[antibiotic treatment and opportunistic infections]. 1977559126
[studies on identification of genus aeromonas and its clinical significance (author's transl)]. 1977559149
[necrotic phlegmon of the hand, starting point for a septicemia caused by aeromonas hydrophila. demonstration of the ichthyological origin of the infection]. 1978566433
[note on intestinal bacterial microflora of a nematode: thelazia rhodesi]. 1978568815
anaerobic fish spoilage by bacteria. i. biochemical changes in herring extracts. 1979573257
anaerobic fish spoilage by bacteria. ii. kinetics of bacterial growth and substrate conversions in herring extracts. 1979573258
[effect of gentamycin in combination with prodigiozan on the immunological reactivity of the body].the effect of gentamicin sulphate and its combination will prodigiozan on antibody formation in experiments and the levels of the immunobiologic reactivity of patients with purulent inflammatory processes was studied with a purpose of developing rational schemes of antibiotic therapy of infectious diseases. a decrease in the titers of the antibodies to aeromonas and the number of antibody-forming cells in the spleen was noted on repeated administration of gentamicin to albino mice in a dose of 2 ...1979573585
[taxonomic studies on aeromonads of milk, water and minced meat (author's transl)].365 aeromonads isolated from milk, water and minced meat were tested in 24 biochemical characters. by application of a numerical method the material was devided into two subgroups. the properties of these subgroups are not in accordance with the definitions of species and subspecies of the taxonomical system of aeromonas as it is accepted at present. with regard to the priority of the name a. punctata it is suggested to make use of only this name till the real combinations of characters and the ...1977576341
freshwater wound infection due to aeromonas hydrophila. 1977577949
aeromonas hydrophila sepsis in a patient undergoing hemodialysis therapy.aeromonas hydrophila septicemia complicated by a generalized cutaneous vasculitis developed in a patient receiving home hemodialysis therapy. because the aeromonas organism is found in many natural water sources, the possibility that this patient's hemodialysis system became contaminated was explored. although cultures from the patient's home environment showed no aeromonas sp, the possibility still exists that the site of contamination was in the dialysis system.1978579373
aeromonas hydrophila infection. 1978579385
antibiotic resistance of vibrio cholerae: special considerations of r-plasmids.studies on the transmission of r plasmid by conjugation between enterobacteria and vibrio or related bacteria were reviewed. the majority of the reports confirmed successful transmission from enterobacteria to vibrio cholerae and related species, although the transmission frequencies were extremely low and the transmitted r plasmid was very unstable except for thermosensitive kanamycin plasmid and usual r plasmid coexisting with p plasmid. strains of v. cholerae and aeromonas liquefaciens as wel ...1978581573
[2 choleriform syndromes caused by aeromonas hydrophila observed in western africa]. 1977589736
[aeromonas in food products and its possible role as a pathogen of food poisoning]. 1977590811
the occurrence of pseudomonas spp. in surface water and in tap water as determined on citrate media.citrate-utilizing bacteria were counted in 289 samples of tap water derived from either surface water or ground water and in 32 samples of raw or partially treated surface water by using media containing ferric ammonium citrate as the carbon and energy source. the citrate-utilizing bacteria constituted only small minorities of the colony counts on lab-lemco agar at 25 c in both tap water and surface water. a total of 1071 isolates were obtained, of which 979 were able to utilize citrate. charact ...1977596862
septic arthritis due to aeromonas hydrophila infection. 1977597462
[preliminary serological investigations on aeromonas and vibrio strains associated with the ulcussyndrome in cod (author's transl)]. 1977600698
[study of 50 strains of aeromonas hydrophilia isolated from fishes].a bacteriological survey of the healthy goldfish (carassius auratus) demonstrated the frequent occurrence of a. hydrophila. the biochemical characters and the sensitivity to 29 chemiotherapics and 15 antiseptics of 50 fish originating strains were studied and compared with a number of strains, implicated in human pathology. the results of this study indicate a good agreement for the biochemical characters and the sensitivity to chemiotherapics between the fish and the human strains. owing to thi ...1977603101
ticarcillin: a collaborative in vitro comparison with carbenicillin against over 9,000 clinical bacterial isolates.the minimal inhibitory concentrations of ticarcillin and carbenicillin were determined for 9,236 clinical bacterial isolates by the broth microdilution method at four participating laboratories. ticarcillin showed significantly increased activity against klebsiella pneumoniae (p less than .001), pseudomonas aeruginosa (p less than .001) and aeromonas hydrophilia (p less than .005) when compared to carbenicillin, but no signifcant differences were observed against other gram-negative organisms. t ...1977610415
[microbial pollution of the environment by herds of animals. ii. some gram-negative bacterial genera from bovine herds]. 1977616588
aeromonas hydrophila corneal ulcer.two healthy men developed acute corneal ulcers caused by aeromonas hydrophila after receiving traumatic foreign body injuries to the cornea. the ulcers resolved after treatment for gram-negative bacterial corneal ulceration. a history of contamination by water, soil, or material from an aquatic source was a significant factor in each case.1978619678
neonatal septicemia and meningitis due to aeromonas shigelloides. 1978633037
aeromonas hydrophilia sepsis in a previously healthy man. 1978633579
snake-to-human transmission of aeromonas (pl) shigelloides resulting in gastroenteritis.a healthy young man developed acute gastroenteritis after handling an infected bao constrictor. the animal died after contracting "mouth-rot disease", a progressive ulcerative stomatitis of snakes charactistically caused a aeromonas species. stool cultures from the patient yielded a heavy growth of aeromonas (plesiomonas) shigelloides but no other enteric pathogens. treatment wit sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim resulted in rapid relief of clinical symptoms. aeromonas species are not considered par ...1978635632
effects of fever on host defense mechanisms after infection in the lizard dipsosaurus dorsalis.fever has never been proven beneficial in mammals, although it enhances survival in the lizard d. dorsalis infected with aeromonas hydrophila. we examined the course of the infection and the function of host defence in febrile (41 degrees) and afebrile (35 degrees or 38 degrees) animals using this model. infected, febrile lizards had sterile blood cultures, and 1-2 logs fewer bacteria in body tissues 6-12 h after infection. granulocytes appeared early and in large numbers at the site of inoculat ...1978638032
carbenicillin plus cefamandole in the treatment of infections in patients with cancer.the combination of carbenicillin plus cefamandole was administered to 88 patients with cancer during 116 evaluable episodes of fever. the overall response rate to carbenicillin plus cefamandole for the 116 episodes was 57%. there were 60 documented infections, of which 60% responded to this combination of antibiotics. the response rate was only 43% in patients with pneumonia. the etiologic agent was identified during 38 infections, of which 74% responded to carbenicillin plus cefamandole. respon ...1978649998
fatal aeromonas hydrophila infection of the skin.a 62-year-old woman developed a fatal aeromonas hydrophila infection of the skin after dropping a crab trap on her leg. the area surrounding the punctures was erythematous and had several flaccid bullae. a biopsy specimen of the involved skin showed necrosis and suppuration in the dermis and subcutaneous fat. the a hydrophila sepsis resolved after treatment with gentamicin, but the patient developed secondary wound infections and died three months after injury.1978663710
a bacterial disease of the darwin's frog (rhinoderma darwini).ulceration and necrosis of the rostrum in darwin's frogs was investigated microbiologically and histopathologically. the condition was attributed to infection with aeromonas liquefaciens and, possibly, an acinetobacter sp.1978672182
fever and survival: the role of serum iron.1. the effects of bacterial infection and temperature on serum iron levels were investigated in the lizard dipsosaurus dorsalis. 2. changes in body temperature from normal (38 degrees c) to febrile (41 degrees c) did not alter serum iron levels. injection with aeromonas hydrophila led to a significant reduction in serum iron levels, comparable to that found in mammals. this reduction in serum iron level was independent of the lizard's body temperature. 3. when grown in vitro, a. hydrophila grew ...1978678329
lipopolysaccharides of the motile aeromonads; core oligosaccharide analysis as an aid to taxonomic classification.twelve motile aeromonas strains have been examined with respect to the hexose and heptose monosaccharide residures present in the core region of their cell wall lipopolysaccharides. these strains were divided into three distinctly separate groups on the basis of the various combinations of hexose and heptose residues. the assignment of a strain to any one of the three groups furnishes a distribution which is substantially the same as that recently reported in a computerbased numerical analysis. ...1978679071
presence of glycerophospholipid: cholesterol acyltransferase and phospholipase in culture supernatant of aeromonas hydrophila.human erythrocyte membrane glycerophospholipids are deacylated by aeromonas hydrophila 13-h culture supernatants, resulting in the production of cholesterol ester, free fatty acid, and water-soluble phosphates. this activity appears to be due to the actions of an acyltransferase (phosphatide:cholesterol acyltransferase, ec 2.3.1 group) and a phospholipase (phosphatide acyl-hydrolase). the enzyme activities are produced simultaneously in late exponential/early stationary phase, are precipitated t ...1978681278
aeromonas hydrophilia septicemia in a previously healthy man. 1978682280
[effect of water temperature on the development of aeromoniasis in fish]. 1978695304
comparison of selected diagnostic tests for detection of motile aeromonas septicemia in fish.cultural isolation, slide agglutination (sa), tube agglutination (ta), microagglutination (ma), and fluorescent antibody (fa) techniqes were compared as methods for detecting motile aeromonas septicemia in channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus). tests were conducted on naturally infected fish from feral populations and commercial sources, as well as on fish which were experimentally infected with a virulent culture of aeromonas hydrophila. increased levels of specific serum agglutinins to a hydro ...1978697147
a study of bacteria contaminating refrigerated cooked chicken; their spoilage potential and possible origin.cooked chicken was allowed to spoil in a normal kitchen refrigerator (variable temperature) and at a standard 4c. after 10 days' storage, bacteria were isolated from the chicken. it was found that the numbers of organisms at variable refrigeration temperature were tenfold higher than those at a uniform 4c. in an attempt to find the sources of contamination, swabs were made of different areas of the kitchen. many of the bacteria isolated from the spoiled chicken, were also isolated from the kitch ...1978701783
cytotoxic activity of aeromonas hydrophila.most strains of aeromonas hydrophila tested demonstrated cytotoxic activity on several tissue-cultured cell lines. the cytotoxin is heat-labile, non-dialyzable, and immunologically distinct from that of shigella dysenteriae and clostridium perfringens. none of the aeromonas isolates was found to be enterotoxigenic by either tissue culture or rabbit ileal loop assays.1978711344
phloroglucinol derivatives from aeromonas hydrophila. 1978721714
enterotoxigenic aeromonas hydrophila from a case of piglet diarrhoea. 1978742264
neuraminidase activity of nag vibrios and of some representatives of the intestinal group of was studied 203 strains of nag vibrios and 71 strains of different enterobacteria for the ability to produce neuraminidase. the most frequent neuraminidase producers were found among the strains isolated from humans (99 strain of 131). there was no correlation between neuraminidase production and other properties of the vibrios. the examined strains of the family enterobacteriaceae did not produce the enzyme.1978744553
[drinking waters and drug resistant bacteria. implications for water quality standards (author's transl)].a systematic investigation of antibiotic sensibility has been carried out on 1,000 strains of enterobacteria and aeromonas isolated from drinking water. 81,6% are resistant to one or more antibiotics. the incidence of this resistance and its epidemiological consequences are discussed.1978749057
diseases of chelonians: (2) necropsy survey of terrapins and turtles.a total of 122 terrapins (freshwater chelonians) of 36 species and seven turtles (marine chelonians) represented by three species, all of which had died in captivity, were necropsied. in terrapins, bacterial infections were a common cause of death (15.5 per cent). although salmonella infections appear to be less common in great britain than in the usa, terrapins are a potentially important source of infection to humans. fungal infections amounted to only 3.3 per cent. nutritional disorders, espe ...1978749320
effect of arginine analogues on a fish pathogen, aeromonas salmonicida.the effects of arginine analogues on a fish pathogen, aeromonas salmonicida, were investigated. this organism proved to be resistant in various degrees to most arginine analogues tested but was found to be sensitive to arginine hydroxamate. inhibition of growth by arginine hydroxamate was reversed by the addition of arginine to the bacterial culture. incorporation of 14c from 14c-amino acids, namely, guanidoarginine, glutamate, asparate, alanine, isoleucine, serine, methyl-methionine, and cystin ...1978756951
less frequently reported gram-negative fermentative rods.the clinical significance and distinguishing characteristics of less frequently reported gram-negative fermentative rods (pasteurella, yersinia, vibrio, aeromonas and plesiomonas, enterobacter agglomerans, and chromobacterium) are described. increased awareness of these organisms, a knowledge of possible sites in which they cause infection, and identification criteria which will separate them from similar bacteria will prepare the clinical microbiologist for the isolation and identification of t ...1976769548
reductive microbial conversion of anthracycline antibiotics.reductive conversion of several anthracycline glycosides to their 7-deoxyaglycones occurs during their microaerophilic incubation with strains of aeromonas hydrophila, citrobacter freundii, and escherichia coli. further, extracts of microaerophilically grown a. hydrophilia catalyze dpnh-dependent reductive conversion of the same compounds. anthracycline substrates cleaved by both whole cells and by the cell-free system include steffimycin, steffimycin b, nogalamycin, cinerubin a, and daunomycin. ...1976786368
[the detection of aeromonads of the "hydrophila-punctata-group" within the hygienic control of drinking water (author's transl)].the first part brings a retrospective analysis of bacteriological water examinations at single wells at which within a new one year examination period e. coli, coliforms and colony count determinations were performed and in addition the water samples were examined regarding aeromonas of the "hydrophila-punctata-group". the single wells have been divided in five groups because of the pre-testing and reexamination results and because of the local circumstances. they are summarized in the tables 1- ...1976788410
the bactericidal action of benzoic acid and sodium acetate on the gram-negative flora of dialysis fluid.benzoic acid in concentrations from 0.18 per cent and upwards exerted a bactericidal action on the gram-negative flora of dialysis fluid at ph 4.75 in vitro. at a concentration of 0.32 per cent, a reduction of 10(5) was obtained with 24 hours. sulphonamide resistance did not affect the bactericidal action. the killing effect was hardly more than directly proportional to the concentration of benzoic acid. increasing inoculum decreased the bactericidal effect. therefore, benbzoic acid should not b ...1976788461
starvation effects on escherichia coli and aquatic bacterial responses to nutrient addition and secondary warming stresses.a gram-negative polar flagellated rod, isolated from a colorado mountain stream and considered to be an aeromonas sp., a mixed aquatic microbial population, and a culture of escherichia coli were starved to determine their responses to the short-term presence of nutrients and mild warming stress (49.5 c for 2 min) in relation to starvation time. at the beginning of the starvation period, the aeromonas isolate was extremely sensitive to the secondary warming stress. this response was markedly dim ...1976793521
[immunofluorescence technique applied at serological diagnosis of the respiratory tract infections from gram-negatives bacteria (author's transl)].the immunofluorescence indirect technique was evaluated for detecting specificities, ig classes, and levels of serum and sputum antibodies against bacteria isolated from sputa in patients with broncho-pulmonary infections. results obtained with the fa method were compared with those obtained with a passive haemagglutination test. the former method gave much more reliable results than the latter. by using fa indirect method it was possible to assess pathogenicity of baceterial strains isolated fr ...1976797326
[aeromonads--taxonomy and nomenclature]. 1976799450
chondroitinase-producing bacteria in natural habitats.a search was undertaken for bacteria which degrade chondroitin sulfate in nature and to find bacteria with a usefully high rate of chondroitinase (chsase) productivity. first, 253 chsase-producing bacteria were obtained from aquatic and land environments in japan by aerobic and anaerobic screening methods. identification according to bergey's manual of determinative bacteriology or bain and shewan (1968) permitted assignment of the majority of the isolates to seven genera, aeromonas, vibrio, fla ...1975803822
an improvement in the technique for the presumptive identification of aeromonas salmonicida. 1975803942
rapid detection and identification of enteric bacteria from blood cultures.the bactec radiometric system and inolex enteric i card were used in conjunction for the rapid detection and presumptive identification of enteric gram-negative rods in blood cultures. excellent correlation was obtained between the inolex card and routine identification techniques when organisms from both artificially inoculated and clinical blood cultures were studied. in many instances, the culture report was available less than 24 hr after receipt of the specimen.1975804025
in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solutions on selected pathogenic bacteria.the in-vitro effect of edta-tris-lysozyme solution on 16 pathogenic bacteria of medical or veterinary importance was determined. marked decreases in bacterial count occurred with pseudomonas aeruginosa, escherichia coli, moraxella osloensis and campylobacter fetus, and smaller decreses with salmonella typhimurium, shigella boydii, aeromonas hydrophila, proteus mirabilis, listeria monocytogenes and erysipelothrix insidiosa. the test solution had no effect on klebsiella ozaenae, brucella canis, co ...1975805241
brown- and red-pigmented pseudomonas aeruginosa: differentiation between melanin and pyorubrin.the pigment produced by three clinically isolated strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa has been shown to by pyomelanin. the pigment is also produced by three strains of the same species labelled as "var. erythrogenes" by the national collection of type cultures, and by aeromonas salmonicida. melanin and pyorubrin may be distinguished by the differential effects of tyrosine and glutamate on their production in minimal salts medium; furunculosis agar is a suitable medium for differentation of these p ...1975805242
[therapeutic effect of lividomycin on infections of the respiratory tract (author's transl)].therapeutic effect of lividomycin was observed in patients with infections of the respiratory tract (infections in association with bronchiectasis, mixed infections of cavities after negative conversion of tubercle bacilli, pneumonia, and so forth). significant improvement of clinical symptoms was observed in 15 cases and no improvement in 4 cases. lividomycin was administered at a dose of 1 g/day for 3 to 15 days. staphylococcus aureus (9 cases), klebsiella pneumoniae (1 case), alpha-hemolytic ...1975807755
[investigations on the standardization of polytropic substances used in microbiological test procedures. i. suitability of vitamin-free casein hydrolysates as standardizable source of n and c for bacterial growth (author's transl)].comparative testing of vitamin-free casein hydrolysates produced by merck, difco and sheffield showed that the products are evidently fairly well standardised by the manufacturing specifications and satisfy requirements as polytropic source of n and c for microbiological test procedures in which high degree of reproducibility is demanded. tests were conducted with strains of e. coli, a. punctata, p. aeruginosa and myxobacter sp. and showed that differences within the trial groups in the colony c ...1975808926
methyl violet: a selective agent for differentiation of klebsiella pneumoniae from enterobacter aerogenes and other gram-negative organisms.three selective media for differentiation of klebsiella pneumoniae from enterobacter aerogenes on the basis of colonial morphology were evaluated. using methyl violet 2b as a selective agent, strains of k. pneumoniae isolated from urine, fresh water, and fresh produce were tested against other members of enterobacteriaceae in addition to strains of aeromonas hydrophila and pseudomonas aeruginosa. comparison of colonial morphology showed k. pneumoniae produced larger, smoother colonies than other ...1975809008
bacteriophage typing of gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria. 1975811424
enterobacterial chelators of iron: their occurrence, detection, and relation to or on agar media, low-density seedings of enterobacteria fail to grow in the presence of certain concentrations of ethylene diamine-di-orthohydroxyphenyl acetic acid (edda); on the other hand, high-density seedings not only grow but secrete iron chelators which release the iron bound by the edda in the medium and stimulate the growth of low-density seedings. plates of media containing edda with low-density seedings of indicator organisms were used to survey iron-chelator production in seven e ...1975812996
possible mis-identification of the fish pathogen aeromonas salmonicida. 1975813814
sources of the slow-growing pigmented water bacteria.the group of organisms often labelled as "slow-growing pigmented water bacteria" may include various species of the xanthomonas, cytophoga, pseudomonas, aeromonas and flavobacterium genera. due to their slow growth, this group is usually overlooked in the average clinical laboratory since the pigmented colonies are most easily noted on membrane filter pads or on surface streaked agar plates, but only after 5-15 days of incubation at room temperature. although present at low levels in free-flowin ...1976816754
superactivation of neutral proteases: acylation with n-hydroxysuccinimide esters.a series n-hydroxysuccinimide esters of acylamino acids previously shown to acylate and thereby increase the activity of thermolysin by several orders of magnitude (blumberg, s., and vallee, b. l. (1975), biochemistry 14, 2410) has been used to modify the related neutral proteases from bacillus subtilis, bacillus megaterium, and aeromonas proteolytica. each of these enzymes is activated to a level characteristic of the particular protein and the particular acyl group incorpporated when monitored ...1976823965
interaction of pseudomonas and enterobacteriaceae plasmids in aeromonas salmonicida.we observed that aeromonas salmonicida aro200 will maintain either or both the pseudomonas r-factor, pmg1, and enterobacteriaceae r-factors. this bacterial strain, therefore, provides a unique background wherein the host ranges of pseudomonas and enterobacteriaceae plasmods overlap. co-maintenance of these plasmids resulted in behavior of plasmid aggregates that allowed transfer of r-dterminants beyond the host range of the parent plasmid. we observed that the aro200 genetic background facilitat ...1976824271
an evaluation of commercial thiosulphate citrate bile salt sucrose agar (tcbs). 1976825501
the binding site of escherichia coli ribosomal protein s4 on 16-s ribosomal rna from different bacterial species.ribosomal protein s4 of escherichia coli was bound to 16-s ribosomal rnas from several bacterial species and the complexes digested with pancreatic ribonuclease in an effort to isolate heterologous rna binding sites for protein s4. 16-s rnas from aeromonas punctata, pseudomonas fluorescens and vibrio cuneatus each gave rise to protected fragments whose electrophoretic mobility was 7s, i.e. similar to that of the fragment generated from e. coli 16-s rna using the same conditions. no comparable fr ...1976827436
media-dependent oxidase reaction in a strain of aeromonas hydrophila.a strain of aeromonas hydrophila isolated from bile was oxidase positive only when grown on nonselective media. the isolate was oxidase negative when grown on gram-negative selective and/or differential media. it is proposed that oxidase tests on gram-negative rods be performed on colonies grown on nonselective media to assure valid results.1977833265
aeromonas hydrophila in the coelomic cavity of the earthworms lumbricus terrestris and eisenia foetida. 1977858944
survival value of fever in fish. 1977859637
effect of tetramethyl lead on freshwater green algae.the toxicity of tetramethyl lead (me4pb) towards freshwater algae was studied by bubbling biologically generated me4pb from one flask containing 5 mg of pb 1-1 as me3pboac into the culture medium in another flask where a test alga scenedesmus quadricauda was grown. as me4pb is not soluble in water and is volatile, the exposure of an alga to this lead compound was only momentary. it was estimated that less than 0.5 mg of pb(me4pb) had passed through the culture medium. the primary productivity an ...1977869587
[aeromonas in surface waters]. 1977873239
pathogenicity of nonpigmented cultures of chromobacterium violaceum.nonpigmented cultures of chromobacterium violaceum have been found to be similar to pigmented cultures in their virulence for mice and the pathology of their infections. clinicians and microbiologists should be prepared to consider nonpigmented c. violaceum in their differential diagnoses of infections caused by gram-negative bacteria. the laboratorian who is not aware of this possibility is likely to erroneously identify nonpigmented strains of c. violaceum as members of closely associated gene ...1977874071
cefuroxime, a new parenteral cephalosporin: collaborative in vitro susceptibility comparison with cephalothin against 5,887 clinical bacterial isolates.cefuroxime, a new parenteral cephalosporin was compared with cephalothin by broth microdilution susceptibility testing against 5,887 routine clinical bacterial isolates in four large clinical laboratories. the minimal inhibitory concentrations (mics) of cefuroxime against the enterobacteriaceae were consistently lower than those of cephalothin. this was most striking among the enterobacter species, which were generally susceptible to cefuroxime (mic </= 8 mug/ml), but resistant to cephalothin. s ...1977883818
an immuno-india ink technique for rapid laboratory diagnosis of fish furunculosis. 1977885822
aeromonas hydrophila in acute diarrheal disease: detection of enterotoxin and biotyping of strains.eleven isolates of aeromonas species from human stool cultures were found to produce enterotoxin activity as determined by assay of culture filtrates in rabbit intestinal loops and rabbit skin and on adrenal y1 cells. hemolysin(s) and a cytotoxic protein were found to interfere in all three assay systems but could be inactivated upon heating at 56 degrees c or by specific antihemolysin. biotyping of each isolate was performed with a conventional test system and with api 50e and apizym kit system ...1977893660
enterotoxicity of aeromonas cells and cell-free culture supernates of 50 strains of aeromonas hydrophila isolated from diarrhoeic and healthy human faeces, drinking water, sewage, the river ganges and faeces from domestic animals caused accumulation of fluid in ligated ileal loops of adult rabbits. the amount of fluid produced was comparable to that of a toxigenic strain of vibrio cholerae. three of the strains gave positive reactions only after two passages in ileal loops of rabbits. inocula of about 10(3) viable cel ...1977894697
[role of aeromonads in human pathology]. 1977899446
[choleriform syndromes due to aeromonas hydrophila. 2 cases]. 1977917795
bacterial flora of the sea urchin echinus esculentus.a total of 85 isolates of mesophilic, aerobic, heterotrophic bacteria were isolated from the gut, peristomial membrane, and coelomic fluid from specimens of the sea urchin echinus esculentus from the clyde sea area of scotland. these isolates were compared with 26 isolates from sand and seawater in the same locality. overall, strains of pseudomonas and vibrio predominated. gut (with an average bacterial viable count of 2 x 10(7) per 3-cm section) and coelomic fluid (which was often sterile and r ...1977921260
[identification of the causing agent of erysipelas of fishes]. 1977929917
[use of crotonolactone in aeromonas infection of the carp]. 1977929929
a taxonomic study of the aeromonas hydrophila-aeromonas punctata group.a total of 203 characters has been determined for 68 strains of aeromonas belonging to the aeromonas hydrophila-a. punctata group. the results have been subjected to computer analysis using the coefficient of jaccard-sneath and the strains clustered by the method of aggregation according to the variance. the 68 strains can be divided into two well-segregated classes on the basis of 59 variable characters, of which seven are of diagnostic value. the two classes are considered as two separate spec ...1976932684
necrosis and bacterial infection in channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus) following hypoxia.apparently sterile lesions developed in the skin and musculature of channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus) six days after fish were severely stressed by an oxygen depletion associated with a phytoplankton die-off in an 8.9 ha pond. lesions were characterized by hemorrhage and necrosis. aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from either the lesions ot internal organs of all moribund fish necropsied the day after lesions were first found. as the water quality improved the health of the fish improved. wa ...1976933317
fever: effect of drug-induced antipyresis on determine whether the prevention of fever affects the survival of an animal infected with pathogenic bacteria, lizards (dipsosaurus dorsalis) were infected with live aeromonas hydrophila and received varying doses of sodium salicylate, an antipyretic drug. twelve lizards received identical injections of bacteria along with a nontoxic dose of sodium salicylate; five animals increased their mean body temperature at least 0.6 degrees c and survived the week, whereas seven did not develop a fever ...1976935867
a survey of aquarium fishes, their foods, and environmental water for salmonellae.the presence of salmonellae in the pet shop environment, fishes, aquarium water, and in a variety of commercially prepared and natural fish foods was determined. salmonellosis attributed to turtles purchased from pet shops has been responsible for an estimated 280,000 human cases annually in the united states. the possibility that aquarium fishes, or their food and aquatic habitat might also serve as sources of human salmonellosis was deemed worthy of clarification. results of the present survey ...1976940312
[sensitivity of aeromonas punctata to antibiotics]. 1976948845
[disc-electrophoresis of the protein spectra of representatives of the genera aeromonas, comamonas and pseudomonas]. 1976961260
[antigenic structure of non-agglutinating vibrios and bacteria of the genus aeromonas].the authors carried out a comparative study of the antigenic structure of nonagglutinating vibrios and the respresentatives of aeromonas genus. a number of common antigens (some of which were of protein origin) were revealed in the so-called enterotoxins of nonaggultinating vibrios and aeromonas and also in the cytoplasm and ribosomes of these strains. "enterotoxin" of aeromona s strain contained the factor of vascular permeability. the serum to "enterotoxin" of the aeromonas strain neutralized ...1976961271
fever and antipyresis in the lizard dipsosaurus dorsalis.lizards (dipsosaurus dorsalis) were placed in a desertlike environment in which the ambient temperature (ta) at night (1800-0600 h) was 12 degrees c and the day (0600-1800 h) ta was between 30 and 55 degrees c depending on the location within the chamber. when dead aeromonas hydrophila (4 x 10(9) organisms) was injected into nine lizards, an elevation in body temperature (tb) of 2.7 degrees c was observed during the same day. on the day after bacterial injection the lizards' body temperatures av ...1976961860
effect of aeromonas salmonicida (furunculosis) infection on the incorporation of [1-14c]acetate into lipids of trout liver.[1-(14)c]acetate is incorporated into lipids more rapidly by liver from aeromonas salmonicida-infected trout than by normal trout liver, both in vitro and in vivo. the increase was, in general, about twofold to less than threefold.1976965100
ultrastructural examination of aeromonas cultured in the presence of organic lead.aeromonas sp. will methylate trimethyl lead acetate (me3pboac) to volatile tetramethyl lead (me4pb). examination of cultures grown in the presence of me3pboac revealed no major irregularities between cells of the treated and untreated cultures. some cells, however, showed evidence that intracytoplasmic materials had been leached from the cells. the lead-treated cells were interpreted to contain lead ions on the basis of energy-dispersive x-ray analysis.1976984840
[taxonomic importance of fermentation balances of enterobacteriaceae (author's transl)].fermentation balances have been studied on 66 strains from 9 taxa of enterobacteriaceae. in addition, 6 strains of aeromonas have been investigated. among these fermentation balances, 7 types could be distinguished. it was shown, that the taxa of enterobacteriaceae differed with respect to the balance types involved. this is true especially for vp-positive taxa. for example, hafnia, the klebsiella-enterobacter-serratia group, enterobacter cloacae and erwinia are to some extend characterized by d ...1976998036
enterotoxin-producing bacteria and parasites in stools of ethiopian children with diarrhoeal disease.enterotoxinogenic bacteria were isolated from 131 (37%) of 354 ethiopian infants and children with acute gastrointestinal symptoms. only one of these isolates belonged to the classical enteropathogenic serotypes of esch. coli. two colonies from each patient were isolated and tested for production of enterotoxin by the rabbit ileal loop test, the rabbit skin test, and an adrenal cell assay. however, only 38% of the isolated enterotoxinogenic strains were esch. coli; the others belonged to klebsie ...19761008593
aeromonas neutral protease. 19761012006
aeromonas aminopeptidase. 19761012016
[trout diseases in fish ponds]. 19761028290
[production of anti-aeromonas salmonicida agglutinins by the rainbow trout. influence of temperature, an adjuvant and an immunosuppressive agent].adult rainbow trout were immunized intraperitoneally with a chloroform killed aeromonas salmonicida suspension. agglutinating antibodies were titrated using a microtiter system. antibody activity was associated with igm fraction obtained from sepharose 4 b gel filtration. the kinetics of antibody formation were established at three temperatures. at 50c detectable antibodies were found at day 50 post immunization. at 10degrees c and 16 degrees c the agglutinin titer rose before day 20. the antibo ...19761028376
taxonomy of the family vibrionaceae considered with respect to data on the primary structure of deoxyribonucleic acid. 19761034656
antibiotic sensitivity of two aeromonas and nine pseudomonas agar dilution method was used to determine the in vitro sensitivity of different pseudomonas and aeromonas species to sulphonamide, tetracycline, colistin, gentamicin, tobramycin, amplicillin, carbenicillin, and cephalothin. p. aeruginosa was generally sensitive to carbenicillin, colistin, tobramycin, and gentamicin. p. putida and p. fluorescens were generally resistant to beta-lactam antibodies but sensitive to gentamicin and tobramycin. p. cepacia and p. maltophilia were mostly resistant to ...19751040755
inducible oxacillin-hydrolyzing penicillinase in aeromonas hydrophila isolated from inducible penicillinase was shown to be present in a strain of aeromonas hydrophila subsp. hydrophila isolated from freshwater fish. enzyme induction was observed with benzylpenicillin or 6-aminopenicillanic acid, and the enzyme was cell bound. the penicillinase was purified 50-fold from a crude cell extract. the molecular weight was estimated to be 23,000 by gel filtration. the ph and temperature optima for the enzyme activity were 8.0 and 35 degrees c, respectively. the penicillinase showed ...19761049517
recurrent aeromonas sepsis in a patient with leukemia.a case of recurrent sepsis due to aeromonas hydrophila in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia is reported. the patient's first infection leading to bacteremia followed contamination of a mosquito bite by stagnant water. after recovery from the first bacteremia, the patient again became septic with a second strain of aeromonas hydrophila, which again responded to antimicrobial therapy. it is hypothesized that contamination of the local water supply may have led to the establishment of a gas ...19751060378
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