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vaccinia in white rats after total gamma irradiation. 19684385160
[autotransplant rejection following sensitization of the body by various microbial antigens]. 19684394705
properties of highly purified human properdin. 19684169693
investigations into the epidemiology of leishmaniasis. unsuccessful search for the reservoir host of kala-azar in baghdad. 19684170639
immunoglobulin classes in antibody responses in mice. i. analysis by biological properties. 19684172979
[biologically active analogues of dihydrostreptomycin, not containing guanidine groups, synthesized on the basis of dideguanylhydrostreptomycin]. 19684176822
early replicative form dna of bacteriophage s13. i. sucrose gradient analysis of replicative form made by gene iv mutants. 19684938537
multiplication of bacteriophage p1 mutants in shigella dysenteriae strain sh(p1).from bacteriophage p1, 10 mutants (p1cl) were isolated which are impaired in their ability to lysogenize shigella dysenteriae sh and which fail to make plaques when plated on sh(p1). when sh(p1) is infected with p1cl, a considerable proportion of the infected cells is converted into infectious centers, which eventually release p1cl but not p1. this phage release occurs over a period of several hours, during which a manyfold multiplication of infectious centers takes place. in the course of this ...19684913986
[immunogenic properties of the toxic constituents of shigella dysenteriae type 1]. 19684912627
[possibility of using type-specific bacteriophages for the lysotyping of shigella flexneri 2a and 3a and also of other types of shigella. (preliminary note)]. 19684912628
effect of temperature and gas velocity on dry-heat destruction rate of bacterial spores.spores of bacillus subtilis were dried in vacuo for use in dry-heat thermal destruction tests. survivor curve tests were conducted in a specifically designed dry-heat oven. this oven provided accurate temperature control and permitted air or nitrogen to be passed over the spores during the lethal treatment. experiments were carried out at various flow rates of the two gases (air and nitrogen) and various temperatures, and the data were expressed as survivor curves from which the decimal reductio ...19684967069
[antibiotic activity of some furylacetylene compounds]. 19684970061
the protein moiety of the endotoxin of pseudomonas aeruginosa. 19684981928
a membrane filter method for the demonstration of bacteria by the fluorescent antibody technique. 4. experimental studies of the demonstration of shigellae in water from various sources. 19684873630
cooperative infection of p1-lysogenic bacteria by restricted phage t1. 19684874136
p1-mediated transduction of a gene that controls radiation sensitivity and capsular polysaccharide synthesis from shigella dysenteriae to escherichia coli.when shigella dysenteriae strain 60 is used as a donor and escherichia coli k-12 strains that are ultraviolet (uv)-sensitive, mucoid, and proline-requiring (pro(-)) are employed as recipients, selection for pro(+) yields 2 to 6% nonmucoid clones. all of the nonmucoid clones examined are uv-resistant. most of the nonmucoid uv-resistant transductants are partial diploids for the genes being studied. when these shigella-escherichia hybrids are used as donors with the same e. coli recipients, the co ...19684874309
[water-borne epidemic of dysentery caused by shigella schmitzii]. 19684874740
changes in the epidemiology of dysentery in poland and the situation in europe. 19684875273
the epidemiology of shigellosis in belgium, with special reference to the phage-types of shigella sonnei. 19684875274
[effect of combined chloramphenicol and neomycin therapy on the clinical and bacteriological therapy of infantile shigelloses]. 19684871513
[travel diarrheas and other travel infections]. 19684872417
effect of endotoxin on plasma albumin and fibrinogen synthesis rates in rabbits as measured by the [14c] carbonate method.1. rates of synthesis of plasma albumin and fibrinogen were measured by the [(14)c]carbonate method in normal rabbits and in animals that received a single intravenous injection of shigella endotoxin 14-48hr. earlier. 2. the accuracy of the method was improved by introducing refinements into procedures for measuring (14)c radioactivities associated with both urea and proteins that are lost from the plasma during the synthesis interval. 3. the synthesis interval (time between injecting carbonate ...19684872487
method for counting rickettsiae and chlamydiae in purified suspensions. 19684866101
polyriboadenylate polymerase and its inhibition in t4-infected escherichia coli and shigella dysenteriae. 19684866301
effect of anti-lymphocyte serum on natural antibody. 19684867939
bacillary dysentery. 19684869198
effect of lysogeny on serum sensitivity.when escherichia coli k-12 was infected with lambda phage and mutants of lambda characterized by the production of temperature-sensitive repressors, the lysogenic bacteria were significantly more resistant to normal serum than the uninfected organisms. infection of e. coli k-12 with a lambdoid phage, phi80, whose prophage attachment site is different from that of lambda, did not result in a detectable change in serum resistance. similarly, infection with certain pseudomonas and shigella phages c ...19684881698
comparison of intramuscular and oral ampicillin therapy for shigellosis. 19684878056
isolation of shigellae. v. comparison of enrichment broths with stools.many enteric media are more efficient for the detection of salmonellae than of shigellae. comparisons of three enrichment broths and three plating media were made during analysis of 1,405 stool specimens to choose a combination of media which would enhance detection of shigellae as well. gram-negative (gn), selenite, and silliker's broths were streaked to e m b, salmonella-shigella (ss), and xylose lysine deoxycholate (xld) agars. the enrichment broths produced a twofold increase in isolations o ...19684877662
isolation of shigellae. vi. performance of media with stool speciments.the efficiencies of three enrichment broths and four plating media for isolation of enteric pathogens were compared from 1,117 stool specimens. direct streaking proved to be inferior to enrichment, detecting only 50% of the salmonellae and 61% of the shigellae. by contrast, selenite broth (sf) found 90% of the total salmonellae isolates and 82% of the shigellae isolates. gram-negative broth (gn) found 82% and 85%, respectively, but tetrathionate found only 60% and 39%. thus, sf and gn were compa ...19684877663
[characteristics of antibioticogramms of organisms which cause dysentery]. 19684878100
[the survival time of dysentery microbes at low temperatures and the problem of autopurification of the soil and water in the far north]. 19684878366
[furazolidone therapy of infectious diarrheas in children and adults]. 19684878399
[antibiotic effect of extracts from centaurea-species]. 19684879745
[sensitivity toward antibiotics of shigella, isolated rom the patients in years 1960-1965, from the data from hospital of infectious diseases]. 19684880237
[therapeutic effect of hetacillin in dysentery patients and carriers]. 19684881249
genetic studies on bacteriophage p1. 19684881411
studies on the immune reconstitution of sublethally irradiated mice by peritoneal macrophages. 19684884963
[infective multiple resistance in enterobacteriaceae]. 19684885049
[precise identification of strain called "paradysenteriae y6r" or "flexner y6r" (burnet)]. 19684886012
experimental dysentery in enterally infected guinea pigs. experiments using fluorescent antibodies. 19684886710
virulence of shigella strains isolated from dysenteric patients and symptomless carriers. 19684892331
[on the transmission of antibiotic resistance by the conjugation method. ii. the effect of forazolidon and levomycetin on the episomic transmission of antibiotic resistance in some bacteria of the intestinal group]. 19684893996
[features of the geographic distribution of shigellae. i. changes in the etiologic structure of dysentery in russia and the ussr (1900-1950)]. 19684889984
[various problems of genetic origin in medical bacteriology. ii. the development of resistance of the shigella group to antibiotics as observed in mexico city during the last 15 years. genetic nature of the phenomenon and its practical importance]. 19684902194
[treatment of bacillary dysentery with lincomycin]. 19684887886
[contribution to the study of shigella infections in south vietnam (bacteriological, epidemiological and therapeutic study)]. 19684906134
[use of adp in the danish hospital system]. 1968252276
the cyclosporin related toxicity in high risk liver transplant patients. 19681409299
how long should long be? long-term trials in rheumatic the interests of the safety of patients it is necessary to collect long-term clinical data. it is often assumed that the longer the trial the better. however, the longer the trial the more scientific compromises are necessary if it is to be carried out in a practical way. because the therapeutic efficacy of and tolerance to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac was established after 6 months' trial the optimal duration for a comparative long-term trial of this preparation is 6 mo ...1969375851
arthur c. rohde (1890-1978). 1969375780
[role of the nurse in community mental health]. 1969249548
[practical nursing capability expected from the basic nursing training. re-evaluation of the clinical training - on the basis of nursing education]. 1969249849
[current aspects of sterilization of carriers of shigella]. 19694888809
brain uptake of 3h noradrenaline in normal and shigella dysenteriae exotoxin treated mice. 19694889259
[new data on the mechanism of disinfection of drinking water with chlorine and gamma irradiation]. 19694908283
[the distribution of a shigella dysenteriae exotoxin in the experimental animal]. 19694908405
[sensitivity of shigellae to antibiotics]. 19694902977
isolation of strains of the mannitol negative variety of shigella flexneri, subserotype 4a. 19694905526
[antibiotic resistance of shigella, isolated during 1966-1967, in some populated areas of central povolozh'e and their comparative characteristics at a 10 year interval]. 19694905939
infection by bacteriophage p1 and development of host-controlled restriction and modification and of lysogenic immunity.shigella dysenteriae cells were infected with phage p1 or p1cl. the outcome of superinfection of these cells with phage or or p1cl was studied as a function of time after the initial infection. cells undergoing either a lytic response or a lysogenic response to the primary infection develop the ability to specifically restrict between 30 and 45 min. between 15 and 30 min, the cells seem to develop the ability to produce after infection by however, reasons a ...19694890618
effect of vibriocins on members of the enterobacteriaceae.certain vibriocin producers exhibited antibacterial activity throughout the enterobacteriaceae. to examine this phenomenon, an effective technique for demonstrating vibriocin production was developed.19694891272
[study of sensitivity of antibiotics of microbes from the genus shigella]. 19694891715
[significance of the presence of free dysenteric phage in the water]. 19694895707
[intracellular parasitization of shigella and mixed infection of tissue cultures by shigella and viruses]. 19694895914
[control of bacterial dysentery after abolishment of mandatory hospitalization in the light of the studies of the outpatient clinic for infectious intestinal diseases in warsaw]. 19694895972
abortive infection of shigella dysenteriae p2 by t2 bacteriophage.we have investigated some of the biochemical events that accompany the abortive infection by t2 of shigella dysenteriae lysogenized with the temperate phage p2. after infection with t2, protein and rna synthesis continued for 3 to 5 min. the virus-induced enzyme, deoxycytidylate hydroxymethylase was produced in reduced amounts (15% of normal), and the extent of deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) synthesis was 0.1% of that found with a nonlysogenic strain. measurements of the production of acid-soluble ...19694896823
restriction of nonglucosylated t-even bacteriophages by prophage p1. 19694897044
calcium sensitive and other mutants of bacteriophage p2. 19694898650
recognition of altered deoxyribonucleic acid in recombination.kinetics of inactivation of transduction by phage p1bt which had been treated with ultraviolet light (uv) or nitrous acid (na) was examined. with escherichia coli b/r (radiation-resistant), low doses of uv increased transduction frequency, but the frequency was exponentially inactivated by higher doses. little initial stimulus was observed in strain b(s-1) (radiation-sensitive). the final rate of decay was the same as in b/r. the initial stimulus of transduction in b/r was probably a consequence ...19694898988
circular deoxyribonucleic acid from shigella dysenteriae y6r.circular deoxyribonucleic acid was isolated from shigella dysenteriae y6r and was found to consist of six species having molecular weights of 10(6), 1.3 x 10(6), 2.6 x 10(6), 3.8 x 10(6), 20 x 10(6), and 24 x 10(6) daltons. these size classes were partially resolved by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. the minicircles (10(6) and 1.3 x 10(6)) were found to have a buoyant density in cscl of 1.710 g/ml. the 3.8 x 10(6) dalton class had a density of 1.707 g/ml. the two largest species had a d ...19694901361
[structural proteins of bacteriophage ddvi]. 19694902181
immunochemical and enzymatic comparisons of the tryptophan synthase alpha subunits from five species of enterobacteriaceae.the reactive surface structures of alpha subunits of tryptophan synthase from escherichia coli, shigella dysenteriae, salmonella typhimurium, aerobacter aerogenes, and serratia marcescens were compared by measuring (i) their reactivities in micro-complement-fixation assays with antibodies directed specifically to e. coli wild-type alpha subunit, (ii) their reactivities in enzyme neutralization assays with the same antibodies, and (iii) their binding affinities for tryptophan synthase beta(2) sub ...19694887511
response due to o somatic antigen of shigella dysenteriae in rabbits. 19694885799
comparison of the action of colicins e1 and k on escherichia coli with the effects of abortive infection by virulent bacteriophages.abortive infection of certain strains of escherichia coli or shigella dysenteriae with phages of the t-even group or with phage t5 resembles the action of colicin e1 or k on sensitive bacteria, especially in the effects on biosynthetic processes. tests on transport systems and on adenosine triphosphate levels suggest, however, that different mechanisms are involved in the two cases. abortive infection appears to cause damage to the permeability barrier of the cell, whereas the colicins interfere ...19694884825
[n,n'-dibenzylethylenediamine salt of alpha-aminobenzylpenicillin (ampicillin) with prolonged effect]. 19694982963
a new antibiotic? 19694998132
[interbacterial transfer of episomal (rtf) resistance to antibiotics in mice]. 19694907796
[a cytologic study of the effect of grigor'ev-shiga dysentery toxin under tissue culture conditions]. 19694910184
[the amino acid composition of shigella dysenteriae exotoxins]. 19694910780
["in vitro" effects of erythromycin estearate on shigella and enteropathogenic groups of escherichia coli]. 19694916598
[general immune reactions in man following oral administration of acetone-inactivated typhoid vaccines. ii]. 19694916992
[some data on the transmission of drug resistance from escherichia coli to dysentery bacteria]. 19694920784
[studies of crossed immunity between different serotypes of dysentery bacilli and the keratoconjunctivitis-positive, lactoso-negative strain 47552 deprived of shigella agglutinogen]. 19694925072
[phage control of the synthesis of group-specific antigen 7,8 in shigella flexneri]. 19694918177
hybridization between different genera in the enterobacteriaceae. 19694947201
[in vitro antibacterial activity of tetracycline, oleandomycin and their combination on 836 bacterial strains]. 19694948395
[comparative microbiological study of some polysynthetic penicillins]. 19694976742
actinomycin d sensitivity of bacteria with simple and complex cell surfaces.the sensitivity of different bacteria to actinimycin d was not related to their cell surface morphology. bacteria with simple and complex surfaces were both extremely susceptible.19694977487
chloramphenicol and neomycin in combination. 19694979616
fluorescent antibody techniques for salmonella and other enteric pathogens. 19694980737
gonorrhea in the obstetric and gynecologic clinic. incidence in a voluntary hospital in an urban community. 19694980780
[relations between chemical constitution and antimicrobial effect in beta-aminoketones. 8. cytostatics]. 19694981207
shigellosis in cynomolgus monkeys (macaca irus). vii. experimental production of dysentery with a relatively small dose of shigella flexneri 2a in ascorbic acid deficient monkeys. 19694981384
the velocity of the pulse wave distribution and arterial piesography in adult hamadryas baboons and rhesus monkeys. 19694981656
[study of genetic control of synthesis of the typospecificity in shigella antigens of the subgroup b]. 19694098562
[fine structure of shigella sonnei, flexneri and boydii phages]. 19694098712
combined effects of diphenyliodonium chloride, pine oils, and mustard oil soaps on certain microorganisms.bactericidal and bacteriostatic activities of an emulsion containing 10.0% (v/v) terpineol, 0.5% (w/v) diphenyliodonium chloride, 11.0% (v/v) ethyl alcohol, and 5.62% saponified mustard oil were tested against a number of different types of organisms. the bactericidal concentration for salmonella typhosa was 1:400. in the presence of 5.0% horse serum, it increased to 1:250. the bacteriostatic concentration varied from organism to organism; escherichia coli and staphylococcus aureus required 4,00 ...19694389659
some effects of bacterial pyrogens and activated charcoal on polarographic maxima. 19694391152
[study of antibacterial and antifungal activity of lutenurine in experiments in vitro]. 19694391463
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