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direct administration of methotrexate into the central nervous system of primates. part 1: distribution and degradation of methotrexate in nervous and systemic tissue after intraventricular injection.levels of methotrexate (mtx) measured by both 3h radioactivity and dihydrofolate reductase assays were determined in cerebrospinal fluid (csf), plasma, urine, and both neural and non-neural tissues at varying times after a single intraventricular injection into cynomolgus monkeys (macaca fascicularis). clearance of the mtx from csf was rapid after injection. a relatively constant level of 3hmtx was reached in plasma 2 1/2 hours after injection, and about 30% of the 3hmtx dose was excreted in the ...197896228
tissue tropism of different trypanosoma cruzi strains.a systematic study of the distribution of intracellular parasites in the organs and tissues was performed in groups of mice inoculated with 4 different trypanosoma cruzi strains. an extremely high parasitism of spleen, liver, and bone marrow was observed in mice inoculated with y and berenice strains; with cl strain, however, parasites were almost absent in those organs. bloodstream forms apparently present differences which facilitate or prevent their uptake by macrophages from the mononuclear ...197896243
an enzymatic assay for the total cyanide content of cassava (manihot esculenta crantz). 199996301
variant of stiff-man syndrome provoked by alcohol: case report. 197896364
cardiomyopathy in friedreich's ataxia: detection by echocardiography. case report. 199996377
chromosomal locations of mouse immunoglobulin genes.the chromosomal locations of the structural genes coding for the constant portions of mouse heavy (h) and light chain immunoglobulins were studied by molecular hybridization techniques. complementary dna probes containing the constant-region sequences of kappa and lambdai light chain and alpha, gamma2b, and mu heavy chain mrnas were annealed to a large excess of dna from a series of eight mouse-human hybrid cell lines that are deficient for various mouse chromosomes. the lines were scored as pos ...197896442
effects of ethanol on pregnant rats and their offspring.pregnant rats were intubated with either 1.0 or 2.0 g/kg of ethanol daily throughout gestation. pair-fed vehicle-treated, and nontreated rats fed ad libitum, served as control groups for ethanol-treated animals. ethanol treatment reduced food and water consumption and attenuated the gain in body weight of pregnant animals relative to nontreated animals fed ad libitum. litter size, litter weight, and the mean weight per pup were reduced in both the ethanol-treated and pair-fed control groups. the ...197896469
total-body irradiation with 25-mv photons in advanced non-hodgkin's lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. preliminary results and complications.patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (cll) and non-hodgkin's lymphoma were treated with total-body irradiation (tbi). one group was treated after chemotherapy failed, while the other group received tbi initially. tbi was ineffective against cll after chemotherapy failed. all patients with lymphocytic lymphoma who initially responded to chemotherapy but later relapsed were helped by tbi, as were 88% of patients with previously untreated lymphocytic lymphomas.199996493
[oesophageal diverticulum in a pony (author's transl)].a case of oesophageal diverticulum in a pony is reported. the diagnosis was established by clinical and x-ray examination (following administration of a contrast agent) and verified by post-mortem studies. the cause and pathogenesis are discussed.197896547
hemolysis induced by cefazolin and cephalothin in a patient with penicillin sensitivity.a patient with penicillin sensitivity, who had never received a cephalosporin antibiotic previously, developed anemia and spherocytosis following the administration of cefazolin. hemolysis abated when the drug was discontinued on the fourth day, and recurred on day six when cephalothin therapy was begun. igg and complement components were present on the patient's erythrocytes, and igg antibodies in her serum reacted with normal red blood cells which had been coated with benzylpenicillin, cefazol ...199996555
haplotype designations of various strains of guinea pigs. 197896556
[biological properties and mechanisms of development of bacteria resistant to fusidin, erythromycin and chloramphenicol]. 197896638
trh test in routine diagnosis and postoperative control of patients with primary thyroid diseases. 199996643
substrate specificity of hexosaminidase a isolated from the liver of a patient with a rare form (ab variant) of infantile gm2 gangliosidosis and control tissues. 199996668
the renin system in essential, renovascular and adrenocortical hypertension: an overview. 199996672
[the heart and drug poisoning, excluding cardiologic treatments].when considered strictly from the viewpoint of actions on the myocardium, the number of drugs falling into this category is limited, but the resulting conditions may be serious. the prototype for cardiac toxicity is the group of antimitotic drugs (adriamycin or daunomycin). if these drugs are used; frequent and careful follow-up is necessary, the dosage at which the drug becomes cumulative must be known; and patients with a pre-existing cardiac condition must be exluded from treatment. above all ...199996765
[sophrology, an area of knowledge for dentists?]. 199996812
phospholipid content and activity of pure uridine diphosphate-glucuronyltransferase from rat liver.rat liver phospholipids were radioactively labeled in vivo before purification of udp-glucuronyltransferase to homogeneity. the pure enzyme contained very little phospholipid (approx. 0.7 mol of phospholipid/mol of protein). the solubilization detergent lubrol 12a9 appeared to act as a phospholipid substitute, capable of supporting udp-glucuronyltransferase activity. phospholipase c did not inhibit the pure enzyme activity and pure udp-glucuronyltransferase was stimulated by 40--100% by the addi ...197896816
5-thio-d-glucose is an acceptor for udp-galactose : d-glucose 1-galactosyltransferase. 197896819
2-aminoethylphosphonic acid as an indicator of tetrahymena pyriformis w growth in protein-quality evaluation assay.1. the concentration of 2-aminoethylphosphonic acid (aep) in 96 h cultures of tetrahymena pyriformis w was studied in order to apply it as an indicator in the assay of the relative nutritive value (rnv; protozoa population with test protein:protozoa population with whole-egg powder) of protein. foodstuffs and food mixtures of different protein contents and qualities were used as test samples. 2. rnv values based on aep determination (rnvaep) were compared with corresponding values calculated fro ...197896851
phycobiliprotein synthesis in protoplasts of the unicellular cyanophyte, anacystis nidulans.stable and metabolically active protoplasts were prepared from the unicellular cyanophyte, anacystis nidulans, by enzymatic digestion of the cell wall with 0.1% lysozyme. the yield of protoplasts from intact algal cells was approx. 50%. incorporation of l-[u-14c]leucine into cold trichloroacetic acid-insoluble material from protoplasts preparations was linear for 1.5 h and continued for an additional 2.5 h. incorporation of radiolabeled leucine into hot trichloroacetic acid-insoluble material fr ...197896857
interconversion and characterization of d and i forms of glycogen synthase from frog muscle. 199996859
comparison of effects of normal rabbit sera and anti-cock sperm sera on rabbit sperm, including comparison of effects on the sex ratio. 197896880
[radioimmunological aspects of neuropeptides].immunological aspects of neurosecretory peptides are relevant to antibody generation, labelling of peptides for radioimmunoassays and in particular the metabolism of neuropeptides. antibodies were generally produced by adsorption or polymerization (using different approaches and various coupling agents) of peptides with intrinsic antigenic molecules preceding their administration to recepient animals (rats, guinea pigs, rabbits and sheep) with adjuvants. antibodies were also obtained by injectin ...197896897
vitamins in intravenous feeding: a study of water-soluble vitamins and folate in critically ill patients receiving intravenous cell b vitamins, folate and white cell vitamin c were measured in a group of critically ill surgical patients before and following a course of intravenous nutrition. patients received a widely used vitamin supplementation regimen in the form of one ampoule of water-soluble vitamins daily and recommended doses of intramuscular folate, vitamin b12 and vitamin k weekly. this regimen was adequate to maintain tissue levels of the water-soluble vitamins and folate. patients with initially low valu ...199996904
[formation of cutaneous nerve trunks in the chick. ultrastructural and quantitative analysis].in chick skin structuration of nervous trunks takes place at 14-15 days of incubation, at the time of formation of the adult pattern of cutaneous innervation. at this same stage, myelogenesis begins, but develops mainly after hatching: only 4% of axons are myelinated at hatching, 40% in 6-week old chickens and 60% in adults. this "critical" stage (14-15 days of incubation) apparently corresponds to the stabilization of cutaneous nerve supply.197896985
recent developments in diabetes research. 199997046
[nature of the mutations that determine the ability of bacillus subtilis a-50 to sporulate at high glucose concentrations in the medium].the ability of bacillus subtilis a-50 to sporulate in the medium containing high glucose concentrations is caused by at least two mutation types: pts mutations and cat (or tgl) mutations, both of them affecting differently the level of alkaline proteinase synthesis. the decrease of the level of enzyme activity in the case of pts mutation (glur3 mutant) occurs at the expense of glucose transport disturbance. the mutation cat (tgl) (mutant glur5) causes the increase in enzyme synthesis at the expe ...197897172
biosynthesis of delta-aminolevulinic acid by blue-green algae (cyanobacteria).when levulinic acid, a competitive inhibitor of delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase, was added to growing cultures of blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), delta-aminolevulinic acid was excreted into the medium and cell growth was inhibited.197897274
amino acid sequence of beta-galactosidase. viii. sequence of the nh2-terminal segment, cnbr peptides 1 to 9, residues 1 to 377.the amino acids in 9 cyanogen bromide peptides have been placed in sequence starting from the nh2 terminus. the peptides account for residues 1 to 377 of the whole protein and include the largest (cnbr7, 119 residues) and the smallest (cnbr1, 2 residues) of the cyanogen bromide peptides. this region contains only 3 of the 20 lysine residues in the polypeptide chain. a high proportion of charged groups are present (28 of 66 arginine, 28 of 60 glutamic acid, and 24 of 65 aspartic acid residues).197897295
preliminary x-ray crystallographic data on phospholipase c from bacillus cereus. 197897390
deep vein thrombosis. 200097405
increased vasodepressor effect of prostaglandins a1 and e1 in renal hypertensive rabbits. 197897482
malignant transformation of a mouse epithelial cell line with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. 197897564
functional specialisation in the visual cortex of the rhesus monkey.anatomical and functional studies of the visual cortex of the rhesus monkey have shown that it is made up of a multiplicity of distinct areas. these seem to be functionally specialised to analyse different features of the visual environment.197897565
photosensitised electron transport across phospholipid vesicle walls. 200097567
selected genodermatoses. 200097616
nodular fasciitis (analysis of 100 cases and review of the literature). 200097640
the effect of prolonged dextran administration in guinea pigs.dextran 70 6% in 0.9% nacl solution, injected intraperitoneally in guinea pigs, 10 ml/kg b.w./day, during a period of 27 days brought the lowering of the plasma proteins level, whie the total colloid osmostic pressure (due to dectran and proteins) remained close to that of the control group. the concentration of typhus 0 antibodies and the number of precipitation lines assayed during immunodiffusion in gel were lower than in thd control group. the diminishing of the red blood cells number and of ...197897691
situational factors contributing to the placebos effect.the influence of four variables (status of communicator of drug effects, attitude of dentist, attitude of dental technician, and message of drug effects) on the obtainment of placebo effects in an oral surgery clinic was investigated. dependent variables were (1) rating of pain experienced from mandibular-block injection, (2) pre-post placebo state anxiety, and (3) pre-postplacebo fear of injection. enthusiastic messages of drug effects produced statistically and clinically significant reduction ...200097705
[reservoirs and wild vectors of trypanosoma cruzi. lxviii: infection of mammals by oral route]. 197897735
computers and automated technical procedures in blood transfusion laboratories. 200097760
isolation care of infection-prone burn experimental and clinical study of spread of colonisation between burn patients, and their susceptibility to infection, was performed. burn patients' polymorphonuclear neutrophil granulocytes (pmn) functioned poorly, particularly during the second week after injury which coincided with maximum growth of bacteria in the burn wound. patients with large burns often dispersed s. aureus and ps. aeruginosa but also beta-hemolytic streptococcus to the air of their rooms. airborne transfer of these b ...197897776
[nutritional problems in intensive care]. 200097788
the pattern of sporulation in anabaena circinalis and comments on the role of heterocysts in sporulation in blue-green algae.cells between two intercalary heterocysts differentiate at random into spores in a. circinalis. one or more cells, which fail to transform into spores, are present between the two adjacent spores, and these cells disorganize later. a critical c:n ratio regulates sporulation and heterocyst formation. during sporulation the reductive ability of the heterocyst gradually diminishes. it is concluded on the basis of this and other evidence that sporulation is regulated by interactions between heterocy ...197897869
genetics of the idiotype of strain akr antibodies to group a streptococcal carbohydrate; further evidence for a low degree of homology in the vh chromosomal region.a new vh gene is described which governs the expression of idiotypes associated with the antibody response of strain akr mice to group a streptococcal carbohydrate (a-cho). this vh gene, termed achd, is identified using guinea pig antisera to a pool of strain akr antibodies to a-cho. the genetic polymorphism is revealed by quantitative differences in idiotype expression between different inbred strains. in recombinant inbred strains linkage to the ig-1d allotype allele of strain akr is demonstr ...197897871
the biology of ethics or the ethics of biology? the biologist's quest for meaning.the biologist's involvement in value issues concerning the metholology of biological sciences, in establishing the biological basis of ethics and in creating a value system based on biological knowledge is examined. it is proposed that the roots of this involvement are in the conflict of the knowledge-ethic with the established system of values and in the need for metaphysical explanation.200197886
esophageal atresia, duodenal atresia, and gastric distention: report of two cases. 200197973
activity of three 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives against in vitro dental plaque.three 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives, assessed using an in vitro preformed dental plaque model system, were differentially inhibitory for four plaque-forming microorganisms.197898105
[changes in leucocyte metabolism during growth in children born with malnutrition].changes of energy metabolism in leucocytes have been studied longitudinally as well as cross-sectionally in three groups of children born: 1.- at term, with normal weight; 2.- with intra-uterine malnutrition; 3.- prematurely. the longitudinal study showed that, at birth, the activity of adenylate kinase as well as concentrations of atp, adp and amp were significantly lower in the malnourished than in the normal child. at one year of age, the values of enzyme activity are approximately equal in b ...200198120
south australian health workers tour of china, march, 1978. 200198145
post-traumatic epilepsy. 200198198
characteristics of pr5, a lipid-containing plasmid-dependent extensive characterization of plasmid-dependent phage pr5 isolated from sewage has been carried out. the phage has a head diameter of 65--68 nm, is isometric with a double-layered capsid, and a minority possess tails. it adsorbs to many but not all types of bacteria possessing p, n, or w plasmids. the phage contains 20% lipid, 15.1% dna, and 64.9% protein by weight and has a buoyant density of 1.265 g/ml in cscl. the dna is double-stranded with a g + c content of 49% and a molecular weight of ...197898225
cellular uptake, transport, and macromolecular binding of benzo(a)pyrene and 7,12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene by human cells in vitro. 197898231
results of long-term group psychotherapy with schizophrenics. 200198286
behavioral observations in squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciureus) following methylmercury exposure. 197898322
ultrastructural hepatic changes by carbamate pesticide (sevin) in rats. 197898323
biochemical changes in guinea pig lungs due to amosite asbestos. 197898326
[improving the economic effectiveness of the operations of pharmaceutical institutions]. 200098347
["first" and "second" generation sulfonylureas: distinction or difference? (author's transl)]. 200098364
the influence of extraocular venous pressure on outflow facility in cercopithecus ethiops and macaca fascicularis. 200198469
immunopathology of malaria. 197898476
prevention through mental health. 200198494
formylation of initiator trna methionine in procaryotic protein synthesis: in vivo polarity in lactose operon expression.eucaryotic and procaryotic organisms differ in two aspects of their translation machinery: polycistronic messengers are expressed as a sequence of individual proteins only in procaryotes, and the initiation of protein synthesis proceeds with an initiator trna which is found to be modified (formylated) in procaryotes and not in eucaryotes. in the present study, we show that formylation is required in vivo for the coordinate expression of the escherichia coli lactose operon. our experiments are co ...197898518
immunization with dextransucrases, levansucrases, and glycosidic hydrolases from oral streptococci. ii. immunization with glucosyltransferases, fructosyltransferases, and glycosidic hydrolases from oral streptococci in monkeys.the feasibility of immunizing monkeys with enzymes from oral streptococci in an attempt to reduce dental caries was investigated. forty rhesus monkeys, macaca mulatta, were used. cariogenic streptococci, s mutans, were implanted into all the monkeys' mouths. there was no pathological effect resulting from immunization. of the 40 animals, 30 retained the implanted flora throughout the experiment; the remaining 10 were reimplanted until the streptococci remained. in six months, gross carious lesio ...197798540
purification and some properties of ovine placental lactogen.a method has been described for the purification of ovine placental lactogen (opl) involving the use of freshly obtained sheep foetal cotyledons. tissue was extracted with 0.1 m-ammonium bicarbonate and the supernatant fraction, adjusted to ph 7, was brought to 60% saturation with ammonium sulphate. the resulting precipitate was then subjected to a sequence of chromatographic steps using columns of sephadex g-100 and carboxymethylecellulose. during each stage of the purification, the lactogenic ...197898606
the effects of sodium nitroprusside and trimethaphan camsylate on cerebral blood flow in rhesus monkeys.hemispheric cerebral blood flow was measured in the rhesus monkey before and after infusion of the hypotensive agents sodium nitroprusside and trimethaphan camsylate. the intracarotid injections of 133xe was utilized, and flow was calculated by the "flow initial" technique. cerebral blood flow did not change significantly with the administration of trimethaphan camsylate. however, with a small reduction in blood pressure (10.6%) during the administration of sodium nitroprusside, the cerebral blo ...197898729
effects of locally applied chemicals on transretinal potential and horizontal cells in the isolated carp retina. ii. calcium-chelator. 200198753
magnetic susceptibility studies of laccase and oxyhemocyanin.the magnetic susceptibility of rhus vernicifera laccase has been remeasured over the temperature range 5-260 k. in contrast to our previous results [solomon, e.i., dooley, d. m., wang r.-h., gray, h.b., cerdonio, m., mogno, f. & romani, g. l. (1975) j. am. chem. soc. 98, 1029-1031] linear chi versus t-1 behavior was observed. the susceptibility of limulus polyphemus oxyhemocyanin has also been measured in the range 5-260 k. only weak paramagnetism, attributable to dissolved oxygen and a small am ...200198765
location of the genes for human heavy chain immunoglobulin to chromosome 6.immunoglobulin synthesis was examined in 31 man-mouse hybrid clones produced by fusing rag mouse cells with human lymphoid cells. cells were grown in serum-free medium containing [(14)c]leucine and a (14)c-labeled amino acid mixture. spent medium was dialyzed, concentrated, and subjected to radioimmunoelectrophoresis. eighteen clones were found to produce material that gave a radiolabeled precipitin line with anti-human igg (gamma-chain specific). production of material which was indistinguishab ...197898768
consistency of autoradiographic dna repair in cells treated "in vitro" with n-diazoacetylglycine amide. a preliminary approach to quantitate the absolute amount of dna repair. 200198772
is it worthwhile? cost-benefit considerations for barium enema [proceedings]. 200198807
free light chains in serum during short course immunosuppression after corneal transplantation.the effect of low doses of prednisone on the serum concentration oflight chains, igg, iga and igm in nineteen corneal transplanted patients was investigated. prednisone in doses of 30 mg daily for 6 days had an instantaneous effect on the concentration of light chains resulting in a mean decrease of 16.5% in relationship to the pre-treatment values. decrease in the prednisone dose to 15 mg daily was followed by normalization of the light chain concentration. the effect of prednisone on the igg c ...200198831
frequency and epidemiology of primary drug-resistance in tuberculosis in the federal republic of germany including berlin (west). partial result of a study of the w.a.t.l. 197898839
primate infant's effects on mother's future reproduction.female savanna baboons (papio cynocephalus) had a longer postpartum amenorrhea and thereafter cycled longer before conceiving if their previous infant survived than if that infant died. among mothers of surviving infants, differences in maternal care produced differences in age of weaning and age of independence but did not result in differences in interbirth intervals.200198844
vascular dynamics of an experimental cerebral arteriovenous shunt in the arteriovenous fistula which shunted arterial blood from the circle of willis to the internal jugular vein was created in ten monkeys. continued patency of the shunt was confirmed angiographically. cerebral blood flow measurements were then obtained with the shunt both open and occluded. flow was also determined in response to elevations of systemic arterial pressure and raised arterial carbon dioxide tensions (paco2), again with the shunt both patent and occluded. in addition, flow through th ...197898854
essential fatty acid deficiency in total parenteral nutrition: time course of development and suggestions for therapy.thirty-two patients receiving total intravenous nutrition were studied prospectively for biochemical and clinical signs of essential fatty acid deficiency. individual constituents of the phospholipid fraction were examined consecutively and the triene:tetraene ratio was determined. all patients nourished parenterally for 4 weeks had triene:tetraene ratios of greater than 0.4. levels of eicosatrienoic and linoleic acid were abnormal after 1 week, and arachidonic acid levels became abnormal after ...200198859
[mutability of the somatic cells of mice of different strains. ii]. 200198873
[effect of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid on the synapsis of polytene chromosome homologs and "supplementary nucleolus formation"].on being added to the food of larvae of drosophila melanogaster of various age, edta, within a broad scale of concentrations, does not change the frequency of asynapsis of polytene homologues. the "many nucleoli" phenomenon was observed both after edta treatment and without it. the frequency of this phenomenon is thought to depend on the conditions of slide preparation. therefore many nucleoli may be probably fragments of general nucleoli.200198877
long-term survival in multiple myeloma. 199898920
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
[parenteral and enteral hyperalimentation in the cure of two cases of bilio-digestive fistulas (author's transl)]. 199898948
unusual vasomotor coronary arterial responses after nitroglycerin.angiographic evidence of unusual vasomotor responses occurred in two patients after administration of sublingual nitroglycerin. in these patients, right coronary arterial segments that appeared angiographically normal before the administration of nitroglycerin showed narrowing after nitroglycerin. adjacent segments in each of these vessels, as well as the other coronary arteries, dilated as expected. both patients remained asymptomatic. repeated administration of nitroglycerin did not alter the ...200199020
jaundice and breast-feeding among alaskan eskimo newborns.the course, incidence, and severity of neonatal jaundice was studied in 95 alaskan eskimo infants. breast-fed infants had higher bilirubin concentrations than bottle-fed babies. both groups experienced high bilirubin levels, similar to those previously reported in navajo and oriental infants but greater than those observed in whites and blacks. a marked capacity to inhibit hepatic glucuronyl transferase was observed in breast-milk specimens but only partly accounted for the bilirubin differences ...197899026
long-term outpatient vasodilator therapy of congestive heart failure. consideration of agents at rest and during exercise.increased left ventricular filling pressure and reduced cardiac output are two major hemodynamic deficits in pump failure. in patients with chronic heart failure, consequences of these hemodynamic deficits and diminished cardiac reserve are manifested initially during stress and eventually at rest. the purpose of therapeutic interventions include reduction of ventricular filling pressure increase in cardiac output and improvement in cardiac reserve. to achieve these goals, the hemodynamic effect ...200199031
pars plana vitrectomy as a primary treatment for acute bacterial endophthalmitis.we successfully treated six patients with culture-proven acute bacterial endophthalmitis by a combination of emergency pars plana vitrectomy and the instillation of intravitreal antibiotics. all six patients regained satisfactory vision.197899040
[tsh increase after subtotal thyroidectomy for nontoxic goiter (author's transl)].eighty-nine patients operated for nontoxic goiter have been followed up. an enhanced tsh response to trh was observed in 74% of the cases of multinodular goiter, but only in 23% of uninodular goiter. the therapeutic implications of these data are discussed.200299078
courtship among males due to a male-sterile mutation in drosophila melanogaster. 200299136
interferon inducing activity of polyinosinic acid.although poly(i) is generally considered to be inactive as an interferon inducer, we have found several authentic poly(i) preparations to be effective inducers. their interferon inducing ability varied considerably from one cell system to another. in human diploid fibroblasts, primed with interferon and superinduced by cycloheximide and actinomycin d, all active poly(i) samples proved nearly as effective in inducing interferon as poly(i).poly(c). in primary rabbit kidney cell cultures, the activ ...197899486
cost of medical care. 200199526
the assessment of thyroid function and structure. 199999712
lumbar spondylectomy in the subhuman primate.removal of the 2nd or 3rd lumbar vertebrae (or both) has been accomplished in the subhuman primate (macaca mulatta). variations between this animal and the dog in posture, vertebral column anatomy, and spinal cord blood supply made no apparent difference in the results when compared with those in previous experiments. all macaques were able to clinb and to use their hind legs in a normal manner within 3 days after surgical operation. once hair had regrown over the surgical incision, persons not ...1978100028
rosette formation by human lymphoid cells with monkey red blood cells.the present paper describes a study on rosette formation by human lymphoid cells with monkey erythrocytes (mrbc) obtained from two species: african green monkey (cercopithecus aethiops) and rhesus monkey (macaca mulata). all the lymphocyte preparations obtained from peripheral blood, tonsils, thymocytes, bone-marrow and spleen biopsies formed rosettes in variable proportions with erythrocytes obtained from these two monkey species tested. cells of established lymphoblastoid cell lines characteri ...1978100044
[method of determining the antimicrobial activity of alcohol extracts of propolis].it is proposed to determine the antimicrobial activity of propolys alcohol extracts by the method of subsequent dilutions in solid nutrient media. dilution of the extracts immediately in hot agar eliminated the inhibiting effect of the extragent on the microbial growth. opalesence appearing in the agar did not prevent estimation of the results in contrast to the method of subsequent dilutions in liquid nutrient media.1978100047
the distribution of hydrolytic enzyme activities in human fibroblast cultures and their intercellular transfer. 1978100108
[origin of a mitogrenic factor for cultivated macrophages (imf: inflammatory mitogenic factor) found in exudates of non-specific acute inflammation].the mitogenic activity of inflammatory exudate obtained from irradiated rats is reduced. after transfer of bone marrow syngeneic cells into irradiated rats this mitogenic activity is further decreased, while after transfer of thymic cells it is increased. it is postulated that the mitogenic activity of inflammatory exudate could be related to thymic cells and that t lymphocytes may be involved in non specific-inflammatory reactions.1978100246
occurrence of squalene and sterols in cellulomonas dehydrogenans (arnaudi 1942) comb. nov. hester 1971.the neutral lipid fraction of the photochromogenic, coryneform bacterium cellulomonas dehydrogenans (arnaudi 1942) comb. nov. contains the sterol precursor squalene and at least two sterols, cholesterol and beta-sitosterol. the compounds were characterized by mass spectrometry and combination gas-liquid chromatography--mass spectrometry. de novo sterol biosynthetic ability was shown from incorporation of 14c from d-[u-14c]glucose into squalene and the sterol fraction. the squalene concentration ...1978101527
squirrel monkey temporary threshold shift from 48-h exposures to low-frequency noise.five squirrel monkeys were exposed for 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 24, and 48 h to a 375--750-hz band noise at an overall spl of 95 db. the tts4.5 growth pattern for the 750-hz test frequency was biphasic and did not reach an asymptote after 48 h of exposure. for all exposures, the mean thresholds of the five monkeys returned to within 5 db of the preexposure mean 20 h after exposure. recovery curves from all exposures at the 750-hz test frequency appeared biphasic. increasing spl from 95 to 105 db increase ...1978101572
crystallographic data on a complete kappa-type human bence-jones protein. 1978101675
studies on virus-inhibiting substances of bacterial origin. iv. antiviral substances extractable from streptococcus faecalis: its in vivo effect. 1978101714
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