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[ultrastructural demonstration of extracellular proteoglycans]. 2002135343
treatment of hypercalcemia. 2002135369
[wolfgang hildebrand's "magia naturalis"]. 2002135379
suppressor mechanisms in neonatally acquired tolerance to a gross virus-induced lymphoma in rats.tolerance to a highly immunogenic gross virus-induced tumour in wistar/furth rats (c58nt)d was produced by neonatal infection of the rats with the virus. these rats failed to reject the tumours when challenged 8 weeks after virus inoculation and to mount the appropriate cell-mediated immune response to the tumour. the mechanisms involved were studied in vivo by adoptive transfers into sub-lethally irradiated rats of tumour cells mixed with spleen cells and/or sera from normal, tolerant, or tumou ...1976135385
[occupational dermatitis caused by pyemotes ventricosus]. 2002135425
[development, function and equipment of the new building of the department of dentistry]. 2002135439
[organization of the work of the specialized interdistrict branches]. 2002135448
a cytochemical analysis of the follicular cells and the yolk in the growing oocytes of octopus vulgaris (cephalopoda, mollusca).from an examination of the structural and cytochemical data obtained on the follicular epithelium and on the growing oocytes of octopus vulgaris it has been possible to establish that, during the evitellogenetic period, the follicular cells penetrate into the oocyte cytoplasm and assume the form of cords. the yolk, which meanwhile has been constituted also through the probable contribution of material metiated by the follicular cells, is seen to be rich in neutral glycoproteins, proteins with su ...2002135466
effect of testosterone administration on the epiphyseal cartilage of hypophysectomized rats.for the study of the mechanism of action of testosterone histological, carbohydrate-, and enzyme histochemical investigations were carried out on the epiphyseal cartilage of (1) hypophysectomized rats treated with testosterone [(thx group); (2)] hypophysectomized rats without hormonal treatment (hx group), and (3) intact, untreated control rats. the results were compared with the data obtained in a previous experiment in which intact rats were treated with testosterone (t group). the experiments ...1976135467
electrodiagnosis in peripheral nerve injury. 2002135753
comparison of heat shocking and acridine orange treatment in phage typing of nontypable strains of staphylococcus aureus.forty-five percent of 108 nontypable strains of staphylococcus aureus from clinical and environmental sources were phage typable after heat shock and acridine orange treatment. although phage patterns were produced by different types of treatment, the same phage groups were present, showing specificity. the newly typable strains appear to be similar in phage group distribution to the primary typable strains typed at the peter bent brigham hospital during the same time period. ten of the original ...1976135770
in vitro susceptibility and resistance of animal staphylococci to macrolide antibiotics and related compounds.strains of staphylococcus aureus isolated from poultry, pigs and cases of bovine mastitis and strains of s. hyicus isolated from pigs were examined for their susceptibility of the macrolides and other related antibiotics. the susceptibility of these strains to erythromycin, oleandomycin, tylosin, spiramycin, lincomycin, clindamycin, virginiamycin, and its components virginiamycin s and m, was tested by the quantitative plate dilution method. with s. aureus, 3 p. 100 of the bovine, 12 p. 100 of t ...1976136223
energy-rich phosphates and transintestinal transport in rat intestine incubated in vitro at different the present work, the transported fluid and the tissue content of atp, adp and amp has been evaluated in the jejunum rat intestine which was everted and incubated in vitro both at 28 degrees c and at 38 degrees c for 1 h. the energy-rich phosphates have been measured in the tissue at the beginning and at the end of the experiment as well as in vivo. these determinations have been made in the total intestine and in the scraped mucosa. atp and adp content are higher in vivo and lower but consta ...1976136993
[present-day problems of immunotherapy: transfer factor and levamisole]. 2001137394
[present-day problems of immunotherapy: transfer factor and levamisole]. 2001137394
[experience in organizing a uniform x-ray fluorographic examination of the population of grodno province]. 2002137405
studies of the histochemistry, ultrastructure, motor innervation, and regeneration of mammalian intrafusal muscle fibres. 1976137430
[clinical and therapeutic aspects of toxoplasma uveitis]. 2002137447
effects of oral choline administration on serum and csf choline levels in patients with huntington's disease. 2002137960
[congenital diverticulum of the left ventricle]. 2002138802
[operation of the start-control devices of drilling machines]. 2001138975
recognizing and referring neonatal surgical emergencies.ultimate survival of the neonate with a surgical emergency depends upon early recognition by the family physician, who may refer the infant to a pediatric surgical center. the family physician must prevent infectious and metabolic insults to the critically ill neonate while preparing him for safe and rapid transport to a specialty institution. in many cases, the final outcome is as often determined by the initial care received at the referring hospital and during transport as it is by the surgic ...2002139101
preservation of in vitro biological functions in regional lymph node lymphocytes in squamous head and neck cancer.regional lymph node lymphocytes from patients with squamous cancer of the head and neck were tested in vitro for their ability to proliferate in response to phytohemagglutinin, concanavalin a, and allogeneic stimuli in one-way mixed lymphocyte culture. their ability to act as cytotoxic effectors in phytohemagglutinin-dependent cellular cytotoxicity was also evaluated, and all results were compared to normal lymph node or blood lymphocytes. the regional lymph node lymphocytes retained proliferati ...2002139203
o-nitro-paraphenylenediamine in hair dye - an unusual dental hazard. 2002139262
the family and the young handicapped child: the importance of the right start. 2002139531
[relationship between p. pestis and listeria under different environmental conditions]. 1976139540
[association of parathyroid adenoma and huntington chorea]. 2002139599
the fetus at risk: fetal growth retardation (author's transl). 2002139604
[viral hepatitis a--water epidemic in a bungalow community (author's transl)]. 2002140014
[diagnosis of occupational allergic dermatoses]. 2002140075
recovery of preimplantation blastocysts in the squirrel monkey by a laparoscopic technique.a laparoscopic uterine flushing technique has been developed for the recovery of preimplantation embryos from the squirrel monkey. fourteen adult female squirrel monkeys were induced to ovulate with 4 or 5 days' treatment with follicle-stimulating hormone (1 mg) followed by human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) (500 iu). natural mating with a fertile male or artificial insemination was performed near the time of ovulation. thirty-six hours and eleven days after hcg administration, the females were ...1977140077
effect of rhythmic alternation of protein depletion and repletion on serum protein synthesis.the authors attempted to determine whether repeated protein depletion would produce changes in the organism's response to this unfavourable situation indicative of the preservation of information on past depletion and of its inclusion in the formation of the organism's defences against repetition of this unphysiological state. it can be concluded from the results that the anticipated trend was demonstrated. the question of the site of origin, storage and action of this information was not resolv ...1977140403
preparation of human immunoglobulin free of plasmin and anticomplement activities.human igg separated by cohn fractionation showed variability in the content of aggregates, plasminogen and anticomplement activity. the plasminogen was removed or markedly reduced by affinity chromatography on sepharose-lysine. anticomplement activity was reduced by chromatography of cohn fraction ii on deae-cellulose. preparations of igg obtained by chromatography of intermediates from cohn fractionation (e.g. cohn fii + fiii or fii + fiii w) on deae-cellulose were devoid of aggregates, plasmin ...1977140530
[an ecg-program with multivariate diagnostic classification (author's transl)].we report the diagnostic experience with a new ecg-program, which was constructed for analysing the curves of the conventional 12 ecg leads. this program was compared with our vcg-program. both programs used the multivariate diagnostic classification. the diagnosis infarction was correct in over 80% in both. in the moment difficulties are seen in both programs in recognition of the very early and very small infarction, also in combined damages.2002140549
inhibition of (na+ + k+)-stimulated atpase of heart by fatty acids. 1977140941
[intensity of parasitic contacts in the colonies of large gerbils under conditions of different population density of the animals and their fleas].in the period from april to may and september to october of 1967--1973 in the mujun-kum a radioactive tracing of great gerbils was carried out. in all 225 tests were conducted. the greatest intensity of parasitic contacts between the animals was noted at their average quantity. its further rise does not result in the increase of the parasitic relations. if the number of fleas is high the parasitic contacts level even at the relatively low number of great gerbils is usually high enough for a furt ...1976141021
[evaluation of split skin transplantation as a preprosthetic surgical measure].the author, within the framework of a long-term research program, makes a careful analysis of the late results of plastic operations to the vestibulum oris, which were performed on 109 patients and where the wound surfaces were covered by free split-skin transplantation; in this, he uses both objectifiable methods of examination and biostatistical test methods. patients are classified according to preoperative conditions. the method of operation may be assessed from a purely functional point of ...2003141835
[development of the free-of-charge donor system in rural sections]. 2003141854
[spheroplasts of plague microbe strains from the transcaucasian uplands and their capacity for pesticin synthesis].spherical formations of the plague microbe strains from the transcaucasian upland, i plague microbe strain of the sandwort variety and i strain of the marmot variety were obtained under the effect of lithium chloride. they had the remains of the cell wall, were viable, sensitive to osmotic shock, preserved sensitivity to the specific bacteriophage and pesticins. all this was evident of isolation of the spheroplasts of the plague microbe. the spheroplasts showed a capacity for pesticin production ...1977142442
antigen-induced cyclophosphamide-resistant suppressor t cells inhibit the in vitro generation of cytotoxic cells from one-way mixed leukocyte reactions.mice sensitized against a tumor allograft and given cyclophosmamide 6 days later failed to generate an immune response to the allograft. spleen cells derived from these mice suppressed the generation of cytotoxic t cell response by normal spleen cells in mixed leukocyte cultures. the suppressor cells were not specific, thymus dependent, and resistant to 2000 r.2003142792
[endolaryngeal nevocarcinoma]. 2003142805
[trans-tympanic drainage. failures and sequelae]. 2003142815
acid mucopolysaccharides in metal-induced tumor and connective tissue capsules surrounding implants in rats. 1975142824
the role of the voluntary sector in the delivery of rehabilitation services. 2003142834
[fate of a lavsan strip used for stenosing the small intestine]. 2003142861
effects of infusion of cardiotomy suction blood during extracorporeal circulation for coronary artery bypass surgery.the effects of infusion of cardiotomy suction blood during extracorporeal circulation were evaluated in 15 patients undergoing coronary artery bypass surgery without the use of a left ventricular vent. in group i all cardiotomy suction blood was discarded. in groups ii and iii cardiotomy suction blood was reinfused without and with dacron wool filtration, respectively. marked hematologic changes were noted in the pericardial samples which also were reflected in oxygenator samples obtained at the ...2003142868
[experiences with incus autografts and preserved incus homografts in ear surgery (author's transl)].the healing process of free-transplantated incus autografts and preserved homografts in the middle-ear is largely non-irritating. they are suited for sound transmission. under the osteoinductive influence of the non-vital graft, ingrowing vascular connective tissue of the host differentiates itself in osteoblasts, osteoclasts and chondroblasts. the grafts are revitalised in relation to time. rarely a marked resorption of preserved incus homografts was noticed in consequence of an antigen-antibod ...2003142874
[angiography for intracranial aneurysms of the vertebrobasilar system (author's transl)].amongst 112 patients with a total of 122 intracranial aneurysms, there were eleven (9%) in the vertebro-basilar system. four of the vertebral artery aneurysms were situated at the origin of the inferior posterior cerebellar artery, three at the bifurcation of the basilar artery; there were three rare aneurysms situated peripherally on the cerebellar vessels and there was one circumscribed aneurysm of the basilar artery stem. selective vertebral angiography, with high position of the catheter, is ...2003143422
fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase.fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase has been attributed to tryptophan fluorescence. the fluorescence maximum is at 330 nm, 20 nm lower than that for free tryptophan, suggesting that most of the enzyme tryptophans are in a nonpolar environment and are shielded from solvent. quenching of enzyme fluorescence by iodide, pyridine, and n-methyl nicotinamide also demonstrates that enzyme tryptophan residues are largely buried and inaccessible to solvent. those accessible are in negativel ...1977143669
[role of onium groups in the interaction of asymmetric bis-cationic cholinomimetics with n-cholinoreceptors]. 1977145360
follicular contact dermatitis due to formaldehyde.2 patients with textile contact dermatitis due to formaldehyde developed follicular, papular lesions. histologically these papules showed eczematous changes in the follicular epidermis and mononuclear cell infiltrates in the dermis around the involved follicle. the skin between the papules was intact. it is suggested that the concept of "dermal" contact sensitivity does not fit for the explanation of papular dermatitis due to formaldehyde.2003145383
plague in small mammals and humans in rangoon, burma. 1977146917
[functional recovery in pseudoterminal edentia]. 2003148082
[metabolic disorders in huntington's chorea].the results of biochemical studies conducted in 42 patients with huntington's chorea are presented. the authors marked the decrease of tolerance to glucose, the increase of cholesterol concentration in the blood serum in some patients. uric acid concentration in the blood serum and its excretion with urine were decreased in all examined patients. ceruloplasmic activity in the patients' blood did not differ from the normal level. cuprum concentration in the blood serum and the patients' urine was ...2003148828
a case of giant cavernous hemangioma of the liver complicated by intravascular coagulopathy.a case of liver hemangioma complicated by intravascular coagulopathy is presented because of the rarity of the association. hemangioma of the liver was suspected by palpation of the liver tumor, scintigraphy and x-ray examination, and confirmed by selective hepatic arteriography in combination with exploratory laparotomy. intravascular coagulopathy was established by demonstrating secondary fibrinolysis and consumption of platelets and coagulation factors. unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia due to ...2003148835
doppler ultrasound flow detector used in temporal artery biopsy.a doppler ultrasound flow detector can be helpful in performing a temporal artery biopsy. the anatomical location of the arteries can be traced on each side of the patient's head during the preoperative stage, and the flow pattern can be compared with the findings on simple palpation. selection of a vessel for biopsy may thus be influenced. the detector can also be used under sterile conditions to locate the artery when the injection of local anesthesia has made palpation more difficult, thereby ...2003148878
[phosphofructokinase activity of the plague bacterium].synthesis of phosphofructokinase was decreased in pestilential microbe if cultivation temperature was increased from 28 degrees to 37 degrees. aeration of cultural fluid effected slightly on the enzyme production. glucose, added to cultural fluid, decreased synthesis of phosphofructokinase in virulent strain and increased it in avirulent one. phosphofructokinase activity from pestilential microbe was inhibited by atp, citrate, 3-phosphoglycerate, by ca2+ and mn2+. amp and lesser adp reduced the ...1978149424
[exploration of natural foci of tularemia and plague in armenia using the serological examination of bird droppings and excrements of predatory mammals].forty strains of tularemia and 619 of plague microbes were isolated in 1974 in bacteriological examination of natural plague and tularemia foci from a great number of small mammals and their ectoparasites. at the same time in serological examination (in the antibody neutralization test) of bird pellets, 52 mummified cadavers, and 34 excretion samples of mammalian beasts of prey collected in armenia (its central and north-western part) in 1973 the antigen of tularemia microbe was revealed in 73, ...1978149478
dermatitis from an aftershave. 2003149632
the multicomposite structure of tendon.a revised morphological model for the crimp structure of tendon is presented. the 300-500 mu diameter tendons of the mature rat tail are comprised of from one to more than ten substructures, called fascicles, of 80-320 mu diameter. fascicles each possess a "crimp structure" demonstrable in the polarizing microscope and neighboring fascicles within a tendon usually exhibit crimp registry. the fascicle itself is shown to be a cylindrical array of planar-zig-zag crimped 500-5000 a diameter collagen ...1978149646
the dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-binding protein of rat liver mitochondria as a product of the mitochondrial protein synthesis.a product of mitochondrial protein synthesis in rat liver mitochondria, characterized by a low molecular weight (mr is less than 10000) and an unusually high hydrophobicity, has been identified as the dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-binding protein and as a peptide of the hydrophobic sector of the mitochondrial atpase complex. the purified protein still possesses the ability of bind dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.1978149662
[tubal sterilization with a clip applicator under laparoscopic control].tubal sterilization with a clip or spring-loaded applicator under laparoscopic control reduces complications that appear in other forms of sterilization. the clip or spring-loaded applicator is inserted by means of a 2nd cut or insertion. this system has many advantages over the single cut or single insertion method as it permits much clearer vision and location of the tubes as well as the exact placement of the clips. the laparoscopic system of tubal sterilization is effective and the number of ...2003149716
siroheme: methods of isolation and characterization. 1978149890
[people's commissariat of public health of the rsfsr and the establishment of public health in the union republics]. 2003150046
lipomatous lesions of the uterus.four lipomatous lesions of the uterus are reported and the available literature from 1965 to 1976 is reviewed. it is suggested that these lesions result from metamorphosis of uterine smooth muscle which can proceed to form localised or diffuse mature adipose tissue in a leiomyoma or in the myometrium. three terms are suggested for the nomenclature of the various morphological types of lipomatous lesions of the uterus: diffuse lipomatosis in a leiomyoma, circumscribed lipomatosis in a leiomyoma a ...2003150107
[malignant neoplasms among ethnic groups in the kazakh ssr].the author has analysed the incidence of 40 nosological forms of malignant neoplasms among 4 conventionally selected ethnic groups of the kazakh ussr population, the latter was found to differ from other ethnic groups by a rather high incidence of esophageal cancer. also, malignant tumors of the stomach, liver, and biliary tract, the lung and bones are not infrequently observed amont the kazakh population. the representatives of other nationalities inhabiting the kazakh republic most often devel ...2003150125
[comprehensive prophylactic examinations of women for the detection of early forms of breast cancer].under examination were 2699 females over 30 years of age having no complaints of the mammary gland induration. the following diagnostic tests were used: 1) clinical; 2) thermography of mammary glands; 3) mammography in two projections. breast cancer was revealed in 12 females (in 4.4 per 1,000 persons under examination). the clinical method solely revealed mammary gland cancer in 0.14%, thermography--in 0.28%, mammography-in 0.57%. a two-step examination, when persons suspected of breast patholo ...2003150128
[standard epicutaneous testing: 5-year results and their effects on future examinations].1385 patients were subjected to patch tests in the last years. the most important contact allergens in these seris were found to be rubber, nickel, chromate. compositions of patch tests series varies with regard to the individual substances included: allergens with low sensitizing potency (methol, resorcin, methylsalicylate (!), hexachlorophene, iodochlorhydrooxychinoline) are gradually replaced by others of more recent importance, e.g. mercury (merfen). some allergens give better results when t ...2003150143
effect of human immunoglobulin preparations on fc rosette formation between anti-d-coated erythrocytes and lymphocytes.human immunoglobulin (ig) preparations were tested for their inhibitory effect on fc rosette formation between anti-d-coated human erythrocytes and lymphocytes, as compared to their complement activating capacity. both of the two biological activities ascribed to the sites in the fc portion of the igg molecules were found to be reduced in the pepsin-treated, as well as in the s-sulfonated ig preparations, as compared to the activities of the normal human ig preparation. in the plasmin-treated ig ...1978150144
poison ivy (rhus) dermatitis. 2001150451
poison ivy (rhus) dermatitis. 2001150451
medicaid stays are short. 2003150521
comparative clinical pharmacokinetics of tubocurarine, gallamine, alcuronium and about plasma concentration, renal and biliary elimination of tubocurarine, gallamine, alcuronium and pancuronium are taken from the literature for synoptical pharmacokinetic analysis. all plasma concentration curves can be described by triexponential functions according to an open three-compartment pharmacokinetic model in line, the elements of which are an application and measuring compartment, a pharmacologically specific compartment and a non-specific one. the corresponding results for a ...2002150804
[raised prostaglandin e-2 level in focal inflammatory lesions of the human skin with particular reference to rosacea]. 1978151301
[fructose and dental caries]. 2003151305
pulmonary abnormalities in mitral valve disease. comparison between pulmonary wedge pressure, regional pulmonary blood flow and chest films.chest films, right sided heart catheterization, and measurement of the regional lung perfusion, using 133xe, were carried out 31 times on patients with mitral valve disease. a relationship was found between the radiologic evaluation in 3 grades, and the values of pulmonary wedge pressure and the apical and basal perfusion. changes in flow distribution as reflected in altered appearance of the vessels and the presence of interstitial edema were found to be the most sensitive factors in the evalua ...2003151483
the nature and mechanism of the damage induced in dna by a protein antibiotic. 2003151496
indications for the sterilisation of the handicapped adolescent. 2003152033
electrocardiographic signs of chronic cor pulmonale in 40 376 patients with silicosis.the records of all patients who were examined for silicosis at the fund of occupational diseases between 1972 and 1976 are reviewed. in 3627 cases the mechanographical record was incomplete leaving 40 376 patients in the study. electrocardiographic signs of chronic cor pulmonale (c.c.p.) were detected in 5.58 per cent. the severity of c.c.p. was evaluated and the prevalence of the different electrocardiographic signs was examined. the presence and severity of c.c.p. was compared to the radiologi ...1978152045
study of the kinetics of conversion of maternal plasma dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate to 16 alpha-hydroxydehydroisoandrosterone sulfate, estradiol, and estriol.the transfer constants of conversion of maternal plasma dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate to estradiol ([rho]ds-e2bu) and to 16alphaoh-dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate ([rho]ds-160hds bu) and of maternal plasma 16alphaoh-dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate to estriol ([rho]160hds-e3 bu) were measured in women late in pregnancy. the mean [rho]160hds-e3 bu, 0.17, was considerably less than the mean [rho]ds-e2 bu, 0.29. however, the extent of 16alpha-hydroxylation of maternal plasma dehydroisoandrosterone su ...2003152062
control of the conformational states of the calcium transport enzyme of sarcoplasmic reticulum by calcium. 2003152087
[biochemistry of myocardium taken at autopsy. preliminary report].the findings after biochemical analysis of heart muscle taken at autopsy are given in this preliminary communication. human myosin is made up of two heavy sub-units and two light sub-units: it is similar to cardiac myosin found in other mammals, but is different in certain characteristics, particularly immunological ones. tropomyosin is made up of two different sub-units. the normal human heart contains 1 mg of collagen and 130 microgram of desoxyribonucleic acid (dna) per 100 mg of fresh tissue ...1978152617
inhibition of four human serine proteases by substituted benzamidines.a series of substituted benzamidines has been examined for their inhibitory activity against the human serine proteases--trypsin, thrombin, plasmin, and c1s, a subunit of the first component of complement. the inhibition constants obtained for each enzyme were correlated with physical-chemical properties of the substituent group using the quantitative structure-activity relationship approach. this analysis indicated that plasmin and c1s are very similar in their interactions with substituted ben ...1978152812
moulded supportive seating for the severe cases of physical disability intimate supportive seating may be required to provide maximum comfort, a good position for functional activities, improved respiration, relief of localized pressure, control of spasm, protection, or improved management. a service for providing such seating has been developed at chailey heritage. the seat is vacuum-formed from thermoplastic materials, having a soft non-absorbent foam for the linear and a hard semi-rigid outer shell. a mould is obtained by c ...2003152903
[occupational diseases reported to the directorate of accident insurance 1961-1970. ii. a more coordinated registration will facilitate preventive activities]. 2003153006
summed up results of a clinico-genetic study on children with langdon-down's disease. 2003153260
[lymphography for the prognosis of carcinoma of the cervix (author's transl)].ninety-two patients with carcinoma of the cervix, who had lymphograms before treatment, were observed for a period of three to five years. in patients with lymph node metastases 57.1% were found to have recurrences or metastases, or died during that period. amongst patients with normal lymphograms the corresponding figure was 11.3%. these findings were true for each stage of the disease. follow-up studies with histological examination of the lymph nodes have shown that the prognosis of carcinoma ...2003153283
[higher pharmaceutical education in the urals]. 2003153855
"oh, my aching back.". 2003153889
biosynthesis of glycogen in neurospora crassa. kinetic mechanism of udp-glucose: glycogen 4-alpha-glucosyltransferase.the kinetic mechanism of glycogen synthase [udp-glucose: glycogen 4-alpha-glucosyltransferase, ec], glucose-6-p-dependent form, from neurospora crassa has been investigated by initial velocity experiments and studies with inhibitors in the presence of sufficient levels of glucose-6-p. the rate equation was different from those of common two-substrate systems because one of the substrates, glycogen, is also a product. the reaction rates were determined by varying the concentration of one ...2003153901
cytolytic and proliferative activity of a permanent t killer cell line. 2003154065
[preparation of a zonal register of noxious pollutants in accordance with the drinking water ordinance (author's transl)]. 2003154081
histochemical and ultrastructural findings in a case of centronuclear myopathy.a case of centronuclear myopathy is presented. the presence of central nuclei in almost all fibres, the existence of type i fibres only, the histochemical pattern of a negative central zone with a perinuclear halo and a hyperactive rim with oxidative enzymes and the ultrastructural data are discussed in the light of the previous literature. the possible relationships with other myopathies are taken into consideration as well as the fact that central nuclei may be a non-specific change in several ...2003154406
a case of persistent atrial standstill.a case of persistent atrial standstill is described. the criteria for diagnosing atrial standstill are separated into two categories: the lack of electrical atrial activity and the lack of mechanical atrial activity. echocardiography of the anterior mitral leaflet is to be used as one of the noninvasive methods for the diagnosis of the lack of mechanical atrial activity.2003154407
mg2+-dependent adenosine triphosphatase in isolated synaptic vesicles. attribution of most of the enzymic activity to an actomyosin-like protein. 1979154515
autoimmune interaction measured in a postlabelling microcytostasis assay.a postlabelling microcytostasis assay was developed to assess primary immune interaction between normal rat lymphocytes and autologous testis cells. in this vitro model of experimental autoimmune orchitis (eao) unprimed t cells respond to a sertoli-like subpopulation of testis cells during a 4 day culture period. the t effector cells exert a cytostatic effect on the monolayer-forming target cells. the number of remaining target cells, which inversely correlates with the intensity of the autoimmu ...1979154536
treatment of huntington disease with a cholinergic agonist.the involuntary movements of huntington disease may be related to cholinergic hypofunction in the striatum. for this reason, the effect of a direct cholinergic agonist, arecoline, was studied in six patients with this disorder. rather than improving the chorea, arecoline tended to exacerbate the choreic movements. arecoline did produce significant alterations of blood pressure, heart rate, and body temperature, probably by central cholinergic stimulation.2002154624
huntington disease: clinical care and evaluation. 2002154626
resection of a massive arteriovenous malformation of the head and neck.we report a patient with a massive arteriovenous malformation of the head and neck treated by surgical extirpation of the lesion. arteriography, hypotensive hypothermic anesthesia, and the intraoperative use of the doppler flowmeter were most helpful in this case.2003154679
[biodegradable implants in orthopedic surgery]. 1978154723
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