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[salmonella and shigella coli]. 195015425923
[preparation of antigens for the diagnosis and therapy of bacterial allergy. iv. antigens of enterobacteria (escherichia, aerobacter, klebsiella, proteus, salmonella, shigella)]. 195015427975
chloramphenicol (chloromycetin) therapy in shigella enteritis. 195015428292
isolation of the hypoagglutinable variant of shigella alkalescens from the blood. 195015432311
the isolation of shigella boydii type 7 (lavington) from a case of diarrhea. 195015432344
[a new shigella paradysenteriae serotype: the 112 type of cox and wallace]. 195015433052
[sensitivity of enterobacteriaceae to chloromycetin]. 195015433580
subacute bacterial endocarditis with pulmonary embolism in a horse associated with shigella equirulis. 195015434463
the properties of l forms isolated from salmonella and the isolation of l forms from shigella. 195015436451
differences in toxicity of the s- and r-variants of shigella dysenteriae. 195015437001
a clinical trial with chloromycetin in shigella dysenteriae (sonne); a report of three cases. 195015437264
antigenic identity of shigella alkalescens type i and kauffmann's escherichia o group 1. 195015440818
[a mannite-positive, shigella-like strain, with serological relation to large-sachs type q 771]. 195015443719
[comparative investigations of certain new culture mediums for the isolation of salmonella and shigella]. 195015443723
field trial of shigella flexneri iii vaccine; coproantibody studies. 195015405854
the action of sodium and magnesium sulfate on salmonellae, shigellae and vibrios. 195015403066
the x strain of sh. paradysenteriae (flexner)- a correction. 195014846646
biochemical behaviours of shigella flexneri type 4. 195014880337
[bacteriology of bacillary dysentery in stanleyville (belgian congo). ii. two strains of bacilli of the flexner group without effect on mannite]. 195014830038
shigella alkalescens as a cause of pyelocystitis with bacteremia. 195014771095
fifty years of nursing in the federal government nursing services. 195014771115
a note on shigellae in central america. 195014771393
[type differentiation of pathogenic microorganisms]. 195014804944
[structure of somatic antigen of shigella shigae]. 195014806012
[two unusual serotypes of shigella paradysenteriae]. 195014806563
[studies on shigella infections. i. anti-flexner group agglutinines in non-dysenteric subjects]. 195014808856
[shigella saigonensis; 13 strains recently isolated]. 195014811122
the antibacterial effect of river water on shigella shigae in connection with the presence of corresponding antagonists and bacteriophages. 195014811405
[study on bacterial nucleic acids. i. titer in r and s strains of salmonella paratyphi and shigella dysenteriae of pentose and desoxypentose nucleic acids during growth]. 195014812312
[structure of somatic antigen of shigella shigae]. 195014815308
[fractional antigens i/iii in shigella paradysenteriae (flexner)]. 195014815313
[toxins of shigella dysenteriae]. 195014815315
[use of shigella toxins precipitation reaction in the determination of anti-dysentery vaccines]. 195014815316
[frequency of shigella in suspected cases of typhoid]. 195014815317
[types of shigella in poland; preliminary report]. 195014815318
[shigella paradysenteriae flexneri type i-iii infection in the laboratory (effect of polyvalent bacteriophage on dissociation of shigella)]. 195014815319
[typing of shigella with specific bacteriophage]. 195014815359
[coproculture in bacterial dysentery]. 195014813637
a new growth factor required by butyribacterium rettgeri. 195014774356
two intermediate members of enterobacteriaceae. 195014774359
studies in bacillary dysentery. ii. antibody formation in macacus rhesus monkeys after the oral ingestion of living and formalin-killed cultures of shigella paradysenteriae. 195014774538
shigella grouping antiserums. 195014774630
[methods for the isolation and classification of salmonella and shigella from fecal matter]. 195014775368
[shigella equirulis and bacterium anitratum (parashigellosis of foals)]. 195014775475
field trial of "shigella flexneri iii" vaccine. 195014782322
the isolation of three "shigella paradysenteriae" serotypes from one patient. 195014782323
dysentery due to sulfonamide-resistant shigella sonnei controlled with chloromycetin. 195014782676
classification of sh. flexneri. 195014783001
studies on bacteriophage. ii. inhibition of lysis of escherichia coli b by the somatic antigen of phase ii shigella serological means it has been shown that e. coli b contains an antigen closely related to the protein-lipocarbohydrate complex of phase ii sh. sonnei. lysis of e. coli b by three of the t viruses, t(3), t(4), and t(7), can be inhibited by the phase ii dysentery antigen. it has been suggested that the receptor of e. coli b with which these viruses combine is this newly described antigenic component. two variants of the virus t(3) have also been described, in stocks which have been treated with ...195014784535
[comparative study of forms of the dysentery bacillus called type f in the german nomenclature and certain american and british shigella strains; with a note on dissociation in the flexner group]. 195014789074
[incidence of shigella and salmonella isolated in enteritis in various sections of montevideo]. 195014791135
vulvovaginitis in a child due to shigella flexneri. 195014792046
summer diarrhea in the san joaquin laboratory, epidemiologic and clinical studies of 85 patients with diarrhea admitted to the general hospital of fresno county and the san joaquin county hospital during part of the summer of 1949 the following features were noted:1. cultures were positive for shigella in about 45 per cent of the cases in the san joaquin county hospital and in about 15 per cent of those in the fresno county hospital.2. in 80 per cent of cases in which there was gross blood in the stools before the third day of ...195014792341
[certain properties of shiga kruse toxin]. 195014792641
studies on the nutritional requirements of bacteria. ii. on the nutrition of shigella dysenteriae. 195014794287
studies on the nutritional requirements of bacteria, iii. nitrogen requirements of dysentery bacilli in the synthetic medium. 195014794288
the group phase of shigella paradysenteriae type w: its isolation from man. 195014794900
the antigenicity of shigella sonnei. 195014794903
[in vitro susceptibility of typhoid, paratyphoid and dysentery bacilli to aureomycin and chloramphenicol]. 195014796936
[electron microscope studies of salmonella typhi and shigella flexneri before and after the action of penicillin and aureomycin]. 195014797094
[rare aspects of a case of shigella infection]. 195014797322
report on a condition affecting foxes caused by shigella organisms. 195017648461
fowl typhoid. i. comparison of antigenicity of sixteen gallinarum antigens. 195114801734
[classification of sh. guanabara]. 195114813652
[technic for the simple preparation of salmonella shigella media using hog bile]. 195114905208
studies on nutritional requirements of bacteria. iv. nitrogen requirement of wild type shigella dysenteriae and the effect of niacin thereon. 195114907195
a study of shigella flexneri, sh. boydii and sh. sonnei by precipitation and agglutination reactions. 195114908037
[carbohydrate reduction of the kruse-sonne e-dysentery bacillus with special reference to lactose splitting]. 195114914088
phase variation of flexner group dysentery bacilli. 195114927263
studies on nutritional requirements of bacteria. v. free amino acids within the cell of sulfathiazole resistant dysentery bacilli. 195114927264
[case of bacillary dysentery due to shigella flexneri]. 195114916003
[verification of shigella quetta-454, of sachs, in araraquara, são paulo]. 195114917364
morphology and taxonomical position of an amoeba which spontaneously contaminated an agar plate of shigella culture. 195114918350
[contribution to the study of bacillary dysentery in the belgian congo; two new types of shigella boydii]. 195114924383
[aerobic and anaerobic multiplication of shigella in the presence of potassium cyanide]. 195114942439
[a urea medium, useful in the identification of enterobacteriaceae]. 195114818641
[demonstration of shigella sonnei in a sample of feces by a seldom used technique]. 195114818642
[antibiotic activity of heterocyclic nitro-derivatives]. 195114823019
bacillaemia due to shigella sonnei. 195114825884
[not available]. 195114827292
shigella species serotypes identified in tokyo, japan. 195114829748
the effect of aureomycin against salmonella gallinarum in vivo and in vitro. 195114829770
[slackening of adsorption on bacteria and blocking of the synthesis of bacteriophages by certain phosphate concentrations]. 195114829891
a medium for maintaining the viability of shigella equuli. 195114812836
field trial of shigella flexneri iii vaccine. vi. mouse protective studies. 195114832473
[simplification in diagnosis of the bacilli of the typhoid-paratyphoid-enteritis-dysentery group; re-examination of the braun and omer ozek media]. 195114837297
[viral abortions in mares]. 195114842701
the pathogenesis of experimental dysentery intoxication: further studies in the inhibition of the lesions. 195114897079
a late mannitol-fermenting strain and rapidly fermenting variant of shigella flexneri type z. 195114897920
chloramphenicol and terramycin in the treatment of salmonella and shigella infections. 195114898399
[methods for the isolation and classification of salmonella and shigella from feces]. 195114900657
holding and transport medium for the isolation of shigella. 195114884349
[effect of various nutrient factors on the formation of indole and hydrogen sulfide by salmonella and shigella]. 195114884663
[serology of the flexner group (shigella flexneri)]. 195114884666
antigenic structure of shigella flexneri type 3. 195114888373
on the distribution of shigella flexneri type 2a and 2b in japan. 195114888375
antigenic structure of shigella flexneri type 4. 195114888376
salmonella and shigella organisms in the intestinal tracts of dogs in mexico city. 195114888595
the effect of chemical and physical agents on the phage receptor of phase ii shigella sonnei.a study has been made of the effect of bactericidal agents on the phage adsorption properties of phase ii. sh. sonnei. the ability of this microorganism to adsorb t(3), t(4), and t(7) phages can be altered by treating the bacteria with chemical and physical agents.195114888821
thermolabile antigens of shigella boydii 2 cultures with special reference to an encapsulated culture. 195114891934
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