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[studies on the differentiation of the foot-and-mouth disease virus types o, a and c in cell culture using the direct coons' method]. 19684176180
the response of primary and secondary afferents from muscle spindles to sinusoidal mechanical stimulation. 19684176598
presence of two different immunoglobulin heavy chains in individual cells of established human hematopoietic cell lines. 19684177025
further investigation of specific and non-specific adsorption of serum globulins to staphylococcus aureus. 19684177124
[staining properties of isolated mitochondria and their changes under various influences]. 19684179290
toxicological studies on beryllium oxides and beryllium-containing exhaust products. amrl-tr-68-148. 19684192581
the stimulation of ribonucleic acid synthesis by ribosome inhibitors in amino acid-starved escherichia coli. 19684234520
a small system of neurons in the mammalian spinal cord. 19684235341
[yearly variations of the lysotype and resistance picture of staphylococci]. 19684232544
effect of thyroid hormones on the end products of purine metabolism in the rat. 19684244635
[on the intracellular distribution of 3h-digitoxin in the guinea pig heart]. 19684239158
[ultrastructural changes in the zona fasciculata of the suprarenal gland of rats following acth administration]. 19684303270
[prevalence of influenza and other acute respiratory diseases in the ussr and gdr from 1964 to 1967]. 19684317586
monkeypox: experimental infection in chimpanzee (pan satyrus) and immunization with vaccinia virus. 19684298203
influence of mammary tumor virus on the tumor-producing capabilities of nodule outgrowth free of mammary tumor virus. 19684298252
effect of polynucleotides on aminoacyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetases. 3. inhibition of glutamyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase by natural polynucleotides. 19684299520
effect of polynucleotides on aminoacyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetases. 3. inhibition of glutamyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase by natural polynucleotides. 19684299520
[oxidase, phosphatase]. 19684299612
studies of the energy-transfer system of submitochondrial particles. i. competition between oxidative phosphorylation and the energy-linked nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide transhydrogenase reaction. 19684296029
metabolism of carbohydrates by pasteurella pseudotuberculosis.cell-free extracts of pasteurella pseudotuberculosis and p. pestis catalyzed a rapid and reversible exchange of electrons between pyridine nucleotides. although the extent of this exchange approximated that promoted by the soluble nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (phosphate) transhydrogenase of pseudomonas fluorescens, the reaction in the pasteurellae was associated with a particulate fraction and was not influenced by adenosine-2'-monophosphate. the ability of p. pseudotuberculosis to utilize ...19684384969
a new peripheral and coronary vasodilator substance of the beta-aminoketone group. 19684386390
late coronary bypass graft flow: quantitative assessment by roentgendensitometry.quantitative assessment of the flow in 45 saphenous vein aortocoronary bypass grafts in 30 patients was performed by a roentgendensitometric technique. detalis of the technique are given. mean graft flow for all grafts measured in the early postoperative period (two weeks) and again in the late postoperative period (six months to 3 years; average, 1.5 years) significantly decreased (72.6 +/- 34.7 to 57.4 +/- 28.6 ml/min; p less than 0.01). mean graft diameter also significantly decreased over th ...1968315217
[multidimensional investigations to elucidate relationships between case histories of interruption of pregnancy and premature deliveries and low birth weight (author's transl)].multidimensional retrospective studies were conducted into possible correlations between case histories of induced abortion and premature deliveries, on the one hand, and deliveries of "children with low birth weight", on the other, with reference being made to the ordinal number of birth. included were 13,287 single newborns, after mothers with twins, stillbirths, and abortion records had been excluded. "children with low birth weight" up to 2,500 g accounted for 5.4 per cent of these newborns. ...1968547603
evaluation of preoperative investigations in patients admitted for ovarian primary cytoreductive surgery.consistent with universally established practice, it has been customary in our unit to subject patients with clinically suspected or biopsy proven ovarian cancer to a large number of preoperative investigations. this is in order to determine metastases, surgical strategy, and exclusion of pelvic kidney. this study presents a comparison of the preoperative ultrasonography, computerized tomography, intravenous pyelography, chest x-ray, liver and bone scintigraphy, and barium enema results performe ...19682013447
an introduction to role theory for nurses. 1968252210
sleep of depressed patients with hypersomnia: a 24-h polygraphic study.sleep of 6 depressed patients with hypersomnia was studied during their depressed phase and their remitted phase using 24-h polygraphic recording. nine normal subjects were studied as the controls. the latency to sleep onset of the depressed patients was significantly shorter than that of the remitted patients and that of the control subjects. the total sleep time of the depressed patients was significantly longer than that of the remitted patients as well as that of the controls. this increase ...1968547487
[penicillins at a milestone]. 1969250302
[eye movements during reading]. 1969378096
binding and internalization of low-density lipoproteins in scc25 cells and sv40 transformed keratinocytes. a morphologic study.binding of low-density lipoproteins (ldl) to the plasma membrane and internalization of low-density lipoprotein receptor complexes were investigated in an epithelial tumor cell derived from the tongue (scc25) and in sv40-transformed keratinocytes (svk14 cells). for light microscopic studies an immunofluorescence technique with antiapoprotein b as well as conjugation procedure by which a fluorochrome 1,1'-dioctadecyl-3,3,3',3'-tetramethyl-indocarbocyanide (dil) was conjugated with ldl (ldl-dil) w ...19692427600
[inversion by ganglionic blockaders of hypertension induced with nicotinic acetylcholine]. 19694391036
[pasteurella pestis enzymes. changes in concentrations of glucose-6-dehydrogenase as a function of the culture medium]. 19694335302
cytopathic enteroviruses in delhi area. ii. from cases of febrile illnesses with neurological involvements. 19694306137
adjuvant properties of alginate in bacterial, viral and protein vaccines. 19694309278
the myosin of developing chick embryo. 19694240042
the influence of some specific respiratory inhibitors and oxidative phosphorylation upon p32-incorporation in the nucleotides of thymus nuclei. 19694245172
histochemical changes in rat skeletal muscle after exercise. 19694238996
stimulation of immunoglobulin and anamnestic antibody in vitro. 19694179465
[sensitivity to antibiotics of different representatives of family yersinia]. 19694181311
on the direct cortical connections of the neucleus centrum medianum thalami. 19694187634
[proteinuria, histuria, and complementuria]. 19694187675
detection of reagins, igg, iga and igm antibodies in human sera. 19694187697
diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus semiquantitative immunofluorescent method of le factor determination in frozen and paraffin sections. 19694189983
studies on yersinia enterocolitica with special reference to bacterial diagnosis and occurrence in human acute enteric disease. 19694190521
[agglomeration reaction of alizarine-suspended antibodies as a method of titration of specific antigen (fraction 1) of plague bacteria]. 19694184879
[on a modification of the pigmentation medium of jackson and burrows]. 19694184902
[new modification of the increase of bacteriophage titer reaction (in plague)]. 19694185190
[asymptomatic bacteriuria in women appearing for health examination]. 19694890338
mode of action of pesticin.the mode of action of pesticin, a bacteriocin produced by many strains of pasturella pestis, was studied. pesticin action on macromolecular synthesis of a sensitive strain of escherichia coli, strain phi, was found to have features similar to those of colicin e2-317 acting on the same strain. after exposure to pesticin, deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis was arrested and ribonucleic acid was degraded, but little effect was observed on protein synthesis. pesticin, like colicin e2-317, induced lysoge ...19694891253
cellular defense in an arthropod in response to infection with a salmonella typhimurium strain. 19694891326
enhanced recovery of airborne t3 coliphage and pasteurella pestis bacteriophage by means of a presampling humidification technique.this paper reports a series of experiments in which two methods of collecting airborne bacteriophage particles were compared. a standard aerosol sampler, the agi-30, was evaluated for its competence in measuring the content of bacteriophage aerosols. it was used alone or with a prewetting or humidification device (humidifier bulb) to recover t(3) coliphage and pasteurella pestis bacteriophage particles from aerosols maintained at 21 c and varied relative humidity. collection of bacteriophage par ...19694891719
value and limitations of quantitative chemical studies in individual cells. 19694891814
value and limitations of quantitative chemical studies in individual cells. 19694891814
the role of glutathione and glutathione s-transferases in mercapturic acid biosynthesis. 19694892500
plague. 19694896220
human growth hormone and hypopituitargrowth retardation. 19694898810
[new knowledge in the field of plague epidemiology]. 19694900626
[selective concentration of bacteria and rickettsiae by means of polycondensation immunosorbents]. 19694901966
[plague and its causative organisms]. 19694907286
could l-asparaginase be an antagonist of phytohaemagglutinin? 19694908860
decreased 19s antibody response to bacterial antigens in systemic lupus erythematosus.the antibody response to immunization with brucella and the levels of natural antibody to escherichia coli and shigella were compared in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and control groups. after brucella immunization, sle patients showed a significantly lower antibody response in whole serum and in the macroglobulin antibody fraction separated by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. sucrose gradient fractionation of natural antibodies to e. coli and a polyvalent shigella antigen s ...19694886647
[conditioned hemagglutination reaction in plague in different hosts. relationship between precipitating and hemagglutinating antibodies. 2. protein antigens]. 19694983697
[effect of semi-synthetic penicillins on plague microbes]. 19694984362
pneumonic plague in monkeys. an electron microscopic study. 19694974722
apha conference report, 1968. epidemiology. 19694974947
comparison of serological and bacteriological methods in the confirmation of plague infections.a recent, defined outbreak of bubonic plague in a remote area of the central highlands of viet-nam provided an opportunity to undertake studies of antibody production during the course of infections with pasteurella pestis (yersinia pestis). the haemagglutination (ha) test of chen & meyer, modified to a microtechnique, was used in studies of patients with clinical plague, and in studies of unvaccinated, asymptomatic contacts of plague patients.ha antibody was demonstrated in the sera of nearly 4 ...19695309534
heterogeneity between two mouse-toxic protein polymers from pasteurella pestis indicated by electrophoresis patterns in a phenol-acetic acid-urea gel system.highly purified plague murine toxins a or b dissociate to form single uncommon polypeptide bands and another polypeptide band common to both toxins.19695344116
[relationship between coliphages t2 and 3, and phage pst of pasteurella pseudotuberculosis]. 19695348706
yersinia philomiragia sp. n., a new member of the pasteurella group of bacteria, naturally pathogenic for the muskrat (ondatra zibethica).a bacterium experimentally pathogenic for muskrats (ondatra zibethica), white mice, mountain voles (microtus montanus), and deer mice (peromyscus maniculatus) was isolated from the tissues of a sick muskrat captured on the bear river migratory bird refuge (brigham city, utah) and from four surface water samples collected within 15 miles of that point. in culture, the cells are chiefly coccoid, but in the tissues of muskrats and voles they resemble the bizarre forms of yersinia pestis, except for ...19695361214
congo red-agar plating medium for detecting pigmentation in pasteurella pestis.ability to detect pigmented and nonpigmented pasteurella pestis is essential in plague research, and is currently dependent on use of the synthetic hemin-agar of jackson and burrows. we have devised a new differential medium for this purpose, containing congo red dye and common, commercially available laboratory media. the ease and simplicity of preparation make the congo red-agar a practical routine laboratory tool in plague research. these findings, possibly indicating a common binding site fo ...19695370459
[intestinal yersiniasis]. 19695373399
[susceptibility of rattus norvegicus and rattus rattus frugivorus from the city of recife to pasteurella pestis]. 19695376934
[use of penicillin and streptomycin for the selection of auxothrophic mutants of plague microbes]. 19695378162
investigations into the possibility of intervector transmission of pasteurella pestis. 19695384692
[use of cary-blair media for the preservation and transport of suspicious plague specimens in rural areas]. 19695397215
[behavior in vivo of strains of pasteurella pestis in relation to their efficacy as live vaccines]. 19695406056
plague bacillus: survival within host phagocytes.pasteurella pestis within nelutrophiles and macrophages removed from the peritoneal cavity of guinea pigs dutring experimental plague were shown to be viable by direct microscopic observation of the infected phagocytes incubating in sutitable bacteriologic media. the time-honored hypothesis that the major determinanit of the virulence of the plague bacillius is its ability to resist ingestion by phagocytes mutst be reevaluated.19695763880
[yersinia entercolitica infection in man with characteristic inflammation in the ileocecal area]. 19695767966
mutation rate to nonpigmentation in pasteurella pestis. 19695788712
[virulence of pasteurella pestis samples isolated in pernambuco (brasil)]. 19695788820
effect of differences in ambient temperature upon the fate of pasteurella pestis in xenopsylla cheopis. 19695789111
[a study of the chemical composition of the allergen pestin pp. 3. characteristics of polysaccharide components]. 19695790211
demonstration of blood group substance a bound to pasteurella pestis. 19695791799
[the effect of the cultivation temperature of the plague microbe on the synthesis of glutamic acid]. 19695792175
[on the diagnosis of "formes frustes" and symptomless forms of pertussis in children's institutions]. 19695799591
pasteurella bacteriophage sex specific in escherichia coli.phage h, thought to be specific for pasteurella pestis, was shown to plate efficiently on f(-) strains of escherichia coli but not on f(+), f', or hfr strains. the phage was adsorbed rapidly to f(-) strains but was not adsorbed to strains carrying f. comparison with seven other reported female-specific phages showed that, although phage h was similar to the other phages in some characteristics, the exceptionally low efficiency of plating (<10(-9)) on f-containing cells makes phage h a particular ...196916789123
interconversion of purine mononucleotides in pasteurella pestis.included among the five established determinants of virulence in pasteurella pestis are the abilities of cells to accomplish the de novo biosynthesis of purines and to grow as dark pigmented (p(+)) colonies on a solid synthetic medium containing hemin. p(+) isolates of p. pestis strain kim-10 (mouse intraperitoneal ld(50) < 10 cells) failed to convert exogenous guanine-8-(14)c to adenine residues of ribonucleic acid (rna) when cultivated in a minimal medium which favored the pigmentation reactio ...197016557756
isolation and biological characterization of pasteurella pestis endotoxin.endotoxin containing 2.1% nitrogen, 1.6% phosphorus, 22.5% neutral hexose, 15% hexosamine, 25% esterified and amide-linked fatty acids, and 1.4% protein was isolated from pasteurella pestis strain alexander by slight modification of a method adapted by tauber and russell. the lipopolysaccharide exhibited classical endotoxic biological properties including: (i) toxicity in mice, guinea pigs, and rabbits; (ii) antigenicity in rabbits; (iii) capacity to evoke a biphasic pyrogenic response in rabbit ...197016557824
clinical and epidemiologic notes on a defined outbreak of plague in vietnam. 19705425503
[pathways of exogenous adenine transformation into nucleic acid guanine in the plague bacillus]. 19705435391
survival of pasteurella pestis in larval fleas. 19705442086
[hemagglutinin formation in the blood of guinea pigs immunized with antigen complexes of the plague bacillus]. 19705448002
[the dehydrogenases of the plague microbe]. 19705455881
"in vitro" sensitivity of 100 strains of pasteurella pestis from northeastern brazil to antibiotics and a compound sulphonamides. 19705457771
[the plague and its etiological agents. current knowledge]. 19705465844
freeze-drying various attenuated strains of pasteurella pestis. 19705475097
[plague situation in the world]. 19705494645
[species peculiarities of the plasmocyte reaction in animals following immunization with soluble antigens]. 19705503342
[syntrophism in plague bacteria and a possible biological role of this phenomenon]. 19705509122
[pasteurella pestis lysogeny]. 19705511382
growth of pasteurella pestis at 37 degrees c in relation to its antigenic characteristics. 19705522253
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