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[ventricular extrasystole]. 200092397
guinea-pig alpha 1 microglobulin. isolation and properties in comparison with human alpha 1 microglobulin. 197992407
ia determinants on human t-cell subsets defined by monoclonal antibody. activation stimuli required for expression.the nature of ia antigens which appear on human t cells after activation and the stimuli required for their expression was examined utilizing a monoclonal antibody reactive with the ia antigen framework. t cells were purified using monoclonal antibodies directed either at the entire t-cell population (okt3) or the t-cell inducer subset (okt4). by indirect immunofluorescence, it was shown that the human t-cell population contains no detectable ia+ cells in the resting state. in contrast, in exces ...197992523
isotachophoresis of csf proteins in gel tubes especially gammaglobulins. an analytical and preparative technique for high-separation of csf isotachophoretic method using polyacrylamide gel (pag-itp) in a simple disc electrophoretic equipment with plastic tubes containing the gels, was elaborated and especially designed for studying the gammaglobulins in csf and serum from control subjects and patients with neurological disorders, especially known or probable ms. the device and the itp system used, including leading and terminating electrolytes and spacer substances, dividing the gammaglobulins in a reproducible way, are described ...200192548
recent studies of the 3t3-l1 adipocyte-like cell line. 200192801
[physicochemical properties of neurospecific basic protein (scp) of the spinal cord].basic protein (scp) known as antiencephalytogenic was isolated from the bull spinal cord and spinal roots. the protein is purified to a molecular homogeneous state, some of its physicochemical properties are studied. molecular homogeneity of the protein is established by the method of disk electrophoresis in 15% polyacrylamide gel with sodium dodecyl sulphate present and by analytic ultracentrifugation. during electrophoresis in 15% polyacrylamide gel at ph 4.0 the protein movement occurs only i ...197992837
[determination of the internal association constant as a measure of the affinity of erythocyte-fixed antibodies that interact with mono- and multivalent antigens].the fraction of antibody-bound determinants of a polyvalent antigen is determined by the fraction of free antigen molecules and the valence of the antigen. the internal association constant for antibodies fixed onto erythrocytes can be found by the suspension method, the index obtained in this process being similar when both monovalent and polyvalent antigens are used. the sensitivity of the antibody-erythrocyte diagnostic preparation in the passive hemagglutinin test depends on the affinity of ...197992866
ataxia-telangiectasia and hepatocellular carcinoma.ataxia-telangiectasia (at) is a multi-system disease involving the cerebellum, cutaneous blood vessels and the immune system including both cellular and humoral components. it also involves hematological, endocrine and peripheral nervous systems. this disease is often associated with abnormal liver function tests, such as, raised alkaline phosphatase and various nonspecific histological changes in the liver. high incidence of various malignancies involving lymphoreticular, gastrointestinal and m ...200192892
antigenic determinants of horse cytochrome c for lymphocyte transformation: identification of an immunodominant peptide. 197993078
delayed hypersensitivity to staphylococcus aureus in mice: in vivo responses to isolated staphylococcal antigens.the development of delayed hypersensitivity (dh) to staphylococcus aureus in swiss mice was evaluated by the footpad (fp) assay. in order to determine which component of the bacteria was responsible for the in vivo immune reactivity, purified staphylococcal cell wall, cell membrane, protein a, lipoteichoic acid, teichoic acid, as well as lipid-free membrane proteins were isolated. the immune responses of mice receiving one to eight s. aureus injections indicated that the first dh peak, following ...197993087
immunoperoxidase technique in histopathology: applications, methods, and controls. 200193112
biosynthesis of human blood group t-, n- and m-specific immunodeterminants on human erythrocyte antigens.we synthesized on tn erythrocytes with human sera, udp-gal, and activators t-specific haptenic structures in satisfactory yield. the specificity of this biosynthesis was ascertained by agglutination with human and animal anti-t, by specific absorption of human anti-t as well as by agglutination inhibition assays. with isolated human erythrocyte t antigen as substrate we synthesized n- and m-specific structures with sera from individual human donors in presence of cmp-sialic acid by incubation fo ...197993134
[symposium on major histocompatibility antigens (hla) and diseases. (1) association between immune responsiveness and hla specificities (author's transl)]. 200193136
anomalous alpha 2-macroglobulin-protease complexes in cystic fibrosis: decreased uptake of the complexes by fibroblasts in culture.immunochemical and functional properties of control and cystic fibrosis (cf) alpha 2-macroglobulin (alpha 2m) are compared. crossed immunoelectrophoresis and ouchterlony double diffusion revealed no qualitative differences between the two alpha 2-m preparations. trypsin-esterase activity assayed with bapna as a substrate, in the presence of an excess sti, gave similar ratios between total and active alpha 2m. these alpha 2m-trypsin complexes were equally stable under various experimental conditi ...197993265
diffuse melanosis and trichochromuria in malignant melanoma.a previous finding of pronounced excretion of trichochromes in a patient with metastasizing melanoma and diffuse melanosis prompted this study on trichochromes in another patient with these two features. the patient now reported also excreted large amounts of trichochromes. iit is suggested that diffuse melanosis in metastatic melanoma patients is due to deposition of trichochromes in the tissue.200193371
effect of azacytidine on simian virus 40 nucleoprotein complexes.simian virus 40 nucleoprotein complexes synthesized in the presence of 5-azacytidine showed small differences in sedimentation rate on neutral sucrose and buoyant density in metrizamide and cesium chloride. simian virus 40 deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) i, isolated from the nucleoprotein complexes of drug-treated cultures, was found to band at a higher buoyant density and therefore had a decreased ability to bind ethidium bromide. the data indicated that these molecules were deficient in superhelic ...197993427
a novel class of schizosaccharomyces pombe mutants, phenotypically unable to grow on glycerol, a respiratory substrate, but still able to oxidize glycerol aerobically [proceedings]. 197993469
[cerebrospinal fluid monoamine metabolites and cyclic nucleotides in the patients with epilepsy (author's transl)]. 199993481
acute lindane poisoning. 199993506
antigenic heterogeneity of the non-serogroup antigen structure of neisseria gonorrhoeae lipopolysaccharides.studies of the antigenic structure of the polysaccharide component of gonococcal lipopolysaccaride (lps) indicated that the non-serogroup antigen structure is antigenically heterogeneous. immunodiffusion studies of gc4 strain 8551 indicated that in addition to the gc serogroup determinent, this polysaccharide contains two other sets of determinants, one which is shared with the other five gc serogroups and a second which is shared by the gc1 and gc3 serogroups. enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ...197993575
genetic variation in the m antigen of group a streptococci: reassortment of type-specific markers and possible antigenic drift.the phylogenetic relationships of 73 strains of group a streptococcus isolated over a six-year period from a population with a high prevalence of streptococcal infections were analyzed with use of four serotype-specific markers: the serum opacity factor (of), the t antigen, the determinant of the m antigen that precipitates with antibody, and the m antiphagocytic determinant. of inhibition tests divided the strains into five subtypes: a, b, c, d, and e. strains within subtypes a, b, and c shared ...197993611
differentiation of normal pressure hydrocephalus and cerebral atrophy by computed tomography and spinal infusion test.the diagnostic value of computed tomography (ct) and spinal infusion test (sit) was investigated in 27 patients with normal pressure hydrocephalus (nph) and 35 patients with cerebral atrophy. the most consistent ct finding of nph was dilatation of the temporal horns, that of cerebral atrophy widening of the convexity sulci. however, 43% of patients with cerebral atrophy demonstrated no cortical atrophy. the sit showed an excellent relation with isotope cisternography and continuous intracranial ...199993629
double staining technique for rat foetus skeletons in teratological studies.cartilage and bone were differentiated using alcian blue and alizarin red s respectively. anomalies of both cartilaginous and bony parts of the skeleton could be examined.197993666
1-isoamyl-3-isobutylxanthine: a remarkably potent agent for the potentiation of norepinephrine, histamine, and adenosine-elicited accumulations of cyclic amp in brain slices. 197993674
in vivo release of substance p in the cat substantia nigra.push-pull cannuale were implanted into the substantia nigra (sn) and the caudate nucleus (cn) of the cat to study the in vivo release of substance p (sp), using a radioimmunoassay and high pressure liquid chromatography (hplc) analysis. the spontaneous release of sp could be detected in the sn and the cn. potassium (50 mm) locally applied stimulated sp release in both structures. furthermore an important evoked release of sp was observed in the sn during depolarization of striato-nigral sp fiber ...197993729
[oral administration of nasal mucosa decongestants]. 199993766
comparison between hla-d (lcl) and dr typing. 199993807
in vitro primary immunization of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to klh: evidence for hla-d-region restriction. 197993813
alloantigen-activated lymphocyte colony formation in semisolid agar. 199993818
[evaluation of the restoration of micturition after transvesical adenomectomy of the prostate using a urodynamic flow measurement method]. 199993823
further study on hla-a, b, c, d, dr and haplotype antigen frequencies in psoriasis vulgaris.hla-a, b, c, d, and dr antigens in 40 japanese patients with psoriasis vulgaris were analysed using the antisera obtained from the seventh international histocompatibility workshop. the most deviant hla antigens in psoriasis were found to be hla-cw6 and drw7. by observing the hla-a, b, c and dr antigens en bloc in psoriasis, it is shown that the statistically significantly associated haplotype antigens were hla-a1, b13, cw6 and drw7, and a1, b37, cw6 and drw6 respectively. no hla-dw11 (ld17) ant ...199993841
role of nonspecific and specific suppressor factors in immunity. 199993866
receptive field organization in areas 17 and 18 of the cat [proceedings]. 197993893
mutagenicity of n-nitrosodiethanolamine and its acetyl-derivatives [proceedings]. 197993920
integration site of bovine leukemia virus dna in the bovine genome [proceedings]. 197993923
study of the argininosuccinate lyase produced by triallelic complementation in triploids of chlamydomonas reinhardi [proceedings]. 199993932
autoradiographic thymidine-3h activity after successive steps of the feulgen reaction.autoradiographs were prepared of sections of the ovary of dytiscus marginalis labelled with thymidine-3h after each successive step of the feulgen reaction and after treatment with each separate component of the schiff's reagent. results of grain counts over ovarian nurse cells showed that losses of thymidine-3h activity occur not only during hydrolysis but also during the successive steps of the feulgen reaction. it is suggested that the latter decrease in radioactivity may depend on the extrac ...199993963
[surgical nursing intervention in patients with hematologic malignancies: an overview]. 199993977
the effects of pesticin on yersinia enterocolitica and y. pseudotuberculosis. 197994002
a developmental model for studying choline acetyltransferase transport in chick motoneurons.the proximodistal axonal transport of choline acetyltransferase (chac) has been studied in the chick sciatic nerve in the absence of any experimental manipulation. the phenomenon utilized by us is a physiological transient fall in the activity of chac. this fall occurs in most areas of the chick central nervous system after hatching, and moves toward the periphery along the nerves. having ruled out the presence of transient inhibitors, the movement of the fall towards skeletal muscles has been c ...197994010
alien h-2 allospecificities in murine chemically-induced tumors.sera from c3h/heha mice immunized with syngeneic methylcholanthrene-induced sarcoma react with allogeneic thymus, lymphoma and leukemia cells. the presence on leukemia and lymphoma cells of h-2 specificities expressed on normal cells of other h-2 haplotypes from the one in which the tumor originates is described. it was observed that the reaction of antisera to h-2 specificities with lymphoma cells was blocked by anti-mca sarcoma sera. the cross-reactivity between mc sarcomas, thymus, leukemia a ...197994037
demonstration of specific antigenecity of various fractions of human liver homogenate. 197994039
antigenicity of casein enzymatic enzymatic hydrolysate of bovine casein were studied for molecular size and antigenic properties. as determined by sephadex g-25 gel filtration, polypeptide fractions having molecular weights greater than 1,000 were not detected in the soluble fraction of the casein hydrolysate. antigenicity of the fraction was not detected by heterologous passive cutaneous anaphylaxis in guinea pig-rabbit antiserum system mediated by immunoglobulin g types of antibody (guinea pig passive cutaneous anaphylaxis ...197994065
studies on the oxidation of muscle triglycerides. 197994070
[palliative chemotherapy with 5 fu and cpm in cancer of the prostate with bone metastases resistant to oestrogens. a clinical trial (author's transl)].the efficacy of an association of cyclophosphamide (cpm) and 5-fluorouracil was studied in 15 patients with prostate cancer not responding to oestrogen therapy, and more particularly its effect on pain due to bone metastases. no objective improvement was noted with this association, but there was a definitite reduction in bone metastases pain in 5 of the patients, with an average remission time of 4 months. half of the patients had nausea and vomiting, but in spite of this digestive intolerance ...199994108
[identification of b-, t- and "zero" lymphocytes by staining for acid phosphatase]. 199994125
[criterion of the comparative sensitivity of plague antigenic and antibody erythrocyte diagnostica in detecting antibodies]. 197994132
[electrophoretic mobility test in the early diagnosis of malignant tumors; findings in the prestages of cervical and breast cancers].a double-blind pilot study of 130 female patients was carried out to determine the feasibility and significance of the em test in the early diagnosis of carcinoma of the female genital organs and breast. early stages of cervical carcinoma (carcinoma in situ) as well as fibroid adenoma, mastopathy and breast tumors were tested and compared with the results of their manifest forms. positive results were recorded in 87.5% of the cases of middle-grade to severe epithelial dysplasia (papanicolaou iii ...197994155
[fate of patients with rectal cancer with synchronous liver metastases]. 199994163
[clinical and biochemical contributions on the effect of maprotiline and clomipramine in depressive states (preliminary observation)].this study has been conducted on 17 patients suffering from neurotic and psychotic depressions, who had not received a pharmacological antidepressive therapy since at least 1 month. 6 patients suffering from psychotic depression were treated with 100 mg clomipramine i.v. daily for 20 days; 11 patients, 7 of whom suffered from psychotic depression and 4 from neurotic depression, were treated with 150 mg maprotiline i.v. daily for 20 days. in both groups the therapy has been continued orally. in ...197994169
[vascularization of malignant melanoma in golden hamster]. 197994247
natural plant enzyme inhibitors: part vii--alpha amylase inhibitors & amylases in plant tubers. 197994300
[improvement of blood viscosity after infusion of low-molecular hydroxyethyl starch (expafusin) in healthy subjects].in healthy volunteers, 500 ml of a 6% low molecular weight hydroxyethyl starch solution (expafusin) was infused intravenously within 30 minutes. blood samples for the measurement of rheological parameters were obtained before and after the infusion. blood and plasma viscosity were significantly decreased after the infusion of hes. red cell deformability as measured by a filtration technique was slightly improved. red cell aggregation as measured by a light transmission method was markedly reduce ...200094316
detection of specific rnas or specific fragments of dna by fractionation in gels and transfer to diazobenzyloxymethyl paper. 200094421
endotoxin shock in the beagle dog. 197994472
the human ia system. 197994505
possible role of the friend virus life cycle in differentiating friend leukemia cells treated with interferon. 197994575
oral rehabilitation by prosthetic restoration after maxillectomy for malignant maxillectomy patients, speech intelligibility between before and after insertion of prostheses has been reviewed by many investigators. speech intelligibility was not related to the size of the defect, but rather to the defect region. speech intelligibility was considerably improved by the use of prostheses. a great difference could not be found in escape rate from the nasal cavity between before and after insertion of prostheses, but there was a remarkable change in the spirometer. postmaxil ...200094595
effects of hydroxyurea on crithidia fasciculata.hydroxyurea (hu) inhibits increase in cell number in cultures of crithidia fasciculata. complete inhibition is produced by 8 mm and higher concentrations. if hu is not removed, population growth resumes in 45-50 h; if hu is removed, partially synchronous growth occurs through 2 cycles. during hu inhibition, the rate of dna synthesis is reduced to 1% of that in exponentially growing cultures; protein and rna syntheses continue at slightly reduced rates. mean cell size and protein and rna contents ...200094609
t cell independent induction of antigen specific suppression of the antibody response.immune spleen cells (from mice given 2 x 10(7) hrbc 14 days earlier) when mixed in vitro with carrier-primed syngeneic spleen cells (from mice given 2 x 10(5) hrbc 3 days earlier) are able to suppress the anti-tnp and anti-hrbc pfc response to tnp-hrbc. if immune thymocytes are substituted for spleen cells suppression is not observed. this suppression is antigen specific, resistant to anti-t treatment or x-irradiation, and is exerted by nylon wool-retained cells of the immune spleen cell populat ...200094690
a thymus-independent igg response against dextran b512 can be induced in c57bl but not in cba mice, even though both strains possess a vhdex and c57bl mice both possess a vhdex gene coding for antibodies against the alpha 1-6 epitope of dextran b512. after immunization with dextran, cba mice produce igm plaque-forming cells (pfc) only, which show regular cyclical fluctuations. the second pfc peak disappeared after injection of dextranase, indicating that it is antigen-dependent. the anti-dextran response in c57bl mice is characterized by only one igm peak, followed 1 day later by an igg peak that may exceed the igm response by a ...200094695
antibiotic tolerance in producer organisms. 200094753
theoretical conformational analysis of three [trp4, met5]-enkephalin analogs related to non-radiative energy transfer [proceedings]. 200094806
effect of betel-nut constituents on nucleic acid metabolism. 200194903
cholesterol in high-density lipoproteins: a comparison between dextran sulfate-magnesium chloride precipitation and preparative ultracentrifugation.the cholesterol in high density lipoproteins (hdl) has been determined in 140 serum samples after dextran sulfate-magnesium chloride precipitation of the apolipoprotein b-containing lipoproteins. the values correlated well with simultaneously measured values from preparative ultracentrifugation (slope 0.98, r = 0.93). furthermore, there was a significant correlation in 60 specimen between the dextran sulfate-mgcl2 and heparin-mncl2-precipitation method.200194930
prostaglandin synthesis inhibition and monoamine metabolites in the rat brain.the effect of indomethacin 3 mg/kg on levels of homovanillic acid (hva), 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy phenyl ethylene glycol (hmpg) and 5-hydroxy indol acetic acid (5hiaa) was studied in rat striatum and olfactory tubercle with and without pretreatment with morphine 10 mg/kg. indomethacin caused a small decrease in resting levels of hva in striatum but not in olfactory tubercle. no effects were seen on resting or morphine induced changes in the levels of these monoamine metabolites. likewise indomethacin ...197994946
affinity sensors for individual metabolites.specific metabolite sensors may be constructed for species when a specific binding agent and optically detectable competing assay ligands are available.200194999
[repeated palliative measures for intrathoracic neurofibrosarcoma and hypoglycemia]. 200195005
properties and usefulness of the original k-562 human myelogenous leukemia cell line. 197995026
presentation of the pennsylvania dental association award to dr. laurence l. lathrop. 200195043
biochemical effects of the modification of nucleic acids by certain polycyclic aromatic carcinogens. 197995052
comparison of antigenic properties among various strains of treponema hyodysenteriae.agglutinin-absorption and precipitin-absorption studies demonstrated that three strains of treponema hyodysenteriae isolated from cases of swine dysentery were antigenically different from each other and also from a spirochete isolated from a clinically normal dog. each of the strains of t. hyodysenteriae also possessed two common antigens.197995077
[antigen-specific t-cell factors in the regulation of the immune response (author's transl)].we have examined in this brief review several facets of antigen-specific t-cell mediators found independently by different investigators. these factors have many common properties: (1) they are produced as a consequence of antigen stimulation; (2) they are obtained from t-cell populations and not from b cells or macrophages; their synthesis by t cells, however, has not been formally demonstrated; (3) they are antigen-specific and are selectively adsorbed by antigen-sepharose columns; (4) they la ...200195085
the influence of cell surface receptor clustering on the thermodynamics of ligand binding and the kinetics of its dissociation.we show that an equilibrium model for the clustering, by divalent ligand, of homogeneous plasma membrane-bound divalent receptors that do not change conformation predicts scatchard plots with positive second derivatives (concave up). the result is thermodynamically indistinguishable from predictions based upon receptors that are heterogeneous for ligand, or that change conformation in a negatively cooperative way when ligand binds. a more general formulation of the theory, which allows applicati ...200195172
separation of t and b lymphocytes from various mouse strains by density gradient electrophoresis.t and b mouse spleen lymphocytes were separated by density gradient electrophoresis on the basis of their surface charge. in all strains examined, the t lymphocytes were found in the high mobility fractions and the b in the low. the t and b cells were separated completely in most fractions, with some overlapping in the middle. significant differences were found in the electrophoretic distribution profiles between the strains: c57bl/6j, c57bl/10j, (balb/cxc57bl/6j)f1, and all the following: b6.c- ...197995175
effects of ovarian hormones on cell membranes in the rat uterus. i. freeze fracture studies of the apical membrane of the liminal epithelium.freeze fracture techniques have been used to study the apical membrane of cells of the luminal epithelium of the rat uterus under various hormonal regimes. in the ovariectomized but otherwise untreated rat, intramembranous particles (imps) occur at a density of 1395 +/- 122 per micron 2; they appeared spherical and uniformly distributed. after 3 days treatment with estrogen, no change in appearance or density was found, but 3 days of progesterone treatment produced a significant increase in imp ...197995176
cordis pacemakers. 200195231
nuclear pacemakers. 200195272
dual-demand pacing for refractory atrioventricular re-entry automatic dual-demand pacemaker has been used in six patients to treat refractory attacks of paroxysmal re-entry atrioventricular tachycardia that occurred in the wolff-parkinson-white syndrome. the pacemaker was designed to pace at a fixed rate of 70 beats per minute when sensed heart rates were either below this rate or above 150 beats per minute; in the latter case, it would compete with the paroxysmal tachycardia and interrupt it after a short period of random scaning. the best location f ...200195273
long-term results of permanent atrioventricular sequential demand pacing.pervenous atrioventricular sequential demand pacemakers (avsdps) were implanted in 18 patients using an atrial electrode positioned in the right atrial appendage and a ventricular electrode positioned at the apex of the right ventricle. the indications included 13 patients with the sick sinus syndrome (72%), five of whom had the tachycardia-bradycardia syndrome, three with paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, one with cardiomyopathy and one with carotid sinus syncope. the follow-up ranged fr ...200195277
unusual demand pacemaker arrhythmia due to partial recycling in the relative refractory period.this report presents the electrocardiograms of a patient with a normally functioning lithium qrs-inhibited pulse generator that exhibited partial recycling with inappropriately short escape intervals. the occurrence of partial recycling was time-dependent rather than voltage-dependent, and was observed only when qrs complexes fell within the relative refractory period of the pulse generator. this resulted in a complex arrhythmia simulating pulse generator malfunction. this observation re-emphasi ...200195285
runaway cordis omni-stanicor pacemaker. 200195306
flashbacks: ventricular fibrillation part i. 200195318
north american society of pacing and electrophysiology (naspe). 200195324
immunodiffusion study on group-specific antigen of mc-29 chicken hepatoma.rabbit serum against crude mc-29 hepatoma extract does not contain anti-avian gs antibodies detectable by gel diffusion methods. rabbit serum containing antibodies against purified gs 1, gs 2, gs 3 and gs 4 antigens of avian myeloblastosis virus reveals gs 1 antigen in mc-29 hepatoma extract.197995333
k562 human leukaemic cells synthesise embryonic haemoglobin in response to haemin. 197995354
antigenic similarity between squamous cell carcinoma of horn (horn cancer) and normal bovine foetal tissues.normal bovine foetal (liver and skin) and horn cancer tissue antigens were examined using double diffusion agar gel precipitation and immuno-electrophoretic tests to detect any cross reactivity among them. rabbit horn cancer antisera absorbed with normal bovine liver, skin and horn core epithelium antigens, when tested with foetal skin and liver (4 to 6 months of gestation), revealed the presence of 2 foetal antigens in horn cancer. immuno-chemically 2 of the horn cancer antigens were found to b ...197995358
[gastrointestinal tract diseases as interfering factors in drug effects and kinetics]. 200195371
hearing thresholds with outer and inner hair cell loss.hearing impairment and related cochlear histopathologic changes were evaluated in experimental animals after treatment with aminoglycoside antibiotics or exposure to intense sound. in the course of treatment with kanamycin, neomycin, or dihydrostreptomycin, permanent hearing loss in monkeys and guinea pigs occurred first at the high frequencies and progressed toward the lows. exposure to different octave bands of noise at 120 db spl in monkeys and chinchillas produced permanent hearing loss at f ...197995382
immunological relationships among transaldolases in the genus bifidobacterium.antisera were prepared against electrophoretically homogeneous transaldolase (dihydroxyacetone transferase, e.c. of bifidobacterium thermophilum (b. ruminale) ru326 (atcc25866), b. cuniculi ra93 (atcc27916) and b. 'minimum' (homology group) f392 (atcc 27538). crude extracts of eighty six strains previously assigned to twenty one species of the genus bifidobacterium on the basis of deoxyribonouclelic acid (dna) homology (dna-dna hybridization), were compared by double diffusion tests on ...197995384
a case of a needle stick. 197995411
[antitumor activity and preclinical pharmacologic evaluation of pingyangmycin (author's transl)]. 197995444
[replacement solutions and hemodilution].by definition, haemodilution involves the use of filling solutions, but in this technique the role of different solutions has yet to be clearly defined. amongst the criteria of choice used at the present time, two would seem to be essential: good tolerance, limiting the risks of complication and side effects to an absolute minimum; and a sufficiently long intravascular half-life ensuring good control of blood volume. on this basis, amongst the crystalloids ringer lactate offers definite advantag ...197995461
[surgery of hepatic hydatic cyst. per-operative complications. possibility of anaphylactic etiology (author's transl)].among fifty cases hepatic hydatid cysts, we have observed four serious complications during operation. these complications appeared at the time of the puncture of the cysts with a severe shock in three cases. anaphylactic etiology can be suspected but not proved without specific tests. because the severity of these accidents (one death), anesthesiologist must be aware of the possibility of such complications: it is important to recognize anaphylactic reactions during surgical procedure to instit ...200195469
nucleic acids quantitation in polyacrylamide disc gels with a modified double beam spectrophotometer.quantitation of rna and protein bands separated in polyacrylamide disc gel electrophoresis is time consuming and not reliable when performed after staining processes. the best theoretical approach is the use of absorption spectra of the samples. the present paper reports the construction of an efficient and inexpensive adapter to perform direct scanning of 100 mm gels in a unicam sp-800 double beam spectrophotometer. conditions for gel casting and electrophoresis were established for rna. a line ...200195523
augmentation of the in vitro humoral immune response by pharmacologic agents. i: an explanation for the differential enhancement of humoral immunity via agents that elevate camp.agents that elevate intracellular concentrations of camp in cultured spleen cells can augment the in vitro 19s humoral immune response to srbc. dbcamp and 8brcamp were more effective than mix, ct, pge1, or iso in producing the enhanced pfc response, when they were present only during an early stage of immune induction. the thesis is presented that the differential ability of these agents to augment humoral immunity results from their relative ability to maintain elevated concentrations of intrac ...200195570
subnormal tissue 3 alpha-androstanediol and androsterone in prostatic hyperplasia.we investigated the role of 3 alpha-androstanediol (3 alpha-diol) in the development of benign prostatic hyperplasia (bph) and the apparent equilibrium of enzymes which metabolize it in normal and hyperplastic prostatic tissue of humans. we determined the endogenous concentrations of 3 alpha-diol, androsterone, its 3 alpha-17-keto metabolite or precursor, and 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone (dht), its 3-keto,17 beta-hydroxy product of precursor, by ria after extraction and paper chromatography of th ...199895628
[biosynthesis of penicillin upon periodic culturing of penicillium chrysogenum with an exponentially increasing glucose supply].penicillium chrysogenum was cultivated under controlled conditions and at constant specific growth rates regulated by glucose supply. the rate of penicillin synthesis (units/mg dry and pattern of time changes of the synthesizing capacity of the culture depended on the specific growth rate (hr-1). the arrest of penicillin synthesis was induced by the inherent changes of the culture rather than by external factors, e.g. use of substrates, changed limitation, accumulation of inhibitory m ...197995828
[levels of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in guinea pig sex canals during embryonic life].at the undifferentiated stage, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone levels were comparable in sexual ducts of both sexes. an hormonal sexual dimorphism appeared at the time of differentiation: while testosterone rapidly decreased in the female ducts, it considerably increased in those of the male. testosterone rather than dht seems to be responsible for the wolffian duct stabilization in the male foetus.197895894
molybdenum independence of nitrogenase component synthesis in the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium plectonema.the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum (iu 594-utex 594) fixes n2 only in the absence of combined n and of o2. we induced nitrogenase by transfer to anaerobic n-free medium and studied the effect of mo starvation on nitrogenase activity and synthesis. activity was first detected within 3 h after transfer by the acetylene reduction assay in controls, increasing for at least 25 h. cells grown on nitrate and mo and then transferred to n-free, mo-free medium produced 8% of the control nitrogenase ac ...197896092
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