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the bacterial flora in the alimentary tract of freshwater salmonid fishes. 19744607659
incidence of hemolytic and r factors in lactose-fermenting enteric bacteria isolated from the digestive tract of fish. 19744612637
therapeutic trials with tobramycin. 19744613176
immunological investigations of the structure and antigens of shigella sonnei and serologically related bacteria. 19734618438
reuse of dialysis coils. 19724623136
[findings of germs of plesiomonas shigelloides genus in the liver of turkey chicks suffering from histomoniasis]. 19724629221
the production and some properties of the brown pigment of aeromonas liquefaciens. 19724631519
some immunochemical relationships of aeromonas aminopeptidase. 19724631782
on the etiology of choleraic diarrhoea. 19724633901
aeromonas hydrophila in clinical bacteriologic specimens. 19724640321
[evaluation of drug contamination with mima and aeromonas microbes]. 19724642236
the effects of gamma irradiation on some properties of two aeromonas proteinases. 19724642528
[detection of a common antigen in enterobacteriaceae (kunin antigen) in yersinia, levinea, aeromonas and vibrio]. 19724655355
studies on aeromonas and plesiomonas species isolated from cases of choleraic diarrhoea. 19724660283
enteric infections in sunderpur slum area. 19724661460
[oral and parenteral, active immunization of carp against aeromonas punctata]. 19724665867
essentiality of vitamin c in feeds for intensively fed caged channel catfish. 19734682446
aeromonas shigelloides bacteremia: a case report. 19734687623
fatal septicemia with aeromonas hydrophila. 19734688505
septicemia due to aeromonas hydrophila: clinical and immunologic aspects. 19734688925
aeromonas hydrophila septicemia in a dog. 19734692305
aeromonas septicemia from hepatobiliary disease. 19734695618
a post-epizootic search for furunculosis in a warm-water fish population. 19734701176
[a method for the determination of toxicity of pollutants in water and effluent to bacteria]. 19734713088
gas-forming aeromonas hydrophila infection in a diabetic. 19734721025
preparation of metabolically active staphylococcus aureus protoplasts by use of the aeromonas hydrophila lytic enzyme.stable, metabolically active protoplasts of staphylococcus aureus have been prepared by the use of a staphylolytic enzyme produced by aeromonas hydrophila. respiratory and glycolytic rates and synthesis of nucleic acids, protein, and lipid in these protoplasts, stabilized variously in 1.1 m sucrose, 0.37 m sodium succinate, or 0.37 m sodium sulfate, have been shown to be comparable with the same parameters in intact cells under the same conditions.19734728270
trytophanase from aeromonas liquefaciens. subunit structure and aggregation of the enzyme into enzymatically active polymeric species. 19734730321
[blood contamination with aeromonas hydrophilus as a cause of lethal post-transfusion complications]. 19734732715
ulcerative dermatitis and pneumonia associated with aeromonas hydrophila infection in the bottle-nosed dolphin. 19734742080
the effect of light on the antibacterial activity of beta-thujaplicin. 19734754753
lipolytic bacteria in the ottawa river.lipolytic bacteria were isolated from two stations on brewery creek, an arm of the ottawa river, during the winter of 1971-72. total counts were approximately sevenfold higher at the more polluted downstream station, whereas lipolytic counts were about 100-fold higher. at this station, significantly more lipolytic bacteria grew on plates incubated at 20 c than at 4 c, suggesting that the population was comprised of both mesophiles and psychrophiles. however, at the upstream station, approximatel ...19734762394
aeromonas hydrophila peritonitis. 19734762441
[aeromonas hydrophila (s. liquefaciens) as a possible cause of furunculosis in eel]. 19734783486
aeromonas hydrophila infections. 19744809188
characterization of anti-aeromonas salmonicida antibodies from coho salmon.coho salmon (oncorhynchus kisutch) anti-aeromonas salmonicida agglutinins were excluded from sephadex g-200 and their activity was lost after partial reduction and alkylation followed by exposure to 2 m urea. immunoelectrophoretic analysis of coho antiserum revealed anodic and cathodic populations of immunoglobulin (ig), and the anti-a. salmonicida antibodies present 12 weeks after parenteral immunization were primarily anodic ig. antibodies were specifically purified by dissociation of a. salmo ...19744816458
the purification of aeromonas aminopeptidase by affinity chromatography. 19744831337
effect of sodium chloride on growth of heterotrophic marine bacteria. 19744837198
aeromonas hydrophila wound infection. 19744855618
ribosyl and deoxyribosyl transfer by bacterial enzyme systems.the enzymatic transfer of ribose and deoxyribose residues in pyrimidine nucleosides to purines was catalyzed by cell-free extracts of various bacteria. almost all the strains belonging to enterobacteriaceae were capable of catalyzing the transfer reactions. the transfer activities were also detected among some bacterial strains of other families: pseudomonadaceae, corynebacteriaceae, micrococcaceae, bacteriaceae, and bacillaceae. the rates of the transfer reactions were greatly enhanced in the p ...19674863982
[biochemical differentiation of enterobacteria in the clinical bacteriological laboratory]. 19674864901
[on a strain of aeromonas liquefaciens isolated from blood]. 19674869581
evidence for the presence of fimbriae (pili) on vibrio species. 19684870841
plesiomonas shigelloides: an unusual isolate from faeces. 19684871044
[travel diarrheas and other travel infections]. 19684872417
examination of various gram-negative bacteria for beta-lactamase activity. 19684874986
effect of anaerobiosis on the concentrations of demethylmenaquinone, menaquinone and ubiquinone in escherichia freundii, proteus mirabilis and aeromonas punctata. 19684875411
[the occurrence of aeromonas in surface waters]. 19674876638
distribution of psychrophilic micro-organisms in different dairy environments. 19684880686
[on the microbiological diagnosis of the aeromonas shigelloides species]. 19684882412
occurrence of aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas shigelloides in feces. 19684884558
the nature, intergeneric distribution and biosynthesis of isoprenoid quinones and phenols in gram-negative bacteria.1. twenty-two aerobically grown gram-negative bacteria were analysed for demethylmenaquinones, menaquinones, 2-polyprenylphenols, 6-methoxy-2-polyprenylphenols and ubiquinones. 2. all the eight enterobacteria and both the two facultative organisms (aeromonas punctata and aeromonas hydrophila) examined contain all the compounds listed above. the principal homologues are octaprenyl; in addition lower (down to tri- or tetra-prenyl for the 2-polyprenylphenols) and sometimes higher homologues are als ...19694886765
fluorescent antibody studies of isolates of aeromonas salmonicida. 19684888717
[study of bacteri a and b nitrate reductases: results]. 19694892107
timely topics in microbiology: enterics 1967-1968. 19694897327
the source of bacteria in fresh cream, and the methylene blue reduction test as a guide to hygienic quality. 19694897541
pituitary activation by bacterial endotoxins in rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri).endotoxins from escherichia coli and aeromonas salmonicida caused marked cortisol production in the rainbow trout (salmo gairdneri).19694899008
comparative study of isoenzyme formation of bacterial beta-galactosidase.the enzyme beta-galactosidase was studied in crude extracts of escherichia coli 3300, e. coli grown on a selenium and sulfur medium, salmonella typhimurium f-lac, serratia marcescens f-lac, s. marcescens p-lac, proteus mirabilis f-lac, p. mirabilis p-lac, aeromonas formicans, and streptococcus lactis. the isoenzymes could be demonstrated by an alternative histochemical technique. different isoenzyme patterns were found to be determined by the beta-galactosidase structural gene and not by the cyt ...19704908684
a contribution to the morphology of aeromonas shigelloides. 19684910873
laboratory identification of aeromonads from man and other animals.forty-eight isolates of aeromonads from clinical specimens were studied. the laboratory procedures employed and the results obtained are reported in the hope that they may be of assistance to other workers in the field of diagnostic microbiology. capability of identifying these organisms in the laboratory will contribute to a better understanding of the role of this group of organisms in human disease as well as in diseases in other animals.19704911440
the detection of aeromonas hydrophila in stool specimens. 19704915588
[general immune reactions in man following oral administration of acetone-inactivated typhoid vaccines. ii]. 19694916992
the attachment of bacteria to solid surfaces. 19714927242
[variable growth of microorganism groups on culture media in the determination of bacterial count in water]. 19714931379
direct and indirect observations of bacteria on marine pebbles. 19714932407
detection of resistance factors in fish pathogen aeromonas liquefaciens. 19714933803
anbtibiotics and drug resistance in animals. r factors related to fish culturing. 19714936671
observations on aeromonas hydrophila septicaemia in a patient with leukaemia.a gram-negative bacillus isolated from the blood of a leukaemic patient with septicaemia was identified on the basis of common tests as escherichia coli. however, the organism's antibiogram was atypical of e. coli and led to its re-examination and correct identification as aeromonas hydrophila. a. hydrophila is sensitive to chloramphenicol and tetracycline, characteristics useful in differentiation from e. coli. a simple test differentiating this organism from the enterobacteriaceae is the oxida ...19714937666
[occurrence of aeromonas hydrophila in the perch, perca flavescens mitchill]. 19714938113
bacterial flora of phyto- and zoo-plankton in the inshore water of japan. 19714939918
evaluation of accuracy of multitest micromethod system for identification of enterobacteriaceae.the analytab system of 20 biochemical tests for identification of enterobacteriaceae was evaluated in parallel with conventional tests on 128 enterobacteriaceae, 5 aeromonas, and 1 yersinia enterocolitica. the results of tests for h(2)s and indole production, citrate utilization, lysine and ornithine decarboxylase, arginine dihydrolase, nitrate reduction, beta-galactosidase, and fermentation of arabinose, rhamnose, mannitol, and glucose showed almost complete agreement between the two systems. e ...19714940867
[infection with aeromonas hydrophila in young turkeys (preliminary communication)]. 19714941934
growth temperatures and temperature characteristics of aeromonas.six of the 13 aeromonas hydrophila, 1 of 10 a. shigelloides, and none of 10 a. salmonicida were found to be psychrophiles. all of the rest of the strains were mesophiles. the mu values (temperature characteristics) could not be used to distinguish psychrophiles from mesophiles.19714943267
bacteria as cell surface markers on normal and malignant mammalian cells. 19714943991
infectious diseases of reptiles. 19714949438
[sanitary bacteriological evaluation of the water quality in open reservoirs]. 19714950068
[result of the butandioldehydrogenase reaction in various pseudomonodaceae and vibrio]. 19644953600
the role of virus in septicemia of carp (cyprinus carpio) and pox of carp. influence of environment on infection. 19654957060
aeromonas aminopeptidase: purification and some general properties. 19664961737
comparative control of a branch-point enzyme in microorganisms.thirty-two genera of microorganisms were identified with one of six distinctive control patterns for the enzyme 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate-7-phosphate synthetase. these patterns included sequential feedback inhibition, isoenzyme feedback inhibition, cumulative feedback inhibition, and three (apparent) simple one-effector patterns. documentation is provided of an overwhelming tendency for control patterns to be strongly conserved among the member species of the various genera that were exami ...19674964483
aeromonas infection in snakes. 19684966958
antigenic analysis of shigella sonnei by gel diffusion technics. 19684969802
antibacterial substances produced by different bacteria inhibiting the growth of neisseria gonorrhoea (preliminary report). 19684975926
determination of pseudomonas aeruginosa by biochemical test methods. i. an improved method for gluconate oxidation test. 19704984596
nalidixic acid cetrimide agar. a new selective plating medium for the selective isolation of pseudomonas aeruginosa. 19704984597
comparative allostery of 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate-7-phosphate synthetase as a molecular basis for classification.the allosteric pattern of control for 3-deoxy-d-arabino-heptulosonate 7-phosphate (dahp) synthetase has previously been shown to be strongly conserved among the member species of a given genus in bacteria. the implications of this finding as a procedural tool of bacterial phylogeny were pursued by a study of two organisms, sporosarcina ureae and aeromonas formicans, the taxonomic positions of which have been historically controversial. s. ureae has characteristics of both bacillaceae and microco ...19704985590
[bacteriophages and lysotyping of aeromonas salmonicida]. 19704987117
the hydrolysis of tween 80 by vibrios and aeromonads. 19704988586
determination of pseudomonas aeruginosa by biochemical test methods. ii. acylamidase test, a modified biochemical test for the identification of pseudomonas aeruginosa. 19704989463
determination of pseudomonas aeruginosa by biochemical test methods. 3. utilization of tween 80 by pseudomonas aeruginosa. 19704989464
zymograms in agar gel of some animal and bacterial proteinases. 19704991993
serological and chemical studies of sh. sonnei, pseudomonas shigelloides and c27 strains. 19704992458
enzymoserological relationships between vibrio comma and other gram-negative organisms. 19714996635
morphological studies on fimbriae of pseudomonas aeruginosa and aeromonas hydrophila with special reference to their biological functions. 19714997532
experimental aeromonas hydrophila infection in rabbits. 19714998625
comparative electrophoretic and serological analyses of vibrio comma and aeromonas liquefaciens proteinases. 19714999791
slime production by pseudomonas aeruginosa. i. conditions for slime production by the cellophane plate method. 19715000617
regulation of the proteinase production in two strains of aeromonas. 19715003324
identification of crude and purified bacterial proteinases by agar gel diffusion and agar gel electrophoretic procedures. 19715004174
timely topics of microbiology: nonfastidious gram negative rods: non-enterobacteriaceae, 1968-1971. 19715005220
preparation and purification of microbial proteases with special reference to the bacilli. 19715005723
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