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[availability of the measurement of plasma beta-thromboglobulin (beta-tg) for cerebrovascular diseases (author's transl)]. 199993482
5-hydroxytryptamine and myoclonus induced by 1,2-di-hydroxybenzene (catechol) in the guinea-pig.myoclonus induced by catechol in the guinea-pig is not altered by manipulation of cerebral 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-ht). the administration of catechol does not alter brain levels of 5-ht or its metabolite 5-hydroxyindole acetic acid. this form of myoclonus therefore is not of relevance to the 5-ht-sensitive post-anoxic action myoclonus occurring in man.197993500
surface-associated host proteins on virulent treponema pallidum.a surface coat of host serum proteins was detected on virulent treponema pallidum by sodium dodecyl sulfate-gel electrophoresis. the loosely associated serum proteins could be removed by repeated washings in a protein-free medium. washed t. pallidum retained the ability to readsorb numerous host proteins from rabbit serum as well as iodinated rabbit or human albumin. in addition, various avidly associated host serum proteins including albumin, alpha(2)-macroglobulin, transferrin, ceruloplasmin, ...197993574
comparison between hla-d (lcl) and dr typing. 199993807
[allergenic properties of the blood serum of drug allergy patients]. 197993831
[structuro-functional analysis of identified grape snail neurons].the study of microanatomy of central neurons in helix pomatia showed that each identified neurone has a constant number of definitely directed processes. the branching pattern of the processes is also specific for each neurone, but in the same cell the number of the branches may vary. it is concluded, that the general morphology of the neurone is its sufficiently stable characteristic and may serve as a criterion for its identification. the possible functional role of different types of the neur ...199993832
effects of x-rays on the chloroplasts of acetabularia mediterranea [proceedings]. 199993929
amylase/creatinine clearance ratio and tubular proteinuria in acute pancreatitis.amylase/creatinine clearance ratio (cam/ccr), urinary protein concentration and urinary protein pattern were studied in 102 samples from 27 patients with acute pancreatitis and in 46 controls. raised cam/ccr, proteinuria and a tubular protein pattern were present in 74, 56 and 96% of the patients, respectively. however, cam/ccr and proteinuria and cam/ccr and tubular protein pattern were not correlated. these results do not support the suggestion that an elevated cam/ccr in acute pancreatitis is ...199994020
diet composition and insulin effect on amylase to lipase ratio in pancreas of diabetic man and in rat, the diabetic state is associated with diseases of exocrine pancreatic function. in this work, streptozotocin diabetes was shown to lead to a 95% decrease in the amylase to lipase ratio in rats. diabetes was reversed by either pancreas transplantation or insulin treatment. transplantation of neonatal pancreases was successful in reversing the diabetic-induced alterations of exocrine pancreatic function. to assess whether insulin acts directly on the exocrine pancreas, or throug ...197994021
demonstration of specific antigenecity of various fractions of human liver homogenate. 197994039
[existence of r-protein antigens in group f streptococcal cells.--investigation with cells of group f streptococcal reference stain o'mahoney (colindale)]. 197994109
diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis: a report of neonatal onset.a child developed diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis when 20 days old. his prognosis appears good, compared with other reports of similar neonatal onset.199994218
induction of delayed-type sensitivity to leishmania parasite in a case of leishmaniasis cutanea diffusa with bcg and cord-factor (trehalose-6-6' dimycolate).the delayed hypersensitivity against the leishmania parasite was restored to a patient who had suffered from diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis (dcl) for 26 years, by the application of an ointment containing heat-killed and lyophilized bcg and cord-factor (trehalose-6-6'-dimycolate) after stripping the affected and adjacent areas with scotch-tape.197994221
cross-reactions between haemophilus influenzae and nineteen other bacterial species.forty-one different antigens were demonstrated in an antigen preparation obtained by sonication of a haemophilus influenzae (h. influenzae) type b strain, using crossed immunoelectrophoresis and antiserum obtained from rabbits. antigens were characterized by absorption experiments with whole heat-killed bacteria, temperature resistance and protein and polysaccharide staining. cross-reactions between h. influenzae type b and 19 other bacterial species were studied by various quantitative immunoel ...197994235
natural plant enzyme inhibitors: part vii--alpha amylase inhibitors & amylases in plant tubers. 197994300
serum isoamylases in diseases of the lung and control subjects of thermolabile serum amylase component. 200094301
localization of murine ig-1b and ig-1a (igg 2a) allotypic determinants detected with monoclonal antibodies. 200094425
a thymus-independent igg response against dextran b512 can be induced in c57bl but not in cba mice, even though both strains possess a vhdex and c57bl mice both possess a vhdex gene coding for antibodies against the alpha 1-6 epitope of dextran b512. after immunization with dextran, cba mice produce igm plaque-forming cells (pfc) only, which show regular cyclical fluctuations. the second pfc peak disappeared after injection of dextranase, indicating that it is antigen-dependent. the anti-dextran response in c57bl mice is characterized by only one igm peak, followed 1 day later by an igg peak that may exceed the igm response by a ...200094695
[characteristics of immunoglobulin dynamics and absorption in newborn calves].a study on protein dynamics in calf blood serum from the time of birth to age of 60 days was carried out by use of electrophoresis on 1% agar gel, immunodiffusion and immunoelectrophoresis with rabbit immune serum against cattle blood serum, colostrum whey and pure nu-globulin. investigations were performed on the 4th and 24th hour, and on the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th, 45th and 60th day after birth. resorption of colostral gamma globulins, applied intravenously and orally in the for ...197994718
reconstruction of the auricle. 200094728
a further member of the yucaipa group isolated from the common wren (troglodytes troglodytes).in 1977, 477 small birds of 52 species were virologically examined. five cloacal swabs from troglodytes troglodytes yielded two paramyxovirus strains which were found antigenically related to, but not identical with ch/yucaipa/california/56 virus according to three serological tests. the ecological significance of these findings and the possibility of paramyxovirus classification into four types are discussed.197994770
interactions between polycyclic hydrocarbons and lipids in model membranes [proceedings]. 200094797
properties and usefulness of the original k-562 human myelogenous leukemia cell line. 197995026
human gamma globulin enhances the survival of renal allografts.ninety seven transplant recipients participated in a controlled, clinical trial measuring the graft-enhancing property of a human gamma globulin preparation. the latter was prepared from the blood of pregnant women (rpgg) and contained antibodies with specificities for hla locus products. data analysis indicated that rpgg treated recipients had enhanced survival rates of their grafts if they had received one or more blood transfusions prior to transplantation.197995048
runaway cordis omni-stanicor pacemaker. 200195306
flashbacks: ventricular fibrillation part i. 200195318
world survey on cardiac pacing. 200195323
ethanol, disulfiram, and pyrazole: effects on interferon production in mice.the effects of ethanol alone or combined with pyrazole or disulfiram were studied in reference to interferon production. saline, ethanol (2 g/kg), pyrazole (2 mg/kg), or disulfiram (2 mg/kg) were injected, intraperitoneally, 3 hr after poly i:c, an interferon inducer. drugs were administered either by a single injection, or twice daily for 7 days, and the mice were sacrificed 6 hr after poly i:c. sera from mice were pooled, dialyzed, and assayed for interferon by the microplaque reduction method ...200195409
[antitumor activity and preclinical pharmacologic evaluation of pingyangmycin (author's transl)]. 197995444
effect of neurotensin, substance p and morphine sulfate on the secretion of prolactin and growth hormone in the rat.neurotensin (nt), substance p (sp) and morphine sulfate (ms) elevate plasma prolactin and growth hormone levels in both normal or estrogen-progesterone pretreated male rats. by contrast, steroid priming is required for trf to exhibit prl-releasing activity. naloxone, an opiate receptor blocker, reverses the stimulatory effect of ms only. diphenhydramine, a histamine antagonist, inhibits the response to nt, sp and ms without affecting the response to trf. these results suggest the involvement of ...197795701
purification and properties of heme oxygenase from pig spleen microsomes. 197896115
naturally occurring diatomaceous pneumoconiosis in sub-human primates. 197896157
intrathecal gentamicin for refractory gram-positive meningitis.the mortality for meningitis due to staphylococcus aureus or listeria monocytogenes remains high, ranging from 32% to 77%. we treated a patient with staphylococcal meningitis refractory to methicillin sodium and oxacillin sodium, and a patient with listeria meningitis refractory to penicillin g potassium and ampicillin sodium; both patients were cured when intrathecal gentamicin sulfate was added to the regimen. the combination of intrathecal gentamicin and a penicillin may be beneficial in refr ...197896281
[parenteral nutrition in acute uremia in the surgical patient]. 199996386
[the appearance of penicillin resistant gonococci. clinical, genetic and epidemiologic problems]. 197896408
transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide by hemoglobin-saline solution in the red cell free primate. 199996451
brain and liver aldehyde dehydrogenase activity and voluntary ethanol consumption by rats: relations to strain, sex, and age.voluntary ethanol consumption and brain and liver aldehyde dehydrogenase (aldh) activity were measured in male and female rats of the tryon maze-bright (s1), tryon maze-dull (s3), and wistar strains. the levels of brain aldh measured in the different groups, corresponded well to the levels of ethanol consumption, while differences in liver aldh corresponded well to only the strain differences in ethanol intake. within individual groups, levels of ethanol consumption correlated better with levels ...197896475
response of a rat rhabdomyosarcoma to neon- and helium-ion irradiation. 197896481
substrate specificity of hexosaminidase a isolated from the liver of a patient with a rare form (ab variant) of infantile gm2 gangliosidosis and control tissues. 199996668
primary aldosteronism: a noninvasive procedure for tumor localization as well as for distinction from bilateral hyperplasia. 199996670
[congenital glaucoma in hurler's syndrome and in lowe's syndrome. clinical and electron microscopy findings].2 cases of congenital glaucoma combined with a general metabolic disease are described. 1 patient displayed the symptoms of a mucopolysaccharidosis (hurler's syndrome), the other patient showed the characteristics of lowe's oculo-cerebrorenal syndrome. in both patients a surgical trabeculectomy was performed. the excised tissues were analysed by electron microscopy. distinct vacuolar or fibrillar deposits were observed in both cases in the trabecular region and in schlemm's canal. possibly, thes ...199996681
[associated congenital pulmonary stenosis and aortic stenosis. apropos of 5 cases]. 199996770
phospholipid content and activity of pure uridine diphosphate-glucuronyltransferase from rat liver.rat liver phospholipids were radioactively labeled in vivo before purification of udp-glucuronyltransferase to homogeneity. the pure enzyme contained very little phospholipid (approx. 0.7 mol of phospholipid/mol of protein). the solubilization detergent lubrol 12a9 appeared to act as a phospholipid substitute, capable of supporting udp-glucuronyltransferase activity. phospholipase c did not inhibit the pure enzyme activity and pure udp-glucuronyltransferase was stimulated by 40--100% by the addi ...197896816
genetic aspects of immunologic abnormalities in new zealand mouse strains. 197896842
[proton beam treatment in the neurosurgical field]. 199996847
behaviour of solute and particle markers in the stomach of sheep given a concentrate diet.1. fistulated sheep given a concentrate diet were used to study the behaviour of solute ([51cr]edta) and particle ([103ru]phenanthroline) markers in the stomach under conditions of continuous feeding. 2. an injection of a mixed dose of [51cr]edta and [103ru]phenanthroline was given into the rumen and the time course of marker concentrations in the rumen and the abomasum was recorded. the curves were analysed on the assumption that the stomach of the sheep could be represented as two mixing compa ...197896850
vitamins in intravenous feeding: a study of water-soluble vitamins and folate in critically ill patients receiving intravenous cell b vitamins, folate and white cell vitamin c were measured in a group of critically ill surgical patients before and following a course of intravenous nutrition. patients received a widely used vitamin supplementation regimen in the form of one ampoule of water-soluble vitamins daily and recommended doses of intramuscular folate, vitamin b12 and vitamin k weekly. this regimen was adequate to maintain tissue levels of the water-soluble vitamins and folate. patients with initially low valu ...199996904
bovine transferrin glycopeptide: the relevance of its structure to interaction with the mammalian hepatic lectin that binds asialoglycoproteins. 197896919
test for differentiation of m. tuberculosis and m. bovis from other mycobacteria.a test is described for selective inhibition of mycobacterium tuberculosis and m. bovis isolates in fluid medium. the method employs rho-nitro-alpha-acetyl-amino-beta-hydroxy-propiophenone (nap) as an inhibitory agent for differentiation of mammalian tuberculosis strains from other mycobacteria.197896930
lipids of the streptomycettes. structural investigation and biological interrelation a review.during a systematic investigation of lipids of streptomycetes a series of compounds of biochemical and microbiological interest have been isolated and characterized. these include several menaquinones, glycosyl diglycerides (glucuronosyl and isoladobinosym diglycerides), two ornithino lipids and a diol phospholipid. some of these lipids were not known previously as constituents of streptomycete cells although they have been encountered elsewhere; others have proved to be novel lipids. the result ...197896946
[renewal of noradrenaline in different zones of the central nervous system of inbred mice strains and their recombinants].a good correlation exists between the learning capacity and norepinephrine metabolism in the neocortex of c57 and balb inbred mice strains, as well as their f1 hybrids and seven recombinant inbred strains derived from their cross. the animals with a better learning performance are characterised by low levels of norepinephrine, as well as a slow metabolic rate of this neurotransmitter in the cortex. such a correlation has not been found to exist in the other cerebral regions studied.199996976
[host-virus relationship during experimental spring viremia in carp].one-summer-old virus-free carps produce both circulating interferon and neutralizing antibodies when stored at +20 degrees c and injected intraperitonealy with 10(5), 10(6), 10(7) p. f. u. of spring viremia of carp virus per fish: kinetics and intensity of interferon production are maximum for the highest virus imput (fig.) and neutralizing antibodies are present in most of the fish 2 1/2 months post infection (table).197896984
[formation of cutaneous nerve trunks in the chick. ultrastructural and quantitative analysis].in chick skin structuration of nervous trunks takes place at 14-15 days of incubation, at the time of formation of the adult pattern of cutaneous innervation. at this same stage, myelogenesis begins, but develops mainly after hatching: only 4% of axons are myelinated at hatching, 40% in 6-week old chickens and 60% in adults. this "critical" stage (14-15 days of incubation) apparently corresponds to the stabilization of cutaneous nerve supply.197896985
[contribution of divalent cations to the maintenance of membrane potentials in the oocytes of pleurodeles waltlii michah (amphibia, urodela)].when the external concentration of ca and mg is changed, the oocyte membrane potential, in the urodela amphibian: pleurodeles waltlii, is not significantly modified. the addition of chelator agents, egta and edta in ca, mg free steinberg solution promotes a membrane depolarisation and the rise of membrane conductance. it is concluded that divalent ions ca++ and mg++ are needed to maintain a potential difference between internal and external medium of the oocyte.199996993
[cutaneous respiration in a selachian (scyliorhinus caniculus l.)].cutaneous oxygen consumption (mo2) and cutaneous oxygen uptake from the external medium were investigated in an elasmobranch scyliorhinus caniculus l. in spite of an important mo2 (2.75 +/- 0.28 cm-2 ; n=6) a positive net flux of oxygen through the skin takes place (2.98 +/- 0.33 nmol. mn-1 .cm-2). the skin of the dogfish in an exchanger for oxygen supplying 10% of oxygen requirements of other organs of the body in these experimental conditions (t = 13 degrees c).197897014
urine glucose measurement in the management of diabetes mellitus. 199997043
effect of pentagastrin on the rat small intestine after resection. 197897119
hyponatremia. 200097245
discrepancy between results of the streptozyme test and those of the antideoxyribonulcease b and antihyaluronidase tests.comparison of the serum titers obtained with the streptozyme, the antistreptolysin o, the antideoxyribonuclease b, and the antistreptohyaluronidase tests suggested that the streptozyme test had failed to detect antibodies against streptococcal deoxyribonuclease b and hyaluronidase. moreover, sera that were negative in the streptozyme test could be shown by immunodiffusion to possess significant numbers of precipitins against extracellular factors produced by group a streptococci. follow-up studi ...197897311
preliminary x-ray crystallographic data on phospholipase c from bacillus cereus. 197897390
effects of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid-4 sodium solution on the surface of renal calculi and the uroepithelium.tetrasodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid is one of the most effective agents that dissolve renal calculi, especially calculi containing calcium. to study the dissolving process of calculi in solutions, with or without trypsin, serial thin sections of renal calculi composed of calcium oxalate and/or phosphate were prepared and observed by polarizing microscopy. the effects of the solution on the surface of human renal calculi and rat uroepithelium also were studied by scanning electron microsc ...197897399
establishment of two medical colleges in nwfp. 200097411
[importance of close observation of the patient and confirmation of the findings]. 200097450
[status of research on experimental atherogenesis]. 197897489
effect of dietary composition on fasting-induced changes in serum thyroid hormones and thyrotropin. 200097492
biological influence of fat intake on mammary cancer and mammary tissue: experimental correlates. 197897651
the reinforcing property of ethanol in the rhesus monkey ii. some variables related to the maintenance of intravenous ethanol-reinforced responding. 197897716
[epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis and anti-meningococcic vaccination]. 197897747
some factors, influencing the sensitivity of the antibody screening the groupamatic 360 system. 200097759
isolation care of infection-prone burn experimental and clinical study of spread of colonisation between burn patients, and their susceptibility to infection, was performed. burn patients' polymorphonuclear neutrophil granulocytes (pmn) functioned poorly, particularly during the second week after injury which coincided with maximum growth of bacteria in the burn wound. patients with large burns often dispersed s. aureus and ps. aeruginosa but also beta-hemolytic streptococcus to the air of their rooms. airborne transfer of these b ...197897776
infertility in a potto. 200197850
intercellular contacts in primate cerebral arteries: acute effects of subarachnoid injection of artificial cerebrospinal fluids, serotonin, and blood. 200197923
road traffic accidents: the doctor's point of and thirty-five road traffic accident admissions (38.8% of all accidents analysed) were studied with respect to their age, sex, and distribution of injuries. it was found that the adolescent and young adult males were mostly affected. the bed utilization rate in the wards where these accident victims were admitted was found to be lower than for other wards. ways by which the services in hospitals--both specialist and general--can be organized for a more economic and efficient care of ...200197953
contribution of computed tomography to the treatment of lymphomas.the effectiveness of computed body tomography (ct) in the workup, treatment planning, and follow-up of 38 patients with hodgkin's disease and 59 with non-hodgkin's lymphoma was analyzed. ct scanning can frequently define lymphoma in the retroperitoneum, and occasionally in mesenteric lymph nodes, spleen, and liver. these data are useful for staging, for radiotherapy treatment planning, and in monitoring response to radiotherapy or chemotherapy. ct was found to be particularly useful in patients ...200197988
efficiency of utilization of a computed tomography scanner.efficient utilization of diagnostically effective but expensive computed tomography (ct) brain scanners requires understanding of time factors influencing patient throughput. in a study at ucla medical center using an emi mark i brain scanner, the average number of patients studied was 16.3 per 15.5 hr workday, for an average of 52.7 min per patient. of the patients, 51.5% were inpatients at ucla, 45% received intravenous iodinated constrast infusion, and 33% had studies showing significant abno ...200197991
the hook sign in type 3 congenital colonic atresia. 200198027
the application of complement fixation to antibody weight estimates. ii.--to sheep erythrocytes. 197898098
activity of three 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives against in vitro dental plaque.three 8-hydroxyquinoline derivatives, assessed using an in vitro preformed dental plaque model system, were differentially inhibitory for four plaque-forming microorganisms.197898105
infection in acute leukemia patients receiving oral nonabsorable antibiotics.during a 20-month period all acute nonlymphocytic patients (87 patient trials) receiving cytotoxic chemotherapy were placed on an oral nonabsorbable antibiotic regimen consisting of gentamicin, vancomycin, and nystatin in addition to an intensive program of infection prevention aimed at reducing exogenously acquired and body-surface potential pathogens. although side effects of anorexia, diarrhea, and nausea were common, gentamicin-vancomycin-nystatin was ingested 80% of the study time. microbia ...197898107
the effect of heat shock on gene expression in drosophila melanogaster. 200198271
experimental coronary atherosclerosis in rabbits. 197898302
anticonvulsant action of a 1,5-benzodiazepine, clobazam, in reflex epilepsy.clobazam, an anxiolytic 1,5-benzodiazepine, has been evaluated as an anticonvulsant in 2 animal models. in mice showing sound induced seizures, clobazam, 1--4 mg/kg, i.p., blocked seizure responses for 1--2 hr. in senegalese baboons papio papio showing photically induced myoclonus or seizures, clobazam, 2--12 mg/kg, i.v., totally prevented such responses for up to 6 hr. in baboons pretreated with allylglycine, 170--185 mg/kg, a similar but briefer protection was induced by clobazam. neurological ...200198317
regional differences in tumor growth: studies of the vascular system. 200198454
immunopathology of malaria. 197898476
prevention through mental health. 200198494
a blood drive model for health education projects. 200198507
pleiotropic effect of a rifampin-resistant mutation in bacillus subtilis.rifampin-resistant (rifr) mutants were isolated spontaneously from bacillus subtilis strain 168. a fraction of the mutants did not grow on a minimal medium. a high concentration of one of the l-amino acids (glutamic acid, glutamine, arginine, proline, aspartic acid, or asparagine) was required to restore their growth on the medium. further analysis of one of the mutants (strain rf 161) suggested that the mutant is unable to use ammonia as a nitrogen source and requires amino acids instead. activ ...197898517
formylation of initiator trna methionine in procaryotic protein synthesis: in vivo polarity in lactose operon expression.eucaryotic and procaryotic organisms differ in two aspects of their translation machinery: polycistronic messengers are expressed as a sequence of individual proteins only in procaryotes, and the initiation of protein synthesis proceeds with an initiator trna which is found to be modified (formylated) in procaryotes and not in eucaryotes. in the present study, we show that formylation is required in vivo for the coordinate expression of the escherichia coli lactose operon. our experiments are co ...197898518
altered mrna metabolism in ribonuclease iii-deficient strains of escherichia coli.the metabolism of mrna from the lactose (lac) operon of escherichia coli has been studied in ribonuclease (rnase) iii-deficient strains (rnc-105). the induction lag for beta-galactosidase from the first gene was twice as long, and enzyme synthesis was reduced 10-fold in one such mutant compared with its isogenic rnc+ sister; in the original mutant strain ab301-105, synthesis of beta-galactosidase was not even detectable, although transduction analysis revealed the presence of a normal lac operon ...197898520
a.d.a. recommendations to dhew on proposed changes in standards for long-term care facilities. 197898553
correlation of histology and ultrastructure in pathology specimens. 200198630
observations on acute gastric dilatation in nonhuman the years 1967-1977 we diagnosed 23 cases of acute gastric dilatation in monkeys. fourteen of these animals were macaca mulatta, five macaca fascicularis, and one each of macaca nemestrina, aotus trivirgatus, saimiri sciureus, and colobus guereza. fourteen of the animals were males, nine were females, and all were adults or subadults. mortality was 78% (18 of 23 animals). thirteen of the animals had received on anesthetic, immobilizing, or tranquilizing drug 1-2 days before developing acute g ...197898666
observations on 160 patients with peripheral facial paralysis seen in private practice. 200198678
sodium cromoglycate (intal) in the management of chronic leg ulcers. 200198691
[contribution of drug therapy to the efficiency in health care delivery]. 200198692
localised insertion of new cell wall in bacillus subtilis. 197898715
electron-microscopic identification of axonal initial segments belonging to interneurons in the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the monkey. 197898733
reduced hepatic bilirubin uridine diphosphate glucuronyl transferase and uridine diphosphate glucose dehydrogenase activity in the human fetus.hepatic bilirubin uridine diphosphate glucuronyl transferase (udpg-t) activity was 0.14 and 0.22 units in two fetuses aged 17 and 22 weeks, respectively, and less than 0.1 unit in 15 fetuses, aged 8--19 weeks compared to 0.68--1.99 units in 21 normal adults. hepatic uridine diphosphate glucose dehydrogenase (udpg-d) activity in 14 fetuses, aged 8--18 weeks, ranged from 6.2--15.0 units (mean = 11.3 +/- 0.7) compared to 28.8--49.2 units (mean = 39.6 +/- 2.5) in eight normal adults (p less than 0.0 ...197898749
behaviour of alpha1-antitrypsin in lung cancer. 200198836
long-term survival in multiple myeloma. 199898920
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