structure of the proteolytic fragment f34 of calmodulin in the absence and presence of mastoparan as revealed by solution x-ray scattering.the solution x-ray scattering technique has been applied to examine the conformations of the proteolytic fragment f34 (78asp-148lys) of calmodulin in the absence of both ca2+ and mastoparan, in the presence of ca2+ only, and in the presence of both ca2+ and mastoparan. the radius of gyration and the molecular weight for the f34 fragment increased by 1.1 +/- 0.3 a and 19%, respectively, upon binding of both 2 mol of ca2+/mol to the f34 fragment and mastoparan to form the tertiary complex. a small ...19921457423
analysis of two human monoclonal antibodies against melanoma.b cells derived from peripheral-blood lymphocytes (pbl) and tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (til) from a patient with a high serum antibody titer to autologous melanoma were transformed with epstein-barr virus (ebv) and evaluated for reactivity against autologous tumor. b cells producing antibody reactive with autologous tumor and unreactive with normal fibroblasts were detected both in til and in pbl. one cell line derived from pbl and another derived from til sustained production of tumor-react ...19921459738
identification of surface-exposed yersinia pestis proteins by radio-iodination and biotinylation.when whole cells (stationary phase) of yersinia pestis strain ev76 were radiolabelled with iodogen and 131i, 16 major and 10 minor surface-exposed outer membrane proteins (omps) were identified. labelling with n-hydroxysuccinimidyl 6-biotinylamino-hexanoate (biotin x-nhs) resulted in a complex protein profile detectable after blotting and developing with peroxidase-conjugated avidin. y. pestis cell fractionation revealed that biotin x-nhs labelled not only omps but also proteins of inner cell co ...19921460662
three novel mutations in the liver-type arginase gene in three unrelated japanese patients with argininemia.argininemia is caused by a hereditary deficiency of liver-type arginase (e.c. and is characterized by psychomotor retardation and spastic tetraplegia. we examined findings in three japanese patients with argininemia, by using the pcr, cloning, and sequencing procedures. we found three different mutations--g-to-a-365 in exon 4, g-to-c-703 in exon 7, and c-del-842 in exon 8--thereby leading to mutant arginase proteins of w122x, g235r, and l282fs, respectively. patient 1 was a compound hete ...19921463019
comparative effects of thyroxine and/or retinoic acid treatment in vivo on growth hormone synthesis and release by pituitaries from thyroidectomized rats.thyroid hormones and retinoic acid (ra) coregulate growth hormone (gh) synthesis and release from cultured pituitary tumor cells by interacting with nuclear receptors that activate gh gene transcription. whether these two compounds share overlapping gh regulatory activities in vivo is unclear. therefore we compared the effects of in vivo replacement therapy with thyroxine (t4) and/or retinoic acid (ra) on gh synthesis and release in pituitaries from hypothyroid rats. three weeks after thyroidect ...19921464411
scanning electron microscopy of bacterial biofilms on indwelling bladder catheters.fifty foley bladder catheters that had been indwelling for periods ranging from 3 to 83 days (mean 35 days) were examined for the presence of bacterial biofilm. scanning electron microscopy on freeze-dried cross-sections and fixed, critical point-dried longitudinal sections revealed biofilm formation on the luminal surfaces of 44 of the catheters. culture of urine samples and sonicates from catheters revealed that the prevalence of bacteriuria was less than that of catheter colonization. a wide ...19921468417
re: endoscopic injection of glutaraldehyde cross-linked bovine dermal collagen for correction of vesicoureteral reflux. 19921472245
estimates of hiv infection among injecting drug users in glasgow, use research and surveillance studies in glasgow (scotland, uk) to estimate the number of current injectors infected with hiv, the total number of injectors infected up to the end of 1990 and the recent incidence of infection.19921472341
plague surveillance by serological testing of coyotes (canis latrans) in los angeles county, california.sera from 19 (5.6%) of 338 coyotes (canis latrans) collected in los angeles county, california between 1986 and 1990 had antibodies against yersinia pestis using the passive hemagglutination test. coyotes were excellent sentinels of plague activity in los angeles county. enzootic plague declined dramatically in the county during the 5-yr period.19921474660
is early vascularization of nerve grafts necessary?revascularization and regeneration through vascularized and non-vascularized nerve grafts were compared on optimal and adverse graft beds in 76 rabbit sciatic nerves. a delay in revascularization of more than 14 days was found to occur in 30 mm long, non-vascularized nerve grafts placed on completely avascular graft graft beds. however, over a period of 44 weeks, this prolonged ischaemia did not adversely affect nerve regeneration. the vascularized nerve grafts did not differ significantly with ...19921479247
factors affecting the strength of flexor tendon repair.the effects of different thicknesses and configurations of core sutures were studied in human cadaveric flexor tendon repairs. both straight and cyclic load tests were employed. to exploit the full strength of 4/0 suture material, the kessler repair using four locked single knots would seem to be appropriate.19921479249
sphingomyelinase treatment of low density lipoprotein and cultured cells results in enhanced processing of ldl which can be modulated by sphingomyelin.the addition of neutral sphingomyelinase from s. aureus to the medium of rat intestinal epithelial cell cultures (iec-6) containing added human low density lipoprotein (ldl) resulted in two- to fivefold increases in ldl uptake and degradation. this overall effect was shown to be the combined result of sphingomyelinase activity on the composition of the ldl particle and a separate action directly on the cells when native ldl was incubated with sphingomyelinase from s. aureus followed by removal o ...19921479284
characterization of an anaerobic fungus from llama anaerobic fungus was isolated from llama faeces. based on its morphological characteristics, polyflagellated zoospores, extensive rhizoid system and the formation of monocentric colonies, the fungus is assigned to the genus neocallimastix. neocallimastix sp. l2 is able to grow on several poly-, oligo- and monosaccharides. it differs from other neocallimastix isolates in its inability to ferment inulin. neocallimastix sp. l2 requires co2 for growth. in the presence of 100% co2 in the gas phase ...19921479350
[associations of the soil amoeba hartmannella rhysodes with the bacterial causative agents of plague and pseudotuberculosis in an experiment].some aspects of relationships between soil ameba and the causative agents of plague and pseudotuberculosis, capable of forming natural associations, are considered. ameba can phagocytose bacteria causing plague and pseudotuberculosis. cases of the preservation of individual bacterial cells at the stationary phase and in precysts of amebae have been registered.19921481595
[the phages of halophilic vibrios and their use].the range of the lytic activity of 46 phages of parahemolytic vibrios isolated from lysogenic strains, sea water samples, crabs and mussels has been studied. the phages are represented by virions belonging to morphological groups ii, iv, v according to the phage classification currently used in russia and to different serological groups. no relationship between the sensitivity of vibrio strains to the phages under study and the specificity of serotypes o and k has been established. the preparati ...19921481605
an evaluation of the effect of the anesthetic agent profofol (diprivan) on the outcome of human in vitro fertilization. 19921482846
drug delivery optimization through bayesian networks.this paper describes how bayesian networks can be used in combination with compartmental models to plan recombinant human erythropoietin (r-huepo) delivery in the treatment of anemia of chronic uremic patients. past measurements of hematocrit or hemoglobin concentration in a patient during the therapy can be exploited to adjust the parameters of a compartmental model of the erythropoiesis. this adaptive process allows more accurate patient-specific predictions, and hence a more rational dosage p ...19921482938
professional doc (pdoc): a software environment for authoring and consulting of electronic documentation. interactive diagnosis and therapy: a medical application.professional doc (pdoc) is a software environment for electronic documentation authoring and consulting based on the hypermedia technology. it allows to manage different kinds of information (pictures, sounds, texts, graphics, video) organized according to hyperstructures. the user-friendliness and effectiveness of its man-machine interface, and its availability on the most common hardware platforms makes it a suitable product for a very broad category of users. interactive diagnosis and therapy ...19921483002
twinning and the r/k reproductive strategy: a critique of rushton's theory.the theory of r selection, favoring population growth, as opposed to k selection, favoring more efficient utilization of resources, has in recent years been applied by rushton to contrast human ethnic groups in terms of their r/k reproductive strategies, suggesting the existence of a continuum from r groups, producing many offspring but providing little parental care, to k groups, producing few offspring but providing much parental care. rushton's theory, which is largely based on ethnic differe ...19921488860
in vitro kinetics of 8-methoxypsoralen penetration into human lymphoid cells.extracorporeal photochemotherapy (ecpc) requires ex vivo uva irradiation of blood lymphocytes during the time of the theoretical peak 8-methoxsalen (8-mop) concentration. the aims of this study were to determine the mechanism of cellular uptake of 8-mop, its possible saturation and the time needed to reach maximal concentration (tmax) in lymphoid cells. 8-mop was measured by liquid chromatography in the supernatant of lymphoid cell suspensions incubated with a known amount of 8-mop. the kinetics ...19921489716
comparison of the antipsoriatic efficacy of heliotherapy and ultraviolet b: a cross-over study.ten psoriasis patients who underwent a 4-week heliotherapy period in the canary islands were treated with ultraviolet b (uvb) phototherapy at relapse, 2-24 months later. in both settings, psoriasis improvement was monitored using a psoriasis severity index (psi), and uv exposure was recorded with polysulphone films. in the 8 patients that could be evaluated, a median healing rate of 94% was recorded in the heliotherapy period, with a median cumulative uv dose of 46 erythemal units (eu). in the u ...19921489722
dna adduct measurements and tumor incidence during chronic carcinogen exposure in animal models: implications for dna adduct-based human cancer risk assessment. 19921489923
iec-18, a nontransformed small intestinal cell line for studying epithelial permeability.small intestinal epithelium is leaky and allows permeation of hydrophilic molecules of various sizes. passively absorbed hydrophilic permeability probes have been shown to permeate across intestinal epithelium mainly through the paracellular pathways. in this study we introduce microporous filter-grown iec-18 epithelial cells, a nontransformed small intestinal cell line, as a in vitro model of intestinal epithelium for the study of epithelial permeability. iec-18 cells, originally derived from n ...19921500831
[plasmid composition of yersinia pestis strains from different natural foci].the study of the plasmid composition of 246 y. pestis strains from different natural foci in the ussr and other countries revealed that 173 strains (70%) carried three known plasmids with a molecular weight of about 6, 45-50 and 60 megadaltons (md) respectively. in 20 strains (8%) obtained from different sources additional cryptic plasmids were detected. in some cases the absence of one or two typical plasmids was observed. replicon ppst was shown to have quite constant molecular weight (6 md), ...19921509839
serologic survey for selected arboviruses and other potential pathogens in wildlife from mexico.during 1988 and 1989, a serologic survey of wildlife was conducted in northeastern mexico to determine the presence, prevalence, and distribution of arboviruses and other selected disease agents. eighty mammal specimens were tested. antibodies to vesicular stomatitis-indiana, venezuelan equine encephalitis-mena ii, rio grande virus, and vesicular stomatitis-new jersey were detected predominantly in small mammals. deer and mouflon (ovis musimon) had antibodies to bluetongue and epizootic hemorrha ...19921512876
a convenient synthesis of n-succinimidyl-3-iodo-[125i]benzoate, a reagent for protein iodination.a convenient procedure has been developed for the synthesis of n-succinimidyl-3-iodo-[125i]benzoate. the procedure involved the synthesis of chloromercuribenzoic acid, its esterification with n-hydroxysuccinimide (nhs) and exchanging the mercury moiety with radioactive iodine in the presence of an oxidant. the obtained product was attached to human serum albumin and its stability was compared with chloramine-t (ch-t) radioiodinated protein. the results indicated that the reagent-radiolabeled pro ...19921522025
the influence of the stomach on crop function and feeding behavior in domestic turkeys.we tested the hypotheses that motility of the crop and muscular stomach are coordinated and that the stomach exerts primary control over crop filling and emptying in domestic turkeys. simultaneous recordings of motility of the crop, esophagus, and stomach with implanted strain gauge transducers and visual observations of food passage using image intensification radiography revealed an inverse relationship between the frequency of stomach and crop contractions. artificially filling the stomach of ...19921523251
adhesive properties conferred by the plasminogen activator of yersinia pestis.a genomic library of yersinia pestis ev76c created in a cosmid vector was screened for clones capable of binding type iv collagen. an unexpectedly high number of such clones was observed. one recombinant plasmid was selected for further study, and the locus controlling collagen binding was mapped by subcloning, transposon mutagenesis and exonuclease digestion. the outer-membrane protein profiles of transposon insertion mutants were correlated with phenotype to implicate a 36 kda polypeptide in t ...19921527508
[thymidine phosphorylase activity and its relationship to trimethoprim in initial strains and thymidine-, thymine-dependent and trimethoprim-resistant mutants of plague microbe].the comparative study revealed thymidine phosphorylase activity in the initial strains of a plague microbe of the field variety and in thymidine-, thymine-dependent and trimethoprim-resistant mutants of the plague microbe of other varieties. the data fully conformed to the results of the microbiological investigation of the strains' ability to grow on the nutrient media with trimethoprim in the presence of thymine and thymidine. on the basis of these results it appeared possible to divide the in ...19921530352
polymorphism in the rd (d6s45) gene.the rd (d6s45) gene in the class iii region of the hla major histocompatibility complex encodes a protein normally containing 24 consecutive basic-acidic dipeptide repeats. we determined the frequency of variations in the number of repeats by use of the polymerase chain reaction. of 107 subjects 7 (3.3%) carried genes encoding 22 or 23 repeats. there was no difference in the frequency of such polymorphisms between normal individuals and those with systemic lupus erythematosus, a disease associat ...19921534063
whole cell patch clamping of ciliary epithelial cells during anisosmotic swelling.anisosmotic cell swelling triggers a regulatory volume decrease (rvd) in cell lines derived from human nonpigmented ciliary epithelium. measurements of cell volume have indicated that the rvd reflects activation of k+ and/or cl- channels. we have begun to characterize the putative channels by whole cell patch clamping. the results obtained by altering the external k+ and cl- concentrations and by adding 20-50 microm quinidine or 1 mm ba2+ indicate that k+ conductances contribute substantially an ...19921539636
degradation of 2,4-dinitrotoluene by the lignin-degrading fungus phanerochaete chrysosporium.under ligninolytic conditions, the white rot basidiomycete phanerochaete chrysosporium mineralizes 2,4-dinitrotoluene (i). the pathway for the degradation of i was elucidated by the characterization of fungal metabolites and oxidation products generated by lignin peroxidase (lip), manganese peroxidase (mnp), and crude intracellular cell extracts. the multistep pathway involves the initial reduction of i to yield 2-amino-4-nitrotoluene (ii). ii is oxidized by mnp to yield 4-nitro-1,2-benzoquinone ...19921539977
immune complexes in ankylosing spondylitis.immune complexes have been reported in ankylosing spondylitis (as) and may implicate infectious agents. serum samples from 49 patients with as were assayed for immune complexes by polyethylene glycol precipitation, followed by radial immunodiffusion and pepsinogen binding immunoassay. both methods showed increases in iga containing immune complexes, which correlated with serum iga and with iga rheumatoid factor concentrations, but did not show increases in other immune complex components. increa ...19921540045
effects of cardioplegic solutions and their components on human saphenous vein contractility.cardioplegic solution administration into the vein graft is an established method to ensure cardioplegic distribution beyond coronary artery stenoses. the ultrastructural demonstration of severe endothelial damage after cardioplegic exposure suggests that intravenous cardioplegic administration can contribute to early and late graft thrombosis. the direct effect on human saphenous vein contractility of three cardioplegic solutions and their components was compared. a solution with 30 mmol/l k+ a ...19921540064
bubonic plague.a 19-year-old man, recently returned from a 10-day military exercise in central california, had acute onset of shaking chills, headache, and bilateral inguinal adenopathy after having been bitten by insects on his lower extremities. he had exquisitely tender inguinal and femoral nodes bilaterally. needle aspirate from an inguinal node grew yersinia pestis. the patient was treated with streptomycin and chloramphenicol and did well.19921546359
a new gene of the f1 operon of y. pestis involved in the capsule biogenesis.the dna sequence determination of the f1 operon between the genes encoding the f1 subunit (caf1) and chaperone-like protein (caf1m) revealed a large open reading frame that codes for a polypeptide similar to some e. coli proteins involved in the biogenesis of fimbria. the deletion and in trans complementation analyses showed that this gene is not necessary for extracellular transport of the f1 subunit but plays a role in the capsule assembly.19921551441
determination of genome size, macrorestriction pattern polymorphism, and nonpigmentation-specific deletion in yersinia pestis by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis.of 16 restriction endonucleases known to hydrolyze rare 6- or 8-base recognition sequences that were tested, only spei, noti, asci, and sfii generated fragments of chromosomal dna from yersinia pestis, the causative agent of bubonic plague, of sufficient length to permit physical analysis by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). of the individual bands detected after single-dimensional pfge of these digests, the largest sum was obtained with spei (3,575.6 +/- 114.6 kb). of these 41 bands, 3 w ...19921551830
synthesis of 5-methylaminomethyl-2-selenouridine in trnas: 31p nmr studies show the labile selenium donor synthesized by the seld gene product contains selenium bonded to enzyme preparation from salmonella typhimurium catalyzes the conversion of 5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridine in trnas to 5-methylaminomethyl-2-selenouridine when supplemented with selenide and atp. similar preparations from a salmonella mutant strain carrying a defective seld gene fail to catalyze this selenium substitution reaction. however, supplementation of the deficient enzyme preparation with the purified seld gene product (seld protein) restored synthesis of seleno-trnas. in the absenc ...19921557403
the effect of light on oxygen-induced vasoproliferative retinopathy in newborn kittens.the effect of bright fluorescent light (115 fc) on oxygen-induced retinopathy in newborn kittens was compared with that of complete darkness and cyclic illumination of 12 hr of bright light (115 fc) and 12 hr of complete darkness. no significant difference was found in the extent of preretinal vasoproliferation and retinal ultrastructural findings among the three groups of kittens reared in different levels of illumination and a control group raised in a standard laboratory illumination level of ...19921559758
polycystic kidney disease: ii. diagnosis and management.ongoing research will no doubt change the way we diagnose and manage cystic kidney diseases in the not-too-distant future (probably before the turn of the century). the immediate clinical benefits are the more modest: genetic tests have not replaced imaging techniques for the diagnosis of adpkd, and clinical management of all cystic kidney diseases is still largely empiric.19921560079
polycystic kidney disease: ii. diagnosis and management.ongoing research will no doubt change the way we diagnose and manage cystic kidney diseases in the not-too-distant future (probably before the turn of the century). the immediate clinical benefits are the more modest: genetic tests have not replaced imaging techniques for the diagnosis of adpkd, and clinical management of all cystic kidney diseases is still largely empiric.19921560079
pulsatile growth hormone secretion during the breeding season in male reindeer and its association with hypophagia and weight loss.male deer reduce food intake and lose weight during the breeding season (rut) in autumn. growth hormone (gh) is lipolytic in ruminants; therefore, pulsatile gh secretion was measured in three young reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus) bulls during the natural period of weight loss during rut. blood samples were withdrawn through a jugular cannula every 20 min for 16 hr on 5 occasions from late summer to early winter in unanaesthetised animals. the deer were group fed a pelleted concentrate rati ...19921563616
in situ observation of inflammatory cell-tumor cell interaction in human seminomas (germinomas): light, electron microscopic, and immunohistochemical study.the precise functional significance of the inflammatory cells that infiltrate seminomas remains poorly understood. the present study analyzed 15 cases of testicular and extragonadal seminomas (germinomas) by light and electron microscopy, as well as by immunohistochemical methods, with emphasis on the inflammatory cell-tumor cell interaction. ultrastructurally, in all 15 cases the lymphocytes (mainly consisting of small lymphocytes) were found to be in intimate contact with the intact tumor cell ...19921563744
coherence of frequency modulation is encoded by cochlear-generated distortion.nonlinearities of the peripheral auditory system generate distortion products which present to the central auditory system as apparent acoustic stimuli. the frequency and amplitude of distortion products reflect the frequency, phase and amplitude relationship of the components of a complex stimulus. when the stimulus consists of harmonically-related primaries, the amplitudes of the major distortion products are a function of the relative phase of the presented (primary) tones. we have previously ...19921568943
induction of primary antiphospholipid syndrome in mice by immunization with a human monoclonal anticardiolipin antibody (h-3).antiphospholipid syndrome (apls) is characterized by thrombocytopenia, thromboembolic phenomena, and recurrent fetal loss, associated with anticardiolipin antibodies (aca) and/or lupus anticoagulant. the syndrome may be primary or may be associated with other conditions such as systemic lupus erythematosus. we have previously shown the ability to induce apls in naive mice following passive transfer of serum and monoclonal acas. similarly we generated the secondary apls in balb/c mice following i ...19921569194
[abdominal pregnancy. six personal cases].this study consists of six accurately diagnosed and treated cases of abdominal pregnancy over a 16-year period (1974-1989) in the obstetrics and gynecology department of cukurova university medical faculty in adana. in this study the incidence of abdominal pregnancy we found was 1 per 4,017 births. in two cases whose pregnancies continued until term, living babies were delivered. the separation of placenta was easy in four cases. however in the other two cases, the management of placenta detachm ...19921570458
[the ionized calcium in the blood of domestic chickens: dependence on age and sex].in the present study concentration of ionized calcium and the correlation between total and ionized calcium in blood of domestic fowl and its dependence on age and sex were investigated. furthermore a possible influence of blood sampling procedure on the measured values was assessed. leghorn chickens of either sex, aged 3, 9, 25, and 80 weeks, respectively, were used. blood sampling was performed by vein-puncture and indwelling catheters, respectively, of both ulnaris vein and artery of animals ...19921590033
[bone segment transport in femoral defects. animal experiment study].the aim of our experimental study was to realize the ilizarov concept using a reamed intramedullary interlocking nail with an internal transport system. in 8 mature dogs a bone defect of 3 cm was performed at the femur. a distally osteotomized bone fragment (length 3.5 cm) was lowered through the bone defect. 4 times we had to exclude the animal from the evaluation. in this case the interlocking nails were broken within 6 weeks. in 3 dogs a regeneration of bone was found in the defect. in 6 dogs ...19921592641
metabolism of the aminoterminal propeptide of type iii procollagen in cultures of human proximal tubular cells.degradation of the intact form of the aminoterminal propeptide of type iii procollagen (piiinp) has been established in the liver, whereas the col 1 domain of piiinp is extracted by the kidneys. we used native human piiinp and col 1 domain of piiinp to investigate the degradation of piiinp in cultures of human proximal tubular cells. normal renal tissue was obtained from the healthy part of kidneys surgically removed and from biopsies from a total of 10 patients. the degradation was characterize ...19921594884
the pathology of phocine distemper.the gross and microscopic pathology of phocine distemper is described. the most striking features were pulmonary congestion and emphysema associated with proliferation of type ii pneumocytes, often forming syncytia. secondary bacterial infection was common and associated with marked atrophy of lymphoid tissues and degenerative changes in the mucosa of the airways.19921594927
the no-reflow phenomenon is a post-mortem reperfusion impairment, ("no-reflow phenomenon"), was studied in rats subjected to 8-30 minutes of global brain ischemia. during ischemia, rapid and complete loss of cerebral blood flow, eeg and 31p-high energy phosphates (atp/pcr) was observed. brain intravascular perfusion defects were examined by injecting carbon black intravenously in a group of rats with stable cardiopulmonary function and in another group subjected to rapid thoracotomy and intraarterial infusion of the carbon ...19921595393
ischemic expansion during acute myocardial infarction and reversal by coronary reperfusion.previous studies have shown that infarct expansion occurs at least 1 day after a large transmural infarction. to assess whether regional left ventricular expansion is evident within hours of an acute myocardial infarction, 25 adult mongrel dogs underwent left circumflex coronary artery occlusion for 2 hours and 22 of these were subsequently reperfused. two-dimensional echocardiography was used to record left ventricular topography and function at baseline, at 2 hours of occlusion, and following ...19921595524
[adenylate cyclase. a possible factor in the pathogenicity of yersinia pestis].biological effect of homogenous preparation of y. pestis adenylate cyclase on eucaryotic cells was studied. adenylate cyclase, added (7.5 x 10(8) g/ml) to guinea pig macrophages lowers the level of chemiluminescence to 50-70%, has an appreciable cytotoxic effect on peritoneal macrophages and suppresses phosphorylation processes of leucocyte proteins from white mice. the experimental results obtained allow to suggest y. pestis adenylate cyclase to be a pathogenic factor, contributing to the devel ...19921596952
[experimental paratuberculosis in sheep after intravenous or oral inoculation: pathogenicity and biologic diagnosis].an experimental paratuberculosis study was performed in sheep. one group of 6 lambs was inoculated intravenously with the equivalent of 50 mg (wet weight) of live bacilli, another group of 6 lambs was inoculated orally by placing 500 mg (wet weight) of live organisms in milk feed and a group of 3 lambs was used as controls. the degree of cellular immunity was followed by examining delayed hypersensitivity using 3 allergens (bovine tuberculin ppd, avian tuberculin ppd and johnine ppd) and that of ...19921610074
glycosaminoglycan patterns in gingival proteoglycans of rat with age.among the potential biochemical indices that are closely associated with craniofacial development are the proteoglycans. gingival segments from the palate of 4-, 6-, 8-, 12- and 18-week-old rats were incubated for 4 h in medium containing [3h]-glucosamine and [35s]-na2so4, and subjected to proteoglycan isolation and glycosaminoglycan analysis. two distinct proteoglycan fractions differing in the degree of sulphation were obtained by ion-exchange chromatography. the incorporation of both labels i ...19921610301
[regulatory properties of the rat heart adenylate cyclase in the course of toxic-infective shock caused by yersinia pestis].influence of intravenously administered to rats murine toxin of y. pestis in the dose of i mg/ml (ld100) on the regulatory properties of heart plasma membranes adenylate cyclase (ac) has been studied during the intoxication. it has been shown that basal, fluoride,- and 5-guanylyl imidodiphosphate-stimulated ac activity remained unchanged during the intoxication. stimulation of ac by isoproterenol, glucagon and histamine did not change during the first two hours and significantly decreased after ...19921611068
the difference in the lcrv sequences between y. pestis and y. pseudotuberculosis and its application for characterization of y. pseudotuberculosis strains.we have sequenced the lcrgvh operon from y. pseudotuberculosis plasmid pyv995 and compared its sequence with that of y. pestis. the sequences were highly homological, however, six base pair substitutions were found in one short 14 bp region termed variable sequence. two oligonucleotides corresponding to variable sequence of y. pestis (pes-v) or y. pseudotuberculosis (ptb-v) were synthesized and were used as molecular probes in hybridization experiments with sets of y. pestis and y. pseudotubercu ...19921614327
analysis of yersinia pestis chromosomal determinants pgm+ and psts associated with virulence.the ability to absorb exogenous pigments (pgm+) has, until now, been considered an established virulence factor of yersinia pestis, the causative agent of plague. this property correlates with the sensitivity to the bacteriocin pesticin (psts). both functions are chromosomally encoded. in the present study, using hfr donors and isogenic pgm-psts and pgm-pstr mutants, these functions were shown to be determined by discrete but closely linked genes. these markers designated pgm and psn, respective ...19921614328
syphilis and human immunodeficiency virus infection. 19921615239
adipsin and an endogenous pathway of complement from adipose cells.the alternative complement pathway is best known for its role in humoral suppression of infectious agents. we have previously shown that adipose cells synthesize adipsin, the mouse homolog of human complement factor d, and that the synthesis of this protein is reduced in several rodent models of obesity. we show here that adipose cells and adipose tissue also synthesize two other essential components of the alternative pathway of complement, factors c3 and b, and activate the proximal portion of ...19921618777
reaction of macrophage disappearance as a method for the evaluation of cellular immunity in experimental plague.the reaction of macrophage disappearance (rmd) was found to develop one day after the immunization of experimental animals with the antigen fia of y. pestis and to persist for 21 days, correlating with a pronounced protective effect of the above antigen over this period. there were differences between white mice and guinea pigs in the intensity of the rmd, particularly when immunization was carried out using an fia preparation without prolonged action. these differences are thought to reflect va ...19921619289
temperature sensing in yersinia pestis: regulation of yope transcription by escherichia coli, a yope::lacz fusion was found to be regulated by temperature in the presence of the cloned bamhi g fragment of yersinia pestis plasmid pcd1, which contains the lcrf locus. increasing the copy number of lcrf relative to that of the yope reporter had a negligible effect on the induction ratio (26 versus 37 degrees c) but caused large reductions in the absolute levels of yope transcription. we localized the lcrf gene by monitoring the induction phenotype of bamhi g deletion der ...19921624422
structure and regulation of the yersinia pestis yscbcdef operon.we have investigated the physical and genetic structure and regulation of the yersinia pestis yscbcdef region, previously called lcrc. dna sequence analysis showed that this region is homologous to the corresponding part of the ysc locus of yersinia enterocolitica and suggested that the yscbcdef cistrons belong to a single operon on the low-calcium response virulence plasmid pcd1. promoter activity measurements of ysc subclones indicated that yscbcdef constitutes a suboperon of the larger ysc re ...19921624469
[photodynamically induced vitreous liquefaction in vivo].photodynamically induced vitreous liquefaction in rabbit eye was investigated. photosensitizer, riboflavine phosphate, was injected into the vitreous cavity of the rabbit before white-light irradiation. after the irradiation (0, 1, 3, 6 hr) the rabbit vitreous body was separated into gel and liquid portions. the liquid vitreous body was weighed, and the vitreous liquefaction percentage was calculated. one hour irradiation caused 38% of liquefaction of the eye; 3 hr, 50% liquefaction; 6 hr, 59% l ...19921626474
caf1r gene and its role in the regulation of capsule formation of y. pestis.a new transcription unit of the f1 gene cluster was found. the dna sequencing revealed one long open reading frame. deletion and frame shift mutation analyses have demonstrated the importance of a corresponding gene product for the f1 antigen biosynthesis. a homology of the deduced amino acid sequence with that of arac family dna-binding regulators was shown. a potential regulatory dna region is discussed.19921633857
acetazolamide-like carbonic anhydrase inhibitors with topical ocular hypotensive carbonic anhydrase (ec inhibitors were synthesized as potential drugs for the topical treatment of glaucoma. they were obtained by substituting the acetyl group of acetazolamide and methazolamide with bicarboxylic acids of different chain length (c4-c6). the terminal carboxyl was either kept free or esterified with alcohols of different size (c1-c12). a gamma-aminovaleric derivative was also prepared. all compounds proved active as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors in vitro, with an ave ...19921635066
production of neutrophil-specific lipid chemoattractant activity by cultured endothelial cells: heterogeneity dependent on species, ligand, or endothelial cell site of origin.previous studies have demonstrated that the interaction of cultured bovine aortic and pulmonary arterial endothelial cells and the proinflammatory vasoactive amines histamine, serotonin, and angiotensin ii, causes production of three novel lipid neutrophil-specific chemoattractants that are distinct from other phospholipid or lipid neutrophil chemoattractants. in this study, we investigated the species and site specificity of this inflammatory response by incubating human aortic and pulmonary ar ...19921636173
[the effect of the functional electrostimulation of rat fast and slow muscles on the structural state of actin in the thin filaments of a ghost muscle fiber].the effect of electrostimulation of fast (edl) and slow (sol) rat muscles on the orientation and mobility of fluorescent probes rhodamine-phalloidine and 1.5-iaedans (n-iodoacetyl-n'-(5-sulpho-1-naphtyl)-ethylenediamine), located in various parts of actin molecule, has been studied by polarized microfluorimetry techniques. muscles were stimulated at 20 hz with the pulse width of 0.3 msec, some muscles were treated for 6 h during the first day, the other muscles for 6 h a day during the next 4 da ...19921636214
[eye infections--a red eye can indicate infection]. 19921636299
phospholipid metabolism in rat intestinal mucosa after oral administration of lysophospholipids.the present results indicate that ps, a phospholipid contained in small amounts in the human diet and not included in plasma lipoproteins, may be used to influence phospholipid metabolism in intestinal mucosal cells. since ps influx into absorptive cells occurs after its hydrolysis to lysops, this metabolite may be used to increase the absorption of this phospholipid. these data show that lysops, after diffusion into intestinal cells, is sequentially converted into ps and pe (which make up a min ...19921636493
mxia of shigella flexneri 2a, which facilitates export of invasion plasmid antigens, encodes a homolog of the low-calcium-response protein, lcrd, of yersinia pestis.the plasmid-encoded invasion plasmid antigen (ipa) export accessory locus of shigella flexneri 2a, mxia, was cloned, and the complete dna sequence of the gene was determined. the mixa open reading frame was found to encode a polypeptide of 74.03 kda with a pi of 5.02. a hydropathy analysis of the predicted protein revealed a hydrophilic c terminus and an extremely hydrophobic n terminus without a cleavable signal sequence but with several potential membrane-spanning regions. while a homology sea ...19921639496
characterization of a hemin-storage locus of yersinia pestis.the pigmentation phenotype (pgm+) of yersinia pestis refers to temperature-dependent storage of hemin as well as expression of a number of other physiological characteristics. spontaneous mutation to a pgm- phenotype occurs via a large chromosomal deletion event and results in the inability to express the pgm+ characteristics. in this study, we have used transposon insertion mutants to define two regions of a hemin-storage (hms) locus. a clone (phms1) encompassing this locus reinstates expressio ...19911649616
[the effect of dispersed silicon dioxide--aerosil a-300--on the growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae yeasts].high-dispersed silicon dioxide--aerosil a-300 has been studied for its effect on the growth of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae. it is shown that at heterophase cultivation of these microorganisms under periodical conditions introduction of aerosil a-300 induces a decrease of the lag phase duration and an increase of the maximum specific growth rate and economic coefficient of the carbon substrate utilization. this high-dispersed material has exerted the similar effect under the conditions of chem ...19911650424
[use of ferromagnetic rheological suspensions in the treatment of non-formed intestinal fistulas].data on treatment of 42 patients with nonformed intestinal fistulas with the help of ferromagnetic rheological suspensions are presented. the authors have shown that their method tested under experimental conditions is close to universal since it does not require selection of the individual obturator. the use of the method is not possible in patients with one or multiple abscesses of the abdominal cavity, through which the formed fistula passes.19911652828
[increase of alpha 1-adrenoreactivity of the rat heart in adaptation to periodic hypoxia].there is a possibility that the cardioprotective effect of adaptation to intermittent hypoxia is due to changes in receptors apparatus of the heart. in this connection the effect of preliminary adaptation to intermittent hypoxia (4 hours per day at the altitude of 4000 m during 40 days) on the state of beta-receptors-adenylate-cyclase system and same other receptors of the heart were studied. it was shown that at the end of the course of adaptation the number of beta-adrenoceptors in the heart w ...19911654160
pulse field electrophoresis of the chromosome of the pathogenic yersiniae. 19911657518
interaction of yersinia pestis with mouse peritoneal macrophages in vitro. 19911657519
lcrd, a membrane-bound regulator of the yersinia pestis low-calcium response.yersinia pestis, the etiologic agent of bubonic plague, contains a 75-kb virulence plasmid, called pcd1 in y. pestis kim. the low-ca(2+)-response genes of y. pestis regulate both bacterial growth and the expression of pcd1-encoded virulence determinants in response to temperature and the presence of ca2+ or nucleotides. this study characterizes the nucleotide sequence and protein product of the lcrd locus. an lcrd mutant, in contrast to the parent y. pestis, did not undergo growth restriction or ...19911657887
[the significance of pesticin 1 for the virulence and immunogenicity of yersinia pestis].the work deals with the study of the virulent and immunogenic properties of y. pestis strains which lost their capacity for producing pesticine 1 as the result of the insertion of a tn-like element into the 6-md plasmid responsible for this property. the "switching-off" of gene pst induced a decrease in the virulence of y. pestis injected subcutaneously into white mice and guinea pigs and had no influence on its level of immunogenicity for white mice. a suggestion was made that pesticine 1 playe ...19911659072
[chromosomal resistance of plague agent to quinolones].the nature of increasing chromosomal resistance to quinolones was studied in a model of the plague microbe. five virulent strains of the natural plague microbe (y. pestis) were used in the experiment: 363 (1/1479), 231, 2385, 2442 and 2444. the one-stage procedure for isolation of the mutants was applied. it was shown that the frequency of the one-stage mutants resistant to oxalinic acid, pefloxacin and ciprofloxacin amounted to 10(-9)-10(-11) and was 2 to 3 orders of magnitude lower than that o ...19911661573
expression of the envelope antigen f1 of yersinia pestis is mediated by the product of caf1m gene having homology with the chaperone protein papd of escherichia coli.the effective synthesis of the envelope antigen f1 of y. pestis in e. coli hb101 is mediated by the expression of the caf1m gene. this gene was sequenced, and the protein encoded was found to have a significant homology with the chaperone protein papd of uropathogenic e. coli. the data presented allow one to suppose caf1m and papd proteins perform similar functions in the biogenesis of the y. pestis capsule and e. coli p-pili, respectively.19911677900
high levels of granulocyte and granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factors in cord blood of normal full-term neonates.because several human hematopoietic growth factors have been identified and shown to be effective for treatment of congenital or iatrogenic neutropenias, and cord blood contains stimulatory activities for blood-forming cells, we postulated that identification of these factors and analysis of their regulatory role in normal neonates would provide a rationale for their use in treating neonatal infections associated with neutropenia. we studied the plasma levels of granulocyte and granulocyte-macro ...19901690796
effects of histidine residues on adsorption equilibrium of peptide antibodies.histidine and arginine residues in a peptide, which represent residues 112-121 of myoglobin, were replaced by alanine, and antibodies for these peptides were raised in rabbits. adsorption equilibria between these peptides and antibodies were measured to identify the essential amino acid residues for specific binding and their effects on adsorption behavior. protonation of one histidine residue affected strongly the dependence of adsorption equilibrium on ph, and the adsorption capacities of the ...19901694211
effects of substance p on [ca2+]i and force in intact guinea pig ileal smooth intact sheets of the guinea pig ileal longitudinal muscle, loaded with fura-2, both substance p (sp)- and k(+)-induced contractile responses are preceded by cytoplasmic free ca2+ ([ca2+]i) variations. in response to sp (10(-10)-10(-7) m), [ca2+]i and force increased concentration dependently. from 10(-9) m on, the response was biphasic: an initial ca2+ spike and force transient were followed by a tonic component. the [ca2+]i and force vs. log [sp] curves were sigmoidal for the initial phasic ...19901695485
lcrr, a low-ca2(+)-response locus with dual ca2(+)-dependent functions in yersinia pestis.the low-ca2+ response (lcr) of yersinia includes a regulatory cascade and a set of virulence-related proteins, one of which is the v antigen. the regulatory genes modulate both bacterial growth and expression of the virulence-related proteins in response to temperature and the presence of ca2+ and nucleotides. in this study we defined a new lcr locus, lcrr, in yersinia pestis kim. an lcrr mutant, obtained by insertion mutagenesis, failed to grow at 37 degrees c whether ca2+ was present or not. h ...19901695896
[cytopathogenic properties of yersinia pestis strains in an l-41 cell culture].l-41 cell monolayer grown in cultural microplates was infected with y. pestis strains of different virulence. the results evidenced a direct relationship between the strains' virulence for white mice and their ability to multiply in cellular system and to show cytopathogenic effect.19901695978
developmental cycle-specific host-free rna synthesis in chlamydia spp.the incorporation of radiolabeled gtp into rna in host-free chlamydia trachomatis serovar l2 organisms was investigated. the incorporation was partially inhibited by rifampin and dactinomycin and hydrolyzed by rnase. rna made by host-free chlamydiae consisted mainly of species of fewer than 800 bases in size, although 16s and 23s species were noted by agarose-gel electrophoresis. the hybridization of radiolabeled host-free rna to restriction fragments of the gene encoding the major outer membran ...19901698176
immunoaccessible peptide sequences of the major outer membrane protein from chlamydia trachomatis serovar c.the antigenicity of the major outer membrane protein of chlamydia trachomatis serovar c was assessed by using overlapping hexapeptide homologs of serovar c major outer membrane protein and rabbit antisera in a peptide enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. five immunogenic sites were found distributed within variable sequences of the protein: four were immunodominant and three were surface exposed on native elementary bodies of serovar c. none was surface exposed on serovars h, i, and j.19901698181
heterogeneity of distribution pattern at the electron microscopic level of heparan sulfate in various basement membranes.using the high-iron diamine thiocarbohydrazide silver proteinate (hid-tch-sp) staining technique and enzymatic digestion, we investigated the ultrastructural distribution pattern of heparan sulfate side chains of heparan sulfate proteoglycan (hspg) in various basement membranes (nerve, capillary, oral epithelial, muscle, and dental basement membranes). four different distribution patterns of stain deposits were identified as heparan sulfate on the basis of enzymatic degradation by heparitinase. ...19901698204
periodic gammaglobulin to prevent hepatitis c in at-risk sexual partners. 19901698238
[primary structure of the 5'-region of yersinia pestis 16s rrna].the sequence of 5'-region (16-296 n.) of 16s rrna of plague agent (yersinia pestis) was determined after sequencing of cloned cdna fragments complementary to this region. when compared to the same region of 16s rrna of escherichia coli and proteus vulgaris this region revealed 91.8% and 87.2% of homology, respectively. the sequences specific for y. pestis 16s rrna were localized and their secondary structure position was discussed.19901698255
antibodies from patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and drug-induced lupus bind determinants on histone 5 (h5).the antigenic domains of histone 5 (h5), a highly conserved variant of histone 1 (h1), were studied in relation to their reactivity with autoantibodies found in the sera of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) and drug-induced lupus (dil). while some h5 antibodies cross-react with h1, adsorption and immunoblotting studies have identified h5-specific antibodies as well. after proteolytic cleavage of h5 peptides, the reactivity of sera from these patients was tested by western immunobl ...19901698256
conduction velocity distribution of afferent fibers innervating the rat urinary bladder.the conduction velocities of individual afferent fibers innervating the rat urinary bladder were determined by the antidromic stimulation of dorsal roots while recording from bladder postganglionic nerves. conduction velocities ranged from 0.5 to 21.0 m/s; 70% of the velocities were less than 2.5 m/s. the distribution within the dorsal roots was ipsilateral with 84% in l6 and 16% in s1. neuroanatomical tracing with horseradish peroxidase applied to individual bladder postganglionic nerves result ...19901698508
projection subtypes of rat neostriatal matrix cells revealed by intracellular injection of biocytin.individual neostriatal-matrix spiny neurons were stained intracellularly with biocytin after intracellular recording in vivo, and their axons were traced into the globus pallidus (gp), entopeduncular nucleus (ep), and/or substantia nigra (sn). the locations of the neurons within the matrix compartment of the neostriatum (ns) were established by immunocytochemical counterstaining of sections containing the cell bodies using antibodies for calbindin-d28k. this allowed nearly complete visualization ...19901698947
nucleotide sequence of the yersinia pestis gene encoding f1 antigen and the primary structure of the protein. putative t and b cell epitopes.the plasmid-located gene caf1 encoding the capsular antigen fraction 1 (f1) of yersinia pestis was cloned and sequenced. the gene codes for a 170 amino acid peptide with a deduced mr of 17.6 kda. the signal peptide sequence was highly homologous to the e. coli consensus signal sequence. the f1 was assumed to have beta-sheet structure for the most part. the region located between amino acids 100 and 150 was suggested to contain putative antigenic determinants and to stimulate t cells.19901702734
analysis of the v antigen lcrgvh-yopbd operon of yersinia pseudotuberculosis: evidence for a regulatory role of lcrh and lcrv.virulent yersinia species possess a common plasmid that encodes essential virulence determinants (yops) which are regulated by the extracellular stimuli ca2+ and temperature. the v antigen operon was recently shown to be involved in the ca2(+)-regulated negative pathway (a. forsberg and h. wolf-watz, mol. microbiol. 2:121-133, 1988). we show here that the v antigen-containing operon of yersinia pseudotuberculosis is a polycistronic operon having the gene order lcrgvh-yopbd. dna sequencing analys ...19911705541
cloning and sequence analysis of a plasmid-encoded chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene from staphylococcus intermedius.the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene (cat) of a 3.9 kb chloramphenicol resistance (cmr) plasmid from staphylococcus intermedius, designated pscs1, was cloned into an escherichia coli plasmid vector. sequence analysis revealed a high degree of base similarity with the cat gene of the s. aureus cmr plasmid pc221 but there were several differences in the regulatory region. a lesser degree of similarity was observed between the cat gene of the s. intermedius plasmid and the cat gene of the s. ...19911713259
surface-exposed antigenic determinants in outer membranes of wild yersinia pestis isolates.immunogenic surface exposed envelope proteins of yersinia pestis strains were investigated with sds-page and immunoblots with antisera of immunized guinea pigs and convalescent patients. the sarkosyl-insoluble outer membrane proteins (omps) of three human isolates and one laboratory strain of y. pestis grown in different rich media to exponential or stationary phase, and cultivated at 28 degrees c or 37 degrees c, were assayed for the presence of immunogenic peptides. seven guinea-pig sera immun ...19911724154
pneumonia. patient profiles, choice of empiric therapy, and the place of third-generation cephalosporins.choosing appropriate antimicrobial therapy for patients with pneumonia requires knowledge of the etiologic agents seen in specific kinds of patients at specific times and places. for community-acquired pneumonia, there is an important difference in the agents seen in the normal and the compromised host. the normal host most often presents with viral, mycoplasmal, or pneumococcal pneumonia. the exact place of chlamydia pneumoniae is still under study. a normal host who aspirates is at risk of ana ...19921730186
clinical, clinicopathologic, and pathologic features of plague in cats: 119 cases (1977-1988).the clinical, clinicopathologic, and pathologic features of 119 cases of plague in cats from 1977 to 1988 in new mexico were reviewed. fifty-three percent were bubonic, 10% were pneumonic, 8% were septicemic, and 29% with neither buboes nor pneumonia were unclassified (but presumed septicemic). three quarters of the lymphadenopathy was submandibular, and almost half of this was bilateral. one third of all cats had the triad of lethargy, anorexia, and fever in addition to buboes; one quarter had ...19911752774
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