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kinetic properties of serratia marcescens adenosine 5'-diphosphate glucose pyrophosphorylase.the regulatory properties of partially purified adenosine 5'-diphosphate-(adp) glucose pyrophosphorylase from two serratia marcescens strains (atcc 274 and atcc 15365) have been studied. slight or negligible activation by fructose-p2, pyridoxal-phosphate, or reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (nadph) was observed. these compounds were previously shown to be potent activators of the adpglucose pyrophosphorylases from the enterics, salmonella typhimurium, enterobacter aerogenes, e ...19766432
somatic antigens of shigella. structural investigation on the o-specific polysaccharide chain of shigella dysenteriae type 1 lipopolysaccharide.the o-specific polysaccharide obtained from the lipopolysaccharide of shigella dysenteriae type 1 (shigella shiga) by mild acid hydrolysis followed by fractionation on sephadex g-50 was found to be identical to that desribed by morgan's group and was composed of l-rhamnose, d-galactose and n-acetyl-d-glycosamine in a ratio 2:1:1. on the basis of methylation analysis data the polysaccharide was proved to be a linear chain of monosaccharide residues in pyranose forms substituted at position 3, exc ...19768314
new sugars from antigenic lipopolysaccharides of bacteria: identification and synthesis of 3-o-(r)-1-carboxyethyl-l-rhamnose, an acidic component of shigella dysenteriae type 5 lipopolysaccharide.a new acidic sugar, 3-o-(r)-1-carboxyethyl-l-rhamnose (1), has been identified as a constituent of the o-antigenic lipopolysaccharide of sh. dysenteriae type 5. the structure of 1 has been established by physico-chemical methods and by synthesis. alkylation of methyl 2,5-di-o-benzyl-alpha-l-rhamnofuranoside (6) with (s)- or (r)-2-chloropropionic acids, followed by removal of the protecting groups, afforded 3-o-(r)-1-carboxyethyl-l-rhamnose (9) and 3-o-(s)-1-carboxyethyl-l-rhamnose (10), respecti ...197612866
protein folding and unfolding. 199720567
liver enzyme adaptation after lithium administration in handled and nonhandled rats.we have examined the interaction of lithium administration and the infant stimulation procedure of handling on hormonally regulated enzymes of liver. animals handled in infancy show an increased morning corticosterone level in response to lithium feeding and markedly elevated serum glucose during refeeding following a two day fast, when compared to non-handled control animals. lithium alters serum corticosterone both in response to the stress of fasting, and during the diurnal cycle following gl ...197721840
calf liver nuclear n-acetyltransferases. purification and properties of two enzymes with both spermidine acetyltransferase and histone acetyltransferase activities.calf liver contains two nuclear n-acetyltransferases which are separated by chromatography on hydroxylapatite. both acetyltransferase a and acetyltransferase b will transfer acetate from acetyl-coa to either histone or spermidine. the same protein catalyzes the reaction with both substrates; this is shown by a constant ratio of spermidine to histone activity over a 5,000-fold purification and identical heat denaturation kinetics for both spermidine and histone acetyltransferase activity with eac ...197822543
[cryptorchism: hormonal treatment]. 200027065
[method of preparation and use of paper bands with levomycetin for isolation of shigella]. 197548593
[improvement of the method of isolation of the causative agents of acute intestinal diseases]. 197548601
editorial: microbiological safety. 200155659
ultrastructural localization of viral antigens using the unlabeled antibody-enzyme method.employing the unlabeled antibody enzyme method at the ultrastructural level, a comparison was made between preembedding staining and postembedding staining for the detection of viral antigens. the bacteriophage p1 absorbed to the surface of shigella dysenteriae was used as a model system. preembedding staining resulted in the specific deposition of peroxidase-antiperoxidase (pap) complexes as an electron-dense coating around the viral heads. disadvantages of the preembedding staining method incl ...197657192
particulate cytochrome c in agrobacterium agrobacterium tumefaciens the main part of c-type cytochromes is tightly bound to the bacterial cell envelope structures. several techniques were attempted to solubilize these cytochromes. the highest yield of cytochromes released is obtained by treatment of particle suspensions with 5% triton x-100. further purification confirms that the proteins are not really solubilized, but still aggregated in small heterogeneous complexes. chromatography on a cm-cellulose column demonstrates that at lea ...197558606
letter: transfer of ampicillin resistance from shigella dysenteriae type 1 to escherichia coli. 197659229
antigenic specificity of cell-mediated antitumor reaction in the msv system. 197560997
studies on the pathogenesis of enteric infections caused by invasive bacteria.salmonellae, shigellae and some escherichia coli must invade the intestinal epithelial cell and multiply within the mucosa to cause disease. although the bacterial cell most likely possesses several properties essential to this invasive ability, the nature of the cell envelope complex is at present the only characteristic which has been implicated in this process. while a number of pathophysiological events result from invasion, some of our recent efforts have concerned the site and mechanism of ...197662646
sh. dysenteriae serotypes2,4,8-immunochemistry and phage receptor activity.among three analyzed serotypes of shigella dysenteriae, namely, the serotypes 2,4 and 8, the serotype 2 proved to be a strong immunogen in rabbits, inducing anti-polysaccharide antibodies as well as antiprotein antibodies in all the animals. in contrast, the serotypes 4 and 8 were weak immunogens and among the rabbits some have synthesized only anti-proteins while others had antibodies against the somatic conjugate. aside from the somatic antigens, large amounts of proteins were isolated from al ...197663197
[evaluation of a differential-diagnostic medium with the preparation "progress" for bacteriological diagnosis of dysentery]. 197769763
haemolytic anaemia in bacillary dysentery. 197770682
imported shiga dysentery. 197771589
investigation of the antigenic composition of the cells and the exotoxin of sh. dysenteriae (shiga) by agar immunoelectrophoresis and polyacrylamide gel disc electrophoresis.using the method of immunoelectrophoresis in agar, we established the presence of 12 soluble antigens in sh. dysenteriae (shiga). we differentiated among them 3 specific antigens situated in the cathodic region. one of them is the somatic o antigen while the other two are thermolabile surface k antigens of these bacteria. k antigens of grigoryev-shiga bacteria differ from the earlier described k antigens of the newcastle and boyd shigellae in their positive electric charge, in greater lability i ...197775222
[increasing the effectiveness of seeding of shigellae]. 197876719
shigellosis and haemolytic uraemic syndrome. 197876973
[biology of shigella stutzeri-schmitzii]. 197880487
[evaluation of the effectiveness of vick vaporub ointment measured by improvement in the drinking ability of infants suffering from a cold]. 199984443
[hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism in general practice. diagnosis and therapy]. 199984446
thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy.the diagnosis of thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy is difficult on clinical grounds only. the determination of free thyroid hormones or free thyroid hormone indices is important and is possibly supplemented by the trh stimulation test. thyrotoxicosis during pregnancy should always be treated actively. the authors recommend subtotal thyroidectomy if there are indications for surgical therapy (nodular goitre or large diffuse goitre). otherwise treatment with thyrostatic agents is used. after operati ...199984547
[solubilization by chlorpromazine of gamma glutamyltransferase of the plasma and microsomal membranes of rabbit liver (proceedings)]. 197884593
abducens palsy after lumbar myelography with watersoluble contrast media.five patients who developed abducens palsy after myelography with watersoluble contrast media are reported. these palsies can be compared to abducens palsies after spinal anesthesia and diagnostic lumbar puncture. they are most likely due to the lumbar puncture. the arguments for this explanation are discussed. the experience with these five patients suggests a greater incidence of postpuncture abducens palsy after myelography with watersoluble contrast media than after spinal anesthesia or lumb ...199984865
who should measure the blood-pressure? 199984917
captopril in a hyponatraemic hypertensive: need for caution in initiating therapy. 199985145
how many specialists?the need for specialists cannot be adequately assessed on the basis of current practice and an estimated case-load (based on prevalence/population ratio). specialists should declare which patients can or cannot be expected to benefit from their treatment, and they should consider the consequences of underprovision of specialist services. specialists should also decide how much of what they normally do might equally well be carried out by generalists using the knowledge of specialists. only then ...199985176
goitrogens. 197985506
[relationship of the structure of specific somatic antigen polysaccharides in shigella dysenteriae bacteriae to the immunochemical properties]. 197985516
coupling of acid labile salmonella specific oligosaccharides to macromolecular carriers.a coupling method for covalent attachment of acid labile oligosaccharides isolated from s. typhimurium o-polysaccharide to macromolecular carriers is described. arylamine groups were introduced into the terminal reducing end of oligosaccharides by reacting them with 2-(4-aminophenyl)-ethylamine. after subsequent conversion to the corresponding saccharide-phenylisothiocyanato derivatives saccharides were covalently linked to free epsilon-lysylamine groups of different carrier proteins. the result ...197985676
comparison of the temperature-dependence of rapid axonal transport and microtubules in nerves of the rabbit and bullfrog.1. the average velocity of transport of dopamine-beta-hydroxylase, an enzyme confined to unmyelinated adrenergic nerves, was measured in rabbit and bullfrog sciatic nerves or branches incubated in vitro at various temperatures. in parallel experiments, the number and density of microtubules were measured in cross-sections of randomly selected unmyelinated axons from another set of nerves incubated under the same conditions. 2. average transport velocity was exponentially related to temperature o ...197985705
erythrocyte sodium/potassium fluxes in hypertension. 199985891
[conduction of disorders after total correction of fallot's tetralogy. electrocardiographic and electrophysiological study].the conduction defects observed after total correction of fallot's tetralogy in 133 children, and their association with the long term outcome were studied with comparison of pre and postoperative electrocardiograms and, in 26 cases, his bundle recording. 23 early complete heart blocks were recorded which were nearly always transient. only 4 (3.6%) became permanent. 58 had a right bundle branch block (48.4%) and 19 a bifascicular block (15.8%). the early operative mortality (9.7%) appeared to be ...200086328
double-stranded protamine cdna: synthesis and characterization.double-stranded protamine complementary dna (cdna) was synthesized from a protamine mrna template via the single-stranded cdna intermediate using avian myeloblastosis virus reverse transcriptase. synthesis at 37 and 46 degrees c resulted in similar overall yields (greater than or equal to 18%), although the initial rate of synthesis was higher at 46 degrees c than at 37 degrees c. the dna of the second strand of the double-stranded cdna product was 84% resistant to prolonged digestion with exces ...197986381
[sensitive and rapid method for the simultaneous determination of dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin and 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid in 1 specimen]. 197986652
disorders of chloriuretic hormone secretion.experimental evidence supports the existence of a circulating substance, natriuretic hormone, which augments electrolyte excretion. because such a hormone probably acts by inhibiting chloride reabsorption in the thick, ascending limb of the loop of henle it would more accurately be called chloriuretic hormone. chloriuretic hormone must have an action which resembles that of loop diuretics such as frusemide and ethacrynic acid. an excess of chloriuretic hormone could explain all the manifestation ...200086837
moloney virus-induced cell surface antigens and histocompatibility antigens are located on distinct molecules. 197987439
serum-myelin-basic-protein assay in diagnosis and prognosis of patients with head injury.serum levels of myelin basic protein (m.b.p.), a nervous-system-specific protein, were measured in 157 patients after head injury and related both to the type of brain damage and to the clinical outcome assessed three months after injury. mean concentrations of m.b.p. in patients with severe intracerebral damage, with or without associated extracerebral haematoma, were significantly raised at the time of admission and remained high for two weeks after injury. in patients with extracerebral haema ...200087549
psychological troubles at the menopause. 200187786
hla homozygosity and neural-tube defects. 200187795
performance of blood-glucose meters. 200187872
sex ratio in glomerulonephritis. 200187939
major histocompatibility complex products restrict the adherence of cytolytic t lymphocytes to minor histocompatibility antigens or to trinitrophenyl determinants on schistosomula of schistosoma mansoni.we have previously shown that schistosomula passaged through mice acquire histocompatibility (h) antigens that can be recognized either by alloantibody or by alloreactive cytolytic t lymphocytes (ctl). the latter specifically adhere to but fail to damage the parasite. in this paper we describe the use of trinitrophenyl (tnp)-labeled schistosomula to show that the adherence of ctl with specificity for tnp-modified syngeneic cells is restricted by the major histocompatibility complex (mhc) in a fa ...197988051
neonatal tolerance to k and d region alloantigens of h-2 complex: i-j region requirements. 200188101
antigenic determinants of influenza virus hemagglutinin. ii. antigenic reactivity of the isolated n-terminal cyanogen bromide peptide of a/memphis/72 hemagglutinin heavy chain.gel filtration of a cyanogen bromide digest of pure intact hemagglutinin from a/memphis/102/72 influenza virus allowed the isolation of a variety of fragments. one of these fragments consists of three cyanogen bromide peptides (cnl and cn3 from ha1, and cnl from ha2) which remain linked together by disulphide bonds. this fragment was found to be antigenically active, as it was able to form antigen-antibody complexes (detected by affinity chromatography of radioiodinated peptide-igg mixtures on p ...197988123
[new data on glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans].the most important investigations on glycose aminoglycans and proteoglycans, carried out within the recent 5-7 years, are reviewed. data on primary structures repeating in glycose aminoglycans and on relationship between these biopolymers and protein components in proteoglycans are considered. newer information on conformational characteristics of glycose aminoglycans, various complexes aggregation of proteoglycans and distribution of the biopolymers in animal tissues and cells is discussed. pro ...200188130
testicular biopsy for infertility: a review of sixty-eight cases with a simplified histologic classification of lesions.sixty-eight testicular biopsies (29 bilateral and 39 unilateral) done for evaluation of oligospermia and azoospermia are reviewed. a simplified classification of the histologic lesions observed is proposed. a brief discussion of the etiology and pathogenesis of some of these lesions is included.200188424
a rapid trichrome staining procedure for the identification of tissue types. 200188427
simple, differential staining technique for enumerating rickettsiae in yolk sac, tissue culture extracts, or purified suspensions.a differential staining method employing acridine orange-stained rickettsiae and safranin-stained standardized suspensions of shigella dysenteriae is described for enumerating rickettsiae harvested during various stages of the growth cycle.197988460
demonstration of fcgamma receptors on human basophil granulocytes.fcgamma receptors were detected on human basophil granulocytes. the mononuclear cell fraction of human peripheral blood was incubated with heat-aggregated human igg (hgg) followed by 125i-anti-hgg. autoradiography of the cells showed that the majority of basophil granulocytes gave a significant number of grains. basophils were not labeled by preincubation of the same cells with monomeric hgg followed by 125i-anti-hgg. however, the binding of aggregated hgg to basophils was inhibited by the prese ...197988477
congenital cutis laxa and maternal d-penicillamine. 200188570
[evaluation of blood-liquor barrier by protein gradients in congenital hydrocephalus in infancy]. 199988669
differentiation between cyclic amp level and allergic histamine release in mast cells [proceedings]. 197988891
[post-extrasystolic and post-pacing potentiation. i. experimental study of the isolated heart of the rabbit]. 197888947
[esophago-jejunostomy at the level of the neck for restoration of continuity in carcinoma of the esophagus (after esophageal resection or for palliative reasons) (author's transl)].a technic of esophago-jejunostomy in the neck is described which uses a y loop, to which is given a further blood supply through the internal mammary vessels, united to the vessels of the transplanted loop through microsurgical anastomoses. this technic is used either for purely palliative reasons or when the esophageal tumour has become inoperable, or after esophagectomy as a procedure for reconstruction of the digestive tract.199989117
fine-needle aspiration cytology. 199989365
eosinophil counts in duodenal tissue in cow's-milk allergy. 197989421
short-course chemotherapy for tuberculosis. 199989476
ephraim michael bluestone. 199989496
use of the fluorochrome 4'6-diamidino-2-phenylindole in genetic and developmental studies of chloroplast dna.use of the dna-specific fluorochrome 4'6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (dapi) makes it possible to examine in situ the structure of chloroplast dna (chdna) with the fluorescence microscope. this simplifies the study of genetic and developmental changes in chloroplast dna. three examples are presented. (a) wild-type euglena gracilis b contains several chloroplast dna nucleoids per chloroplast. a yellow mutant lacking functional chloroplasts is similar, but such nucleoids are absent in an aplastidic mu ...200090051
virus production by abelson murine leukemia virus-transformed lymphoid cells.cell lines obtained by in vitro transformation of bone marrow with abelson murine leukemia virus (a-mulv) can be divided into three classes: producers, releasing reverse transcriptase-containing particles and infectious virus; nonproducers, releasing no viral particles; and defective producers, the most common phenotype, releasing particulate reverse transcriptase in the absence of infectious virus. when such cell lines were analyzed 1 to 2 weeks after their isolation, however, all produced infe ...197990175
ddavp and cryoprecipitate in mild haemophilia. 200190263
the intra-nucleolar localization of amplified rdna in xenopus laevis oocytes.a fluorescent feulgen-stain was adapted in order to demonstrate dna-containing structures inside the amplified nucleoli of xenopus laevis. at all stages of oogenesis this method reveals granules or complex structures of dna in each nucleolus. the micronucleoli which do not stain with this method and which do not reveal an internal structure in low molarity saline, unlike real nucleoli are considered as nucleolus-like bodies. the dna-containing structures in the nucleoli can be composed of one or ...197990588
characterization of a type-c virus produced by co-cultures of human leukemic bone-marrow and fetal canine thymus cells.the putative human helper virus ska-21/a204v, isolated by nooter et al. in 1977 from human leukemic bone-marrow cells following co-culture with normal fetal canine thymus cells, cf2th, has been characterized with respect to its major viral core protein, reverse transcriptase, and nucleic acid sequences. the results of these analyses show that this virus is not distinguishable from the woolly monkey type-c virus, ssav-1, by the techniques employed.197990662
enzyme immunoassays revisited. 200190867
[nurse's functions in the surgical treatment room]. 199991077
applied teaching concepts of animated motion slides in otolaryngology.motion is an essential part of otolaryngologic function, and an understanding of concepts of motion is critical in teaching otolaryngology. standard movie projection devices have intrinsic defects, such as considerable expense to make, complexity of operation, and a lack of flexibility. slide projection transparencies (2x2) offer instructional flexibility but could not be used to project motion until recently. using applications of gelatin films of images with polarizing light, we have been able ...199991151
the psychological problems of the deaf and blind. 199991198
latex fetuin spheres as probes for influenza virus neuraminidase in productively and abortively infected cells.fetuin bound latex spheres do not adhere to the membranes of non-infected cells but adhere to those of cells productively infected by fowl plague virus (fpv dobson strain). in contrast, asialo fetuin spheres do not attach to the membranes of productively infected cells. moreover latex fetuin spheres incubated with extracts of productively infected cells and extensively washed are specifically enriched in neuraminidase activity without any trace of haemagglutinin. these observations suggest that ...197991354
connectivity of the auditory forebrain nuclei in the guinea fowl (numida meleagris).injection of tritiated leucine and proline into the nucleus ovoidalis of the guinea fowl (numida meleagris) produces terminal labeling in the palaeostriatum and in three adjacent zones (field l1-l3) of the auditory neostriatum (an). l2, situated between l1 and l3, receives the main input and corresponds to the former field l of rose. these neuroanatomically defined zones of the auditory neostriatum are also characterized by differing properties of their neurons. injection of radioactive material ...197991442
short latency mechanically evoked somatosensory potentials in humans.somatosensory potentials evoked by mechanical stimulation were recorded by surface electrodes over (1) the digital nerves in the index finger, (2) the median nerve at the wrist, (3) the median nerve near the axilla, (4) the brachial plexus, (5) the cervical cord at cii, (6) the scalp overlying the somatosensory cortex. nerve conduction velocities varied inversely with age and ranged from 43 to 68 m/sec. mechanically evoked potentials recorded from the electrodes overlying the digital nerves were ...197991479
antigen specific t cell-mediated suppression. vi. properties of in vitro generated l-glutamic acid60-l-alanine30-l-tyrosine10 (gat)-specific t-suppressor factor(s) (gat-tsf) in responder mouse strains. 197991643
presence of plasma cells binding autologous antibody during an immune response.spleen and other lymphoid tissues of rabbits immunized with human serum albumin (hsa) and human lactoferrin (lf) were examined for the presence of cells forming anti-idiotype antibodies. to detect these cells, igg, f(ab')2, or fab' of specific antibodies were isolated, fluorochrome-tagged with tetramethylrhodamine isothiocyanate, and used as an idiotypic marker to detect splenic plasma cells that are producing anti-idiotypic antibody. by this procedure, we were able to demonstrate anti-idiotypic ...197991659
is serum total cholesterol outmoded? 200091908
indomethacin, arachidonic acid metabolism and basophil histamine release. 197991953
ige production and suppression. carrier-specific and normal t-cell interactions in suppression. 200091964
[specificity of antitumoral substances]. 200092004
[influence of a dialyzable serum factor on the activity of beta-galactosidase from human liver (proceedings)]. 197992267
sensitivity of spleen-colony-forming units to chronic bleomycin. 200092329
studies on the activation of canine trypsinogens in vitro.the activation of canine anionic and cationic trypsinogen by enterokinase, trypsin, thrombin, plasmin and extracts from canine granulocytes were studied in vitro. enterokinase activates both trypsinogens about 1000 times faster than trypsin. the enterokinase-catalyzed activation is not inhibited by the main serum protease inhibitors, alpha-macroglobulin and alpha 1-antitrypsin. alpha-macroglobulin cannot inhibit the activation of the trypsinogens by trypsin but this reaction is completely inhibi ...197992342
reduced plasma viscosity among joggers compared with non-joggers. 200092344
[clinical effects of chlormadinone acetate (cma) on human benign prostatic hypertrophy--comparative study with hexestrol by a double blind trial (author's transl)]. 197992377
fetotoxicity and cataractogenicity of mirex in rats and mice with notes on kepone. 197992402
populational polymorphisms in silver staining of nucleolus organizer regions (nors) in human acrocentric chromosomes.the ag stainability of the nucleolus organizer region (nor) was studied in the acrocentric chromosomes identified by q banding of cultured lymphocytes in 41 karyotypically normal persons (33 males and 8 females) originating from southeast estonia. the data obtained are compared with those established earlier for a combined vienna-ulm population of 51 karyotypically normal persons (see mikelsaar et al., 1977a). significant differences between the two populations in the frequency and patterns of a ...197992452
nonspecific light loss and intrinsic dna variation problems associated with feulgen dna cytophotometry.nonspecific light loss by the cell-wall-plus-cytoplasm (cwc) can cause a 50% increase in feulgen absorption units in peanut root-tip nuclei as determined by scanning at 450 nm, whereas this phenomenon is not evident with chicken erythrocytes. a two wavelength scanning method of subtracting nonspecific 450 nm absorption from 550 nm feulgen absorption values eliminated the nonspecific light loss in cwc, however, the two wavelength scanning method is time consuming and somewhat impractical with a r ...197992496
effect, on serum lipid levels of omega-3 fatty acids, of ingesting fish-oil concentrate. 200192666
ataxia-telangiectasia and hepatocellular carcinoma.ataxia-telangiectasia (at) is a multi-system disease involving the cerebellum, cutaneous blood vessels and the immune system including both cellular and humoral components. it also involves hematological, endocrine and peripheral nervous systems. this disease is often associated with abnormal liver function tests, such as, raised alkaline phosphatase and various nonspecific histological changes in the liver. high incidence of various malignancies involving lymphoreticular, gastrointestinal and m ...200192892
axoplasmic transport blockage therapy in herpes zoster ophthalmicus.three patients with herpes zoster ophthalmicus were treated with an oral administration of colchicine and corticosteroid, while another seven were given systemic corticosteroid, vitamins, and sedatives. colchicine inhibited the formation of new skin lesions but did not suppress the already grown vesicles. the effect of colchicine was attributed to a blockage of intra-axonal dissemination by neurotrophic virus.200192895
selective aromatic-hydrophobic binding and fractionation of immunoglobulin by means of phenyl-(ch2)n-nh-substituted agaroses. 197992988
[immunosuppression in rabbits using the serum of splenectomized animals (author's transl)]. 197993023
histochemical reactions of gastrointestinal mucosubstances with high iron diamine after prior oxidation and methylation of tissue sections.high iron diamine reactions after the prior methylation and oxidation of tissue sections with performic acid or potassium permanganate (metox-hid or ox-met-hid) in epithelial mucosubstances and in mucosal mast cells were studied in tissue samples from the human gastrointestinal tract and were compared with reactions with high iron diamine without any pretreatment (hid) and high iron diamine with the prior methylation (met-hid). high iron diamine reactions after the prior oxidation (met-ox-hid, o ...197993103
[determination of the c-reactive protein content of human whole blood]. 197993165
perinatal mortality. 200193220
[palliative therapy of stenosing reflux esophagitis]. 200193354
home observation for measurement of the environment: a revision of the preschool scale.information pertaining to a revision of the caldwell home inventory for use with families of children ages 3 to 6 was presented. factor and item analyses were used as a basis for reducing the number of items from 80 to 55. the items were clustered into eight subscales. kuder-richardson 20 coefficients for the scale ranged from .53 to .93. concurrent and predictive validity studies indicated that the home scales significantly correlated with iq (as high as r = .58). low to moderate correlations w ...199993417
a novel class of schizosaccharomyces pombe mutants, phenotypically unable to grow on glycerol, a respiratory substrate, but still able to oxidize glycerol aerobically [proceedings]. 197993469
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