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[examinations on the behaviour of grampositive and gramnegative bacteria in aqua bidest and tap-water at different initial colony counts and different temperatures (author's transl)].experiments were done about the behaviour of 5 different strains of staph. aureus, strept. faecalis, e. coli, ser. marcescens and p. aeruginosa in aqua bidest and sterile tap water at 20 degrees c, 30 degrees c and 40 degrees c. the behaviour of 3 different initial colony counts in each case was examined. colony forming units (cfu) were evaluated at the beginning and after 1, 2, 4, 6 and 24 h. cfu were reduced at staph. aureus and e. coli in aqua bidest and tap water not earlier than after 4 h, ...1979120654
[oculomotor reflex evoked by vibrassae stimulation in the cat].the oculomotor effects of vibrissae stimulation have been studied in the "encéphale isolé" non-anaesthetized cat. intracellular recording of lateral rectus motoneurones showed an excitatory projection via the ipsilateral infraorbital nerve to these motoneurones. the afferent fibers are type a alpha, recuited with a low threshold (0.2-0.5 ma) and convey information about vibrissae displacement.1979120789
nursing care at chailey heritage. 2002123064
glycosaminoglycans and arterial disease. 2002123633
[serological study of nontriturated fleas following preliminary cultivation of the plague microbe].under experimental conditions there was shown a possibility of serological study of nontriturated fleas for the presence of past. pestis. hottinger's broth with gentian-violet ((0.0003%) sodium sulfite (0.03%) and a surfactant--o (see article)-7 (3%) served as the growing medium. after the nontriturated fleas were grown for 48 hours at 37 degrees c the capsular antigen was detected with the aid of the passive hemagglutination and antibody neutralization tests. detection of the capsular antigen i ...1975123679
deaf students with other disabilities. 2002123697
evidence that the deferential vein acts as a local transport system for androgen in the rat and the dog.ligation of the deferential vein of the rat has been shown to bring about a reduction in the androgen-dependent activity of the prostatic rna polymerase enzyme. in the dog, the content of androgens in this vein is of the order of that found in the testicular vein and many times higher than that of peripheral plasma. it seems that the cauda epididymidis alone is sufficient to maintain the ipsilateral lobes of the prostate and seminal vesicles providing an intact ductus deferens and contralateral ...1975123961
hematuria. hematuria is a sign of grave disease unless proved otherwise. 2002124085
[saltykov's carcinoids on down's syndrome. description of two cases (author's transl)]. 2002124229
[exact and approximate diagnosis in laparoscopy]. 2002124405
effect of intrahepatically implanted islets of langerhans on hepatic function in the rat.diabetes mellitus is satisfactorily controlled in the rat by hepatic implantation of isolated, isologous pancreatic islets. the transplanted islets appear to be viable for at least 6 months after implantation, and hepatic function studies (serum bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase, prothrombin time) and microscopic examination indicate that they do not interfere with hepatic function.1975125372
the british columbia registry for handicapped children and adults: evolutionary changes over twenty years. 2001125623
relationship between ca-atpase activity and subunits of myosin in the myocardium of rats conditioned by swimming. 1975125656
[etiological diagnosis of non-neoplastic cervical adenopathies]. 2002126273
cytogenetics and the pathologist. 1975126409
[clinical conference: transcobalamins and lysozyme in various evolving stages of chronic myeloid leukemia]. 2002126440
[clinical conference: histamine and basophils after cellular separation on albumin gradient]. 1975126441
immunochemical studies with synthetic immunogens chemically related to peptidoglycan.rabbits were immunized with synthetic immunogens hsa-(gly-l-ala-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)39 and hsa-(gly-gamma-d-glu-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)40, respectively. antibodies against hsa-(gly-l-ala-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)39 showed a strong precipitin reaction with the homologous antigen, with hsa-(gly-gamma-d-glu-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)40 and with solubilized peptidoglycan containing peptide subunits with c-terminal d-alanyl-d-alanine. the albumin-peptide conjugates also cross-reacted with rabbit antisera to streptococcus ...1975126550
binding of antibodies onto the thylakoid membrane. i. maximal antibody binding and adsorption of antibodies to lipids.the binding of antibodies onto the lamellar system of antirrhinum majus was determined in dependence on the serum addition. the unspecific adsorption of serum proteins was taken into account or eliminated. the binding of antibodies as a function of the amount of serum added is seem from a saturation curve. from an antiserum obtained by hyperimmunization with stroma-freed chloroplasts, the chloroplasts bind maximally 1 gram antibodies per gram stroma-freed chloroplasts. from an antiserum to the p ...1975126591
letter: methods of laparoscopic sterilisation.the risk of visceral damage (as high as .6% in 1 series) associated with diathermy plus a significant increase in the number of young women requesting sterilization indicates need for alternatives to tubal diathermy. a prospective trial of laparoscopic sterilization using spring-loaded clips recorded no major complications in the 1st 250 women, although the failure rate of 2.6% (7 patients) was high. 5 of the 7 were due to operator errors and 2 to spring weakness. the clips and laparoscopic appl ...2002126714
[optical microscopic study of the effect of the hypothalamic hormone t.r.h. on certain cell types of rat anterior hypophysis].a cytological and optical microscopic study of the anterior lobe of hypohysis in the wistar adult rat 10, 30 or 60 minutes after intravenous injection of 50 mug of synthetic trh discloses modifications of thyrotropic cells and prolactin cells. it's possible to recognize a quick degranulation of the prolactin cells (with a maximum at the 10th minute) and a slower degranulation of the thyrotropic cells (perceptible at the 10th minute and very pronounced at the 60th minute). the somatrotopic cells ...1975126765
[disinfecting effectiveness of chlorcyanurates in vitro (author's transl)]. 2002126812
metabolism of 14c-dehydroepiandrosterone in female adipose tissue and venous blood.the metabolism of dehydroepiandrosterone in female adipose tissue and venous blood in 11 patients was studied by a double isotope method which is described in detail. the main metabolite isolated, identified and quantitated was androstenediol. the conversion rate of dehydroepiandrosterone to androstenediol for adipose tissue ranged between 3.32-14.28% (x = 7.47 +/- 3.34 sd) and for venous blood between 2.88-9.60% (x = 5.84 +/- 1.80 sd). the values found for androstenedione and testostrone did no ...2002126859
elementary particles in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes.elementary spherical particles similar to those described in the mitochondria are found in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes. the particles are characterized by electron microscopy of sections and preparations negatively stained with phosphotungstic acid or with the atpase histochemical reaction product. the particles exhibit adenosine triphosphatase activity and have a mushroom-like shape with a sphere about 85-90 angstrom in diameter attached to inner face of the inner nuclear me ...1975126876
[fleas of the yellow gopher (cittellus fulvus licht.) and their infection with the causative agent of plague in the territory of kazakhstan and central asia]. 1975127153
families for handicapped children: foster and adoptive placement programs. 2002127708
antibiotics and acne. 2002127752
impulse activity and receptor potential of primary and secondary endings of isolated mammalian muscle spindles.1. an isolated muscle spindle preparation from a tail muscle of cat is described. the afferent response to a ramp-and-hold stretch was recorded in individual axons from identified primary and secondary endings. 2. primary endings exhibit a prominent dynamic response, including an initial burst. they also show a well-maintained static discharge. secondary endings also show a well-sustained static discharge but generally have a much lower dynamic sensitivity. the response of primary and secondary ...1975127835
[role of immune complex in cancer immunity]. 2002127862
[from the field work by public health nursing students--aged people in the invalid state or living alone]. 2002127873
[interaction between the basic polypeptide trasylol and proteoglycars. iii. proteinase inhibitor]. 2002127918
[new theory of fibrinolytic mechanism in the development of hyaline membrane disease in newborn infants]. 2002127976
[use of toothpastes and mouthwashes as supplementary aids in the treatment of dentin hyperesthesia localized in the cervical region of the teeth]. 2002128040
cardiomyopathy in crowded rabbits.rabbits were crowded 4 to a cage for 2 weeks, then released for 1 week, crowded again for 2 weeks, and so on. of 44 rabbits subjected to intermittent crowding, only 9 survived for longer than 10 months, 20 died during the 1st month, and 15 died between the 2nd and 9th month of the experiment. histological sections of the myocardium showed myocytolysis, intersititial edema, and an increased amount of acid mucopoly saccharides in rabbits surviving for 2 weeks and more. the accumulations of acid mu ...1975128082
[vaccination strategy in influenza].the present paper deals with the conditions that influenza vaccines must comply with, their efficiency in terms of the route of administration, the major antigenic changes of influenza viruses, that has to be known from beforehand, a basic problem for the efficient control of a pandemic. vaccination must have in view reduction of the mortality and morbidity rate, a major criterion in establishing a programme for the prevention of influenza by vaccination.1975128101
evidence for intracellular complement-fixing complexes of igg rheumatoid factor in rheumatoid plasma cells. 2002128108
abnormalities of peripheral blood lymphocytes in rheumatoid arthritis.peripheral blood lymphocytes from some rheumatoid arthritis (ra) patients show a reduced response to pha when stimulated directly after isolation from blood. cells which have been preincubated in medium with normal serum for 22 h before exposure to pha show a relatively enhanced response, which approximates the normal. these findings could be compatible either with the blocking of surface pha receptors of circulating ra lymphocytes, or with progressive maturation of these cells in vitro. preincu ...2002128109
[international activities in 1974 for the characterization of water quality near seacoasts]. 1975128122
[ways to improve hospital medical aid under the conditions of a rural district]. 2002128127
relation of the fibrinolytic to other biological systems. 2002128149
in vitro effect of methylprednisolone on protein synthesis of activated canine thymus-derived lymphocytes.technics of studying the protein synthesis of canine thymus-derived lymphocytes in vitro have been developed. activation of these cells by pha or mlc increases protein synthesis. methylprednisolone decreases the stimulation of protein synthesis of these activated lymphocytes. the decrease in protein synthesis is not caused by lympholysis. in this respect, the dog, like man, can be considered a steroid-resistant animal. it is postulated that this effect of methylprednisolone contributes to its im ...1975128165
[proceedings: studies on the course of various forms of cardiomyopathies]. 2002128233
[local vitamin a acid therapy in palmar/plantar hyperkeratoses (authors transl)].up to date, the treatment of palmar/plantar hyperkeratoses presents a therapeutic problem. the known therapeutic procedures result in short-term improvement only, if any at all. in these investigations involving 68 patients suffering from palmar/plantar hyperkeratoses of different etiology, small doses of vitamin a acid locally applied, produced a striking improvement in hypertrophic lichen planus of palms or soles: the regression was complete and in most cases permanent. the skin texture of pat ...2002128248
chlorpromazine photoallergy. coexistence of immediate and delayed type.a 54-year-old woman had a recurrent pruritic eruption in light-exposed areas. she had a combination of three types of hypersensitivity to chlorpromazine, ie, allergic contact dermatitis, photocontact dermatitis, and immediate allergic photosensitivity. immediate wheal reactions were found after long-wave ultraviolet light irradiation at photopatch test and intradermal injection sites with chlorpromazine. these responses were differentiated from phototoxic reactions. a positive passive transfer r ...2002128322
the effect of butacaine on adenine nucleotide binding and translocation in rat liver mitochondria.the effect of the local anaesthetic, butacaine, on adenine nucleotide binding and translocation in rat liver mitochondria partially depleted of their adenine nucleotide content was investigated. the range of butacaine concentrations that inhibit adenine nucleotide translocation and the extent of the inhibition are similar to the values obtained for native mitochondria. butacaine does not alter either the total number of atractyloside-sensitive binding sites of depleted mitochondria, or the affin ...1975128352
[splenic artery ligature and latero-lateral anastomosis in portal hypertension (author's transl)].a new type of shunt for decompressing portal hypertension is described, consisting of ligation of the spleno-renal anastomosis. this reduces the pressure in the portal territory and in the dangerous gastric and oesophageal varices. in addition the procedure also abolishes the marrow inhibition due to splenic activity without removing the spleen and maintaining part of the portal circulation. the advantages and disadvantages of various decompression operations are discussed and compared with othe ...2002129408
pulled elbow. 2002129456
[problems connected with disabled and old people]. 2002129713
digitalis in clinical practice.rational use of digitalis requires adequate knowledge of the drug, the disease and the patient, and an ability to integrate these factors. the pharmacology of digitalis is reviewed and the pathophysiology of cardiac failure and supraventricular arrhythmias, as well as aspects of toxicity and the use of serum levels, is discussed. emphasis is placed on individualisation of therapy and on careful clinical observation.2002129874
[the bland-white-garland syndrome: hemodynamics, clinical picture, therapy].two patients with anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery are presented. anatomy, embryology, the problem of the direction of blood flow in the anomalous vessel, and the clinical symptoms of this syndrome are discussed. in spite of large fibrotic areas in the myocardium, the ecg-changes were minimal. therefore, a nearly normal ecg does not exclude this anomaly. in patients with sudden, unexpected death one should suspect an anomalous origin of a coronary artery. th ...2002129983
[determination of the radiational heat inflow into the cabin of agricultural machines]. 2002130282
the pathology of respiratory diseases of adult cattle in britain. 1975130287
the bender gestalt: use of clinical judgment versus recall scores in prediction in huntington's disease. 2002130390
[the treatment of pancreatic carcinoma with neocarzinostatin]. 1975130432
[epizootiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the oasal zone of tashauz province, turkmen ssr].six species of mosquitoes were recorded from the settlements in the oasis zone of turkmenia. in all the settlements ph. papatasi was prevalent, in the burrows of foxes and great gerbils ph. papatasi was most abundant and in the burrows of midday gerbils ser. arpaklensis was most frequently encountered. epizootological investigations testify to the possible cases of cutaneous leishmaniosis within the oasis that is associated with intraoasis natural foci of zoonosal cutaneous leishmaniosis. these ...2002130600
[long-term changes in the parasitic fauna of fishes in the aral sea].in the period of 1967--1971 investigations were carried out of the fishes from the aral sea. 65 species of parasites have been first recorded from the above fishes, their total list includes 215 species. 23 of them were introduced during the acclimatization of fishes. progressive salinity growth of this water body has caused the reduction of the distribution area and the decrease in the number of the aral population of many species. under changing conditions many species of monogenne and some me ...2002130601
studies on specific properties of dog heart (na+-k+)-atpase.three different methods used for partial purification of (na+-k+)-atpase, method a, matsui and schwartz (5), method b, fedelesová et al. (3), and method c, pitts et al. (6), were compared with respect to specific activities, yields, and recovery of the enzyme in preparations from the dog heart. highest specific activities of (na++k+)-atpase, as well as the ratio of (na+, +k+) + mg2+ to mg2+-atpase, and the second best recovery and yield have been found in the preparation obtained by method b. ho ...1976130659
[rehabilitation]. 2002130696
crosslinking of membranes: the effect of dimethylsuberimidate, a bifunctional alkylating agent, on mitochondrial electron transport and atpase. 1976130833
cleavage of thrombosthenin a by thrombin. evidence for the existence of two types of bovine platelet actin.bovin platelet actin prepared by spudich's method (spudich, j. a. (1972) cold spring harbor symp. quant. biol. 27, 585-594) separated into two peaks on a sephadex g-200 column. the actin of both peaks had a mol. wt. of 42 000 on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel and activated myosin atpase, although in a quantitatively different manner. actin eluted in the first peak (probably an oligomeric form) was not polymerized in 2 mm mgcl2 and 0.05 m kcl, while that of the second peak went through ...1976130929
[suitable dwellings also for the disabled (author's transl)].(1) the construction and adaptation of dwelling which are supposed to provide a permanent focal point in the lives of the disabled are approved in purely residential areas. (2) von den verschiedenen möglichkeiten trägerschaftlicher zuordnung einer wohnstätte für behinderte erscheint der eingetragene verein als die geeignetste rechtsform. (3) wohnstätten mit mindestens sechs behinderten unterliegen den bestimmungen des heimgesetzes (heimvertrag, mitwirkung). (4) wünschenswert wäre es, dass die bu ...2002134435
effects of exercise training and exhaustion on 45ca uptake by rat skeletal muscle mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticulum.mitochondrial and sarcoplasmic reticular 45ca2+ uptake and ca2+-atpase activity were determined in skeletal muscle from exercise trained and non-trained rats at rest or following short-term exhaustive exercise. in trained rats exercised to exhaustion, mitochondrial 45ca2+ uptake was significantly depressed when compared to non-trained rats at rest. ca2+-atpase activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum from trained rats exercised to exhaustion was significantly increased as compared to trained rats at r ...1976134437
[huntington's chorea in a schizophrenic patient]. 2002134656
harmaline-induced tremor in the rat: abolition by 3-acetylpyridine destruction of cerebellar climbing fibers. 1976134757
[study of the role or weaning and of androgens in the determinism of adrenal sexual dimorphism at the moment of puberty in the guinea pig].sexual dimorphism of the adrenal, which appears at puberty in guinea-pig, is not the fact of weaning. this dimorphism is suppressed by castration in male or injection of testosterone in female. testis androgens are the cause of the lower values of plasma and adrenal cortisol concentrations and of adrenal weight noticed in male compared with female between days 20 and 90 of postnatal life.1976134790
[characteristics of a mastocytoma cell line adapted to in-vitro culture].a cell line adapted to in vitro culture was obtained starting from ascites type mastocytoma cells which were maintained by successive transplantation in mice. the cells make colonies in liquid culture medium as well as on agar plate. in comparison under microscope and of behaviour in abdominal cavity of mice, no difference was detected between cells of this cell line and those of original one.2002134824
in vitro monitoring of cadaver kidney donor pretreatment by lymphocyte culture.fourteen cadaver kidney donors were pretreated with a rapid infusion of 5 g of cyclophosphamide and 5 g of methylprednisolone in an attempt to reduce graft immunogenicity by altering immunogenic "passenger" leucocytes. the effects of this drug infusion on peripheral lymphocytes were monitored by measuring the ability of donor lymphocytes to respond and to stimulate recipient cells in mixed lymphocyte culture and by measuring their ability to respond to phytohaemagglutinin stimulation before and ...1976134860
rna biosynthesis in the chick embryo during development and its relation to collagen synthesis.a study of rna synthesis in the legs and wings of chick embryos suggests synthesis of specific rna's as a function of development. an increase in rna at day 10 was followed by an increase in collagen synthesis. that rna had a sedimentation coefficient of 23s and several of the characteristics of mrna. thus it appeared to contain a poly a sequence since it was retained on poly u coated-filters, it was not methylated, and its synthesis was not inhibited by low doses of actinomycin d. that rna was ...2002134868
a stabilised tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane adduct in reduced collagen.the reduction of collagen with sodium [3h] borohydride in the presence of tris buffer results in the stabilization of a schiff base adduct which is formed between allysine residues and tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane. the reduced, radioactive derivative of this adduct has been identified in hydrolyzates or reduced collagen. it elutes before hydroxylysine on an amino acid analyzer column close to the position of dihydroxylysinonorleucine. similar artifacts may occur when aldehydes present in or a ...1976134871
a comparison between amantadine and bromocriptine using the stereotyped behaviour response test (sbr) in the rat.amantadine (100 mg/kg), apomorphine (2.5-10 mg/kg) and bromocriptine (10-50 mg/kg) all produced stereotyped behaviour in the rat. apomorphine was rapid in onset and of short duration, amantadine was slower to reach a maximum and bromocriptine had a delayed onset of 50 min and a prolonged action. amantadine and bromocriptine were antagonised by pimozide (1 mg/kg for 30 min) suggesting an action on dopamine receptors, and by d,l-alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine (150 mg/kg for 3 h) suggesting an indirect ac ...1976134898
[acne (vulgaris, indurata, conglobata)]. 2002134914
laparoscopy in hepatic disease. 2002134923
[bdellovibrio bacteriovorus as a factor in the self-purification of river water]. 1976134929
cardiomegaly in chronic anaemia in rats; gross and histologic features. 1976134972
the itch is back. 1976134986
broader investigation into the external environment of the specific antigen of the infectious agent in epizootiological observation and study of the structure of natural foci of plague.the possibilities of detection of the infectious agent in natural foci of plague can be expanded to some extent by using the method of search for the specific fi capsular antigen of the plague microbe in such objects of the external environment which have not yet been subjected to laboratory analysis and serological analysis in particular. such objects include soil from the burrow and the substrate of the nest of the rodent as well as the fleas of rodents and regurgitations of birds of prey. the ...1976135026
vocational rehabilitation--the new law and its implications for the future. 2002135086
marshall university: a model in practical rehabilitation planning. 2002135088
purification and characterization of a new ribopolynucleotide synthesizing enzyme from escherichia coli. 1976135093
[experimental restoration of the renal artery. comparative study of 3 procedures (author's transl)].presentation of theee procedures of experimental revascularization of the renal artery under microscopically controlled surgered (study of 19 dogs): --10 dacron velvet grafts, --6 hypogastric autografts, --3 spleno-renal autografts. results obtained by three means of investigation: selective angiography, measurement of renal flow using radioactive xenon, microscopic study of the anastomoses and the grafts: --10 dacron 10 failures, --6 hypogastric autografts, 4 successes 2 failures, --3 spleno-re ...1976135095
esophageal cancer, hyperkeratosis, and oral leukoplakia: follow-up family study. 2002135097
[menetrier's disease: protein-losing gastropathy and antiplasmin therapy (author's transl)]. 2002135109
bulbourethral gland infections in mice associated with staphylococcus aureus. 1976135128
[pantopaque cisternography in diagnosis of acustic neuromas (author's transl)].in 6 out of 37 patients, examined by pantopaque cisternography the suspect of a acustic neuroma could be strengthened. all of these tumors showed growth beyond the internal auditory meatus. smaller intrameatal tumors were not found. the indication for cisternography were made almost according to the demands from fisch and wegmüller, therefore it is asked, wether it should not be better to follow the methods of valvassori who sometimes performes cisternography based on audiometric findings alone. ...2002135149
[longitudinal audiometric studies concerning progression of noise induced hearing loss (author's transl)].the development of occupational hearing loss is very important for the recommendation to change the work place. 1960 dieroff has described a phasic development of noise induced hearing loss. after ten years in noisy environment no further development of hearing impairment was determinable. recent investigations point to a logarithmical respectively linear dependence of noise induced permanent threshold shift on the duration of exposure to noise. during our observation over a period of two years ...2002135157
[rupture of the round window membrane after slight head injury with flush of perilymph probably caused by large opening of aquaeductus cochleae (author's transl)].a ringing deaf ear was noticed after slight head injury without loss of consciousness nor fracture of the skull. after performig tympanotomy a ruptured round window membrane with excessive flush of perilymph was found. we might rightly assume that this was induced by a large opening of aquaeductus cochleae combined with the force of inertia of the cerebral liquor and the direction of the push to the round window (blow behind the left ear).2002135187
chemical hazards in the workplace. 2002135215
[the efficacy of ventilation systems in hospitals (author's transl)]. 2002135217
[answer to k. h. wagner's: "doubts about fluoridation". public health service 37 (1975) 799-805]. 2002135229
[thoughts on the central theme of the fifth scientific congress of the german federation of medical examiners: "further development of the social service of the physician to a common medical social service--a requirement of the times?" (author's transl)]. 2002135232
liver plasma membrane enzyme activities following glutaraldehyde fixation.the wachstein-meisel atpase histochemical method has been previously used to demonstrate the ultrastructural localization of this enzyme in both whole liver and isolated plasma membranes following fixation in glutaraldehyde. in the present study biochemical assay, of liver plasma membrane enzymes following fixation in cold 2.5% glutaraldehyde showed that approximately 40% of mg2+-atpase, but only 4% of (na+-k+)-atpase activity remained in membranes from either control or anit-treated rats. in ad ...1976135243
minor back injuries. 2002135247
preventive dentistry and the child patient. 2002135251
[tuberculosis in domestic animals and its relationship with human tuberculosis]. 1976135254
inhibition of erythrocyte sickling by cystamine, a thiol reagent.incubation of sickle cells with cystamine, a thiol reagnet, resulted in the formation of an intracellular s-ethylamine derivative. the rate of the reaction was dependent upon the cystamine concentration, the temperature, and the duration of the incubation. the cystamine-treated cells demonstrated a marked inhibition of sickling under hypoxic conditions, a decrease in their mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration, and a significant increase in their oxygen affinity. the oxygen affinity of these ...2002135260
tape test as a simple new method for the study of compounds increasing the problem-solving ability of the rat.a simple new method, the "tape test" has been developed for studying the enhancement of learning by drugs in "learning-dull" rats. a piece of adhesive tape is pressed on the left front pad of the rats. the time of tape removal by the animal, i.e., the problem-solving time is measured. in our experiments the selected learning-dull rats were used which were unable to remove the tape within 60 s observed on 3 consecutive days. the problem-solving ability of the rats was studied on 4 consecutive day ...1976135270
[cardiac electrical stimulation (with a pacemaker) as an ultramodern adjuvant in ocular surgery in some heart disease patients]. 2002135278
[occupational and medical prospects of young persons with marfan's syndrome]. 2002135288
[management of orbital neoplasms with invasion of surrounding tissues]. 2002135296
[disabled children in the federal republic of germany in 1974 (author's transl)].within the scope of an additional micro-census inquiry--carried out in 1974--the federal statistical office in wiesbaden assessed the number of physically, mentally and psychologically impaired children. the results are differentiated according to the types of disability and therapy, age, in-patient treatment and special school attendance. furthermore, the estimated results are compared with earlier surveys of the federal statistical office and other estimates.2002135318
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