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[laparoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with mechanical jaundice]. 2003154742
[work of the all-russian medical society of obstetricians and gynecologists]. 2003154802
[dr. alexandru dorizo (1917--1977)]. 2002155268
[morbidity and the medical care of working adolescents]. 2003155371
[significance of tm echocardiography in adult clinical cardiology. 2]. 2003155384
early changes in the arterial endothelium under various pathological conditions: an electron histochemical study with visualization of altered permeability using electron microscopic tracers.the authors have studied the endothelial changes in the aorta and the arteries of heart, kidney and other organs in cholesterol fed rabbits and endotoxin administrated rats through electron histochemical and vascular clearance methods. the vascular changes are variable presumably due to the functional and morphological difference of vessels. the administration of cholesterol and endotoxin may result in increased vascular permeability which is directly related to the qualitative increase and decr ...1979155387
[aspergillosis in o.r.l]. 2003155726
inhibition of tritiated thymidine incorporation in cultured cells by rat kidney extract.kcl extract from rat kidney, rat liver, and morris hepatomas inhibited [3h]thymidine incorporation into cultured cells. tissues came from male inbred buf rats. the most pronounced inhibition was achieved with the kidney extract. protein synthesis was not inhibited during a 24-hour exposure of the cells to the inhibitor. incorporation of [3h]deoxycytidine was inhibited, as was cell growth, when the kidney kcl extract was present for several days. [3h]thymidine incorporation was inhibited almost i ...1979155753
an overview of immune aging.a brief overview of the effect of age on the function of cells of the immune system is presented. normal immune functions can begin to decline shortly after an individual reaches sexual maturity. foremost among the cellular changes are those in the stem cells as reflected in their growth properties and the availability of precursor t cells, and in the t cell where a shift in subpopulations may be occurring. present evidence indicates that thymic involution precedes and therefore may be responsib ...2003155761
circular dichroism and ultraviolet absorbance of calf thymus dna in presence of ch3hgoh. 1979156470
[proline-dependent wild strains and proline-dependent mutants of the plague microbe].it is found that the growth of yersinia pestis wild strains, isolated from citellus musicus menetrié in the central caucasus, depends on the presence of proline in the medium. proline can not be substituted by glutamic acid, other amino acids or vitamins. 28 proline-requiring mutants were selected from y. pestis marmot strain 20b. three groups of proline-requiring y. pestis mutants are established, similar to those of escherichia coli. the requirement of proline does not affect the virulency, pi ...1979159850
[teaching toothbrushing to the institutionalized mentally retarded]. 2003161610
[cardiac involvement in cooley's disease: study of 11 patients in the post-pediatric age]. 2003161968
a toothbrushing program for trainable mentally retarded school children. 2003161978
mouth-controlled devices to assist the handicapped. 2003161985
[laparoscopy as a coadjuvant method in gynecological clinical diagnosis]. 2003162007
[laparoscopy]. 2003162009
effects of stress on rat brain adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in vivo. 1975162838
hypogammaglobulinemia predisposing to infection in foals.measurement of serum immunoglobulins in 46 foals less than 2 weeks old revealed 9 foals with hypogammaglobulinemia. the hypogammaglobulinemia was attributed to failure in transfer of immunoglobulins from dam to foal via colostrum. three of the affected foals did not nurse at all, or only slightly, and 2 of these died of infections within a few days after birth, whereas the 3rd foal did not grow as well as normal foals. six of the affected foals nursed in an apparently normal manner, and 5 of the ...1975162901
human atherosclerotic plaque cells and leiomyoma cells. comparison of in vitro growth characteristics.cells derived from human atherosclerotic plaques and from arterial media were compared with cells obtained from human leiomyomata and myometrium with respect to growth behavior in long-term cell culture. none of numerous variations in culture media, including alterations of serum concentration and source, improved the rate of cell multiplication or in vitro longevity. both uterine cell types, but neither arterial cell type, multiplied after tissue dissociation with enzymes (elastase, collagenase ...1975163592
the biogenesis of mitochondrial membranes in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae.membrane lipids of yeast mitochondria have been enriched by growing yeast cells in minimal medium supplemented with specific unsaturated fatty acids as the sole lipid supplement. using the activity of marker enzymes for the outer (kynurenine hydroxylase) and inner (cytochrome c oxidase and oligomycin-sensitive atpase) mitochondrial membranes, arrhenius plots have been constructed using both promitochondria and mitochondria obtained from o2-adapting cells in the presence of a second unsaturated f ...1975164216
the attack mechanism of an exo-1,3-beta-glucosidase from basidiomycete sp. qm 806.the attack mechanism of a purified exo-1,3-beta glucosidase (1,3-beta-d-glucan glucohydrolase, ec was investigated by using as a substrate a mixture of two structurally characterized periodate-oxidized and reduced unbranched 1,3-beta-d-glucans which differed only at the reducing terminal. the substrates, derivatives of laminarin, were altered only at the terminals due to resistance of the internal (1 leads to 3)-linked glucosyl residues to periodate oxidation. each glucan has only a si ...2003164221
aspects of hepatic hypoxia: observations on the isolated, perfused pig liver. 1975164256
[hepatoma seeded in chronic hepatitis. report of 2 cases]. 2003164685
relationships among the secretion of acth, gh, and cortisol during the insulin-induced hypoglycemia test in the normal and obese child.the behavior of the secretion of acth, gh, and plasma cortisol during the insulin-induced hypoglycemia test on normal and obese children was studied. the secretion of the above-mentioned hormones was determined by calculating the integrals of the curves. the mean values of the integrals of the plasma cortisol and acth curves do not show any significant differences between the two groups of children. the mean values of the ratios between the integrals of the plasma cortisol and acth curves show a ...2003165219
[biochemical characteristics of nucleic acid decomposing enzymes of the epidermis]. 1975165330
nuclear and cytoplasmic binding components for vitamin d metabolites. 1975165339
fluorometric determination of dehydrogenase activity using resorufin. 2003165388
letter: petechiae: due to adenovirus type 7 infection or to acetylsalicylic acid therapy? 1975165451
tumor-inhibiting properties of the neutral p-o-ethyl ester of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate in correlation with its crystal and molecular structure.the p-o-ethyl ester of camp has been synthesized, its inhibition of solid and ascites tumors studied, and its pattern of urinary excretion followed. et-camp is more effective than camp against solid sarcoma 180 in mice and against ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in tissue culture. the urinary excretion pattern of injected e-t-camp suggests that about two-thirds of the injected dose (13 mumol per animal) is retained in the rat rather than being promptly excreted. liver slice studies of the effect ...1975165504
glucose inhibiton of the permeation of chloromercuribenzene-p-sulphonic acid in the plasma membrane of pancreatic beta-cells.the transport of chloromercuribenzene-p-sulphonic acid (cmbs) was studied in microdissected pancreatic islets of ob/ob mice incubated in krebs-ringer bicarbonate medium. glucose inhibited the islet uptake of cmbs. the initial binding of cmbs to superficial thiol groups was inhibited to a lesser extent than was its further permeation into the interior of the plasma membrane. the non-metabolized glucose analogue 3-0-methyl glucose had no effect on the permeation of cmbs. whereas mannoheptulose, ep ...2003165648
respiratory virus infections in children hospitalized in montreal, 1968 - 1972. 1975165872
[classical and current aspects of the formation of motor dominance in man].in the paper, significance of driving phenomenon for formation of motor dominant is considered and experimentally corroborated with the aid of autocorrelation and spectral analysis of the working man's eeg. the a.a. ukhtomsky classical postulate has been complemented by contemporary ideas of the role of phasic relationships between the cortical activity for extablishing intercentral interconnections and the functional differentiation of working and irrelevant cortical structures. data of corre ...1975165986
[fetal death. cytologic and cytoenzymatic studies]. 2003166023
histologic variants of infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast.thirty-eight breasts with lobular carcinoma in situ and an additional intraductal or infiltrating cancer were studied. twenty-six of the additional cancers were diagnosed as infiltrating lobular cancer on the basis of a single population of small uniform cells cytologically identical to those in lobular carcinoma in situ. in 20 of these cases the conventional pattern of infiltrating lobular cancer was evident with an individual cell infiltrate with foci of single filing. in the other six there w ...2003166034
the influence of sodium, potassium and lanthanum on amino acid release from spinal-medullary synaptosomes. 1975166144
an ultracytochemical study of the respiratory potency, integrity, and fate of the sea urchin sperm mitochondria during early embryogenesis.cytochrome oxidase activity via cytochrome c, as demonstrated by the diaminobenzidine procedure, has been employed in this electron microscope cytochemical study to determine the respiratory potency, integrity and fate of the arbacia sperm mitochondrion at fertilization and during early embryogenesis. the sperm mitochondrion remained intact and was intensely positive for cytochrome oxidase activity both during and after penetration into the egg. the mitochondrion remained highly reactive through ...2003167033
reciprocal effects of camp and cgmp on microtubule-dependent release of lysosomal enzymes. 2003167641
importance of the so-called 'other' sexually-transmitted diseases.(1) some data are presented concerning the frequency and potential morbidity of sexually-transmitted organisms other than t. pallidum or n. gonorrhoeae. (2) most of the diseases with which these organisms are associated are more prevalent than syphilis and some, at least in one sex, are as common as gonorrhoea. a number appear to carry considerable morbidity, which in the case of type ii herpes virus--if it is responsible for cervical cancer--may ultimately cause more fatalities than syphilis. ( ...1975168937
nonchromaffin paraganglioma (chemodectoma) of thyroid region.a case of a paraganglioma located over the thyroid cartilage in the midline is reported. the tumor had all the appearances of a carotid body tumor, but its odd location could not be explained on the basis of previously known areas where paraganglionic tissues have been found. since a paraganglioma has also hitherto been described within the thyroid gland, clinicians and pathologists alike are cautioned that unusually located paragangliomas may be expected in the future.2003168958
a spin-label study on fusion of red blood cells induced by hemagglutinating virus of japan.fusion of red blood cells (rbc) induced by hemagglutinating virus of japan (hvj) has been studied using a phosphatidylcholine spin label. the spin label was readily incorporated and diffused into the lipid bilayer portion of the viral envelope. the exchange broadening in the electron spin resonance (esr) spectrum of densely labeled virus disappeared rapidly when the virus was mixed with rbc at 37 degrees. the spectrum gradually approached that of the host cell spin labeled with the phosphatidylc ...1975169884
functional consequences of modifying highly reactive arginyl residues of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase. loss of monovalent cation activation.modification of pig kidney fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase with 2,3-butanedione (in the presence of amp) results in the loss of activation of the enzyme by monovalent cations. under these conditions about 8 arginyl residues per mole of enzyme were modified. no other residues were modified. no loss of monovalent cation activation occurs when modification with 2,3-butanedione is carried out in the presence of amp plus the substrate fructose 1,6-bisphosphate and 3.2 less arginyl residues were modified. ...1975169892
the preparation of a bacterial collagenase containing negligible non-specific protease activity.a three stage procedure for the purification of crude bacterial collagenase is described. the three stages were ion exchange chromatography on sp-sephadex and deae-cellulose, followed by molecular sieve chromatography on sephadex g-200. the end product was eluted from sephadex g-200 as a single peak of absorbance at 280 nm, and a single zone of activity against gelatin. the active eluate was divided into two halves, designated fraction 1 and 2 collagenase. their activities were greater than thos ...1975170602
virilizing lipoid cell tumour of the ovary. 1997172914
hepatocyte perfusion within a centrifuge.a centrifuge, as used in blood banks for washing erythrocytes, is shown to be a good perfusion chamber for hepatocyte suspensions being evaluated for potential extracorporeal liver support. the perfusate was cell-free oxygenated--po2 300 millimeters of mercury--plasma, serum or tissue culture medium. a centrifuge that requires intermittent perfusion cannot deliver sufficient oxygen to maintain prolonged viability. a continuous flow unit can, at a flow of 800 milliliters per minute, support most ...1976173032
mooren's ulcer. histopathology and proteolytic enzymes of adjacent conjunctiva. 1995173387
[incorporation of low molecular sh-containing compounds in nitrosyl complexes of nonheme iron in cell-free and cell preparations].it has been shown that the endogenic low molecular sh-containing compounds in non-cellular liver and yeast preparates include in nitrosyl non-haem iron complexes at basic ph and in result of addition of iron salts into these preparates. the content of nitrosyl non-haem complexes with sh-containing low molecular compounds is not more than 0,5-1% of the quantity of identical non-haem iron complexes with rs-groups of proteins. the low content of these complexes appear to be due to as the low conten ...1975173411
effect of acute inhibition of adrenocorticotrophin secretion on plasma corticosteroids in the rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta).the half-life of plasma cortisol in the rhesus monkey (m. mulatta), determined by two methods, was about 130 min and longer than that in man; it was unaffected by administration of dexamethasone. dexamethasone (5 mg, i.v.) immediately inhibited the secretion of acth from the monkey pituitary. the plasma half-life of nh2-terminal immunoreactive acth was found to be about 55 min which was much longer than the biological half-life. the adrenal synthesis of cortisol was inhibited by metyrapone which ...1975173773
early effects of inorganic lead on immature rat brain mitochondrial respiration.inorganic lead, added to the diet of suckling rat in high doses, produces an encephalopathy similar to that seen in the immature human. pathologic changes of edema and hemorrhage are seen earliest and are most prominent in the cerebellum. in this study, we measured respiration in cerebral hemisphere and cerebellar mitochondria isolated from led-fed and age-matched normal rat pups. lactating mothers were begun on ad libitum feedins containing 4% lead carbonate when their pups were 2 weeks old. mi ...1976174053
[generalized disseminated tuberculosis verrucosa after bcg vaccination]. 1975174183
[selective angiography of the abdominal organs--with special reference to liver neoplasms]. 1996174372
chronic inhalation of nickel oxide and cigarette smoke by hamsters.chronic inhalation of nio and cigarette smoke (cs) by hamsters eventually caused pneumoconiosis whose development was unaffected by cs. no carcinogenic or cocarcinogenic effect of nio and cs was observed, cs exposure increased laryngeal lesions, reduced body weight, and increased lifespan.1996174416
poland's syndrome.forty-three consecutive cases of poland's syndrome were analyzed and the relevant literature was reviewed. the syndrome is not hereditary and is of unknown origin. it affects males more frequently than females. the clinical features are variable but always include congenital aplasia and syndactyly. the middle phalanges are hypoplastic or absent so that effectively there is only one interphalangeal joint. the syndactyly is usually incomplete and simple. it may involve all fingers and frequently i ...1997175070
a microtiter solid-phase radioimmunoassay for hepatitis a antigen and antibody.a microtiter solid phase radioimmunoassy for hepatitis a antigen (ha ag) and antibody (anti-ha) was developed. the test was more sensitive than immune adherence hemagglutination for detecting ha ag and almost as sensitive for detecting anti-ha. the specificity and sensitivity of reagents were examined and optimum conditions for the test were determined. radioimmunoassay, immune adherence hemagglutination, and immune electron microscopy were compared for detecting anti-ha. a serologic response to ...1976175117
[arthralgia, coughs and excessive sputum formation (with abnormal radiographic presentation of the thorax): pulmonary hypertrophic osteoarthropathy with primary lung cancer]. 1997175193
pituitary regulation of human growth hormone binding sites in rat liver membranes.we have studied the binding of 125i-human growth hormone (hgh) to crude 100,000 x g membrane preparations from rat liver, and have studied factors which might regulate the capacity and affinity of hgh binding sites. membrane preparations have livers of pregnant rats bound between 8% and 18% of the 125i-hgh initially added, and 70%-80% of that bound was displaced by 1 mug of unlabeled hgh. humans prolactin (hprl) displaced 125 i-hgh in a manner parallel to hgh itself but with about one-third the ...1976175242
[stimulation by cyclic adenosine-3'5'-monophosphate by na+, k+-activated atpase from rabbit kidney].cyclic 3',5-amp in vitro increased the activity of na+, k+-atpase, isolated from cortex and medulla of rabbit kidney. maximal stimulating effect was observed in kidney cortex at 10(-6) m concentration and in medulla at 10(-4) m concentration of 3',5'-amp. under these conditions the enzymatic activity was increased by 24.6 +/- 4.1% and 27.9 +/- 7.7%, respectively. these data suggest that na+, k+-atpase, activated by cyclic 3',5'-amp, is directly involved in the mechanism of na+ transport in cells ...1975175566
[complement-dependent immune cytolysis of cells from transplantable myeloid tumor]. 1975175643
intracellular forms of epstein-barr virus dna in human tumour cells in vivo.tumour biopsies from burkitt lymphoma patients, as well as human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells growing in athymic mice, contain epstein-barr virus dna as covalently closed circular dna. in addition integrated viral dna sequences seem to be present.1976176597
[the effect of multiple injections of acth (alone and combined with sodium ribonucleinate) on incorporation of p32-orthophosphate into the mitochondrial rna of the liver, spleen and heart of white rats]. 1976176651
infectivity of visna virus dna. 1976176812
light and electron microscopic features of a pituitary adenoma in nelson's syndrome.electron microscopy of an amphophil pituitary adenoma surgically removed from a 51-year-old woman who had nelson's syndrome revealed that the tumor was composed of melanocorticotroph cells. this finding is consistent with the view that in the human pituitary gland one single cell type produces both adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth) and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (msh). in contrast to the ultrastructure of pituitary adenomas associated with cushing's syndrome, no or only very few microfilame ...1976176883
letter: focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver: fine needle biopsy. 1995176914
basic concepts of the mechanism of action of peptide hormones. 1995177105
characterization of cytoplasmic and nuclear genomes in the colorless alga polytoma. i. ultrastructural analysis of organelles.electron microscope studies have been made on the fine structure of the colorless biflagellate, polytoma obtusum, with main emphasis on the structural organization of the mitochondria and the leucoplast. both organelles have been demonstrated to contain dna aggregates as well as ribosomal particles within their matrix material. reconstructions from serial showed that (a) the mitochondria were highly convoluted and irregular in shape and size, and (b) the leucoplast was a single cup-shaped entity ...1995177431
histochemistry of hormonally active ovarian tumors.thirty-five ovarian tumors were examined (7 granulosa-cell tumors, 2 thecomas, 4 dysgerminomas, 6 mucinous cystadenomas, 10 serous cystadenomas, 2 adenocarcinomas, 3 krukenberg tumors and 1 early embryonic tumor). the granulosa-cell tumors showed high activity of alpha-glycerophosphate dehydrogenase, and the changed cells of their stroma--that of glucose-6 phosphate and isocitrate dehydrogenases. the activity of the latter enzymes was striking also in thecomas. dysgerminomas showed high alkaline ...1996177958
herpes encephalitis. rapid diagnosis and treatment with antiviral drugs.the use of specific igm antibodies and direct electron-microscopic examination of brain biopsies or vesicle fluid was tested as means of raped diagnosis in 6 cases of herpes simplex encephalitis seen consecutively in montreal. in 2 of 3 biopsies herpes viruses were seen by negative staining of a cell extract within 1 hr. in the negative case, the biopsy was done almost 1 month after onset. in 2 additional cases herpes virus particles were found directly in the fluid of isolated vesicles. in the ...1997178830
investigations on adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate phosphodiesterase in ram semen and initial characterization of a sperm-specific isoenzyme.phosphodiesterase is shown to occur in ram semen, and its activity to be higher in spermatozoa than in seminal plasma. using similar substrate levels, the rate at which adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) is metabolized by phosphodiesterase in spermatozoa is about 100 times higher than that of cyclic amp synthesis by adenylate cyclase. in spermatozoa, phosphodiesterase is present partly in a soluble form, and partly bound; both forms can be extracted by sonication. the soluble enzyme (ph ...1976178869
disseminated herpesvirus infection. association with primary genital herpes in pregnancy.a patient with primary herpes simplex virus (hsv) type 2 genital infection had dissemination in the 37th week of her first pregnancy. this was manifested by severe hepatitis, pancreatitis, and genital lesions. temporary improvement followed the delivery of a healthy infant by cesarean section. encephalitis became evident on the third postpartum day, and recovery was complicated by profound bradycardia, possibly due to viral myocarditis. vidarabine was administered for seven days, and the patient ...1976178938
diphenylhydantoin: direct inhibition of the vitamin d3-mediated calcium absorptive mechanism in organ-cultured duodenum. 2003181008
[action of lithium salts on hepatocytes in histiotypic culture].addition of lithium salts to cultures of hepatocytes increases glycogen in these cells. glycogenolytic action of glucagone or ampc becomes slow. toxic action of paraquat is suppressed.2003183870
[chronic granulomatous disease. clinical symptoms and biochemical background]. 1976184401
histochemistry of oxidative enzymes in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.the histoenzymic pattern of oxidative enzymes (g3pd, idh, sd, g6pd,hbd, nadph: dehydrogenase) was investigated in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) produced in rats according to paterson [13]. the results obtained lead to following conclusions: (1) the neuroglia, including the white matter oligodendroglia of immunized rats, exhibits increased oxidoreductase activities; (2) the neuroallergic reaction induces some stimulation of the oxidoreductive metabolism of oligoden-droglia; (3) th ...1976186370
effects of adenine and cytokinins on growth and protein kinase activity of verticillium albo-atrum.growth of verticillium albo-atrum in liquid czapek-dox broth was stimulated about four-fold by added 10 mm adenine, n6-benzyladenine, or kinetin. less stimulation was evident at lower concentrations. with none of these included in the basal growth medium, detectable protein kinase activity in cell-free extracts was low and responded minimally to camp (adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate) in the reaction mixture. with each of these compounds as an additive to the growth medium, protein kinase ac ...1976186711
inhibition of tumor cell growth in vitro and in vivo by 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosylcytosine entrapped within phospholipid vesicles.phospholipid vesicles have been used as a carrier vehicle to enhance the cytotoxic activity of 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosyl-cytosine (ara-c) and 1-beta-d-arabinofuranosylcytosine 5'-triphosphate against several tumor cell lines. the activity of both compounds in free solution or entrapped within phospholipid vesicles was compared against l1210 cells, ehrlich ascites cells, and sv40-transformed 3t3 cells in vitro. in addition, the activity of vesicle-entrapped ara-c against l1210 cells was also stud ...2003187321
[effect of 2,6-diaminopurine resistance mutations on adenine and adenosine assimilation by cells of an adenine-dependent strain of escherichia coli k-12].in purine-requiring strain of escherichia coli k-12 defective in purine nucleoside phosphorylase (pur, pup) mutants (designated apt) have been obtained that are resistant to 2,6-diaminopurine on guanine-containing medium and incapable to utilize adenine for their growth at 42degreesc, but they are still sensitive to the analogue and can utilize adenine at 28degreesc. it has been shown that the introduction of the corresponding apt mutations in the genome of adenine-requiring strains impaired the ...1976187528
plasma camp and renin in diabetics during insulin induced hypoglycemia. 2002187538
interrelationships between the central nervous system and patterns of adrenocorticotropic secretion following acute exposure to severe environmental conditions. 1976187557
the cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum - glycogenolytic complex, an internal beta adrenergic receptor. 2003187884
altered lethality of murine toxin from yersinia pestis under various metabolic conditions. 1977190614
[behavior of the intercalarytracts of the pancreas in patients with hypoglycemic beta-islet cell adenoma]. 2003193536
peripheral neuropathy: a side effect of sulphones. 2003193605
experimental evaluation of paracetamol antidotes. 1976193746
polypeptides and antigens of herpes simplex virus; their nature and relevance in chemotherapy and epidemiology of herpes infections. 1977193819
the storage lipids in tangier disease. a physical chemical study.the physical states and phase behavior of the lipids of the spleen, liver, and splenic artery from a 38-yr-old man with tangier disease were studied. many intracellular lipid droplets in the smectic liquid crystalline state were identified by polarizing microscopy in macrophages in both the spleen and liver, but not in the splenic artery. the droplets within individual cells melted sharply over a narrow temperature range, indicating a uniform lipid composition of the droplets of each cell. howev ...1977193870
[enzymomorphology of the vaccinal process in connection with formation of immunity to plague].the studies conducted showed that the beginning of immunogenesis following the administration of live plague vaccine was preceded by a period of primary toxic action of multiplying microbes when the activity of a number of enzymes in the organs of guinea-pigs was temporarily reduced. subsequently, inductive and productive phases of formation of antibodies started against the background of normalization and growth of the enzymatic activity associated with mobilization of energy. the earliest hype ...1976194554
the activation of lipoprotein lipase by lipase co-protein (apo c-2).kinetic analysis of activation of lipoprotein lipase by apo c-2 indicates that the lipase co-protein increase the rate of lipolysis by adsorption to enzyme at the lipid interface, with formation of a 1:1 molar complex, whose dissociation constant in the presence of triglyceride substrate is about 3 x 10(-13) moles cm-3. activation by apo c-2, like that by the entire lipoprotein apoprotein moiety (fielding and fielding, 1976) is reversible by inorganic salts and the dependence of activation on me ...2003196908
arsenical neuropathy: residual effects following acute industrial exposure.a case report is presented describing a worker who was splashed with arsenic acid in an industrial accident and subsequently developed symptoms of systemic arsenicalism and peripheral neuropathy. this is the only report, to the authors' knowledge, of a single episode of cutaneous absorption of arsenic resulting in peripheral neuropathy. previous reports of arsenical neuropathy and rationale for bal therapy early in the treatment of systemic arsenicalism are discussed.1994197218
beta-adrenergic blocking activity of yersinia pestis murine toxin.yersinia pestis plague murine toxin has been found to inhibit the mobilization of free fatty acids in mice in a manner similar to that of beta-adrenergic blocking agents. the blockage is detectable 75 min after injection of the toxin (1 to 2 mean lethal doses). the degree of inhibition was directly correlated with the toxicity of a given toxin preparation. agents such as cholera toxin or glucagon, with apparently distinct receptors from beta-adrenergic receptors, stimulated adenylate cyclase and ...1977198377
mitogenic response of mouse spleen cells and gelation of limulus lysate by lipopolysaccharide of yersinia pestis and evidence for neutralization of lipopolysaccharide by polymyxin b.lipopolysaccharide (lps) extracted with phenol and water from yersinia pestis was compared with lps of escherichia coli for stimulation of deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in mouse spleen cells (lymphocyte mitogenesis), gelation of limulus lysate, pyrogenicity in the rabbit, and susceptibility to inhibition of these activities by polymyxin b sulfate (pbs). lps of y. pestis stimulated deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in mouse spleen cell cultures over the same quantitative range as lps of e. coli. ...1977200563
[migration of transformed fibroblast-like cells on substrates with patterned relief-work (quantitative study)].the quantitative estimation of migration ability of transformed fibroblast-like cells of various epecies (mouse , rat, hamster, man) cultured on the substratum with grooves of various depth (5--40 mcm) was performed. of the majority of 11 cell lines examined, a reduced migration capacity up to its total disappeanance was registered as compared with the homological normal embryonic cells. a more pronounced reduction of migration ability was shown in mouse and rat transformed cells and less in hu ...1977201058
cell culture propagation of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent).two isolates of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent) were isolated and passaged in primary procine kidney cell cultures. viral infectivity for cells was monitored by immunofluorescence because viral cytopathic effect was moderate. successful passage of virus in cell culture required that viral suspensions obtained from infected cell cultures be treated with pancreatin prior to inoculation onto cell monolayers. porcine rotavirus passage in cell culture also was accomplished, using trypsin trea ...1977201198
the equilibrium constant and the reversibility of the reaction catalysed by nicotinamide-adenine dinucleotide kinase from pigeon liver.the reversibility of the nad+ kinase reaction was established, and the kinetic parameters of the rate equation in the reverse direction were determined. the equilibrium constant of the reaction was determined by using the purified pigeon liver enzyme and radioactively labelled nicotinamide nucleotides. the relationship between kinetic parameters of the forward and reverse reactions is in reasonable agreement with the measured equilibrium constant. as expected from the proposed mechanism of actio ...2003201249
functional studies on crosslinked bovine cytochrome c oxidase. 1978202495
[cytodiagnosis of the radiologically "occult" and the "in situ" lung neoplasm].this paper reports on six patients, in whom a so-called "carcinoma in situ" or a radiologically "occult" carcinoma of the lung was diagnosed by means of cytological sputum examinations. on the basis of these cases, the problem of early localization of lung carcinomas is discussed. the cytological diagnosis of an occult lung carcinoma is practically always the result of an incidental sputum examination. nevertheless, the value of "mass screenings" is doubtful, whereas systematic sputum examinatio ...1993204560
how do axons control myelin formation? the model of 6-aminonicotinamide neuropathy.injection of 6-aminonicotinamide into young rats produces a peculiar neuropathy characterized by selective swelling and disruption of the layer of schwann cell cytoplasm lining the inner surface of the myelin sheath. this layer increases greatly in volume, compressing the axon and distending the myelin sheath. morphometry of such swollen fibers discloses that the amount of myelin in the distended sheaths is considerably greater than would correspond to the size of the axons, even if axonal compr ...1978204752
a mitochondrial lesion in experimental spinal cord trauma. 1978204754
trypsin and bovine rotavirus replication. 1978205033
primary culture of adult rat liver cells. i. preparation of isolated cells from trypsin-perfused liver of adult rat.isolated hepatic cells from adult rats were prepared by perfusing the livers with trypsin. the highest yield of viable cells was obtained by perfusing the liver with 0.1% trypsin, ph 7.0, at 37 degrees c for 30 min. following this treatment about 70% of cells excluded trypan blue. the isolated cells contained many binucleate cells. between 60 and 70% of dna present originally in the liver was recovered from the isolated hepatic cells, which had higher glucose 6-phosphatase activity than the live ...1977205092
glycosaminoglycan synthesis by wilms' tumor.wilms' tumor contains approximately 1 mg hyaluronic acid and approximately 0.3 mg sulfated glycosaminoglycan per g tissue. minced tumor and cells cultured from the tumor incorporate labeled acetate and glucosamine into hyaluronic acid and sulfated glycosaminoglycans. a particulate enzyme preparation derived from the tumor catalyzed the transfer of glcua or glcnac from udp-glcua or udp-glcnac at a rate of approximately 20 nmol/hr/mg protein to produce high molecular weight hyaluronic acid chains. ...1992205823
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