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[aeromonas hydrophila bacteremia. clinical and bacteriological characteristics. apropos of 16 cases]. 19854059610
antibacterial activity of amifloxacin (win 49, 375), a new quinolone agent.the in vitro activity of amifloxacin, a quinolone antimicrobial agent was compared with those of ciprofloxacin, enoxacin, ofloxacin and norfloxacin against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. ninety percent of escherichia coli, klebsiella species, aeromonas, salmonella, shigella, citrobacter, enterobacter species, proteus mirabilis, serratia marcescens, and morganella morganii were inhibited by less than or equal to 0.5 microgram/ml. amifloxacin inhibited branhamella, haemophilus, and neis ...19854064609
aeromonas caviae: an enteric pathogen?of the aeromonas spp. isolated routinely in our laboratory from human feces, about two thirds represent aeromonas caviae. in contrast to aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas sobria, this species has been considered to be of little enteropathogenic significance due to the absence of known virulence factors. the clinical data presented here suggest a clinical significance of a. caviae, at least in some cases. as yet nothing is known about the pathogenic mechanisms involved.19854066046
peritrichous flagella in mesophilic strains of aeromonas.a total of 186 mesophilic strains of aeromonas, comprising 151 a. hydrophila and 35 a. caviae, were tested for peritrichous flagella by leifson's staining method. when incubated on solid medium for 18 hr at 22 c, peritrichous flagella were demonstrated in 28 (18.5%) of the 151 strains of a. hydrophila and in 6 (17.1%) of the 35 strains of a. caviae. the peritrichous flagella in these 34 mesophilic strains of aeromonas were also observed by electron microscopy.19854068347
ticarcillin plus clavulanic acid versus moxalactam therapy of osteomyelitis, septic arthritis, and skin and soft tissue infections.a controlled, randomized study to compare the efficacy and safety of ticarcillin plus clavulanic acid with moxalactam was carried out in 25 evaluable patients with bone, joint, and skin or skin structure infections. of the 13 patients in the ticarcillin plus clavulanic acid-treated group, nine had osteomyelitis, two had septic arthritis, one had cellulitis, and one had a wound infection. four of the 12 moxalactam-treated patients had osteomyelitis, one had septic arthritis, and the other seven h ...19854073082
aeromonas-related diarrhea in adults.we have reviewed the incidence of aeromonas in patients with enteric disease at our hospital and found it to be the highest of any potential enteric pathogen. eighty adult patients with diarrhea had aeromonas isolated from feces, and in 73 aeromonas was the only potential bacterial or parasitic pathogen detected. the spectrum of illness in patients with aeromonas-related diarrhea ranged from acute, self-limited diarrhea to a chronic, indolent diarrheal illness. sixteen percent (13/80) of the pat ...19854074035
prevalence and pathogenicity of aeromonas hydrophila.a field survey to determine the prevalence of aeromonas hydrophila revealed a recovery rate of 8% in 141 specimens derived from a range of live, companion, and exotic avian species. the prevalence rate was similar in 240 sequential postmortem submissions during 1984. studies on the pathogenicity of a. hydrophila showed that 2-to-4-day-old chicks and turkey poults were highly susceptible to exposure via the subcutaneous, yolk-sac, and intracerebral routes, and mortality of 80-100% occurred within ...19854074237
spectral and kinetic studies of metal-substituted aeromonas aminopeptidase: nonidentical, interacting metal-binding sites.apoenzyme prepared by removal of the 2 mol of zn2+/mol from aeromonas aminopeptidase is inactive. addition of zn2+ reactivates it completely, and reconstitution with co2+, ni2+, or cu2+ results in a 5.0-, 9.8-, and 10-fold more active enzyme than native aminopeptidase, respectively. equilibrium dialysis and spectral titration experiments with co2+ confirm the stoichiometry of 2 mol of metal/mol. the addition of only 1 mol of metal/mol completely restores activity characteristic of the particular ...19854074699
antigen localization in the lymphoid organs of carp (cyprinus carpio).a brief morphological description is given of the spleen, head kidney and trunk kidney, the three peripheral lymphoid organs of carp. an antigen-localization study was carried out using aeromonas hydrophila (a cellular bacterial antigen) and an indirect immunofluorescence test. examination of the lymphoid organs at various times after injection (up to 12 months) showed that antigen was at first present in splenic ellipsoids and in solitary phagocytic cells in the spleen, head and trunk kidney. l ...19854075373
an unusual epizootic of anuran aeromoniasis. 19854077645
growth of aeromonas spp. on cefsulodin-irgasan-novobiocin agar selective for yersinia enterocolitica.twenty-eight strains of aeromonas spp. were analyzed for their ability to grow on two different kinds of cefsulodin-irgasan (triclosan; ciba-geigy ag, basel, switzerland)-novobiocin (cin) agar containing 15 or 4 mg of cefsulodin per ml and on inositol-bile salts-brilliant green (ibb) agar. relative to blood agar, 68% of the strains were inhibited by more than 2 logs (i.e., less than 1% growth) at 37 degrees c (39% at 25 degrees c) on cin i (high cefsulodin concentration), 7% were inhibited at ei ...19854077959
holding effects on coliform enumeration in drinking water samples.standard procedures for analyzing drinking water stress the need to adhere to the time and temperature conditions recommended for holding samples collected for microbiological testing. the national drinking water laboratory certification program requires compliance with these holding limits, but some investigators have reported difficulties in meeting them. research was conducted by standard analytical methods to determine if changes occurred when samples were held at 5 and 22 degrees c and anal ...19854083877
[isolation of aeromonas hydrophila in diarrhea. characterization of enterotoxinogenic strains and clinical relations].aeromonas hydrophila is isolated from diarrhoea specimens with increasing frequency. the interest in this organism at the present time is related to the fact that it can produce a number of toxins, in particular alpha and beta cytotoxic haemolysins, an enterotoxin and various enzymes. the authors determined the frequency of isolation of this organism and tested the haemolytic, cytotoxic and enterotoxic effects of culture filtrates in all of the stool specimens received in their laboratory over a ...19854091318
polyacrylamide gel recording by contact printing. 19714104111
detection of r factors in naturally occurring aeromonas salmonicida strains.r factors were detected in aeromonas salmonicida strains isolated from diseased salmonid fish. one of such r(+) strains was the one isolated in the united states as early as 1959.19714108649
production by aeromonas of common enterobacterial antigen and its possible taxonomic a study of production of the common enterobacterial antigen (ca) by members of the aeromonas group, ten strains of a. shigelloides, nine strains of a. hydrophila, and nine strains of a. salmonicida were used. passive hemagglutination and hemolysis tests as well as the hemagglutination-inhibition procedure revealed that all strains of a. shigelloides, in contrast to the strains of the other two species, produce this antigenic determinant. the antigen of a. shigelloides was demonstrated even wh ...19724111767
flower vases in hospitals as reservoirs of pathogens. 19734127638
serological properties and amino acid composition of the fimbriae of aeromonas hydrophila. 19744135102
[influence of thallium acetate on the growth of acholeplasmataceae, mycoplasmataceae, and some bacteria species]. 19724145172
morphological and biochemical studies of 6 strains of plesiomonas shigelloides isolated from clinical sources. 19724145487
[elastase in pseudomonas and aeromonas]. 19724145620
[cytochrome absorption spectra of bacteria as aid for solving taxonomic problems. 2. the redox and carbon monoxide difference spectra of bacterial species of the families enterobacteriaceae, and pasteurellaceae, and of the genera aeromomas, xanthomonas, vibrio, acinetobacter, alcaligenes, and achromobacter (author's transl)]. 19744152660
leucocidic substances for aeromonas hydrophila. 19744155852
[cytochrome absorption spectra of bacteria as aid for solving taxonomic problems. 3rd report: the cytochrome absorption spectra of the investigated bacterial strains and their relationships to the taxonomy (author's transl)]. 19744155853
[bacteriological investigations on reptiles and amphibians (author's transl)]. 19744155899
detection of vibrio parahaemolyticus, non agglutinating (nag) vibrios and aeromonas species from cold blooded animals in calcutta. 19724157434
quantitative assay of a single proteolytic enzyme in a crude mixture of bacterial proteinases. 19694189511
enzymoserological separation of bacterial proteinases. 19694189512
[proteolytic degradation of milk proteins by bacteria. 2. the action of psychrophilic and lactic acid producing bacteria on the proteins in milk]. 19724196274
[bacteriological problems of hemodialysis]. 19734205783
partial characterization of aerolysin, a lytic exotoxin from aeromonas hydrophila.conditions are defined for the production, in high titers, of an extracellular hemolytic toxin of aeromonas hydrophila, here termed "aerolysin." substantial purification of the toxin was accomplished by means of salt fractionation, dialysis, and gel filtration, with a yield of 24% of the starting activity. analysis of the product by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate revealed a single, heavy protein band and a number of faint protein bands. the estimated ...19744208526
[furunculosis of the brook trouts]. 19744210314
isolation, enumeration, and host range of marine bdellovibrios. 19744211210
sensitivity of different pseudomonas species and aeromonas hydrophila to trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole separately and in combination. 19744214032
microbiological studies on septicemic bullfrogs (rana catesbeiana). 19744214168
bacterial contamination and sparing heat treatment of mother's milk. 19744215294
effect of diethylstilbestrol on feedlot associated bacteria. 19744215508
microbial degradation of cholesterol. 19744219244
[ecology of facultatively pathogenic bacteria with low demands in nutritive substances in hospitals (author's transl)]. 19744219781
rana pipiens: health and disease. 19664224715
[noncholera vibrio isolated during an epidemic of acute gastroenteritis]. 19674230774
[studies concerning the demonstration of sessile antibodies in carp (cyprinus carpio l.). ii. demonstration of sessile antibodies to aeromonas punctata in carp adapted under natural conditions]. 19694239396
isolation of a plesiomonas shigelloides in malaysia. 19714261301
[quantitative study of the bacterial flora of the large intestine of dysenteric swine].the bacterial flora and the ph of the large intestine of dysenteric swine during acute subacute and chronic phases have been submitted to quantitative and qualitative studies. the methods used are based on primary isolation and differentiation of the bacteria by the use of selective media and the subsequent differentiation using the replica plating technique. the most characteristic changes are the following:1. a significant increase of the ph of the chyme in the large intestine during acute dys ...19734270805
a preliminary study on the intestinal flora of cecum and colon of eight, ten and 12 week old swine.using a replica-plating method and differential culture media, members of the enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonaceae were determined quantitatively in the colon and cecum content of pigs from different litters, born on the same farm and kept under the same environmental conditions, from the age of six weeks. the bacterial flora in pigs of eight, ten and 12 weeks of age showed little significant quantitative variation. pigs of 12 weeks of age differed significantly from younger ones with respect t ...19734270808
isolation and identification of aeromonas hydrophila from an outbreak of haemorrhagic septicemia in snakes.aeromonas hydrophila was isolated during an outbreak of a fatal disease among snakes kept in the serpentarium of the razi institute. the organism was identified on the basis of morphological and biochemical properties, as well as pathogenicity for both warm blood and poikilothermic animals.19734270815
[hemorrhagic septicemia of sliver carp]. 19744281147
the microbiological diagnostics of strains of aeromonas shigelloides isolated in cuba. 19664289873
the detection of various bacteria indicative of water pollution by a presence-absence (p-a) procedure. 19694307685
[aeromonas hydrophila as a pyrogenic agent]. 19694308218
inhibition of protease production of various bacteria by ammonium salts: its effect on toxin production and virulence.production of protease by many bacteria was found to be inhibited by ammonium salts, and the enzyme production was more sensitive to the salts than was growth of the organisms. inhibition of protease production by some pathogenic bacteria may result in the recognition of an exotoxin which otherwise would have been digested by the protease. in the case of pseudomonas aeruginosa, qualitatively different toxicities could be demonstrated in the culture fluids, depending on the presence or absence of ...19694309097
aeromonas and serratia. comparative study of extracellular deoxyribonuclease production and other biochemical characteristics. 19704313646
unusual fermentative, gram-negative bacilli isolated from clinical specimens. ii. characterization of aeromonas species.morphological and physiological characterization of 12 aeromonas strains isolated from clinical specimens demonstrated several important diagnostic features. these included polar arrangement of the flagella; production of oxidase, deoxyribonuclease, amylase, gelatinase, and lipase; lack of ornithine decarboxylase; and sensitivity to polymyxin. awareness of these features should result in more frequent differentiation of aeromonads from the physiologically similar members of the genus plesiomonas ...19704318571
aeromonas hydrophila infection in the mexican axoloti, siredon mexicanum. 19714329296
collagenolytic enzymes. 19714336709
fine structure of melanin-producing aeromonads. 19724345662
identification of vibrio cholerae by pyrolysis gas-liquid chromatography.cholera-like vibrios examined by pyrolysis gas-liquid chromatography could be distinguished from other common aerobic gram-negative bacilli, including oxidase-positive organisms, e.g., aeromonas. vibrios in heiberg group i were subdivided into three types on the basis of differences in one complex in the chromatogram, and these closely corresponded with the identification as classical, el tor, or "intermediate" biotypes of vibrio cholerae by conventional methods.19734346977
specificity of aeromonas aminopeptidase toward oligopeptides and polypeptides. 19734351847
relationships among pollution indicator bacteria isolated from raw water and distribution systems by the presence-absence (p-a) test. 19734352690
water pollution: microbiology of water. 19734355623
formation of extracellular haemolysin by aeromonas hydrophila in relation to protease and staphylolytic enzyme. 19734356947
ecthyma gangrenosum produced by aeromonas hydrophilia. 19734358653
cytochrome c involved in the reductive decomposition of organic mercurials. purification of cytochrome c-i from mercury-resistant pseudomonas and reactivity of cytochromes c from various kinds of bacteria. 19734360253
colonization patterns of aerobic gram-negative bacteria in the cloaca of rana pipiens. 19744362878
aldohexuronic acid catabolism by a soil aeromonas.bacteria which utilize mannuronic acid as an energy source were isolated from nature. one of the organisms, identified as a member of the genus aeromonas, used glucuronate, galacturonate, and mannuronate as the sole source of carbon and energy. glucuronate- and galacturonate-grown resting cells oxidized both glucuronate and galacturonate rapidly, but mannuronate slowly. mannuronate-grown cells oxidized all three rapidly, with the rate of mannuronate utilization somewhat lower. cell-free extracts ...19694388117
regulation of the biosynthesis of amino acids of the aspartate family in coliform bacteria and pseudomonads.the control of aspartokinase and homoserine dehydrogenase activities was compared in aerobic and fermentative pseudomonads (genera pseudomonas and aeromonas), and in coliform bacteria representative of the principal genera of the enterobacteriaceae. isofunctional aspartokinases subject to independent end-product control occur in the enterobacteriaceae and in aeromonas. in pseudomonas, there appears to be a single aspartokinase, subject to concerted feedback inhibition by lysine and threonine. wi ...19694391829
tektite-i program: aerobiological aspects. 19704392834
[laboratory findings on a combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole]. 19714396839
[isolation and utilization of multiple mutants for the clarification of ecological problems in environmental hygiene, as demonstrated on an aeromonas hydrophila mutant]. 19714400127
[psychrophilic organisms in poultry meat]. 19744418360
effect of four dispersants on biodegradation and growth of bacteria on crude oil.four chemical dispersants, corexit 8666, gamlen sea clean, g. h. woods degreaser-formula 11470, and sugee 2 were examined singly and in individual combinations with arabian crude oil (1:1 ratio) at 10 and 25 c for their effects on the growth of bacteria indigenous to local marine waters, the bacterial population composition, and biodegradation of crude oil; in addition, their emulsifying capacities, at approximately 24 c, were determined. none of the dispersants used alone were toxic even at rel ...19744418491
[a new medium for the rapid presumptive identification of enterobacteriae, aeromonas and vibrios (author's transl)]. 19744420397
fever in the lizard dipsosaurus dorsalis. 19744431469
present status of heiberg groups for classifying cholera-like organisms. 19744435858
the characterization and significance of plesiomonas shigelloides and aeromonas hydrophila isolated from an epidemic of diarrhoea. 19744435916
kinetics of inhibition of aeromonas aminopeptidase by leucine methyl ketone derivatives. 19744441102
[bacteriological diagnosis of aeromonas salmonicida infections in fishes]. 19744441360
microbial contamination of renal dialysis systems and associated health risks. 19744450335
[use of antibiotics in hemorrhagic septicemia of carp]. 19744450497
[change in the composition of the fatty acids in hemorrhagic septicemia of carp]. 19744450498
[microorganisms of aeromonas genus. pathogenicity for man, pathogenesis and epidemiology (review of non-soviet literature)]. 19744454822
some aspects of the regulation of the production of extracellular proteolytic enzymes by a marine bacterium. 19744474857
acute bacterial pneumonia in a group of desert tortoises (gopherus agassizi). 19734490504
septicemia due to aeromonas hydrophila and mima polymorpha in a patient with acute myelogenous leukemia. 19724503498
[two cases of aeromonas hydrophila septicemia associated with acute leukemia (author's transl)]. 19744533011
studies of drug resistance and r factors in bacteria from pond-cultured salmonids. i. amago (oncorhynchus rhodurus macrostomus) and yamame (oncorhynchus masou ishikawae). 19724538354
microbial flora of pacific oysters (crassostrea gigas) subjected to ultraviolet-irradiated seawater.the ability of oysters to purge themselves of microbial contaminants was investigated by identifying the microorganisms retained by oysters after they have been subjected to ultraviolet (uv) light-treated seawater. a uv intensity of 960 muw per min per cm(2) reduced the microbial count of seawater from 263 to 13 per ml. the coliform multitube test (mpn) was reduced from a high of 17 to <0.18 per 100 ml. over 75% of the microorganisms found in treated seawater were acinetobacter/moraxella, vibrio ...19724551037
[rapid method for the study of the methyl-red and voges-proskauer reactions]. 19724559242
isolation of aeromonas species from clinical a period of one year, in a general hospital, aeromonas hydrophila was isolated from 13 patients and aeromonas shigelloides from one patient. eight of the patients had superficial infections, two had urinary tract infections, and four had bacteriaemia. the association of aeromonas bacteriaemia with cirrhosis of the liver and malignant disease, which has been previously reported, was observed in three of the four bacteriaemic patients. the key to laboratory diagnosis of this genus is the routin ...19724567553
radiobacteriolysis: a new technique using chromium-51 for assaying anti-vibrio cholerae antibodies.a new method for detecting and quantitating antibodies against vibrio cholerae is described. the reaction involves the release of radiochromium from prelabeled vibrios in the presence of specific antibody and complement. the entire assay can be completed within 5 hr. the method is highly reproducible, immunologically specific, temperature- and complement-dependent, and significantly more sensitive than other methods currently used for titration of anti-vibrio cholerae antibodies. the technique i ...19734570279
r factors of compatibility group a. 19734572618
potential pathogens in the environment: isolation, enumeration, and identification of seven genera of intestinal bacteria associated with small green pet turtles.bacteriological analyses were performed on fecal swabs and the aquarium water of 27 individually purchased specimens of the small green pet turtle, pseudemys scripta elegans. representatives of aeromonas, citrobacter, enterobacter, klebsiella, proteus, salmonella, and serratia were isolated. enterobacter, klebsiella, and salmonella were encountered in 20% or more of the specimens, whereas aeromonas was isolated from 63%. klebsiella pneumoniae counts ranged from 10(3) to 10(4) per milliliter of a ...19734572984
medium for the isolation of aeromonas hydrophila.a new differential medium, rimler-shotts, was tested with 109 isolates representing 13 genera of bacteria obtained from aquatic environments and animals. this medium was effective in presumptive identification of the strains of aeromonas hydrophila examined, with 94% accuracy. strains of citrobacter which were hydrogen sulfide-variable could not be separated from a. hydrophila. this medium was designed to facilitate diagnosis of a. hydrophila infections in animals and humans.19734584594
genetic and phenetic classification of bacteria. 19734584677
single and continuous exposure of the adult american oyster, crassostrea virginica, to marine vibrios. 19744597645
comparative survival of indicator bacteria and enteric pathogens in well water.the comparative survival of various fecal indicator bacteria and enteric pathogens was studied in a stable well water supply by using membrane chambers. there was more variation in the 29 coliform cultures and they died more rapidly, as a group, than the 20 enterococcus cultures that were examined. the comparative survival of the organisms tested follows: aeromonas sp. > the shigellae (shigella flexneri, s. sonnei, and s. dysenteriae) > fecal streptococci > coliforms = some salmonellae (salmonel ...19744598219
[antibiotics. new aspects from the viewpoint of a microbiologist. assumptions for significant use of antibiotics]. 19744599415
the involvement of extracellular enzymes in the metabolism of bdellovibrio. 19744600233
applicability of cetrimide, nitrofurantoin, ttc, and sodium arsenite to the isolation of marine pseudomonads. 19744600732
occurrence of potential pathogens in water containing ornamental fishes.the bacterial population of the water supplied with ornamental fish purchased from retail outlets was examined qualitatively and quantitatively. as many as 10(9) viable aerobic organisms per 100 ml were present, with fecal coliform counts as high as 10(5) per 100 ml. citrobacter, escherichia, pseudomonas, and vibrio were isolated from 75% or more of the samples, whereas aeromonas, alcaligenes, enterobacter, flavobacterium, and streptococcus were isolated from 45 to 65% of the samples. pseudomona ...19744602309
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