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results obtained with a modified eosin-methylene blue-agar medium for isolating shigellae. 195313151034
[studies on a causative agent of sepsis; contribution to the knowledge of alkalescens-dispar-like strains]. 195313137222
[experimental studies on the poisons of dysenteric bacteria. iv. specificity of acute poisonous effects]. 195313137248
[method of mass cultivation of shigella paradysenteriae]. 195313152957
studies on gastric mucin. i. in vivo and in vitro studies with shigella dysenteriae. 195313156977
[not available]. 195313159021
[effect of streptomycin, synthomycetin and levomycetin on shigella dysenteriae]. 195313165056
[shigella infections in the picture of digestive toxicoses]. 195313101459
histological changes in the central nervous system produced by dysentery bacilli (shigella dysenteriae). ii. experiments in monkeys (macacus cyclopis). 195313103146
alternation to toxoid of diphtheria toxin by potassium thiocyanate. 195313103147
salmonellosis and shigellosis in cook county, illinois. iii. course of shigellosis and salmonellosis before microbiologic diagnosis. 195313104377
the isolation and identification of enteric bacteria. 195313104422
[additional observations on the reactions of enterobacteriaceae to phenylpropionic acid]. 195313105988
[new type of shigella boydii provisional serotype ca/792]. 195313111658
[ice cream as the cause of food poisoning and toxinfections]. 195313113382
[persistence of the lysogenic character of the bacille de lisbonne in oxalated bouillon and synthetic medium]. 195313124910
[note on two hundred strains of shigella isolated at saigon]. 195313124951
[note on a strain of shigella flexneri isolated by hemoculture]. 195313124952
[a new enterobacteriaceae isolated from a dysenteric syndrome]. 195313124962
[cerebral hemorrhage during shigella flexneri infection]. 195313126225
cytological effects of infection with t5 and some related phages. 195313069445
some factors influencing the laboratory mass cultivation of shigella sonnei. 195313069472
[epidemic of dysentery caused by shigella sonnei after eating fresh cheese]. 195313075952
[circulatory collapse and morphological changes in poisoning with shigella flexneri dysentery endotoxin]. 195313078835
[peptone and lactose decomposition by salmonella and shigella]. 195313078953
[practical diagnosis of pathogenic intestinal bacteria]. 195313078962
investigation of enteric infections in the caribbean area. iii. distribution of shigella strains in jamaica and costa rica. 195313080237
[experiences with new diagnostic methods for detection of strains of salmonella and shigella group with special reference to epidemiology]. 195313081062
the polysaccharide of shigella flexneri, type 3. 195313084652
[nutritional physiology of the dysentery bacteria]. 195313086521
optimum temperature of incubation for isolation of salmonellae. 195313087014
histological changes in the central nervous system produced by dysentery bacilli (shigella dysenteriae). i. experiments in rabbits. 195313090793
[studies on stain agglutination and electrophretic behavior of dysentery bacteria. i. shigella dysenteriae]. 195313091063
critiques of the shigella types reported recently as new subtypes in japan. 195313096200
serological relationships between shigella and coliform cultures. 195313096483
sensitivity studies on shigella sonnei. 195313042164
the relative efficacy of cultures for shigella. 195313029320
a time-saving method for the identification of enteric pathogens. 195313030879
chemical and antiviral properties of the somatic antigens of phase ii sh. sonnei and of a phage-resistant variant, ii/3, 4, 7. 195313031239
[antibiotic therapy of shigella enteritis]. 195313033606
studies with shigella dysenteriae (shiga). iv. immunological reactions in monkeys to the toxins in isolated intestinal pouches. 195313035094
quantitative studies of cross reactions between shigella flexneri types 1a, 1b, and 31. 195313035116
epidemic shigella gastroenteritis (bacillary dysentery) in an endemic area. ii. age-specific clinical aspects. 195313037434
the interaction between t4 phage and the specific lipocarbohydrate of phase ii sh. sonnei. 195313168987
studies on the prevention and treatment of dysentery. ii. on the variation of sh. flexneri 4. 195313175375
on a new type (sh. flexneri lc) of the flexner group. 195313175376
[certain properties of toxin of shigella shigae. v. modifications of parabiotic processes produced by shigella shigae toxin]. 195313209622
shigella types occurring in ceylon. 195313190565
persistency of some important cultural and biochemical characters of certain intestinal bacteria isolated two, three and over four decades ago. 195313180930
[modifications induced in shigella flexneri strain by cultivation in homologous immune serum]. 195313168108
[first appearance of alcalescens dispar 04 in northern italy]. 195413168132
[toxic infection caused by shigella sonnei]. 195413236313
[study of shigella sonnei]. 195413237852
[dysentery bacilli isolated in the eastern regions of the belgian congo, ituri and ruanda-urundi]. 195413181232
[acute enterocolitis due to shigella flexneri associated with bronchopneumonia and complicated by peritonitis]. 195413181966
study of paracolon organisms with the major antigen of shigella sonnei, form i. 195413183897
[resistance to chloramphenicol of various shigella strains and cross-resistance of the same strains to other antibiotics: terramycin, aureomycin, polymyxin, erythromycin, magnamycin and bacitracin]. 195413186657
[survival of zonne's and flexner's bacteria in certain food products]. 195413232312
[hemagglutination as a method for detection of shigella antibodies]. 195413232563
host-controlled variation of shigella bacteriophage. 195413232831
semi-resistance of bacteria to a bacteriophage; second report on host-controlled variation. 195413232833
studies on the transfer of lymph node cells. iv. effects of x-irradiation of recipient rabbits on the appearance of antibody after cell transfer.cells of the popliteal lymph node were teased 3 days after the injection of shigella paradysenteriae into the hind foot pads of rabbits. these cells were transferred to normal and x-irradiated recipients. it was noted that the serum titers of dysentery agglutinins in irradiated recipients were higher than in normal recipients. this was represented both in a higher peak: titer and a tendency to remain higher for a longer period than in normal animals. recipients were x-irradiated within 1 hour af ...195413192253
transfer to x-irradiated rabbits of lymph node cells incubated in vitro with shigella paradysenteriae. 195413194717
preparation, characterization, and antigenicity of a saline soluble fraction from shigella types. 195413194735
increased susceptibility to shigella endotoxin and to histamine after immunization to h. pertussis. 195413196401
[possibility of production of the phenomenon of paradoxical sensitivity with toxic products of dysenterial bacilli]. 195413199038
[preparation of anti-erythrocytic serum (anti-h) by immunization of goat with shigella dysenteriae]. 195413199106
immunochemical study of a bacterial endotoxin: shigella flexneri type z.the endotoxins of the gram-negative bacteria have similar biological and chemical properties. the toxic antigen of shigella flexneri type z was selected as a representative endotoxin, and it was confirmed that the antigen consists of a polysaccharide conjugated with phospholipid and protein. by the technique of zone electrophoresis, the polysaccharide of the purified endotoxin was shown to be conjugated with each of three different proteins, and each conjugate proved toxic and antigenic for the ...195413201716
studies with shigella dysenteriae (shiga). v. factors involved in the preparation of toxoid. 195413201761
[studies on the effect of dysenterial bacteriophage associated with ekmolin]. 195413206337
[immunologic properties of shigella sonnei in experimental conditions; immunization of rabbits and passive immunization of white mice]. 195413206341
[hydrocarbon in shigella diphtheriae]. 195413208739
studies on mucus antibody of bacillary dysentery. i. the relationship between the excretion of shigella organisms and the mucus- and serum agglutinins. 195413242250
quantitative aspects of the pyrogenic and the shwartzmann phenomenon-producing potency of the o antigen derived from the ohno dysentery bacilli. 195413242253
the use of antibiotics in shigella infections. 195413210198
[comparative effect of tannic plants growing in siberia on dysenterial group of bacteria]. 195413210409
on the type-distribution of salmonella and shigella isolated in japan during the year 1952 and identified in our laboratory. 195413211113
factors influencing the growth of shigella dysenterial in a synthetic medium. 195413211566
[effect of streptomycin on variability of shigella dysenteriae]. 195413213607
[serologic characteristics of the shigella sonnei mutant rapidly fermenting lactose; antigenic relation between shigella sonnei phase il and shigella boydii 6]. 195413218368
[bacteriological and epidemiological study of shigella infection in south vietnam in 1953]. 195413219585
[some biological observations on shigellae with reference to their distribution in croatia]. 195413221186
clinical and laboratory studies on the treatment of shigella dysentery with colistin. 195413221347
the susceptibility of some desert rodents to experimental infections with shigella and brucella organisms. 195413221817
[experiences in mass culture of shigella strains]. 195413222683
[anatomical findings in shigella shiga infection in a breeding place for beavers]. 195413225428
[explosive epidemic of dysentery caused by sulfonamide-resistant strain of shigella flexneri ii]. 195413226728
hemagglutination test for specific antibodies in dysentery caused by shigella sonnei. 195413228376
a simple method for determining the sulphonamide sensitivity of shigella sonnei. 195413176376
[unusual laboratory findings in a sudden outbreak of bacillary dysentery]. 195413176594
[seven cases of shigellosis caused by shigella dysenteriae in mexico city]. 195413177418
[type-specific serums of shigella dysenteriae 2 (type schmitz)]. 195413179716
[infections trials on flies with enterobacterial strains. ii]. 195413179875
[atypic strains of causative agents of sonne dysentery and their toxigenic properties]. 195413179935
[survival of sulfanilamide resistant shigella dysenteria in the intestine in mouse]. 195413179936
[characteristics of atypical dysentery cultures]. 195413179941
comparative studies on the toxicity and protective value of s. flexneri and of its isolated somatic antigen. 195413180256
[usefulness of desoxycholic acid citrate as culture medium in shiga-kruse dysentery]. 195413170333
[utilization of soluble antigen of shigella dysenteriae for enteric immunization]. 195413170683
[certain data on variability of hiss-flexner types of shigella]. 195413170684
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