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[contribution of the section medical pedagogy to the improvement of quality and effectiveness of health care]. 2004425577
vitamin c, disease, and surgical trauma. 2004427398
mentally disordered offenders. 2004427415
menetrier's disease. 2004427468
effects of ccnu on hematopoiesis in rats.the effect of orally administered ccnu on proliferating and cytokinetically "resting" bone marrow cells was studied in rats. the resting bone marrow cells were selectively labeled with 3h-thymidine by the "complete 3h-thymidine labeling method." the results show a reduction in the number of absolute bone marrow cells to about 40% of the original value in 3 days. regeneration was completed only after 22 days. no difference was found in the destructive or the regenerative pattern of cfu-c, myelopo ...1979427820
[dermatomyositis as a first symptom of malignant tumour (author's transl)]. 2004427888
catecholamines and intracranial pressure. 1979430167
statistical analysis of epidemiological data from a chromium chemical manufacturing plant.a statistical analysis was performed on reported bronchogenic carcinoma incidence in a group of chromium chemical manufacturing workers over the period 1929 to 1977. the purpose was to determine if post-1950 process improvements corresponded to favorable trends in morbidity. because the paucity of data on the population at risk prevented meaningful calculations of smr's, a recently developed method called "probability window analysis" was used to evaluate for statistically valid changes in the " ...2003430272
[a new diagnostic test for acute myocardial infarction-immunologic measurement of myoglobin (author's transl)]. 2003430882
[should the mentally handicapped be sterilized?]. 2004436057
[survey of late results of surgical treatment of atrial spetal defect (secundum type) (author's transl)]. 2004438563
acinic cell carcinoma: a clinicopathologic study of thirty-five cases.a clinicopathologic study of 35 cases of acinic cell carcinomas is presented. complete follow-up information was available on 31 patients (average period, 7-5 years). the malignant potential of these neoplasms is affirmed by observations that metastases (local and distant) occurred in nine patients and that eight patients died as a consequence of their carcinoma. retrospective classification of the carcinomas into high and low grade lesions correlated well with ultimate biologic behavior but is ...2004438614
contribution of adrenal medulla, spleen and lymph, to the plasma levels of dopamine beta-hydroxylase and catecholamines induced by hemorrhagic hypotension in dogs. 1979438992
electroconvulsive therapy: an overview.modifications in technique, including the use of anesthesia and muscle-relaxing drugs, make electroconvulsive therapy safe and easy to administer. there are few contraindications, complications are rare, and efficacy is well-documented.2004441398
[colpocytological studies in determining sexual maturity]. 2004442153
isolation of maltopentaose from corn syrup by chromatography on granulated hydroxylapatite. 2004443535
malignant melanoma arising in an unstable burn scar. 2004444775
riposte! health professions in sports medicine. 2004444815
ketone bodies are selectively used by individual brain regions.close study of 3-hydroxybutyrate uptake by brain suggests that its metabolism is limited by permeability. furthermore, the permeability characteristics vary from region to region; areas known to have no blood-brain barrier show the highest rate of utilization. the results imply that rather than substitute fuels, ketone bodies should be considered supplements which partially supply specific areas but are incapable of supporting the entire energy requirement of all brain regions.1979451608
thyroid hormone influence on the susceptibility of mice to audiogenic seizures.serum thyroxine levels peak earlier and are significantly higher in audiogenic seizure-susceptible dba/2j mice than in seizure-resistant c57bl/6j mice during early postnatal life. the seizure susceptibility of dba/2j mice is suppressed by administration of an antithyroid drug or by radiothyroidectomy, while the seizure susceptibility of c57bl/6j mice is enhanced by treatment with excess thyroxine.2004451624
germ cell tumors. 2004451627
embryonal carcinoma antigens: biologic and clinical implications. 2004451631
chemotherapy of metastatic germ cell tumors. 2004451632
indications for surgery for intrathoracic metastases in testicular carcinoma. 2004451634
hemobilia complicating warfarin therapy.this patient is the first case of endoscopically documented massive hemobilia exacerbated by inadvertent warfarin overdose. the true frequency of this disorder should become evident with the widespread use of endoscopy and a high index of suspicion.2004451664
tuberculous aneurysms of the aorta. 2004451665
[experience in the treatment of patients with myocardial infarction in intensive care units]. 2004452554
[some indices of renal function and hemodynamics in patients with hypertensive disease]. 2004452558
[occurrence and distribution of viral hepatitis in the gdr]. 2004463071
[sensitivity of different strains of the causative agent of plague to disinfectants].various strains of the plague microbe was found to have statistically significant differences in their sensitivity to phenol, formaldehyde and chloramine. these differences did not correlate with the origin, virulence and nutritional requirements of the plague strains. the sensitivity of the plague microbe to formaldehyde and phenol was found to be related to the permeability of its cell wall.1979463428
[isolated thrombosis of the deep femoral vein]. 2004470589
studies on conformational changes in f-actin of glycerinated muscle fibers during relaxation by means of polarized ultraviolet fluorescence means of polarized ultraviolet fluorescence microscopy the conformational changes of f-actin occuring in glycerinated muscle fibers of rabbit and barnacle (balanus rostratus hock.) under the influence of adenosine triphosphate in the presence of ethylene glycol bis(beta-amino-ethyl ether)-n,n'-tetraacetic acid were discovered. these changes seem to be located near the surface of the globules thus hampering the penetration of univalent iones and neutral molecules into the f-actin macromolecule ...1979470613
[cyst formation by methanosarcina].the morphology of a coccoid, methane producing bacterium growing on acetate was studied. the organism is capable of forming morphologically differentiated cells, nicrocysts, whose structure resembles that of bacterial surviving cells. the organism from peculiar macrocysts in the enrichment culture. in its other characteristics, the organism is similar to methanococcus mazei. however, it clasibied as methanosarcina, biotype 3, due to the characteristic formation of multicellular pseudococci.1979470629
lighting in hospitals. 2004470685
choosing medical students. 2004470753
newborn bleeding disorders: a practical approach. 2004471551
inducibility of metallothionein biosynthesis in cultured normal and menkes kinky hair disease fibroblasts: effects of copper and cadmium.metallothionein biosynthesis is not induced by extracellular copper in menkes kinky hair disease (mkhd) or in normal cultured fibroblasts under the conditions of these experiments. in the presence of copper, mkhd fibroblasts also incorporated less cysteine than did normal fibroblasts. extracellular cadmium greatly enhanced the uptake of cysteine in both normal and mkhd cultures. by the technique of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, it was demonstrated that metallothionein is induced by cadmium ...2004471576
consequences of ca2+ deficiency on macromolecular synthesis and adenylate energy charge in yersinia pestis.a 37 but not 26 degrees c virulent yersinia pestis is known to require at least 2.5 mm ca2+ for growth; this requirement is potentiated by mg2+. after shift of log-phase cells (doubling time of 2 h) from 26 to 37 degrees c in ca2+-deficient medium, shutoff of net ribonucleic acid synthesis preceded that of protein and cell mass. with 2.5 mm mg2+, about two doublings in cell mass and number occurred before restriction with synthesis of sufficient deoxyribonucleic acid to account for initiation an ...1979479109
[percutaneous cholangiography with the chiba method (author's transl)].in 92 patients with cholestasis a percutaneous cholangiography was performed. the bile duct could be visualized in 75 cases (81.5 percent). when the bile ducts were dilatated, the investigation succeeded in 94 percent, whereas in patients with normal bile ducts the rate was 65 percent. complications occurred only in 2 cases. in one patient surgery was necessary due to biliary peritonitis. in another patient a discrete hemobilia without clinical symptoms could be found during laparotomy.2004481058
regional lung function following hip arthroplasty and preoperative normovolemic hemodilution.the effect of preoperative normovolemic hemodilution with dextran 70 as dilutional agent on postoperative regional lung function was evaluated in patients undergoing hip arthroplasty in the lateral decubitus position. the major part of the surgical blood loss of these patients was replaced with the received autologous blood. the results obtained were compared to changes in a group of patients in whom the operative bleeding was replaced with bank blood. regional lung function, as studied with xe1 ...2004484181
five-year findings of the hypertension detection and follow-up program. ii. mortality by race-sex and age. hypertension detection and follow-up program cooperative are reported for four race-sex and three age subgroups of the hypertension detection and follow-up program (hdfp). throughout the hdfp trial, for black men, black women, white men, and white women and for persons aged 30 to 49, 50 to 59, and 60 to 69 years at entry, control of blood pressure was consistently better for stepped care (sc) than referred care (rc) participants. this difference in degree of control was least for white women; it was less for whites than for blacks of the same sex ...2004490883
[determination of rheumatoid factor]. 2004490928
serum-cholesterol-binding reserve in patients with the nephrotic syndrome.hyperlipidemia and premature atherosclerosis are known metabolic complications in patients with the nephrotic syndrome. in this study, we have measured serum levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and serum-cholesterol-binding reserve (scbr) in 22 patients (14 men, 8 women) with the nephrotic syndrome and in 21 hyperlipidemic men who served as control subjects. serum cholesterol levels were higher (p less than 0.005) in patients when compared to those of controls while triglyceride levels did not ...2004492425
[choroid plexus carcinoma with metastasis to bone (author's transl)].a very rare case of the choroid plexus carcinoma of the left lateral ventricle with metastasis to bone was reported. a two-month-old baby was suffering from irritability and vomiting. her vital signs became progressively worse. on admission she showed an increased head circumference and meningeal irritation signs. an emergency tapping of the right lateral ventricle at the anterior fontanel revealed the bloody csf and an opening pressure of over 700 mm of water. all laboratory findings were negat ...2004492463
compulsory admission to hospital: an operational review of the mental health (scotland) act 1960.the working of the mental health (scotland) act 1960 is examined by analysis of compulsory admissions both nationally and to one glasgow hospital. comparisons are drwn with england and wales. despite a six-fold increase in admissions since 1945 the use of compulsory powers has remained almost constant. it is suggested that an annual number of 45 compulsory admissions per 100,000 population may represent an inevitable basic level as foreseen by the royal commission in 1957. section 31 ('emergency ...2004497613
total excision or restorative resection for carcinoma of the middle third of the rectum. 2004497647
time estimation and hyperactivity, replication.three groups of boys included 135 of normal iq, showing normal activity; 6 were hyperactive and of normal iq, and 6 showed normal activity but low iq. their ability to estimate a 30-sec. interval showed only the 6 normally active boys of low iq had significantly different elapsed and estimated times. time estimation is not clinically useful for identifying hyperactive boys.2004503747
acute viral respiratory infections in children. 2004506792
purification and chemical characterization of antigens from sheep erythrocytes.a mixture of glycoproteins and glycolipids was solubilized from sheep erythrocytes membranes under the effect of high ionic strength (2 m nacl, 0.5 m tris). several antigenic fractions could be purified from the mixture using gel filtration on sephadex g-200 and block electrophoresis on pevikon c870; two fractions were found to raise antibodies in a primary reaction and these antibodies effectively sensitized erythrocytes to lysis by complement. the majority of other fractions elicited a weaker ...1979511033
possible pneumonic plague. 1979511127
experimental plague in the california ground experiments to determine the current susceptibility to plague, it was demonstrated that 256 yersinia pestis (a local strain of high virulence) were required to produce a 50% infectious dose (id50) in california ground squirrels (spermophilus beecheyi) that had been collected in southeastern monterey county, california; 6,070 y. pestis were required to produce a 50% lethal dose (ld50). (the ld50 was about 24 times the id50.) the frequency of serologic response to the specific fraction 1 antige ...1979512421
human plague in new mexico: report of three autopsied cases.plague is a deadly disease of obvious concern to individuals, communities, and public health officials. the rapid recognition of plague victims is of paramount importance in saving the lives of the victims and in the protection of contacts. three autopsied plague cases have been presented and the pathological features have been discussed.1979512611
[iga, igm and igg in the serum of children with infection-induced anemia]. 2004514700
[first results obtained in man with ethinyl estradiol sulfonate given for various indications (proceedings)]. 1979515140
a study of low-frequency vibrations of human arteries. 1979515171
[present-day state and perspectives of development of psychotherapy in poland]. 2004515249
[risk involved in decision to change genital gender, illustrated by a case report]. 2004515256
[allergenic and anaphylactoid properties of carcinostatic compounds of platinum].different effects of platinum salts on the organism were studied comparatively. the toxic effect was estimated by ld50; the carcinogenic one--by the action on ehrlich ascites tumor; the anaphylactoid effect was evaluated by the degree of the arterial pressure fall, the development of bronchospasm and an increased blood histamine level in cats under intravenous injection of platinum salts. the sensitization action of platinum salts was assessed on guinea pigs. all these effects are found to be de ...1979516565
[effect of the alimentary factor on certain indices of the functional state of the pancreas in young peptic ulcer patients and atrophic gastritis patients].the activity of amylase, lipase and trypsin was increased and that of the trypsin inhibitor decreased in the blood serum of young peptic ulcer patients as compared with healthy persons. the antiulcerous dietetics normalized significantly the parameters studied. similar highly pronounced shifts in the activity of the blood pancreatic enzymes were revealed in atrophic gastritis patients. hyperamilasuria and clinical symptoms of pancreatitis were not observed both in the peptic patients, and in the ...2004516599
[tasks for further improving the nutrition of the pediatric population in the ussr]. 2004516611
[hepato-cortical syndrome]. 2004516620
[reference values for lung function. a summary of reference values used in the gdr (analysis september 1978) (author's transl)].the reference values of several original papers were summarized for the assessment of ventilation, flow-volume, blood gases, bodyplethysmography, single breath test, bronchial reactivity. the standards were showed for adults and children.2004516809
[possibilities and limitations of gastrointestinal radiography].the picture intensifier television radioscopy, picture intensifier initial level photography, double contrast method and pharmacoradiography together with endoscopy further the optimation of the diagnostics of the diseases of oesophagus, stomach and intestine. the value of the x-ray diagnostics for the recognition of the biliary diseases and of the incleared jaundice is high. in diseases of liver and pancreas the x-ray diagnostics may further the finding of decision. ways for a better interdisci ...2004516829
differential response of myofibrils and 10-nm filaments to a cocarcinogen.multinucleated myotubes containing large numbers of striated myofibrils and large numbers of longitudinally-oriented 10-nm filaments were treated with the cocarcinogen phorbol-12-myristate-13-acetate (pma) for 24, 48 or 72 hours. the inhibitory effects of pma on the accumulation of myofibrils was evident within 24 hours, and by 72 hours virtually all striated myofibrils had disappeared. in contrast, the density of the 10-nm filaments was greatly enhanced in these myofibril-depleted myotubes. the ...2004517446
inhomogeneous distribution of filipin-sterol complexes in the ciliary membrane of rat tracheal epithelium.pieces of rat trachea fixed in a glutaraldehyde solution containing 300 mum filipin, a sterol-specific polyene antibiotic (elias et al., '78), were freeze-fractured in order to study the distribution of cholesterol within the ciliary membrane. filipin-sterol complexes, recognizable as 25-30-nm protrusions on fracture faces, appeared densely and uniformly distributed over most of the ciliary membrane, but were absent from the region of the ciliary necklace. it is possible, therefore, that the cil ...1979517447
sickle cell trait/hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin trait. misdiagnosis as sickle cell anemia by newborn screening.a black female infant, reported as a result of mandatory newborn screening to have sickle cell anemia, was found at 8 months of age to have instead the entirely benign disorder sickle cell trait/hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin trait. the finding of hemoglobin s without hb a does not suffice for the diagnosis of homozygous hb s. screening programs that diagnose sickle cell aneimia without first demonstrating sickle hemoglobin in both parents will consistently misdiagnose several more b ...2004517474
linear porokeratosis and other linear cutaneous eruptions of childhood.several distinct linear cutaneous eruptions occur in childhood. they differ in natural history, response to therapy, and association with other abnormalities that may affect the child's general well-being.2004517477
importance of maintaining and promoting prescription compounding skills. 2004517528
stability of some oral solid drug produces when stored in a counting machine. 2004517542
histologic diagnosis of diseases of malabsorption.the diagnoses which may be arrived at by examination of peroral small bowel mucosal biopsy specimens are presented. celiac sprue, unclassified sprue (refractory sprue), infectious gastroenterititis, stasis syndrome and kwashiorkor have a severe mucosal lesion. other clinical conditions are required to establish the diagnosis in these diseases. a number of diseases have specific diagnostic features. included are whipple's disease, abetalipoproteinemia, collagenous sprue, primary intestinal lympho ...1979517556
an evaluation of re/coagulan for blood center was compared to the standard calcium chloride (cacl2) method for effectiveness of recalcification of plasma and whole blood. the time required for clot formation was determined. the effect of re/coagulan on the specificity of hepatitis tests, direct antiglobulin tests, indirect antiglobulin tests, and agglutination tests were investigated. hepatitis testing was performed on untreated serum and re/coagulan-treated ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (edta) plasmas by radioimmunoassay, re ...2004517559
genetics of acheiropodia ("the handless and footless families of brazil"): xi. pathologic aspects.we report another case of acheiropodia, a rare autosomal recessive trait of distal limb deficiency, to date seen only in brazil in persons of portuguese ancestry. the patient's parent were first cousins; she had two younger affected sisters. she presented with signs of vascular insufficiency of the lower stumps, which after amputation were found to lack large vessels below the knee.2004517582
[effects of ionizing radiations on the ultrastructure of bursa of fabricius].the alterations induced in the lymphoid and epitelial cells of the bursa of fabricius in chicks exposed at different doses of gamma rays mainly occur during the interfase. the extent of these alterations appears reduced in comparison with that observed in the chick thymus treated in the same way.1979518763
a better outlook for schizophrenics living in extended families.cases of schizophrenia and schizophreniform attacks living in extended families have been compared to cases with similar diagnoses in nuclear families. both diagnostic groups living in extended families presented earlier: they had lower rates of withdrawal symptoms and higher rates of behavioural disturbances and subjective suffering. inter-generational conflict was a significantly more common precipitating factor in patients living in extended families; this was therapeutically utilized to indu ...2004519117
a mechanised microirrigation system.a mechanised microirrigation system for microvascular surgery, which is operated by a foot pedal, utilises a large sterile reservoir, and allows control of flow rate and volume, has been designed for use in the laboratory and operating room.2004520880
influence of increased anatomical dead space no functional residual capacity of lungs and the lung clearance index.a study of the influence of added anatomical dead space on the functional residual capacity of the lung was carried out on a total number of 40 healthy subjects of ages ranging between 21 and 50 years. the functional residual capacity was found to decrease as additional dead space was introduced in the breathing circuit. this decrease was associated with an increase in tidal volume, lung functions, as given by the lung clearance index, were found to deteriorate with each addition of dead space. ...2004521123
fallacies of medially wedged heel for valgus foot. 2004521647
studies on selective induction of lysosomal enzyme activities in mouse peritoneal macrophages. 1979522087
[problems of the disease due to mycobacteria other than tubercle bacilli: history of studies and unsolved problems (author's transl)]. 1979522347
regeneration of cervical epithelium following laser destruction of intraepithelial neoplasia. 2004523042
the correlation of colposcopy and densitometry in the management of the abnormal smear. 2004523050
experimental granulomatous inflammation: ii. effect of injection of intact and disrupted killed tubercle bacilli into freund adjuvant-sensitized cavies.the reaction of freund adjuvant-immunized cavies to subsequent injection of mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra is confirmed as an immunologically mediated phenomenon. ultrasonic disruption of mycobacteria to be injected as "challenge" markedly increases the intensity of the consequent 24-48 h reaction and subsequent fibrosis in freund adjuvant-sensitized cavies and has an apparently inhibiting effect on the extent of subsequent granuloma formation with marked reduction of the density of epithelioi ...1979523183
pulmonary lymphomatoid granulomatosis with immunodeficiency terminating as malignant lymphoma.lymphomatoid granulomatosis was diagnosed in a 60-yr-old woman 2 yr after presentation with a multi-system disorder resembling sarcoidosis. five months later autopsy revealed malignant lymphoma. large aggregates of intracytoplasmic tubular structures resembling nucleocapsid material of the paramyxovirus group were found within cells of lymphoma deposits in the liver. sequential immunological studies over more than 2 years demonstrated a relatively stable t-cell deficiency associated with variabl ...2004523188
utilization of purines by an hprt variant in an intelligent, nonmutilative patient with features of the lesch-nyhan syndrome.the patient, h.chr.b., was among the first reported with hyperuricemia and central nervous system symptoms. he has been found to have a variant of hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase (hprt; e.c. distinct from the enzyme present in patients with the lesch-nyhan syndrome. the patient had chroeoathetosis, spasticity, dysarthric speech, and hyperuricemia. however, his intelligence was normal and he had no evidence of self-mutilation. there was no activity of hprt in the lysates o ...2004523196
[ecg studies in children by the 8-electrode method, recording global electrical activity of the heart in 3 mutually vertical leads]. 2004523202
[interpretation of mathematical method used in prognosis of pneumonia in young children]. 2004523226
[new cases of opisthorchiasis and their anatomopathological picture in cats in warmia]. 1979524889
measurement of cause-specific death rate from civil registration in korea: 1970--1974. 2004524920
[chronic suppurative hidradenitis axillaris]. 2004524979
insulin responsiveness of adipose tissue from normal weight subjects with early normal weight subjects, classified by a 2-h glucose infusion test as having normal (11), borderline (3) or pathological (9) carbohydrate tolerance (cht), subcutaneous adipose tissue was removed under intracutaneous anesthesia by surgical biopsy. the biological responsiveness of isolated adipocytes as well as adipose tissue fragments measured as incorportion of (1-14c) glucose into co2 or triglycerides was studied in the absence or presence of different insulin concentrations. in persons with ...1979525210
serially etched shark enameloid observed by incident light microscopy.longitudinal and transverse tooth sections of isurus oxyrinchus were serially etched in 2.6% nitric acid. the changing optical properties of the etched surfaces were observed during the serial etchings, and the descent of the enameloid surfaces was measured. shark enameloid seems to be less effectively etched by acid than human enamel; this difference may be due to differences in solubility between fluorapatite and hydroxyapatite. most of the information regarding the structure of the enameloid ...1979525241
hybridization and heat tolerance in rats.buffalo and fisher inbred rats and their f1--f4 hybrids were exposed to heat, 96 degrees f and 30% humidity, at 35 days of age. fisher rats which are of lighter weight survive significantly longer than buffalo rats which are heavier. body weight was significantly depressed in all hybrids. only in f2 hybrids was heat tolerance similar to that of the fisher inbreds. in all other hybrids, it was lower. no heterosis was found under the conditions used.1979525249
the surgical treatment of atypical rectovaginal fistulas. 2004525686
toluene dioxygenase: purification of an iron-sulfur protein by affinity chromatography. 1979526270
central properties of alpha-allophanyl-alpha-allyl-gamma-valerolactone (valofan) [proceedings]. 2004526756
letter detection with rapid serial visual presentation: evidence against word superiority at feature extraction.letter detection typically is faster and more accurate in words than nonwords. experiments 1, 2, and 3 tested the robustness of the word superiority effect using rapid serial visual presentation of words or nonwords. letter detection was better in words even when the six-letter items were presented one after the other at rapid rates, up to about 10 items per second. at yet faster rates, however, the word advantage vanished. experiments 4 and 5 tested whether word context aids feature extraction ...2004528966
the relationship between early automatic and late voluntary compensatory responses to muscle stretch in the long flexor of the human thumb [proceedings]. 1979529071
the dynamic characteristics of the stapedius reflex in humans [proceedings]. 2004529078
effect of vibration on the mechanical resistance of the human forearm to small imposed sinusoidal movements [proceedings]. 1979529079
disaccharide competition with hexose transport in the rat perfused liver [proceedings]. 1979529099
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