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photodynamic inactivation of aeromonas hydrophila by cationic phthalocyanines with different hydrophobicity.antibacterial photodynamic therapy is a pioneering method for the inactivation of pathogenic bacteria. four tetra alkyl-substituted cationic phthalocyanines with different hydrocarbon chains attached to the pyridyloxy group were synthesized. these photodynamic sensitizers were studied for antibacterial inactivation of a multidrug-resistant strain of gram-negative bacterium aeromonas hydrophila. aeromonas species are recognized as etiological agents of a wide spectrum of diseases in humans and an ...200919431233
microbial production of 4-hydroxybutyrate, poly-4-hydroxybutyrate, and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) by recombinant microorganisms.4-hydroxybutyrate (4hb) was produced by aeromonas hydrophila 4ak4, escherichia coli s17-1, or pseudomonas putida kt2442 harboring 1,3-propanediol dehydrogenase gene dhat and aldehyde dehydrogenase gene aldd from p. putida kt2442 which are capable of transforming 1,4-butanediol (1,4-bd) to 4hb. 4hb containing fermentation broth was used for production of homopolymer poly-4-hydroxybutyrate [p(4hb)] and copolymers poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) [p(3hb-4hb)]. recombinant a. hydrophila ...200919434404
isolation and cdna cloning of an antibacterial l-amino acid oxidase from the skin mucus of the great sculpin myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus.the skin mucus of the great sculpin myoxocephalus polyacanthocephalus showed both antibacterial and l-amino acid oxidase (lao) activities. antibacterial laos were purified from the skin mucus of the m. polyacanthocephalus by column chromatography and named mplao1, mplao2, and mplao3, based on the order of elution by ion-exchange high performance liquid chromatography. cdna cloning of mplao3 revealed that the full-length cdnawas 2659 bp and encoded the signal peptide (met1-ala26) and the mature p ...200919447190
differences in the antibody response and survival of genetically different varieties of common carp (cyprinus carpio l.) vaccinated with a commercial aeromonas salmonicida/a. hydrophila vaccine and challenged with a. hydrophila.males of two strains of carp, wild duna (d), and inbred szarvas 22 (22), were selected for high and low stress response. two purebreds of d and 22, from randomly chosen parents and four crosses, 22 x 22-l (low stress response), 22 x 22-h (high stress response), 22 x d-l (low stress response) and 22 x d-h (high stress response) from selected stress response parents were produced and vaccinated with a commercial aeromonas salmonicida/aeromonas hydrophila vaccine and their circulating antibody resp ...200919449165
pioneer colonizer microorganisms in biofilm formation on galvanized steel in a simulated recirculating cooling-water system.some bacteria have a higher tendency to produce biofilm than others. especially, pseudomonas and aeromonas strains are acknowledged to be pioneer colonizers and are predominant in biofilm formation. we examined biofilm formation and first attachment maintance of biofilms of pseudomonas spp., pseudomonas aeruginosa, aeromonas spp, sulphate reducing bacteria and filamentous fungi. a simulated recirculating cooling-water system was used. heterotrophic bacteria counts on galvanized steel and glass s ...200919455520
application of an immunoaffinity-based preconcentration method for mass spectrometric analysis of the o-chain polysaccharide of aeromonas salmonicida from in vitro- and in vivo-grown this study, application of magnetic beads (dynabeads) coated with aeromonas salmonicida lipopolysaccharide-specific polyclonal antisera to ms-based characterization of bacterial lipopolysaccharides has been evaluated. the results showed that the affinity-based preconcentration strategy resulted in at least a 100-fold increase in the detection of sensitivity, affording direct capillary electrophoresis (ce)-ms analysis of a. salmonicida lipopolysaccharide o-chain polysaccharide from in vitro-cu ...200919456871
prevalence and transmission of antimicrobial resistance among aeromonas populations from a duckweed aquaculture based hospital sewage water recycling system in order to investigate the influence of a duckweed aquaculture based hospital sewage water recycling plant on the prevalence and dissemination of antibiotic resistance, we made use of an existing collection of 1,315 aeromonas isolates that were previously typed by the biochemical fingerprinting php-ae system. in these treatment plant, hospital raw sewage water is first collected in a settlement pond (referred to as sewage water in this study) and is then transferred to a lagoon, where the duckw ...200919459063
[cloning and expression of a hemolysin gene of aeromonas hydrophila and the immunogenicity of the toxoid].according to the genbank sequences (genbank accession no. af539467), one pair of primers was designed to amplify hly gene of aeromonas hydrophila by pcr. after sequencing, homology analysis indicated that a dna fragment of 1485 bp was amplified from isolated dna from aeromonas hydrophila, and it shared more than 99% homology in nucleotide sequence compared with other reference strains in genbank. the gene was cloned in pet-28a vector to construct a recombinant plasmid pet-28a-hly, which was tran ...200919459331
[diarrhea from the infectologist's point of view].gastroenteritis is a nonspecific term for various pathologic states of the gastrointestinal tract. gastroenteritis causing pathogens are the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. in the developed countries diarrhea is the most common reason for missing work, while in the developing world, it is a leading cause of death. internationally, the mortality rate is 5-10 million deaths each year. "traveller's diarrhea" is a polyetiologic common health problem of international travel ...200919218145
an aeromonas caviae genomic island is required for both o-antigen lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis and flagellin glycosylation.aeromonas caviae sch3n possesses a small genomic island that is involved in both flagellin glycosylation and lipopolysaccharide (lps) o-antigen biosynthesis. this island appears to have been laterally acquired as it is flanked by insertion element-like sequences and has a much lower g+c content than the average aeromonad g+c content. most of the gene products encoded by the island are orthologues of proteins that have been shown to be involved in pseudaminic acid biosynthesis and flagellin glyco ...200919218387
first organisms with acquired metallo-beta-lactamases (imp-13, imp-22, and vim-2) reported in austria. 200919223629
maternal transfer and protective role of the alternative complement components in zebrafish danio rerio.embryos of most fish develop externally and are exposed to an aquatic environment full of potential pathogens, whereas they have little or only limited ability to mount an efficient and protective response. how fish embryos survive pathogenic attacks remains poorly defined. here we demonstrate that the maternal immunization of female zebrafish with formalin-killed aeromonas hydrophila causes a significant increase in c3 and bf contents in the mother, a corresponding rise in the offspring, and in ...200919223977
chimeric enzyme composed of polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) synthases from ralstonia eutropha and aeromonas caviae enhances production of phas in recombinant escherichia coli.chimeric enzymes composed of polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) synthases from ralstonia eutropha (cupriavidus necator) (phac(re)) and aeromonas caviae (phac(ac)) were constructed. phac(re) is known for its potent enzymatic activity among the characterized pha synthases. phacac has broad substrate specificity and synthesizes short-chain-length (scl)/medium-chain-length (mcl) pha. we attempted to create chimeric enzymes inheriting both of the advantageous properties. among eight chimeras, acre12, with 26 ...200919226108
beta-glucan administration enhances disease resistance and some innate immune responses in zebrafish (danio rerio).the present study was conducted to investigate the effect of beta-glucan (derived from saccharomyces cerevisiae) on the immune response and its protection against an infection of the bacterial pathogen aeromonas hydrophila in zebrafish (danio rerio). zebrafish received beta-glucan by intraperitoneal injection at three different concentrations (5, 2 and 0.5 mgml(-1)) at 6, 4 and 2 days prior the challenge. on challenge day the control and beta-glucan pretreated zebrafish were intraperitoneally in ...200919232393
a highly virulent pathogen, aeromonas hydrophila, from the freshwater crayfish pacifastacus leniusculus.aeromonas spp. are characteristic bacteria of freshwaters and many of them can be components of the bacterial flora of aquatic animals and may become pathogens on animals including humans. in this study aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from the freshwater crayfish, pacifastacus leniusculus, and was found to be a highly pathogenic bacterium among many isolated bacteria. mortality reached 100% within 6h when 200 microl of 1.24 x 10(7)cfu/ml was applied by injection. histopathological studies of m ...200919233188
heterologous expression and purification of vibrio proteolyticus (aeromonas proteolytica) aminopeptidase: a rapid protocol.metalloaminopeptidases (maps) are enzymes that are involved in hiv infectivity, tumor growth and metastasis, angiogenesis, and bacterial infection. investigation of structure-function relationships in maps is a prerequisite to rational design of anti-map chemotherapeutics. the most intensively studied member of the biomedically important dinuclear maps is the prototypical secreted vibrio proteolyticus di-zinc aminopeptidase (vpap). the wild-type enzyme is readily purified from the supernatant of ...200919233285
microbiology of the external ear canal in six african elephants (loxodonta africana).samples collected from both external ear canals of six adult female african elephants (loxodonta africana) were cultured for fungi, yeasts and aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. all the samples produced heavy growths of several aerobic bacteria, but anaerobic bacteria were rare and no fungi or yeasts were isolated. the most common bacterium isolated was staphylococcus epidermidis, which was cultured from 11 of the 12 ears. acinetobacter calcoaceticus lwoffi, alpha-haemolytic streptococcus and coryn ...200919234325
development and characterization of cell lines derived from rohu, labeo rohita (hamilton), and catla, catla catla (hamilton).two new cell lines, designated re and cb, were derived from the eye of rohu, labeo rohita, and the brain of catla, catla catla, respectively. the cell lines were maintained in leibovitz's l-15 supplemented with 20% foetal bovine serum. the re cell line was sub-cultured for more than 70 passages and the cb cell line for more than 35 passages. the re cells are rounded and consist predominantly of epithelial cells. the cb cell line consists of predominantly fibroblastic-like cells. both cell lines ...200919236559
chronic exposure to low concentration of arsenic is immunotoxic to fish: role of head kidney macrophages as biomarkers of arsenic toxicity to clarias batrachus.the present study was aimed at elucidating the effect of chronic low-level arsenic exposure on the head kidney (hk) of clarias batrachus and at determining the changes in head kidney macrophage (hkm) activity in response to arsenic exposure. chronic exposure (30 days) to arsenic (as(2)o(3), 0.50 microm) led to significant increase in arsenic content in the hk accompanied by reduction in both hkm number and head kidney somatic index (hksi). arsenic induced hk hypertrophy, reduction in melano-macr ...200919237206
understanding effects of chemical structure on azo dye decolorization characteristics by aeromonas hydrophila.this novel comparative study tended to disclose how the molecular structures present in seven azo dyes including two types of azo dyes (i.e., naphthol type azo dyes--reactive black 5 (rb 5), reactive blue 171 (rb 171), reactive green 19 (rg19), reactive red 198 (rr198), reactive red 141 (rr141), and non-naphthol type azo dyes--direct yellow 86 (dy86), reactive yellow 84 (ry84)) affected color removal capability of aeromonas hydrophila. generally speaking, the decolorization rate of naphthol type ...200919237244
identification and analysis of differentially expressed genes in immune tissues of atlantic cod stimulated with formalin-killed, atypical aeromonas salmonicida.physiological changes, elicited in animal immune tissues by exposure to pathogens, may be studied using functional genomics approaches. we created and characterized reciprocal suppression subtractive hybridization (ssh) cdna libraries to identify differentially expressed genes in spleen and head kidney tissues of atlantic cod (gadus morhua) challenged with intraperitoneal injections of formalin-killed, atypical aeromonas salmonicida. of 4,154 ests from four cdna libraries, 10 genes with immune-r ...200919240301
dna-based real-time detection and quantification of aeromonads from fresh water beaches on lake ontario.the present study was designed to develop a novel, rapid, direct dna-based protocol to enumerate aeromonads in recreational waters. an aeromonas genus-specific real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (q-pcr) protocol was developed and optimized using newly designed genus-specific oligonucleotide primers derived from the gyrase b subunit (gyrb) gene. a standard curve was developed based on the pcr protocol with a minimum quantification limit of 10 cell equivalents ml(-1) achieved using a ...200919240357
prospective nationwide study of aeromonas infections in france.we report a systematic prospective multicenter nationwide study of clinical aeromonas infections in france. during 6 months (may to october 2006), 78 cases of aeromonosis were reviewed for risk factors and clinical, microbiological, and antimicrobial susceptibility data. they included wound infections (44%), bacteremia (26%), enteritis (19%), respiratory tract infections (6%), and miscellaneous (5%) infections.200919244464
revealing interactive toxicity of aromatic amines to azo dye decolorizer aeromonas hydrophila.this study attempted to combine chemostat pulse technique (cpt) and dose-mortality assessment in pursuit of quantitative rankings of toxicity of model aromatic amines (maas) in the presence of diazo dye reactive red 141 (or evercion red h-e7b; rr141) upon aeromonas hydrophila. as known, bacterial decolorization performance of azo dyes is directly dependent upon both the characteristics of biochemical reactivity and biotoxicity of dyes and related aromatic amines towards color removal. thus, the ...200919111981
antimicrobial activity of prulifloxacin tested against a worldwide collection of gastroenteritis-producing pathogens, including those causing traveler's diarrhea.prulifloxacin, the prodrug of ulifloxacin (active component), is a newer fluoroquinolone with broad activity against enteric and nonenteric gram-negative bacilli. ulifloxacin and other oral comparator agents were tested for activity against 582 gastroenteritis strains from global surveillance studies. ulifloxacin was highly active against escherichia coli, salmonella spp., shigella spp., yersinia spp., vibrio spp., aeromonas spp., and plesiomonas spp. (mic(50)s and mic(90)s, <or=0.03 microg/ml a ...200919114678
surgical site infection due to aeromonas species: report of nine cases and literature review.gastrointestinal and wound infections are the most common clinical presentation of aeromonas. surgical site infections (ssis) due to this microorganism are rare. we studied the clinical and microbiological characteristics of 9 cases that appeared at 2 spanish hospitals and reviewed 15 cases available in the literature. all patients (including our cases) had gastrointestinal or biliary diseases. 21 patients (91.3%) developed ssis after abdominal or pelvic surgery. the mean duration from surgery t ...200919117246
characterization and comparative analyses of zebrafish intelectins: highly conserved sequences, diversified structures and functions.intelectin family, also called the x-lectin family, is a newly discovered gene family involved in development and innate immunity. however, no research was carried out for this gene family in the model organism zebrafish. here we present the first characterization of seven zebrafish intelectins (zintls) and the first systematic comparative analysis of intelectins from various species in order to provide some clues to the function and evolution of this gene family. we examined the expression patt ...200919100836
comparison of antibody responses in atlantic cod (gadus morhua l.) to vibrio anguillarum, aeromonas salmonicida and francisella sp.bacterial diseases such as vibriosis, atypical furunculosis and francisellosis, are registered as an increasing problem in cod farming in norway. in order to develop efficient vaccines against diseases it is of interest to investigate if the cod immune system differentiates between various serotypes of vibrio anguillarum and variants of aeromonas salmonicida associated with the diseases by raising specific antibody responses. cod of the same origin were shown to raise significant responses to v. ...200919084603
effects of c-terminal amino acids truncation on enzyme properties of aeromonas caviae d1 chitinase.c-terminal truncation mutagenesis was used to explore the functional and structural significance of the c-terminal region of aeromonas caviae d1 chitinase (acd1chia). comparative studies between the engineered full-length acd1chia and the truncated mutant (acd1chiak606) included initial rate kinetics, fluorescence and circular dichroism (cd) spectrometric properties, and substrate binding and hydrolysis abilities. the overall catalytic efficiency, k(cat)/k(m), of acd1chiak606 with the 4mu-(glcna ...200919089411
virulence plasmid of aeromonas hydrophila induces macrophage apoptosis and helps in developing systemic infection in mice.pathogenic aeromonas hydrophila strain ao1 bears a 21kb plasmid encoding several virulence determinants. infection studies revealed that this isolate induced cytotoxicity in balb/c mice splenic macrophages involving reactive oxygen species generation. dna gel, hoechst 33342, annexin-v and tunel assay documented macrophage death induced by 21kb plasmid bearing isolates to be apoptotic in nature. apoptosis induced by the plasmid bearing isolates involved initiator caspase-8 and caspase-9 and execu ...200919041935
immunohistochemical localization of rainbow trout ladderlectin and intelectin in healthy and infected rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss).in the present study, the pattern of immuno-reactive ladderlectin and intelectin in healthy rainbow trout is compared to rainbow trout infected with a variety of infectious agents. in healthy rainbow trout, both proteins were localized to individual epithelial cells of the gill and intestine and both proteins were clearly demonstrated within cytoplasmic granules of polymorphonuclear leucocytes and macrophages/monocytes found in blood vessels, hepatic sinusoids, renal interstitium, mucosal epithe ...200919046637
isolation and functional characterization of neutrophil-like cells, from goldfish (carassius auratus l.) kidney.neutrophils are one of the first cells to arrive at the site of inflammation and are central cells of innate immunity of vertebrates. upon activation, neutrophils are capable of producing an intense respiratory burst response, they rapidly degranulate in the presence of pathogens, and deploy neutrophil extracellular traps that efficiently remove infections agents. we report on the isolation, cultivation and characterization of neutrophil-like cells isolated from the goldfish kidney. neutrophil-l ...200919046985
characterization of aeromonas encheleia strains isolated from aquatic environments in the czech republic.characterization and identification of aeromonas strains isolated from surface and underground waters using phenotypic and genotyping methods.200919055626
high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls in tissues of atlantic turtles stranded in the canary islands, spain.polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs 28, 31, 52, 101, 138, 153, 180, and 209) were measured in tissue samples (liver and fat) from 30 loggerhead turtles caretta caretta, 1 green turtle chelonia mydas, and 1 leatherback dermochelys coriacea stranded on the coasts of the canary islands, trying to establish a possible relation between pcb concentrations and the lesions and causes of death. tissues from these turtles contained higher levels of pcbs than those reported in turtles from other geographical r ...200919062067
fishy business. 200919079348
aeromonas spp. human isolates induce apoptosis of murine macrophages.interactions of aeromonas caviae, aeromonas veronii biotype sobria, and aeromonas hydrophila strains isolated from fecal specimens of humans with gastroenteritis on murine macrophages, j774 cells, were investigated. analyses of cellular morphology and dna fragmentation in phagocytes infected with these strains exhibited typical characteristic features of cells undergoing apoptosis. we observed the morphological changes, including condensation of nuclear chromatin, formation of apoptotic bodies a ...200919005723
high diversity of cultivable heterotrophic bacteria in association with cyanobacterial water blooms.cyanobacterial mass occurrences (water blooms) cause ecological, economic and health problems worldwide. still, little is known about heterotrophic bacteria associated with cyanobacteria and the interactions between those organisms. we isolated 460 bacterial strains from more than 40 lakes and rivers (151 samples), baltic sea (32 samples) and treated drinking water of seven treatment plants (29 samples). the water bodies and the raw water of the treatment plants were frequently dominated by high ...200919020559
biosorption of cr(vi) from water using biomass of aeromonas hydrophila: central composite design for optimization of process variables.the potential use of biomass of aeromonas hydrophila for biosorption of chromium from aqueous solution was investigated. the variables (ph, initial cr(vi) concentration, biomass dose, and temperature) affecting process were optimized by performing minimum number of experimental runs with the help of central composite design. the results predicted by design were found to be in good agreement (r2 = 99.1%) with those obtained by performing experiments. multiple regression analysis shows that uptake ...200919031053
factors affecting preference responses of the freshwater ciliate uronema nigricans to bacterial enhance our understanding of the factors affecting feeding selectivity of bacterivorous protists in aquatic systems, we examined the preference responses of the freshwater ciliate uronema nigricans towards three bacterial prey taxa, pseudomonas luteola, serratia rubidaea, and aeromonas hydrophila. potential factors influencing the predator-prey contact rate included the previous feeding history of the ciliate and physiological state of bacteria. preference indexes were obtained from multiple- ...200921462552
aetiology of diarrhoea among persons with hiv and their family members in rural uganda: a community-based identify pathogens associated with diarrhoea in hiv-infected persons and their hiv-uninfected family members.200921644412
expression, purification and molecular characterization of elastase from aeromonas hydrophila strain j-1.the enzyme elastase is an important virulent factor of the opportunistic pathogen aeromonas hydrophila. to know better about the molecular characterization of this enzyme, we purified the elatase and investigated its property and activity.200920222447
molecular cloning, sequence analysis and homology modeling of gale encoding udp-galactose 4-epimerase of aeromonas hydrophila.a. hydrophila, a ubiquitous gram-negative bacterium present in aquatic environments, has been implicated in illness in humans, fish and amphibians. lipopolysaccharides (lps), a surface component of the outer membrane, are one of the main virulent factors of gram-negative bacteria. udp-galactose 4-epimerase (gale) catalyses the last step in the leloir pathway of galactose metabolism and provides precursor for the biosynthesis of extracellular lps and capsule. due to its key role in lps biosynthes ...200920461162
clinical presentations, prognostic factors, and mortality in patients with aeromonas sobria complex bacteremia in a teaching hospital: a 5-year experience.bacteremia due to aeromonas sobria complex is an uncommon clinical presentation, associated with a high mortality rate. this retrospective study reviewed the clinical manifestations and prognostic factors of a. sobria complex bacteremia.200920422137
comparative assessment upon dye removal capability of indigenous bacterial strains from lanyang plain in northeast taiwan.this study provides a first attempt from a geological and ecological perspective to look forward isolations of indigenous strains with the decolorization capability from the most biodiverse region in taiwan for dye-laden wastewater treatment. serial selections were conducted by a specific use of the fungicide nystatin and model azo dye c.i. reactive red 141 (rr141) during isolation. several bacterial strains with the excellent capability of azo dye decolorization were predominantly isolated from ...200918495337
culturable heterotrophic bacteria in seawater and mytilus galloprovincialis from a mediterranean area (northern ionian sea-italy).although mar piccolo of taranto (ionian sea, italy) is one of the most important mytilus galloprovincialis farming areas, data concerning the natural bacterial microbiota of these mussels and their surrounding environment are still scant. this study was carried out seasonally, throughout a year, to determine culturable heterotrophic bacteria both in the water and mussels samples collected at three sampling sites in the northern ionian sea: s. vito, lido gandoli and lido silvana. culturable heter ...200918301997
abundance of sewage-pollution indicator and human pathogenic bacteria in a tropical estuarine complex.studies on abundance and types of various pollution indicator bacterial populations from tropical estuaries are rare. this study was aimed to estimate current levels of pollution indicator as well as many groups of human pathogenic bacteria and their seasonal variations in different locations in mandovi and zuari rivers in the central west coast of india. the sampling covered the estuarine and upstream regions of these rivers representing premonsoon (may 2005), monsoon (september 2006) and post- ...200918633722
influence of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) on growth and osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem a new member of polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) family, the novel polyester poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (p(3hb-4hb-3hhx)) was produced by recombinant aeromonas hydrophila 4ak4 and used for the first time to test its biocompatibility. it was shown that p(3hb-4hb-3hhx) had higher hydrophobicity, surface energy, and rougher surface than the well-studied polymers poly(l-lactic acid) (pla) and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (phbhhx). human mesenchym ...200918642327
the occurrence and antibiotic resistance of motile aeromonas in livestock.the present study was carried out to assess the prevalence of motile aeromonas spp. in the faeces of clinically healthy sheep, cattle and horses and evaluate their susceptibility to some anti-microbial agents. rectal swabs from 120 sheep, 85 cattle and 20 horses were examined for aeromonas species using alkaline peptone water (ph 8.4) as the enrichment medium and aeromonas selective agar containing 5 mg/l ampicillin as the isolation medium. identification and antibiotic resistance of motile aero ...200918481193
identification of iron regulated genes in the fish pathogen aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida: genetic diversity and evidence of conserved iron uptake this study we applied the fur titration assay (furta) to isolate iron regulated genes in aeromonas salmonicida subsp. salmonicida, the causative agent of furunculosis in fish. we have identified genes for siderophore biosynthesis and for ferri-siderophore transport, some of which have been previously described in this species. a gene for a hitherto uncharacterized functional hemin receptor hute was identified, but its inactivation did not affect significantly the use of hemin as sole iron sou ...200918774242
the dape-encoded n-succinyl-l,l-diaminopimelic acid desuccinylase from haemophilus influenzae contains two active-site histidine residues.the catalytic and structural properties of the h67a and h349a dape-encoded n-succinyl-l,l-diaminopimelic acid desuccinylase (dape) from haemophilus influenzae were investigated. on the basis of sequence alignment with the carboxypeptidase from pseudomonas sp. strain rs-16, both h67 and h349 were predicted to be zn(ii) ligands. the h67a dape enzyme exhibited a decreased catalytic efficiency (180-fold) compared with wild-type (wt) dape towards n-succinyldiaminopimelic acid. no catalytic activity w ...200918712420
phylogenetic evidence suggests that strains of aeromonas hydrophila subsp. dhakensis belong to the species aeromonas aquariorum sp. nov.three strains of aeromonas hydrophila subspecies dhakensis, including the type strain, were subjected to phylogenetic analysis by sequencing gyrb, rpod, and 16s rrna genes and compared with all known aeromonas species. the obtained gyrb and rpod phylogenetic trees clearly suggested that these a. hydrophila subsp. dhakensis strains indeed belong to the species a. aquariorum. this finding may indicate that, at the time of "dhakensis" subspecies description, the strains were incorrectly identified ...200918839248
bacterial enteropathogens of neonates admitted to an urban diarrhoeal hospital in on the aetiology of diarrhoea in neonates are scarce, especially from developing countries including bangladesh. a retrospective review of the electronic database of the microbiology laboratory of the international centre for diarrhoeal disease research, bangladesh (icddr,b), was carried out to examine enteropathogens associated with diarrhoea in neonates. stool specimens of the neonates on admission to the dhaka hospital of icddr,b were collected and sent to the laboratory for direct plati ...200918840632
chinese herbs (astragalus radix and ganoderma lucidum) enhance immune response of carp, cyprinus carpio, and protection against aeromonas hydrophila.the effect of chinese herbs (astragalus radix and ganoderma lucidum) on immune response of carp was investigated. fish were fed diets containing astragalus (0.5%), ganoderma (0.5%) and combination of two herbs (astragalus 0.5% and ganoderma 0.5%) for 5 weeks. other groups of fish were vaccinated (i.p.) against aeromonas hydrophila/aeromonas salmonicida (shering plough, essex, u.k.) at the beginning of the experiment and fed the same diets as described above. control fish (negative control) and f ...200918817878
cloning, nucleotide sequence and phylogenetic analyses, and tissue-specific expression of the transferrin gene in cirrhinus mrigala infected with aeromonas hydrophila.transferrin partial complementary dnas were cloned from the livers of five species in four genera of indian carps (indian major carp species: labeo rohita, catla catla and cirrhinus mrigala; medium carp: puntius sarana; minor carp: labeo bata) subsequent to polymerase chain reaction amplification with published heterologous primers or self-designed primers derived from conserved regions of transferrin cdna sequences. the partial transferrin cdnas of the five species of carps had sizes from 624 t ...200918718662
case reports: fatal necrotizing fasciitis caused by aeromonas sobria in two diabetic patients.we report two rare cases of aeromonas sobria necrotizing fasciitis with sepsis in patients with diabetes. in both cases, immediate fasciotomy was performed and appropriate empiric antimicrobial therapy and intensive care were administered. however, the two patients died on day 2 and day 11, respectively, after admission as a result of multiple organ failure. when patients present with a rapid onset of skin necrosis and progressive sepsis, an aeromonas sobria infection or vibrio infection should ...200918800212
expression profiles of cytokines released in intestinal epithelial cells of the rainbow trout, oncorhynchus mykiss, in response to bacterial determine whether fish intestinal epithelial cells (iecs) contribute to mucosal immunity, we established a method for isolating iecs from the rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss and examined cytokine production in these cells. components of the intestinal epithelium were released by incubation of intestinal pieces with 1mm dithiothreitol (dtt)/ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (edta). the iec-rich fraction (purity >90%; survival rate approximately 95%) was obtained by centrifugation on a 35%/40% ...200918952122
the asap1 peptidase of aeromonas salmonicida subsp. achromogenes is a highly conserved deuterolysin metalloprotease (family m35) and a major virulence factor.infections by the bacterium aeromonas salmonicida subsp. achromogenes cause significant disease in a number of fish species. in this study, we showed that asap1, a toxic 19-kda metallopeptidase produced by a. salmonicida subsp. achromogenes, belongs to the group of extracellular peptidases (aeromonas type) (merops id m35.003) of the deuterolysin family of zinc-dependent aspzincin endopeptidases. the structural gene of asap1 was sequenced and found to be highly conserved among gram-negative bacte ...200918952802
biocompatibility of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) with bone marrow mesenchymal stem a new member of the polyhydroxyalkanoate (pha) family, poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (phbvhhx) was produced by recombinant aeromonas hydrophila 4ak4. phbvhhx showed a rougher surface and had higher hydrophobicity than the well-studied polymers poly(l-lactic acid) (pla) and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (phbhhx). human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (mscs) adhered better on phbvhhx film than on tissue culture plates (tcps), pla film and ...200918976972
aeromonas sobria sepsis complicated by rhabdomyolysis in an hiv-positive patient: case report and evaluation of traits associated with bacterial virulence.human infection with aeromonas species is uncommon and most often due to trauma with exposure to contaminated water or soil. a 43-year-old hiv- and hepatitis c virus (hcv)-infected male, after a two-week course of corticosteroid therapy for an autoimmune anemia, developed diarrhea, dermatologic manifestations and a multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, resulting in death. although stool samples were repeatedly negative, two sets of blood cultures obtained during a single peak of fever yielded the ...200918977680
molecular and biochemical characterization of a distinct tyrosinase involved in melanin production from aeromonas media.a new tyrosinase was isolated from aeromonas media strain ws and purified to homogeneity. the purified tyrosinase, termed tyra, had a molecular mass of 58 kda and an isoelectric point of 4.90. it exhibited optimal monophenol and diphenol oxidase activities under basic conditions (ph>8.0). tyra had a relatively higher affinity to diphenol substrate l-dihydroxyphenylalanine (l-dopa) than many other tyrosinases. edta or glutathione notably inhibited the enzymatic activities of tyra, whereas triton ...200918931836
effect of a probiotic bacterium bacillus circulans pb7 in the formulated diets: on growth, nutritional quality and immunity of catla catla (ham.).bacillus circulans pb7, isolated from the intestine of catla catla, was evaluated for use as a probiotic supplement in the feeds for the fingerlings of catla catla. the effect of supplement on the growth performance, feed utilization efficiency, and immune response was evaluated. catla fingerlings (ave. wt. 6.48 +/- 0.43 g) were fed diets supplemented with 2 x 10(4) (feed c1), 2 x 10(5) (feed c2), and 2 x 10(6) (feed c3) b. circulans pb 7 cells per 100 g feed for 60 days at 5% of the body weight ...200918931930
replication of legionella pneumophila in biofilms of water distribution pipes.biofilms similar to those present in water distribution pipes of anthropogenic aquatic systems were simulated in a rotating annular reactor using a non-legionella community consisting of aeromonas hydrophila, escherichia coli, flavobacterium breve and pseudomonas aeruginosa. the impact of this community and acanthamoeba castellanii on the replication of legionella pneumophila was investigated. despite the presence of 10(7) non-legionella bacteria, culture and real-time polymerase chain reaction ...200917644359
production of monoclonal antibodies specific to major outer membrane protein of edwardsiella tarda.edwardsiella tarda is an important cause for hemorrhagic septicemia in fish and gastro and extra-intestinal infections in humans. monoclonal antibodies (mabs) were produced against outer membrane proteins (omps) of e. tarda et-7, isolated from diseased snakehead (ophiocephalus punctatus). two stable hybridoma clones, designated as 3f10 and 2c3 mabs were found to be potentially specific for e. tarda by indirect enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (elisa). these mabs recognized major immunogenic omp ...201018804863
infection-induced changes in expression of antibacterial and cytokine genes in the gill epithelial cells of atlantic cod, gadus morhua during incubation with bacterial pathogens.the molecular processes of immune responses in mucosal tissues, such as the gills, during infection with bacterial pathogens are poorly understood. in the present study, we analyzed the transcriptional profiles of selected antibacterial genes and cytokines in the gills of a cold-water fish, atlantic cod, gadus morhua following in vitro infection with bacterial pathogens, vibrio anguillarum and atypical aeromonas salmonicida using semi-quantitative rt-pcr. there was significant upregulation in th ...201020430108
induction of beta-lactamase production in aeromonas hydrophila is responsive to beta-lactam-mediated changes in peptidoglycan composition.we have studied the mechanism by which beta-lactam challenge leads to beta-lactamase induction in aeromonas hydrophila through transposon-insertion mutagenesis. disruption of the dd-carboxypeptidases/endopeptidases, penicillin-binding protein 4 or blry leads to elevated monomer-disaccharide-pentapeptide levels in a. hydrophila peptidoglycan and concomitant overproduction of beta-lactamase through activation of the blrab two-component regulatory system. during beta-lactam challenge, monomer-disac ...201020430811
comonomer compositional distribution, physical properties, and enzymatic degradability of bacterial poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxy-4-methylvalerate) copolyesters.poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxy-4-methylvalerate) (p(3hb-co-3h4mv)) was synthesized by using ralstonia eutropha strain phb(-)4 (pha-negative mutant) harboring with the n149s/d171g double mutation of pha synthase gene from aeromonas caviae (phac(ac) nsdg mutant) with 4-methylvaleric acid and fructose as the carbon sources. because the microbially synthesized p(3hb-co-3h4mv) samples were found to have broad comonomer compositional distribution, p(3hb-co-3h4mv) samples with 3h4mv content of 7, ...201020441146
induced-fit mechanism for prolyl endopeptidase.prolyl peptidases cleave proteins at proline residues and are of importance for cancer, neurological function, and type ii diabetes. prolyl endopeptidase (pep) cleaves neuropeptides and is a drug target for neuropsychiatric diseases such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. previous structural analyses showing little differences between native and substrate-bound structures have suggested a lock-and-key catalytic mechanism. we now directly demonstrate from seven stru ...201020444688
regrowth of potential opportunistic pathogens and algae in reclaimed-water distribution systems.a study of the quality of reclaimed water in treated effluent, after storage, and at three points in the distribution system of four plants in california, florida, massachusetts, and new york was conducted for 1 year. the plants had different treatment processes (conventional versus membrane bioreactor), production capacities, and methods for storage of the water, and the intended end uses of the water were different. the analysis focused on the occurrence of indicator bacteria (heterotrophic ba ...201020453149
validation of a partial rpob gene sequence as a tool for phylogenetic identification of aeromonads isolated from environmental sources.a collection of 50 aeromonads isolated from environmental sources were studied, together with all known aeromonas nomenspecies, by phenotypic, amplified 16s rdna restriction analysis (16s rdna rflp) and by partial sequence alignment of both 16s rdna and rpob genes. although most of the type strain showed a unique phenotypic pattern, a database constructed on type strain phenotype allowed the identification of only 24% of the isolates. analysis of 16s rdna rflp and the rpob sequence were almost c ...201020453908
echinacea purpurea and allium sativum as immunostimulants in fish culture using nile tilapia (oreochromis niloticus).the study was conducted to evaluate the efficiency of echinacea (e) and garlic (g) supplemented diets as immunostimulant for tilapia (oreochromis niloticus). seven treatments were designed including a control (c). fish were fed on 35% protein diet at a rate of 3% body weight per day. echinacea (1.0 ppt) and garlic (3%) were incorporated in the feed, which was administered for periods of 1, 2 and 3 months (summer season), followed by basal diet for 4 more months (winter season). neutrophil adhere ...201020455962
aeromonas hydrophila pepo outer membrane endopeptidase activates human big endothelin-3 in vitro and induces skin ulcer in goldfish (carassius auratus).in aeromonas hydrophila, the gram-negative bacterial fish pathogen, pepo constitutes the thermoregulated outer membrane m13 family zinc endopeptidase, which is expressed maximally at 16 degrees c and is down-regulated above 30 degrees c. cultivation of a. hydrophila at 16 degrees c enabled it to activate big endothelin (et), the vasoconstrictor and ulcerogenic peptide naturally secreted from human vascular endothelial cell (huvec) culture. furthermore, a. hydrophila pepo in vitro shows strong en ...201020456877
effects of hot-water extract of toona sinensis on immune response and resistance to aeromonas hydrophila in oreochromis mossambicus.respiratory burst, lysozyme and phagocytic activities, and immunoglobulin levels in response to the pathogen aeromonas hydrophila were examined in tilapia (oreochromis mossanbicus, 10.65 +/- 2.5 g) injected individually with hot-water extract of toona sinensis at 4 or 8 microg g(-1). tilapia receiving the hot-water extract of t. sinensis at either dose had significantly increased respiratory burst, phagocytic activity and lysozyme activity towards a. hydrophila by 1 and 2 days post injection. no ...201020457260
derivation of rough attenuated variants from smooth virulent aeromonas hydrophila and their immunogenicity in fish.aeromonas hydrophila is a gram-negative bacteria associated with many disease conditions of aquatic animals. two rough attenuated variants were derived from two smooth virulent types of this bacterium by continuous passage separately in laboratory over a period of 8 years in brain-heart infusion agar. these variants were checked to be rough lipopolysaccharides (lps) types and attenuated since they neither produced any disease nor mortality in the injected fishes. the immunogenic potential of the ...201020457292
immunoproteomics of extracellular proteins of the aeromonas hydrophila china vaccine strain j-1 reveal a highly immunoreactive outer membrane protein.aeromonas hydrophila is a gram-negative bacterium that can infect a variety of aquatic and terrestrial animals. it is essential to develop a vaccine to reduce the economic losses caused by this bacterium in aquaculture worldwide. here, an immunoproteomic assay was used to identify the immunogenic extracellular proteins of the chinese vaccine strain j-1. ten unique immunogenic proteins were identified from the two-dimensional electrophoresis immunoblot profiles by matrix-assisted laser desorption ...201020459508
experimental challenge studies in vietnamese catfish, pangasianodon hypophthalmus (sauvage), exposed to edwardsiella ictaluri and aeromonas hydrophila.the two main diseases in the pangasius catfish industry are bacillary necrosis of pangasianodon (bnp) and motile aeromonas septicaemia (mas), where the aetiological agents have been identified as edwardsiella ictaluri and aeromonas hydrophila, respectively. in this study, apparently healthy pangasianodon hypophthalmus were exposed to e. ictaluri, a. hydrophila or both bacterial species by intraperitoneal injection or immersion. there were 20 fish per treatment group, and the bacterial isolates u ...201020572902
the eye fly siphunculina funicola (diptera: chloropidae) as a carrier of pathogenic bacteria in thailand.the oriental eye fly siphunculina funicola (1.0-1.6 mm) is extremely annoying to humans and domestic animals, feeding on mucous membranes, secretions, wounds, eyes, and other moist surfaces of the host body. in many rural areas of thailand heavy populations of this fly prevail where they aggregate on a variety of hanging substrates, such as strings, nest trailings, electrical lines, decorations, ropes, cob webs, clothes hangers, automobile radio antennae and other items in open shade close to th ...201020578483
effect of withania somnifera (l. dunal) root as a feed additive on immunological parameters and disease resistance to aeromonas hydrophila in labeo rohita (hamilton) fingerlings.the present study evaluated the efficacy of dietary doses of withania somnifera (ashwagandha) root powder on immunological parameters and disease resistance against the bacterial pathogen aeromonas hydrophila infections in indian major carp, labeo rohita fingerlings. fishes were fed with dry diet containing 0 gkg(-1) (control), 1 gkg(-1) (t(1)), 2 gkg(-1) (t(2)) and 3 gkg(-1) (t(3)) w. somnifera root powder for 42 days. immunological (nbt level, phagocytic activity, total immunoglobulin and lyso ...201020580830
identifying diazotrophs by incorporation of nitrogen from (15)n(2) into rna.the diversity and abundance of active diazotrophs was investigated in a new zealand pulp and paper wastewater by enrichment with (15)n(2). purified (15)n-rna was analysed by reverse transcription, molecular cloning and sequence analysis of 16s rrna to reveal a diverse community of bacteria as indicated by a shannon weaver index value of > 2.8. the major class represented in the enriched culture were the gamma-proteobacteria at 85% with a secondary group of the phylum firmicutes present at 8.2%, ...201020582411
acute postoperative infection with aeromonas hydrophila after using medical leeches for treatment of venous congestion.venous convulsion after reconstructive microsurgery procedures is one major complication a surgeon has to deal with. today, especially in the field of reconstructive microsurgery, medicinal leech therapy enjoys a renaissance. the potential risks such as infections associated with leech therapy are generally underestimated and not sufficiently discussed in literature. method/patients: we present five male patients with an average age of 47 years. all patients suffered from a trauma incident, whic ...201020585793
characterization of the active site and coenzyme binding pocket of the monomeric udp- galactose 4'- epimerase of aeromonas hydrophila.aeromonas hydrophila is a bacterial pathogen that infects a large number of eukaryotes, including humans. the udp-galactose 4'-epimerase (gale) catalyzes interconversion of udpgalactose to udp-glucose and plays a key role in lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis. this makes it an important virulence determinant, and therefore a potential drug target. our earlier studies revealed that unlike other gales, gale of a. hydrophila exists as a monomer. this uniqueness necessitated elucidation of its structur ...201020587332
investigation of mineral water springs of miercurea ciuc (csíkszereda) region (romania) with cultivation-dependent microbiological methods.water samples of ten mineral water springs at miercurea ciuc (csíkszereda) region (romania) were examined during 2005-2006 using cultivation-dependent microbiological methods. the results of standard hygienic bacteriological tests showed that the hargita spring had perfect and five other springs had microbiologically acceptable water quality (zsögöd-, nagy-borvíz-, taploca-, szentegyháza- and lobogó springs). the water of borsáros spring was exceptionable (high germ count, presence of enterococc ...201020587384
bacterial pathogens associated with bloody diarrhea in uruguayan children.diarrheal disease continues to be a serious health problem, especially in developing countries. bloody diarrhea represents approximately 20-30% of all cases and has higher morbidity and mortality. treatment with antibiotics is beneficial in cases of shigella, campylobacter, yersinia and salmonella infection, principally in those children with a higher risk of invasive disease. the aims of this study were to detect the bacterial agents associated with bloody diarrhea in children and to determine ...201020589332
structural investigation of bacterial lipopolysaccharides by mass spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry.mass spectrometric studies are now playing a leading role in the elucidation of lipopolysaccharide (lps) structures through the characterization of antigenic polysaccharides, core oligosaccharides and lipid a components including lps genetic modifications. the conventional ms and ms/ms analyses together with cid fragmentation provide additional structural information complementary to the previous analytical experiments, and thus contribute to an integrated strategy for the simultaneous character ...201020589944
identity, virulence genes, and clonal relatedness of aeromonas isolates from patients with diarrhea and drinking water.among 800 stool specimens from patients with diarrhea submitted by primary care centers for routine analysis to the hospital of león (nw spain) microbiology and parasitology service, 32 (4%) were tested positive for aeromonas spp. mixed infections with other enteric pathogens occurred in 12 patients. a. caviae was isolated from 23 clinical specimens. there were also patients infected with a. media, a. hydrophila, a. bestiarum, and a. veronii biovar veronii. all but three isolates carried one or ...201020549532
parasitic growth of pseudomonas aeruginosa in co-culture with the chitinolytic bacterium aeromonas hydrophila.polymer-degrading bacteria face exploitation by opportunistic bacteria that grow with the degradation products without investing energy into production of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes. this scenario was investigated with a co-culture of aeromonas hydrophila and pseudomonas aeruginosa with chitin as carbon, nitrogen and energy source. in single cultures, a. hydrophila could grow with chitin, while p. aeruginosa could not. co-cultures with both strains had a biphasic course. in the first phase ...201020553557
unraveling the mechanism of action of a new type iii secretion system effector aexu from aeromonas hydrophila.we recently characterized a t3ss effector, aexu, from a diarrheal isolate ssu of aeromonas hydrophila, which exhibited adp-ribosyltransferase (adprt) activity. here we provided evidence that aexu also possessed gtpase-activating protein (gap) activity, which was mainly responsible for host cell apoptosis and disruption of actin filaments. earlier, we showed that the deltaaexu null mutant was attenuated in a mouse model, and we now demonstrated that while the parental a. hydrophila strain could b ...201020553837
live recombinant lactococcus lactis vaccine expressing aerolysin genes d1 and d4 for protection against aeromonas hydrophila in tilapia (oreochromis niloticus).to evaluate a live recombinant lactococcus lactis vaccine expressing aerolysin genes d1 (lac-d1ae) and/or d4 (lac-d4ae) in protection against aeromonas hydrophila in tilapia (oreochromis niloticus).201020602654
[clinical relevance of time-to-positivity in bactec9240 blood culture system].continuous monitoring systems have allowed determination of the time-to-positivity (ttp). we evaluated the clinical relevance of ttp in the bactec9240 system (becton-dickinson, usa).201020603588
cloning, expression in escherichia coli, and enzymatic properties of laccase from aeromonas hydrophila wl-11.a strain wl-11 with high laccase activity was isolated from activated sludge collected from the effluent treatment plant of a textile and dyeing industry. it was identified as aeromonas hydrophila by physiological test and 16s rdna sequence analysis. a gene encoding of laccase from a newly isolated aeromonas hydrophila wl-11 was cloned and characterized. nucleotide sequence analysis showed an open reading frame of 1605 bp encoding a polypeptide comprised of 534 amino acids. the primary structure ...201020617743
water soluble fraction of tinospora cordifolia leaves enhanced the non-specific immune mechanisms and disease resistance in oreochromis mossambicus.the present paper describes the effect of water-soluble fraction of the leaves of the indian medicinal plant, tinospora cordifolia (miers) on the non-specific immunity and disease resistance in oreochromis mossambicus (peters). fish were intraperitoneally injected with 0, 6, 60 or 600 mg kg(-1) body weight, of the water soluble fraction. the non-specific humoral (lysozyme, antiprotease and complement) and cellular (production of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and myeloperoxidase) responses ...201020624469
bio-reduction of fe(iii) ores using three pure strains of aeromonas hydrophila, serratia fonticola and clostridium celerecrescens and a natural consortium.the present work describes a research approach to the anaerobic bioleaching of fe(iii) ores. three strains (serratia fonticola, aeromonas hydrophila and clostridium celerecrescens) isolated from an acidic abandoned mine were selected to test their ability to reduce dissimilatory fe(iii). total iron bio-reduction was achieved after 48h using either the consortium or the aeromonas cultures. in the latter case, there was no evidence of precipitates and fe(ii) remained in solution at neutral ph thro ...201020627716
clinical isolates of aeromonas veronii biovar veronii harbor a nonfunctional gene similar to the thermostable direct hemolysin-related hemolysin (trh) gene of vibrio parahaemolyticus.thermostable direct hemolysin-related hemolysin encoded by the trh gene is considered a major virulence factor in the pathogenesis of vibrio parahaemolyticus infections. in this study, we report the presence of a trh homolog in three clinical isolates of aeromonas veronii biovar veronii. the presence of a trh homolog in these strains of a. veronii was confirmed by pcr, followed by cloning, sequencing and colony hybridization using a digoxigenin-labelled probe. dna sequence analysis revealed that ...201020636974
high diversity of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing bacteria in an urban river sediment habitat.antibiotic-resistant bacteria (arb) have been surveyed widely in water bodies, but few studies have determined the diversity of arb in sediment, which is the most taxon-abundant habitat in aquatic environments. we isolated 56 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing bacteria from a single sediment sample taken from an urban river in china. all strains were confirmed for esbl-producing capability by both the clavulanic acid combination disc method and mic determination. of the isolated s ...201020639374
microbial contamination of disinfectants used for intermittent self-catheterization.we investigated the microbial contamination of 0.02% benzalkonium chloride solution used in catheter kits for intermittent self-catheterization. of 20 samples examined, 12 (60.0%) were contaminated with 8.8 x 10(2)-3.1 x 10(6) colony-forming units (cfu)/ml. the contaminants were pseudomonas fluorescens, burkholderia cepacia, and aeromonas spp. these results showed that 0.02% benzalkonium chloride solution used for the lubrication/disinfection of catheters for self-catheterization is susceptible ...201020657069
implications of faecal indicator bacteria for the microbiological assessment of roof-harvested rainwater quality in southeast queensland, australia.the study aimed to evaluate the suitability of escherichia coli, enterococci, and clostridium perfringens for assessing the microbiological quality of roof-harvested rainwater and assessing whether the concentrations of these faecal indicators can be used to predict the presence or absence of specific zoonotic bacterial or protozoan pathogens. from a total of 100 samples tested, 58%, 83%, and 46% of samples were found to be positive for, respectively, e. coli, enterococci, and clostridium perfri ...201020657617
vanillin, a potential agent to prevent biofouling of reverse osmosis membrane.reverse osmosis (ro) membrane systems are widely used in water purification plants. reduction in plant performance due to biofilm formation over the membrane is an inherent problem. as quorum sensing (qs) mechanisms of microorganisms have been reported to be involved in the formation of biofilm, ways are sought for quorum quenching (qq) and thereby prevention of biofilm formation. in this study using a chemostat culture run for seven days in a cdc reactor it was found that a natural qq compound, ...201020661790
[the midgut bacterial flora in lab-reared anopheles sinensis].to screen gram-negative bacteria in the midguts of lab-reared anopheles sinensis at 3 development stages (larva, unfed adult and engorged adult).201020666322
exposure to sublethal concentration of glyphosate or atrazine-based herbicides alters the phagocytic function and increases the susceptibility of silver catfish fingerlings (rhamdia quelen) to aeromonas hydrophila challenge.the resistance of fish to microorganisms challenge depends mainly on the efficacy of the immune response. most studies on the natural immune response of fish have focused on the effect of diets and immunostimulants. few studies correlated the presence of commonly used agrichemical and susceptibility to infection by aquatic microorganism. thus, this study aimed to investigate the effect of glyphosate and atrazine-based herbicides on immune cell phagocytosis and susceptibility of silver catfish to ...201020685618
laetiporus sulphureus lectin and aerolysin protein family.the parasitic mushroom laetiporus sulphureus produces a family of lectins (lsl's) sharing 80-90% sequence identity that possesses a low but significant sequence similarity to the bacterial pore-forming toxins mosquitocidal toxin mtx-2 from bacillus sphaericus and a toxin from clostridium septicum. the crystal structure of one member of the l. sulphureus lectins family (lsla) reveals unexpected structural similarities to the 1-pore-forming toxins from the aerolysin family, namely, aerolysin from ...201020687481
infectious diseases in end-stage liver disease patients.patients with chronic liver diseases sustain impairment to immune systems, which worsens over time. these defects in their host defense lead to risks of bacterial infections and increased morbidity. providers should have heightened surveillance for infectious diseases and suspect one with any acute change in status. patient history may reveal rare infections and allow initiation of early appropriate therapy. there should be a low threshold for obtaining diagnostic cultures and peritoneal fluid s ...201020691380
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