the primary structure of the operons coding for shigella dysenteriae toxin and temperature phage h30 shiga-like toxin.nucleotide(nt) sequences were determined for the toxin (sht) operon present in the chromosome of shigella dysenteriae 1 and for the shiga-like toxin (slt) operon found in the lambdoid phage h30 genome. the coding sequences of the sht and slt genes differ in 4 nt with 1 nt change responsible for an amino acid replacement. the deduced amino acid sequence in the a chain of the toxins is highly homologous to that of the a chain of ricin, a plant toxin. sht-coding mrnas were detected by mapping the 5 ...19883049254
dna probes to identify shiga-like toxin i- and ii-producing enteric bacterial pathogens isolated from patients with diarrhea in thailand.when shigella species, escherichia coli, and five other bacterial enteric pathogens isolated from children with diarrhea in thailand were tested for hybridization under stringent conditions with probes for shiga-like toxins i and ii, only 30 shigella dysenteriae 1 hybridized with the shiga-like toxin i probe.19883049664
deletion of the shiga toxin gene in a chlorate-resistant derivative of shigella dysenteriae type 1 that retains virulence.we used a probe specific for detecting the structural-gene sequences of shiga toxin to analyze the genetic nature of toxin synthesis in mutant derivatives of shigella dysenteriae type 1. a chlorate-resistant (chl) mutant (725-78) of s. dysenteriae type 1 strain 3818t, which had retained virulence but had lost production of high levels of cytotoxic activity associated with shiga toxin synthesis, contained a complete deletion of the shiga toxin structural-gene sequences. these structural-gene sequ ...19883049838
[differentiation of virulent strains of shigella and entero-invasive escherichia from their avirulent variants using modified indirect immunoenzyme analysis].the data obtained in this investigation confirm that the modified indirect enzyme immunoassay (eia) permits the differentiation of virulent bacteria of the genus shigella and enteroinvasive escherichia (group 1), regularly containing virulence plasmids with a molecular weight of 120-140 md, from their avirulent variants which have lost these plasmids (group 2). the ratio of the optic density (od) values of the positive control samples (the od of group 1) to the od values of the negative ones (th ...19883051808
the ecology and pathogenicity of urease-producing bacteria in the urinary tract.urease activity is a physiological function of many bacteria that enables these organisms to utilize urea as a source of nitrogen. the association of ureolytic bacteria with human or animal hosts varies widely from a commensal relationship as demonstrated with skin microflora, a symbiotic relationship in the gastrointestinal tract, to a pathogenic relationship in the urinary tract. since similar or identical species of bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus are found in all three environments, t ...19883053050
the ecology and pathogenicity of urease-producing bacteria in the urinary tract.urease activity is a physiological function of many bacteria that enables these organisms to utilize urea as a source of nitrogen. the association of ureolytic bacteria with human or animal hosts varies widely from a commensal relationship as demonstrated with skin microflora, a symbiotic relationship in the gastrointestinal tract, to a pathogenic relationship in the urinary tract. since similar or identical species of bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus are found in all three environments, t ...19883053050
development of dna probes for cytotoxin and enterotoxin genes in enteric bacteria.dna probes to identify the genes encoding toxins in enteric bacteria have been developed. use of these probes reduces the number of animals required for toxicity testing, as suspect bacteria can be directly tested for the presence of toxin. we have augmented the gene probes available by developing probes against the escherichia coli enterotoxin ltii and shiga toxin from shigella dysenteriae 1. the ltii gene from e. coli 357900 was identified and characterised and a suitable internal probe was ob ...19883053231
antibody response to lipopolysaccharide antigen in shigella dysenteriae type 1 infection. 19883053437
role of shiga toxin in the pathogenesis of bacillary dysentery, studied by using a tox- mutant of shigella dysenteriae 1.a tox- mutant of shigella dysenteriae 1, sc501, was genetically engineered by cloning the shiga toxin operon, inserting a cassette into the a subunit gene, and exchanging this in vitro-mutagenized sequence with the wild-type gene. sc501 produced a low amount of residual cytotoxicity which was not neutralized by a rabbit immune serum directed against shiga toxin. invasion of cultured cells demonstrated that shiga toxin had no effect on the rate of intracellular growth of bacteria or on the rapid ...19883053452
extraintestinal manifestations of shigellosis during an epidemic of bacillary dysentery in port blair, andaman & nicobar island (india). 19883053630
plasmid analysis of shigella dysenteriae type 1 isolates obtained from widely scattered geographical locations.plasmid profiles and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns of 343 strains of shigella dysenteriae type 1, obtained from 18 different geographical locations, were analyzed. three plasmids, with molecular sizes of 140, 6, and 2 megadaltons (mda), were present in 94, 98, and 96%, respectively, of the 343 strains isolated during either epidemic or nonepidemic periods from 1965 to 1987. in addition to these plasmids, 83% of the strains harbored a 4-mda plasmid and 25% harbored a 20-mda plasmid. vario ...19883053762
head posture and hyo-mandibular function in man. a synchronized electromyographic and videofluorographic study of the open-close-clench cycle.synchronized electromyography and videofluorography (lateral projection) were used to investigate the influence of altered head posture on hyo-mandibular movements, suprahyoid muscle length, suprahyoid working angle, and timing of suprahyoid and masseter muscle activity. twelve adult male subjects with normal dentofacial morphology were investigated during the open-close-clench cycle. using upright head position (frankfort horizontal) as reference, several statistically significant observations ...19883055938
head posture and hyo-mandibular function in man. a synchronized electromyographic and videofluorographic study of the open-close-clench cycle.synchronized electromyography and videofluorography (lateral projection) were used to investigate the influence of altered head posture on hyo-mandibular movements, suprahyoid muscle length, suprahyoid working angle, and timing of suprahyoid and masseter muscle activity. twelve adult male subjects with normal dentofacial morphology were investigated during the open-close-clench cycle. using upright head position (frankfort horizontal) as reference, several statistically significant observations ...19883055938
anticytotoxin-neutralizing antibodies in immune globulin preparations: potential use in hemolytic-uremic syndrome.the pathogenesis of primary (classic) hemolytic-uremic syndrome (hus) is thought to be related to cytotoxin-producing enteric pathogens such as shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 and escherichia coli serotypes o157:h7 and 026:h11. the relevant cytotoxins include shiga toxin and the closely related shiga-like toxins (slts) produced by some e. coli strains. intravenously administered immune globulin (ivig) therapy has been reported to be beneficial in a few children with hus. we therefore examined co ...19883057156
transferable or mobilisable antibiotic resistance in shigella dysenteriae types 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 isolated in ethiopia during 1974-85.a total of 199 shigella dysenteriae isolates resistant to one or more antibiotics and belonging to types 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 was examined by one-step broth mating with escherichia coli k12 and, if non-conjugative, additionally by triparental crosses with the conjugative plasmids x and delta. of the s. dysenteriae type 1 (shiga's bacillus) strains, 96% harboured conjugative plasmids. during 1974-79, isolates of shiga's bacillus carried conjugative plasmids coding for acssut (ampicillin, chloramph ...19883058982
[etiologic structure of bacterial dysentery in the ussr in 1983-1985].the etiological structure of dysentery in the ussr in 1983-1985 is characterized. sonne dysentery was found to prevail in the territories with adequate water supply, while dysentery caused by shigella flexneri prevailed at the territories with unsatisfactory water supply. s. dysenteriae and s. boydii were found to play a limited role in the etiology of dysentery. in the presence of global pandemic, an increase in the isolation rate of s. dysenteriae i in the ussr is observed. the data on the bio ...19883061262
[the world-wide pandemic and drug resistance of the causative agent of grigor'ev-shiga dysentery].one of the factors facilitating the global pandemic of grigor'ev-shiga dysentery is considered in detail. all shigella dysenteriae 1 strains, irrespective of the geographical zone of their spread, showed medicinal resistance. as pandemic developed, the spectrum of medicinal resistance constantly increased in all hyperendemic foci. the presence of pronounced relationships between the strains circulating in each of three hyperendemic foci and the strains circulating in different hyperendemic foci ...19883064514
differing expression of insulin-like growth factor i in the developing and in the adult rat cerebellum.insulin-like growth factor i (igf-i; somatomedin c) is a trophic peptide of importance for the development of several tissues and organs. in the present study we have mapped the cellular distribution and dynamic changes of igf-i immunoreactivity in the rat cerebellum from its postnatal development to maturity. in vitro hybridization of igf-i mrna was used to demonstrate that the igf-i immunoreactive material was synthesized in the cerebellum during a limited time period of cerebellar differentia ...19883067513
shiga toxin as inhibitor of protein synthesis. 19883068485
selective destruction of vagal sensory neurons using shigella cytotoxin. 19883068486
genetic relatedness of the basic replicon of the virulence plasmid in shigellae and enteroinvasive escherichia coli.the regions required for replication (rep) and for stable maintenance (stb) of the 230 kilobase virulence plasmid, pmysh6000, in shigella flexneri 2a ysh6000 were identified on the restriction enzyme sa/l fragments, c and o, respectively. the stable plasmid, pmysh6610, consisting of adjacent fragments c and o was found to belong to the incompatibility group fl. in all strains of shigellae and enteroinvasive escherichia coli (eiec) tested, virulence plasmids were found to be highly homologous wit ...19883070262
identity of molecular structure of shiga-like toxin i (vt1) from escherichia coli o157:h7 with that of shiga toxin.the primary structures of the a and b subunits of shiga toxin and of shiga-like toxin i (vt1), isolated from the culture supernatants of shigella dysenteriae 1 and escherichia coli o157:h7, respectively, were analyzed by edman degradation of intact proteins and peptides in their digests with trypsin or achromobacter protease i and also by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry of the digests. the results indicated that the a and b subunits of shiga toxin and shiga-like toxin i have the same pri ...19883070268
a small nonconjugative plasmid encoded for streptomycin-resistant character in shigella dysenteriae.conjugative transfers of drug-resistant plasmids in shigella dysenteriae type 1 isolated from the epidemic in west bengal were unsuccessful. the plasmids were non-transmissible in spite of having the fertility factor f, genetically labelled with kanamycin-resistant transposon tn903 (pws 7). a small 2.5 kb nonconjugative plasmid encoded for the streptomycin-resistant character. cured plasmid-less strains of s. dysenteriae 1 showed resistance to sulfonamides.19883071516
the rate of dam-mediated dna adenine methylation in escherichia coli. 19883074008
plasmid profile as a useful marker of a shigella dysenteriae type 1 strain causing an epidemic of shigellosis.plasmid profiles of 60 shigella dysenteriae type 1 isolates obtained during an epidemic period (april - october 1983) were compared with that of 74 other shigella species isolated during the same period of time and also with that of 20 s. dysenteriae type 1 isolates obtained before the epidemic period (1969 - 1982). all samples were collected during an epidemic of shigellosis from diarrhoeal patients being treated at the dhaka treatment centre of the international centre for diarrhoeal disease r ...19883077946
characterization of purified shiga toxin from shigella dysenteriae 1.shiga toxin was purified from the culture supernatant of shigella dysenteriae 1 by ammonium sulfate fractionation, deae-cellulose column chromatography and repeated chromatofocusing column chromatography. about 1.6 mg of purified shiga toxin was obtained from 15 liters of culture with a yield of about 27%. the molecular weight of purified shiga toxin was estimated to be 62,000. the toxin consisted of a and b subunits with molecular weights of about 30,000 and 5,000-6,000, respectively. the isoel ...19863100915
[transfer of r plasmids between shigella and e. coli strains in the intestine of patients with acute shigellosis]. 19863103883
differences between saccharomyces cerevisiae and bacillus subtilis in secretion of human lysozyme.saccharomyces cerevisiae secreted human lysozyme in the medium as an active form when the signal peptides of chicken lysozyme and a chicken lysozyme-aspergillus awamori glucoamylase hybrid were used, whereas it did not synthesize any human lysozyme protein by using the signal peptide of a. awamori glucoamylase. the secreted lysozyme was easily purified and crystallized. on the other hand, bacillus subtilis secreted an inactive human lysozyme, which seemed to have incorrect disulfide bonds, with ...19873109419
differences between saccharomyces cerevisiae and bacillus subtilis in secretion of human lysozyme.saccharomyces cerevisiae secreted human lysozyme in the medium as an active form when the signal peptides of chicken lysozyme and a chicken lysozyme-aspergillus awamori glucoamylase hybrid were used, whereas it did not synthesize any human lysozyme protein by using the signal peptide of a. awamori glucoamylase. the secreted lysozyme was easily purified and crystallized. on the other hand, bacillus subtilis secreted an inactive human lysozyme, which seemed to have incorrect disulfide bonds, with ...19873109419
alternative pathway of complement activation by stimulated t lymphocytes. ii. elevation of cytotoxic potential against complement receptor-carrying cell lines.exposure of lectin-stimulated (concanavalin a, phytohemagglutinin and pokeweed mitogen) blood lymphocytes to human serum or to purified c3 increased their cytotoxic capacity towards complement receptor positive targets such as raji and daudi cells. the lysis of complement receptor-negative lymphoblastoid cell lines was not influenced. the lytic capacity of lymphocytes exposed to 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate was not elevated by human serum. lectin-stimulated lymphocytes were previously sh ...19873111863
[local epidemic of neonatal listeriosis in upper austria--report of 20 cases].in an 8 month period, 20 cases of listeriosis among neonates were seen in the federal district of upper austria. the majority of mothers reported influenza-like symptoms at the end of pregnancy. 19 cases were early-onset-infections, 6 infants developed meningitis. serotype 1/2a was isolated in 7 cases. all were of the same phage type. 15 neonates were successfully treated with aminopenicillin or penicillin. treatment with cephalosporin was ineffective. 4 mainly premature infants died, 1 was stil ...19873119914
effects of iron and temperature on shiga-like toxin i production by escherichia coli.iron is known to depress shiga toxin production by shigella dysenteriae 1, and temperature has been shown to regulate several genes required for shigella invasiveness. in this study, the influence of iron and temperature on regulation of a highly related toxin, shiga-like toxin i (slt-i) of enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli, was examined in strains lysogenic for the toxin-converting coliphage 933j and in strains carrying the cloned slt-i genes on a high-copy-number plasmid vector. for compariso ...19883121508
characterization of the protein expressed in escherichia coli by a recombinant plasmid containing the bacillus megaterium cytochrome p-450bm-3 two previous reports (narhi lo, fulco aj, j. biol. chem. 261: 7160-7169, 1986; ibid., 262: 6683-6690, 1987) we described the characterization of a catalytically self-sufficient 119,000-dalton p-450 cytochrome that was induced by barbiturates in bacillus megaterium. in the presence of nadph and o2, this polypeptide (cytochrome p-450bm-3) catalyzed the hydroxylation of long-chain fatty acids without the aid of any other protein. the gene encoding this unique monooxygenase was cloned into escher ...19883131661
micronucleus assay in human fibroblasts: a measure of spontaneous chromosomal instability and mutagen comparing fibroblast strains derived from individuals exhibiting chromosome instability and/or mutagen hypersensitivity (cockayne syndrome, ataxia telangiectasia, and fanconi anemia) with strains derived from healthy donors, the fibroblast micronucleus assay has been established as a reproducible measure of the genotypic variation in spontaneous or mitomycin c (mmc)-induced chromosomal instability. the patient strains that were moderately or exquisitely sensitive to mmc, whereas the mildly se ...19883133207
shigella dysenteriae type 1 in tourists to cancun, mexico. 19883135475
further serological investigations in humans and domestic animals on the cape verde islands (q-fever, brucellosis, listeriosis, shigellosis, campylobacteriosis, yersiniosis, toxoplasmosis and chlamydia of plt-group).439 sera of domestic animals and various number (150-500) of human sera of the cape verde islands were examined for antibodies against coxiella burnetti, brucella abortus, b.melitensis, listeria monocytogenes, shigella dysenteriae, s.flexneri, s. boydii, s.sonnei, campylobacter jejuni, c.fetus ssp. intestinalis, yersinia enterocolitica, toxoplasma gondii and chlamydia of the plt-group. it could be shown, that on the cape verde islands there is to be counted with numerous zoonoses due to various ...19883139491
effects of dietary-fish-oil feeding on muscle growth and damage in the rat.1. giving diets containing 100 g fully-refined, non-hydrogenated fish oil/kg to rats caused substantial modification of skeletal-muscle-membrane fatty acid composition compared with control animals fed on an equivalent diet containing 100 g maize oil/kg. 2. total muscle arachidonic acid (20:4 omega 6) was reduced from 138 (sd 25) mg/g total fatty acids to 15 (sd 2) mg/g and phospholipid arachidonic acid content showed equivalent changes. 3. reduction in muscle arachidonic acid content had no inf ...19883143398
new aspects in the pharmacology of kindling implications for mechanism of of action in kindling.kindling is a long-lasting, transsynaptic, pathway-specific plastic change in brain function. it has been proposed as a model of neural plasticity, learning and memory, as well as a model of epilepsy. to elucidate the action of substances characterized by their ability to improve learning and memory and to have an activatory, protective and function restoring effect on nerve cells in distress, the effects of nootropic drugs and of antioxidative acting substances on the development of kindling an ...19873147457
interaction of horse-spleen ferritin with aluminium ferritin was found to bind al systematically following gel filtration in buffered al citrate 30 microm, and up to molar ratio 98 when incubated at 37 degrees c with al citrate, buffered to ph 7.4. pre-incubation with 3 concentrations of neutral sodium phosphate (0.1, 1.0, 10.0 mm) had no significant effect on binding. apotransferrin interaction with the al-ferritin complex to release fe but not al. protein-digestion and edta washing procedures showed that the al was firmly bound to ...19883147825
purification and some properties of shiga-like toxin from escherichia coli o157:h7 that is immunologically identical to shiga toxin.a cytotoxin to vero cells (shiga-like toxin), which was neutralized by antibody against purified shiga toxin produced by shigella dysenteriae 1, was purified from escherichia coli o157:h7, isolated from a patient with hemorrhagic colitis. the purification procedure consisted of ammonium sulfate fractionation, deae-cellulose column chromatography, chromatofocusing column chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography. about 200 micrograms of purified shiga-like toxin was obtained from ...19873148810
a correlation between regional acetylcholinesterase activity in rat brain and performance in a spatial task.the acquisition and retention of a water maze task was examined in 12 intact, young wistar rats. acetylcholinesterase activity in 43 discrete brain regions was then measured in the same rats by quantitative histochemistry. individual learning and retention indices were found to be significantly correlated with acetylcholinesterase (ache) levels in specific regions, e.g. cholinergic nuclei; the ventral pallidum and nucleus basalis; and in the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus. high levels of ache ...19883166718
bacteriophage degradation of the capsular polysaccharide of klebsiella k24 and determination of the position of the o-acetyl group. 19883167888
control of diarrhoeal diseases.during its early years, who was primarily concerned with epidemic control, standardization and quality control of vaccines, and administration of the international sanitary regulations. among the acute enteric infections, cholera received the greatest attention because of its propensity for rapid epidemic spread. when the seventh pandemic of cholera began in 1961, who responded with a greatly expanded programme of activities which included cooperation with countries in training and control effor ...19883176516
actions of a phorbol ester on factors regulating contraction in rabbit mesenteric artery.the effects of 12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (tpa) on isometric tension, unloaded shortening velocity determined using the slack test (vmax), and phosphorylation of myosin light chain (mlc20) were investigated in intact and skinned muscle tissues of the rabbit mesenteric artery. in intact muscles exposed to 128 mm k+, the vmax reached a maximum before the peak of the phasic component of contraction and reduced proportionally with changes in the amplitude of the subsequent tonic contractio ...19883180354
activity of glucosidase inhibitors against hiv infections. 19883182426
isolation of p multocida f-3,4 from a calf in the uk. 19883195018
comparative studies on the accessibility and functional importance of tyrosine residues in cytochrome p-450 isozymes.cytochromes p-450 lm2 and p-450 lm4 from rabbit liver microsomes were chemically modified with tetranitromethane. nitration of two tyrosine residues of both isozymes inhibits the benzphetamine n-demethylase activity of p-450 lm2 as well as the p-nitrophenetole o-deethylase activity of p-450 lm4 by about 80%. for identification of the modified tyrosine residues the inactivated enzymes were digested with trypsin, and the labeled peptides were separated by hplc. sequencing of the 3-nitrotyrosine-co ...19883202847
rapid preparation of samples for compositional sugar analysis of the "degraded polysaccharide" fraction of lipopolysaccharides from vibrio cholerae.a simple and rapid method was devised for direct isolation and fractionation of the "degraded polysaccharide" (dps) fraction of o-antigenic (or endotoxic) lipopolysaccharides (lps) directly from heat-killed vibrio cholerae (o1 and non-o1) cells without separating the lps. neither phenol-water extraction nor ultracentrifuge is needed in this method. v. cholerae nih 41 was used as standard. the cells (3-5 g wet weight) were heated in 5% acetic acid at 100 c for 1.5 hr. the acetic acid extract obta ...19883210996
lectin binding patterns of the human cornea. comparison of frozen and paraffin sections.twelve fitc-conjugated lectins were used to establish a reaction pattern with cellular and noncellular components in fresh-frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin sections of 11 normal human corneas. in frozen sections the epithelium demonstrated the most active lectin staining; keratocytes and endothelium stained to a lesser degree. of the noncellular components, the epithelial basement membrane and descemet's membrane of some of the tissues were stained most by phasolus vulgaris agglutinin (pha), p ...19883219860
economic value of vitamin a and exhelm (morantel tartrate) in sheep in niger. 19883232646
aetiological spectrum of viral hepatitis in hospitalised adult patients in calcutta. 19883248987
oxygen-derived free radicals in cerulein-induced acute pancreatitis.conscious rats were treated with a supramaximal dose of 5.10(-6) of cerulein for periods of 3 and 12 h. in both groups of animals typical features of acute oedematous pancreatitis were proved by biochemical and histologic examinations. the most important finding of our study was the decrease of superoxide dismutase (sod) activity in pancreatic tissue, accompanied by a slight increase of this scavenger enzyme in serum of rats stimulated with cerulein during 3 h. parallelly, evident elev ...19883249921
increased concentrations of tyrosine and phenylalanine in the cerebrospinal fluid as a possible reflection of related changes of the brain tissue in newborns with intra-uterine growth retardation.plasma and cerebrospinal fluid concentrations of tyrosine and phenylalanine were measured fluorometrically in human term neonates appropriate for gestational age and in neonates small for gestational age with severe intra-uterine growth retardation of type ii. the intra-uterine retarded newborns showed significant differences of both plasma and cerebrospinal fluid tyrosine levels as compared with the non-retarded newborns: the mean plasma and cerebrospinal fluid tyrosine were determined to be 2. ...19883254150
laboratory evaluation of essential oil of mentha piperita linn. against trichophyton mentagrophytes. 19883255748
inhibition of the proliferative response of human b lymphocytes to b cell growth factor by transforming growth factor-beta.the effects of transforming growth factor-beta (tgf-beta) on the proliferative response of human b cells to the low molecular weight b cell growth factor (bcgf) have been investigated in this study. it was found that tgf-beta, at picomolar concentrations, strongly inhibited the bcgf-induced proliferation of anti-mu chain or staphylococcus aureus cowan i-activated human b cells and also of a bcgf-dependent cell line derived from a human lymphocytic nodular lymphoma. this inhibitory effect was det ...19883257917
glucocorticosteroids induce dna fragmentation in human lymphoid leukemia cells.the present study was undertaken to investigate the potential role of glucocorticoid-induced dna damage in the lysis of human lymphoid leukemia cells by glucocorticoids. lymphoblasts were isolated from patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all) or chronic myelogenous leukemia (cml) in blast crisis and cultured in vitro with or without dexamethasone. dna was then purified from the cells and analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis. only high molecular weight (mol wt) dna was present in cells ...19883262387
effect of indomethacin on febrile response to recombinant human interleukin 1-alpha in rabbits.effects of indomethacin, a potent inhibitor of prostaglandin (pg) synthesis, on the fever induced by recombinant human interleukin 1-alpha (rhil 1-alpha) was studied in conscious rabbits. intracerebroventricularly administered rhil 1-alpha induced a dose-dependent increase in colonic temperature that was prominently suppressed by pretreatment with indomethacin given either intracerebroventricularly or subcutaneously. on the other hand, fever induced by intravenous administration of rhil 1-alpha ...19883263055
[haemophilus cellulitis--a contribution to the differential diagnosis of cheek swelling in childhood].the haemophilus influenzae cellulitis in infancy is a disease with special features in relation to early clinical recognition and treatment. we describe three such cases seen in our hospital with haemophilus influenzae as etiological agent. one patient died in consequence of a purulent meningitis recognized not in time and developing under antibiotic therapy not suitable for h. i. cellulitis. after review of the most important data from the literature suggestions were made for adequate diagnosti ...19883263609
a possible ligand of serum origin for the kidney autoantigen of heymann nephritis.earlier studies have localized the heymann nephritis (hn) autoantigen (gp330) in the coated pits of the plasma membrane and multivesicular bodies of the glomerular epithelial cell. because of these locations in the glomerular epithelial cells, it has been suggested that the hn ag may be a receptor. the aim of our study was to search for a ligand which can bind the hn autoantigen. normal rat serum was subjected to sds-page under reducing and non-reducing conditions followed by western analysis of ...19883264306
treatment of murine lupus with monoclonal antibody to l3t4. i. effects on the distribution and function of lymphocyte subsets and on the histopathology of autoimmune disease.monoclonal antibodies (moab) to l3t4 have been used successfully to suppress autoimmunity in murine models for several human autoimmune diseases. to clarify the immunologic and clinical consequences of treatment with anti-l3t4, we examined the effects of chronic administration of anti-l3t4 on the composition of lymphoid organs, the function of lymphocytes, and the histopathology of autoimmune disease in lupus-prone nzb/nzw f1 (b/w) mice. weekly treatment with anti-l3t4 (2 mg/mouse) from age 5 to ...19883267085
effect of resin components on the growth of streptococcus mutans. 19883269405
site of action of a vero toxin (vt2) from escherichia coli o157:h7 and of shiga toxin on eukaryotic ribosomes. rna n-glycosidase activity of the toxins.the site of action of a vero toxin (vt2 or shiga-like toxin ii) from enterohemorrhagic escherichia coli and shiga toxin from shigella dysenteriae 1 on eukaryotic ribosomes was studied. treatment of eukaryotic ribosomes with either toxin caused the release of a fragment of 400 nucleotides from 28s ribosomal rna when the isolated ribosomal rna was treated with aniline. release of this fragment with aniline treatment was accompanied by inhibition of protein synthesis and of elongation-factor-1-depe ...19883276522
fatal shigellosis in a chimpanzee (pan troglodytes) in the jos zoo, nigeria.shigellosis due to shigella dysenteriae was diagnosed in an adult male captive chimpanzee (pan troglodytes) which died suddenly after a brief recovery from illness lasting at least 3 wk. confirmatory diagnosis was based on postmortem examination and cultural isolation of shigella dysenteriae from the intestine, liver, lung, spleen and heart blood.19883280840
quality of commercially produced shigella serogrouping and serotyping antisera.shigella grouping antisera from five manufacturers and typing antisera from two were purchased and evaluated with homologous and heterologous shigella strains in the slide agglutination test. only 31 of 73 (42%) antisera were satisfactory. in many instances, the antisera gave negative, as opposed to weak, reactions when they should have given strong positive reactions. four reagents cross-reacted with shigella strains. of the 19 polyvalent grouping antisera to subgroups shigella dysenteriae sero ...19883281972
cardiac nuclear medicine, present status, future hopes as seen from the view of a cardiologist.the present techniques of nuclear medicine that are used in cardiology are critically evaluated. they are used mainly for the assessment of coronary circulation (measurement of regional flow and perfusion), on the determination of left ventricular muscle function (radionuclear ventriculography) and on the study of cardiac metabolism. the last-mentioned technique is unique insofar as (except for magnetic resonance imaging) there is no other method available to analyse myocardial metabolism noninv ...19883282883
pathogenesis of shigella diarrhea: evidence for a developmentally regulated glycolipid receptor for shigella toxin involved in the fluid secretory response of rabbit small intestine.shigella toxin reproduces the major manifestations of shigellosis in ligated intestinal loops from adult rabbits and binds to a microvillus membrane (mvm) glycolipid receptor, globotriaosylceramide (gb3). because neonatal human shigellosis is uncommon, we used the animal model for obtaining mvms from rabbits of different ages to determine the presence of toxin receptors and gb3 and to measure the fluid secretory response to toxin in ligated ileal loops. a single class of mvm receptors for 125i-l ...19883283253
synthetic peptides of shiga toxin b subunit induce antibodies which neutralize its biological activity.shiga toxin b chain, the binding subunit of shiga toxin, was recently purified; and the amino acid sequence of this 7,716-dalton polypeptide was determined (n.g. seidah, a. donohue-rolfe, c. lazure, f. auclair, g. t. keusch, and m. chretien, j. biol. chem. 261:13928-13931, 1986). in the present study, synthetic peptides corresponding to three overlapping sequences from the n-terminal region of this subunit were prepared. the peptides synthesized consisted of residues 5 to 18, 13 to 26, and 7 to ...19883286503
[an investigation on secondary attack rate in families and environment contamination of bacillary dysentery in urban and rural areas]. 19883289748
[a preliminary observation on the bactericidal effect of chlorinated trisodium phosphate]. 19883289749
[epidemic shiga bacillus dysentery in china]. 19883289750
growth of pure cultures of retinal pigment epithelial cells using chorioretinal biopsies from the pig. 19883289957
analysis and genetic manipulation of shigella virulence determinants for vaccine development.shigellosis is a major public health problem in developing countries. current epidemics of shigella dysenteriae serotype 1 strains are particularly serious and are characterized by high mortality rates. a high proportion of the isolates are resistant to many of the antibiotics currently in use in these countries, a feature which seriously compromises clinical treatment of the infections. efficacious vaccines are thus urgently needed. basic studies on shigella virulence factors, infections in lab ...19883291449
the effect of chlorhexidine and benzydamine mouthwashes on mucositis induced by therapeutic irradiation.a variety of mouthwashes are frequently used in the management of irradiation-induced mucositis. benzydamine has recently been introduced for alleviating this condition. its efficacy as a mouthwash was compared with chlorhexidine in two groups of patients receiving radiotherapy for oral carcinoma. mucositis and pain were recorded over a 6 week period and oral carriage of candida species, coliforms and staphylococcus aureus was assessed using an oral rinse technique. there was no significant diff ...19883293887
effects of marine mammal parasites on human health. 19873294653
an accessory protein identical to mouse egasyn is complexed with rat microsomal beta-glucuronidase and is identical to rat esterase-3.we report biochemical, immunological, and genetic studies which demonstrate that an accessory protein with the essential features of mouse egasyn is complexed with and stabilizes a portion of beta-glucuronidase in microsomes of rat liver. the accessory protein exists as a complex with beta-glucuronidase since it coprecipitates with beta-glucuronidase after treatment of extracts with a specific beta-glucuronidase antibody. the two proteins are associated by noncovalent bonds since they are easily ...19873294829
risk factors for development of hemolytic uremic syndrome during shigellosis. 19873295160
[analytical study of an epidemic of bacillary dysentery in rwanda. epidemiologic and bacteriologic aspects].from january 1985 to march 1985, an epidemic of bacillary dysentery stroke one of the region in north rwanda. the area struck, only 160 km2, is densely populated (720 inhabitants/km2). multiresistant shigella dysenteriae n. 1 is the only responsible factor. the study of this epidemic shows that, from an endemic disease, burst out can occur in a narrow area and in a short interval of time (7 weeks). the main risk factors have been identified on individual as well as collective level. the authors ...19873295462
the relative activity of endotoxins of different origins in the lal gelation method and in the lal chromogenic substrate method. 19873295884
endotoxin neutralization with rabbit antisera to escherichia coli j5 and other gram-negative study the mechanisms of protection against endotoxin challenge offered by antisera to smooth and rough gram-negative organisms, we have developed an assay to quantitate endotoxin neutralization based on inhibition of the limulus amoebocyte lysate test. dilutions of different bacterial lipopolysaccharides (lpss) were incubated with hyperimmune rabbit sera against escherichia coli o113, e. coli o18, and rough mutants e. coli j5 and salmonella minnesota re595 and were then combined with limulus ...19873298063
epinephrine, glucose, and lactate infusion in exercising adrenodemedullated rats.the purpose of this study was to determine the metabolic function of the marked increase in plasma epinephrine which occurs in fasted rats during treadmill exercise. fasted adrenodemedullated (adm) and sham-operated (sham) rats were run on a rodent treadmill (21 m/min, 15% grade) for 30 min or until exhaustion. adm rats were infused with saline, epinephrine, glucose, or lactate during the exercise bouts. adm saline-infused rats showed markedly reduced endurance, hypoglycemia, elevated plasma ins ...19873298192
nucleotide sequence of the shiga-like toxin genes of escherichia coli.we have determined the nucleotide sequence of the slta and sltb genes that encode the shiga-like toxin (slt) produced by escherichia coli phage h19b. the amino acid composition of the a and b subunits of slt is very similar to that previously established for shiga toxin from shigella dysenteriae 1, and the deduced amino acid sequence of the b subunit of slt is identical with that reported for the b subunit of shiga toxin. the genes for the a and b subunits of slt apparently constitute an operon, ...19873299365
treatment of bacillary dysentery: a comparison between enoxacin and nalidixic acid.a prospective randomized study has been conducted in rwanda to compare the efficacy of enoxacin versus nalidixic acid for the treatment of bacillary dysentery in adults. seventeen patients received nalidixic acid and 21 received enoxacin. all isolates (37 shigella, 1 campylobacter) were sensitive in vitro to the two drugs. all patients showed a favourable clinical and bacteriological response and the results obtained with both drugs were comparable. enoxacin seems to be a good alternative to nal ...19873301783
clinical presentation of shigellosis during the 1984 epidemic of bacillary dysentery in west bengal. 19873301795
shigellosis in bangladesh: a reply. 19873302055
physicochemical characterization of a and b subunits of shiga toxin and reconstitution of holotoxin from isolated subunits.the a and b subunits of shiga toxin were isolated by high performance liquid chromatography and their physicochemical properties were examined. the a subunit of shiga toxin purified from culture supernatant was not nicked, but it could be nicked in vitro by trypsin. the isoelectric points of the a and b subunits were determined to be 8.2 and 5.8, respectively. amino acid compositions of the two subunits were also determined. the isolated a and b subunits were reconstituted to form active holotox ...19873302622
[a reservoir of shigella of avian origin: herons and birds of prey of the zoological garden in tananarive].the authors record the bacteriological characters of four shigella strains: s. dysenteriae 2 and s. boydii 9, respectively isolated in a bird-of-prey and in three herons, kept in the zoological garden in antananarivo. the significance of this malgasian avian reservoir of shigella is discussed.19873304678
[cloning and primary structure of shigella toxin genes]. 19873304914
a new chromogenic test for the detection of urokinase in the genus shigella.a simple test for detection of urokinase in shigella is described. the test is performed by suspending a loopful of bacteria in 100 microliters of a buffered 1mm solution of benzoyl-beta-alanyl glycyl-arginyl-4-nitroanilide acetate (chromozym u). enzymatic activity is revealed by formation of a yellow colour after 24 h of incubation at 37 degrees c. the test is able to differentiate serotypes of shigella dysenteriae, shigella flexneri, shigella boydii. the results suggest the possibility of incl ...19873306294
chronobiology and epidemiology.epidemiology and chronobiology are two emerging scientific disciplines of the 20th century. in the united states and certain european and asian countries, epidemiology is a well-developed science; however, in many countries the field is not yet well practiced. too, in several european countries and certain centers in the united states, chronobiology is quite well known and respected as a science. yet, in many countries this field is just now being recognized. although epidemiologists are concern ...19873306581
iron regulation of shiga-like toxin expression in escherichia coli is mediated by the fur locus.shiga-like toxin is an iron-regulated cytotoxin quite similar to shiga toxin from shigella dysenteriae 1. the structural genes for shiga-like toxin in escherichia coli (slta and sltb) appear to be transcribed as an operon from a promoter upstream of slta. we used a gene fusion between the promoter and proximal portion of slta with the gene for bacterial alkaline phosphatase to assess the regulation of toxin expression. growth in low-iron conditions resulted in a 13- to 16-fold increase in alkali ...19873308853
differentiation of shigella by esterase electrophoretic polymorphism.the electrophoretic mobilities of four esterases (a, b, c, and i) of 182 strains of shigella dysenteriae, s. flexneri, s. boydii and s. sonnei were compared to those of 636 strains of escherichia coli from various origins, including the alkalescens dispar group and enteroinvasive strains. discriminant analysis of the distribution of esterases among the strains revealed that shigella could be distinguished from e. coli by differences in the distribution of allozymes of esterases c and i. principa ...19873309172
hemolytic uremic syndrome associated with shigellosis: report of two cases.two patients with hemolytic uremic syndrome admitted to udornthani hospital, thailand, were reported. the preceding illness was shigellosis. the stool culture was positive for shigella dysenteriae in one patient and shigella flexneri in another. the management was successful with peritoneal dialysis in one and symptomatic treatment in another. both patients had complete recovery.19873313740
[the mouse paw edema test for titrating shigella toxin and antitoxin and for determining the safety of the anatoxin].the method for the titration of shigella dysenteriae i neurotoxin, toxoid prepared from this toxin and different antitoxic preparations in the mouse paw edema test has been developed. the quantitative determination of antitoxin is based on the neutralization test. the conditions of titration (the dilutions of the neurotoxin and the neutralization doses of the antitoxin), as well as criteria for the evaluation of the positive or negative results, have been established.19873314277
shigella bacteremia in adults. a report of five cases and review of the literature.shigella bacteremia is rare, occurring mainly in children. we describe five adult patients with shigella bacteremia and review data on 22 cases reported in the english-language medical literature. eighteen (67%) of 27 patients had either an underlying condition or were aged older than 65 years. most patients had clinical signs of acute febrile gastroenteritis. however, in six patients, the organism was not isolated from stool. species isolated from blood included shigella flexneri in 11 patients ...19873314766
shigellemia and hemolytic-uremic syndrome: a case report. 19873316466
plasmid-mediated contact haemolytic activity in shigella species: correlation with penetration into hela cells.the main feature of virulent strains of shigella is their ability to invade eucaryotic cells. this phenotype is both plasmid-mediated and temperature-regulated. in the present report, we demonstrate a plasmid-mediated and temperature-regulated haemolytic activity in s. flexneri, s. dysenteriae and s. sonnei. detection of this haemolytic activity requires centrifugation of suspensions containing bacteria and erythrocytes, followed by incubation of the pellets at 37 degrees c. no soluble intra- or ...19863322171
synthetic peptides of shiga toxin b-subunit induce antibodies which neutralize the biological activities of the toxin. 19863322336
ascending urinary tract infections in rats induced by staphylococcus saprophyticus and proteus mirabilis.ascending pyelonephritis was induced by staphylococcus saprophyticus and proteus mirabilis both by inoculating the organisms separately and in combination into rat bladders. bacterial cultures of tissue homogenates showed that pyelonephritis by both bacteria occurred significantly more often in rats where the two organisms were instilled concomitantly, suggesting a synergistic virulence between the two species. the antibody response to the different organisms was the same either the bacteria wer ...19873326399
aspergillosis of the brain: report of an autopsy proven case. 19873327911
differential clinical features and stool findings in shigellosis and amoebic obtain information that could assist the clinician to differentiate between shigellosis and amoebic dysentery, we compared clinical features and stool findings in 58 adult male patients in bangladesh. mean values indicated that patients with invasive amoebiasis were older and had a longer prehospital illness, a lower body weight, less frequent fever, a lower haematocrit and a higher white blood cell count than patients with shigellosis. the mean number of faecal leucocytes per mm3 was signifi ...19873328339
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