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the distribution of the inherited hl 1 and r 67 antigens on rabbit serum high density lipoprotein (hdl) particles.qualitative and quantitative analysis of the distribution of hl 1 antigen and r 67 antigen on high density lipoprotein (hdl) particles were conducted on six rabbit sera. the hl 1 antigen showed non-identity with a-i-containing hdl particles, and antiserum to hl 1 did not remove a-i-containing hdl particles. the r 67 antigen showed partial identity with a-i-containing hdl particles. antiserum to r 67 antigen removed 30--40% of a-i-containing hdl particles from the sera of animals which were heter ...1978205613
ventriculography with water-soluble contrast media.ventriculography with water-soluble contrast media is described. the advantage of subtraction and tomography is discussed. the incidence of side effects and complications of ventriculography with air and dimer-x are given and compared with data about conray 60.2003207118
metastatic tumors of the endocardium: report of three cases.because of their apparent rarity and the tendency of clinicians to lump indicative signs and symptoms under the heading of metastatic disease, metastatic tumors of the endocardium are seldom mentioned in the literature, in the three cases presented herein, endocardial metastases were evident at autopsy. in one case of malignant melanoma, clinical evidence for endocardial involvement was present in life. this article also presents a case of endocardial involvement by wilms' tumor and a case of en ...1991207236
tumorigenic action of streptozotocin on the pancreas and kidney in male wistar rats.pancreatic islet cell tumors were induced in 38 of 44 male wistar rats (86%), which survived 9 to 14 months following the various treatment schedules. a single i.v. injection of streptozotocin alone, 30, 40, 50, or 65 mg/kg of body weight produced adenomas of pancreatic islet cells in 8 of 9 (89%), 6 of 7 (86%), 2 of 4 (50%), and 1 of 2 rats (50%), respectively. the neoplasms were seen in all of the 8 rats given a single i.p. injection of picolinamide, 250 mg/kg of body weight, 15 min before a s ...1978207424
synthesis and secretion of transferrin by cultured mouse hepatoma cells.the mouse hepatoma cell (hepa-1) in tissue culture has been shown to synthesize and secrete three electrophoretically distinct transferrins. each of these forms of transferrin has a molecular weight of 77,000, as determined by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the concentration of each form is indicated by its staining intensity, which is highest in the form with the fastest mobility and lowest in the form with the slowest mobility. the relative rate of transferrin synth ...1978207612
[plasmatic ampc and gmpc changes in asthmatic patients induced by beta stimulation or blockade and methylcholine (author's transl)]. 1991208056
[estrogen therapy and carcinoma of the endometrium (author's transl)].the public discussion and the discussion among gynaecologists about the possible increased risk to develop carcinoma of the endometrium following post menopausal treatment with estrogens has lead to insecurity and restricted attitudes in the prescriptions of estrogens. in a statistic comparison of matched pairs of 130 cases of carcinoma of the endometrium with an equal number of selected control cases the following findings were elucidated: 1. any estrogen preparations do not increase the relati ...1989210085
measuring interhemispheric transfer time in man. 1977210552
selective antagonism by d-alpha-aminoadipate of amino acid and synaptic excitation of cat spinal neurons. 1978210880
supersensitivity to the cyclic gmp response to glutamate during cerebellar maturation. 1978211431
[correlation between physical load, sympathicus activity and prostaglandins of groups a + e and f in healthy individuals (author's transl)]. 1990213194
reaction of the nitroxyl radical tan with glutathione. 1990213396
[the relation at the time of discharge from hospital: the relation at the time of discharge through the activities in visiting/nursing - focusing on the complaints of patients and their family]. 1986214614
[dyslipidemia and accelerated atherosclerosis in chronic uremia: a probably decreasing pathology, due to nutritional studies and better dietary guidelines]. 1982216602
benign pleomorphic adenoma of the larynx. a case report.minor salivary gland tumors of the larynx are relatively rare. morphologically the majority of them are adenoid cystic carcinomas and the overwhelming location is the subglottic larynx. benign pleomorphic adenomas are rare minor salivary gland tumors of the larynx which usually occur at the glottic and subglottic levels. we present only the sixth case of a supraglottic benign pleomorphic adenoma that we could find in the literature. a preoperative laryngogram localized the tumor to the supraglot ...1979218487
[blood transfusion and viral diseases. recent acquisitions concerning viral hepatitis viruses, cytomegaloviruses and epstein-barr virus].in recent years, an increasingly clear picture has been formed of the virus-induced syndromes that may follow a blood transfusion or the use of blood derivatives. up to about 10 years ago, post-infusion infection was predominantly due to serum hepatitis. blumberg's discovery of hbsag (formerly known as australia antigen) has made it possible to check and prevent viral hepatitis, type b, and to recognise such distinct forms as the mononucleosis-like syndrome caused by cytomegalic virus, infectiou ...1979219399
identification of cytomegalovirus in bone marrow biopsy.the bone marrow trephine biopsy has become a common procedure for evaluating hematopoietic abnormalities. occasionally, the first clue to an infectious process is obtained from this source. a bone marrow biopsy, done to evaluate pancytopenia in a patient who had received a renal transplant, revealed large intranuclear inclusions diagnostic of cytomegalovirus. antibody titers were initially negative but rose over the next few weeks to confirm the diagnosis. even though the bone marrow biopsy may ...1979219548
demonstration of enzootic bovine leucosis virus in britain. 1978219581
[cadmium in food (its distribution, toxicology and sanitary hygiene inspection)]. 2003219609
frequency and prognosis of liver changes associated with cholelithiasis. 1995228185
adenosine and deoxyadenosine kinase from rat liver. 1979232628
intracellular oxygen tension and energy metabolism in the cat brain cortex during haemorrhagic shock.the changes in intracellular oxygen tension and energy metabolism of the cat brain cortex were studied by surface fluororeflectometry during haemorrhagic shock. the results may be summarized as follows. (a) intracellular oxygen tension, i.e. the maximum cortical nad reduction obtained during nitrogen gas inhalation decreased gradually during the hypovolaemic phase of shock and finally, the brain cortex became ischaemic. (b) partial uncoupling of the cerebrocortical mitochondrial respiration and ...1979232967
hepatitis b surface antigen and hepatocellular carcinoma in southern africa.most series in africa show a high percentage of hepatitis b surface antigen in hepatocellular carcinoma. two groups of cases were investigated in this study. the one was derived from the autopsy material at baragwanath hospital from subjects who had lived in soweto, a large black urban town. the second group consisted of male black mineworkers generally originating from rural areas. a combination of the aldehydefuchsin stain and immunoperoxidase technique was used. the two groups showed totally ...1976233051
[isolation of bovine cell lines and susceptibility to foot-and-mouth disease virus].morphology and chromosomes of cell sublines derived from two new bovine kidney lines are reported. cell susceptibility to the foot-and-mouth disease virus is discussed. one of the sublines showed epithelial-like cells, while the remainder, elonged fibroblastic-like cells. most of them had a diploid number of chromosomes. from these sublines only one was sensible to the foot-and-mouth disease virus.1979233200
[circadian rhythm of poly a polymerase in rat liver nuclei].isolated nuclei from the liver of rats maintained under daily scheduled conditions of light (12 hrs) and food (8 hrs) showed a peak of mn2+-dependent poly (a) polymerase activity 6 hrs after the beginning of the feeding period, as shown by dna dependent rna polymerase b. in fasting animals the peak of poly (a) polymerase occurs at 18.00.1979233201
the pathogenesis of shigella diarrhea. v. relationship of shiga enterotoxin, neurotoxin, and cytotoxin.the biological activity of the enterotoxin of shigella dysenteriae 1 was compared with that of a well-studied 20-year-old partially purified preparation of neurotoxin from the same organism. enterotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and cytotoxicity were present to an equivalent extent in both preparations. human convalescent antisera and experimental rabbit antisera had equal toxin-neutralizing antibody to the cytotoxic activity in these toxin preparations. multiple protein bands were present in each toxi ...1975236346
inhibition of pathogenic enteric bacteria by hyperbaric oxygen: enhanced antibacterial activity in the absence of carbon dioxide.the antibacterial effects of 24-h exposures to high-pressure oxygen in relation to environmental co(2) were studied at 3 atm absolute (ata) and at 1 ata. eight gram-negative, aerobic and facultatively aerobic, pathogenic enteric bacteria (salmonella typhosa, salmonella paratyphi, salmonella schottmuelleri, shigella dysenteriae, shigella flexneri, proteus vulgaris, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and escherichia coli) were exposed as shallow-broth cultures and agar surface cultures. although broths suppl ...1975238466
the respiratory system. 2. chronic bronchitis and emphysema. 1981243850
[organization of medical assistance to the population in the territory of radioactive cloud tracings, and the role of paramedical personnel]. 1973246404
[new continued education put to the test in lund]. 1974246656
[role of the nurse in community mental health]. 1969249548
[practical nursing capability expected from the basic nursing training. re-evaluation of the clinical training - on the basis of nursing education]. 1969249849
safe practice in the operating theatre: identification of patients. 1972251253
safe practice in the operating theatre: an operating theatre x-ray work top. 1972251254
[use of adp in the danish hospital system]. 1968252276
nurses launch successful political action. 1992257321
nursing care study. complications of old age: the uncaring professionals. 1992257608
effect of the canadian air force training programme on a submaximal exercise test.validation of the submaximal heart rate/oxygen consumption relationship as an index of 'cardiorespiratory fitness' requires the demonstration of systematic alterations in this relationship concomitant with interventions designed to alter physical fitness. to fulfil those criteria a longitudinal training/de-training study was undertaken. previously sedentary adult subjects undertook the canadian airforce 5bx-xbx exercise programme. submaximal exercise tests were performed before and after trainin ...1990258828
recent advances in genetic counselling. 1988259242
inclusion vs. exclusion of the female in education of the male on the resumption of sex post first myocardial infarction. 1988259408
[legal aspects: are the hands which provide care harmless]. 1988259575
guidance on symptoms of illness in babies: a further service from the fsid. 1988259593
nursing care study: a personality disorder in an adolescent with cerebral palsy. 1986260087
poor communication: a barrier to change. 1987260325
regional anesthesia in cattle. 1979260529
a survey of caseous lymphadenitis and its etiology in goats in the united states. 1979260549
some medical customs of the cocos-keeling islanders. 1987260680
[pregnancy and the single mother]. 1984261420
[primary chest wall neoplasms of a connective-tissue type: case reports]. 2003262501
[experience with the large-scale manufacture of a live associated mumps-measles vaccine]. 1979262713
formalizing grassman's laws in a generalized colorimetry. 1993262788
[study of the lipid constituents of yeasts cultivated on n-paraffins (toprina and liquipron). methods for their determination in tissues and biological fluids of animals fed such yeasts]. 1979262949
the management of ruptured intracranial aneurysms. 1984263409
x-linked mental retardation: transmission of the trait by an apparently unaffected male.a pedigree is presented in which an apparently unaffected man transmitted the gene for x-linked mental retardation to at least four of his 12 daughters. none of his 12 sons was mentally retarded. these findings may be explained by a somatic mutation and germinal mosaicism in the father or by a half chromatid mutation in maternal gametes.1978263439
extracoronal amalgam restorations utilizing available tooth structure for retention. 1984264320
radiotherapy in leukemia and lymphoma of children.radiotherapy is important in the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma of children. in acute lymphocytic leukemia administration of cranial irradiation early during chemotherapy-induced remission prevents initial meningeal relapse. when cranial irradiation is combined with a 3-year course of multiple drug systemic chemotherapy approximately one-half of the children remain in complete remission for 5 years or more and are at little risk of relapse. preventive cranial irradiation is effective in chil ...1983264798
in vitro strength of the human periodontal ligament.the tensile properties of the human periodontal ligament were studied by direct loading and compression experiments. it was found that the ligament behaved in an elastic manner up to an elastic limit after which rupture occurred. the values obtained for the tensile strength of the ligament are in general agreement with those of other workers for similar tissues.1977264865
opening pandora's box. 1983264908
implications of euthanasia--a nursing perspective. 1992265356
[late results of vestibuloplasty in the comprehensive treatment of periodontal diseases]. 1987265836
tumours and viruses in mice injected with plutonium. 1987266117
[comparative data from radioisotopic and x-ray methods of study in osteogenic group tumors].a comparative analysis of the data of roentgenography-angiography, scanning and radiometry with strontium-85 in 54 patients showing osteogenic sarcoma and osteoblastoclastoma has demonstrated a relationship between the quantitative characteristics of the radioactive sr inclusion and the intensity of reactive osteoformation, mineralization of neoplastic tissues, an activity of the pathological process, and the rate of vascularization, as well.1988266309
hla b27 in ankylosing spondylitis: differences in frequency and relative risk in american blacks and caucasians.twenty-eight hla alleles of the a and b loci were determined in 23 american blacks and 50 caucasians with primary ankylosing spondylitis (as). the prevalence of hla b27 was significantly increased in american black patients (48 per cent) vs black controls (two per cent), but was much less than the 94 per cent found in caucasian patients (controls eight per cent). the lower prevalence of b27 in american black patients vs caucasian patients was significant (p less than 0.001), and indicated that s ...1988266595
parallel studies of hla antigens in patients with rheumatic heart disease and scleritis: comparisons with three control populations.parallel studies were carried out on hla antigens in patients with rheumatic heart disease and scleritis. comparison with one control population showed a significant excess of bw15 in both disease samples, while a comparison with two other control populations, showed the excess not to be significant. possible reasons for this discrepancy are discussed, together with the effect on statistical significance of a small percentage of false antigen assignments in one of the samples. a small systematic ...1988266606
mandibular staple bone plate implant and prosthesis. report of a case.a case treated by the mandibular staple implant fastener system and prosthesis is presented. the phases of therapy, involving preprosthetic surgical preparation, construction of conventional dentures, implantation of the orthopedic appliance, preparation of an interim postsurgical prosthesis, and construction of the definitive prosthesis, are described and illustrated.1988266676
[familial occurence of osteosarcoma (author's transl)]. 1988266820
primary aldosteronism-recognition and management. 1989267288
occlusal and craniofacial growth changes during puberty. 1989267438
postoperative scars and cleavage lines.we elucidated the pattern of skin cleavage lines of the neck of japanese cadavers and studied the scarring in 42 cases of radical neck dissection for the removal of metastatic nodules from the malignant tumors of the oral region, in the operation of which one incision was made parallel to, and another perpendicular to, the cleavage lines. from this study we came to the following conclusions: 1) the cleavage lines run parallel in ring-form around the neck, with the exception of the back and the l ...1989267516
[genetic manipulation research at department of molecular biology university of edinburgh (author's transl)]. 1990267957
our brazilian adventure. 1990269659
a new microsurgical needleholder.microsurgery demands precise and rapid manipulation of needle and thread with maintenance of special respect for the fragility of the tissues. the design of the needleholder is of paramount importance in achieving these goals. the instrument described below is light, long enough to rest comfortably in the hand, and balanced in such a way that it can be manipulated into awkward corners with relative ease.1991269711
amputation: surgical technique and postoperative management.the decision to amputate should be made with due consideration of the eventual rehabilitation of the patient. with this in mind, general principles of amputation surgery are outlined and specific levels of amputation are described. early post-amputation management has advanced over the last two decades to make rehabilitation goals the more readily reached. these advances are discussed.1991269712
total reflection in tooth substance and diagnosis of cracks in teeth. a clinical study. 1991270234
[a case of infant temporomandibular arthrosis (author's transl)]. 1992270532
pharmacotherapy i: non-narcotic analgesics. 1985271621
health manpower in new zealand. the swinging pendulum. 1983272578
clinical and structural features and possible pathogenic mechanisms of dental fluorosis. 1983272716
surgical adjuvant therapy for potentially curable cancer: the rationale of adjuvant chemotherapy and anticoagulant therapy. 1977273400
effect of sodium fluoride rinsing on dental plaque accumulation.1. daily rinsing with water does not prevent plaque accumulation and leads to increased levels of gingival inflammation. 2. toothbrushing or mouth rinsing with sodium fluoride alone decreases plaque accumulation and improves gingival health. 3. the combined method (toothbrushing and rinsing with sodium fluoride) is the most effective. confirmation of the above results and conclusions requires additional experiments carried out over a longer period of time.1980273591
[conditions of the dentition and occlusion in nursery school children at ruda slaska]. 1976274250
[osteology: the skull]. 1993280925
[the narrowest speaking distance--a factor in the recording of jaw relation]. 1993281064
computed tomography. clinical aspects: cerebrovascular diseases and head injuries. 1993281090
implications of technology assessment and diffusion for dental research.the possible implications of the assessment and diffusion of technology for dental research are explored in two areas: prevention of dental caries and prevention of periodontal disease. future concepts and their potential alternatives for the profession, the public, and government agencies are examined in terms of the social, economic, and political aspects of dental health care delivery. consideration is given to their impact on industry and education.1993281383
time--a neglected aspect of psychiatric treatments.this review attempts to deal with the complex issues involved in the time to heal, with special reference to psychological processes. the questions of convalescence and relapse in organic medicine are explored and extrapolated to psychiatric processes. the concept of a latency period of change in treatment outcome is discussed with reference to both less complicated reactive states as well as highly charged neurotic processes. the problems of recognizing slow but perceptible change and separatin ...1980283799
accidental intrathecal administration of vincristine.vincristine is a chemotherapeutic agent used in the treatment of various neoplastic diseases. its neurotoxicity after therapeutic and pharmacologic doses has been well documented. we report a case of accidental intrathecal administration of vincristine in order to describe the complications seen, discuss possible means of therapeutic intervention, and serve as a reminder that preventive measures are mandatory to avoid such accidents in the future.1986284172
prognostic aspects of endometrial carcinoma.a retrospective analysis of 91 patients with endometrial carcinoma is presented with emphasis on important factors in relation to survival. patients with stage 1 carcinoma were treated with a standardized mode of preoperative radiation and extended abdominal hysterectomy. an 87.1% 5-year survival rate was obtained for patients with well differentiated lesions, with only 1 patient developing a vault metastasis. the assessment of residual tumour after intracavity radiotherapy proved reliable in pr ...1994284770
[genetic foundations for tooth morphological characteristics]. 1972292252
[stereometry: study of volume changes of wax and self-curing acrylic resin models by means of cartesian coordinates]. 1980293819
myocardial abscess: clinical and pathologic findings in twenty patients. 1995295369
immunosuppression in man: suppression by macrophages can be mediated by interactions with regulatory t cells. 1977302274
[changes in the melanin content in the kupffer cells of rana esculenta l., induced by parenteral administration of heme]. 1994303113
[the morbidity rate of pulmonary tuberculosis among the military police of the state of são paulo (1958-1975)]. 1987305089
binding of 3h-dexamethasone and 3h-corticosterone to rat liver cytosol during postnatal period.the binding of 3h-dexamethasone (3h-dx) and 3h-corticosterone (3h-b) to specific binding proteins of rat liver cytosol was compared during pre- and postnatal period. the binding of 3h-dx was almost twice as high as that of 3h-b during the whole postnatal period. the scatchard analysis showed a number of binding sites for 3h-dx to be 4.44 x 10(-13) mol mg-1 (kd 5.9 x 10(-9) mol 1(-1)) and for 3h-b to be 2.7 x 10(-13) mol mg-1 (kd 1.6 x 10(-8) mol 1(-1)). a negative relationship between the bindin ...1978305844
amino acid transport in thymic- and spleen-derived lymphocytes.we have examined the transport of amino acids by the sodium-dependent "a" and "asc" system in thymic- and splenic-derived lymphocytes from the long-evans rat. lymphocytes derived from the thymus transport amino acids by both the "a" and "asc" systems, whereas lymphocytes from the spleen transport amino acids by the "asc" system only. thymic lymphocytes are capable of establishing a steady state distribution ratio of 7.9 for 2-aminoisobutyric acid, but splenic lymphocytes can attain only 3.5. the ...1978308950
limited effect of erythrocyte and plasma infusions in adenosine deaminase deficiency.a 10-month-old child with a profound deficiency of adenosine deaminase and severe combined immunodeficiency was treated for a period of 17 months with red cell and plasma transfusions containing normal amounts of the deficient enzyme. following each transfusion, the plasma adenosine, red cell and lymphocyte atp, urinary adenine, and urinary deoxyadenosine decreased transiently. during this period, the absolute blood lymphocyte count rose and a limited increased in the response of the lymphocytes ...2003308999
the effect of oxygen on the oh-radical-induced scission of the glycosidic linkage of cellobiose. 2003309876
synthesis and analgesic-antiinflammatory activity of some 4- and 5-substituted heteroarylsalicylic acids.we have made a series of 4- and 5-aryl- and 4- and 5-heteroarylsalicylic acid derivatives with the objective of reducing gastric irritation and increasing potency. here we describe a series of 4- and 5-heterocyclic salicylic acids and their antiinflammatory-analgesic potencies measured in comparison to aspirin. an improvement of the therapeutic index over aspirin of 100 was achieved; however, the heterocyclic salicylic acids lacked antipyretic activity. some physicochemical parameters which may ...1978309948
[syndrome of familial polycystic ovaries (stein-leventhal type): serum levels of luteinizing and follicle stimulating hormones before and after wedge resection of the ovaries]. 2001311042
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