investigations on adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate phosphodiesterase in ram semen and initial characterization of a sperm-specific isoenzyme.phosphodiesterase is shown to occur in ram semen, and its activity to be higher in spermatozoa than in seminal plasma. using similar substrate levels, the rate at which adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) is metabolized by phosphodiesterase in spermatozoa is about 100 times higher than that of cyclic amp synthesis by adenylate cyclase. in spermatozoa, phosphodiesterase is present partly in a soluble form, and partly bound; both forms can be extracted by sonication. the soluble enzyme (ph ...1976178869
disseminated herpesvirus infection. association with primary genital herpes in pregnancy.a patient with primary herpes simplex virus (hsv) type 2 genital infection had dissemination in the 37th week of her first pregnancy. this was manifested by severe hepatitis, pancreatitis, and genital lesions. temporary improvement followed the delivery of a healthy infant by cesarean section. encephalitis became evident on the third postpartum day, and recovery was complicated by profound bradycardia, possibly due to viral myocarditis. vidarabine was administered for seven days, and the patient ...1976178938
[chronic granulomatous disease. clinical symptoms and biochemical background]. 1976184401
histochemistry of oxidative enzymes in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis.the histoenzymic pattern of oxidative enzymes (g3pd, idh, sd, g6pd,hbd, nadph: dehydrogenase) was investigated in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) produced in rats according to paterson [13]. the results obtained lead to following conclusions: (1) the neuroglia, including the white matter oligodendroglia of immunized rats, exhibits increased oxidoreductase activities; (2) the neuroallergic reaction induces some stimulation of the oxidoreductive metabolism of oligoden-droglia; (3) th ...1976186370
effects of adenine and cytokinins on growth and protein kinase activity of verticillium albo-atrum.growth of verticillium albo-atrum in liquid czapek-dox broth was stimulated about four-fold by added 10 mm adenine, n6-benzyladenine, or kinetin. less stimulation was evident at lower concentrations. with none of these included in the basal growth medium, detectable protein kinase activity in cell-free extracts was low and responded minimally to camp (adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate) in the reaction mixture. with each of these compounds as an additive to the growth medium, protein kinase ac ...1976186711
[effect of 2,6-diaminopurine resistance mutations on adenine and adenosine assimilation by cells of an adenine-dependent strain of escherichia coli k-12].in purine-requiring strain of escherichia coli k-12 defective in purine nucleoside phosphorylase (pur, pup) mutants (designated apt) have been obtained that are resistant to 2,6-diaminopurine on guanine-containing medium and incapable to utilize adenine for their growth at 42degreesc, but they are still sensitive to the analogue and can utilize adenine at 28degreesc. it has been shown that the introduction of the corresponding apt mutations in the genome of adenine-requiring strains impaired the ...1976187528
interrelationships between the central nervous system and patterns of adrenocorticotropic secretion following acute exposure to severe environmental conditions. 1976187557
altered lethality of murine toxin from yersinia pestis under various metabolic conditions. 1977190614
experimental evaluation of paracetamol antidotes. 1976193746
polypeptides and antigens of herpes simplex virus; their nature and relevance in chemotherapy and epidemiology of herpes infections. 1977193819
the storage lipids in tangier disease. a physical chemical study.the physical states and phase behavior of the lipids of the spleen, liver, and splenic artery from a 38-yr-old man with tangier disease were studied. many intracellular lipid droplets in the smectic liquid crystalline state were identified by polarizing microscopy in macrophages in both the spleen and liver, but not in the splenic artery. the droplets within individual cells melted sharply over a narrow temperature range, indicating a uniform lipid composition of the droplets of each cell. howev ...1977193870
[enzymomorphology of the vaccinal process in connection with formation of immunity to plague].the studies conducted showed that the beginning of immunogenesis following the administration of live plague vaccine was preceded by a period of primary toxic action of multiplying microbes when the activity of a number of enzymes in the organs of guinea-pigs was temporarily reduced. subsequently, inductive and productive phases of formation of antibodies started against the background of normalization and growth of the enzymatic activity associated with mobilization of energy. the earliest hype ...1976194554
beta-adrenergic blocking activity of yersinia pestis murine toxin.yersinia pestis plague murine toxin has been found to inhibit the mobilization of free fatty acids in mice in a manner similar to that of beta-adrenergic blocking agents. the blockage is detectable 75 min after injection of the toxin (1 to 2 mean lethal doses). the degree of inhibition was directly correlated with the toxicity of a given toxin preparation. agents such as cholera toxin or glucagon, with apparently distinct receptors from beta-adrenergic receptors, stimulated adenylate cyclase and ...1977198377
mitogenic response of mouse spleen cells and gelation of limulus lysate by lipopolysaccharide of yersinia pestis and evidence for neutralization of lipopolysaccharide by polymyxin b.lipopolysaccharide (lps) extracted with phenol and water from yersinia pestis was compared with lps of escherichia coli for stimulation of deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in mouse spleen cells (lymphocyte mitogenesis), gelation of limulus lysate, pyrogenicity in the rabbit, and susceptibility to inhibition of these activities by polymyxin b sulfate (pbs). lps of y. pestis stimulated deoxyribonucleic acid synthesis in mouse spleen cell cultures over the same quantitative range as lps of e. coli. ...1977200563
[migration of transformed fibroblast-like cells on substrates with patterned relief-work (quantitative study)].the quantitative estimation of migration ability of transformed fibroblast-like cells of various epecies (mouse , rat, hamster, man) cultured on the substratum with grooves of various depth (5--40 mcm) was performed. of the majority of 11 cell lines examined, a reduced migration capacity up to its total disappeanance was registered as compared with the homological normal embryonic cells. a more pronounced reduction of migration ability was shown in mouse and rat transformed cells and less in hu ...1977201058
cell culture propagation of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent).two isolates of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent) were isolated and passaged in primary procine kidney cell cultures. viral infectivity for cells was monitored by immunofluorescence because viral cytopathic effect was moderate. successful passage of virus in cell culture required that viral suspensions obtained from infected cell cultures be treated with pancreatin prior to inoculation onto cell monolayers. porcine rotavirus passage in cell culture also was accomplished, using trypsin trea ...1977201198
functional studies on crosslinked bovine cytochrome c oxidase. 1978202495
how do axons control myelin formation? the model of 6-aminonicotinamide neuropathy.injection of 6-aminonicotinamide into young rats produces a peculiar neuropathy characterized by selective swelling and disruption of the layer of schwann cell cytoplasm lining the inner surface of the myelin sheath. this layer increases greatly in volume, compressing the axon and distending the myelin sheath. morphometry of such swollen fibers discloses that the amount of myelin in the distended sheaths is considerably greater than would correspond to the size of the axons, even if axonal compr ...1978204752
a mitochondrial lesion in experimental spinal cord trauma. 1978204754
trypsin and bovine rotavirus replication. 1978205033
primary culture of adult rat liver cells. i. preparation of isolated cells from trypsin-perfused liver of adult rat.isolated hepatic cells from adult rats were prepared by perfusing the livers with trypsin. the highest yield of viable cells was obtained by perfusing the liver with 0.1% trypsin, ph 7.0, at 37 degrees c for 30 min. following this treatment about 70% of cells excluded trypan blue. the isolated cells contained many binucleate cells. between 60 and 70% of dna present originally in the liver was recovered from the isolated hepatic cells, which had higher glucose 6-phosphatase activity than the live ...1977205092
kinetic studies on the reactions catalyzed by chorismate mutase-prephenate dehydrogenase from aerobacter aerogenes.steady-state kinetic techniques have been used to investigate each of the reactions catalyzed by the bifunctional enzyme, chorismate mutase-prephenate dehydrogenase, from aerobacter aerogenes. the results of steady-state velocity studies in the absence of products, as well as product and dead-end inhibition studies, suggest that the prephenate dehydrogenase reaction conforms to a rapid equilibrium random mechanism which involes the formation of two dead-end complexes, viz, enzyme-nadh-prephenate ...1978206281
kinetics of lipid--protein interactions: interaction of apolipoprotein a-i from human plasma high density lipoproteins with phosphatidylcholines. 1978207309
differential effects of isolated lipoproteins from normal and hypercholesterolemic rhesus monkeys on cholesterol esterification and accumulation in arterial smooth muscle cells in culture.whole serum obtained from hypercholesterolemic rhesus monkeys was found to stimulate cholesterol esterification and cholesteryl ester accumulation in rhesus monkey arterial smooth muscle cells in culture to a significantly greater extent than normocholesterolemic serum. this was true even when the cholesterol concentration of the culture medium was equalized. isolation and characterzation of the low density lipoproteins (ldl) from rhesus monkeys indicated that the ldl from hypercholesterolemic a ...1978208631
estimating adrenal cortical function in dogs with acth.the peripheral blood response to intramuscular injection of 10 units acth in dogs was investigated because no experimental evidence for the standardization of this procedure for clinical use was available. following the injection of acth in sodium chloride solution, neutrophilia, monocytosis, eosinopenia, and lymphopenia occurred. with the exception of eosinopenia, the greatest change in the concentration of each cell type in peripheral blood occurred between 2 and 4 hours post injection. the ma ...1978208814
detection of coronavirus-like particles in a spontaneous case of feline infectious peritonitis. 1978209236
[etiology of chronic recurring aphthous stomatitis].46 patients with chronic recurrent aphthae of the oral mucosa were subjected to clinical, virological and serologic examinations to evidence the assumed virus aetiology of this clinical picture. a cytopathogenic organism (classified as herpes virus hominis) could be cultivated from the aphtha sample from only one patient.1978209580
characterization of a calcium-activated cytidine triphosphate phosphohydrolase present in dorsal spinal nerve roots. 1978210260
effect of irradiation on enzyme activities of cyclic amp system in the neuro- and adenohypophyses.the enzyme activities of cyclic amp system in the neuro- and adenohypophyses were studied, immediately after an irradiation by a single whole body exposure of 1600 r, in an attempt to find whether this intervention causes the changes in the responsiveness of the cyclic amp regulatory system. in the irradiated rats the neurohypophyses revealed a reduced activity of adenylate cyclase, moderately increased activity of phosphodiesterase and slightly decreased activity of protein kinase, including th ...1978210409
comparison of interferon action in interferon resistant and sensitive l1210 cells.translation inhibition, leu-trna aminoacylation and double-stranded rna and atp dependent phosphorylation were examined in interferon-treated and control cell-free lysates of leukaemic mouse l 1210 r and l 1210 s cells. no differences were observed between the respective interferon-treated and control cell-free extracts, except for the presence of an enhanced 67k dalton phosphoprotein fraction in interferon-treated l 1210 s cell-free extracts. in non-responding cell-free lysates, the lack of sti ...1978212514
fluorescent probe studies of normal, persistently infected, rous sarcoma virus-transformed, and trypsinized rat cells. 1978213301
woodrige memorial lecture. the veterinary profession and an intensive poultry industry. 1978213871
relative importance of high and low density lipoproteins in the regulation of cholesterol synthesis in the adrenal gland, ovary, and testis of the rat. 1978214438
[rotavirus gastroenteritides in infants and toddlers]. 1978216499
the role of testicular adenylate cyclase in the hypogonadism of renal insufficiency. 1978216992
alterations in the expression of the cytomegalovirus-induced cytopathogenic effect in fibroblasts by aflatoxin b1.aflatoxin b1 has been shown both to promote and to alter the expression of the cytopathogenic effect observed when human fibroblasts are challenged with human cytomegalovirus (cmv). although the cells become round, as is the characteristic effect of this virus on fibroblasts, multinucleate cells are seen to arise from cell fusion within 48 h after virus addition.1978218602
[blood transfusion and viral diseases. recent acquisitions concerning viral hepatitis viruses, cytomegaloviruses and epstein-barr virus].in recent years, an increasingly clear picture has been formed of the virus-induced syndromes that may follow a blood transfusion or the use of blood derivatives. up to about 10 years ago, post-infusion infection was predominantly due to serum hepatitis. blumberg's discovery of hbsag (formerly known as australia antigen) has made it possible to check and prevent viral hepatitis, type b, and to recognise such distinct forms as the mononucleosis-like syndrome caused by cytomegalic virus, infectiou ...1979219399
transcription of the marek's disease virus genome in a nonproductive chicken lymphoblastoid cell line. 1979219594
secretory granules of the duodenal enterochromaffin cells of the cat. 1979222959
troponoids. 3. synthesis and antiallergy activity of n-troponyloxamic acid esters.a number of oxamic acid derivatives of tropones and tropolones were synthesized and their antianaphylactic activity was determined in passive paw anaphylaxis (ppa). several of these esters possessed oral activity. a comparison of the effect on the biological activity of the esters and the corresponding acid and its salt is reported. the experiments suggesting a relationship between the activity and the bioavailability of the ester 19 are also described. a study of the fate of ester 19 in serum o ...1979229222
[the possibility of predicting the degree of plasmacyte reaction in response to administration of soluble antigen to mice].the work is devoted to the mathematical description of the accumulation of plasma cells in the spleen of cba mice immunized intraperitoneally. a dependence between the dynamics of the soluble antigen concentration in the blood and the plasmocytic reaction in the spleen was confirmed under experimental conditions. index a was suggested for detection of a change from the antigenic function to the accumulation of plasma cells. the mean values of index a were used to compare the calculated values of ...1975235822
fluorescence quenching of horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase and its complexes by para-chloromercuriphenyl sulfonate. 1975235896
aromatic amino acid transport in yersinia pestis.the uptake and concentration of aromatic amino acids by yersinia pestis tjw was investigated using endogenously metabolizing cells. transport activity did not depend on either protein synthesis or exogenously added energy sources such as glucose. aromatic amino acids remained as the free, unaltered amino acid in the pool fraction. phenylalanine and tryptophan transport obeyed michaelis-menten-like kinetics with apparent km values of 6 x 10(-7) to 7.5 x 10(-7) and 2 x 10(-6) m, respectively. tyro ...1975238939
the interaction of calcium and magnesium ions with deoxyribonucleic acid. 1975240314
[prevention and therapy of viral hepatitis]. 1979253774
influence of hyperglycemia on survival after hemorrhagic shock.terms such as "insulin resistance" and "glucose intolerance" applied to shock-induced hyperglycemia suggest that this state may prejudice survival. however, our data indicate that posthemorrhage hyperglycemia improves short-term survival. rabbits, either fed until the experiment or fasted for 24 hours, were shocked by rapid removal of 25% of their blood volume (bv) measured by 131ihsa. during the next 60 minutes, blood pressure (bp) was recorded, and the following variables were measured every 1 ...1978262089
[experimental infection of biomphalaria glabrata with schistosoma mansoni in the presence of helisoma duryi]. 1979262314
[efficacy of various culture media in the preservation of yersinia pestis strains]. 1979262317
[brain aging. ultrastructural study of changes in man and laboratory animals].the authors present a study on ultrastructural changes observed in aged human and animal brain. these changes are analyzed and compared with those described in classic optic microscopy and with those observed in experimental models of the same lesions.1979262351
basal and human chorionic gonadotropin-stimulated 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone and testosterone levels in klinefelter's nine patients with klinefelter's syndrome, mean basal plasma levels of testosterone (302 +/- 145 ng/100 ml) and its major precursor, 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone (17-ohp; 86 +/- 46 ng/100 ml), were significantly lower (p less than 0.01 to less 0.05) than in eight eugonadal men (605 +/- 180 and 136 +/- 39 ng/100 ml, respectively). the ratio of 17-ohp to testosterone, however, was comparable in both groups (0.29 +/- 0.09 vs. 0.24 +/- 0.08; p less than 0.10). in the klinefelter patients, basal p ...1978263344
studies of the human testis. xi. leydig cell clusters and levels of intratesticular testosterone and 20 alpha-dihydroprogesterone.testosterone concentration in testes of 23 men, ages 51 to 90, was determined as 490 +/- 172 ng/g tissue (m +/- s.d.) and 20 alpha-dihydroprogesterone concentration as 10.0 +/- 2.3 ng/g tissue (m +/- s.d.) in 18 men of the same patient group. leydig cells were estimated by the number of leydig cell clusters per tubule. there was a high correlation (r = 0.88, p less than .001) of the leydig cell index with intratesticular testosterone. it is proposed that the leydig cell cluster index provides a ...1978263345
decline of maternal antibodies to plague in norway rats.the decline of maternal antibodies to the fraciton i antigen of yersinia pestis was investigated in newly weaned rattus norvegicus obtained from dams vaccinated with strain ev76(51f) of y. pestis. iha titre decreased by 50% each 7-3 days and cf titre declined 50% each 10-0 days in young rats. an analysis of available data indicated that maternal iha and cf antibodies could persist to 3 months of age. therefore, positive serologic reactions in young r. norvegicus, detected in the course of serolo ...1977264498
the cloning of mouse globin and surrounding gene sequences in bacteriophage lambda. 1978277326
[biochemical characteristics of yersinia pestis samples isolated in brazil]. 1977283471
experimental gingivitis in odu plaque-susceptible rats. iii. toxic activity of the rat dental plaque.the toxicity tests of the dental plaque from odu plaque-susceptible rats showed strong lethal effect on mice, and abscess forming effect on guinea-pigs. bacterial cells isolated from the rat dental plaque also showed strong toxicity on both animals and capillary permeable activity on rabbits. among these bacterial cells, corynebacterium showed the strongest toxic effects on these animals. these facts suggested an important role of the dental plaque on initiation and development of gingivitis and ...1979289757
transmembrane linkage of fibronectin to intracellular actin-containing filaments in cultured human fibroblasts. 1978291374
cellular immune response to yersinia pestis modulated by product(s) from thymus-derived lymphocytes.resistance to infection with yersinia pestis was found to depend on whether the macrophage can inactivate and withstand the cytotoxic effects of phagocytized y. pestis. serum from mice immunized with antigens of y. pestis enhanced the resistance of monolayers of normal cultures to the cytotoxic effects of y. pestis and increased the capacity of peritoneal exudate cells from immune mice to inactivate these bacteria. the enhancing component of the serum was not removed by absorption with heat-kill ...1977299867
the serological response to yersinia pestis infection.passive haemagglutination antibody titres to fraction i antigen of yersinia pestis were plotted against day of clinical illness in 82 patients in viet nam. a rise was evident by day 5 with a peak at day 14, after which a plateau occurred. in contrast to all other patients, 2 patients with recurrent infections had elevated titres at the time of admission which decreased significantly during convalescence.1977302154
[ring of the chromosome 4. ii. without facial dysmorphism].a r(4) was observed in a 5-year-old female patient, with growth retardation, a near normal psychomotor development and with no major dysmorphism. the break points were in p16 and q33. after comparison with other known observations of r(4) it is suggested that the phenotype of monosomy 4p is due to monosomy for the distal band 4p16.1977302682
partial tetrasomy 9(9pter to 9q2101) due to an extra iso-dicentric chromosome.a 3-year-old boy with partial no. 9 tetrasomy is described. the patient showed markedly retarded physical and mental development as well as multiple congenital anomalies. routine chromosome analysis revealed an extra c-group chromosome. it had a pronounced secondary constriction at the proximal part of its long arm. based on studies by a variety of banding techniques, the extra chromosome was identified to be an iso-dicentric no. 9 chromosome with inactivation of one of the two centromeres, the ...1977302683
mosaic 45,xy,-21/46,xy in a child with g deletion syndrome i.a mosaic 45,xy,-21/46,xy was found in a boy with g deletion syndrome i who showed microcephaly, downward, antimongoloid slanted eyes, micrognathism, large, low set ears, small penis and bilateral inguinoscrotal hernia.1977302684
erythrocyte autoantibodies induced in mice immunized with rat antigens.antibody reacting against syngeneic mouse erythrocytes could not be elicited (by rat erythrocytes) in athymic nude mice. rat antigen preparations from heart, muscle testes, brain erythrocyte ghosts and foetal material failed to elicit detectable autoantibody reactivity against mouse erythrocytes, even though all these preparations (other than brain and foetal) induced a reduction in half life of syngeneic murine erythrocytes in vivo. we suggest that an unstable rat erythrocyte antigen is respons ...1977303095
induction in b2/b2 chickens of immunity to transplantable carcinogen-induced fibrosarcomas mediated by t-cell monocyte cooperation: role of delayed hypersensitivity to unrelated antigens. 1977303451
effect of lisuride and lsd on monoamine synthesis after axotomy or reserpine treatment in rat brain. 1978305542
[pharmacologic properties of ortho-ethoxy-benzamide]. 1977305744
partial duplication 5q syndrome: phenotypic similarity in two sisters with identical karyotype (partial duplication 5q33 leads to 5qter and partial deficiency 8p23 leads to pter).two sisters with statomotor developmental retardation microcephaly, hydrocephalus internus and externus without signs of pressure, heart defect (ventricular septal defect), early pulmonary resistance and characteristic facial changes were found to have the same unbalanced karyotype with partial trisomy 5q3300 leads to 5qter and partial monosomy 8p2300 leads to 8pter, derived from a balanced reciprocal paternal translocation: 46,xy,t(5;8)(q3300;p2300). the older girl was tested for the erythrocyt ...1977305758
the cerebellar arteries in the cat and areas supplied by them. 1978308899
expression of human t lymphocyte antigens by killer cells.k cells, the effectors of antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, were found to express human t but not b lymphocyte antigens detected by rabbit anti-htla and anti-hbla. pretreatment of effector cells with anti-htla+c inhibited adcc by specifically lysing k cells: no inhibition of adcc by anti-htla occurred when deltac was substituted for c. by contrast, pretreatment of effector cells with anti-hbla nonspecifically inhibited adcc, probably for forming antigen-antibody complexes with hbla+ ...1978308964
measuring the efficacy of vaccination in affording protection against plague.the relationship of f1 antibody titre to protection against plague was investigated by subjecting seropositive laboratory rats to virulent challenge and observing for survival. the passive haemagglutination (pha) test in microtitre was employed for serology. rats vaccinated with live vaccine ev76 (51f), killed u.s.p. vaccine, or f1 antigen and challenged by subcutaneous inoculation of 1 x 10(3) to 5 x 10(5)yersinia pestis survived at similar rates that, overall, equalled 6% at titres less than 1 ...1979312163
veneral diseases. 1979313576
analysis of t cell subpopulations by laser doppler spectroscopy and the association of electrophoretic mobility differences with differences in rosette-forming affinity. 1979313961
biological assay of potential trichomonacides in vitro using a counter apparatus.utilising the accuracy and speed of a coulter counter for cell counting and sizing, a new method of antimicrobial assay has been developed in which the potency of inhibitors is calculated on a mol/cell basis. a total of 72 potential trichomonacides were screened against trichomonas vaginalis and the ed50 value estimated for 27 of the most interesting and potent compounds. the ed50 value for metronidazole was a mean of 5.12 fmol/cell and only 6 compounds were more potent. after the nitroimidazole ...1978314804
susceptibility to cefazedone and cefazolin and production of beta-lactamase in in bacteroides fragilis and other species of bacteroidaceae. 1979314805
third international symposium on transfer factor. 1979314845
ultrastructural and biochemical changes in newborn rabbit liver after transplacental effect of phenobarbital. 1979315341
the requirement of ia-positive accessory cells for the induction of hapten-reactive cytotoxic t lymphocytes in vitro. 1979315427
volume and shape of normal human improved apparatus for measuring the electrical size of particles, developed in this laboratory and based on the principle of the coulter counter, is used to size human spermatozoa. the typical size distribution is unimodel, with a skew to the right. the actual quantity determined by the measuring system is electrical size (i.e., shape factor x volume); in order to extract the volume, it is necessary to obtain an independence measure of particle shape. this is done by estimating the relative ...1977321264
cell-mediated immunity in experimental nocardia asteroides infection.experimental mycetoma-like lesions developed in guinea pigs after subcutaneous injection of nocardia asteroides. although delayed hypersensitivity appeared earlier, increased macrophage migration inhibition and microbicidal activity appeared after 7 weeks. when the lesions healed, high cell-mediated immunity was present. cell-mediated immunity was transferred to normal recipient guinea pigs from healed donor guinea pigs by spleen cell transfer. recipient guinea pigs showed marked protection agai ...1977321348
conservation of transfer ribonucleic acid and 5s ribonucleic acid cistrons in enterobacteriaceae.the genes for tranfer ribonucleic acid (tdna) and 5s ribonucleic acid (5sdna) were isolated from the total deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) of escherichia coli. the relatedness of tdna and 5s from e. coli and other species of enterobacteriaceae was determined by reassociation of the isolated genes labeled with 32po4 to unlabeled, unfractionated dna. double-stranded dna was separated from unreacted dna by hydroxyapatite chromatography. thermal elution profiles were done to determine the amount of unpa ...1977321428
a simple one-step hemolytic assay for c2 with c2-deficient human serum.a simple one-step procedure has been developed for the molecular titration of c2 by utilizing the ability of the test material to restore the hemolytic activity of human serum selectively deficient in c2 (c2d serum). in this assay, equal volumes of ea (10(8) cells/ml), c2d serum (1/20), and a suitable dilution of a source of c2 were incubated at 37 degrees c for 60 min and the fraction of cells lysed was used to calculate the effective molecules of c2/ml test material. the assay can be used to t ...1977321681
repression of inducible enzyme synthesis in a mutant of escherichia coli k 12 deleted for the ptsh gene.the genome of lambda phage with thermosensitive repressor was inserted into the pts region of the escherichia coli chromosome. this lysogenic culture possessed the pts1 phenotype at 30 degrees c. a mutant strain with a deletion covering the ptsh gene was isolated after a prophage curing procedure. the deletion nature of the pts mutation was confirmed in genetical and biochemical experiments. the deletion covered a small fragment of the bacterial genome not extending in the ptsi and lig genes. th ...1977329116
[neuramininase activity of the representatives of the genus yersinia].the authors demonstrated the presence of neuraminidase in past. pestis. optimal conditions for its formation and detection were chosen. extracellular form of neuraminidase was revealed. an increase of cultivation temperature led to the elevation of the neuraminidase activity in past. pestis cells. neuraminidase was revealed in bacteria affiliated to past. pestis (causative agents of pseudotuberculosis and y. enterocolitica).1977331768
[ultrastructural changes in plague microbes, strain ev, and splenic cells of guinea pigs in their interaction in vitro].dilatation of the endoplasmic reticulum cavities, an increase in the number of ribosomes near bacteria, deformation of mitochondria and coarsening of cristae were revealed in phagocytosis of past. pestis, strain ev, by reticular cells in the tissue culture of the spleen of intact guinea pigs. lipophanerous "reticular" inclusions were found in the differentiated reticular cells of the infected cultures. in the reticular cell cytoplasma besides the intact bacteria there were revealed past. pestis ...1977331769
[spheroplast bacteriocin from strains of the causative agent of pseudotuberculosis and its identification by the antibacterial activity spectrum and the morphology of the inhibition zones].capacity for production of bactericin was found in the spheroplasts of the strains of the rodent pseudotuberculosis microbe. the author named it as pseudotuberculocin. the bacteriocin production was not detected in the initial strains of the pseudotuberculosis microbe. pseudotuberculocin differed in the antibacterial spectrum and morphology of the growth inhibition zones formed on the plates with the indicator strains from the pesticins produced by the strains of the plaque microbe of the marmot ...1977334050
[origin of plague moderate phages of serotype 2].results of study of the negative colonies morphology, the structure of corpuscles, antigenic properties, specificity, and the action range permitted to refer the phages obtained from 18 e. coli strain, 1 plaque strain, and 1 pseudotoberculosis bacillus strain to the same group and to identify them with plague phages of serological type 2. isolation of the same phage type from different bacterial species permits to regard them as "polyhostal" ones. e. coli should be considered as the main carrier ...1977335729
[new methods of laboratory diagnosis of plaque and cholera]. 1977339614
acid precipitation of clostridium botulinum type c and d toxins from whole culture by addition of ribonucleic acid as a precipitation aid.the ratios of ribonucleic acid to protein contents of clostridium botulinum type c, d, and e cultures were lower than those of type a, b, and f cultures. addition of ribonucleic acid at 0.4 mg/ml to culture satisfactorily aided acid precipitation of type c and d toxins, but not that of type e toxin.1978344224
eosinophil chemotactic factor (ecf). iii. generation in human peripheral leukocytes.eosinophil chemotactic factor (ecf) can be released from human peripheral leukocytes by an ige-anti-ige reaction, by the calcium ionophore a 23187 and during phagocytosis. supernatants and sonicates of unstimulated cells contain little or no ecf. on stimulation, however, ecf activity increases in the cells and even more so in the supernatants. this holds for purified neutrophils (pmns) as well as for basophil-containing mononuclear cell preparations. these findings contrast with those in lung ho ...1978344230
production and traffic of b lymphocytes in the extracortical central area of the guinea pig thymus.lymphocytes in the stroma and lymphatics of the extra-cortical central area (ecca) of the guinea pig thymus have been studied with light microscopy, quantitative microscopy, colchicin-induced mitotic arrest, ea (igg) and ea (igm) c adherence, surface immunoglobulins (ig total, igm, igg), alkaline phosphatase activity and the effect of cyclophosphamide administration. the results suggest, that ap-positive, sig-positive eac-negative lymphocytes in the ecca proliferate and maturate into ap-negative ...1978344232
[enzymatic inactivation of levomycetin and penicillin by cells of the plague and pseudotuberculosis microbes that contain r plasmid depending on cultivation conditions].the activity of enzymes, inactivating levomycetin and penicillin in the cells of plague and pseudotuberculosis microbes bearing extrachromosomal determinants resistant to a number of antibiotics was studied as dependent on some cultivation parameters: population age, aeration rate and temperature. it was shown that the highest capacity for levomycetin acetylation was characteristic of the cells in the late logarithmic and early stationary growth phages. accumulation of levomycetin o-acetothers i ...1978350142
sequence analysis of operator constitutive mutants of the tryptophan operon of escherichia coli. 1978351194
salmonellosis in red deer calves (cervus elaphus). 1978355957
[allergic reactivity and the hypothalamus]. 1978355990
cloning of chemically synthesized lactose operators. ii. ecori-linkered operators.a 40 base, mainly duplex dna segment, with the following sequence paattccacatgtggaattgtgagcggataacaatttgtt (3') ggtgtacaccttaacactcgcctattgttaaacaccttaap (5') has been synthesized by combination of chemical and enzymatic methods. it consists of a wild-type lactose operator sequence (boxed) bracketed by "linker" sequences which permit excision of the segment from plasmid vehicles by the ecori restriction endonuclease. this segment has been ligated into the pmb9 plasmid and the resulting operator ...1978357249
guinea pig homologues of tl and qa-2 antigens.the h-2, thymus-leukemia (tl), and qa-2 antigens of mice are encoded by closely linked genes on murine chromosome 17, and have structural similiarity in that each antigen is borne on a approximately 44,000 dalton molecule associated with beta2 microglobulin (beta2mu). the extensive homology of major histocompatibility complex (mhc) products that exists for the mouse and guinea pig suggested that a similar homology might exist for products of genetic regions closely linked to the mhc. by taking a ...1978357657
high-resolution 13c nuclear magnetic resonance studies of glucose metabolism in escherichia coli.high-resolution 13c nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of suspensions of escherichia coli cells have been obtained at 90.5 mhz by using the fourier transform mode. anaerobic cells incubated with [i-13c]glucose show a time course of glycolysis in which the alpha and beta glucose anomers disappear at different rates, lactate, succinate, acetate, alanine, and valine accumulate as end products of glycolysis, and fructose bisphosphate appears as an intermediate. it is shown that fructose bisphosphate ...1978358201
pesticin-dependent generation of somotically stable spheroplast-like structures.homogenous pesticin, a bacteriocin produced by yersinia pestis, promoted rapid dose-dependent killing of escherichia coli phi but permitted residual generation of cell mass. both growing cells and those blocked in net synthesis of nucleic acids or protein were converted by pesticin to osmotically stable spheroplast-like forms. morphology and viability of cells starved for fermentable carbohydrate were not affected by pesticin. similar spheroplast-like structures were formed from sensitive cells ...1978361722
[a new influenza subunit vaccine: hemagglutinating antibodies one year after vaccination (author's transl)].the antibody response to a new influenza subunit vaccine was compare d one year after vaccination with the responses induced by two other influenza vaccines. the subunit vaccine was given either in a high dose form containing 2100 iu, or in a low dose form containing 700 iu. as comparison a split vaccine was used containing 800 iu and ai(oh)3 as adjuvant and a whole virus vaccine containing 2100 iu. of the 399 vaccinated subjects which had taken part in this study 151 were available for hemagglu ...1978365774
[e-antibodies in the sera of animals inoculated against plague and pseudotuberculosis]. 1978371269
[phage typing of rough e. coli strains isolated from urine (author's transl)].a differentiation of e. coli rough strains is generally not well established in bacteriological urine diagnosis although these strains are relatively often isolated from urine samples of patients with urinary tract infections (see table 2). an exact characterization of rough strains seems to be necessary especially for the distinction between recurrent and reinfection during therapy and follow-up studies. the application of phage typing for characterization of e. coli rough strains isolated from ...1978373321
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