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neonatal hyperammonaemia with complete absence of liver carbamyl phosphate synthetase activity.two newborn infants, male (a) and female (b), with lethal hyperammonaemia are described in the same family. in both, symptoms started on the second day of life. lethargy and hypotonia were the most prominent initial findings and were followed by convulsions and coma. in both, blood ammonia levels rose to 570 mumol/u (795 microgram/100 ml) a few hours before death, which occurred on the third and fourth day of life respectively. assay of liver urea cycle enzymes in baby b showed a complete absenc ...1992206210
kinetic studies on the reactions catalyzed by chorismate mutase-prephenate dehydrogenase from aerobacter aerogenes.steady-state kinetic techniques have been used to investigate each of the reactions catalyzed by the bifunctional enzyme, chorismate mutase-prephenate dehydrogenase, from aerobacter aerogenes. the results of steady-state velocity studies in the absence of products, as well as product and dead-end inhibition studies, suggest that the prephenate dehydrogenase reaction conforms to a rapid equilibrium random mechanism which involes the formation of two dead-end complexes, viz, enzyme-nadh-prephenate ...1978206281
[social psychiatry: current methods for the rehabilitation of mental patients]. 1991207028
kinetics of lipid--protein interactions: interaction of apolipoprotein a-i from human plasma high density lipoproteins with phosphatidylcholines. 1978207309
fast-neutron irradiation of glioblastoma multiforme. neuropathological analysis.various modes of therapy, alone or in combination, have had little effect in improving the survival of patients with glioblastoma multiforme. recently, in a pilot study, 34 patients with glioblastoma were treated by fast-neutron-beam irradiation of the whole brain. following treatment, the patients became steroid-dependent and pursued a gradual downhill course with increasing obtundation. although there was no improvement in the length or quality of survival of these patients, neuropathological ...1991207833
differential effects of isolated lipoproteins from normal and hypercholesterolemic rhesus monkeys on cholesterol esterification and accumulation in arterial smooth muscle cells in culture.whole serum obtained from hypercholesterolemic rhesus monkeys was found to stimulate cholesterol esterification and cholesteryl ester accumulation in rhesus monkey arterial smooth muscle cells in culture to a significantly greater extent than normocholesterolemic serum. this was true even when the cholesterol concentration of the culture medium was equalized. isolation and characterzation of the low density lipoproteins (ldl) from rhesus monkeys indicated that the ldl from hypercholesterolemic a ...1978208631
estimating adrenal cortical function in dogs with acth.the peripheral blood response to intramuscular injection of 10 units acth in dogs was investigated because no experimental evidence for the standardization of this procedure for clinical use was available. following the injection of acth in sodium chloride solution, neutrophilia, monocytosis, eosinopenia, and lymphopenia occurred. with the exception of eosinopenia, the greatest change in the concentration of each cell type in peripheral blood occurred between 2 and 4 hours post injection. the ma ...1978208814
sources of variation in the output of locust spiracular motoneurones receiving common synaptic driving.1. the closer muscles of the left and the right spiracles of a thoracic segment are both innervated by two motoneurones, which spike in a variety of patterns during expiration. this paper seeks to explain the origin of these patterns. 2. no direct coupling between the two motoneurones is revealed. in an isolated thoracic ganglion both motoneurones spike at different frequencies with no tendency for their spikes to become synchronized. 3. the two closer motoneurones in one segment receive common, ...1990209120
detection of coronavirus-like particles in a spontaneous case of feline infectious peritonitis. 1978209236
[etiology of chronic recurring aphthous stomatitis].46 patients with chronic recurrent aphthae of the oral mucosa were subjected to clinical, virological and serologic examinations to evidence the assumed virus aetiology of this clinical picture. a cytopathogenic organism (classified as herpes virus hominis) could be cultivated from the aphtha sample from only one patient.1978209580
characterization of a calcium-activated cytidine triphosphate phosphohydrolase present in dorsal spinal nerve roots. 1978210260
effect of irradiation on enzyme activities of cyclic amp system in the neuro- and adenohypophyses.the enzyme activities of cyclic amp system in the neuro- and adenohypophyses were studied, immediately after an irradiation by a single whole body exposure of 1600 r, in an attempt to find whether this intervention causes the changes in the responsiveness of the cyclic amp regulatory system. in the irradiated rats the neurohypophyses revealed a reduced activity of adenylate cyclase, moderately increased activity of phosphodiesterase and slightly decreased activity of protein kinase, including th ...1978210409
comparison of interferon action in interferon resistant and sensitive l1210 cells.translation inhibition, leu-trna aminoacylation and double-stranded rna and atp dependent phosphorylation were examined in interferon-treated and control cell-free lysates of leukaemic mouse l 1210 r and l 1210 s cells. no differences were observed between the respective interferon-treated and control cell-free extracts, except for the presence of an enhanced 67k dalton phosphoprotein fraction in interferon-treated l 1210 s cell-free extracts. in non-responding cell-free lysates, the lack of sti ...1978212514
fluorescent probe studies of normal, persistently infected, rous sarcoma virus-transformed, and trypsinized rat cells. 1978213301
woodrige memorial lecture. the veterinary profession and an intensive poultry industry. 1978213871
relative importance of high and low density lipoproteins in the regulation of cholesterol synthesis in the adrenal gland, ovary, and testis of the rat. 1978214438
[rotavirus gastroenteritides in infants and toddlers]. 1978216499
[influence of "prudent" diet and clofibrate upon apolipoprotein b in hyperlipoproteinemia type iia (author's transl)].if patients with hyperlipoproteinemia type iia are treated with diet and additionally over a period of two weeks with 2 grams of clofibrate daily, the cholesterol-level in the serum decreases. this decrease is caused mainly by a reduction of the apolipoprotein b and the ldl-cholesterol in serum. if elevated cholesterol-levels in the serum are reduced through a "prudent" diet, the concentration of apolipoprotein b in serum remains the same. it is not fully understood which influence a diet, which ...1979216895
the role of testicular adenylate cyclase in the hypogonadism of renal insufficiency. 1978216992
opiate receptors: some anatomical and physiological is possible to localize opiate receptors by light microscopic autoradiography using techniques developed for the autoradiographic localization of small diffusible molecules. the receptors are found in the neuropil of anatomical areas associated with various physiologic functions known to be altered by opiates. in some areas, opiate receptors are associated with the axons of small diameter fibers. many kinds of studies, especially electrophysiologic studies, provide evidence that receptors rev ...1981217293
photoinduced crosslinking of membrane proteins by fluorescein isothiocyanate. 1983217376
obstruction of the abdominal aorta by a primary retroperitoneal angiographically demonstrated case of total occlusion of the abdominal aorta by a malignant retroperitoneal tumor is presented. surgical exploration revealed a diffuse tumor of the retroperitoneum involving the wall and lumen of the abdominal aorta and vena cava, respectively. histologic and ultrastructural evaluation of the tumor established a diagnosis of malignant fibrous histiocytoma. total occlusion of the abdominal aorta thus represents another angiographic finding in retroperitoneal tu ...1979218312
alterations in the expression of the cytomegalovirus-induced cytopathogenic effect in fibroblasts by aflatoxin b1.aflatoxin b1 has been shown both to promote and to alter the expression of the cytopathogenic effect observed when human fibroblasts are challenged with human cytomegalovirus (cmv). although the cells become round, as is the characteristic effect of this virus on fibroblasts, multinucleate cells are seen to arise from cell fusion within 48 h after virus addition.1978218602
phosphatases in the central nervous system of spiders (arachnida, araneae).the central nervous systems of web-building spiders (araneidae, agelenidae) and hunting spiders (lycosidae, salticidae) were tested for non-specific and specific phosphatases. acid phosphatase exhibited weakly to moderately positive reactions in the neuronal cell bodies and in the neuropile fibre mass of all species investigated. alkaline phosphatase could only be demonstrated in the external and internal neural lamellae of the brain and ventral cord of several specimens of the araneid species i ...1985218910
[blood transfusion and viral diseases. recent acquisitions concerning viral hepatitis viruses, cytomegaloviruses and epstein-barr virus].in recent years, an increasingly clear picture has been formed of the virus-induced syndromes that may follow a blood transfusion or the use of blood derivatives. up to about 10 years ago, post-infusion infection was predominantly due to serum hepatitis. blumberg's discovery of hbsag (formerly known as australia antigen) has made it possible to check and prevent viral hepatitis, type b, and to recognise such distinct forms as the mononucleosis-like syndrome caused by cytomegalic virus, infectiou ...1979219399
arteriovenous fistula and portal hypertension secondary to islet-cell tumor of the pancreas.a case of portal hypertension secondary to an arteriovenous fistula in a pancreatic tumor is presented. recurrent gastrointestinal hemorrhage prompted endoscopy which revealed esophageal varices and an abnormal papilla of vater. ultrasonography and arteriography were instrumental in demonstrating the nature of the pathological process. in this situation portal hypertension resulted from increased portal venous flow rather than portal obstruction. correction must include obliteration of systemic ...2003219555
transcription of the marek's disease virus genome in a nonproductive chicken lymphoblastoid cell line. 1979219594
secretory granules of the duodenal enterochromaffin cells of the cat. 1979222959
presynaptic receptor systems on cardiac sympathetic nerves. 2003222983
toxic effects of metals from the environment on hair growth and structure.diffuse alopecia related to ingestion of toxic metals from the environment has been observed in 36 patients. copper, arsenic, mercury and cadmium were involved and the intensity of disturbance of the hair cycle, heralded by presence of dystrophic hairs, was proportional to the amount of toxic material detected in blood and urine. toxicity can be observed in vitro by measuring labeled cells on squash preparations after incorporation of tritiated uridine and thymidine in plucked hairs. the labelin ...1995227944
troponoids. 3. synthesis and antiallergy activity of n-troponyloxamic acid esters.a number of oxamic acid derivatives of tropones and tropolones were synthesized and their antianaphylactic activity was determined in passive paw anaphylaxis (ppa). several of these esters possessed oral activity. a comparison of the effect on the biological activity of the esters and the corresponding acid and its salt is reported. the experiments suggesting a relationship between the activity and the bioavailability of the ester 19 are also described. a study of the fate of ester 19 in serum o ...1979229222
hypoxic sensitizers--implications for radiation therapy. 1996229413
[the possibility of predicting the degree of plasmacyte reaction in response to administration of soluble antigen to mice].the work is devoted to the mathematical description of the accumulation of plasma cells in the spleen of cba mice immunized intraperitoneally. a dependence between the dynamics of the soluble antigen concentration in the blood and the plasmocytic reaction in the spleen was confirmed under experimental conditions. index a was suggested for detection of a change from the antigenic function to the accumulation of plasma cells. the mean values of index a were used to compare the calculated values of ...1975235822
fluorescence quenching of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase and its complexes by para-chloromercuriphenyl sulfonate. 1975235896
aromatic amino acid transport in yersinia pestis.the uptake and concentration of aromatic amino acids by yersinia pestis tjw was investigated using endogenously metabolizing cells. transport activity did not depend on either protein synthesis or exogenously added energy sources such as glucose. aromatic amino acids remained as the free, unaltered amino acid in the pool fraction. phenylalanine and tryptophan transport obeyed michaelis-menten-like kinetics with apparent km values of 6 x 10(-7) to 7.5 x 10(-7) and 2 x 10(-6) m, respectively. tyro ...1975238939
the interaction of calcium and magnesium ions with deoxyribonucleic acid. 1975240314
the role of play in paediatric nursing. 1981243751
protocol: assessment and management of angina pectoris. 1975246158
clinical problems. part 2: evaluating patients with acute chest pain. 1975246159
who is the product of the baccalaureate program? 1974246523
[i nursed jacynthe]. 1974246832
[educational program. evaluation]. 1972247511
[penicillins at a milestone]. 1969250302
an introduction to role theory for nurses. 1968252210
[prevention and therapy of viral hepatitis]. 1979253774
barbara's resuscitation dilemma. 2003254301
practice commission completes its pilot project in quality assurance. 1992257313
the leopard that went to college. 1991257951
[organization of home care services for aged subjects]. 1990258857
looking through the glass darkley. 1988259286
through the eyes of continuing education. the icn. 1988259614
"essentially normal"--a vanishing phenomenon? 1988259638
sucking in the newborn infant during the first hour of life. 1988259639
genetics: the shape of things to come. 1986260179
[professional course for nurse instructors]. 1987260376
legislative bulletin: the thrill of victory--the agony of defeat. 1986260967
presidential address. social changes and student nurses. 1985261352
[research extension in midwifery education (stockholm)]. 1985261495
attitudes to death and dying. 1985261501
[a case of endothoracic goiter]. 1985261941
influence of hyperglycemia on survival after hemorrhagic shock.terms such as "insulin resistance" and "glucose intolerance" applied to shock-induced hyperglycemia suggest that this state may prejudice survival. however, our data indicate that posthemorrhage hyperglycemia improves short-term survival. rabbits, either fed until the experiment or fasted for 24 hours, were shocked by rapid removal of 25% of their blood volume (bv) measured by 131ihsa. during the next 60 minutes, blood pressure (bp) was recorded, and the following variables were measured every 1 ...1978262089
[new method of perfusion in lesions of the flexor tendons of the hand]. 2003262112
[experimental infection of biomphalaria glabrata with schistosoma mansoni in the presence of helisoma duryi]. 1979262314
[efficacy of various culture media in the preservation of yersinia pestis strains]. 1979262317
[brain aging. ultrastructural study of changes in man and laboratory animals].the authors present a study on ultrastructural changes observed in aged human and animal brain. these changes are analyzed and compared with those described in classic optic microscopy and with those observed in experimental models of the same lesions.1979262351
[pathological lability of venous fasting blood sugar regulation in psychotic disease].the lability of peripheral venous postabsorptive blood sugar regulation was investigated in 98 patients suffering from floridly psychotic diseases (45 somatically based psychoses, 27 endogenous/involutional depressions, and 26 schizophrenic psychoses). in total, 259 times, in 30-sec intervals, 10 fasting blood sugar values each were determined (so-called 'anderson curves'). the maximal normal range of 36 mg% of spontaneous blood sugar oscillations in normal probands was exceeded in 17% of depres ...2003262500
lumbar spinal canal stenosis. 2003262526
[overview of the general oncology infrastructure. results of an survey]. 2003262695
the team concept in the management of pain in patients with cancer. 2003262719
[unexpected findings in surgery of the lumbar spine in mono- and multi-radicular syndromes]. 1993262866
"therapeutics symposium: which is the best buy?". "antidepressant". 1994263099
basal and human chorionic gonadotropin-stimulated 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone and testosterone levels in klinefelter's nine patients with klinefelter's syndrome, mean basal plasma levels of testosterone (302 +/- 145 ng/100 ml) and its major precursor, 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (17-ohp; 86 +/- 46 ng/100 ml), were significantly lower (p less than 0.01 to less 0.05) than in eight eugonadal men (605 +/- 180 and 136 +/- 39 ng/100 ml, respectively). the ratio of 17-ohp to testosterone, however, was comparable in both groups (0.29 +/- 0.09 vs. 0.24 +/- 0.08; p less than 0.10). in the klinefelter patients, basal p ...1978263344
studies of the human testis. xi. leydig cell clusters and levels of intratesticular testosterone and 20 alpha-dihydroprogesterone.testosterone concentration in testes of 23 men, ages 51 to 90, was determined as 490 +/- 172 ng/g tissue (m +/- s.d.) and 20 alpha-dihydroprogesterone concentration as 10.0 +/- 2.3 ng/g tissue (m +/- s.d.) in 18 men of the same patient group. leydig cells were estimated by the number of leydig cell clusters per tubule. there was a high correlation (r = 0.88, p less than .001) of the leydig cell index with intratesticular testosterone. it is proposed that the leydig cell cluster index provides a ...1978263345
leukocyte function after aortic valve replacement.leukocyte function was studied in patients with prosthetic heart valves by oxygen consumption measurements during phagocytosis of polystyrene latex particles. the consumption reflects the phagocytotic capacity of the cells. in 38 patients with starr-edwards aortic ball valves the mean oxygen consumption was 3.95 nanoatoms per minute per 10(6) leukocytes, as compared to 4.15 in 50 healthy subjects, the difference not being statistically significant. the number of leukocytes per ml. of blood and t ...1984263395
a simple method of eminoplasty for correction of recurrent dislocation of the mandible.a simple surgical method of eminoplasty has been described that is rapid and has few complications. its value in the treatment of recurrent dislocation of the mandible is now well established. whether the procedure works by providing greater freedom of motion or by limitation is a moot point as the operation is highly successful.1984264267
decline of maternal antibodies to plague in norway rats.the decline of maternal antibodies to the fraciton i antigen of yersinia pestis was investigated in newly weaned rattus norvegicus obtained from dams vaccinated with strain ev76(51f) of y. pestis. iha titre decreased by 50% each 7-3 days and cf titre declined 50% each 10-0 days in young rats. an analysis of available data indicated that maternal iha and cf antibodies could persist to 3 months of age. therefore, positive serologic reactions in young r. norvegicus, detected in the course of serolo ...1977264498
the role of the association in education for the profession. 1983264831
facilitation at neuromuscular junctions: contribution to habituation and dishabituation of the aplysia gill withdrawal reflex.the gill withdrawal reflex of aplysia has been used as a model for studying the neuronal mechanisms of habituation, a behavioral plasticity. we have assessed the contribution of neuromuscular facilitation, an elementary synaptic plasticity, during habituation of the reflex by recording gill muscle potentials, which we show are caused by excitatory junctional potentials. these potentials show systematic frequency-dependent changes in amplitude. the gill withdrawal evoked by central motor neuron f ...1993265569
the rotten apples in dentistry: can peer review cull them out? 1989267593
informed consent considerations. 2003270082
new american dental association specification no. 32 for orthodontic wires not containing precious metals. council on dental materials and devices. 1985271683
[disorders in the position of teeth in patients with cleft palate]. 1982272279
how accessible are physicians? some findings and implications of the changing distribution of general practitioners in three new zealand understanding of the changing distribution of general practitioners within urban areas is considered necessary as a first step towards understanding the problems of developing primary care services. both the distribution of general practitioners and the pattern of change 1966 to 1974 are analysed for three urban centres: auckland, wellington-hutt and christchurch. results indicate that newer suburbs are less well served than either established neighbourhoods or areas of high socio-economic st ...1982272508
ovulation induction with bromocriptine (cb154) in patients with hyperprolactinaemia. 1980273419
lesions resembling caries in unerupted teeth.two cases are presented documenting the recognition and treatment of defects in the coronal portion of unerupted mandibular second permanent molars. the teeth were surgically exposed and the lesions treated as deep pit and fissure caries. small, vital pulp exposures were encountered in both cases. calcium hydroxide was placed and restoration with amalgam followed. normal root formation and eruption occurred for 24 and 6 months, respectively. a firm diagnosis of caries, external resorption, or in ...1981273855
[dental intern; apprentice experience in ceyetano heredia general hospital]. 1977274769
[calcium-activating luminescent protein]. 2003275418
[didactics of failure]. 2003275555
[self-application of fluoride gels by means of an individual tray for patients wearing removable partial dentures]. 2003275568
some examples of anomalous radiosensitizing behaviour of electron-affinic compounds in vitro.studies using v79 379a cells on about 50 nitroaromatic and nitroheterocyclic radisosensitizers have confirmed the relationship between sensitizing efficiency and electron affinity. almost all the compounds studied behaved similarly by sensitizing hypoxic cells to x-irradiation in a dose-modifying manner whilst having no sensitizing effect on oxygenated cells. however, a small number of the radiosensitizers studied exhibited additional or atypical properties. a 4-nitroimidazole ring substituted w ...1964277262
caries-preventive water fluoridation. 1964277295
the cloning of mouse globin and surrounding gene sequences in bacteriophage lambda. 1978277326
satellite dna, h1 histone, and heterochromatin in drosophila virilis. 1964277346
mercury hygiene.dentists have a moral and legal responsibility to protect themselves and their employees from high amounts of mercury vapor in the dental office. time should be taken to train both new and existing office personnel on the nature of the problem, improved housekeeping methods, the importance of reporting problems as they occur and proper clean-up procedures.1964277421
[studies of craniofacial growth with a planimeter]. 1964277431
[ultrastructural modifications of oral epithelium during keratinization]. 1962277764
subunit molecular weight and genetic variability of proteins in natural populations.the relationship between subunit molecular weight and heterozygosity was studied in six different groups of organisms, i.e., 9 species of primates, 32 species of rodents, 56 species of reptiles, 12 species of salamanders, 64 species of teleost fishes, and 29 species of drosophila. the correlation coefficient between them was positive in all groups, and the magnitude of correlation was roughly in agreement with the theoretical expectation under the mutation-drift hypothesis when the incomplete co ...1962277936
[diagnosis and treatment of mid-face fractures from the viewpoint of oral surgery]. 1963278381
[epidemiology of caries in a high school in turin]. 1993280907
intra- and infra-his block. indications for pacemaker treatment. 1993280941
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