translocate across the intestinal epithelium of salmonids, making the intestinal route a probable candidate. this study investigated some of the virulence mechanisms used by the bacteria to promote translocation. intestinal segments were placed in modified ussing chambers to investig ...200818234022
[cellulitis caused by aeromonas hydrophila in an immunocompromised old woman]. 200718232124
pathogenic vibrio, aeromonas and arcobacter spp. associated with copepods in the straits of messina (italy). 200818215401
contribution of type iv pili to the virulence of aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida in atlantic salmon (salmo salar l.).aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida, a bacterial pathogen of atlantic salmon, has no visible pili, yet its genome contains genes for three type iv pilus systems. one system, tap, is similar to the pseudomonas aeruginosa pil system, and a second, flp, resembles the actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans flp pilus, while the third has homology to the mannose-sensitive hemagglutinin pilus of vibrio cholerae. the latter system is likely nonfunctional since eight genes, including the gene encoding ...200818212071
chemical markers for the evaluation of raw material hygienic quality in egg products.the aim of this research was to study uracil and lactic and acetic acids as chemical markers for hygienic quality evaluation of raw material in liquid pasteurized egg products. uracil, absent in sound whole eggs, was formed in raw and pasteurized egg products as a consequence of high microbial contamination (>10(6) cfu/g) after a sufficient lag time, remaining stable at 4 degrees c but disappearing after 7 days of storage at 25 degrees c. both lactic and acetic acids, starting from initial value ...200818211016
aeromonas-acanthamoeba interaction and early shift to a viable but nonculturable state of aeromonas by investigate the hypothesis that amoeba may comprise a significant environmental reservoir for aeromonas, acanthamoeba-aeromonas interaction experiments were performed.200818194253
a possible new cause of spa bath folliculitis: aeromonas hydrophila.a 34-year-old man presented with a pubic eruption of 4 weeks duration, affecting both himself and his partner. he had been treated unsuccessfully with intravenous and oral dicloxacillin. the eruption was a severely inflammatory folliculitis, with haemo-serous exudate and marked oedema. a clinical diagnosis of herpes simplex virus folliculitis was disproved when routine bacteriology isolated aeromonas hydrophila and multiple viral polymerase chain reaction studies were negative. histology demonst ...200818186847
study on the biocompatibility of novel terpolyester poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate).terpolyester poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (phbvhhx) containing 5.3 mol % 3-hydroxyvalerate (3-hv) and 10.2 mol % 3-hydroxyhexanoate was obtained via microbial synthesis using recombinant aeromonas hydrophila. for the first time in vitro biocompatibility of the terpolyester was evaluated in comparison with poly(l-lactic acid), poly (3-hydroxybutyrate), poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate), and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (phbhhx). sc ...200818186048
microbiologic study of soft contact lenses after laser subepithelial keratectomy for evaluate the extent and agents of bacterial contamination of bandage disposable soft contact lenses after laser subepithelial keratectomy (lasek) and to correlate the findings with clinical data.200818180679
fulminant epiglottitis with evolution to necrotizing soft tissue infections and fasciitis due to aeromonas hydrophila. 200818165860
comparison of the bactec blood culture system versus conventional methods for culture of normally sterile body fluids.this study compared the bactec blood culture system (becton dickinson diagnostic instrument systems, sparks, md) with conventional culture methods for recovery and time to detection of significant isolates from normally sterile body fluids. a total of 412 specimens were included in the study. half of the specimens were inoculated directly into the automated blood culture system. the remaining specimens were centrifuged at 3000 rpm for 10 min and were inoculated onto conventional media. clinicall ...200718165209
antibiotic resistance of motile aeromonads in indoor catfish and eel farms in the southern part of the netherlands.the prevalence and degree of antibiotic resistance in catfish and eel farms in the southern part of the netherlands was examined using motile aeromonads as indicator bacteria. a total of 29 water samples were collected, originating from six catfish farms, one catfish hatchery and three eel farms, and were plated on an aeromonas-selective agar with and without antibiotics. from each plate, one colony was screened for presumptive motile aeromonads and tested for antibiotic susceptibility. the prev ...200818160266
temperate bacteriophage phio18p from an aeromonas media isolate: characterization and complete genome sequence.a group of 74 aeromonas isolates from surface water of three ponds in bielefeld, germany was screened for prophage induction after uv irradiation. the phage phio18p was induced from the aeromonas media isolate o18. phio18p belongs to the myoviridae phage family. the complete nucleotide sequence of the double stranded dna genome of bacteriophage phio18p consists of 33,985 bp. the genome has 5' protruding cohesive ends of 16 bases. on the phio18p genome 46 open reading frames (orfs) were identifie ...200818096197
antimicrobial activity of an endophytic xylaria sp.yx-28 and identification of its antimicrobial compound endophytic xylaria sp., having broad antimicrobial activity, was isolated and characterized from ginkgo biloba l. from the culture extracts of this fungus, a bioactive compound p3 was isolated by bioactivity-guided fractionation and identified as 7-amino-4-methylcoumarin by nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared, and mass spectrometry spectral data. the compound showed strong antibacterial and antifungal activities in vitro against staphylococcus aureus [minimal inhibitory concentrations (mic) ...200818092158
fluid secretion caused by aerolysin-like hemolysin of aeromonas sobria in the intestines is due to stimulation of production of prostaglandin e2 via cyclooxygenase 2 by intestinal clarify the mechanisms of diarrheal disease induced by aeromonas sobria, we examined whether prostaglandin e2 (pge2) was involved in the intestinal secretory action of a. sobria hemolysin by use of a mouse intestinal loop model. the amount of pge2 in jejunal fluid and the fluid accumulation ratio were directly related to the dose of hemolysin. the increase over time in the level of pge2 was similar to that of the accumulated fluid. in addition, hemolysin-induced fluid secretion and pge2 synth ...200818086811
the effect of specific mhc class i and class ii combinations on resistance to furunculosis in atlantic salmon (salmo salar).the aim was to evaluate the performance of selected individual major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class i and class ii alleles and combinations of these on disease resistance against furunculosis. the material, consisting of 2,145 atlantic salmon (salmo salar) from seven families, contained four mhc class i (uba) alleles and two mhc class ii alpha (daa) alleles. the included alleles were previously shown to influence resistance towards furunculosis. the fish were challenged with the bacteriu ...200818086261
occurrence of an sme-2-producing serratia marcescens isolate in canada. 200818083009
structural characterization of the o-chain polysaccharide of aeromonas caviae atcc 15468 lipopolysaccharide.the o-chain polysaccharide produced by a mild acid degradation of aeromonas caviae atcc 15468 lipopolysaccharide was found to be composed of l-rhamnose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-galactose and phosphoglycerol. subsequent methylation and ce-esims analyses and 1d/2d nmr ((1)h, (13)c and (31)p) spectroscopy showed that the o-chain polysaccharide is a high-molecular-mass acidic branched polymer of tetrasaccharide repeating units with a phosphoglycerol substituent having th ...200818068695
activation of prothrombin by asp, a serine protease released from aeromonas sobria.the effect of a serine protease (asp) secreted from aeromonas sobria on plasma coagulation was investigated. proteolytically active asp promoted human plasma coagulation in a dose-dependent manner. consistent with the preference for a factor xa-specific oligo-peptide substrate, asp produced enzymatic activity from human prothrombin but not from factors ix and x. asp cleaved prothrombin to produce enzymatically active 37 kda-fragment displaying the same molecular mass as alpha-thrombin. asp is th ...200718067862
[identification of closely related bacteria via phylogenetic methods].to differentiate closely related pathogenic bacteria via phylogenetic method on the basis of gyrb gene sequences.200718067224
quorum sensing by n-acylhomoserine lactones is not required for aeromonas hydrophila during growth with organic particles in lake water was investigated whether quorum sensing (qs) mediated by n-acylhomoserine lactones (ahls) was important for heterotrophic bacteria from the littoral zone of the oligotrophic lake constance for growth with organic particles. more than 900 colonies from lake water microcosms with artificial organic aggregates consisting of autoclaved unicellular algae embedded in agarose beads were screened for ahl-production. ahl-producing bacteria of the genus aeromonas enriched in the microcosms but ahls cou ...200818066531
cortisol response and immune-related effects of atlantic salmon (salmo salar linnaeus) subjected to short- and long-term is generally considered that stress causes decreased immune function in fish. in this study we examined in atlantic salmon (salmo salar linnaeus) the effects of both short- (a single 15s out of water) and long-term (4 weeks of daily handling 15s out of water) stress on plasma cortisol (free and total) and glucose levels, expression of interleukin-1beta (il-1beta) and survival of head kidney (hk) macrophages under culture with aeromonas salmonicida. in the short-term study, samples were collec ...200818065240
[microbial diversity in scorpion intestine (buthus martensii karsch)].scorpion is an important officinal animal, and has a high nutritional value. in this study, the culture-independent and culture-dependent methods were used to investigate the microbial diversity in the scorpion's intestine. results based on culture-independent method showed the bacteria to be related to alpha, beta, gamma-proteobacteria. bacteria isolated by the culture-dependent method were high g + c, gram-positive bacteria. the genera enterobacter, serratia and ochrobactrum were detected by b ...200718062268
enhanced innate immune parameters in labeo rohita (ham.) following oral administration of bacillus subtilis.the present study assessed the use of bacillus subtilis in fish as a probiotic. the bacterium was administered orally at three different doses 0.5 x 10(7) (t(2)), 1 x 10(7) (t(3)), 1.5 x 10(7) (t(4)) cfu/g feed to labeo rohita for two weeks. the positive control group (t(1)) and negative control group (t(5,)) were fed feed without b. subtilis for the same period. on the 15th day blood and serum were sampled to determine respiratory burst activity (nbt assay), differential leukocyte counts (dlc) ...200818060807
the involvement of teta and tete tetracycline resistance genes in plasmid and chromosomal resistance of aeromonas in brazilian strains.this study analyzed the involvement of teta and tete genes in the tetracycline resistance of 16 strains of genus aeromonas, isolated from clinical and food sources. polymerase chain reactions revealed that 37.5% of the samples were positive for teta, and also 37.5% were tete positive. one isolate was positive for both genes. only the isolate a. caviae 5.2 had its resistance associated to the presence of a plasmid, pss2. the molecular characterization of pss2 involved the construction of its rest ...200718060315
antibacterial action of l-amino acid oxidase from the skin mucus of rockfish sebastes schlegelii.l-amino acid oxidase (lao) shows broadly antibacterial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria by h(2)o(2) generated in the oxidative process of l-amino acids. however, lao (termed ssap) isolated from the rockfish sebastes schlegelii skin mucus acted selectively on gram-negative bacteria. therefore, this study was undertaken to clarify the antibacterial action of ssap as compared with h(2)o(2). ssap inhibited potently the growth of aeromonas salmonicida, photobacterium damselae ...200818055243
in vitro studies of lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis in atlantic salmon (salmo salar l.) foregut: tissue responses and evidence of protection against aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida epithelial damage.probiotic bacteria increase the host health status and protect mucosal tissue against pathogen-caused damage in mammalian models. using an in vitro (intestinal sac) method this study aimed to address (a) the in vitro ability of lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. lactis to remain in the gastrointestinal tract of atlantic salmon (salmo salar l.) and (b) its ability to prevent cellular damage caused by successive incubation with aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida the causative agent of furuncul ...200818054448
isolation of a novel strain of aeromonas media producing high levels of dopa-melanin and assessment of the photoprotective role of the melanin in bioinsecticide isolate a bacterium that produces high yield of melanin and to examine the effect of this bacterial pigment on the efficacy of a bioinsecticide.200718045437
arsenic-resistant bacteria isolated from contaminated sediments of the orbetello lagoon, italy, and their characterization.the aim of this study was to isolate arsenic-resistant bacteria from contaminated sediment of the orbetello lagoon, italy, to characterize isolates for as(iii), as(v), heavy metals resistance, and from the phylogenetic point of view.200718045414
antibacterial activity of guava (psidium guajava l.) and neem (azadirachta indica a. juss.) extracts against foodborne pathogens and spoilage bacteria.the antibacterial activity of guava (psidium guajava) and neem (azadirachta indica) extracts against 21 strains of foodborne pathogens were determined--listeria monocytogenes (five strains), staphylococcus aureus (four strains), escherichia coli o157:h7 (six strains), salmonella enteritidis (four strains), vibrio parahaemolyticus, and bacillus cereus, and five food spoilage bacteria: pseudomonas aeroginosa, p. putida, alcaligenes faecalis, and aeromonas hydrophila (two strains). guava and neem e ...200718041957
aeromonas hydrophila wound infection following a tiger bite in nepal.aeromonas hydrophila is a rare human pathogen. reports of zoonotic infection developing after large feline bites are even rarer. we are documenting the first case of human wound infection with a. hydrophila following a tiger bite. the patient responded well following wound debridement, secondary suturing and combination antibiotic therapy.200718041304
molecular characterization of a functional type vi secretion system from a clinical isolate of aeromonas hydrophila.our laboratory recently molecularly characterized the type ii secretion system (t2ss)-associated cytotoxic enterotoxin (act) and the t3ss-secreted aexu effector from a diarrheal isolate ssu of aeromonas hydrophila. the role of these toxin proteins in the pathogenesis of a. hydrophila infections was subsequently delineated in in vitro and in vivo models. in this study, we characterized the new type vi secretion system (t6ss) from isolate ssu of a. hydrophila and demonstrated its role in bacterial ...200818037263
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