[development of public health in the sverdlovsk region]. 20144494250
[clinico-pathological conference. fainting and fatigability]. 20144223692
the influence of l-dopa on the postural position of parkinson patients. 20145080657
[use of aloe in complex treatment of patients with focal pulmonary tuberculosis]. 20144411420
laminar-linear flow system of ventilation. its application to medicine and surgery. 20144191945
as i see it: o.r. education. 20144180337
children in the extremes of physical and psychological measurements. 20144186946
[on assessing the results of determining carbon monoxide in the air]. 20144180756
[a case of acute leukemia in a girl with fanconi's anemia. review of the literature]. 20144282501
aperiodic stimulus presentation with a closed-loop magnetic tape averaging system. 20144158073
[penicillin v and drug interactions]. 20144198035
influence of aggregating agents on electrophoretic mobility of blood platelets from health individuals and from patients with cardiovascular diseases. 20144172993
[erythropoietins]. 20144140816
placental lactogen levels as a screening test for fetal distress and neonatal asphyxia. 20144111190
studies on the hand in ulnar nerve paralysis. a clinical-experimental investigation in normal and anomalous innervation. 20144287179
[gamma glutamyltranspeptidase and liver diseases]. 20144147868
[inadequate osteosynthesis of the humerus with iatrogenic radial nerve lesion]. 20144149817
[dyshidrotic eczema]. 20144227279
[the effect of age on the pharmacokinetics of ibuprofen]. 20144084950
the effects of patient characteristics on ambulatory test investigate the relationship of patient characteristics and the use of ambulatory testing services, we examined patterns of test use for 351 patients with chronic uncomplicated hypertension, cared for by 30 private practice internists. we studied the use of visits and diagnostic tests in relation to patients' sex, marital status, obesity, employment status, occupational class, insurance coverage and severity of illness in terms of age, extent of blood pressure elevation and number of medicati ...20144081813
complications and mortality associated with cardiac catheterization in infants under one year: a prospective evaluate complications and mortality following cardiac catheterization (cc) in patients under one year of age, we prospectively examined 312 cc on 273 patients from the centers in the new england regional infant cardiac program during a one-year period. among cc performed on patients less than four months old, the incidence of complications requiring treatment was 12%; for patients 4-12 months, it was 1.5% (p less than 0.02). by pre-cc risk assessment, 13% of cc were high risk, 21% medium ris ...20144080571
local steroids in dialysis-associated pericardial effusion. a single intrapericardial administration of triamcinolone.five patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis for end-stage renal disease underwent therapeutic pericardiocentesis for pericarditis manifested by either cardiac tamponade or effusion unresponsive to conservative therapy. pericardiocentesis was followed by a one-time instillation of triamcinolone hexacetonide, a nonabsorbable corticosteroid, into the pericardial space with subsequent needle withdrawal. all patients had prompt hemodynamic and symptomatic improvement. serial echocardiograms show ...20144074039
joint fluid after aspiration. a disturbing factor in knee arthrography.the amount of fluid in the knee after aspirating any effusion was investigated and averaged 6.8 ml, being independent of the presence of a lesion. because it causes dilution of the contrast medium, it is suggested that small amounts of a relatively high-concentrated non-ionic contrast agent should be preferred for double-contrast knee arthrography.20144083067
[problems of the myeloproliferative syndrome from the clinician's viewpoint]. 20144184584
[accident-induced lesions of the facial nerve in relation to the extent of pyramidal pneumatization].perilabyrinthine pneumatisation of the petrous pyramid constitutes a risk factor for the facial nerve in its labyrinthine part in a fracture of the temporal bone because serious splintering of bone is possible. splinters dislocated into the fallopian canal may damage the nerve seriously. on the other hand a perineural haematoma can flow out of the canal into the neighbouring cells through dehiscences or through the fractured canal walls and a compression of the nerve may be avoided. the decision ...20144086347
retinal macroaneurysms. 20144056287
acral lentiginous melanoma and its precursor--heterogeneity of palmo-plantar melanomas.malignant melanomas occur with high frequency in the volar skin and with heterogeneity consisting of acral lentiginous melanoma (alm) and nodular melanoma in japan. analytical study has revealed the precursor of alm which we designate plantar or palmar premalignant melanosis (ppm), and whose cellular characteristics appear to be similar to those of pagetoid premalignant melanosis or the radial phase of superficial spreading melanoma (ssm).20144047728
[behavior of biochemical parameters in probands with suspect cardiovascular findings in relation to age and sex. studies of a representative sample following roentgen image screening (the berlin cardiac detection and monitoring model)].based on the high prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and the necessity of improved treatment, selected biochemical results from a complex follow-up examination after x-ray screening are presented. significant differences (alpha less than or equal to 0.05) were found for ltt, cholesterol, glucose, uric acid and erythrocyte-sedimentation rate compared to a healthy control group. furthermore, a significant age-dependent increase of creatinine as well as an age-dependent decrease of transaminases ...20144090551
myositis ossificans. 20144036771
spider symbolism and bisexuality. 20144186941
new concepts in the etiology of osteoporosis. 20144049481
postmyelographic ct evaluation of multiple blocks due to metastases.a case of intraspinal metastatic carcinoma that presented on combined cervical and lumbar puncture metrizamide myelography as complete blocks at t2 and t12 is described. the extent of disease in the long segment of the spinal canal was inaccessible to conventional myelography. this case illustrates the importance of postmyelogram ct for accurate assessment of disease and for treatment planning.20144031182
neuroleptic malignant syndrome and the endogenous opiate system. 20143982667
end-product regulation of the tryptophan-nicotinic acid pathway in neurospora crassa.the regulation of the tryptophan-nicotinic acid pathway in neurospora crassa was examined with mutants (nic-2, nic-3) which require nicotinamide for growth. the accumulation of n-acetylkynurenin and 3-hydroxyanthranilic acid by these mutants served to estimate the level of function of the early reactions in the pathway. in still cultures, maximal accumulation occurred with media containing growth-limiting amounts of nicotinamide; the accumulation of intermediates was almost negligible with nicot ...20144107105
tissue-fat pulmonary embolism occurring in a patient with a severe pelvic fracture.the fat embolism syndrome following trauma is associated with fat droplets in the pulmonary microvasculature. this is the first case report of a large adipose tissue embolus obstructing a pulmonary artery after blunt injury. this embolism occurred during the resuscitation of a patient with a laceration of an iliac vein and disruption of the adjacent fatty tissue secondary to a severe pelvic fracture. theories of the pathogenesis of the fat embolism syndrome and implications for early therapeutic ...20144086762
nursing education: writing objectives as a nursing practice skill. 20144499511
time allocation patterns of occupational therapists in israel: implications for job satisfaction.this study analyzes the time allocation patterns at work of a sample group of israeli occupational therapists who function in different roles and specialty areas. the sample consisted of 89 female occupational therapists working in the areas of physical impairment, rehabilitation, psychiatry, and pediatrics. subjects recorded all of their activities during one work week and rated 23 previously identified occupational therapy activities according to perceived levels of importance. the results ind ...20144014418
ventilatory management of massive bronchial hemorrhage by endobronchial high-frequency jet ventilation and continuous suctioning. 20144014736
association of vaginal smear cytology with menstrual status in breast cancer.the relationship of clinically defined menstrual categories and an independent measure of hormonal stimulation, maturation index of vaginal smear cytology, was studied. analysis of 596 smears obtained at the time of breast cancer diagnosis revealed a statistically significant association between menstrual status and maturation index. however, within each menstrual group varying levels of maturation were noted. estrogenic effect in the absence of exogenous hormone administration was found in 11% ...20144027397
thyroid carcinoma metastatic to pituitary. 20144032051
[cataract surgery, its indications and prognosis]. 20143993465
a study of aeroallergens in nanning, guangxi, china.there were 43 families of airborne pollen in nanning, and the major sensitizing pollens were those of gramineae, artemisia (a genus of compositae), chenopodiaceae, and moraceae. it was found that sensitization with pollens of the same genus is similar. this may be helpful in selecting the proper antigen for immunotherapy.20143977141
[pick's disease]. 20144076017
the inclusions of the may-hegglin anomaly and döhle bodies of infection: an ultrastructural comparison. 20144112846
reliability and stability of the thymidine labeling index of breast carcinoma.we have approached the question of the reliability of the thymidine labeling index (tli) of breast carcinoma by comparing paired samples. because the distribution of the tli is approximately lognormal, comparisons were made after transformation to the natural logarithm. for 38 paired samples from the primary carcinoma (biopsy versus residual tumor in mastectomy specimen), r, 0.89, p less than 0.0001. for 68 primary carcinomas versus their axillary metastases, r, 0.90, p less than 0.0001. substan ...20143945050
popliteal artery entrapment: diagnosis by computed tomography.popliteal artery entrapment by an anomalous band of the gastrocnemius muscle is uncommon. in cases where popliteal artery occlusion has occurred, the diagnosis is difficult to establish. a case is presented in which computed axial tomography of the popliteal space established the diagnosis of popliteal artery thrombosis caused by entrapment when other diagnostic modalities were inconclusive. computed axial tomography provides precise anatomic display of the muscle structure of the popliteal foss ...20143944939
allocation of feeding pumps: an ethical question.situations arise in clinical practice that force the dietitian to make a moral/ethical decision. traditional undergraduate dietetic programs have not routinely included learning activities on ethical decision making. therefore, a dietitian confronted with such an issue may defer to someone else the responsibility for finding a viable ethical solution. if the dietitian does accept the challenge, she/he must develop a systemic way to solve the problem. this case study demonstrates how a nutrition ...20143923083
[continuous measurement of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production during abdominal aortic surgery]. 20143938818
gastrointestinal haemorrhage complicating wegener's granulomatosis. 20143931744
isolated pupil-sparing third nerve palsy.the challenge in managing patients with pupil-sparing third nerve palsies is met most efficiently by dividing such patients into three groups according to the relative deficits in pupillomotor and extraocular muscle function: (1) patients with a normal pupillary sphincter and completely palsied extraocular muscles. such patients should not have cerebral angiography if they are aged 50 or more; (2) patients with a normal pupillary sphincter and incompletely palsied extraocular muscles. such patie ...20143974995
cocaine use in america: introduction and overview. 20143932871
adverse reactions to erythromycin. 20143945570
lipids of nervous tissue: composition and indicated in the introduction, the many significant developments in the recent past in our knowledge of the lipids of the nervous system have been collated in this article. that there is a sustained interest in this field is evident from the rather long bibliography which is itself selective. obviously, it is not possible to summarize a review in which the chemistry, distribution and metabolism of a great variety of lipids have been discussed. however, from the progress of research, some gene ...20143916238
[paroxysmal phenomena in multiple sclerosis].the different types and common features of paroxysmal attacks are illustrated by three case reports. the main cause for these attacks is multiple sclerosis, but the mechanism is still unknown: ephaptic activation of demyelinated neurons is discussed. "anticonvulsive therapy" leads to cessation of the attacks.20143932890
[extensive amalgam restorations and their technics]. 20143939464
childhood asthma and puberty.thirty eight, chronic, perennial asthmatic children were prospectively examined every six months for a mean 8.9 years to clarify the relation between clinical asthma and puberty. improvement in the disease occurred independent of puberty but the rate of improvement was appreciably greater during puberty. this led to speculation that improvement in childhood asthma could be associated with an immunological process capable of receiving a powerful stimulus from hormones active during puberty. in ad ...20143920976
follicular and diffuse mixed small-cleaved and large-cell lymphoma--a clinicopathologic study.the clinical records and initial biopsy materials from 76 patients with mixed small-cleaved and large-cell lymphoma containing both a follicular and diffuse architectural pattern were reviewed. the characteristics of this group, treated at stanford university medical center (sumc) between 1963 and 1983, are described. the 5-year actuarial survival and freedom from progression are 70% and 27.5%, respectively. classification according to the degree of follicularity indicated that patients with foc ...20143897469
hypertension after successful renal transplantation.thirty-three renal allograft recipients who had high blood pressure (mean arterial pressure more than 105 mm hg) at least one year after their successful transplant operation were compared with 23 normotensive kidney transplant recipients (mean arterial pressure less than 105 mm hg) at the general clinical research center. the patients with higher blood pressure had markedly and significantly higher (96 percent) renal vascular resistance and significantly lower (41 percent) renal plasma flow. re ...20143895907
[abdominal pain in the child. attempt at psychological interpretation]. 20143963702
[conservative treatment of injuries of the liver]. 20143911104
immunoglobulins in the eastern carolines. 20154699904
variants of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g-6-pd) associated with g-6-pd deficiency in puerto ricans. 20154728291
variants of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (g-6-pd) associated with g-6-pd deficiency in puerto ricans. 20154728291
personality and psychiatric treatment expectancies. 20154683029
what it means to be a volunteer. 20154690378
sic sjögren's syndrome and biopsy. 20154669392
[role and fate of sex cells during the intrauterine period of development of the ovaries]. 20154666600
[aortography of traumatic aneurysms of the thoracic aorta. apropos of 10 cases]. 20154689253
heberden oration, 1969. rheumatoid arthritis--nature or nurture? 20154916766
bioassay of prolactin. 20154616238
[memories on otto koehler from earlier times]. 20154617453
[some peculiarities of the clinico-radiographic symptomatology of malignant tumors of the maxilla]. 20154607876
president's address: yesterday, tomorrow and today. 20154610632
the sucidal patient. some considerations in evaluation and management. 20154673676
[izrail' ionasovich levinshtein]. 20154574367
[24-hour excretion of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid and 3-methoxy-4-hydroxymandelic acid in patients with partial gastrectomy for peptic ulcer]. 20154689197
[double-blind study with diazepam and doxepin in anxiety]. 20154564194
[automatic interpretation of the electrocardiogram]. 20154559709
[childhood celiac disease]. 20154556633
editorial: surgical or medical therapy for angina? 20154547191
[does urogenital tuberculosis exist in women?]. 20154636957
style. 20154534308
the evolution of the fixed appliance in orthodontic practice. 20154560639
[diagnostic criteria of defective color vision--2nd report: lantern test with ichikawa's color perception lantern]. 20154536885
the william allan memorial award lecture. a place for genetics in health education, and vice versa. 20154823023
the william allan memorial award lecture. a place for genetics in health education, and vice versa. 20154823023
electrically induced release of acetylcholine from denervated schwann cells.1. focal electrical stimulation of schwann cells at the end-plates of denervated frog muscles elicited slow depolarizations of up to 30 mv in the muscle fibres. this response is referred to as a schwann-cell end-plate potential (schwann-e.p.p.).2. repeated stimulation sometimes evoked further schwann-e.p.p.s, but they were never sustained for more than 30 pulses. successive e.p.p.s varied in amplitude and time course independently of the stimulus.3. the schwann-e.p.p.s were reversibly blocked by ...20154545183
[rib fractures following radiation therapy for cancer of the lung]. 20154510061
[organizational problems of the prevention of industrial eye injuries in the machine building industry of donetsk province]. 20154720230
model studies regarding the internal corrosion of tin-plated food cans. 3. on the binding of tin(ii) ions and iron(ii) ions by sulfur-containing amino acids. 20154688911
[continuing education for nurses]. 20154492101
letter: positive interference by cephalothin with zimmerman reaction for 17-ketosteroids. 20154813395
letter: positive interference by cephalothin with zimmerman reaction for 17-ketosteroids. 20154813395
[treatment of parkinsonism with delagil]. 20154652971
the health information specialist: a new resource for hospital library services and education programs.growing pressures for more effective education programs at community hospitals demand better and more responsive hospital library resources and services. it is suggested that, with a modest amount of additional training and support, a community hospital librarian can play a key role in (1) improving the effectiveness of the hospital's library services and resources, (2) assisting hospital educators with the task of developing, implementing, and evaluating education programs, and (3) facilitating ...20154466504
public interest report no. 14. pacification and the politics of aging: (the elderly were watergated, too). 20154457486
[failure in vascular surgery]. 20154450664
[contractile function of the myocardium in thyrotoxicosis]. 20154444837
[effect of semiempirical parameters on the results of calculations of the energy of interaction of nitrogenous bases by the atom-atom potential method]. 20154441494
getting a hypertension-screening program underway. 20154430546
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