evidence that the deferential vein acts as a local transport system for androgen in the rat and the dog.ligation of the deferential vein of the rat has been shown to bring about a reduction in the androgen-dependent activity of the prostatic rna polymerase enzyme. in the dog, the content of androgens in this vein is of the order of that found in the testicular vein and many times higher than that of peripheral plasma. it seems that the cauda epididymidis alone is sufficient to maintain the ipsilateral lobes of the prostate and seminal vesicles providing an intact ductus deferens and contralateral ...1975123961
effect of intrahepatically implanted islets of langerhans on hepatic function in the rat.diabetes mellitus is satisfactorily controlled in the rat by hepatic implantation of isolated, isologous pancreatic islets. the transplanted islets appear to be viable for at least 6 months after implantation, and hepatic function studies (serum bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase, prothrombin time) and microscopic examination indicate that they do not interfere with hepatic function.1975125372
relationship between ca-atpase activity and subunits of myosin in the myocardium of rats conditioned by swimming. 1975125656
cytogenetics and the pathologist. 1975126409
[clinical conference: histamine and basophils after cellular separation on albumin gradient]. 1975126441
immunochemical studies with synthetic immunogens chemically related to peptidoglycan.rabbits were immunized with synthetic immunogens hsa-(gly-l-ala-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)39 and hsa-(gly-gamma-d-glu-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)40, respectively. antibodies against hsa-(gly-l-ala-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)39 showed a strong precipitin reaction with the homologous antigen, with hsa-(gly-gamma-d-glu-l-ala-d-ala-d-ala)40 and with solubilized peptidoglycan containing peptide subunits with c-terminal d-alanyl-d-alanine. the albumin-peptide conjugates also cross-reacted with rabbit antisera to streptococcus ...1975126550
binding of antibodies onto the thylakoid membrane. i. maximal antibody binding and adsorption of antibodies to lipids.the binding of antibodies onto the lamellar system of antirrhinum majus was determined in dependence on the serum addition. the unspecific adsorption of serum proteins was taken into account or eliminated. the binding of antibodies as a function of the amount of serum added is seem from a saturation curve. from an antiserum obtained by hyperimmunization with stroma-freed chloroplasts, the chloroplasts bind maximally 1 gram antibodies per gram stroma-freed chloroplasts. from an antiserum to the p ...1975126591
[optical microscopic study of the effect of the hypothalamic hormone t.r.h. on certain cell types of rat anterior hypophysis].a cytological and optical microscopic study of the anterior lobe of hypohysis in the wistar adult rat 10, 30 or 60 minutes after intravenous injection of 50 mug of synthetic trh discloses modifications of thyrotropic cells and prolactin cells. it's possible to recognize a quick degranulation of the prolactin cells (with a maximum at the 10th minute) and a slower degranulation of the thyrotropic cells (perceptible at the 10th minute and very pronounced at the 60th minute). the somatrotopic cells ...1975126765
elementary particles in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes.elementary spherical particles similar to those described in the mitochondria are found in isolated rat liver and spleen nuclear membranes. the particles are characterized by electron microscopy of sections and preparations negatively stained with phosphotungstic acid or with the atpase histochemical reaction product. the particles exhibit adenosine triphosphatase activity and have a mushroom-like shape with a sphere about 85-90 angstrom in diameter attached to inner face of the inner nuclear me ...1975126876
[fleas of the yellow gopher (cittellus fulvus licht.) and their infection with the causative agent of plague in the territory of kazakhstan and central asia]. 1975127153
impulse activity and receptor potential of primary and secondary endings of isolated mammalian muscle spindles.1. an isolated muscle spindle preparation from a tail muscle of cat is described. the afferent response to a ramp-and-hold stretch was recorded in individual axons from identified primary and secondary endings. 2. primary endings exhibit a prominent dynamic response, including an initial burst. they also show a well-maintained static discharge. secondary endings also show a well-sustained static discharge but generally have a much lower dynamic sensitivity. the response of primary and secondary ...1975127835
cardiomyopathy in crowded rabbits.rabbits were crowded 4 to a cage for 2 weeks, then released for 1 week, crowded again for 2 weeks, and so on. of 44 rabbits subjected to intermittent crowding, only 9 survived for longer than 10 months, 20 died during the 1st month, and 15 died between the 2nd and 9th month of the experiment. histological sections of the myocardium showed myocytolysis, intersititial edema, and an increased amount of acid mucopoly saccharides in rabbits surviving for 2 weeks and more. the accumulations of acid mu ...1975128082
[vaccination strategy in influenza].the present paper deals with the conditions that influenza vaccines must comply with, their efficiency in terms of the route of administration, the major antigenic changes of influenza viruses, that has to be known from beforehand, a basic problem for the efficient control of a pandemic. vaccination must have in view reduction of the mortality and morbidity rate, a major criterion in establishing a programme for the prevention of influenza by vaccination.1975128101
[international activities in 1974 for the characterization of water quality near seacoasts]. 1975128122
in vitro effect of methylprednisolone on protein synthesis of activated canine thymus-derived lymphocytes.technics of studying the protein synthesis of canine thymus-derived lymphocytes in vitro have been developed. activation of these cells by pha or mlc increases protein synthesis. methylprednisolone decreases the stimulation of protein synthesis of these activated lymphocytes. the decrease in protein synthesis is not caused by lympholysis. in this respect, the dog, like man, can be considered a steroid-resistant animal. it is postulated that this effect of methylprednisolone contributes to its im ...1975128165
the effect of butacaine on adenine nucleotide binding and translocation in rat liver mitochondria.the effect of the local anaesthetic, butacaine, on adenine nucleotide binding and translocation in rat liver mitochondria partially depleted of their adenine nucleotide content was investigated. the range of butacaine concentrations that inhibit adenine nucleotide translocation and the extent of the inhibition are similar to the values obtained for native mitochondria. butacaine does not alter either the total number of atractyloside-sensitive binding sites of depleted mitochondria, or the affin ...1975128352
the pathology of respiratory diseases of adult cattle in britain. 1975130287
[the treatment of pancreatic carcinoma with neocarzinostatin]. 1975130432
studies on specific properties of dog heart (na+-k+)-atpase.three different methods used for partial purification of (na+-k+)-atpase, method a, matsui and schwartz (5), method b, fedelesová et al. (3), and method c, pitts et al. (6), were compared with respect to specific activities, yields, and recovery of the enzyme in preparations from the dog heart. highest specific activities of (na++k+)-atpase, as well as the ratio of (na+, +k+) + mg2+ to mg2+-atpase, and the second best recovery and yield have been found in the preparation obtained by method b. ho ...1976130659
crosslinking of membranes: the effect of dimethylsuberimidate, a bifunctional alkylating agent, on mitochondrial electron transport and atpase. 1976130833
cleavage of thrombosthenin a by thrombin. evidence for the existence of two types of bovine platelet actin.bovin platelet actin prepared by spudich's method (spudich, j. a. (1972) cold spring harbor symp. quant. biol. 27, 585-594) separated into two peaks on a sephadex g-200 column. the actin of both peaks had a mol. wt. of 42 000 on sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel and activated myosin atpase, although in a quantitatively different manner. actin eluted in the first peak (probably an oligomeric form) was not polymerized in 2 mm mgcl2 and 0.05 m kcl, while that of the second peak went through ...1976130929
effects of exercise training and exhaustion on 45ca uptake by rat skeletal muscle mitochondria and sarcoplasmic reticulum.mitochondrial and sarcoplasmic reticular 45ca2+ uptake and ca2+-atpase activity were determined in skeletal muscle from exercise trained and non-trained rats at rest or following short-term exhaustive exercise. in trained rats exercised to exhaustion, mitochondrial 45ca2+ uptake was significantly depressed when compared to non-trained rats at rest. ca2+-atpase activity of sarcoplasmic reticulum from trained rats exercised to exhaustion was significantly increased as compared to trained rats at r ...1976134437
harmaline-induced tremor in the rat: abolition by 3-acetylpyridine destruction of cerebellar climbing fibers. 1976134757
[study of the role or weaning and of androgens in the determinism of adrenal sexual dimorphism at the moment of puberty in the guinea pig].sexual dimorphism of the adrenal, which appears at puberty in guinea-pig, is not the fact of weaning. this dimorphism is suppressed by castration in male or injection of testosterone in female. testis androgens are the cause of the lower values of plasma and adrenal cortisol concentrations and of adrenal weight noticed in male compared with female between days 20 and 90 of postnatal life.1976134790
in vitro monitoring of cadaver kidney donor pretreatment by lymphocyte culture.fourteen cadaver kidney donors were pretreated with a rapid infusion of 5 g of cyclophosphamide and 5 g of methylprednisolone in an attempt to reduce graft immunogenicity by altering immunogenic "passenger" leucocytes. the effects of this drug infusion on peripheral lymphocytes were monitored by measuring the ability of donor lymphocytes to respond and to stimulate recipient cells in mixed lymphocyte culture and by measuring their ability to respond to phytohaemagglutinin stimulation before and ...1976134860
a stabilised tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane adduct in reduced collagen.the reduction of collagen with sodium [3h] borohydride in the presence of tris buffer results in the stabilization of a schiff base adduct which is formed between allysine residues and tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane. the reduced, radioactive derivative of this adduct has been identified in hydrolyzates or reduced collagen. it elutes before hydroxylysine on an amino acid analyzer column close to the position of dihydroxylysinonorleucine. similar artifacts may occur when aldehydes present in or a ...1976134871
a comparison between amantadine and bromocriptine using the stereotyped behaviour response test (sbr) in the rat.amantadine (100 mg/kg), apomorphine (2.5-10 mg/kg) and bromocriptine (10-50 mg/kg) all produced stereotyped behaviour in the rat. apomorphine was rapid in onset and of short duration, amantadine was slower to reach a maximum and bromocriptine had a delayed onset of 50 min and a prolonged action. amantadine and bromocriptine were antagonised by pimozide (1 mg/kg for 30 min) suggesting an action on dopamine receptors, and by d,l-alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine (150 mg/kg for 3 h) suggesting an indirect ac ...1976134898
[bdellovibrio bacteriovorus as a factor in the self-purification of river water]. 1976134929
cardiomegaly in chronic anaemia in rats; gross and histologic features. 1976134972
the itch is back. 1976134986
broader investigation into the external environment of the specific antigen of the infectious agent in epizootiological observation and study of the structure of natural foci of plague.the possibilities of detection of the infectious agent in natural foci of plague can be expanded to some extent by using the method of search for the specific fi capsular antigen of the plague microbe in such objects of the external environment which have not yet been subjected to laboratory analysis and serological analysis in particular. such objects include soil from the burrow and the substrate of the nest of the rodent as well as the fleas of rodents and regurgitations of birds of prey. the ...1976135026
purification and characterization of a new ribopolynucleotide synthesizing enzyme from escherichia coli. 1976135093
[experimental restoration of the renal artery. comparative study of 3 procedures (author's transl)].presentation of theee procedures of experimental revascularization of the renal artery under microscopically controlled surgered (study of 19 dogs): --10 dacron velvet grafts, --6 hypogastric autografts, --3 spleno-renal autografts. results obtained by three means of investigation: selective angiography, measurement of renal flow using radioactive xenon, microscopic study of the anastomoses and the grafts: --10 dacron 10 failures, --6 hypogastric autografts, 4 successes 2 failures, --3 spleno-re ...1976135095
bulbourethral gland infections in mice associated with staphylococcus aureus. 1976135128
liver plasma membrane enzyme activities following glutaraldehyde fixation.the wachstein-meisel atpase histochemical method has been previously used to demonstrate the ultrastructural localization of this enzyme in both whole liver and isolated plasma membranes following fixation in glutaraldehyde. in the present study biochemical assay, of liver plasma membrane enzymes following fixation in cold 2.5% glutaraldehyde showed that approximately 40% of mg2+-atpase, but only 4% of (na+-k+)-atpase activity remained in membranes from either control or anit-treated rats. in ad ...1976135243
[tuberculosis in domestic animals and its relationship with human tuberculosis]. 1976135254
tape test as a simple new method for the study of compounds increasing the problem-solving ability of the rat.a simple new method, the "tape test" has been developed for studying the enhancement of learning by drugs in "learning-dull" rats. a piece of adhesive tape is pressed on the left front pad of the rats. the time of tape removal by the animal, i.e., the problem-solving time is measured. in our experiments the selected learning-dull rats were used which were unable to remove the tape within 60 s observed on 3 consecutive days. the problem-solving ability of the rats was studied on 4 consecutive day ...1976135270
suppressor mechanisms in neonatally acquired tolerance to a gross virus-induced lymphoma in rats.tolerance to a highly immunogenic gross virus-induced tumour in wistar/furth rats (c58nt)d was produced by neonatal infection of the rats with the virus. these rats failed to reject the tumours when challenged 8 weeks after virus inoculation and to mount the appropriate cell-mediated immune response to the tumour. the mechanisms involved were studied in vivo by adoptive transfers into sub-lethally irradiated rats of tumour cells mixed with spleen cells and/or sera from normal, tolerant, or tumou ...1976135385
effect of testosterone administration on the epiphyseal cartilage of hypophysectomized rats.for the study of the mechanism of action of testosterone histological, carbohydrate-, and enzyme histochemical investigations were carried out on the epiphyseal cartilage of (1) hypophysectomized rats treated with testosterone [(thx group); (2)] hypophysectomized rats without hormonal treatment (hx group), and (3) intact, untreated control rats. the results were compared with the data obtained in a previous experiment in which intact rats were treated with testosterone (t group). the experiments ...1976135467
comparison of heat shocking and acridine orange treatment in phage typing of nontypable strains of staphylococcus aureus.forty-five percent of 108 nontypable strains of staphylococcus aureus from clinical and environmental sources were phage typable after heat shock and acridine orange treatment. although phage patterns were produced by different types of treatment, the same phage groups were present, showing specificity. the newly typable strains appear to be similar in phage group distribution to the primary typable strains typed at the peter bent brigham hospital during the same time period. ten of the original ...1976135770
in vitro susceptibility and resistance of animal staphylococci to macrolide antibiotics and related compounds.strains of staphylococcus aureus isolated from poultry, pigs and cases of bovine mastitis and strains of s. hyicus isolated from pigs were examined for their susceptibility of the macrolides and other related antibiotics. the susceptibility of these strains to erythromycin, oleandomycin, tylosin, spiramycin, lincomycin, clindamycin, virginiamycin, and its components virginiamycin s and m, was tested by the quantitative plate dilution method. with s. aureus, 3 p. 100 of the bovine, 12 p. 100 of t ...1976136223
energy-rich phosphates and transintestinal transport in rat intestine incubated in vitro at different the present work, the transported fluid and the tissue content of atp, adp and amp has been evaluated in the jejunum rat intestine which was everted and incubated in vitro both at 28 degrees c and at 38 degrees c for 1 h. the energy-rich phosphates have been measured in the tissue at the beginning and at the end of the experiment as well as in vivo. these determinations have been made in the total intestine and in the scraped mucosa. atp and adp content are higher in vivo and lower but consta ...1976136993
studies of the histochemistry, ultrastructure, motor innervation, and regeneration of mammalian intrafusal muscle fibres. 1976137430
[relationship between p. pestis and listeria under different environmental conditions]. 1976139540
recovery of preimplantation blastocysts in the squirrel monkey by a laparoscopic technique.a laparoscopic uterine flushing technique has been developed for the recovery of preimplantation embryos from the squirrel monkey. fourteen adult female squirrel monkeys were induced to ovulate with 4 or 5 days' treatment with follicle-stimulating hormone (1 mg) followed by human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) (500 iu). natural mating with a fertile male or artificial insemination was performed near the time of ovulation. thirty-six hours and eleven days after hcg administration, the females were ...1977140077
effect of rhythmic alternation of protein depletion and repletion on serum protein synthesis.the authors attempted to determine whether repeated protein depletion would produce changes in the organism's response to this unfavourable situation indicative of the preservation of information on past depletion and of its inclusion in the formation of the organism's defences against repetition of this unphysiological state. it can be concluded from the results that the anticipated trend was demonstrated. the question of the site of origin, storage and action of this information was not resolv ...1977140403
preparation of human immunoglobulin free of plasmin and anticomplement activities.human igg separated by cohn fractionation showed variability in the content of aggregates, plasminogen and anticomplement activity. the plasminogen was removed or markedly reduced by affinity chromatography on sepharose-lysine. anticomplement activity was reduced by chromatography of cohn fraction ii on deae-cellulose. preparations of igg obtained by chromatography of intermediates from cohn fractionation (e.g. cohn fii + fiii or fii + fiii w) on deae-cellulose were devoid of aggregates, plasmin ...1977140530
inhibition of (na+ + k+)-stimulated atpase of heart by fatty acids. 1977140941
[intensity of parasitic contacts in the colonies of large gerbils under conditions of different population density of the animals and their fleas].in the period from april to may and september to october of 1967--1973 in the mujun-kum a radioactive tracing of great gerbils was carried out. in all 225 tests were conducted. the greatest intensity of parasitic contacts between the animals was noted at their average quantity. its further rise does not result in the increase of the parasitic relations. if the number of fleas is high the parasitic contacts level even at the relatively low number of great gerbils is usually high enough for a furt ...1976141021
[spheroplasts of plague microbe strains from the transcaucasian uplands and their capacity for pesticin synthesis].spherical formations of the plague microbe strains from the transcaucasian upland, i plague microbe strain of the sandwort variety and i strain of the marmot variety were obtained under the effect of lithium chloride. they had the remains of the cell wall, were viable, sensitive to osmotic shock, preserved sensitivity to the specific bacteriophage and pesticins. all this was evident of isolation of the spheroplasts of the plague microbe. the spheroplasts showed a capacity for pesticin production ...1977142442
acid mucopolysaccharides in metal-induced tumor and connective tissue capsules surrounding implants in rats. 1975142824
fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase.fluorescence of human liver alanine aminopeptidase has been attributed to tryptophan fluorescence. the fluorescence maximum is at 330 nm, 20 nm lower than that for free tryptophan, suggesting that most of the enzyme tryptophans are in a nonpolar environment and are shielded from solvent. quenching of enzyme fluorescence by iodide, pyridine, and n-methyl nicotinamide also demonstrates that enzyme tryptophan residues are largely buried and inaccessible to solvent. those accessible are in negativel ...1977143669
[role of onium groups in the interaction of asymmetric bis-cationic cholinomimetics with n-cholinoreceptors]. 1977145360
plague in small mammals and humans in rangoon, burma. 1977146917
[phosphofructokinase activity of the plague bacterium].synthesis of phosphofructokinase was decreased in pestilential microbe if cultivation temperature was increased from 28 degrees to 37 degrees. aeration of cultural fluid effected slightly on the enzyme production. glucose, added to cultural fluid, decreased synthesis of phosphofructokinase in virulent strain and increased it in avirulent one. phosphofructokinase activity from pestilential microbe was inhibited by atp, citrate, 3-phosphoglycerate, by ca2+ and mn2+. amp and lesser adp reduced the ...1978149424
[exploration of natural foci of tularemia and plague in armenia using the serological examination of bird droppings and excrements of predatory mammals].forty strains of tularemia and 619 of plague microbes were isolated in 1974 in bacteriological examination of natural plague and tularemia foci from a great number of small mammals and their ectoparasites. at the same time in serological examination (in the antibody neutralization test) of bird pellets, 52 mummified cadavers, and 34 excretion samples of mammalian beasts of prey collected in armenia (its central and north-western part) in 1973 the antigen of tularemia microbe was revealed in 73, ...1978149478
the multicomposite structure of tendon.a revised morphological model for the crimp structure of tendon is presented. the 300-500 mu diameter tendons of the mature rat tail are comprised of from one to more than ten substructures, called fascicles, of 80-320 mu diameter. fascicles each possess a "crimp structure" demonstrable in the polarizing microscope and neighboring fascicles within a tendon usually exhibit crimp registry. the fascicle itself is shown to be a cylindrical array of planar-zig-zag crimped 500-5000 a diameter collagen ...1978149646
the dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-binding protein of rat liver mitochondria as a product of the mitochondrial protein synthesis.a product of mitochondrial protein synthesis in rat liver mitochondria, characterized by a low molecular weight (mr is less than 10000) and an unusually high hydrophobicity, has been identified as the dicyclohexylcarbodiimide-binding protein and as a peptide of the hydrophobic sector of the mitochondrial atpase complex. the purified protein still possesses the ability of bind dicyclohexylcarbodiimide.1978149662
siroheme: methods of isolation and characterization. 1978149890
effect of human immunoglobulin preparations on fc rosette formation between anti-d-coated erythrocytes and lymphocytes.human immunoglobulin (ig) preparations were tested for their inhibitory effect on fc rosette formation between anti-d-coated human erythrocytes and lymphocytes, as compared to their complement activating capacity. both of the two biological activities ascribed to the sites in the fc portion of the igg molecules were found to be reduced in the pepsin-treated, as well as in the s-sulfonated ig preparations, as compared to the activities of the normal human ig preparation. in the plasmin-treated ig ...1978150144
[raised prostaglandin e-2 level in focal inflammatory lesions of the human skin with particular reference to rosacea]. 1978151301
electrocardiographic signs of chronic cor pulmonale in 40 376 patients with silicosis.the records of all patients who were examined for silicosis at the fund of occupational diseases between 1972 and 1976 are reviewed. in 3627 cases the mechanographical record was incomplete leaving 40 376 patients in the study. electrocardiographic signs of chronic cor pulmonale (c.c.p.) were detected in 5.58 per cent. the severity of c.c.p. was evaluated and the prevalence of the different electrocardiographic signs was examined. the presence and severity of c.c.p. was compared to the radiologi ...1978152045
[biochemistry of myocardium taken at autopsy. preliminary report].the findings after biochemical analysis of heart muscle taken at autopsy are given in this preliminary communication. human myosin is made up of two heavy sub-units and two light sub-units: it is similar to cardiac myosin found in other mammals, but is different in certain characteristics, particularly immunological ones. tropomyosin is made up of two different sub-units. the normal human heart contains 1 mg of collagen and 130 microgram of desoxyribonucleic acid (dna) per 100 mg of fresh tissue ...1978152617
inhibition of four human serine proteases by substituted benzamidines.a series of substituted benzamidines has been examined for their inhibitory activity against the human serine proteases--trypsin, thrombin, plasmin, and c1s, a subunit of the first component of complement. the inhibition constants obtained for each enzyme were correlated with physical-chemical properties of the substituent group using the quantitative structure-activity relationship approach. this analysis indicated that plasmin and c1s are very similar in their interactions with substituted ben ...1978152812
mg2+-dependent adenosine triphosphatase in isolated synaptic vesicles. attribution of most of the enzymic activity to an actomyosin-like protein. 1979154515
autoimmune interaction measured in a postlabelling microcytostasis assay.a postlabelling microcytostasis assay was developed to assess primary immune interaction between normal rat lymphocytes and autologous testis cells. in this vitro model of experimental autoimmune orchitis (eao) unprimed t cells respond to a sertoli-like subpopulation of testis cells during a 4 day culture period. the t effector cells exert a cytostatic effect on the monolayer-forming target cells. the number of remaining target cells, which inversely correlates with the intensity of the autoimmu ...1979154536
[biodegradable implants in orthopedic surgery]. 1978154723
early changes in the arterial endothelium under various pathological conditions: an electron histochemical study with visualization of altered permeability using electron microscopic tracers.the authors have studied the endothelial changes in the aorta and the arteries of heart, kidney and other organs in cholesterol fed rabbits and endotoxin administrated rats through electron histochemical and vascular clearance methods. the vascular changes are variable presumably due to the functional and morphological difference of vessels. the administration of cholesterol and endotoxin may result in increased vascular permeability which is directly related to the qualitative increase and decr ...1979155387
inhibition of tritiated thymidine incorporation in cultured cells by rat kidney extract.kcl extract from rat kidney, rat liver, and morris hepatomas inhibited [3h]thymidine incorporation into cultured cells. tissues came from male inbred buf rats. the most pronounced inhibition was achieved with the kidney extract. protein synthesis was not inhibited during a 24-hour exposure of the cells to the inhibitor. incorporation of [3h]deoxycytidine was inhibited, as was cell growth, when the kidney kcl extract was present for several days. [3h]thymidine incorporation was inhibited almost i ...1979155753
circular dichroism and ultraviolet absorbance of calf thymus dna in presence of ch3hgoh. 1979156470
[proline-dependent wild strains and proline-dependent mutants of the plague microbe].it is found that the growth of yersinia pestis wild strains, isolated from citellus musicus menetrié in the central caucasus, depends on the presence of proline in the medium. proline can not be substituted by glutamic acid, other amino acids or vitamins. 28 proline-requiring mutants were selected from y. pestis marmot strain 20b. three groups of proline-requiring y. pestis mutants are established, similar to those of escherichia coli. the requirement of proline does not affect the virulency, pi ...1979159850
effects of stress on rat brain adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in vivo. 1975162838
hypogammaglobulinemia predisposing to infection in foals.measurement of serum immunoglobulins in 46 foals less than 2 weeks old revealed 9 foals with hypogammaglobulinemia. the hypogammaglobulinemia was attributed to failure in transfer of immunoglobulins from dam to foal via colostrum. three of the affected foals did not nurse at all, or only slightly, and 2 of these died of infections within a few days after birth, whereas the 3rd foal did not grow as well as normal foals. six of the affected foals nursed in an apparently normal manner, and 5 of the ...1975162901
human atherosclerotic plaque cells and leiomyoma cells. comparison of in vitro growth characteristics.cells derived from human atherosclerotic plaques and from arterial media were compared with cells obtained from human leiomyomata and myometrium with respect to growth behavior in long-term cell culture. none of numerous variations in culture media, including alterations of serum concentration and source, improved the rate of cell multiplication or in vitro longevity. both uterine cell types, but neither arterial cell type, multiplied after tissue dissociation with enzymes (elastase, collagenase ...1975163592
the biogenesis of mitochondrial membranes in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae.membrane lipids of yeast mitochondria have been enriched by growing yeast cells in minimal medium supplemented with specific unsaturated fatty acids as the sole lipid supplement. using the activity of marker enzymes for the outer (kynurenine hydroxylase) and inner (cytochrome c oxidase and oligomycin-sensitive atpase) mitochondrial membranes, arrhenius plots have been constructed using both promitochondria and mitochondria obtained from o2-adapting cells in the presence of a second unsaturated f ...1975164216
aspects of hepatic hypoxia: observations on the isolated, perfused pig liver. 1975164256
[biochemical characteristics of nucleic acid decomposing enzymes of the epidermis]. 1975165330
nuclear and cytoplasmic binding components for vitamin d metabolites. 1975165339
letter: petechiae: due to adenovirus type 7 infection or to acetylsalicylic acid therapy? 1975165451
tumor-inhibiting properties of the neutral p-o-ethyl ester of adenosine 3':5'-monophosphate in correlation with its crystal and molecular structure.the p-o-ethyl ester of camp has been synthesized, its inhibition of solid and ascites tumors studied, and its pattern of urinary excretion followed. et-camp is more effective than camp against solid sarcoma 180 in mice and against ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in tissue culture. the urinary excretion pattern of injected e-t-camp suggests that about two-thirds of the injected dose (13 mumol per animal) is retained in the rat rather than being promptly excreted. liver slice studies of the effect ...1975165504
respiratory virus infections in children hospitalized in montreal, 1968 - 1972. 1975165872
[classical and current aspects of the formation of motor dominance in man].in the paper, significance of driving phenomenon for formation of motor dominant is considered and experimentally corroborated with the aid of autocorrelation and spectral analysis of the working man's eeg. the a.a. ukhtomsky classical postulate has been complemented by contemporary ideas of the role of phasic relationships between the cortical activity for extablishing intercentral interconnections and the functional differentiation of working and irrelevant cortical structures. data of corre ...1975165986
the influence of sodium, potassium and lanthanum on amino acid release from spinal-medullary synaptosomes. 1975166144
importance of the so-called 'other' sexually-transmitted diseases.(1) some data are presented concerning the frequency and potential morbidity of sexually-transmitted organisms other than t. pallidum or n. gonorrhoeae. (2) most of the diseases with which these organisms are associated are more prevalent than syphilis and some, at least in one sex, are as common as gonorrhoea. a number appear to carry considerable morbidity, which in the case of type ii herpes virus--if it is responsible for cervical cancer--may ultimately cause more fatalities than syphilis. ( ...1975168937
a spin-label study on fusion of red blood cells induced by hemagglutinating virus of japan.fusion of red blood cells (rbc) induced by hemagglutinating virus of japan (hvj) has been studied using a phosphatidylcholine spin label. the spin label was readily incorporated and diffused into the lipid bilayer portion of the viral envelope. the exchange broadening in the electron spin resonance (esr) spectrum of densely labeled virus disappeared rapidly when the virus was mixed with rbc at 37 degrees. the spectrum gradually approached that of the host cell spin labeled with the phosphatidylc ...1975169884
functional consequences of modifying highly reactive arginyl residues of fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase. loss of monovalent cation activation.modification of pig kidney fructose 1,6-bisphosphatase with 2,3-butanedione (in the presence of amp) results in the loss of activation of the enzyme by monovalent cations. under these conditions about 8 arginyl residues per mole of enzyme were modified. no other residues were modified. no loss of monovalent cation activation occurs when modification with 2,3-butanedione is carried out in the presence of amp plus the substrate fructose 1,6-bisphosphate and 3.2 less arginyl residues were modified. ...1975169892
the preparation of a bacterial collagenase containing negligible non-specific protease activity.a three stage procedure for the purification of crude bacterial collagenase is described. the three stages were ion exchange chromatography on sp-sephadex and deae-cellulose, followed by molecular sieve chromatography on sephadex g-200. the end product was eluted from sephadex g-200 as a single peak of absorbance at 280 nm, and a single zone of activity against gelatin. the active eluate was divided into two halves, designated fraction 1 and 2 collagenase. their activities were greater than thos ...1975170602
hepatocyte perfusion within a centrifuge.a centrifuge, as used in blood banks for washing erythrocytes, is shown to be a good perfusion chamber for hepatocyte suspensions being evaluated for potential extracorporeal liver support. the perfusate was cell-free oxygenated--po2 300 millimeters of mercury--plasma, serum or tissue culture medium. a centrifuge that requires intermittent perfusion cannot deliver sufficient oxygen to maintain prolonged viability. a continuous flow unit can, at a flow of 800 milliliters per minute, support most ...1976173032
[incorporation of low molecular sh-containing compounds in nitrosyl complexes of nonheme iron in cell-free and cell preparations].it has been shown that the endogenic low molecular sh-containing compounds in non-cellular liver and yeast preparates include in nitrosyl non-haem iron complexes at basic ph and in result of addition of iron salts into these preparates. the content of nitrosyl non-haem complexes with sh-containing low molecular compounds is not more than 0,5-1% of the quantity of identical non-haem iron complexes with rs-groups of proteins. the low content of these complexes appear to be due to as the low conten ...1975173411
effect of acute inhibition of adrenocorticotrophin secretion on plasma corticosteroids in the rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta).the half-life of plasma cortisol in the rhesus monkey (m. mulatta), determined by two methods, was about 130 min and longer than that in man; it was unaffected by administration of dexamethasone. dexamethasone (5 mg, i.v.) immediately inhibited the secretion of acth from the monkey pituitary. the plasma half-life of nh2-terminal immunoreactive acth was found to be about 55 min which was much longer than the biological half-life. the adrenal synthesis of cortisol was inhibited by metyrapone which ...1975173773
early effects of inorganic lead on immature rat brain mitochondrial respiration.inorganic lead, added to the diet of suckling rat in high doses, produces an encephalopathy similar to that seen in the immature human. pathologic changes of edema and hemorrhage are seen earliest and are most prominent in the cerebellum. in this study, we measured respiration in cerebral hemisphere and cerebellar mitochondria isolated from led-fed and age-matched normal rat pups. lactating mothers were begun on ad libitum feedins containing 4% lead carbonate when their pups were 2 weeks old. mi ...1976174053
[generalized disseminated tuberculosis verrucosa after bcg vaccination]. 1975174183
a microtiter solid-phase radioimmunoassay for hepatitis a antigen and antibody.a microtiter solid phase radioimmunoassy for hepatitis a antigen (ha ag) and antibody (anti-ha) was developed. the test was more sensitive than immune adherence hemagglutination for detecting ha ag and almost as sensitive for detecting anti-ha. the specificity and sensitivity of reagents were examined and optimum conditions for the test were determined. radioimmunoassay, immune adherence hemagglutination, and immune electron microscopy were compared for detecting anti-ha. a serologic response to ...1976175117
pituitary regulation of human growth hormone binding sites in rat liver membranes.we have studied the binding of 125i-human growth hormone (hgh) to crude 100,000 x g membrane preparations from rat liver, and have studied factors which might regulate the capacity and affinity of hgh binding sites. membrane preparations have livers of pregnant rats bound between 8% and 18% of the 125i-hgh initially added, and 70%-80% of that bound was displaced by 1 mug of unlabeled hgh. humans prolactin (hprl) displaced 125 i-hgh in a manner parallel to hgh itself but with about one-third the ...1976175242
[stimulation by cyclic adenosine-3'5'-monophosphate by na+, k+-activated atpase from rabbit kidney].cyclic 3',5-amp in vitro increased the activity of na+, k+-atpase, isolated from cortex and medulla of rabbit kidney. maximal stimulating effect was observed in kidney cortex at 10(-6) m concentration and in medulla at 10(-4) m concentration of 3',5'-amp. under these conditions the enzymatic activity was increased by 24.6 +/- 4.1% and 27.9 +/- 7.7%, respectively. these data suggest that na+, k+-atpase, activated by cyclic 3',5'-amp, is directly involved in the mechanism of na+ transport in cells ...1975175566
[complement-dependent immune cytolysis of cells from transplantable myeloid tumor]. 1975175643
intracellular forms of epstein-barr virus dna in human tumour cells in vivo.tumour biopsies from burkitt lymphoma patients, as well as human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells growing in athymic mice, contain epstein-barr virus dna as covalently closed circular dna. in addition integrated viral dna sequences seem to be present.1976176597
[the effect of multiple injections of acth (alone and combined with sodium ribonucleinate) on incorporation of p32-orthophosphate into the mitochondrial rna of the liver, spleen and heart of white rats]. 1976176651
infectivity of visna virus dna. 1976176812
light and electron microscopic features of a pituitary adenoma in nelson's syndrome.electron microscopy of an amphophil pituitary adenoma surgically removed from a 51-year-old woman who had nelson's syndrome revealed that the tumor was composed of melanocorticotroph cells. this finding is consistent with the view that in the human pituitary gland one single cell type produces both adrenocorticotropic hormone (acth) and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (msh). in contrast to the ultrastructure of pituitary adenomas associated with cushing's syndrome, no or only very few microfilame ...1976176883
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