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[data for the study of shigella sonnei. i. microbiological characteristics of shigella sonnei]. 195413170687
[serological properties of shigella sonnei]. 195413170688
[date for properties of shigella sonnei]. 195413170689
a method for the rapid differentiation of enterobacteriaceae. 195413171362
shigella flexneri enzootic in captive rhesus monkeys. 195413172519
[genetic transduction of colicinogenic properties in escherichia coli and shigella sonnei]. 195413173039
[natural antibodies. ii. anti-flexner agglutinins and protective power]. 195413173985
studies on lysogenesis. iii. superinfection of lysogenic shigella dysenteriae with temperate mutants of the carried phage. 195413174499
provisional shigella boydii infections in egyptian children. 195413174506
an outbreak of sonne dysentery in an institution in the tropics. 195413175290
studies on lysogenesis. ii. the effect of temperature on the lysogenization of shigella dysenteriae with phage p1. 195413129214
the detection microscopically of colonies of shigella in stool cultures. 195413129221
the relative efficacy of culture media in the isolation of shigella sonnei. 195413165478
[sulfaguanidine sensitivity of shigella strains found in hungary]. 195413166314
erythrocyte-modifying capacity of shigella dysenteriae (shiga) antigen and its polysaccharide component. 195413167120
studies in immunochemistry. 13. preparation and properties of the 'o' somatic antigen of shigella dysenteriae (shiga). 195413159883
[effect of various amounts of chlorine on vitality of bacteria of the dysentery group]. 195413162169
a strain of shigella dysenteriae. i. requiring proline. 195413163001
mannitol negative varieties of shigella flexneri serotypes. 195413163415
[toxins of shigella dysenteriae]. 195413164993
[antigens and salmonella typhosa and of shigella dysenteriae]. 195413157256
isolation of shigella and salmonella organisms from nile fish. 195413158768
[some characteristics of shigella sonnei and shigella boydii 6; their value for differential diagnosis]. 195413158954
[effect of sulfonamides on inflammatory reaction causes by shigella dysenteriae]. 195413137500
diagnostic use of the braun kcn test within the enterobacteriaceae. 195413138210
the incidence of shigella organisms in a group of egyptian village children. 195413138832
laboratory infections with shigella flexneri 3 and shigella sonnei. 195413151869
[somato-antigenic affinity of escherichia coli to shigella viscosa]. 195414391986
[crossed resistance to tetracycline of various chloramphenicol-resistant shigella strains and of various terramycin-resistant salmonella typhosa strains]. 195414351421
[presence and significance of anti-shigella agglutinin in patients of the provincial psychiatric hospital of messina]. 195414351474
a cytological study of the lysogenization of shigella dysenteriae with p1 and p2 bacteriophages. 195414352060
[presence of shigella dysenteria 3 (q. 771 of large-sachs)]. 195414362182
[modification of properties of enteric bacilli in the presence of killed shigella dysenteriae (in vitro and in vivo)]. 195414349242
[investigation of properties of different variations of shigella sonnei]. 195414349267
[certain data on antigenic structure of shigella sonnei and preparation of agglutinating and precipitating immune sera]. 195414349268
[classification of shigella dysenteriae]. 195414349279
[characteristics of correlation between various strains of bacteria of the dysentery group]. 195414349280
[relation of b. alkalescens to flexner's and grigorev-shiga's bacilli]. 195414349281
arsenical chemotherapeutic drugs. xvii. resistance development and cross-resistance of shigella dysenteriae to 3-nitro-4-hydroxyphenyl-bis (alpha, beta-dicarboxyethyl) dithioarsenite and 3-amino-4-hydroxydiphenyl- (alpha, beta-dicarboxyethyl)-thioarsinite. 195414356868
[investigations on shigella and protozoa in the intestines]. 195414357476
[preparation of an agglutinating serum with a pseudomonas strain against the round form of shigella sonnei]. 195414360237
[certain properties of shigella shigae toxin. vi. effect of certain drugs on modifications induced with shigella shigae toxin]. 195414364664
[investigation on antigenic structure of shigella dysenteriae; preliminary communication]. 195414383361
[investigations on antigenic structure of shigella dysenteriae; second communication]. 195414383362
1954 summary of disease outbreaks. 195514384991
[results of directed variability (saprophytization) of dysenterial bacilli]. 195514387182
[survival of causative agents of dysentery in various objects in foci of infection]. 195514387183
[duration of survival of dysenterial bacilli in dried feces]. 195514387184
[duration of survival of dysenterial bacilli in milk and in sour milk products with modified biological properties]. 195514387185
[atypical strains of dysenterial bacilli]. 195514387188
[immunologic characteristics of shigella sonnei in experimental conditions in white mice]. 195514387194
[modification of properties of typhoid and dysenterial (flexner) bacilli following application of solutions of cobalt sulfate]. 195514387201
experimental shigella keratoconjunctivitis; a preliminary report. 195514387586
[observations on formation of l forms in shigella dysenteriae]. 195514387593
an outbreak of dysentery caused by shigella boydii 7. 195514387962
studies in immunochemistry. 15. the specific polysaccharide of the dominant 'o' somatic antigen of shigella dysenteriae. 195514389239
chemotherapy of gastro-intestinal infection, an experimental approach. 195514367642
bacteriophage typing of shigella sonnei and its limitations in epidemiological investigation. 195514367803
an immunogenic antigen of low toxicity derived from shigella sonnei. 195514367815
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. v. transfer of cells incubated in vitro with suspensions of shigella paradysenteriae. 195514367819
shigellosis in six siblings. 195514368058
[microbiologic and epidemiologic characteristics of dysentery caused by newcastle bacteria]. 195514375287
[survival of dysenterial bacteria in boiling water]. 195514375288
[discussion on kh. k. forshter's and n. v. svinkinaia's article, effect of sulfonamides on inflammatory reaction caused by shigella dysenteriae]. 195514375296
[effect of variability of shigella sonnei on their immunogenicity]. 195514360677
the treatment of shigellosis. i. synergistic effect of antibiotics on shigella. 195514361366
studies in shigellosis. i. general considerations, locale of studies, and methods. 195514361905
studies in shigellosis. ii. observations on incidence and etiology of diarrheal disease in egyptian village children. 195514361906
studies in shigellosis. iii. a controlled evaluation of a monovalent shigella vaccine in a highly endemic environment. 195514361907
studies in shigellosis. iv. a controlled trial of sulfadiazine, dihydrostreptomycin and oxytetracycline as long term prophylaxis agents in a highly endemic environment for shigellosis. 195514361908
atypical chronic intestinal shigellosis. 195514361909
influence of water availability on shigella prevalence in children of farm labor families. 195514350129
preliminary study of treatment with neomycin of diarrhea caused by shigella and salmonella. 195514362431
the specific polysaccharides of some gram-negative bacteria. 195514363166
sulfonamide and antibiotic sensitivity of dysentery bacilli isolated in the united states, japan, and korea: a comparative study. 195514354356
antibodies to shigellae in normal human sera; demonstration of components of the group antigen of shigella flexneri as the antigens involved. 195514392335
[mannitol-negative variation of sh. flexneri type ii]. 195514393517
[the role of bacteria of salmonella and shigella group and bacterium coli in etiology of infantile diarrhea]. 195514394725
[salmonella and shigella bacteria in etiology of infantile diarrhea]. 195514394729
[antigenic relation between shigella flexneri type 5 and a new escherichia coli o group 129]. 195514397674
[not available]. 195514398116
shigella infections; observations on recognition and review of 117 cases of shigella enteritis observed in the isolation division of the san francisco hospital, it was noted that the most common symptoms were high fever, liquid and bloody stools, prostration, irritability and meningismus. the use of antibiotics did not significantly affect the course of the acute illness but resulted in earlier elimination of the shigella organisms from the bowel. "carriers" were found to be particularly resistant to antibiotic therapy. the disease is self-limi ...195513230923
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. vi. transfer of cells incubated in vitro with shigella-treated rabbit serum. 195513242810
[bacillary dysentery in ituri]. 195513249199
the neurotoxin of shigella shigae. 5. the effect of iron and related metals on the growth, respiration and toxin production of shigella shigae and related organisms. 195513250113
the neurotoxin of shigella shigae. 6. the relation between toxin and cytochrome production in the organism. 195513250114
[shigella infections in the french expeditionary forces to south vietnam in 1954]. 195513250366
an investigation of the serological response to salmonella and shigella infection of children. 195513253109
[antigenic relationship of paracolon bacteria to shigella dysenteriae]. 195513253260
[salmonellas and shigellas isolated in 1954 from cases of acute enteritis which occurred in ciudad juarez, mexico]. 195513255254
[lysin sensitivity and antibiotic resistance of types of shigella]. 195513257653
[selection of strains of shigella dysenteriae for vaccines and simple method of their preservation]. 195513257785
[method of preparation of adaptable dysenterial bacteriophage]. 195513257786
[rules in multiplication of salmonella typhosa and of flexner's shigella in deep aeration]. 195513257796
control of sonne dysentery in day nurseries: a trial of phthalylsulphathiazole; by a group of medical officers of health in association with the public health laboratory service sonne dysentery committee. 195513260632
[shigella flexneri food poisoning]. 195513266611
transduction of linked genetic characters of the host by bacteriophage p1. 195513267987
observations on the intoxication produced in mice and rabbits by the neurotoxin of shigella shigae. 195513269655
the neurotoxin of shigella shigae: morphological and functional lesions produced in the central nervous system of rabbits. 195513269656
isolation of shigella from dogs in egypt. 195513271302
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