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resistance to levomycetin and activity of several enzymes in escherichia coli and the agent of plague.the authors compared the activity of acetyl-coa-synthetase and of the enzymes belonging to the group of asparaginic acid in levomycetin sensitive and resistant strains of y. pestis and e. coli. there were revealed marked differences in the activity of aspartase, fumarase, synthetase and desamidase of l-asparagin, and also of the enzyme activated by acetate in the e. coli strains with plasmide resistance. transmission of r-factor to the pestis was accompanied by decomposition of l-asparadein, for ...19768940
diagnosis of plaque: an analysis of the yersin-kitasato controversy. 197610879
[on the biophysical interpretation of ageing-factors (author's transl)].the ageing-factor is a measure for the rate of ageing. in the model of vitality the error rate mu corresponds to the ageing-factor. the ageing-factors of several physical functions can be determined from the ascent of decrease of these functions. the standardized ageing-factors of the considered physiological functions range from 0.001 to 0.017 year--1 and are smaller than the ageing-factor of the whole organism. the date of the occurrence of pathological manifestations as a result of ageing-con ...200014551
a plausible sequence of the conformational changes of hemoglobin induced by oxygenation. 200015522
purification and properties of the methane mono-oxygenase enzyme system from methylosinus trichosporium ob3b.1. a three-component enzyme system that catalyses the oxidation of methane to methanol has been highly purified from methylosinus trichosporium. 2. the components are (i) a soluble co-binding cytochrome c, (ii) a copper-containing protein and (iii) a small protein; the mol. wts. are 13 000, 47 000 and 9400 respectively. the cytochrome component cannot be replaced by similar cytochrome purified from pseudomonas extorquens or by horse heart cytochrome c. 3. the stoicheiometry suggests a mono-oxyge ...197715544
binding rates, o--s substitution effects, and the ph dependence of chymotrypsin reactions.the ph dependence for acylation of alpha-chymotrypsin by n-acetyltryptophan p-nitrophenyl-, p-nitrothiophenyl-, ethyl-, and thiolethyl esters has been studied by the stopped-flow technique. values for the acylation rate constant, k2, and the binding constant, ks, were obtained by using measurements of phenolate release, for the p-nitrophenyl esters, and proflavin displacement, for the ethyl esters. the oxygen esters tested have slightly higher k2 values, and substantially higher ks values relati ...200015586
an investigation of heavy meromyosin-adp binding equilibria by proton release measurements.the interaction of magnesium-adp with skeletal muscle heavy meromyosin has been studied by measuring the accompanying release of protons. total ph changes of the order of 0.03 were involved, and measurements were performed with a discrimination of some ten-thousandths of a ph unit. at ph 8.0 and 25 degrees c about 0.5 mol of protons per mol of heavy meromyosin is released at saturation. a stoichiometry of binding close to 2 mol of adp per mol of protein was found, with a binding constant, obtain ...197715588
prominent role of lysosomes in the proteolysis of rat liver mitochondria at neutral ph. 197715866
hormonal control of zinc uptake and binding in the rat dorsolateral prostate.the zinc uptake in the dorsolateral prostate of rats was studied after different hormonal manipulations. orchiectomy reduced the uptake of 65zn. administration of estradiol benzoate to orchiectomized rats doubled the 65zn uptake, a phenomenon which was not observed in orchiectomized-adrenalectomized rats. adrenalectomy in orchiectomized rats had no effect on the concentration of radioactivity beyond the castration-induced decrease. a prolactin release inhibitor, 6-methyl-8-erogelenylacetamide, r ...197715955
ammonia toxicity in cattle. ii. changes in carotid and jugular blood components associated with toxicity. 197715959
the transport of l-leucine into the brain of the rat in vivo: saturable and non-saturable components of influx. 197716270
nefopam hcl interaction study with eight other drugs.a controlled clinical trial was undertaken to determine potential for drug interaction of nefopam hcl, a new analgesic, with eight other widely used compounds. nefopam hcl was administered in combination with these drugs and placebo to forty-five healthy volunteer subjects in nine groups of five subjects each. possible drug interactions were detected by the occurrence of side-effects and interference with bioavailability of the new analgesic, also by changes in vital signs or in various laborato ...200016799
an economical design for a general purpose ph--stat autotitrator. 200017333
the use of behavioral checklists to assess physical examination skills. 199917754
[surgical management of thoracic and thoraco-abdominal injuries].from 1970 to 1974 407 patients with thoracic injuries have been treated by the authors in the 2nd surgical and thoracic surgical department of the "jános" hospital, budapest--out of them 190 patients were classified as severely injured. the material and the operative technique in isolated thoracal and combined thoracal-abdominal injuries are discussed. the importance of the operative stabilization of the thoracic wall is emphasized and fixation of the thoracic wall by means of pericostal sutures ...199917790
vibrio background in the city of frunze. 197717976
testicular androgen binding protein (abp) - a parameter of sertoli cell secretory function.using abp as an index of sertoli cell secretory function, several important features of the sertoli cell have emerged: 1. the stimulation of abp production by fsh clearly points to the sertoli cell as a target cell for fsh (3,4,9-16,21,24). 2. the dramatic effects of androgens on abp production both in immature and mature rats also suggest that the sertoli cell is a target cell for androgen (3,12,14,16,25). 3. the striking reduction in abp production in the cryptorchid testis raises the question ...197518322
value of sputum culture in diagnosis of pneumococcal our laboratory, culture of sputum was extremely useful in diagnosing the etiology of pneumococcal pneumonia. of 31 consecutive patients with bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia, 29 (94%) had streptococcus pneumoniae cultured from sputum. recovery of pneumococci in culture was enhanced by anaerobic incubation as well as by a plate bile test and an optochin disk on a primary blood agar plate.197718489
[fever as a sign of testicular tumor in a patient with cryptorchism]. 200018844
participation of gaba receptors in the short-term activation of striatal tyrosine-3-monooxygenase elicited by neuroleptics. 197718893
comparison of specificity of agonist and antagonist radioligand binding to beta adrenergic receptors. 199819707
the microstructure of the dentition and dermal ornament of three dipnoans from the devonian of western australia: a contribution towards dipnoan interrelations, and morphogenesis, growth and adaptation of the skeletal tissues. 199822883
antihypertensive drugs: clinical pharmacology and therapeutic use. 199723284
occurrence and distribution of western equine encephalomyelitis in florida.research and surveillance programs relating to the occurrence and distribution of western equine encephalomyelitis virus in florida, conducted between 1955 and 1976, suggest that the virus is (1) an endemic arbordae, (2) transmitted in a continuous cycle throughout the year by culiseta melanura mosquitoes, and (3) restricted to fresh water swamps and waterways in central, north, and northwest florida.197823372
aerobic glycolysis in bone: lactic acid production by rat calvaria cells in culture.considerable data have been accumulated on aerobic glycolysis of intact bone preparations. to test whether aerobic glycolysis is a feature of the bone cells themselves or of the localized conditions within an intact bone, cells isolated from rat calvaria were cultured and the effect of several factors on lactate production was determined. these cells drastically decreased lactate production when the ph in the culture medium was lowered, changing from 100 to 20 percent for a ph shift from 7.4 to ...197823680
[lactulose in the treatment of hepatic (pre)coma]. 199924187
[cryptorchism: hormonal treatment]. 200027065
[international conference on fire safety in hospitals and nursing homes: 5-minute episodes from fire catastrophes]. 200129351
neuroendocrine embryology and the apud the vertebrata the great majority of cells producing hormonal peptides belong to the apud series and share its distinctive cytochemical and ultrastructural characteristics. according to the concept all members of the series are to be regarded as derivatives of neuroectoderm or of specialized (placodal) ectoderm. for most of the apud cells this criterion is fulfilled in that their origin from neural tube, neural ridges or neural crest can be considered proven. complete proof is not yet availab ...200129734
growth yield and efficiency in chemosynthetic microorganisms. 200130389
dipeptidylaminopeptidase and carboxypeptidase activities of the brush border of rabbit small intestine. 197830675
the ph-dependence of the non-specific esterase activity of carboxypeptidase a.the hydrolysis of the following 6 esters by bovine pancreatic carboxypeptidase a (peptidyl-l-amino-acid hydrolase, ec has been investigated over the range ph 5--10 at 25 degrees c, ionic strength 0.2: ch3co2chrco2h (r = c6h5 (ester 3), c6h5ch2 (ester 4), 4-no2c6h4co2chrco2h (r = c6h5 (ester 5), c6h5ch2 (ester 6), ch3(ch2)2 (ester 7)), ch3ch2co2ch(ch2c6h5)-co2h (ester 9). for each ester the ph dependence of kcat/km indicates that substrate binding is controlled by an acid of pkeh = 9.2 ...197831187
[study of the dynamics of acid formation in the stomachs of dogs under the influence of thyroidin by the method of intragastric ph-graphy].intragastral ph-graphy was applied to the study of the dynamics of acid production in the stomach of dogs with fistulae of the fundal portion of the stomach out of and during digestion, and also before and after the thyroidin prescription. biphasic character of the changes in acid production in the stomach under the effect of the hormonal preparation was revealed.197831210
facilitation of transmitter release at squid synapses.facilitation is shown to decay as a compound exponential with two time constants (t1, t2) at both giant and non-giant synapses in squid stellate ganglia bathed in solutions having low extracellular calcium concentrations ([ca++]o). maximum values of facilitation (f1) were significantly larger, and t1 was significantly smaller in giant than non-giant synapses. decreases in [ca++]o or increases in [mn++]o had variable effects on t1 and f1, whereas decreases in temperature increased t1 but had insi ...200131411
proceedings of the fifteenth congress of the european dialysis and transplant association, istanbul, turkey, 1978. 197833380
[phenomenon of parental resistance and its genetic regulation].lymphocytes of mice f1 (cba x m523) and f1 (a x m523) transplanted to 1000 r irradiated cba or a mice responded to the test antigens--srbc or s. typhi vi-antigen--by formation of 100--1000 times less antibody forming cells than in syngeneic recipients. an intermediate result is achieved when the lymphoid cells are transplanted to the irradiated m523 mice. lymphocytes of mice f1 (a x cba), f1 (cba x c57bl/6), or f1 (a x developed a similar immune response in the irradiated syngeneic mice an ...197934452
kitasato, yersin, and the plague bacillus. 197554239
cell-mediated immune response in mice treated with steroidal contraceptives.the splenomegaly assay (simonsen, 1962) was standardized using different strains of rats and mice. male wistar rat (donor)-female swiss mouse (host) was found to be the suitable combination that could be employed in subsequent experiments to study the potential of contraceptive steroids to alter cmir. the index of splenomegaly appeared to increase in case of mice treated with combination oral contraceptives (ovulen, ovral or enovid). the differences observed, however, neared significance only in ...197555327
letter: daunorubicin cardiotoxicity. 200155702
[a study of 93 cases of painful shoulder and shoulder-band syndrome treated with hydergine (author's transl)]. 200056021
[use of the phases of growth of the causative agents of plaque and pseudotuberculosis for differentiation of these microorganisms]. 197656492
[an uncommon pseudo tumoral skin disease; the so-called papillomatosis cutis carcinoides. a review (author's transl)].the review of the current literature on the subject is followed by the exposure of the clinical and histopathological data concerning a case of papillomatosis cutis carcinoides. the authors conclude on the opportunity to maintain this nosographic pattern, to be enclosed among the cutaneous pseudo tumoral affections.200156941
retrograde axonal transport of antibody to dopamine-beta-hydroxylase. 197656975
a serial study of pregnancy proteins in primigravidae.the plasma concentrations from four 'pregnancy proteins' and three steroid hormones have been measured throughout pregnancy in 15 primigravidae. two of the proteins, human placental lactogen (hpl) and pregnancy-specific beta1-glycoprotein (psbetag), are specific for pregnancy and correlate well with the stage of gestation. it is suggested that measurement of psbetag may be useful in assessing feto-placental wellbeing. neither of the pregnancy-associated proteins, steriod-binding beta-globulin (s ...197657799
[effects of the electric current on the fundamental processes of stimulation in the heart].on the basis of experimental studies on isolated preparations from different regions of the heart and on perfused hearts of animals, it was possible to distinguish at least four basic actions of an electric current: 1. the release of excitations, 2. with continuous current, an electro-tonic influence on the pacemaker activity in the sense of a cathodic advancement, or an anodic inhibition 3. with alternating current, stimulation of the vegetative nerves of the heart, 4. a direct, reversible dama ...197558696
[the cytobacteriological coloring substance bf (methylene blue and basic fuchsin)].the authors have set up a cytobacteriological colouring matter for the reading of the figured elements of liquor, urine, exudats, and trasudats. the colouring solution is steady, it colours and fixes at the same time and is composed by blue methylene and basic fuchsine. there is abready a combination of both colouring matters in wayson's formula for the bipolar colouring matter of the pasteurella pestis and in pick's and jacobson's formula to point out the intercellular neisserie.197559579
'acidophilic' pituitary tumors: a reappraisal with differential staining and immunocytochemical techniques.the cells of pituitary adenomas classified as acidophilic on pas-light green-orange g staining could be further differentiated with the brookes technique: they stained nonspecifically bluish-gray, orange with orange g, or red with carmoisine. on immunostaining for growth hormone and prolactin, the gray cells were either negative or reactive for prolactin, the orange cells contained growth hormone, and the red cells contained prolactin. of 28 tumors, eight showed no immunostaining, 11 stained onl ...200159585
cystic fibrosis: normal volumes of red cells. model experiments on the pathomechanism of the disease.normal values of mean cell volume (m.c.v.) and of distribution of single cell volumes (s.c.v.) have been observed in erythrocytes of patients with cystic fibrosis using an electronical particle-volume analyzer (sheath flow detector). from these results a strong defect in red cell salt transport seems improbable. valinomucin induces shrinking (by increase of k+ permeability) and gramicidin d induces swelling (by increase of na+ permeability) of normal erythrocytes. addition of c.f. sweat to norma ...200159666
early age of onset and familial breast cancer. 199961359
14c-glycholic-acid breath-test. 200164839
transient inhibition of initiation of s-phase associated with dimethyl sulfoxide induction of murine erythroleukemia cells to erythroid differentiation.the murine erythroleukemia cell (melc) line in suspension culture can be induced to differentiate to erythroid cells by various compounds, including dimethyl sulfoxide (me2so). analysis of the cell cycle, during differentiation induced by me2so, using thymidine incorporation, thymidine labeling index, and relative dna content per cell as measured by flow microfluorometry, demonstrates a transient inhibition of entry of cells into s-phase of the cell cycle which is detected as early as 5 hr and i ...197764982
[use of the method of macrophage migration inhibition for titration of toxic activity in microbial fractions]. 197775324
surgical treatment of infective endocarditis. 199984211
aylmer francis foster-carter. 199984314
[determination of the concentration of active centers and the antibody heterogeneity index by using the precipitation in fluid reaction].equivalence zone in the precipitation test was characterized by the fact that the number of the antigen determinants was equal to the number of active antibodies centres, irrespective of the heterogeneity of the latter. this permits to assess the antibody concentration in the values of the antigen valency. the new method of determination of the antibody heterogeneity index is based on recording the titre of the antigen and antibodies in the equivalence zone.197984456
serum alkaline phosphatase activity in acrodermatitis enteropathica: an index of the serum zinc level.a significant positive correlation between serum zinc and serum alkaline phosphatase levels was demonstrated in four patients suffering from acrodermatitis enterophathica for which they received oral zinc sulphate therapy. in one of the male patients a significant inverse relation between serum zinc and serum copper was found.199984482
interphase studies with a simplified method of silver staining of nucleoli.a simple silver staining method is presented providing a rapid and reliable technique for the selective staining of nuclear structures synthesizing ribosomal rna (18s and 28s rna).199984766
diagnostic value of rectal mucosal acetylcholinesterase levels in hirschsprung's disease.acetylcholinesterase (ache) activity was measured in rectal biopsy specimens obtained from 68 children aged between 2 days and 14 1/2 years in whom hirschsprung's disease was suspected. the diagnosis was subsequently established in 12; in these, the mean ache activity was found to be 30.5 x 10(-7) units/g tissue (range 16.9 to 63.0). the 56 non-hirschsprung cases had a mean of 5.0 x 10(-7) units/g tissue (s.d. 2.2), the highest value in this group being 10.9. the results were unaffected by age, ...199985002
[method of preparing the tularemia antigen for an erythrocyte diagnosticum]. 197985742
ultrastructure of peptidergic neurosecretory axons in the developing neural lobe of the rat. 197886479
the context theory of affective psychosis. 200086486
[a histological study on urethral stricture (author's transl]. 200086632
vidarabine monophosphate in viral encephalitis. 197986765
interactions of lysophospholipids and mast cells. 197986956
fussy baby: a new cause. 200086984
correction of fallot's tetralogy after palliative operations.during the period 1960 to 1978, 98 patients underwent intracardiac repair of fallot's tetralogy after palliative operations. preoperative symptoms were cyanosis, dyspnea, increased fatigue with squatting and hypoxic spells. the hemoglobin concentration varied from 19 to 22 g/100 ml. at correction only 65 of 95 shunts were patent and needed surgical closure. seventeen early deaths occurred (19%), the main causes being cardiac failure and arrhythmia. one patient died 3 years after correction from ...200087399
toxicity of pesticides. 200087527
mallory bodies. horseradish peroxidase: specific cytochemical and biochemical marker for alcoholic hyalin.horseradish peroxidase (hrp), a glycoprotein enzyme, bound specifically to mallory bodies (mbs) in cryostat sections of autopsy liver and liver biopsies. in contrast, hrp did not bind to cryostat sections of normal liver. the specificity of hrp binding was also observed using light and electron microscopy in autopsy liver-derived subcell fractions prepared by the mb isolation procedure. in order to quantitate hrp binding, a solid phase colorimetric assay was developed. this assay involves immobi ...200087542
deafness due to hypervitaminosis d. 200087663
edward demetrius dalziel dickson. 200187672
umbilical-cord insertion as source of pure fetal blood for prenatal diagnosis. 200187711
palliation of massive hemoptysis from unresectable carcinoma of the lung.unresectable carcinoma of the lung has traditionally been recognized as a contraindication to surgery in massive hemoptysis. a 60-year-old man had massive hemoptysis. at surgery an unresectable neoplastic mass invading the mediastinum and great vessels was encountered. subtotal resection was accomplished using a stapler (autostapler). the margins of the bronchial and vascular staples were of necessity placed directly through the tumor. the patient had an uneventful recovery and has survived six ...197988310
light microscope analysis of meiotic prophase chromosomes by silver staining.a method is described for the silver staining of the synaptonemal complex in surface-spread mammalian spermatocytes for light microscope examination. the method is quick, reliable, of broad applicability, and provides a means of making karyotype analysis at meiotic prophase. many hundreds of suitable cells can be examined in an average preparation in a relatively short space of time. it has so far been applied only to mammalian spermatocytes, but could be used for karyotype analysis in oocytes o ...200188315
forums in gastrointestinal roentgenology: transhepatic portal venography and selective obliteration of gastroesophageal varices using isobutyl 2-cyanoacrylate (bucrylate).five patients with child's class c alcoholic cirrhosis and actively bleeding gastroesophageal varices underwent transhepatic portal venography and selective obliteration of varices with isobutyl 2-cyanoacrylate (bucrylate). temporary control of bleeding was obtained in four patients and complete control in one. this new technique is best utilized to stop active variceal hemorrhage in patients who are not candidates for portasystemic shunt surgery or to control bleeding while the patient's genera ...200188316
[spontaneous rosette forming, fc and complement receptor bearing lymphocytes in pediatric diseases].investigations with lymphocyte subpopulations were made in 51 children aged from 1-14 years with infections of the upper airways, with acute leukaemias, and other malignant diseases. t-lymphocytes were registered by means of the spontaneous rosette test. the attempt of proving b-lymphocytes was made by means of an eac test with human erythrocytes, anti-d-immunoglobulins and human complement. the results were compared with those obtained by an eac test with sheep erythrocytes, sheep haemolysin an ...197988386
[the problem of hepatic dysfunction of the diagnosis of hypernephroid kidney carcinomas (stauffer syndrome)].in 43 patients with histologically proved hypernephroid kidney cancer evaluation of the electrophoretic results, serum alkaline phosphatase, thromboplastin time (quick's time) and bromthalein retention (n = 10) was carried out. as a control group the serum values of 10 patients with clinical tentative diagnosis of hypernephroid kidney cancer were checked; in this group operation and histological examination showed no kidney tumor. only in one patient we found the typical constellation with eleva ...200188402
haemodilution and blood-flow. 199988643
[nasal cytology in vasomotor rhinitis]. 200088705
a simple and sensitive method for the quantitative estimation of collagen. 197988913
getting workshops to work: a step toward media resource sharing. 200188979
cimetidine for hypertrophic prostate? 200188991
[conservative treatment of echinococcus alveolaris of the liver: preliminary observations (author's transl)].mebendazol (vermox) was given for six months at an oral daily dose of 2 g to three patients with inoperable infestation of the liver by echinococcus alveolaris. in two patients the general state improved greatly, with reduction in the size of the liver infiltrate, regression in serum bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase levels. treatment continues in the third case.199989026
expanding psychiatry's role in child abuse treatment.child abuse, a problem that has plagued societies for centuries, has been largely ignored by psychiatrists, the author asserts. he traces the relatively recent interest in the problem of other medical specialists such as pediatricians and radiologists and maintains that it is time for psychiatrists to become more involved. he explains how problems of confidentiality, the patient's lack of motivation for treatment, and other factors have discouraged many psychiatrists from treating child abusers. ...200090001
revertants of adenovirus type-12-transformed hamster cells have lost part of the viral genomes. 197990022
use of the fluorochrome 4'6-diamidino-2-phenylindole in genetic and developmental studies of chloroplast dna.use of the dna-specific fluorochrome 4'6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (dapi) makes it possible to examine in situ the structure of chloroplast dna (chdna) with the fluorescence microscope. this simplifies the study of genetic and developmental changes in chloroplast dna. three examples are presented. (a) wild-type euglena gracilis b contains several chloroplast dna nucleoids per chloroplast. a yellow mutant lacking functional chloroplasts is similar, but such nucleoids are absent in an aplastidic mu ...200090051
[pharmacotherapy of chronic pancreatitis (literature review)]. 200190430
cell differentiation in human gastric gland as revealed by nuclear binding of tritiated actinomycin.the nuclear binding of h3 actinomycin, which is closely linked to the differentiation phenomenon, was studied in human normal gastric mucosa. actinomycin binding decreases in cells which differentiate and becomes very low in fully differentiated cells. in the gastric pits, there is a decreasing gradient of labelling from the deeper stem cells to the well-differentiated superficial cells. this indicates that migration and renewal of the surface epithelium occurs following a 'pipe-line' system. al ...197990638
prolonged survival of corneal allografts in rabbits treated with cyclosporin a. 197990771
soluble immune complex disease associated with antigen heterogeneity an hla related is suggested that soluble immune complex diseases arising after infections may result from the liberation of partially synthesized bacterial polypeptide or viral nucleic acid antigens. these disrupted antigens will have heterogeneous molecular weights due to antigenic material which is incomplete as a result of premature termination of synthesis. antigens of this type have been shown to result in significant soluble complex formation in vitro when reacted with antisera from many individuals. ...197991086
purification and properties of biliary glycoprotein i (bgp i). immunochemical relationship to carcinoembryonic antigen. 199991094
use of recombinant dna technology for the production of polypeptides.dna sequences corresponding to specific genes may be prepared by chemical synthesis, isolation of naturally occurring dna, or reverse transcription. such dna may then be inserted into vectors such as plasmids or bacteriophages which carry the dna into bacterial cells. although significant differences exist in the basic molecular biology of eucaryotic and procaryotic organisms, these differences do not constitute absolute barriers to the expression of eucaryotic genes in bacteria. several eucaryo ...199991311
procaine-induced seizures in epileptic monkeys with bilateral hippocampal foci.intravenous procaine hcl given at low doses (0.5-2.5 mg/kg) to two monkeys with bilateral alumina hippocampal foci depressed interictal spiking or had little effect. at 5.0 mg/kg unilateral limbic activation occurred. at 10.0 mg/kg unilateral or bilateral limbic activation and generalized seizures could be evoked within 3-10 min. at higher doses (15 and 20 mg/kg) bilateral limbic activation or brief (one min) generalized seizures occurred. the unilateral-onset psychomotor seizures were not ident ...197991502
[method of obtaining a y. pestis fraction containing heterogenetic antigens]. 197991715
immunofluorescence testing for chlamydial antibodies. 197991742
urinary proline to hydroxyproline ratio varies with age.urinary excretion of proline and hydroxyproline was studied in five groups of subjects, viz. controls, pituitary dwarfs, familial dwarfs, patients with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive and patients with generalized scleroderma. the ratio pro/hyp in the urinary fraction precipitated with 5 parts of acetone (1 + 5 fraction) was close to one in children and youngsters in all the groups, while in adults it was higher than two. total pro/hyp does not give an accurate index of age.200092150
viability assessment by dye exclusion. a fluorescent method for fungal cells.a new fluorescent staining technique for fungi utilizes the differential affinity of dead cells for rhodamine b. a mounting medium has been devised that includes the dye. this medium allows direct processing of cells from a broth and provides optimal conditions for fluorescence intensity. comparison with the standard methylene blue exclusion test as applied to the candida albicans yeast phase indicates similar specificity. various pseudohyphae and several fungi also exhibited selective uptake of ...197992216
esophagogastrectomy for carcinoma of the middle third of the esophagus.elective esophagogastrectomy and reconstruction by esophagogastrostomy were performed on 55 patients with malignant tumors of the midesophagus, despite invasion of contiguous structures in 60% and regional lymph node involvement in 75%. the operations were invariably palliative. two patients died within thirty days of operation. dysphagia was relieved and oral alimentation resumed in the other 53. twenty-nine patients who had experienced painful swallowing and 16 who had vomiting obtained relief ...200092220
effects of painful footshock on self-stimulation behaviour of rats and influence of naloxone on this behaviour [proceedings]. 197992231
processing of 19 s thyroglobulin in vitro [proceedings]. 197992247
immunologic regulation in pregnancy.theories to explain the failure of rejection of the fetus by the mother during pregnancy include immunologic privilege of the uterus as a graft site, lack of transplantation antigen expression on the trophoblast, weakening of maternal cellular immunity during pregnancy, and separation of maternal and fetal circulations. evidence for and against each of these theories is discussed. local concentration of a variety of hormones, including human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg), sex steroids, alpha-feto ...197992318
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