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chemical screening. in ambulatory adults. 2003281603
current trends and prospects in surgical adjuvant concepts and treatments currently available for adjuvant studies are illustrated by a review of ongoing studies sponsored by the national cancer institute. more thorough information is needed on immunotherapeutic agents to allow more rationale in the use of these agents. solid bases to properly select drugs or drug combinations for adjuvant purposes are being established. however, dose-schedule and duration of treatment are still to be defined. strategies directed at prolonging the benefit o ...2003282827
[biochemical characteristics of yersinia pestis samples isolated in brazil]. 1977283471
[education and training of the dental assistant]. 1994284484
[new curriculum for dentistry]. 1994284623
experimental gingivitis in odu plaque-susceptible rats. iii. toxic activity of the rat dental plaque.the toxicity tests of the dental plaque from odu plaque-susceptible rats showed strong lethal effect on mice, and abscess forming effect on guinea-pigs. bacterial cells isolated from the rat dental plaque also showed strong toxicity on both animals and capillary permeable activity on rabbits. among these bacterial cells, corynebacterium showed the strongest toxic effects on these animals. these facts suggested an important role of the dental plaque on initiation and development of gingivitis and ...1979289757
[eosinophilic leukosis]. 2003290268
lump sum investment. part 1. deposit accounts. 1959290369
transmembrane linkage of fibronectin to intracellular actin-containing filaments in cultured human fibroblasts. 1978291374
the general practitioner and the of the rewards of specialty practice is the opportunity to work with a great many referring dentists. the camaraderie is good, the friendships that develop are satisfying and long lasting. the specialist's goals are the same as those of the general practitioner: to provide the highest level of care possible in the best interest of their shared patient. this is best accomplished by open and effective communication between the general practitioner, the endodontist, and their mutual patient.1980294398
incidence of dental caries in lucknow school-going children. 2003296202
apical closure after nonsurgical apical curettage. 2003296255
subcrestal retention of endodontically treated roots: discussion and report of case. 2003296256
complications in therapeutic use of sodium hypochlorite. 2003296258
americans are on the move! 2003298699
a new look at cavity preparation. 2003298770
cellular immune response to yersinia pestis modulated by product(s) from thymus-derived lymphocytes.resistance to infection with yersinia pestis was found to depend on whether the macrophage can inactivate and withstand the cytotoxic effects of phagocytized y. pestis. serum from mice immunized with antigens of y. pestis enhanced the resistance of monolayers of normal cultures to the cytotoxic effects of y. pestis and increased the capacity of peritoneal exudate cells from immune mice to inactivate these bacteria. the enhancing component of the serum was not removed by absorption with heat-kill ...1977299867
structure and barr body formation of an xp + chromosome with two inactivation centers.a patients with seizures, von willebrand disease, and symptoms of turner syndrome was a chromosomal mosaic. in blood culture (1974), 56% of the cells were 45, x 33% 46, xxp+ and 11% 47,xxp + xp +; in the skin, no cells with 47 chromosomes were found. presumably the xp + chromosome arose through a break in the q-banded dark region next to the centromere on xp to which an xq had been attached. the abnormal x was late-labeling and formed a larger than normal barr body. of the chromatin-positive fib ...2003299980
[result of aorto-coronary by-passes for unstable angina of prinzmetal. report of 33 operated cases (author's transl)]. 2000302101
the serological response to yersinia pestis infection.passive haemagglutination antibody titres to fraction i antigen of yersinia pestis were plotted against day of clinical illness in 82 patients in viet nam. a rise was evident by day 5 with a peak at day 14, after which a plateau occurred. in contrast to all other patients, 2 patients with recurrent infections had elevated titres at the time of admission which decreased significantly during convalescence.1977302154
[ring of the chromosome 4. ii. without facial dysmorphism].a r(4) was observed in a 5-year-old female patient, with growth retardation, a near normal psychomotor development and with no major dysmorphism. the break points were in p16 and q33. after comparison with other known observations of r(4) it is suggested that the phenotype of monosomy 4p is due to monosomy for the distal band 4p16.1977302682
partial tetrasomy 9(9pter to 9q2101) due to an extra iso-dicentric chromosome.a 3-year-old boy with partial no. 9 tetrasomy is described. the patient showed markedly retarded physical and mental development as well as multiple congenital anomalies. routine chromosome analysis revealed an extra c-group chromosome. it had a pronounced secondary constriction at the proximal part of its long arm. based on studies by a variety of banding techniques, the extra chromosome was identified to be an iso-dicentric no. 9 chromosome with inactivation of one of the two centromeres, the ...1977302683
mosaic 45,xy,-21/46,xy in a child with g deletion syndrome i.a mosaic 45,xy,-21/46,xy was found in a boy with g deletion syndrome i who showed microcephaly, downward, antimongoloid slanted eyes, micrognathism, large, low set ears, small penis and bilateral inguinoscrotal hernia.1977302684
erythrocyte autoantibodies induced in mice immunized with rat antigens.antibody reacting against syngeneic mouse erythrocytes could not be elicited (by rat erythrocytes) in athymic nude mice. rat antigen preparations from heart, muscle testes, brain erythrocyte ghosts and foetal material failed to elicit detectable autoantibody reactivity against mouse erythrocytes, even though all these preparations (other than brain and foetal) induced a reduction in half life of syngeneic murine erythrocytes in vivo. we suggest that an unstable rat erythrocyte antigen is respons ...1977303095
b- and t-cells and ig-containing blast cells in healthy children.studies on rosette-forming cells and igg, iga, igm and ige-bearing lymphocytes were carried out in 70 healthy children aged 5 to 15 years. furthermore, in 20 of these children, the percentages of igg, iga, igm and ige-containing blast cells after pokeweed mitogen stimulation of peripheral lymphocytes were evaluated. no differences in the percentages of rosette-forming cells, or in ig-bearing and ig-containing cells were found when three different age-groups were compared.2004303435
the distribution of neuromuscular junctions in skeletal muscles of rana temporaria [proceedings]. 2004303439
induction in b2/b2 chickens of immunity to transplantable carcinogen-induced fibrosarcomas mediated by t-cell monocyte cooperation: role of delayed hypersensitivity to unrelated antigens. 1977303451
diurnal variations in plasma calcium, parathormone and calcitonin levels and crop gland activity in pigeon.circulating levels of plasma calcitonin and parathormone were measured in the pigeon by radio immunoassay in relation to plasma concentrations of calcium. adult birds undergoing 3 particular phases of crop gland activity (group 1.--4 days prior to hatching, group 2.--2 days following hatching, group 3.--12 days following hatching), were used as experimental animals. calcium showed a marked circadian rhythm and the levels of plasma calcitonin and parathormone fluctuate similarly with calcium chan ...2003305346
effect of lisuride and lsd on monoamine synthesis after axotomy or reserpine treatment in rat brain. 1978305542
[pharmacologic properties of ortho-ethoxy-benzamide]. 1977305744
partial duplication 5q syndrome: phenotypic similarity in two sisters with identical karyotype (partial duplication 5q33 leads to 5qter and partial deficiency 8p23 leads to pter).two sisters with statomotor developmental retardation microcephaly, hydrocephalus internus and externus without signs of pressure, heart defect (ventricular septal defect), early pulmonary resistance and characteristic facial changes were found to have the same unbalanced karyotype with partial trisomy 5q3300 leads to 5qter and partial monosomy 8p2300 leads to 8pter, derived from a balanced reciprocal paternal translocation: 46,xy,t(5;8)(q3300;p2300). the older girl was tested for the erythrocyt ...1977305758
technical considerations in saphenous vein bypass grafts to the right coronary artery.measurement of the proper length for saphenous vein bypass grafts to the right coronary artery can be complicated by the increase in cardiac volume that takes place when extracorporeal circulation is discontinued. inadequate or excessive allowance for this increase can cause undue tension on the grafts or troublesome kinking. this report describes an improved method of orienting vein bypass grafts to the right coronary artery which eliminates problems of incorrect measurement.2004305767
[cephalosporins. ii]. 2000305836
the cerebellar arteries in the cat and areas supplied by them. 1978308899
expression of human t lymphocyte antigens by killer cells.k cells, the effectors of antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, were found to express human t but not b lymphocyte antigens detected by rabbit anti-htla and anti-hbla. pretreatment of effector cells with anti-htla+c inhibited adcc by specifically lysing k cells: no inhibition of adcc by anti-htla occurred when deltac was substituted for c. by contrast, pretreatment of effector cells with anti-hbla nonspecifically inhibited adcc, probably for forming antigen-antibody complexes with hbla+ ...1978308964
aorticoduodenal fistula secondary to a toothpick. 2003308975
note on the oscillations of collapsible tubes. 2003309045
protease inhibitor profile of black americans with and without chronic cardiopulmonary epidemiologic study of protease inhibitor (alpha(1)-antitrypsin) was undertaken among 599 ambulatory and hospitalized black american patients with chronic cardiopulmonary disease referred for pulmonary function testing, and 115 ethnically matched, healthy control subjects. clinical evaluation consisted of respiratory questionnaire completion, physical examination, chest radiograph, and spirography. protease inhibitor evaluation consisted of measurement of serum trypsin inhibitory capacity in ...2003309951
surgical management of stenosis of the left main coronary artery. 2004310208
contraction transients of skinned muscle fibers: effects of calcium and ionic strength.calcium and ionic strength are both known to modify the force developed by skinned frog muscle fibers. to determine how these parameters affect the cross-bridge contraction mechanism, the isotonic velocity transients following step changes in load were studied in solutions in which calcium concentration and ionic strength were varied. analysis of the motion showed that calcium has no effect on either the null time or the amplitude of the transients. in contrast, the transient amplitude was incre ...2000310868
measuring the efficacy of vaccination in affording protection against plague.the relationship of f1 antibody titre to protection against plague was investigated by subjecting seropositive laboratory rats to virulent challenge and observing for survival. the passive haemagglutination (pha) test in microtitre was employed for serology. rats vaccinated with live vaccine ev76 (51f), killed u.s.p. vaccine, or f1 antigen and challenged by subcutaneous inoculation of 1 x 10(3) to 5 x 10(5)yersinia pestis survived at similar rates that, overall, equalled 6% at titres less than 1 ...1979312163
[gastrointestinal hemorrhage]. 2001312727
effect of serotonin on prolactin- and msh-secreting cells in the eel. comparison with the effect of parachlorophenylalanine appears to reduce release of prolactin (prl) and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (msh) in the eel, a stimulating serotoninergic control of these adenohypophysial secretions was suspected. eels were therefore injected with serotonin (5-ht) (7.5--20 mg/kg) and compared with eels injected with the precursor of serotonin, 5-hydroxytroptophan (5-htp) (20 mg/kg). in both cases, a darkening of the skin was observed, more rapid and intense with 5-htp than with 5-ht. similarly, ...1989313251
influence of aging on t-cell subpopulations involved in the in vitro generation of allogeneic cytotoxicity. 1989313304
immunodeficiency. report of a who scientific group. 1989313308
impaired reactivity of burn patient lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin in autologous serum: failure to improve responsiveness by washing in vitro. 1989313482
veneral diseases. 1979313576
workshop on the electrotheraphy of denervated muscles. 1990313599
[psychological factors in coronary pathology]. 1990313648
analysis of t cell subpopulations by laser doppler spectroscopy and the association of electrophoretic mobility differences with differences in rosette-forming affinity. 1979313961
[behavior and validity of various dynamic tests for the increment of hgh in subjects with rheumatic diseases]. 2004314140
[behavior and validity of various dynamic tests for the increment of hgh in subjects with rheumatic diseases]. 2004314140
modulation of antigen expression on sperm-activated t cells in culture. 2004314180
efferent system in the retina of the frog, rana catesbiana.single units were recorded through glass microelectrodes placed on the optic disk or on the retina of the opened eye of the frog (rana catesbiana). units were classified as a-, b-, and c-fibers according to conduction velocities. by the method of collision between naturally elicited and electrically elicited impulses, many of the b-fibers and some a- and c-fibers, which showed unusual behavior to photic stimulation, were found to be efferent fibers. retinal effects of the efferent nerves were st ...1958314669
biological assay of potential trichomonacides in vitro using a counter apparatus.utilising the accuracy and speed of a coulter counter for cell counting and sizing, a new method of antimicrobial assay has been developed in which the potency of inhibitors is calculated on a mol/cell basis. a total of 72 potential trichomonacides were screened against trichomonas vaginalis and the ed50 value estimated for 27 of the most interesting and potent compounds. the ed50 value for metronidazole was a mean of 5.12 fmol/cell and only 6 compounds were more potent. after the nitroimidazole ...1978314804
susceptibility to cefazedone and cefazolin and production of beta-lactamase in in bacteroides fragilis and other species of bacteroidaceae. 1979314805
third international symposium on transfer factor. 1979314845
late coronary bypass graft flow: quantitative assessment by roentgendensitometry.quantitative assessment of the flow in 45 saphenous vein aortocoronary bypass grafts in 30 patients was performed by a roentgendensitometric technique. detalis of the technique are given. mean graft flow for all grafts measured in the early postoperative period (two weeks) and again in the late postoperative period (six months to 3 years; average, 1.5 years) significantly decreased (72.6 +/- 34.7 to 57.4 +/- 28.6 ml/min; p less than 0.01). mean graft diameter also significantly decreased over th ...1968315217
ultrastructural and biochemical changes in newborn rabbit liver after transplacental effect of phenobarbital. 1979315341
the requirement of ia-positive accessory cells for the induction of hapten-reactive cytotoxic t lymphocytes in vitro. 1979315427
[ultrasonography in internal medicine]. 1965315601
seeing things through. 1966316108
[effect of domperidone on gastric emptying rate]. 1999316556
[heterotopic pancreas. report of 8 new cases (author's transl)].the authors report 8 new cases of heterotopic pancreas and the clinical signs of each case. the emphasise the difficulties of preoperative diagnosis owing to their usually small size and the necessity of surgical treatment justified by the same lesions which affect the normally placed pancreas including cancer.2003317290
[rct image construction]. 2003317353
volume and shape of normal human improved apparatus for measuring the electrical size of particles, developed in this laboratory and based on the principle of the coulter counter, is used to size human spermatozoa. the typical size distribution is unimodel, with a skew to the right. the actual quantity determined by the measuring system is electrical size (i.e., shape factor x volume); in order to extract the volume, it is necessary to obtain an independence measure of particle shape. this is done by estimating the relative ...1977321264
cell-mediated immunity in experimental nocardia asteroides infection.experimental mycetoma-like lesions developed in guinea pigs after subcutaneous injection of nocardia asteroides. although delayed hypersensitivity appeared earlier, increased macrophage migration inhibition and microbicidal activity appeared after 7 weeks. when the lesions healed, high cell-mediated immunity was present. cell-mediated immunity was transferred to normal recipient guinea pigs from healed donor guinea pigs by spleen cell transfer. recipient guinea pigs showed marked protection agai ...1977321348
conservation of transfer ribonucleic acid and 5s ribonucleic acid cistrons in enterobacteriaceae.the genes for tranfer ribonucleic acid (tdna) and 5s ribonucleic acid (5sdna) were isolated from the total deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) of escherichia coli. the relatedness of tdna and 5s from e. coli and other species of enterobacteriaceae was determined by reassociation of the isolated genes labeled with 32po4 to unlabeled, unfractionated dna. double-stranded dna was separated from unreacted dna by hydroxyapatite chromatography. thermal elution profiles were done to determine the amount of unpa ...1977321428
relaxation training and attention placebo in the treatment of severe insomnia. 2004321491
a simple one-step hemolytic assay for c2 with c2-deficient human serum.a simple one-step procedure has been developed for the molecular titration of c2 by utilizing the ability of the test material to restore the hemolytic activity of human serum selectively deficient in c2 (c2d serum). in this assay, equal volumes of ea (10(8) cells/ml), c2d serum (1/20), and a suitable dilution of a source of c2 were incubated at 37 degrees c for 60 min and the fraction of cells lysed was used to calculate the effective molecules of c2/ml test material. the assay can be used to t ...1977321681
introducing president voge. 2004321740
urinary fistulas after renal transplantation.urinary fistulas developed in 18 of 200 renal transplants (9 per cent). twelve fistulas healed after conservative treatment and 6 were repaired by an operation. our repair technique included constructing a bladder flap for patching, incorporating the fistula into the bladder and suturing the bladder directly to the renal pelvis.2004327097
[indications, risks and late results of coronary surgery]. 2003328442
repression of inducible enzyme synthesis in a mutant of escherichia coli k 12 deleted for the ptsh gene.the genome of lambda phage with thermosensitive repressor was inserted into the pts region of the escherichia coli chromosome. this lysogenic culture possessed the pts1 phenotype at 30 degrees c. a mutant strain with a deletion covering the ptsh gene was isolated after a prophage curing procedure. the deletion nature of the pts mutation was confirmed in genetical and biochemical experiments. the deletion covered a small fragment of the bacterial genome not extending in the ptsi and lig genes. th ...1977329116
psycho-social aspects of recovery from coronary heart disease: a review. 2003329420
in memoriam. walter westbrook robinson, m.d. 1893-1977. 2004331396
[mechanism and frequency of hemorrhagic complications in patients with plasma cell myeloma (author's transl)]. 2004331410
[neuramininase activity of the representatives of the genus yersinia].the authors demonstrated the presence of neuraminidase in past. pestis. optimal conditions for its formation and detection were chosen. extracellular form of neuraminidase was revealed. an increase of cultivation temperature led to the elevation of the neuraminidase activity in past. pestis cells. neuraminidase was revealed in bacteria affiliated to past. pestis (causative agents of pseudotuberculosis and y. enterocolitica).1977331768
[ultrastructural changes in plague microbes, strain ev, and splenic cells of guinea pigs in their interaction in vitro].dilatation of the endoplasmic reticulum cavities, an increase in the number of ribosomes near bacteria, deformation of mitochondria and coarsening of cristae were revealed in phagocytosis of past. pestis, strain ev, by reticular cells in the tissue culture of the spleen of intact guinea pigs. lipophanerous "reticular" inclusions were found in the differentiated reticular cells of the infected cultures. in the reticular cell cytoplasma besides the intact bacteria there were revealed past. pestis ...1977331769
[spheroplast bacteriocin from strains of the causative agent of pseudotuberculosis and its identification by the antibacterial activity spectrum and the morphology of the inhibition zones].capacity for production of bactericin was found in the spheroplasts of the strains of the rodent pseudotuberculosis microbe. the author named it as pseudotuberculocin. the bacteriocin production was not detected in the initial strains of the pseudotuberculosis microbe. pseudotuberculocin differed in the antibacterial spectrum and morphology of the growth inhibition zones formed on the plates with the indicator strains from the pesticins produced by the strains of the plaque microbe of the marmot ...1977334050
[origin of plague moderate phages of serotype 2].results of study of the negative colonies morphology, the structure of corpuscles, antigenic properties, specificity, and the action range permitted to refer the phages obtained from 18 e. coli strain, 1 plaque strain, and 1 pseudotoberculosis bacillus strain to the same group and to identify them with plague phages of serological type 2. isolation of the same phage type from different bacterial species permits to regard them as "polyhostal" ones. e. coli should be considered as the main carrier ...1977335729
[new methods of laboratory diagnosis of plaque and cholera]. 1977339614
normal ovarian function. 2004343955
cardiac arrest and resuscitation: defibrillators and defibrillation. 2004343996
[cancellous bone grafts bridging tibia and fibula in the treatment of tibial pseudarthrosis]. 2004344014
acid precipitation of clostridium botulinum type c and d toxins from whole culture by addition of ribonucleic acid as a precipitation aid.the ratios of ribonucleic acid to protein contents of clostridium botulinum type c, d, and e cultures were lower than those of type a, b, and f cultures. addition of ribonucleic acid at 0.4 mg/ml to culture satisfactorily aided acid precipitation of type c and d toxins, but not that of type e toxin.1978344224
eosinophil chemotactic factor (ecf). iii. generation in human peripheral leukocytes.eosinophil chemotactic factor (ecf) can be released from human peripheral leukocytes by an ige-anti-ige reaction, by the calcium ionophore a 23187 and during phagocytosis. supernatants and sonicates of unstimulated cells contain little or no ecf. on stimulation, however, ecf activity increases in the cells and even more so in the supernatants. this holds for purified neutrophils (pmns) as well as for basophil-containing mononuclear cell preparations. these findings contrast with those in lung ho ...1978344230
production and traffic of b lymphocytes in the extracortical central area of the guinea pig thymus.lymphocytes in the stroma and lymphatics of the extra-cortical central area (ecca) of the guinea pig thymus have been studied with light microscopy, quantitative microscopy, colchicin-induced mitotic arrest, ea (igg) and ea (igm) c adherence, surface immunoglobulins (ig total, igm, igg), alkaline phosphatase activity and the effect of cyclophosphamide administration. the results suggest, that ap-positive, sig-positive eac-negative lymphocytes in the ecca proliferate and maturate into ap-negative ...1978344232
left ventricular stiffness.left ventricular stiffness is defined by the relationship between pressure and volume and can be altered by a variety of disorders. in disorders with high vlved, such as mitral regurgitation, protection of pulmonary capillaries from high pressure is provided by a pv shift. in contrast, increased stiffness is produced by ventricular hypertrophy or ischemic heart disease, which puts the patient at increased risk for pulmonary capillary hypertension. changing the ventricular pv relationship by ther ...1983348043
[enzymatic inactivation of levomycetin and penicillin by cells of the plague and pseudotuberculosis microbes that contain r plasmid depending on cultivation conditions].the activity of enzymes, inactivating levomycetin and penicillin in the cells of plague and pseudotuberculosis microbes bearing extrachromosomal determinants resistant to a number of antibiotics was studied as dependent on some cultivation parameters: population age, aeration rate and temperature. it was shown that the highest capacity for levomycetin acetylation was characteristic of the cells in the late logarithmic and early stationary growth phages. accumulation of levomycetin o-acetothers i ...1978350142
sequence analysis of operator constitutive mutants of the tryptophan operon of escherichia coli. 1978351194
[japanese literature on antibiotics. clxvi]. 1982351235
the effect of hycanthone and maleic hydrazide on the frequency of micronuclei in the bone-marrow erythrocytes of mice.male swiss mice were assigned to 6 groups of either 3 or 4 animals each. 3 groups were given hycanthone methanesulfonate intraperitoneally, at 40, 80 or 120 mg/kg, respectively; the dose was repeated after an interval of about 24 h. at the same time 2 groups received maleic hydrazide at 100 or 200 mg/kg, and the remaining group was given dimethyl sulfoxide which was used as a solvent for both drugs. 6 h after the second injection, the mice were killed and bonemarrow preparations were made. hycan ...1981351389
n-nitroso-n-ethylurea. 1973355096
cell-mediated immunological responsiveness in mice decomplemented with cobra venom vivo administration of cobra factor (cof) the c3-activating protein of cobra venom, had no suppressive effect on the in vitro response of lymphocytes to pha, lps or allogeneic cells; nor did it affect the generation of cells cytotoxic to allogeneic target cells. hvg reactivity was inhibited by commercially available but not purified cof, and the latter also failed to prolong skin allograft survival. it is concluded that in vivo complement depletion does not interfere with t cell responses, an ...1973355121
stewart cunningham peddie. 2004355955
salmonellosis in red deer calves (cervus elaphus). 1978355957
[nationalism, chauvinism, national differences and their psychopathological reflections in hungary during the monarchy]. 2004355974
[allergic reactivity and the hypothalamus]. 1978355990
neonatal death: reflections for physicians. 2004355994
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