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disabled living foundation. 2002127995
[parameters of digitally averaged potentials of individual motor units].of sixty normal subjects of different age six different muscles each were examined electromyographically. the activity pattern was recorded for moderate voluntary innervation and superposed digitally. the parameters of digitally averaged summation action potentials were compared with those of manually assessed potentials. the two methods gave identical results: the duration of potentials was between 5 and 10 ms. it increased in the younger and older age groups and showed only slight changes in m ...2002128025
identification and actions of gastric inhibitory polypeptide. 1975128084
in vitro fertilisation of human oöcytes.this paper describes attempts to cure infertility due to irremediable fallopian tube lesions by the laparoscopic recovery of pre-ovulatory ovarian oöcytes, their fertilisation in vitro, and their subsequent reimplantation into the uterine cavity.1975128140
[closed complete dislocations of the crus and the result of their treatment].based on the analysis of treatment of 22 patients with complete closed crural dislocations, it is emphasized that this trauma is associated with extensive and specific injuries to the articular elements. concomitant injuries of popliteal vessels were found in 4 (of 22) cases. timely performed operative restoration of the arterial integrity yielded favourable late results in 2 patients. two patients admitted in later terms were subjected to a high amputation of the leg. in 15 patients the knee jo ...2002128183
[diagnostic importance of calculation of relative measurements of the left atrium in patients with mitral valve defect]. 2002128195
[changes in the lungs and the mass of the right ventricle of the heart in chronic hypoxia (experimental-morphological study)].in experiments on 105 white rats using histological, histochemical, and morphometric methods the state of the lungs following daily "rises" in a pressure chamber to the "hight" of 5000--9000 m at verious time intervals--from 1 day to 9 weeks was studied. in 18 animals "ascents" were preceded by sinistral pulmonectomy. in parallel, the heart was investigated by the method of separate weighing. at initial stages changes in the lungs were characterized predominantly by impairment of the blood- and ...1975128341
the bad back. 2002128343
the effect of butacaine on adenine nucleotide binding and translocation in rat liver mitochondria.the effect of the local anaesthetic, butacaine, on adenine nucleotide binding and translocation in rat liver mitochondria partially depleted of their adenine nucleotide content was investigated. the range of butacaine concentrations that inhibit adenine nucleotide translocation and the extent of the inhibition are similar to the values obtained for native mitochondria. butacaine does not alter either the total number of atractyloside-sensitive binding sites of depleted mitochondria, or the affin ...1975128352
[organization of the veterinary service of a dairy complex]. 1975129913
[spectral analysis method in veterinary science]. 2002129933
[vitelliform degeneration of the macula].macular vitelliform degeneration is an hereditary affection, with autosomal dominan transmission. it is probably congenital. three phases in the evolution of lesions: i the "fried eggs" aspect. ii various ophthalmologic aspects: mixed egg, pseudo-hypopion, retractile form. during these first two phases, the yellowish vitelline substance only may extend in macular region, especially downards. iii the atrophic phase. visula acuity remains strangely good, especially during the first two phases. nev ...2002130888
[disabled children in the federal republic of germany in 1974 (author's transl)].within the scope of an additional micro-census inquiry--carried out in 1974--the federal statistical office in wiesbaden assessed the number of physically, mentally and psychologically impaired children. the results are differentiated according to the types of disability and therapy, age, in-patient treatment and special school attendance. furthermore, the estimated results are compared with earlier surveys of the federal statistical office and other estimates.2002135318
[wolfgang hildebrand's "magia naturalis"]. 2002135379
[epidemiological study of shigella dysenteriae 1 in 2 communities of the guanacaste province, costa rica, 1975]. 1976136972
problems of classification of low-back pain. 2002139668
[echinococcal cysts of the external oblique muscle. clinical case].a short account of the nosological, physiopathological and therapeutical aspects of cysts due to muscle echinococcus is given. a case of echinococcus of the external oblique muscle is presented and its diagnostical difficulties pointed out.2002140333
effect of different albumin media on the lipid-mobilizing action of sympathicotropic substances in vitro.the authors studied the effect of adrenotropic substances on lipolysis in rat epididymal adipose tissue in albumin medium in vitro. on using albumins of different origin (human, bovine), the pd2 values for catecholamines differed by more than one order, in correlation to the type of albumin used. the isopropylnorsynephrine pd2 values did not differ. the addition of ascorbic acid (100 microng/ml) raised the catecholamine pd2 values and completely equalized the pd2 values found in both media. the ...1977140390
antigen-induced cyclophosphamide-resistant suppressor t cells inhibit the in vitro generation of cytotoxic cells from one-way mixed leukocyte reactions.mice sensitized against a tumor allograft and given cyclophosmamide 6 days later failed to generate an immune response to the allograft. spleen cells derived from these mice suppressed the generation of cytotoxic t cell response by normal spleen cells in mixed leukocyte cultures. the suppressor cells were not specific, thymus dependent, and resistant to 2000 r.2003142792
[endolaryngeal nevocarcinoma]. 2003142805
acid mucopolysaccharides in metal-induced tumor and connective tissue capsules surrounding implants in rats. 1975142824
[toxicological characteristics of thaliblastine[].the toxic action of the antiphlogistic drug thaliblastin, containing 93-95 per cent of the alcaloid thalicarpine was investigated. with its single intraperitoneal injection to mice the dl10 of the drug amounts to 273-306 mg/kg, dl50-325-350 mg/kg and dl90-370-402 mg/kg. with its 5-day long administration the respective figures for mice are 102-165, 125-201 and 154-243 mg/kg and for rats--170, 203 and 272 mg/kg. the respective figures for a 20-day long introduction to mice are 155, 185 and 220 mg ...1977143373
a search on karyotypic mosaicism in mongoloid patients and their parents.the frequency of chromosomal mosaicism among patients with clinical diagnosis of mongolism was determined. among 50 patients with at least 32 cells studied, 2 (or 4%) were found to be mosaics of the 46/47, +g type. among 350 patients with at least 5 cells studied, 2 (or 0.57%) 46/47, +g mosaic cases were detected. taking in account the probability of detecting mosaicism when 5 cells are analysed, a frequency of 0.58% of mosaic cases was estimated for this sample. the mosaic patients were submitt ...2003143677
cardiac hypertrophy and antihypertensive therapy.biochemical (myocardial dna, rna, and hydroxyproline) and humoral (plasma [pra] and kidney [kra] renin activity) factors were determined in spontaneously hypertensive rats (shr) and normotensive wistar controls (nr) before and following treatment with minoxidil or propranolol. minoxidil (150 mg.litre-1 drinking water) effectively controlled blood pressure (17.3 kpa vs 24.9 kpa [130 mmhg vs 187 mmhg], p less than 0.001) despite marked and sustained increases in both pra and kra ventricular weight ...1977145319
morphologic and histochemical characteristics of cell lines derived from hamster peripheral lung tumors. 2003145368
changes in immunological activity of rat lymphoid organs during pregnancy.immune reactivity in lymhoid organs of rats during the last week of syngeneic (lewis: l x l) or allogeneic (females lewis x males wistar: l x w) pregnancy was compared with that found in non-pregnant animals. the thymus weight was slightly reduced and the response of thymic lymphocytes to phytohaemagglutinin and concanavalin a was slightly, but not significantly, elevated in pregnant rats. by contrast, the response of lymphoid cells from spleen and mesenteric lymph nodes to the mitogens was redu ...1978149623
the multicomposite structure of tendon.a revised morphological model for the crimp structure of tendon is presented. the 300-500 mu diameter tendons of the mature rat tail are comprised of from one to more than ten substructures, called fascicles, of 80-320 mu diameter. fascicles each possess a "crimp structure" demonstrable in the polarizing microscope and neighboring fascicles within a tendon usually exhibit crimp registry. the fascicle itself is shown to be a cylindrical array of planar-zig-zag crimped 500-5000 a diameter collagen ...1978149646
[tubal sterilization with a clip applicator under laparoscopic control].tubal sterilization with a clip or spring-loaded applicator under laparoscopic control reduces complications that appear in other forms of sterilization. the clip or spring-loaded applicator is inserted by means of a 2nd cut or insertion. this system has many advantages over the single cut or single insertion method as it permits much clearer vision and location of the tubes as well as the exact placement of the clips. the laparoscopic system of tubal sterilization is effective and the number of ...2003149716
[setting up of an automatic information system for medical science management in a branch]. 2003150052
hypersensitivity reactions to food colours with special reference to the natural colour annatto extract (butter colour).it is well known that synthetic food colours especially some azo dyes can provoke hypersensitivity reactions such as urticaria, angioneurotic oedema, and astma (michaëlsson and juhlin, 1973, granholt and thune, 1975). natural food colours are scarcely investigated with respect to potential allergic properties. annatto extract, a commonly used food colour in edible fats e.g. butter, has been tested in patients. among 61 consecutive patients suffereing from chornic urticaria and/or angioneurotic o ...2003150265
comparative clinical pharmacokinetics of tubocurarine, gallamine, alcuronium and about plasma concentration, renal and biliary elimination of tubocurarine, gallamine, alcuronium and pancuronium are taken from the literature for synoptical pharmacokinetic analysis. all plasma concentration curves can be described by triexponential functions according to an open three-compartment pharmacokinetic model in line, the elements of which are an application and measuring compartment, a pharmacologically specific compartment and a non-specific one. the corresponding results for a ...2002150804
[method for simultaneous study of peristaltic and pendular movements of isolated rabbit ileum].a method is described for studying simultaneously the peristalsis and the pendular movements in the isolated pieces of rabbit ileum. at the same time, using this method it is possible to analyse the actions of drugs on the mechanisms which ensure the pendular movements and the propulsive activity, as well as their relationship. the method is relatively simple and only classical and commercially available equipments are needed. with this method the records and the volume of fluid expelled are sui ...1978150905
replacement of endoplasm with artificial media in plasmodial strands of physarum polycephalum. effects on contractility and morphology. 1978151630
immunological methods employed in an attempt to induce erythema nodosum leprosum (enl) in the mouse foot pad model five different parameters were employed to simulate the condition of enl as observed in the human. the experimental groups with five to six months leprosy infection were injected intravenously with various anti-mycobacterial antibodies, m. leprae sonicate and 'b' cells obtained from syngenic donors. the control group of animals, infected similarly, were treated either with m. leprae sonicate or gamma globulins precipitated from normal human serum. all recipients were ...1978151764
development of suppressor cells as a second generation mixed lymphocyte culture phenomenon in mls and non-h-2-disparate inbred mice. 2002151954
adapted plate for use in a microwave oven. 2003152053
phage typing of nontypable isolates of staphylococcus aureus using the new phages 94, 95, and 96 and the heat-shock treatment.of 2,144 isolates of staphylococcus aureus (from human beings in new york state) received in the authors' laboratory during 1975, 992 (46.,%) were nontypable with the use of the international basic set of bacteriophages. these 2,144 isolates were retested with the use of the recently added phages 94, 95, and 96. nearly 60% of the isolates were lysed with one or more of these three phages, including 64% of those previously nontypable, thus reducing the percentage of nontypables to 16.5%. one hund ...1978152059
study of the kinetics of conversion of maternal plasma dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate to 16 alpha-hydroxydehydroisoandrosterone sulfate, estradiol, and estriol.the transfer constants of conversion of maternal plasma dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate to estradiol ([rho]ds-e2bu) and to 16alphaoh-dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate ([rho]ds-160hds bu) and of maternal plasma 16alphaoh-dehydroisoandrosterone sulfate to estriol ([rho]160hds-e3 bu) were measured in women late in pregnancy. the mean [rho]160hds-e3 bu, 0.17, was considerably less than the mean [rho]ds-e2 bu, 0.29. however, the extent of 16alpha-hydroxylation of maternal plasma dehydroisoandrosterone su ...2003152062
huntington's disease--growth of fibroblast cultures in lipid-deficient medium: a preliminary report.when skin fibroblast cultures derived from subjects with huntington's disease (hd) were grown in medium supplemented with lipid-deficient serum (lds), growth rates were less than those of control cultures. the mean percentage increase in generation times for nine control cultures incurred by using lds rather than fetal calf serum (fcs) was 8.0%. four cultures from 2 patients with hd failed to grow in lds but grew well in medium supplemented with fcs. in nine other cultures derived from 7 patient ...2003152597
liver surface characteristics as observed during laparoscopy correlated with biopsy findings. 2003153256
[on micro-environment of active sites of myosin atpase: studies with chromophoric and fluorescent atp analogs (author's transl)]. 2002153370
[postoperative esophageal stenosis (role of the laryngologist)]. 2002153373
[tibia lengthening in children. results and complications]. 2003154697
[the rheumatoid knee. surgical synovectomy (proceedings)]. 2003154704
[bilboquet's osteosynthesis in open fractures and compound injuries of the hand]. 1978154714
renal impairment in urate excretion in patients with down's syndrome.uric acid and creatinine clearance studies were performed in nine subjects with down's syndrome and in eight mentally retarded controls. the urate clearance was significantly decreased in subjects with down's syndrome compared with controls. their mean creatinine clearances were also significantly lower than the controls. no significant differences were shown in erythrocyte lactate dehydrogenase activity, in blood lactate and in blood beta-hydroxybutyrate levels between 20 subjects with down's s ...2003155745
chronic systemic dacron and teflon embolization of a beall model 103 mitral valve prosthesis.a case is presented of chronic systemic dacron and teflon embolism arising from a beall model 103 mitral valve prosthesis installed 11 years earlier. the emboli induced intense foreign body reaction resulting in numerous microgranulomas throughout the body. multiple microinfarctions in the brain accounted for repeated episodes of transient ischemic attacks. wearing of the prosthesis with consequent embolic complications seems to be the inevitable terminal fate of such early models of the beall v ...2003155758
growth hormone and prolactin secretion in huntington's disease. 2003155768
activation of suppressor t cells in human autologous mixed lymphocyte of autologous t and mitomycin-c treated b cells results in increased dna synthesis in the responding t cells. t cells thus activated in amlc exerted suppressive effects on both the proliferative and cytotoxic responses of fresh unstimulated t cells to allogeneic cells in mlc. the suppressor cells generated are sensitive to treatment with mitomycin-c. amlc-activated cells treated with mitomycin-c failed to suppress both cytotoxicity and proliferation in fresh primary mlc. it appears th ...1979156235
histopathogenesis of spontaneous periodontal disease in conventional rats. i. histometric and histologic study. 1979161576
[the cooperativity of the co2 hb binding: measurement by 13c-nmr spectrometry (author's transl)]. 2003161834
classification of enterotoxins on the basis of activity in cell culture.two cell culture systems were used in a study of the biological properties of several bacterial enterotoxins in vitro. by means of one model, in which hela cell monolayers were used, cytotoxic effects, interms of detachment of cells from a glass surface due to cell death, were assayed. by means of the second model, activation of the adenyl cyclase-cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate (amp) system, in terms of increased steroidogenesis by y-1 adrenal cells (an effect which we have termed cytoton ...1975162926
on certain electrical phenomena for the interpretation of ch'i in chinese acupuncture.the author describes a series of experiments on the "microelectric phenomenon" and tires to give new scientific interpretations of acupuncture. thus, the concept of "2-m-c" was developed, which may generate new hypotheses concerning the modus operandi of needle treatment.1997164115
cyclic 3',5'-amp phosphodiesterase of rabbit aorta.cyclic amp and cyclic gmp phosphodiesterase activities (3' : 5'-cyclic amp 5'-nucleotidohydrolase, ec were demonstrated in the isolated intima, media, and adventitia of rabbit aorta. the activity for cyclic amp hydrolysis in the intima was 2.7-fold higher than that for cyclic gmp hydrolysis. the activity for cyclic amp hydrolysis in the media was approximately equal to that for cyclic gmp hydrolysis, but in the adventitia, cyclic gmp hydrolytic activity was 2.1-fold higher than cyclic ...1975164219
relationships among the secretion of acth, gh, and cortisol during the insulin-induced hypoglycemia test in the normal and obese child.the behavior of the secretion of acth, gh, and plasma cortisol during the insulin-induced hypoglycemia test on normal and obese children was studied. the secretion of the above-mentioned hormones was determined by calculating the integrals of the curves. the mean values of the integrals of the plasma cortisol and acth curves do not show any significant differences between the two groups of children. the mean values of the ratios between the integrals of the plasma cortisol and acth curves show a ...2003165219
receptive fields of cerebellar cells receiving exteroceptive input in a gymnotid fish.single neurons in the caudal lobe of the cerebellum of the weakly electric fish apteronotus albifrons respond to distortions in the normal electric field produced by the animal. moving plastic or metal objects as well as a simpler stimulus, a moving electrical dipole, produce adequate distortions of the fish's field to cause the cerebellar cells to respond. the moving dipole stimulated small enough areas of the fish's skin, as determined by the responses of single electroreceptors, to allow maps ...2003165269
[relation between endocrinology and psychiatry. some recent developments].relations between endocrinology and psychiatry are developing in two main directions: behavioural effects of hormones. after the effects of peripheral hormones, recent works are concerned with a.c.t.h. and antidiuretic hormone (which interfere with memory process) and with hypothalamic peptides (which might have psychotropic properties, independant of their endocrine regulation function). -correlations between psychiatric syndroms and endocrine disorders. in some mentally depressed patients, dis ...2003165466
multiple hormone producing islet cell carcinomas of the pancreas. a morphological and biochemical investigation.biochemical, light, and electron microscopic studies of two multiple hormone producing metastic islet cell carcinomas of the pancreas are presented. both tumors initially produced symptoms referable to a single hormone and over a period of years produced two other endocrine active polypeptides. the tumor in case 1 had been studied electron microscopically six years previously and had demonstrated no significant ultrastructural changes since then. the tumor in case 2 contained secretory granules ...2003166033
cyclic adenosine-3',5'-monophosphate in cerebrospinal fluid during fever and antipyresis. 1975166164
[insular neoplasms of the pancreas. surgical aspects]. 2003166418
template specificity of the cytoplasmic dna polymerase in xenopus laevis oocytes. 1975167780
effect of klebsiella pneumoniae enterotoxin on intestinal transport in the rat.the effects on intestinal transport of either a semipurified preparation of enterotoxin elaborated by klebsiella pneumoniae or similaryly prepared control material were tested by marker perfusion studies in the small intestine of rats. at a concentration of 2 mg/ml, the enterotoxin produced net secretion of water, na, and cl in both jejunal and ileal segments; hco3 transport was not affected. net secretion was evident within 30 min after intorduction of the toxin and was maximal after 90 min. th ...1975169297
the gangliosidoses.the gangliosidoses are hereditary diseases with a recessive mode of inheritance and are caused by a genetically induced enzymatic block, which results in the accumulation of gangliosides in various tissues of the body, mainly in the brain. although tay-sachs disease, the most commonly occurring of the gangliosidoses, has been known for nearly 100 years, additional variants of ganglioside "storage" disorders have been discovered during the past 15 years. considerable progress in the knowledge of ...1995170187
characterization of monkey peripheral neutrophil granules during infection.rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta) neutrophils were shown to contain the azurophilic granule maker enzymes myeloperoxidase and beta-glucuronidase but were deficient in the specific granule markers alkaline phosphatase (akp) and lysozyme. isopycnic centrifugation of leukocyte homogenates on linear sucrose gradients resulted in cosedimentation of myeloperoxidase and beta-glucuronidase with an equilibrium density of 1.18. after an intravenous inoculation of monkeys with salmonella typhimurium akp activ ...1975170208
solubilization of the [8-lysine]vasopressin receptor and adenylate cyclase from pig kidney plasma membranes.adenylate cyclase and the [8-lysine]vasopressin receptor were solubilized from pig kidney medulla membranes using the nonionic detergent triton x-100. optimal conditions for solubilization were under continuous stirring in a medium containing 0.5% (/v) triton x-100, 100 mm tris-hcl, ph 8, and 10 mm mgcl2. both adenylate cyclase activity and [3h][8-lysine]vasopressin binding activity were recovered in a -26,000 x g supernatant of detergent-treated membranes. the yield of solubilized adenylate cyc ...1975170274
[characteristics and types of clostridium perfringens derived from various animals]. 1975170433
effect of shigella enterotoxin on electrolyte transport in rabbit ileum.shigella dysenteriae i is one of several bacteria which produces an enterotoxin capable of stimulating intestinal water and electrolyte secretion. unlike cholera and escherichia coli enterotoxins which have been shown to increase intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate levels in the small intestine, the mechanism by which shigella enterotoxin causes intestinal secretion is not known. to study shigella enterotoxin-stimulated intestinal secretion, rabbit ileal mucosa exposed in vivo to shigel ...1975172398
ultrastructural myocardial changes produced by viruses.some of the ultrastructural pathological alterations in the myocardium produced by viral infections with members of the picornavirus group are described. these alterations varied from mild to severe, with necrosis. in animals infected with coxsackie b1 virus and emc virus, readily identifiable viral crystals were frequently found in association with the myocardial lesions by means of electron microscopy. the electron microscope made it possible to study vary early myocardial changes which were n ...1975172990
suppression of pulmonary antibacterial activity following sendai virus infection in mice: dependence on virus dose. 1975173264
[epr- and ir-spectroscopic study of the processes of carbonization of amino acid crystals].initial stages of "low temperature" carbonization in crystal amino acids have been studied by esr- and ir-spectroscopy. it was revealed that block polycondensation of amino acids with the formation of polypeptide chains took place. in the air oxygen also surface carbonization of crystals took place; it became stronger with the occurrence of radiation defects.1995173400
[mode of existence of serum lipids]. 1996173900
unrelated animal viruses share receptors. 1976175292
neonatal diagnosis of familial type ii hyperlipoproteinemia.cord serum prebeta-beta-lipoprotein concentration was measured in a radial immunodiffusion assay in 303 randomly selected, full-term infants whose parental phenotypes were unknown. six infants had elevated concentrations, that is above a cut-off limit of 197 mg/100 ml (97.5th percentile). three of these infants suffered from classic type ii hyperlipoproteinemia, and this diagnosis was confirmed by family studies at follow-up. the three other infants and their parents were shown to be normolipemi ...1997175344
[prognostic value of bone and marrow lesions in primary myeloid splenomegaly].the diagnosis of myelofibrosis depends on three fundamental criteria. myeloid metaplasia of the liver and spleen, absence of philadelphia chromosome and a variable degree of myelofibrosis. it is thus necessary to have available bone and marrow biopsies to make the diagnosis. the analysis of elementary lesions, together with their grouping, was at the origin of various pathological classifications, including those of hickling and jacquillat, chom and ripault. the latter, adopted by most authors, ...1997175472
degenerative alterations in the ventral cochlear nucleus of the guinea pig after impulse noise exposure. a preliminary light and electron microscopic study.guinea pigs were exposed to the noise of 40 shots of an alarm pistol held at a distance of about 60 cm. the ventral cochlear nuclei were studied in phase contrast and electron microscopy after both survival periods and longer periods of up to 55 days survival. marked degeneration of primary cochlear nerve endings and of synapting secondary neurons of the posterior caudal part of the ventral cochlear nucleus (avcn) and the octupus cell area (oca) of the posterior ventral cochlear nucleus (pvcn) w ...1975175774
a radiometric method for predicting effectiveness of chemotherapeutic agents in murine leprosy.a simple radiometric method has been developed for evaluating the effect of drugs on the metabolism of m. lepraemurium. the method is based on the measurement of the 14co2 produced through bacterial metabolism of acetate-u-14c. seventeen drugs were tested: bacitracin, cephaloridine, chloramphenicol, cycloserine, dactinomycin, dds, ethionamide, inh, kanamycin, methenamine mandelate, nitrofurantoin, oxacillin, polymyxin b, rifampicin, streptomycin, sulfadimethoxine and vancomycin. the drugs which ...1975176120
[obtaining the beta-globulin fractions from swine and cattle sera and a study of their immunological activity].the rivanol precipitation was used to obtain beta-globulin fractions from specific swine sera against edema disease, paratyph and aujeszky's disease as well as from normal ovine and swine sera. agar electrophoresis revealed that the preparations produced contained beta-globulin (86 per cent), gamma-globulin (5 per cent), and alpha2-globulin (9 per cent). the beta-globulin preparations were studied for the presence of antibodies against e. coli, salmonellae, staphylococci, myxovirus parainfluenza ...1976176771
the oncogenic potential of some avian adenoviruses causing diseases in chickens.the oncogenic potentials of three different strains of avian adenoviruses (the tipton strain of the inclusion body hepatitis virus, the dpi-2, and the indiana c viruses) were investigated in newborn hamsters. animal inoculations were via two routes, subcutaneous and intracerebral. all three viruses proved nononcogenic for the hamsters observed over a period of 225 days. however, lesions of hepatitis similar to those of inclusion body hepatitis of chickens were seen in three hamsters inoculated w ...1976176986
regulation of mitochondrial protein turnover by thyroid hormone(s).1. the effect of thyroidectomy on turnover rates of liver, kidney and brain mitochondrial proteins was examined. 2. in the euthyroid state, liver and kidney mitochondria show a synchronous turnover with all protein components showing more or less identical half-lives compared with the whole mitochondria. the brain mitochondrial proteins show asynchronous turnover, the soluble proteins having shorter half-lives. 3. mitochondrial dna (m-dna) of liver and kidney has half-lives comparable with that ...1975177002
[epidemiology of human and animal brucellosis in western africa. the results of six studies in the ivory coast, upper volta, and nigeria].brucellosis has a two-fold importance in public health: the transmission of the disease to man by contact with animals or ingestion of raw milk is of direct importance; of indirect importance is the loss of animal protein. the authors have carried out ten epidemiological investigations in different bio-climatic zones of west africa. more than 120 villages were evaluated. in each village, 100 persons were chosen at random and all or part of the animal population was also studied. three tests were ...1976177324
evaluation of the antilipolytic action of clomiphene in vitro.clomiphene (10(-3) - 10(-2) m) in a dose-dependent manner inhibited the lypolytic response of isolated rat epididymal adipose tissue and fat cells to epinephrine, acth, and dibutyryl-cyclic amp. furthermore, it reduced the non-hormonally stimulated activity of a crude preparation of lipase from epididymal adipose tissue. the accumulation of cyclic amp produced by epinephrine in fat cells was not prevented by clomiphene at a concentration causing antilipolytic activity. it is concluded from these ...1976177345
pregnancy interrupting effects of some bacterial toxins.embryotoxic properties of shigella dysenteriae and clostridium perfringens toxins, of e. coli endotoxin, v. cholerase and e. coli enterotoxins were compared in mice. e. coli endotoxin has embryotoxic effects at all stages of pregnancy. e. coli enterotoxin v. cholerae enterotoxin and shigella dysenteriae toxin are most effective mainly at earlier stages of pregnancy. clostridium perfringens toxin has no embryotoxic effect.1976178014
activation of intestinal mucosal adenylate cyclase by shigella dysenteriae i enterotoxin.because the mechanism whereby shigella dysenteriae i enterotoxin induces intestinal secretion is unclear, the effect of this toxin on adenylate cyclase activity in rabbit ileal mucosa was studied under various in vitro and in vivo conditions. activation of adenylate cyclase by shigella enterotoxin was observed only when substrate (atp) concentrations above the km of adenylate cyclase were employed. these concentrations of atp are greater than those required to demonstrate activation of adenylate ...1976178569
mechanism of plasma cyclic amp response to hypoglycemia in man.the effect of insulin-induced hypoglycemia on plasma cyclic amp levels was studied in normal volunteers, adrenalectomized, and sympathectomized subjects. significant increases in plasma glucagon were observed in all groups. normal subjects all had two- to threefold rises in plasma camp while no response was seen in any adrenalectomized or sympathectomized subject. these findings suggest that the mechanism for enhanced plasma camp release during insulin-induced hypoglycemia is catecholamine depen ...1976178982
[morphological substrate of antalgia and analgesia in the odontostomatological and facial area].prior personal work is further extended by a description of the way in which odontostomatological and facial pain is sedated by acupuncture: via peripheral receptors, whose stimulations are intercepted and modulated by various filters lying between the periphery and the cortex: cord (gelatinous substance of rolando, gate control system), reticular formation and thalamocortical pathways.1986180459
diphenylhydantoin: direct inhibition of the vitamin d3-mediated calcium absorptive mechanism in organ-cultured duodenum. 2003181008
the effect of infectious laryngotracheitis virus on the bursa of fabricius of young chickens. 1976181407
toluene diisocyanate (tdi) pulmonary disease: immunologic and inhalation challenge studies.clinical and serologic effects of tdi exposure were studied in 112 occupationally exposed plant workers. sera were obtained before and after commencement of tdi production. all subjects were skin-tested with common inhalant allergens and a tdi-hsa conjugate. total eosinophil counts, immunoglobulin quantitations, and specific antibody assays by pca, p-k, and radioimmunoassay were performed. clinically "sensitive" individuals were tested by provocative inhalation challenge with from 0.005 ppm to t ...1981181412
[infection of hela cells by herpes virus of horses type 1 in different temperature and dose of the virus (author's transl)]. 1976183896
control of growth of benzo(a)pyrene-transformed 3t3 cells.the growth controls observed in benzo[a]pyrene-transformed 3t3 cells (bp3t3) are compared with those of virus-transformed and normal 3t3 cells. superficially, the chemically transformed bp3t3 cells have the same behavior as virus-transformed sv3t3 cells. both grow to high cell density in culture medium with 10% serum, both form colonies in methocel, and both are tumorigenic. closer examination, however, has disclosed that bp3t3 cells exhibit "normal" growth controls at low serum concentrations. ...1990184467
monkeypox and whitepox viruses in west and central africa.prospects for the eradication of smallpox are now highly encouraging. with the cessation of man-to-man transmission, the question of possible animal reservoirs of smallpox becomes increasingly important. during the period 1970-1975, 20 cases of a smallpox-like disease were detected in smallpox-free areas of tropical rain forest in west and central africa. epidemiological and virological investigations revealed that the disease was caused by an animal poxvirus termed monkeypox virus, a member of ...1976186209
intestinal secretion. 1977190182
cyclic adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate in cerebrospinal fluid during thermoregulation and fever.1. samples of cerebrospinal fluid (c.s.f.) have been taken from the cisterna magna of unanaesthetized cats, whilst rectal temperature was recorded, during exposure of the animals to various ambient temperatures and during fever induced by pyrogen. the concentration of adenosine 3', 5'-monophosphate (cyclic amp) in samples of c.s.f. has been assayed. 2. cats exposed to low ambient temperatures (-2 to +2 degrees c) for 3 h maintained body temperature by both behavioural and autonomic heat gain act ...1976190383
subcellular distribution of steroids in rat adrenocortical tissue after incubation in vitro [proceedings]. 1977194992
depletion of replenishment of cellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate in hemorrhagic shock.hemorrhagic shock in rats was produced by bleeding them to a mean arterial blood pressure of 40 millimeters of mercury, which was maintained for two hours. after sacrifice, small pieces of liver, kidney, muscle and brain were quickly removed and frozen in liquid nitrogen. a protein-free extract of tissues was prepared, and cyclic adenosine monophosphate was measured by the radioimmunoassay procedure. analysis os liver, kidney, muscle and brain showed that there were significant reductions in cyc ...1977201041
cell culture propagation of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent).two isolates of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent) were isolated and passaged in primary procine kidney cell cultures. viral infectivity for cells was monitored by immunofluorescence because viral cytopathic effect was moderate. successful passage of virus in cell culture required that viral suspensions obtained from infected cell cultures be treated with pancreatin prior to inoculation onto cell monolayers. porcine rotavirus passage in cell culture also was accomplished, using trypsin trea ...1977201198
blood chemistry and lipid profiles of elite distance summary, we conclude that the analysis of the blood profiles of elite runners offers no explanation for their superior fitness of physical ability when compared to the good runners. selected enzymes related to cellular or tissue damage may be elevated in distance runners and could be classified as abnormal on routine clinical evaluation if unaware of their physical lifestyles. it is also important to note that certain blood profile parameters, especially the hematocrit, could be classified as ...2003201207
differential labelling of alpha and beta-noradrenergic receptors in calf cerebellum membranes with 3h-adrenaline. 1977201857
[lipoproteins as serum inhibitors in rubella hemagglutination inhibition test and their elimination (author's transl)].lipoproteins of 20 human sera were isolated by flotation centrifugation and tested for inhibitory activity in rubella hi-test. low density lipoproteins (ldl) showed the highest titers with an average of 1:238,0, whereas the others (vldl, hdl) had lower titers (see tab. 2). the greatest reduction of all classes of lipoproteins was achieved with kaolin treatment. heparin-manganous chloride and dextran sulfate-calcium chloride method mainly reduced the ldl (84.4 resp. 78.7%). in a comparative test ...1977202112
ocular herpes simplex infection. a clinical evaluation of virus isolation and studies on iodo-deoxyuridine resistance.fifty-seven patients with ocular herpes simplex (hs) infection were studied for evaluation of existing methods for virus isolation and its application in diagnosis of hs infection. virus was isolated in 90% of 34 cases with keratitis dendritica, when specimens were taken within eight days of onset of symptoms. the same isolation frequency was obtained in 10 cases of palpebral herpes with conjunctivitis. no isolation was possible in 11 cases of keratitis disciformis. laboratory confirmation was o ...1977202139
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